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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 8, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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in the next few minutes, there could be a major traffic problem in downtown d.c. the reason, a protest by taxi drivers. coming up, why the drivers are willing to delay to get their point across. plus, a warning from baltimore police for people in our area. why officers say you should be on the lookout for this man. and it's walk to school day, but not everyone is joining in. coming up, the local leader that says he won't let his child walk to school because it's just too dangerous. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. students from across the region walked to school this morning. community leaders are shining the light on safety.
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some are calling for safer crosswalks. live at kings view at copper road near kings view middle school in german town. richard, tell us ways going on today. >> the event happened all across the area. it's meant to encourage children to independent, to get some physical activity in before class. here at kings view middle school, there weren't many children that actually took advantage of it that walked to school. there was an accident here yesterday involving some of their fellow students and some parents say it's dangerous. >> children have been walking to school for generations. some parents say it's too risky. >> i drive them every day. >> the crossroads of kings view and copper road near kings view middle school. drivers get a green light and walkers get the go ahead at the same time. that means anxious drivers are turning just as children are crossing.
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montgomery county counsel criminal president calls it dangerous. he said he knows first hand because of a close call with his own daughter. >> i had a near miss with my own daughter almost being hit by a car that was stopping a passed school bus. so that's something that -- from the trauma from that, you know, it's something you don't want any of your kids to have to deal with. >> tuesday, two girls walking to school were struck by a car at the same crosswalk. >> no, i wasn't surprised. surprised it hasn't happened sooner. you know, as a parent, i wish they would have a guard here or -- it is too major of a road to not have adult supervision. >> the girls have minor injuries but some county leaders and parents hope the accident becomes a wake-up call that leads to change. so another student doesn't get caught crossing into trouble. >> we have districted drivers and we have a recipe for disaster with a badly engineered intersection. >> now, the county is looking at
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some options to improve safety here. as you heard, some parents say what they really want is a crossing guard here, helping kids to cross that street, and making sure that the oncoming traffic doesn't get in the way. reporting live in german town, richard jordan, news 4. just minutes ago, we learned a motorcycle driver died after this crash on the intercounty connector. chopper 4 flew above the scene near rockville pike. maryland state police say only the motorcycle was involved in this crash. it happened around 6:30 this morning. troopers are still trying to determine exactly how the driver lost control. we expect to learn the victim's name later today. take a look at the damage done by a big fire in the an annapolis area overnight. you can see a large portion of the home was damaged by the fire. county fire officials tell us nobody was injured. you might find it hard to hail a taxi today. cab drivers in d.c. are not
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picking up writers as part of a protest. at issue are regulations for competitors like uber and lift. taxi drivers say the ride sharing companies don't follow the same rules or pay the same fees. they want the council to pass legislation evening out the playing field. less than an hour ago, hundreds of taxicabs staged a protest near the capital like the one in june. turning to the weather now. we are drying out after a rainy night. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with his first midday forecast for this wednesday. morning. >> good morning, barbara. beautiful morning outside. what was a night, strong thunderstorms across parts of southern maryland. that's a distant memory as the skies have cleared out and weather has started to improve. you can even see the blue ridge in the background there. just a gorgeous day to be outside. all rain blown off the eastern seaboard, away it goes, and we will be nice and dry around here for today and for tomorrow.
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what a warm-up under way as well, under 50s this morning. we're back into the upper 60s and low 70s already. so hour by hour, through the rest the day, sunny, breezy and mild. temperatures in the 70s again all afternoon. most areas today peeking out in the mid to upper 70s at that. so the sunshine's back. i'll still worried about the weekend and some rain chances and we'll clear some of your eclipse picks you shared with me. >> a man back in court after u.s. marshals found a loaded handgun in the man's underwear at d.c. superior court. marshals found the gun when they checked him in in a cell block near the courtroom yesterday. he was in court to face car theft charges. investigators want to know why and how the man was able to bring a handgun in undetected. a spokesperson for d.c. police told news 4 the defendant was in the custody of three different
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agencies. each agency conducted a search of the defendant and at this point, it is unknown when or where the weapon came into the defendant's possession. right now, a man on the run could be hiding in our area and police consider him armed and dangerous. take a look at your screen. this man is a suspect in a deadly triple shooting over the weekend in baltimore. police in that area say if he isn't still in baltimore, he may be in the silver spring area. and right now we have a warning for parents and students in northern virginia. police say a man exposed himself at gunston middle school in arlington. police say he was seen exposing himself at a water fountain there. school had already ended for the day. right now, backlash building against a veteran tv actor who is suspected of molesting a teenage girl in the early 1970s. the latest on the investigation and the people putting their support behind the actor.
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plus, the message the nationals are sending to all of you fans this morning after a sad end to their season. and if you've slept in this morning, we're going to show you how the full moon transformed into a blood moon. stay with us.
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right now, firefighters are
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battling this massive wildfire near yosemite national park. a pilot died fighting the fire yesterday. the state spokeswoman says the pilot lost control and crashed into a canyon wall. so far, the dog rock fire has scorched more than 150 acres. new york city police say they have an open investigation into allegations that a veteran tv actor molested a teenage girl back in the early 1970s. police say the complaint was filed in 2012 accusing steve be collins of forcen a then 14-year-old girl to commit a lewd act in 1972. no charges have been filed. tmz reportedly said collins discussed the incident in a therapy session with his estranged wife. two networks have canceled scheduled reruns of collins series "seventh heaven." he was also reportedly fired from the upcoming movie "ted 2."
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could impact millions american workers. amazon employees filed a lawsuit saying they should be paid for the time they wait in security lines every day. every worker in amazon's massive warehouse is screened before leaving as a way to prevent theft. those security waits can take a half hour or more. workers are not paid during that wait. amazon lawyers will argue it's the same as any other workplace annoyance like taking an elevator or walking in from a parking lot. the fbi is asking for your help in the fight against isis. coming up, the video the fbi wants you to see and hear. how a doctor who has already recovered from the virus is now part of the treatment plan. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a beautiful day following some needed rain showers overnight last night. for better or worse, there's more rain in the forecast just in time for the weekend. in time for the weekend. your seven-day forecast coming
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denturthan real teeth.erent they're about ten times softer and have surface pores where bacteria n multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. here at the live desk with supreme court anthony kennedy blocked gay marriage ruling in idaho. he's granted a request from state officials to put a temporary hold on the recent appeals court ruling that struck down the ban. he's giving the gay right
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supporters until tomorrow to respond. gay marriages in idaho have come to a halt. out of south carolina, charleston county has started issuing marriage licenses for same sex couples. this is in response to the u.s. supreme court decision monday not to hear appeals from states seeking to uphold the ban. the legal fight over gay marriage is not over in south carolina. state laws still maintain it is still not recognized by the state. barbara. >> all right, thank you, angie. today, president obama will meet with senior pentagon leaders over the isis threat. he will meet with members of the national security council on an update to battle the terrorist group. the u.s. has been conducting air strikes in iraq since august and in syria since last month. meetings come as the fbi ask for your help to unmask an isis militant. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more on that story. >> reporter: the fbi has a
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simple question, does this man look or sound like someone you know? >> we're here in the 17th division military base just outside the city of -- >> reporter: he appears in the latest isis propaganda video released september 19. with most of his face hidden by a mask, he wears digit camouflage and a shoulder holster. behind him, he says, are syrian soldiers. investigator says he sounds like he's from the u.s. or canada. >> you can see them digging their own graves. >> reporter: he speaks both english and arabic. on its website, the fbi posted a full excerpt from the full 55-minute isis video. >> not only is the video produced in english, the people who produce this only produce videos and magazines in english. it's done to recruit westerners. >> reporter: also asking for
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tips about anyone else planning to travel overseas to join violent terror groups. u.s. officials have long feared americans would join up with isis in syria, than seek to plot attacks here. four men arrested. one of the men had recently returned from syria. and uk and u.s. authorities say fives were found when the men were arrested. investigators are looking at whether the men were looking to carry out isis-inspired beheadings on the streets of london. >> the fbi has asked for the public's health before on identifying a suspect but rarely for helping them find terrorists overseas. officials say no piece of information is too small. candidates are working to get their message out before election day. they went head to head in the debate last night.
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news 4 today aaron gilchrist asked about whether they are at odds over any particular issues. >> i believe in the early '90s when congress passed mandatory minimum sentences in the u.s. congress that we swung too far. and that i believe we need to revisit those. in particular, for nonviolent offenders. >> i support drilling off the coast of virginia as long as we get a share of the royalties. i support the keystone pipeline. i've even been protested against in harrisburg because of that support. i've stood up repeatedly on the president's foreign policy choices. >> both candidates will meet again in less than a week for another debate. and for more on the debate, we're joined by a political writer for nbc news. was there a clear winner last night? >> i'm not sure there was a clear winner but both gillespie and warner went out of their way
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to talk about how much more bipartisan they were than the other guy. you heard in that clip ed gillespie talking about differences he had with the republican party, especially when he was serving as rnc chairman. you heard from mark warner a laundry list of places where he disagrees with the president. that's what both of them want to talk about. they both want to paint themselves as a bipartisan representative for virginia. >> there have been some change, in the voter base there, in the fairfax county area, district one. tell us about the changes. >> well, virginia has historically been viewed as a battleground state in the last few cycles. but since 2000, there have been some shifts th s thas that are e analysts rethink that idea. the population has grown by about 15%. a lot of that has been in areas like loudoun county, for example, and a lot of that is an influx from people of more left-leaning areas of the mid-atlantic. i think the state is maybe creeping blue now. >> let's listen to an exchange
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we had last night over birth control. >> available without prescription, make the pill more easily attainable for women, would bring the costs down. >> what my opponent doesn't tell you about his plan, which is really a gimmick that is being used in a number of states, is that the existing law right now says for women on birth control, there's no co-pay. >> now, are the republicans -- some of the republicans changing their tune on issues like abortion and women's rigs and gay marriage? >> i think on contraception, this is something we've seen in a couple different senate races. you've seen republicans candidates say not only do i support the right to use contraception but i think it should be available over the counter. however, on things like abortion, i don't think you'll see a lot of movement in the republican party. that's still a very galvanizing issue and a deeply moral one for many folks. ed gillespie says while he does personally disagree with same sex marriage, he's all right with what the supreme court did
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earlier this month, this week and he's not going to dispute that. >> more issues coming up. >> plenty more. >> for more from the nbc news political team, check out "first read" on breaking news. we're going to go to angie at the live desk. angie, wahat's going on? >> we got this breaking news within the last minute or two. they are telling us that the first ebola patient diagnosed in the u.s. with ebola has died. they have just issued this statement. we got our hands on. it says, it is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment we must inform you of the desk of thomas eric duncan this morning at 7:51 a.m. mr. duncan succumbed to ebola. he fought courageously. he goes on to talk about the professionals and doctors and nurses who fought to keep mr. duncan alive. we're getting this news minutes apart from other big news out of
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northern virginia. the department of homeland security ordering agents at u.s. airports, as well as other ports of entry, to watch everyone who's coming into the country for signs of ebola. we also are finding out that they are going to be monitoring those travelers coming from west african countries. they are going to actually face some stronger screening processes. we know agents are being instructed to hand out fact sheets from travelers that list the symptoms and what to do to find out if you're sick within that 21-day period. a lot of news coming in. be sure to stay with throughout the day for any updates. >> the first american flown back to the u.s. after contracting ebola has donated blood to an nbc news cameraman battling the disease. dr. kent brantly donated his blood in kansas city. it was flown to omaha nebraska where photo journalist ashoka mukpo is being treated. he is scheduled to receive the blood transfusion some time
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today. the idea is brandly's antibodies will kickstart mukpo's immune system. brantly also donated blood to another patient who did recover from ebola. and we will take a break now and come back with more news in just a moment.
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we are living longer than
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ever before. a new government report is showing life expectancy is at an all-time high. >> it's true, the life ex-p pe- tency expectancy inched up to 78.8 years in 2012. a child born in 2012 is expected to live 78 years and 9 months. that is a record high. there are some differences between men and women. for women, they're living longer. women live more than 81 years. men are living below the national average. now, life expectancy was nearly 76 1/2 years. and it's not clear whether genetics plays a role in that. the lead author of the report that says that behavior probably does. now, researchers say that men and teenage boys usually participate in more high-risk activities. among the other findings of this report, the top three leading causes of death are heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases.
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nats fans are going to have to wait until next year. the giants put an end to the playoff run in san francisco last night. overnight, the nats voiced their precious to their fans. they sent this tweet saying, to our fans, thanks for coming along on this ride. it wouldn't have been the same without your support and, for that, we are eternally grateful. here's the play that put the giants ahead. a wild pitch by nats rookie forced the go ahead run for the giants. bryce harper tried to put the team on his shoulders with another big home run but it wasn't enough. we played the way we wanted to play. we did a lot of things right. so it's, you know, it's tender and it's bitter and all of those things. but i'm proud of them. proud of the way they went about it. >> the giants go on to play the st. louis cardinals now. remember, the orioles are still in it. they play the kansas city royals
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on friday night. and new this morning, football star adrian peterson faces a judge in texas. coming up, how he responded today to child abuse charges. plus, new information on some of the evidence police are looking through in the case of missing uva student hannah graham and the man accused of abducting her. we also have an update from storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. he has your first look at the first seven-day forecast and a living beyond breast cancer is a lifeline for so many people.
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it is more than a community. now through december 31st... and a portion of the proceeds will help breast cancer survivors live beyond their diagnosis.
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if you were up early this morning, you got to see this rare blood moon. this happened during this morning's total lunar eclipse. that's when the moon passes into the earth's shadow. we want to see your photos if you've got them. if you missed this morning's eclipse, you'll have to wait for the next one to come around in early april. so not that long. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us. i went outside and i could not find the moon anywhere. as it brightened, it was not cloudy. >> had we known, we could have come by and picked you up on our way out to do our report this morning. >> did you see it, was it really red? >> it was going down and it was turning dark red just as it disappeared below our western horizon. it was a pretty sight out there. i have some eclipse picks to share. for now, oh, the sunshine is back, everybody.
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quick little douse of some moderate to heavy rain briefly overnight. not a whole lot in downtown washington. parts of southern maryland got hit pretty good with some thunderstorms last evening. for now, the blue skies are back. there's our view over downtown. skies are clear now. skies were clear early over much of the area. here's a long at greok at great. this one is as the moon's shadow is finally taking over the last quarter of the moon there, a little red color coming in. here's another one from centerville. the white edge, there's that dark red color there. the redness comes from the light going around the earth and being bent by the atmosphere and then it turns that reddish color. so thank you very much. if you have any more, please sent them to me on twitter and i'll show you some retreat love so to speak. 73 degrees in washington. it's a bit of a breeze out there. with temperatures in the 70s, i
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don't think anyone's going to complain too terribly much. the rest of the impact -- the weather will be on the rest of you day, warm, sunny, really, no impact, unless you're just hair sensitive and don't want your hair blown around. 70 in annapolis. 72, quantico. 68 at dulles. good weather in everybody's hometown. fairfax included. 4:00 this afternoon, 78 groups. when the kids are coming home from school. 6:00 time, 72 degrees. the wind will lay down after the sunset this evening. here's the way our future forecast is looking. 100% sunshine out there with that westerly breeze. a little downsloping. that's the reason it's so nice and warm. so many places will be up near 80 degrees by later on this afternoon. clear skies overnight tonight. overnight lows will drop back down, upper 40s in the cooler
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suburbs to mid and upper 50s. coolest weather out in the suburbs north and west. as we get into the day tomorrow, that cool start will be replaced by plenty of sunshine. it will be a little cooler today. now, back over to barbara. we're going to a special report from nbc news. good morning. i'm erica hill in new york. we've learned that thomas eric duncan, a liberian man who came to the united states and was the first case of ebola to be diagnosed and confirmed here in the u.s., has died. the hospital where he's being treated in dallas, texas health presbyterian, announcing e inii koirjs courageously, in their words, but succumbed to an insidious disease, ebola. ron mott at the hospital where the news broke not long ago. >> reporter: sad news indeed. we're just getting word that mr. duncan did pass away.
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obviously, a lot of questions going forward. particularly the first visit he made here to this hospital on september 26th with those symptoms of ebola, told the hospital stuff he traveled here from liberia. they sent him away with antibiot antibiotics. two days later, he came back here to the hospital in an ambulance. has been in isolation ever since. his family came down. his mom and his nephew and other family members from north carolina on monday. they were able to see him physically through a conference call. yesterday, they wanted to come back to see him, but the mother said it was a little too difficult. he had been in a medically induced coma. we thought he was going to pull through. then this shocking news this morning he had passed away. >> ron mott in dallas. the hospital saying that the 48 other dallas residents they have been monitoring who had possible contact have not shown any signs of the disease. there had been much talk about how thomas aeric duncan got her and about travel to the united
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states from west africa. pete williams is standi ining bw in washington with more on potential changes coming. >> starting today, the government will now do more screening of people who have been to the countries in west africa where ebola is more -- most prominent. they'll be questioned when they arrive there. temperatures will be taken. they'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire. the government will then be able to track people and keep them informed. they'll also be given this card that tells them about ebola, tells them if they've been to a place that has ebola or come in contact with a person, they should take their temperature twice a day. if they get a fever, go to a doctor. and the back of the card has instructions for their doctors on what to do. tells the doctors to put them into isolation and contact the cdc for the full protocols on how to handle someone who might have ebola. >> that was of course one of the initial concerns. because thomas eric duncan first went to the hospital in dallas and then was sent home before coming back in the days that followed.
11:37 am
the government has been getting a little bit of flack on that as well. how prepared are you hearing is not only the cdc but the cdc reaching out in other areas ahead of potentially someone coming in? >> always a problem at the outbreak of something like this. there are medical experts who question how effective this effort to screen people at the border will be, someone who wants to come into the u.s. and take advantage of the medical care there can reduce their fever before they leave by taking commonver the counter prescription medications and simply lie on the questionnaires. nonetheless, the government hopes that they will get a better handle on the people who may have been exposed and try to encourage those people to look after their own health and get to a hospital or a doctor if they start to get any of the symptoms. >> all right, pete williams for us in d.c. this morning. we should point out, we will have continuing coverage thughout the day on you can head there for the latest updates and also complete coverage this evening on nbc
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nightly news with brian williams. thomas eric duncan has died. he was pronounced dead this morning at 7:51 a.m. in dallas. i'm erica hill in new york. catch us online again at and we continue with our forecast. seven day now. >> yeah, we got a little bit interrupted, so here it is. the seven-day forecast as promised. 78 degrees with sunshine today. enjoy it, everybody. it will be cool tomorrow morning. 40s in the suburbs to 50s in town. for tomorrow afternoon, 70s again. enjoy the sunshine while it's here. more needed rain. this time, at the expense of your weekend. probably a little break saturday aft afternoon. but another chance for rain on sunday. with the rain drops, temperatures will stay in the 60s this weekend. police are digging for detail, as they search for hannah graham. we're learning what police found inside a car linked to her disappearance.
11:39 am
jesse matthew is charged with abducting hannah. he drove from the char lottesville area to texas where he was arrested. according to our affiliate in charlottesville, police served matthew's car and found a cassette tape with jesus written on the front and an envelope with a cross inside. police are focusing their search in the county further from the area where hannah was last seen. later today, the stop and frisk procedures used by d.c. police will be a hot topic during a hearing today. council members will hear firsthand accounts from people who have been stopped and searched on the street. district police can frisk a person if they have any reason to believe the person is carrying a concealed weapon. the meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. on howard university's campus. well, it's easy to fall victim to a certain scam we are hearing about now. you want to know about it too before it's too late. police say they're looking for this man in connection with an atm skimming ring. they say he targeted six bran
11:40 am
branches of the bank across maryland. the bank says it found skimming devices connected to atms at the banks. experts say you should check the atm card reader for any loose or suspicion parts before swiping your card. you'll want to stick around if you play the lottery. we have new information on a local player who is $1 million richer this morning and probably doesn't even know it. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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there's a local connection to one of the three winners of the 2014 nobel prize for chemistry. eric bestrik oversees a campus in ashburg. he, along with another american science and german science, won the big prize for a fluorescent microscope. the international spy museum is not moving. officials have pulled out of the plane to move to the historic carnegie library. the museum had been in talks since 2012 but many in the area objected to the key sign plans which would have expanded the library. a spokesperson says they can't move into a space that can't be expanded. the lease at the current location ends in 2017 and museum leaders say they're now looking for a new location. well, you may be $1 million richer and not even know it.
11:44 am
at least not yet. no one won last night's entire mega millions jackpot but lottery officials say someone in maryland bought a ticket worth $1 million. it was sold at the washington mart in crane highway in waldorf. 16, 29, 46, 48, 55 and the mega ball was 2. since no one won the entire prize, friday's drawing is now worth $150 million. 1 in 4 teens and children are bullied. coming up what parents can do to prevent lifelong problems from that. plus, a message from the nfl commissioner to owners on what is going to be done about domestic violence among players. >> you fancy, huh? you fancy, huh? you fancy, huh? >> you know it. >> you fancy, huh? >> and today at 1:00, meredith is at it again. this game with gayle king is
11:45 am
this game with gayle king is called
11:46 am
thisin fairfax countyking is called we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices.
11:47 am
started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies. if you're planning to get the new iphone 6, you may want to get a haircut. some people are complaining their hair is getting caught in a seam between the glass front and the aluminum back of that phone.
11:48 am
when people pull the phone away from their face, the hair comes with it. hash hash tags like hair gate are becoming popular on twitter. apple has not responded. this is a stomp out bullying campaign. one of many efforts to prevent bullying. in fact, october is actually national bullying prevention month. today, we're joined by dr. joshua weiner to talk about how common a problem it is and what can be done to stop it. so just how common is it? and is it getting worse or better since we've been talking about it so much? >> well, we don't really know if it's getting worse or better. we don't have that long attitude nall data. we know about a third of kids sixth through tenth grade report they were either bullied or were bullied to a minor or significant degree within the last semester. this is a common problem. it actually keeps about 150,000 kids away from going to school
11:49 am
each day because they just don't feel safe. >> now, there are lots of bullying. there's physical, there's electronic now we hear about. is one psychologically worse for the person being bullied than the other? >> no, i think they all have the potential to be very psychologically damaging. we know regular bullying where it is really impacting somebody can increase the risk of depression, of suicide. we know these things have not only a short-term effect but also a long-term effect because we know the people who report bullying in the past are much more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, even when they're older. >> what about social media where so many more people get to read these bullying statements? is that increasingly the problem for kids? >> i think it is. that's primarily a problem with girls more so than boys. boys are more likely to engage in the physical type of bullying. girls are twice as likely to be the victims or the perpetrators
11:50 am
of this electronic bullying. i think girls are just a little less likely to be more direct with somebody. much more likely to be sort of sneaky about it, go online, make rumors up about somebody, socially owe straw size them, et set tra. >> we hear that parents should go to school, talk to teachers. does that really help? >> i think a malignajority of t time, it doesn't help. studies show schools don't do what they need to do to take the matter seriously. i think this is really, really sad. >> what can they do? >> we know there's a bully prevention program that's been shown to be effective. it's not that expensive. it's easy to implement. it's called the bully prevention program. i think every school if they are taking the matter seriously, for grade school, for elementary school and for middle school, they should implement these
11:51 am
progras, particularly in middle school, where bullying reaches its peak. >> so if a principal calls in the bullier and talks to them, is there the possibility it can get worse for the victim? >> yes, it can get worse. but i think there are only so many things that people can do. that's why i think what you need to do is you have to have a whole system in the school for how to deal with this. you don't want to just have an assembly here or there. it has to be a cultural thing throughout the school. >> that's what you're pushing for. thank you so much, doctor weiner. time right now, 11:51. coming up, football star adrian peterson in court on child a because charges. plus, chuck bell is back with a look at the cooldown in the days ahead. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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right now, minnesota vikings player adrian peterson is in a texas courtroom. he walked in with his wife and attorney. when asked what to expect in court, peterson responded, quote, i don't know, we shall see. he's expected to plead not guilty to child abuse charges. a grand jury indicted him for using a small tree branch to discipline his 4-year-old son earlier this year. peterson cannot play until the issue is resolved. new this morning, the nfl is ruling out its domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse prevention training program. nfl owners will begin training today.
11:55 am
students at george mason university are make a huge effort to draw attention to a big problem on college canmpuse. more on a powerful displace that's given support to the victims of sexual assault. >> would you like a purple ribbon for domestic violence awareness? >> reporter: george mason university is sending the urgent message to end violence against women. >> i think it's important because the power numbers is really what's going to help eradicate sexual violence. >> reporter: it's turn off the violence week. it makes a bold statement on campus. students made t-shirts condemning sexual assault and celebrating the strength of victims who come forward. while the university couldn't tell us how many students have reported sex assaults on campus, they're confident this week's events will encourage victims to have a voice. >> it appears we're probably no different than other college
11:56 am
campuses. certainly an event like this brings a lot of students. >> reporter: students are making small care packages that victims of sexual assault will receive and campus and hospitals. fresh clothing, toiletries, a necklace, a teddy bear and a note that says you are not alone. >> it's not just the clothes, it's not just the bear but it's the overall message that there's individuals around the world working to eradicate violence. >> reporter: at george mason university, kristin wright, news 4. other stories developing at this hour, we've learned the first person diagnosed with ebola in the united states has died. doctors were treating thomas duncan in a dallas hospital. he was admitted september 28th days after traveling from liberia to texas. also just minutes ago, homeland security ordered airports to observe everyone coming into the u.s. for potential signs of ebola. agents are handing out fact
11:57 am
sheets to travelers that list symptoms to look out for. in a few hours, president obama will travel to the pentagon to meet with senior military leadership on the effort to combat isis. the u.s. has been conducting air strikes against isis in iraq since august and in syria since last month. we'll have an update on meeting at news 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. time for a final check of our forecast. >> sunshine is out there for everybody this afternoon. a refreshing westerly breeze will allow for quite the warm-up. temperatures today, mid to upper 70s. one or two neighborhoods might touch 80 degrees today. back into the 40s and 50s tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, not quite as warm as today. fair weather clouds and dry for today and tomorrow. but that won't be the case. remember, we were talking about my concerns for the weekend and how we've kept the rain drops out of the weekended on monday but we're leaving them in there for today, for friday night, saturday morning, saturday evening and sunday afternoon.
11:58 am
rain chances are on the up and up for the weekend. so you've been warned. >> i'm going to wait. >> the closer we get, the more accurate we get. >> yes, that's true. all right, thanks so much. see you later. that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us. we invite you to tune in for news 4:00, 5:00, and news at 11:00. we'll be back hereby tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. until then, enjoy this beautiful day.
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>> chad: are you sure this is a good time? >> will: trust me, when a subject says he's ready to talk, you make sure it's a good time. >> chad: okay if a grab a beer? >> will: knock yourself out. >> chad: thought if i'm gonna be spending the next couple hours talking about myself, can't hurt to loosen up a bit. looks like you could use this more than me. >> will: no, i'm good. >> chad: oh, no, you're not. look, so your mom's bummed you're writing the article about me. what'd you expect? >> ej: hello, caroline. eric. >> caroline: i would like to see my granddaughter. >> ej: well, i'm--i'm sure i know what this is about. please, come in, make yourself at home. >> caroline: i'd like to speak to her alone.


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