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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a new patient in dallas. the details between a sheriff's deputy and the first ebola patient to die in the u.s. >> a could not frontation with d.c. police officers is raising questions about profiling.
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>> this is wrong. >> tonight the police chief responds. >> and first on news4, a possible break in the search for a notorious maryland killer. the clue that could be uncovered tomorrow. >> new warnings that the spread of ebola in africa as the u.s. stems up its response to the deadly virus. good evening. >> the united nations now says the number of ebola cases worldwide is doubling every three to four weeks. it says the virus can still be contain if treatment centers are built quickly in west africa. 100 u.s. marines will go to liberia tomorrow to help with containment efforts. in texas, a sheriff's deputy is in the hospital, out of an bundleance of caution, he began feeling ill days after searching the apartment of thomas duncan. duncan died in a dallas hospital
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this morning. now lye with the latest developments from dallas. >> reporter: the man being treated here is a sergeant. he was in the apartment where duncan first got sick. authorities don't believe he has ebola but after duncan passed away this morning, they're not taking any chances. in a dallas church wednesday night, a community paused to remember the man who became the face of ebola virus for the entire nation. the family of thomas eric duncan said nothing as they left presbyterian hospital wednesday morning. >> today we are deeply saddened by the death of the patient in dallas. despite max malinterventions we learns that he passed away. >> reporter: in a written statement they said his suffering is over and the family is experiencing deep sadness and grief. she expects a thorough
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investigation into his care. he was originally sent home from the hospital despite ebola-like symptoms and having traveled to the u.s. from liberia. he returned to the hospital two days later in an ambulance. now his family wonders what might happen to them. >> their thoughts not only go to the shock and sadness of losing mr. duncan but whether this will be the course that their life will take next. >> reporter: they're part of a group of 41 people being watched for 21 days. that's how long it can incubate in the body. so far none has shown any symptoms. >> i'm on pins and needles every day in dallas this week and yes, throughout the whole 21 days. >> now the delicate task of preparing thomas eric duncan's body is underway. kit still spread ebola and health officials are following cdc guidelines to prevent that from happening. today another man fighting ebola in nebraska received a blood transfusion from a doctor who
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beat the disease last month. doctors hope the ant-bodies in the blood of dr. kent brantly will help him fight off the disease. in dallas, news4. >> president obama was briefed on ebola at the pentagon. the top concern, to stop the spread of the disease. right now about 350 service members are there building treatment centers and they're doing it from scratch. another line of defense at home. fever screenings will begin next week at dulles international airport for people arriving from west africa. screenings will be conducted at new york's jfk, newark, chicago o'hare and atlantic. their temperatures will be taken and custom agents will hand out flyers that detail the symptoms of ebola. for all of our ebola coverage including what you can do to help, visit our special page on
11:05 pm just search ebola crisis. only the the fbi could be one step closing to finally closing a very old case. william bradford bishop has not been seen since police say he killed his entire family almost 40 years ago. now the news4 i-team explains why the search has led them to a small town down in alabama. i want to warn you that some of you might find a about it of what you're about to see disturbing. >> reporter: john doe and all of his secrets have been buried inside this cedar hill cemetery for 33 years. police say he was hit and killed by a car as he was walking along a highway in 1981. now investigators want to know if he's william bradford bishop. >> the similarities are just unbelievably close. >> reporter: montgomery county sheriff has spent his entire career searching for bishop. he said the state department employee murdered his mother, his wife and their three young sons using a short-hand sledge hammer and then used the family
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station wagon to transport them to a remote section of north carolina where he set them on fire using gasoline. the station wagon was later found in the great smoky mountains park in tennessee about 200 mile from where john doe died fiveears later. he said he's hunted down hundreds of tips and has looked at plenty of pictures of unclaimed bodies. he said when the scottsdale police department sense him the photo in august, he said this might be his best lead yet. >> i just shook my head. i mean, my first instinct was, i can't believe it. it looked so much like mr. bishop. >> reporter: the sheriff said the fbi will exhume the body tomorrow morning and it will take several weeks to get a dna sample that they can compare to bishop. in rockville, news4 i-team. >> tricia and the i-team have put together a special page to read all about the case at
11:07 pm a new tool in the search for the missing university of virginia student hannah graham. they've been looking for any trace of evidence. the images were taken from a plane over the weekend. every day more than 30 searchers are on the ground looking for evidence. she disappeared nearly a month ago. jesse matthew is in jail charged with her abduction. an apparent misunderstanding caught on video as a number of people in d.c. concerned. some want the metropolitan police department to take some action after allegations of racial profiling. what is in the individualio and what police have to say about it. >> reporter: she is the woman wearing the dress and jacket in this video. she come to the defense of the local handyman dennis. he is the one sitting in front of her house in the upscale neighborhood. two d.c. police officers stopped
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and questioned him about a burglary in the area. he was holding two bags. they said police racially profiled dennis. someone she's known for a decade. not so, says the officer. it turns out these officers are on the wrong block in the wrong neighborhood. >> 4602 and you're in the 4500 block. >> reporter: stops like this one are an example of why d.c. councilmember tommy wells held a public hearing about the alleged racial profiling. >> recent incidents and the disproportionate arrests and incarceration rates for minorities, especially black men in d.c. and elsewhere demonstrate we are far from the ideal. >> reporter: the police chief said the officers followed proper procedure toward the end of the video, jody gets permission from the female officer's commander to take dennis away.
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>> tell her that. i'm reporting this. >> okay. >> i'm an attorney and this is wrong. now please leave our neighborhood. >> reporter: tonight they said d.c. cop there's soon wear body cameras to establish a record of officers' conduct. in northwest d.c., news4. turning to our weather, we hit 80 degrees in some places but doug says it will be a little colder than that. >> we're talking about a near 30-degree temperature drop from near 80 to near 50. that's in the city. many of you will be in the 40s. a cold start for sure. in the city, 52. we're going to be colder than that in the suburbs. 67. plenty of sunshine and still on the mild side. not as warm. and we've got some cloud cover moving in. that cloud cover may stick
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around through the weekend. i've got some brand new data just in. i want to share it with you. you're going to like it, i think. if you were driving on pennsylvanpen have a new. police got involved ticketing several drivers when they got out of their cabs in the middle of traffic. for hours, taxi drivers honk asked drove slowly by d.c. council headquarters. the council is expected to approve new regulations for ride sharing services but cabbies say they are not enough to level the playing field. new at 11:00, police in prince george's county are investigating a deadly shooting. a very active scene along lorring drive and district heights. someone with a gun walked up to a group of people tonight.
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no word on the gunman or the victim. >> police are hoping to find a break in a violent robbery last week at the forest park apartments. officers will hand out flyers. a woman was stabbed but she survived. could lead to some big drops in voter turn out on election day, especially among young voters and black voters. a study by the government accountability office found that voter turnout in states with at this time i.d. requirements decreased by 2%. it was most pronounced in black voters and voters between 18 and 23. right now, 33 states require voters to show a photo i.d. at the polls. that includes virginia. in order to cast a ballot on november 4th, you must show a current photo i.d. or one that expired during the year. people who do not have a proper
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i.d. can fill out a provisional ballot. next, the nfl needs to address domestic violence. >> we're not going to accept thisind of behavior. >> reporter: as one of the biggest stars accused of child abuse. >> people asking to slow down traffic. the solution is in pieces. >> and we'll tell you why a former police officer's family is complaining about his sentence for animal cruelty.
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nfl commissioner roger
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goodell met with team owners for nine hours and most of that time was focused on the league's personal conduct policy. a complete overhaul is expected to be announced soon and among the changes could include a diminished role for the commissioner. this all comes after a series of high profile arrests, most notably former baltimore raven ray rice. most still think goodell should keep his job. one of the nfl super stars in trouble is adrian peterson. he is scheduled to go on trial on december 1st in texas. but that could change. the prosecutor wants the current judge to recuse himself for using foul language to refer to both the prosecutor and the defense attorney. if that hams it would delay the start of the trial for peterson. he is accused of child abuse for disciplining his young son with a wooden switch. this former police officer is spending the first night in jail. alec taylor is his name.
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he was a baltimore police officer until he admitted killing his then girlfriend's 7-month-old puppy earlier this year. it happened in montgomery county. he was extensioned to a year in prison for beating and choking the dog. taylor said he lost his cool with the dog after it emptied its bladder inside the house. today, the man's parents said the sentence is excessive. plans to slow down traffic are falling to pieces. plastic pieces. they're what's left on the road in a new traffic circle the neighbors say they're not happy about. jackby that bensen shows us. >> reporter: that distinctive sound is becoming a constant sound. it is caused by the near complete disintegration of able induced of a prototype mini traffic circle design to address longstanding complaints about
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speeding and stop sign running. motorist found it challenging and confusing. >> there's no room for them in the intersection. the cars can't get around them. trucks can't get around them. people don't slow down. they don't yield properly for them. you didn't see the pedestrians as you're coming around so it is danger for the people. >> the remaining bits are set to be replaced by more permanent concrete. the result of the zoning agreement. neighbors tell news4 while they 100% agree with the need to slow down traffic and many agreed with the traffic changes in theory, they said there should at least be some major thinking before it becomes permanent. they said they were install to gain information and there will
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be further analysis. >> speed bumps, anything else. it is also hideous and i feel like it takes away from the beauty of the neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors tell us their big concern if this is made permanent is winter. that's when the traffic circle started to come in pieces. >> not to mention the snow plows can't get around those things. >> they can't and that's the third time we've repositioned those. we drive by it every day. >> not to mention we drive through it. >> let's show you what's happening outside. a very nice evening. it is getting on the cool side. we have a little bit of a breeze. look at the number today. a high of 80 degrees in d.c. 79 in fredericksburg. these numbers don't seem hot but when you consider we're nearly
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10 degrees above average. 68 degrees, the current number. we'll fool fairly quickly when the wind goes calm. they're still calling for a very cool night. 45 in gaithersburg. tomorrow morning when you get up it will be on the cool side. what to wear as you send the kids to the bus stop? the long sleeves and the pants as well. maybe the jackets will come off but it will be a little on the cool side. we have clear skies across the area. d.c. down through richmond even toward the chicago area. dealing with clear skies. now notice around chicago, the clouds starting to move in across the region. they're all moving our way. and we will be dealing with a lot of cloud cover beginning tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning plenty of sunshine. a little cool start but warming up fairly nicely. nice and mild around 5:00.
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notice what happens here. this is our latest computer model. tomorrow at 5:00 in the afternoon, notice the shower activity trying to develop. any showers that do develop will be very light tomorrow. there could be more overnight into early friday morning. maybe a few more showers. notice the cloud cover. plenty of clouds and we'll see more shower activity on friday. and i think that could last right into the weekend. first off, high temperatures mild. right around average. 72, d.c. 72 in culpepper. a little cooler toward the west. the clouds are moving in from west to east. 67 for a high on friday. well below average. saturday, a high of 65. 64 on sunday. aware only going to 30% chance of showers. just keep the umbrella handy if you're going to the kids' soccer game. a yt to take the wrael. we are making our way through
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next week but still watching 48, saturday, sun. some of the latest computer models just in talking about the better conditions on saturday afternoon. so hopefully we can get some sunshine out of that. >> the jackets that you put on in the morning will come off in the afternoon. what they will not do is come back home. they never do. >> the cams getting ready for the season ope
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♪ you might have noticed things are looking pretty good at southwest. our dazzling smiles. our incredible good looks. our new ride. and some shiny, new nonstops ready for takeoff. you're going to need more reasons to travel. because flying new nonstops on southwest is looking pretty good. book your low fare now at ♪ so we're turning the page. >> i think all of our hearts are still a little bit broken over the nat but it's time to move on
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and get excited about a new love. the washington capitals. they open up tomorrow night. they have a new experienced coach work the new dynamic and spenlsive players on defense and there is more. >> going to see a different approach to the game from our team. in the past we've been the lucy goosy, might score six goal, might give up seven. now i think you'll see a lot more effort, a lot more balance. we'll compete harder. >> there is a very good group here. a lot more than i expected. i've been pleasantly surprised at the group, how good of people they are. they're good people. they're not worried about egos. the common good is winning hockey game and hopefully doing something special. >> we got a little taste tonight. the flyers and bruins kicking
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off in eastern conference play. this will get you in the mood. here we go. a big hit along the board. and moments after they squared off toe to toe, blow for blow, get them. nhl's first fight there and it's a good one. adam mcquaid, shot from the blue line. right there for the rebound. boston gets the 2-1 win with the late goal. to the hardwood today. the nba announced a suspension for the wizards on monday. paul pierce and joakim noah fined $15,000 for this ings denial. even bigger, nene here will each get suspended for one game for leaving the bench. the wizards' first game is october twin29th at miami. the redskins are on a short week heading into their game at arizona on sunday. lots of game planning and film
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to get through. the last thing they want is distractions. after the loss to seattle, some felt they weren't showing enough in the locker room. he said there is no problem for the problems in washington. >> i know the guys in question. i went back and watched them on time. there was no doubt in my mine. >> what you're saying, because of a certain groom of people behaved a certain way, they don't care. you don't know that because you haven't been in that position. none of you know that. what you do after you lose a game, whether or not you're a professional, whether or not you care is the way you come to work the next week. so you would rather write about somebody's last game or somebody joking, whether they laughed or threw a helmet, it won't change what happened on the 60 minutes on the grass. >> you have to show it this week and how they put together a game plan to face arizona. to say the reporters have never
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played the game before. i think that's not a good argument. the things we're able to observe. we're not talking xs and os. we can see failures and leadership. you don't need to be a football player. >> i love you. i listen to doc. i used to listen to sonny. >> you're replacing me? >> they've been there and they know what they're talking about. >> i get that point but this is not a football game. >> we'll be right back.
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. that's our broadcast for now. we're not satisfied with the show so we'll go out and throw things against the wall and kiss each other. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a good evening! in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors.
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they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies. thing is...our crazy tax code actually rewards companies... for shipping them overseas. it's wrong and i'm fighting to fix it.
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i'm mark warner...i brought republicans and democrats... together on a bill that gives incentives to companies that... bring high tech and manufacturing jobs to virgina. because instead of outsourcing jobs to china...we should be... insourcing them here for our people...and thats why i... approved this message. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- robert downey jr.


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