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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 9, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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news 4 midday starts now. dire warnings this morning at a world bank meeting in washington. what african leaders are telling the group about the spread of ebola and the urgt needs in their country. plus, a major safety upgrade meant to the prevent deadly pedestrian accidents. the changes made just this morning in college park. well, enjoy today's weather because changes are on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel tells us about a stretch of cool, wet weatr. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. we're following a number of developments involving the ebola outbreak. 00 u.s. marines are heading to liberia today to help with the containment efforts there.
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they'll bring helicopters to get troops and supplies to remote locations. earlier today, leaders from west african nations discussed the epidemic with members of the world bank. the president of sierra leone sade his country is overwhelmed. >> our people are dying. children are being killed. most of the dead are women. >> leaders from west africa called on the world to send money and resources to help contain this outbreak. a deputy who responded to the ebola patient's apartment in dallas is now in the hospital, but doctors say he does not have the virus. the deputy served a quarantine order to thomas duncan's family. duncan is the first and only person to die from ebola in the u.s. the sick deputy complained of a fever, stomach pain, and fatigue, but his family says the deputy spent very little time in duncan's home. >> he would have to come into contact with dcan or direct contact with bodily fluids.
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he did not. he was in the apartment for maybe 30 minutes, which we're told is nowhere -- like no chance. just a very scary time. we're just trying to get through it. >> health officials say the deputy is only in the hospital as a precaution. family and friends are ho r honori the life of thomas duncan. a crowd gathered at a dallas church yesterday for a vigil. texas health officials say duncan's remains will be cremated. his neighbors back in liberia believe duncan got ebola after helping a pregnant woman who later died. dallulles international is of five airports getting ready to screen for the ebola virus. cdc workers will take temperatures and look out for passengers that come from west africa. dulles will begin screening next week. the other airports include jfk, newark, o'hare, and atlanta. new information just into the news room about the 95
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express lanes. let's go to richard jordan to find out what's going on. >> we're just getting the information right now. they say the express lanes will be opening earlier than expected, before the end of the year, sometime in december. originally, they said it wouldn't be until early next year. 29 miles of road. it'll take you in stafford county all the way to edsall road, the area that 395 runs. again, opening now as soon as december. construction will be wrapping up soon. the signs are going to start going up. so they're encouraging drivers to get prepared now. remember, you're going to need an easy pass to travel on the express lanes. or if you have a car pool, that will also be able to get you on there. so they're asking everyone who doesn't have an easy pass to do that now so they can use this road as soon as it opens in december. barbara, back to you. >> all right. thanks, richard. right now, d.c. water crews are working to repair a water main break in rock creek park. this is what beach drive looked like this morning. water was spilling all over the
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road. d-dot says this could be connected to a water main break yesterday over on military road. we're working to find out how big the pipe is that broke and how long it's going to take to fix it. turning to our weather, chilly start out there this morning. but temperature s are expected o climb. amelia joins us with the forecast. >> good morning. a chilly morning but beautiful sunshine across the area. clouds will slowly increase into the afternoon and evening. here you can see still mainly clear skies across our area. further back to the west, west virginia, some clouds and some light rain. maybe an isolated shower in virginia today between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. but for most of us, it's a dry and beautiful day. 67 degrees is the temperature right now. low 70s by 2:00. mild at 4:00 p.m. a temperature around 75. that's our high for today. 6:00, mostly cloudy, dry, and a
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temperature of 72. dry today, not necessarily the case tomorrow on into the weekend. rain is likely tomorrow. also in the forecast for saturday and sunday. barbara, i'm going to have the timing of the rain potential coming up at 11:30. >> all right. thank you. and new this morning, three people are in the hospital after a crash. park police tell us the car drifted across lanes and into oncoming traffic. we're working to find out the condition of the three people who were hurt. a major safety improvement project was just unveiled in prince george's county. this is along route 1 near hartwick road. we're live in college park with a look at the improvements. >> reporter: there have been a number of pedestrian deaths and many more near misses on route 1 here in college park, prompting a number of changes and safety improvements. the last piece, this pedestrian crossing signal. well, it s turned on, put in
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place just about an hour ago. a new pedestrian crosswalk signal turned on for the first time just this morning. it's at the corner of busy route 1 and hartwick road in college park. and it's one of several safety enhancements designed to cut down on deadly pedestrian accidents. >> i cross this every morning. it's always such a struggle toll cross the street because people keep on turning left. >> three people have died this year crossing route 1 in college park. traffic, jay walking, speed, and alcohol often making a bad situation even worse. >> i think they're just being careless or getting way too drunk and not taking the proper care to cross the street. >> reporter: the speed limit has been lowered to 25 miles an hour, enforced by a new speed camera. and a fence now runs along the median between knox road and hartwick road, forcing pedestrians to cross at the corner in the crosswalk. students say it helps but only if people use common sense.
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>> if you don't look left and right and if you don't wait and don't exercise reasonable caution, it's pretty dangerous. >> reporter: and if the safety initiative is going to work, drivers need to take some responsibility too. they need to be alert. they need to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks and also need to slow down. reporting live in college park, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. >> thank you, megan. today police are looking for a potomac man who killed his family nearly 40 years ago. a body will be exhumed in alabama to see if it's the body of that person. coming up, what led investigators to the grave. plus, a shooting by a st. louis police officer being looked at carefully this morning. a
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in about an hour, a former d.c. police officer will learn how long he'll spend behind bars. police arrested lynn wood barnhill last december after finding two missing girls in his apartment in southeast d.c. one was 15 years old. the other was 16. the girls told police barnhill promised to find them modeling jobs. he could now spend seven years in prison and be required to register as a sex offender. well, it's a story the news 4 i-team has been following. we could have a major break in the case of one of the fbi's most wanted. right now the fbi is exhuming the body of an unidentified man
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that bears a striking resemblance to william bradford bishop. back in 1976, bradford bishop was accused of murdering his family with a sledge hammer inside their potomac home. investigators say he disappeared after dumping the bodies in north carolina. in april, the news 4 i-team broke the news that authorities had bishop added to the fbi's ten most wanted list. since then, hundreds of tips have poured in, including the one that sent investigators to alabama today. >> i just shook my head. i mean, my first instinct was i can't believe it looks so much like mr. bishop. >> the unidentified man was hit and killed by a car while walking along the highway back in 1981. after the fbi exhumes the body this morning, it will take several weeks to compare the dna. well, this weekend extra eyes and extra boots will join the search for missing uva student hannah graham. law enforcement from across virginia will join volunteers.
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that includes about 30 from hampton roads. coordinators expect to cover an eight-mile radius by the end of the week. analysts spent yesterday poring over aerial images taken from a plane. hannah graham disappeared nearly a month ago. jesse matthew is in jail, charged with her abduction. planning for retirement? well, coming up, a look at who's falling short with their needs. plus, don't pack away the red yet. the nationals' season may be over, but the capitals are just getting started. how the coach feels about the season ahead. and right now, comfortable outside. beautiful sunshine, but big changes in the forecast for this weekend. cooler temperatures and some rain. again, i'll have the latest timing coming up with future weather.
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now to a developing story in missouri. police in st. louis have launched an internal investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting. the officer was in uniform but working as an off-duty officer for a security agency at the time. we're told a confrontation late last night led to a shootout in a parking lot. police say the suspect fired three rounds at the officer. the officer fired back 17 shots, hitting and killing the 18-year-old. the officer was not hurt. three other suspects were taken into custody. at one point, a crowd gathered near the shooting scene.
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that protest was quickly and peacefully dispersed. well, today u.s. and nato officials are in turkey to appeal to country leaders to join the international coalition to bring down isis. the meeting comes as isis militants have been attacking towns on the syrian/turkey border. turkey says it will only consider getting involved in the fight to take down syrian president bashar assad. meanwhile, here at home, a federal judge will decide if a chicago man will stay behind bars for trying to join isis. 19-year-old mohammed khan will be in court today for a detention hearing. he was arrested saturday at o'hare international airport as he tried to board a plane to turkey. court documents say he left his parents a letter outlining his plans to sneak into syria to join the terrorist group. right now, president obama is heading to the west coast to begin a three-day trip. he's trying to appeal to young americans between the ages of 18 and 34.
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millennials are a key target for democrats heading into the november elections. today the president will give an economic speech and take part in a town hall meeting in santa monica. he'll end the week in the san francisco area. well, the white house is dismissing claims that it covered up a secret service prostitution scandal because it happened in an election year. for more on that, we're joined by our political writer for nbc news. >> good morning. >> well, ten secret service agents were fired back in 2012 after a prostitute allegedly came to their hotel room in colombia. why is that scandal resurfacing now? why are we talking about? >> "the washington post" reported last night that in addition to that, those punishments for united states secret service employees, that there was also, at the time, the white house knew about the allegation that a prostitute had stayed in a white house aide's room overnight. this was a volunteer who was 25 at the time. the white house says this is old news, this had already been
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reported and it's been discussed and the young man has been exonerated, that he did nothing wrong. we're still talking about it today, especially because of so many bad headlines for the secret service in recent weeks. >> the white house gave this statement. quote, as a bipartisan senate investigation found, allegations that changes were made because they were embarrassing could not be substantiated. so is this the end of everything? >> i don't think so. i think that there's a lot of debate about the secret service generally because of all of these allegations about what the role of secret service should be, whether it should be moved to another agency. there's a new director. what kind of changes and reforms can they make? it's been a lot of bad stories though. >> there's talk about moving the agency, secret service, out of homeland security and back to treasury. why and do you think that will happen? >> well, when we think of secret service, we think of the guys wearing sun glasses and ear pieces and suits. but they also have another role. their original role was investigations of things like fraud, credit card fraud, money
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laundering, and cyber crime. that's still a part of the secret serviceman date. there's some talk now that the secret service having moved from the treasury department to dhs after 9/11 has resulted in poor morale and that resources have been stretched too thin for those dual roles of protecting the president and his family and doing this fraud investigation. so there are some tough lawmakers saying we need to take a look at this. >> more to come on that. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and for more from the rest of the nbc news political team, check out "first read" on today you'll get to hear from d.c.'s mayoral hopefuls. the d.c. chapter of the aarp is hosting a forum tonight. they will all take part, but unlike a debate, there will not be any back and forth between the candidates. here's a reason to stash away more money for your future. a new study shows seniors in 49 states are falling short on their monthly income. in fact, only seniors here in
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d.c. and in nevada are making enough to make ends meet apparently. that according to experts say retirees need at least 70% of the income from their working years to live comfortably. breaking news, new information from alabama where a grave could help solve a murder case in our area. plus, meet the writer and director of a new bill murray plu vee. how he hired the big-name star. first, here's a look at what's hot on
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in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know. i'm john foust and i approve this messge.
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okay. we know it's october, but we want to talk a little bit about christmas. mark your calendars for the national tree lighting. it's december 4th this year at the white house. free tickets for the ceremony will be given through an online lottery. you can enter between october 17th and the 20th. there are 3,000 seated tickets and 14,000 standing room only tickets. there is more information on this is my tree you wrecked. >> stay here. >> i'm calling the cops. >> is everything okay? i'm maggie. i guess i'm your new neighbor. >> so? >> well, we're moving in. >> this is the film "st. vincent" that opens in d.c. next friday. the director, screen writer, and producer joins us this morning with a look at what inspired the movie and how he was able to
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attract those big stars like bill murray and melissa mccarthy. thanks for joining us. you came in from l.a. just to see us today. >> i did. >> it's nice to have you here. let's talk about the movie. you just told me it's a dramedy. but something in your own life inspired this. what was that? >> 8 years old my eldest brother passed away. my wife and i adopted his 11-year-old daughter and put her in a catholic school in sherman oaks. she gets this homework assignment to find a catholic saint that inspires you and find someone in your real life that mimics the qualities of that saint. she picked st. rochester and me. that's the basis of the movie. >> so did you actually write the story then from your own life experience? >> yes. >> and so that's what it's going to be about, a child who finds a hero. >> a child who finds a very unlikely saint in a bill murray. >> wow. how did you get bill murray involved? did you know you wanted him when you were writing it? >> no, i wrote the script with
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my father-in-law in mind, who was a vietnam vet. he didn't live the best life then became very saintly, a very great person by the end of his life. by getting bill murray, he doesn't have an agent or a manager. he only has a 1-800 number. so you just call the 1-800 number incessantly until bill murray calls you. >> rely? that's amazing. glad you told us that. listen, he was on the "today" show earlier this week. let's listen to what he said about the movie. >> this is a -- when i saw the movie, i said, gee, golly, that reminds me of my grandfather. i saw my grandfather in the film. i saw my brother in the film. i saw maybe an uncle in the filf film. >> you think we're all going to finds ourselves in this movie. >> there's something for everyone. >> tell us about her character. >> you're going to see a very different melissa mccarthy than what you think you know. this is a drama for her. she does a great, dramatic turn in the film that's just inspiring and it's not funny.
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so it's good to see her change it up. >> i'm looking forward to seeing it. a little something for everybody it sounds like. thank you for coming to washington. >> thanks for having me. >> opening in new york and l.a. tonight. >> october 17th here in washington. >> next week. okay. thanks so much. >> thank you. more schools. the new plan that could take away summer breaks at 29 virginia schools. plus, hidden changes. we'll tell you why many of you may have some money coming your way because of a cell phone company's mistake. and it's a beautiful morning out there. why it could be the last one for a while. so enjoy it. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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hockey is back. today the washington capitals dropped the puck on a new season at verizon center. the caps begin the season with some new faces on the ice and a new coach at the helm. barry trot says he's excited for the ston get started. >> i really love the organization. it's 360 degrees from where it was 17 years ago. the rabid fans and a good hockey team. >> the caps start their season against the montreal canadiens. the game is at 7:00 this evening. well, slap shot got a warmup this morning. amelia spent president morning at the team's practice facility. from what we see in the video, you look pretty comfortable on skates and with a hockey stick.
11:30 am
how about that? did you ever play hockey? >> i did. i played hockey when i was like 12 years old. >> oh, yeah? >> so i put on skates for the first time in a very long time this morning. it was a blast. >> fantastic. you have to teach the rest of us how to do it. >> yeah, and best of luck to the caps tonight. >> you didn't get a black eye or anything? >> no black eyes. in fact, i was more worried this morning without the pads on that if i fell i was going to break my wrist. it you believe that hockey season is here? today, beautiful blue skies, comfortable temperatures. a high today of 75. enjo this dry weather. because after today, there's a chance of rain every day on the seven day, especially for your friday night. that's when rain is most likely. unfortunately, that's when the orioles have the first playoff game of the second go around. that game, we'll be showing you the forecast in a minute. also a chance of rain on saturday and sunday as well. not only that, but our temperatures noticeably cooler
11:31 am
for your sunday. your impact forecast for today, well, the weather not having any negative impact on your day. plenty of sunshine. it's mild, it's dry, really doesn't get any better than this in october. right now we're seeing temperatures in the upper 60s across the area. 67 in washington. here's the high temperature in your neighborhood. low to mid-70s. 75 in d.c. 74 in leesburg. 73 over in annapolis. 76 down in fredericksburg. if you're going to the capitals game tonight, getting there around 6:00, mild, low 70s. the weather not impacting getting to and from the game at all. that's great news. 9:30 when the game is letting out, just cloudy skies but still keeping it dry in the district. the temperature at that point about 62 degrees. probably more mild outside than it is inside of the rink. here's future weather. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., notice some light showers around the area. you want to have the umbrella handy throughout the entire day tomorrow. as we get into the midday and afternoon hours, rain chances become more likely. notice here we are at noontime
11:32 am
tomorrow. then tomorrow evening we're tracking rain across the area on into the overnight hours. saturday, rain is possible mainly during the morning hours. saturday midday and afternoon hours are looking dry. so the orioles game on saturday, i think they're going to get that in no problem. friday, a high temperature of 68. so tomorrow will be cooler than today. there's that 70% chance of rain, especially around the midday, afternoon, and evening hours. here's your orioles forecast. start time at the game, 8:07. rain is possible. not only bring a poncho, but put a sweatshirt on underneath it. 10:00, temperature around 60 degrees. unfortunately, the game might be canceled or at least delayed. saturday, a high temperature around 70 degrees. chance of showers mainly during the morning hours. it's looks like saturday midday and afternoon will be dry. there's a chance of a shower around on sunday. otherwise, a high temperature of
11:33 am
59. so that's about a ten-degree temperature drop from saturday to sunday. of course, there's the army ten miler on sunday morning, barbara. there's a chance of a shower for that. you want to be prepared for that. then the chance after showers monday, tuesday, and wednesday as high temperatures moderate back into the 70s. >> thanks, amelia. richard jordan is following breaking news at the live desk. >> barbara, right now a body is being exhumed that could belong to a killer from the area that vanished decades ago. these are live pictures here from alabama. police believe that there could be a link here between the man that is buried in that grave and william bradford bishop. back in 1976, bishop is accused of murdering his family with a sledge hammer inside their home in potomac. he vanished after that and was put on the fbi's most wanted list. that brought in a lot of tips. one of those tips led to the man
11:34 am
buried here, killed back in 1981 in a car accident. now that unidentified man is being pulled out. you're seeing it happen right now live. his grave being pulled out so that medical examiners can perform some tests on those remains and see if there is a dna match between that mystery man and william bradford bishop. now, this is going to take some time, but this is one of the strongest leads in this case in several years. so you can see there that casket coming out of the ground now in alabama and could provide perhaps some closure to this cold case from the area from decades ago. the i-team has been on top of this. they've been breaking a lot of the big developments in this story. they're watching this as it unfolds. more here throughout the day. back over to you. >> thanks so much. d.c. police face allegations of racial profiling. their tactics were questioned in a recent hearing. one was caught on camera. >> i'm reporting this. >> okay. >> i'm an attorney, and this is wrong. please leave our neighborhood.
11:35 am
>> police stops like that is why a public hearing was held about the department's stop and frisk policies. d.c. police stopped a local handyman on the street. they questioned him about a burglary, but a woman coming to his defense says police racially profiled that man. >> we all carry an unconscious racial bias. it's something that we can't avoid. but if we start to recognize it and recognize where we come from and what our position is, we can begin to heal from this. >> police chief defended the officers in the video. d.c. police will soon wear body cameras to establish a record of police conduct. prince george's county police are investigating a murder in district heights. this happened around 9:00 p.m. last night on lorring drive. police say a man came up to a group of people standing outside an apartment complex and began shooting. one person was shot and killed. police aren't releasing the victim's name or a motive for
11:36 am
the shooting. if you're an at&t wireless customer, you could have some money coming your way. the company will pay $105 million to settle allegations that it put unauthorized charges on cell phone bills. nbc's peter alexander has more on that. >> reporter: today's cell phone bills can be as long as they are confusing, but not reading that fine print could cost you. maybe you've heard this. [ dinging ] and received a text message like this. and this is a real example. the placement of a donkey's eyes on its head enables it to see all four feet at all times. random, right? federal regulators say at&t customers were billed for unslis itsed texts or spam just like that to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. >> they call this cramming. which means what? >> that means placing charges, cramming charges on bills that you don't know are there. >> reporter: now, at&t will pay $105 million in penalties,
11:37 am
including $80 million refunded to the consumers for the unlawful billing where the fee shows up. at&t says it discontinued billing for those type of third-party charges last year. the ftc is presently suing t-mobile for the same thing. you never check the bill to see if you're paying for it? >> no. >> reporter: you're thinking maybe i should? >> yeah, i should. >> reporter: so here's our expert's takeaway. >> you might get a spam text message and be inclined to ignore it. you should probably run to your computer and check on your bill. >> reporter: in addition, look for vague terms like usage or service charges. watch out for $4.99 or $9.99 items. and check your total bill. if it's higher than usual, call your provider and make sure you didn't get crammed. >> that was peter alexander reporting. if you have at&t and think you've been unfairly charged, the federal government set up a special website where you can apply for a refund.
11:38 am
you can find a link on our website, just search cramming. well, are you an early rise or do you like being up until the early morning hours? coming up, a look at how bedtimes vary depending on where you live. and from the fast food burger to the gourmet burger. nothing compares to this one. the price tagging is as much as a person's mortgage might be. we'll tell you what makes it so expensi expensi expensive.
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purchase a specially marked bottle now through december 31st... and a portion of the proceeds will help breast cancer survivors live beyond their diagnosis.
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well, apparently we're burning the midnight oil every night. that according to a new study of sleep patterns across the u.s. that reveals what time different counties go to bed. in the district, most of us hit the sack around 11:41 p.m. all of you out in fairfax county go to bed a little bit earlier at 11:34 on average. your friends and neighbors who live in montgomery county turn out the lights at 11:36. and all of you in prince george's county hit the sack at 11:38. the study also reveals that we're not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. we're all only getting about 6 1/2 hours per night. some schools in our area will benefit from new grants. $1.6 million will go to 29 virginia schools to develop year-round programs. studies have shown that schools with a history of underperforming were more likely to improve faster with a
11:42 am
year-round program. manassas park elementary will get money to begin its new program in 2015. middleberg community charter school was also awarded a grant to begin planning its year-round system. well, as part of our changing minds campaign, we're looking at the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, the cost and consequences of alcoholism and drug dependence can be enormous on a person and on their family. but as dr. joshua winer tells us, quitting cold turkey may not be the answer. >> it's estimated that about 10% to 14% of the u.s. population has a problem with alcohol. today what i want to tell you is about the dangers of quitting alcohol all of the sudden. one thing i think a lot of people are not aware of is the fact that if you're a regular moderate to heavy drinker, drinking six or more drinks per night, if you try to just stop cold turkey, you're putting yourself at risk of something called delirium. this is a potentially
11:43 am
life-threatening condition. there are medications that the doctor can prescribe to make this transition off of alcohol safe. >> now, if you want to learn more about our changing minds campaign, you can head to our website, we have a list of mental health resources in your community. major repair work planned for one washington recognizable monument. plus, we're going to tell you about a weekend event made for food lovers. now, think carefully and careful what you say. i start with an "f" and end with a "k." >> you better give me another clue. >> at 1:00 this afternoon, meredith is joined by craig ferguson for a game of foreplay. see how it ends today starting at 1:00 on nbc 4.
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denturthan real teeth.erent they're about ten times softer and have surface pores where bacteria n multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday.
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you may notice some construction work being done at the jefferson memorial. according to "the washington post" a big piece of limestone dropped out of the memorial ceiling back in april. the national park service told "the post" that faulty gutters caused water to get into the roof and weaken the rock there. the park service will replace the gutters and then replace the limestone. safety netting will also be put up under the ceiling. no word on when those repairs are going to be finished. well, looking for something to do this weekend? how about some music, maybe some art, even some good food and how about beer? we have the guide to the weekend. good morning. >> hi, barbara.
11:47 am
>> so the columbia heights day happens this weekend, right? >> that's right. and i feel like this weekend is really kind of the last big weekend of the summer festivals. this is kind of your last chance to get out and do this. columbia heights day is going to be on saturday from noon to 7:00. it's really a small neighborhood festival and reflects the character of that neighborhood. they're having adult tricycle races a pie-aeti ipie-eating co dunk tank. at 7:00 p.m. they're going to screen "e.t." on the lawn. it'll be a lot of fun. >> it does sound like fun. you say there's something for food lovers, too, this weekend. >> that's right. taste of d.c. is returning. this used to be around in the '80s and early '90s. we didn't see it for a long time. it's come back with a bang in the last few years because we have so many great restaurants. this is a chance to taste a lot of the new restaurants in town. they'll be serving bites from $1 to $3 sat and sunday on pennsylvania avenue. >> so just on pennsylvania
11:48 am
avenue. >> yep, on saturday and sunday from noon to 7:00. >> that's nice. finally, an event that has a little of everything. food, music, everything else. >> that's right. there's a brand new festival at courthouse. it's actually in the parking lot. a lot of folks know in courthouse. it's going to have brewers including port city, food trucks. one of the interesting things is a lot of art. they're going to have 21 poets get up on stage and read poetry duri the festival too. that's going to be on sunday. >> where is courthouse? >> just right off the courthouse metro station in arlington. >> i guess you'd have to know that metro stop to know that's what it's called. >> it's a popular neighborhood in arlington. >> sad and sunday? >> just on sunday. noon to 7:00. >> thanks so much. >> thanks, barbara. and for more ideas for your weekend, log on to or the going out guide on this week's wednesday's
11:49 am
child, at 10 years old, already knows what she wants to do when she grows up, but before that, she has a list of a whole lot of other things she wants to accomplish. one of those things on her list, to take dance lessons. >> are you excited? >> yeah. >> i can't wait to see you dancing across the floor. hi, fabian. good to see you. i want you to meet santiana. she's an aspiring dancer. >> oh, my god. you look like a little ballerina. >> thank you. >> 10-year-old santiana said she's dreamed of taking dance lessons but never had that opportunity. fabian barnes said today she would have that chance. >> okay. i'm excited. >> fabian barnes, who was once a principal dancer were the dance theater of harlem, personally taught santiana first ballet class. >> stand up straight. relax.
11:50 am
show me your pretty smile. >> santiana caught on quickly. >> it's wonderful. and close back to first. and close the book. you had your first ballet lesson. [ applause ] you did a great job. are you ready to do some hip-hop? >> yes. >> santiana came into the foster care system four years ago. she's a good student in school, and while she loves dancing, she has a different profession in mind for her future. >> when i grow up, i want to be a lawyer. >> and she knows that means lots of school. >> i got to go to college and then go to law school. >> okay, cool. you ready to learn something? >> the school's studio director gave santiana a lesson in hip-hop. >> step out with your left foot. step left, right, left, right. >> tell me, is one of your goals having a permanent family? >> yes. >> tell me about the family you think you'd like to have.
11:51 am
>> a family that's going to give me love, that's going to take care of me, and a mother that not only helps me and is my mother but like a friend can be a friend to me. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. you got it! >> she got it. and what she needs now, like all children, is a family that will encourage her to keep on trying to reach all of her goals in life. >> and if you have room if your home and your heart for santiana or another child who's waiting, call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. our time now is 11:51. coming up, the burger you'll never find on the dollar menu. and back with a big weather change coming our way. cooler and wetter.
11:52 am
we'll tell you when. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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11:54 am
an experimental project to stop speeders is literally falling apart. these temporary traffic circles were installed last year on 42nd street in northwest d.c. over time, cars have run over the interlocking plastic pieces and broken them apart. neighbors say they want people to slow down, but these circles are not the answer.
11:55 am
>> trucks can't get around them. people don't slow down. they don't yield properly for this. >> it's also hideous, and i feel like it takes away from the beauty of the neighborhood. >> d-dot plans to replace them with permanent concrete barriers. here's some stories we're going to be following today. the fbi just exhumed the body of an unidentified man that could be that of william bradford bishop. he allegedly murdered his family back in 1976 in potomac and hasn't been seen since. the john doe has been dead since 1981 and was buried in alabama. doctors are closely watching the condition of a deputy in dallas possibly exposed to ebola. the deputy served a quarantine order to the home of thomas duncan. he's now in the hospital after complaining of a fever, stomach pain, and fatigue. leaders of west african countries are calling for help from the world to send money and resources to help them.
11:56 am
and the washington capitals start their season tonight. there are several new players to watch. and a new coach, too, making his debut. the caps face off against the montreal canadiens at 7:00 at the verizon center. and just in time for lunch, we're getting a look at the world's most expensive burger. take a look at this london glam burger, it's called. the burger patty is made from kobe beef. add soft caviar, white truffle, and hickory smoked duck egg covered with an edible gold leaf. take a bite out of that. this mouth-watering burger sis going to cost you something, though. $1700 for that burger. groupon is holding a contest to offer one lucky person this burger for free. the winner also gets a round trip to the restaurant. >> would you give that burger a try? >> i'm not really interested in
11:57 am
the duck egg. i think i would skip that part. just give me the white truffle. >> that might knock down the cost a couple hundred dollars. >> yeah, leave that off. so what about hour weather? >> if you're going to the caps' home opener tonight, the weather not impacting your trip to and from the verizon center. look at this live shot outside. beautiful blue skies. here's your forecast as the caps take on the canadiens tonight. getting to the rink around 6:00, low 70s. low 60s by the time the game is letting out. keeping it dry today. just some increasing clouds. then future weather, this is tomorrow morning. maybe some showers early in the day. best chance of showers, though, tomorrow will be around the midday and afternoon hours. keep the umbrella handy throughout your entire friday. rain is most likely friday night. not good news for the orioles game. 68 for a high tomorrow. so cooler. saturday, there's the chance of showers earlier in the day. a dry saturday afternoon. a high around 70. then noticeably cooler on sunday. temperatures potentially not even making it out of the 50s
11:58 am
with a chance of a shower or two mainly sunday afternoon. >> so fall is definitely here. >> yeah, not a great weekend unfortunately. >> winter not far behind. we're already talking about the christmas tree lighting. so we know the seasons are changing. thanks so much. and that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us. we invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00. we'll be back here tomorrow morning. hope you join us then. until then, have a terrific day. enjoy this beautiful weather we have right now. see you in the morning.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> roman: "when asked about the events of that evening, ms. donovan responded, 'i'm not sure, it all happened so fast, john came over to talk to brady and me. i--i thought i should leave them alone but then i heard john attacking brady. and brady, oh, my god, he-- brady, he grabbed the poker. he was just trying to defend himself and he hit john across the head.'" >> marlena: john, is that pretty much what you remember? >> john: [breathes deeply] is that what happened that night? no, not really.


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