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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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news tonight in virginia where somebody was hit on the tracks by an amtrak train. >> this is amtrak line north of the burke cent
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>> reporter: police are investigating behind me. from where this is all 0 yards going on. you can look over there. there are three pickup trucks and they tell us the train tracks are on the other side. we're hearing a woman was hit on the track behind the trees. the train had stopped. tonight an amtrak official said it made contact with an individual who was on amtrak property. does not know if the crash was fatal but claimed, people getting off work tell me it is very unusual for someone to be on the tracks in that area. it's not like there is a stopover there or anything. we don't know if this woman has i.d. or a driver's license. police are still gathering details. back out here live, we'll bring you those details as they become available on
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shamari storm, news4. the second nurse who contracted the ebola virus in dallas. >> good evening. we know the nurse called the centers for disel she got on a plane in cleveland. the cdc confirm that amber vinson called them to claim she had a fever of 99.5. because the fever was below 100.5, she was not told that she could not play the. >> the cdc is trying to contact everyone who was on that flight. meanwhile, vinson just handed in atlanta where she is to be treated in an isolation unit at emory un and a national nurses union is blaming texas presbyterian hospital for what it call sloppy handling of treatment. >> repor 29-year-old amber vinson arrived in atlanta tonight. she and her care takers dressed
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head to toe in hazmat suits. hess destination, emory university hospital. last week she flew to cleveland to plan her wedding. she flew back to dallas monday despite having a fever of 99.5 and a history of caring for an ebola victim. >> because at that point she was in a group individuals known to have exposure to ebola, she should not have traveled on a commercial airline. >> reporter: but a county official says that message was never told to more than 70 texas presbyterian hospital workers. >> cdc did not direct presbyterian or anyone else to restrict travel. >> they did not tell the staff not to travel. >> the staff under self-monitor. >> reporter: in fact the government spokesperson tells nbc news, vinson call the cdc for guidance monday before flying home with that fever. a cdc staff member did not
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instruct her not to fly because her temperature was below 100.4. federal officials are scrambling to contact the passengers on that flight. president obama wants the cdc to make sure every hospital in the country is informed of proper protocols in case more ebola patients emerge. >> we have to make sure that understandably, certain local hospitals that may not have that experience are walked through that process. >> reporter: a new mandate that come too late for two dallas nurses. tomorrow morning, enhanksed screening of passengers arriving in the united states from west africa begins as four more u.s. airports. in dallas, news4. president obama is canceling more fundraising trips tomorrow to monitor the ebola response. today he ordered a new emergency team to monitor any new confirmed cases. >> as soon as somebody is diagnosed with ebola, we want a
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rapid response team, a s.w.a.t. team from the cdc to be on the ground as quickly as possible. hopefully within 24 hours. >> reporter: that team would take the local hospital through every step it needs to follow. the president emphasized that if hospitals follow proper protocols, the chances of a widespread outbreak in the u.s. are very low. fairfax county school are detailing the steps it is taking to monitor ebola. so we asked the other major school districts in our area how they are going to be reacting. fairfax said it is asking students and parents about any recent travel to west africa. in prince george's county, any student with a i who enough fever will be asked about travel history but right now the primary concern is preventing the flu. we a sti waiting to hear their plans but it is important note there haven't been any
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suspected >> tomorrow dulles airport will be screening for ebola. about a quarter of all the passengers coming from the countries hardest hit by the outbreak pass through dulles. they'll be questioned about their travel history and any possible exposure. anyone with a reading above 100.5 could be single to one of three nearby hospitals. reston hospital central released a statement that says it is preparing by reinforcing the proper use and removal of personal protective equipment and live refresher training. the question has been asked, why not just ban all the flights to the united states from the countries impacted by this crisis? but the white house says that's not an option at this point. it would keep valuable personnel and equipment
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from getting to the region to help slow this outbreak. several lawmakers have call for a ban while others have asked for the state department to stop issuing visas. we'll be following several events related to the ebola crisis tomorrow. a house committee will be holding a hearing in response. in case of a diagnosis during in the district, news4 will be live at dulles as that passenger screening begins. you can find updates. the fbi is on the hunt for one of the most notorious killers. forensic evidence today proved that the body of a man exhumed last week is not william bradford bishop. bishop vanished after the fbi says he murdered his entire family in potomac in 1976. he is on the agency's ten most wanted list. and the noted the resemblance
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photograph of a unidentified hitchhiker is who was hit and killed in 1981 in alabama. before the body was exhumed, the imteam asked, what if the dna is not a match? >> if for some reason he is actually sitting at home watching this on the news and laughing with the fact that this is not him and we're going down there and spending this timeo do that, well, we're going to come get him too. >> the fbi says it needs help trying to catch bishop. the i-team created it for the search. a major clean-up is underway where a tree collapsed during an afternoon storm. this afternoon's storms forced more than 30 people out of their home for the night. maybe even longer. jackie bensen is on the story.
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>> reporter: at this hour people are still coming home and finding. they in the middle of a disaster zone. workers repairing the heavily damaged building. they had to gain access from the roof because part of the stair well was damaged. she said her art goes out to her neighbors. >> i comforted one neighbor no, idea who she was but she was all upset, waiting for her fiance to come. >> reporter: the howard county fire department began efforts to stabilize the building even before the rain ended but it will take some time to fully restore it. >> we have more than ten units that were affected. mornl 30 people potentially displaced. >> reporter: among the displaced residents, this tiny little guy. his father was holding him in his arm when he ran into the master bedroom to close the window to keep the rain out.
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>> i thought no way. i was two feet from the window and i was holding the baby. >> reporter: the red cross is on the scene trying to help those who have no place, no friends or family to stay with, trying to find a hotel room for the evening. >> thank you. an awful lot of rain around here. there were tornado warnings as well. are we done with all this now? >> yeah, we are done. that's the really good news. that storm system moved in, it moved out. one day, that's about it. tomorrow, a few more showers but today was the day we were concerned about. storm team 4 radar showing the last 12 hours. look at the rain coming through. there is the big storm. right through the downtown area, right now all the rain toward the eastern shore. it remains there across the
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chesapeake bay. toward st. michael's, the rest of us on the dry side. could see another isolated shower but that's about it. to the west we're watching this other area of showers. that's what we have to watch for today. also, dealing with some fog. the visibility down to a quarter of a mile. give yourself extra time early tomorrow morning. i'll talk about the forecast and a big change with the wave this weekend coming up. hundreds who work for the state of virginia are going to lose their jobs because the governor is trying to close the $2 million shortfall. he plans to lay off 565 employees. most of them from the department of corrections. the governor also plans to raise liquor prices at state own stores and sell one of the state police airplanes. he is accused of raping a teenager and now police need your help to find him. investigators say this attack
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happened saturday night. the 17-year-old was walking home from work along powell's creek boulevard and patrick henry drive in woodbridge. a man who looks similar to that sketch forced her into the woods and attacked her. >> i'm nervous. i walk out here every day. >> if you have any information, you're asked to give police a call. next, at 11:00. we're learning more about how many victims there might be. a local principal accused of discrimination. now the school district is responding. responding. and the red
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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a local rabbi is out of jail after allegations that he secretly recorded at least six women with a hidden camera in a shower. prosecutors now say that rabbi barry may have recorded hundreds of women. >> reporter: i mean, they have identified the six women but now investigators are going through all the other images, trying to figure out not only who these other women are but when they were recorded. 25 years is one of d.c.'s most powerful and respected rabbis. and he walks out of court being
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heckled. jeffrey claim he spied on his wife and tamed her getting undressed in the changing room. >> is that why you came today, to say his face? >> yeah. >> he put me through hell in more ways than one. she claim she saw a machine like this. it looks like a clock radio with you it is really a camera. >> i remember it vividly. him saying, don't put anything on the counter. >> reporter: officials confiscated his passport. prosecutors tried to have him fitted for a gps tracker arguing they saw images of hundreds of women. >> the prosecutor said this is just the beginning. >> reporter: he pleaded not guilty but some are ready to passentence on the man they once followed. >> the judge is being judged.
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>> the judge did not agree that he needs the monitor. despite that he is married and has kids and he's been part of the series for decades. but there is actual video of him putting this camera, putting it in a way so his face was where the wind was changing. back to court in november. nor now. tonight a principal in fairfax county is accused of discriminating against mothers who work for her. they passed a lawsuit against the elementary school principal. that lawsuit says that she insisted school administrators only hire, quote, pretty young blonds who did not have famili and would only work for her. fairfax county public school spokesperson said the county has a strict anti-discrimination
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policy. takes all allegations of discrimination very seriously. movie star brad pitt in the district. his new movie premiered at the museum tonight. they greeted the vets on the carpet. he plays an army sergeant who leess his crew on a deadly mission into nazi germany. the movie opens nationwide on 40. i don't think it was written like that. >> sleeping in the district tonight. >> exactly right. we saw a lot of rain across the area but just as things dried out a little bit. take a look. it lit up in pink. of course, all month long across the region. you can get there over the next
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few nights. it will be a bit drier than across our region. rain so far, almost an inch and a half of rain across the d.c. area. we saw a loe of rain during the day today. right now it is all moving out and it continues to do so. that's the good news. we are seeing some areas of fog so get yourself some extra time. not much going on in our area but it is all toward the east at philadelphia and then back toward charleston, west virginia, and that's the area i'm watching next. first off, temperature. 64 degrees. winds out of the south. a very warm and humid air mass across our region even though most of the precipitation has moved out. and this is the clearing. the back edge. that has allowed the fog to form back toward the valleys, winchester, hagerstown and martinsburg. starting to see that fog building in your area. as far as the area of low
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pressure. look at this swirl in the atmosphere. a very big area of low pressure spinning between chicago and atlanta. that will move over us tomorrow. when the sun comes up, we may see some sun but the cold air aloft will quickly add clouds to the sky and we'll see plenty of not only cloud cover but a chance of shower activity. there goes the rain by early tomorrow morning. we're just talking about a few showers and then during the day, watch how the showers pop up here and there. around 1:30, a couple showers around. by 6:00 in the afternoon, a few more showers get developed across the region. we're not talking all day rain but maybe it would be a good idea to take the umbrella. umbrella with a few showers. i'm not expecting much at all. you can take the littler umbrellas. 68 degrees in leesburg. 70 in d.c. with partly to mostly cloudy skies. a few showers. 65 toward wi
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our average high is not only in the upper 60s. the forecast for tomorrow, things will stay on the comfore side all day. friday, beautiful. 72 degrees. sunshine, a few clouds. on saturday, temperature at 70. look at 70. a high of 60. that means most of will you stay in the upper 60s all day and that's the way reremain monday, tuesday, most of next week. the overnight low temperatures in the 40s monday through wednesday and probably most of next week too. that puts the suburbs in the low to mid 30s. we could see the first frost next week. >> thanks. coming up, rg3 on his way coming up, rg3 on his way
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love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. i guess the bottom line is there shall not be a quarterback controversy on this team. >> no, there's always one. you never know. colt mccoy. it's a question of when now and not whether he will be the central for the redskins this season. he said that griffin will take over for back-up kirk cousins. so he is the starter. today he participated in individual drills. this is the first time in a month since he dislocated his elbow. there is no exact timetable when number 10 will return to game day. but he was really pleased with what he saw today.
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>> he looked fine. a little bounce in his step. and that's about it. nothing new. everything else will be up to the trainers and the doctor. there is nothing i can do as far as returning them back. they'll let me know as far as when they will allow him to progress with the team drills. so we're going to take with larry and the team doctors tell us and we'll go from there. >> face tennessee this sunday. it was a magical run that had everyone watching. yes, we can say we're talking about the nats but we're not. we're talking about the orioles. baltimore has been on cloud nine for weeks. although the fans are coming back down from the clouds. hoping for the royals' first trip to the world series in almost 30 years. the o's fall behind. eric hosmer grounds to first. a play at the plate. two runs score. to a 2-0 lead. the o's had just four hits.
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couldn't get anything going. j.j. hardy ground to third for the last out. and the royals, perfect in the postseason, headed to the world series for the first time since 1985. buck showalter after the game. >> disappointing, frustrating. disappointing for our guys and our fans. and it is not something, not like it is something we didn't do. more like what they did. and we wish them well. >> so kansas city waiting the winner of this series. giants and cardinals. winners on the corners for joe panik. he manages to get the out. but his throw to second is offline. giants score two more afterwards. they now lead it 6-4. wizards season starts two weeks from tonight.
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second quarter. this gets the crowd excited. alley-oop. 18 points, 12 boards. defending that run. adam porter. 19 points to go along with it. the wizards win it 101-95. now 4-1 in the pre season. showing a little something. he was quiet all of last season. >> can i go back to baseball? we can have two while card teams in the world series. has that happened b
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that's all for our broadcast now. please j
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- shailene woodley, michael shannon,


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