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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 19, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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this morning, a neighborhood now a crime scene. what could be a major break in the case of missing student hannah graham. we'll go live to charlottesv in a moment. it is a lot colder now st. comp to how we started the weeken has been tracking these change hey, chuck. >> temperatures right now are about 15 degrees colder than we were at the samee yesterday. so later on this afternoon, that trend will continue. so instead of a 74-degree high like yesterda most of the area will stay with highs only in that 59 to 60-degree range. skies are clearing out a bit, but there are white caps on the potoc this morning. northwt win still averaging 20 miles an hour in town has kept tempe only in the upper 40s and low 50s. there's a hint of a windchill out there as well. walk on the sunny side of the street today for sure. county by county across the
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metro area. north earn montgomery county, northe fairfax county probably stayin the upper 50s today closo abo 60 in washin, arlington, mt. vernon. ho by hour for tomorrow, expe a really cold start. a lot the suburbs in the 30s early on your monday morning and an increasingly cloudy sky, turning milder tomorrow. that leads us to raindrop chans by the middle of the week. we'll detail the timing on that and talk about next weekend, minutes. > right now the paren hannah gra are awaiting word on whether human remains found are those of their daughter. >> hannah is 18 years old and gradd from west potomac high school in fairfax before heading to uva. the mel examiner in richmond is working to identify remains that were fou yesterday during a search for graham. she disappeared more than five weeks ago. volunteers discoved the remas in an abandoned property in al marl county. we want to check back with david
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culver who is followin you mentioned that big search that was scheduled for today. i think back to late last week and vdem, virginia department of emergey management put out a call, looking for 200 volunteers to search f today. within hours, it filled up. they got the number of volu they needed. late last night we learned they have cance that search, that is because of yesterday's major break, the discovery they made on that abandoned property. i want to show you the property right now. this is where it is, about 11 miles outside of where the downto mal is. why is that significant? that's the last location hannah grah was seen al she on surveillance video as well as by witnesses. that property is abandoned as i mentio but there were tips. we're told a specific tip led poli there. search crews in particular from chesr field county, sheriff's office, ty wer out there,
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they searc the property, made the discovery and immediately cord off that entire area. you can see streets around that area are closed. they remain closed this morning as more than a dozen deputies, local, federal and state law enfot are o there cont to investigate. meanti those human remain haves been transported to richmo. yesty we heard from chare police chief y longo. we've seen him very often updati us. he acknowledged the search crews and the discovery they made. >> countless of hours. thousas of hours have been spent by literally hundreds of law edge forcement and civilian volu in an effort to find hannah. we think perha >> rep and those remains have been transported to richmo. the mel examiner will detee the identity and the
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exact cause of death. as i mentioned, the search has been canceled. police tel us that is becae they're trying to dedi all their resources right now to investigati that prop that again has been cord off, the abandoned piece property where they found tho remains. we can tell you they're looking for new witnesses. they want to know who may have anythin suspicious in that area where that property is locate also want to know if anyby saw jesse matthew in that area. so they're looking for witnesses in this region right now, asking for the public's help. again, the big question now, the results of the autopsy tests, the forensic tests being run in what we're waiting on. as soon as we get that, we'll relay that to you. live in shar vots little, david culver, ns 4. back to you. >> david, great work. a lot questions, a lot of work to be de there. new this morninr the man accuseg graham released a statement. jesse matthew's lawyer says he,
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to the s of the medical examiner autopsy. matthe is waking up in jail. searched his apartment one after graham disapp they didn't arrest him at the time. he left the commonwealth and pross charged him with reck driving. officers caught him on september and charged him with graham abduction. he was brought back to virginia and is scheduled to go to court in december. >> investigato say forensic ev links matthew to anotr young woman who was murder. morgan harringt body was found on a farm outside charlo this is just five miles from where search crews found those human remains yesterday. and we are stay of the story. you can find any developments onli any time. news 4 will have continuing covera of the hannah graham vax. are constantly posting . looking at other stories, the preside will be campaig today. presidt obama plans to travel to upper marlboro this morning.
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speaki at a campaign event for anthony brown, the democratic candide f maryland governor. then the presi flies to chico to speak at a rally for pat quinn, the governor of illi the republican candidate for maryla governor will be in st. ma county. larry hogan is attending the oyst festival in leonardtown. electi day is two weeks away. > later this morning you can watch a d.c. mayoral forum. democrat muriel bowser along with independent candidates david catania and skarl schwartz partic in the forum with news 4 and "the washin you can see that right after "mee at 11:30 right here on nbc4. >>w this morning, a violent night at a maryland mcdonald's. the attack on a security guard and what happen when a rest emplo tri to interv plus we have incredible imag to show you. see what it took for emergency crews to cut a person out of a car and to rescue them images f.
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add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. new this morning, the mcdonald' in college park is open again after a security guard there accidentally shot someon this happened early this morning at the mcdonald's on route 1 near the university of maryland. two peopl attacked the guard. he fired his gun in response and hit a woman. she is expected to recover. police are looking for the man who attacked the guard. > this big crash outside a fire station with several people recove a look at these pictures. the hyattsville fire department rele them. at least five emergency teams respon to university d and ridg langley p last night. you saw right there firefighters had to cut one car open to get the pern out.
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a horrific crash. rescue took the person to the hospit. we're told they do have serious injuri. happe today, family and fries wil hold a vigil for a cafef mening. tiffany barnes worked at knoll elem schoo in southeast d.c. she was 25 years old when she di a year ago. she left behind a young daught. vigil will be at 1:00 this aften at fort lincoln cemete> in the district, office are hold ag big security drill today. t be alarmed if you see a lot pole and ambulances around the former walter reed army medical center on georgia avenue. at the northern edge of d.c. you ma see traffic delays star around 7:30. t responders will be simula terrorist attacks and how to respond to them. we're told mayor vincent gray will be there to answer our quess about that drill. "meet the p" on the road. the big road trip ahead for moder c todd. this is a live look right outse our studios, they're
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gettg the bus ready, stocking it up. we'll talk to chuck about it all in our studio next. h our other chuck. one too many chucks around here perhaps. koelgd days ahead everybody. if you haven't been outside yet, be ready, the change of seasons arrid while you were sleeping. arrid while you were sleeping. how lo the
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this morning, breaking knew th his stair i don't on the ebola cases. a team is in place to lead the respon. the quen is is it enough? >> "meet the p" moderator chk todd joins us now. chuck, did washington drop the ball or is too much being made about an initial failure at one hospit? >> i think there's a lot of people tha developed ti think t may have dropp the ball. the cdc is admitting maybe they had protocols to deal with ebola patien that were not up to date, tha they were basically behind. i think all of the health care looking at the dallas unity situat you'll hear from one person say thank god it didn't happen at our hospi type of thing. now a whole bunch of places are le al mistakes in dallas to fix it. the questio is does this calm nerves? frankly, if there's no more ebola cases in the next week, the public will start believing
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what coming out of government. presids c when it comes to leading this effort against ebola and spearheading the effort. it taken a lot of heat from a lo people. is it goi to indeed make a we'll see. they obviously -- they made the calcn tha what they need was a behind the scen -- they basically needed a chief of staff for ebola. he may have been the president's one -- first or second choice to being wur of his chiefs of staff durg his tenure. i wouldn't be surprised if ron up sticking around after this crisis is s manag co. he's n e still keeping the prede professiona as the publ face. >> my question to that, you want to cut through the bureaucracy and the internal issues. why bring someone on who has such a long-stan history
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with washington. why not bring in a general or somee who is? a co? i think the issue is do you experience working behind the scenes in bureaucracie that somet is as much as -- if they needed a public spokes, i think thee another ro the ro you're thinking. i was assuming they would go both, a ron clain behind the scen and somebody with some sort of either non-partisan backgr or maybe bipartisan back as the public face. i think they decided they would rather push to have a surgeon genera we showed you the bus outsid chuck is going to be hitting the road, g to some of the batt stas in the midd of the country and down south as well. midwest a the southwest. that where the battle for the sena is taking place. you can see "meet the p" right here on nbc4 right after this show, "news 4 tod in the week ahead, early 4th election tomorrow.vember you can vote early in the
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maryland early voting begins thursd. it's going to run through the end of the month. in virginia absentee ballot deads begin on october 28. >> right now baseball preparing for its biggest stage. check out that party. the world series starting tuesday night. san fro giants and the kansy royals going at it. the giants have won the world twice in the last four years. the royals have not even been to the play-offs in nearly 30 years. >> been a long time for kansas one giants fan can't wait for the series to start. he's going to be there after he gave away a very generous gift. >> frank burke on the right in this picture caught the walk-off home run by travis ishikawa that clinched the worlds for the giants. decided to give it back to gave burke a signed bat and the team gave him world series ticks in return for what he did. no a bad trade-off. burke said
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no-bra because as someone who playe basebl in high school, he kept all his home run balls. knows -- >> how much it's going to mean. was ishikawa's biggest hit d to top a walk-off home run to put your team in the worlseries. except one to win the world series have to get there first. absolu right. bottom of the ninth, game seven. nice job. good sportsmansh on his behalf and he gets to go to the world for free as a result. outsid goi to be a nice day for kite flying in the nation's capil today. there's the view from the tower camera, looking towards the wash monument. a shimmy to the camera this mornin you'll be shimmying and shivg a bit by later this aften as temperatures won't be anywhere near as warm as yester yestery 74 at national airpor today t above 60 for a brief little time. temper in the upper 40s and low 50s now. that northwest wind which
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arrid wit quite the bit of fury yes afternoon is still out there. so highs today will struggle today to get into the upper 50s in the shenandoah valley and might barely make it over the 60 degree mark in and around town. plan on a much cooler day today than yesterday. hometo fort in the shen valley where you're bracg for a possible freeze by tomorr morning. beautil woodstock, virginia, right along i-81, south of tom's brook. foreca 11:00 a.m., 49 and today only in the mid 50s in the she valley. if you're going out to look at the fall color, have an extra layer of warmth ready to go. potenty near freezing by tomorr morning. here is our exclusive skycast 4. clouds this morning will be cont to push on out. sky also be mostly clear during the game. it will remain on the breezy and chilly side, though. if you're going to the game, again, an extra sweater probably wouldn be a bad plan and maybe somethg wm to sit on as
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well. to wear today? you're going to need the sung for the sunshine and a wind breaker for the breeze and a sweater just to try and stay warm thr it all. if you're going to dinner tonigh temperatus this evg in the mid and upper 40s. a clear sky. the br will be dieing down after the sun goes down. plan on a cold night out for dinner. there's t freeze warning in the t thing on monday morning. those neighborhoo close to the freezing mark. clover up any tender vegetation you don't want to say good buy to. foreca 31 in luray, 31 in wind chester. low 40s now. future temperatus starting th evening in the mid 50s. look how quickly we drop into the 30s and 40s by tomorrow mornin again, another nice day tomorr. a cold start, plenty of suns in the morning. close com in tomorrow afternoon and that will eventually lead to our next chance for showers which com in during the courseta doesn't look like a lot of
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rain, but enough to get the roads wet. highs tom generally in the low and mid 60s. seven-y for has a little someg for everybody on it. a chilly day today and cold night tonight. scatted s tuesday and wednes a chilly day thursday as well as we get the clouds out of here. friday saturday, sunny, highs the upper 60s to near 70. next s we how are you feeling? >> i did my 20-miler the other day and i was still alive at the end. we'll be cheering you on. >> thanks. one boss's version o as a pay cut is serving as a learning lesson for others. >> also ahead -- pedestrian fatalities incr substantial on hallow before you head out trick- are you and your kids safe? are yo ahead? i'm erika gonzalez, i'll have that story coming up including fun and easy tips like glow stic you can assemble and wear stic you can assemble and wear on you or fla
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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happening today, you can stop by the world in montgomery parking lot.heaton pla music, dancing and hands-od cra. to your dismay, it's not the
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that's the only kind i know anti. > a university presi maki a difference on campus by taking a pi cut. >> imagine that. using the money to give his emplee a raise. . ♪ >> rep the kentucky state univer thoroughbre have a new-fod reason to be loud and proud. they point to this man as the reason. inm university president raymond burse. i want every kid on this f what they lieve that the sky achiev following a succes career, a rhodes r was cajoled out of retire. his very first move a jaw-dr e the salaries of the univer 24 lowest paid employs and pay for it n to thef
10:26 am
$90,00 what i'm trying to do is emulate to the students on this campus what i think it takes to be staffers on the ety. lower end of the scale were given p hikes from $7.25 to $10.25. a blessing. he gave up $90,000. on campus, studentserous. study his every move. for him to come in and take that major pay cut says a lot about him. he hasn't even soug out the workers he's helped. just the way he is. >> i look at myself as a poor couny kid from hopkinsville, kentuc, tg to do well in this wor by treating people right. >> r setting the tone by showing many of life's .ess kevin tibbles, nbc news, frankf kentucky.
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>> you've got to imagine a lot those students are going to take that lesson with them. >> that example is probably going to go so much further than any amounts of money. they're going to carry on and pass it on. >> good educational lesson. pretty incredible. >> chilly and breezy out. >> bundle up, right? >> that's right. three-m chilly for later tonigh tha going to do it for "new" "meet with chuck todd is up next. >> wake up with us ♪
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this morning on "meet the press." our summit on ebola. >> for the first time in the history of the united states, somebody with ebola walked in the front door. >> as two nurses come down with the disease, is the wider american public in danger, and is the government doing enough to make us safe? we can't give in to hysteria or fea fear. >> we have gathered experts in africa and on the ground to ask questions about how serious this danger really is. and plus, addicted to off e office. >> i feel like running for congress. >> three men aiming to make the unlikeliest of comebacks and two of them from prison. >> you are found


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