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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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metro area. we are in for what could be fairly heavy rain tonight. and this is the storm system itself. you notice that curvature of those storms making their way in across our region. that's the nor'easter that's going to really start to strengthen off the coast as we move in through the overnight hours. i'll let you know the impact this storm will have for us and just how long it's going to be sticking around, guys. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> doug, see you then. to new allegations tonight against a prominent rabbi accused of secretly recording women in a ritual shower. >> tonight one of his former students says she and other undergrads were encouraged to use that same mikva. news4's pat collins is live outside the kerber synagogue. >> reporter: he was a professor at townsend university. he would bring his students to field trips here at the synagogue in georgetown. he would ask the women to take a bath, a ritualistic bath inside. now there's some concern about what may have happened on those
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field trips. did rabbi barry freundel take pictures. he has been a professor of lidge and ethics at townsend university. meet jonathan. he took a course from the rabbi and is editor of the campus paper. for extra credit, he says the rabbi would offer field trips to his synagogue in georgetown. in a story in the school paper today, he quotes a woman student as saying she and other women went on a tour and were asked to shower in the ritualistic bath. >> she and two other female students went towards the synagogue as part of some extra credit opportunity for his class, and they were offered to take that rich you'll bath you mentioned, and although the woman i talked to did not accept, the two people she was
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with did. >> reporter: last week, rabbi frun dell used a hidden camera to take pictures of women in a ritualistic bath at the synagogue in georgetown. rab rabbi frun dell has led the congregation for 25 years. court documents identify six victims, but investigators believe there may be more. on the campus of townsend, the rabbi's arrest, the discovery of the hidden camera has people wondering about theire ethics professor. what do you make of the rabbi and these accusations? >> well, similar to the woman i talked to, i'm very surprised, as well. having him in class, you grow to expect them to be someone who is, you know, giving knowledge. >> reporter: now, it's unclear how many field trips there were. how many women students took the bath and whether or not they
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were photographed. the investigation continues on. coming up at 6:00, more allegations about questionable behavior by the rabbi. live in georgetown, pattel collins, news4. police are intensely focused on the abandoned property where human remains were found over the weekend. and there's still no word if it's hannah graham. that means investigators in several jurisdictions are waiting, just like hannah's family and friends. our northern virginia bureau reporter, david culver, joins us live in albemarle county. >> reporter: wendy, police here telling me tonight that once they get those remains positively identified, they're going to let us know through a written statement. now, that's a change from their usual in-person update through the press conferences that we have been sharing with you. what is also very clear tonight is this investigation, it is still very active. keep in mind, it has been more than three days since that body was discovered. and is police are still on that
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scene. we drove back to the abandoned property. reporters are allowed slightly closer to the crime scene, but we're still stopped at this sign on old lynchburg road. police going in and out. it's been more than three days since the discovery, but it's unclear what's kept them onsite still investigating. officers telling me they'll likely be on-scene for the rest of the week. meantime, jesse matthew is still in jail in albemarle county. his defense just got more complicated with yesterday's added charges. fairfax county prosecutors indicting him for attempted capital murder. it stems from our 2005 alleged sex assault. that case could affect how prosecutors here in charlottesville move forward. >> i would not be surprised at that to see the fairfax county go first. they have a live witness who can testify. the face is ready to go. much more quickly and ready than the charlottesville cases. >> reporter: that's defense
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attorney, scott goodman. he used to be a prosecutor here in albemarle county. he says local prosecutors could even wait until after a trial in fairfax and potentially use a possible conviction against matthew to seek a harsher punishment for his alleged crimes in charlottesville. but all of that hinges on the results of the forensics tests. >> certainly just the beginning. if they find these remains are hannah graham, certainly more charges in charlottesville, possibly other charges elsewhere now. >> reporter: and that former prosecutor is likening this case to the d.c. sniper case. i'm going to tell why he says that prosecutors right here in charlottesville could decide not to proceed with charges at all. we're going to look at that possibility when we join you again, all-new at 6:00. live in charlottesville, i'm david culver, news4. >> david, thank you. now to a big move in air travel as a result of the ebola outbreak start. starting tomorrow, people who travel from the ebola hot zone in west africa will have five options to enter the u.s.
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dulles airport, atlanta, newark, jfk and chicago-o'hare. >> this it impacts people traveling from liberia, sierra leone and guinea. and before they can enter, their temperatures will be taken. since this enhanced screening was launched, four people from dulles have gone to a medical facility for evaluation. tom costello covers aviation and tells us how this impacts aviation. >> i don't think it's going to be a big impact. the bottom line is for the most part people have already been coming through these airports. you had about 141 people every day from west africa. now we're talking about 150. so 100% of the total number of people coming from west africa now will come through these airports. we're pretty much already there anyway. it's not a lot of people. there are no direct flights from the united states into or out of west africa. so these are people transiting mostly through europe, brussels, paris, london, that kind of thing. homeland security told us just a short time ago that so far, 521 people have come from west
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africa into the united states since they began these screenings. of those, they have found three at all five airports have had elevated temperatures. three. four have been taken to the hospital, as you reported. zero have had ebola. so out of all the people that have come in so far from west africa, we're not talking gobs of people, receipt? 521, so far no ebola cases they're aware. all of this is really trying to put more preventive screening in place, and ensure those people that do come from west africa are, in fact, going to be checked out. >> all right. good to know. tom costello, thanks so much. >> my pleasure to see you. construction chaos making a busy commute longer and more frustrating for thousands in our area. we're talking about river road in bethesda. it stretches from western avenue to little falls parkway and going deep underground. transportation reporter adam tuss tells us why it's taking so long and why neighbors are thrilled to see it finally happening. >> reporter: wendy, luckily this work is only happening midday,
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not happening during the rush hour. but take a look down river road here. you can see how far the work stretches off in the distance, steel plates down there. and, of course, river road used by people from all over the dmv. and we did some digging into this project and found, yeah, it is not a small project. drive past this work on river road in bethesda and you may think it's a resurfacing project. but the work goes much deeper. how about 10 to 12 feet deeper down. river road is being cut up, torn up, and 6500 feet of new pipes that will carry heavy duty pepco power cables. pepco says it's needed to modernize the work around here and the construction is a headache, especially for drivers. >> it's been going on for a long time. and it doesn't seem to be very coordinated in terms of the effort. >> reporter: pepco tells us, this is very complex work, only two companies in the country can actually do it.
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some residents complain it's so intense that it shakes their house. but others likelia hamilton see this as a huge plus. she says it should help keep the lights on. >> we lose power every year, actually, this neighborhood in particular loses power big-time. and they're undergrounding thel. so that hopefully we don't lose power this winter. >> reporter: as they say no pain, no gain. but for the time being, a lot of pain here on river road. and back here now live on river road. coming up next hour at 6:00, how much longer will all this work be happening here on river road? a little hint, it won't be wrapped up next week. reporting live in bethesda, adam tuss, news4. there will need to be major repairs before anyone is allowed back into this house in montgomery county. these pictures show the scene just after a car smashed into a townhome in the montgomery village area. two people in the car were injured. news4's shomari stone spoke to a woman who narrowly escaped being
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run over. we'll hear that report next half in our. allegations of assault of a local high school football team and not a case of hazing. why the sheriff's department is getting involved. labor under fire. a woman just minutes from giving birth when cops get her husband at gunpoint. he phony phone calls, another scam artist out for your money. i'm erika gonzales and i'll tell about the latest trends in one area so you don't fall for the
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♪ they may not be the most handsome of body parts. yet, there ty sit on the sides of our heads. for the world to see. but what happens when they stop hearing? should we stop doing? should we stop living? not today. esteem. the hearing implant. ♪
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oscar pistorius is spending his first night in prison tonight after being sentenced to the death of his girlfriend. >> the sentence is five years. >> pistorius shot reeva steenkamp four times on valentines day last year. he said he thought she was an
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intruder. today a judge said he showed gross negligence in her death. it's possible, though, he could be released in ten months and serve the rest of his time under house arrest. steenkamp's family is satisfied. >> he could be -- >> doesn't matter. he's going to pay something. >> do you think justice has been served? >> yes. >> pistorius was also sentenced to three years in prison on a gun-related charge, but the judge suspended that sentence. there could be a new clue in the murder of a postal worker in maryland. the u.s. postal inspector's office just released video that they are now looking for this suv in the murder of tyson barnett, shot to death while delivering mail nearly a year ago in cheverly. a reward of up to $125,000 is being offered in this case. now to a call you don't want to receive. criminals are posing as phony callers demanding money for numerous reasons. consumer reporter erika gonzales
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reveals their latest tricks and how you can protect yourself. >> reporter: for julia hughes, it started with a phone call. the same for michael sullivan. >> hello? >> reporter: and the same for jeannie winslow. phone scams specifically ones using reloadable prepay cards are on the rise in fairfax city, that police are putting out a warning saying don't fall for the scams. >> most are the ones for the green dot scams and for investigative purposes, those numbers on the cards are not traceable. >> reporter: in the last six months, this police department has received nearly 70 fraud-related reports and over half are telephone scams. >> he was able to tell me the name of a judge, when my court date would be. quite honestly, i was blown away. >> reporter: julia hughes got a call from someone claiming to be a police officer saying she had missed jury duty and there was a warrant for her arrest, but she could settle it by paying $500
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with a green dot money card. >> my stress level soared. my kids were worried they weren't going to see me again. i was worried that i had done something, but i hadn't done anything. >> reporter: i met with 82-year-old michael sullivan, as well. >> it scared me half to death. >> reporter: he tells me the person on the phone told him his grandson was badly beaten in a foreign country and he needed help. they wanted you to give them $2140 on a green dot money card. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: thankfully, he checked with his loved ones before making the bogus transaction. >> when the guy got the grandson, maybe it just hit a nerve. >> reporter: pulled at your heart strings. they were talking about your grandson. >> that's what they were doing. >> reporter: and this is jeannie winslow. >> at any point in time, did you say this sounds real? >> no. i knew oh -- >> reporter: she and her neighbor got similar calls from windows? >> and we know that you have problems with your computer. if you have viruss and other serious issues with your computer. and we would like to take control of it so we can help
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you. >> reporter: scammers can be aggressive in tone and persistent. >> private caller, october 12, and another one. >> reporter: thankfully, none of these individuals handed over money or personal information. but they were prudent enough to report it. >> we want to take the embarrassment, you know, away from that and encourage people to report it so we can get an accurate number. >> reporter: so green dot explained to me that these money packs -- if i turn this around, they've got this scratch-off pin number. once you scratch this off and you share that pin, anybody can have access to your cash with no trace. and as a result, green dot says it is phasing these out next year. if you get a call saying you owe money, never give financial or personal information over the phone. number two, always question a person who demands money. police, utility companies and government agencies will not demand money over the phone. they just won't do it number three, if you still can't
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tell if the caller is real or fake, hang up, call the company or government agency directly. jim and wendy, back to you. >> all right, erika. >> thanks so much. it's getting nasty out there. >> just look. >> yeah, what a mess. >> and it is a mess out there this evening. it's going to affect rush hour. we talked about this during the day yesterday. a lot of rain coming through with some very heavy rain coming through too. even noticed lightning and thunder outside across the region. take a look at the numbers now, 63 degrees. we've got that rain falling at the airport with the winds out of the north at about 7 miles per hour. those winds have just shifted, too, and our temperatures have come down about seven degrees from where they were an hour or two ago. this is a much cooler rain so when the rain comes down, it is going to be very quickly cooling temperatures down. it was 70 in frederick last hour. 56 in hagers town. look at the rain and thunderstorms down through southern portions of culpeper county. we are starting to see lightning associated with that. here is one area of very heavy rain through winchester now. you follow that through northern clark county, virginia,
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jefferson county west virginia around the clarkstown area and move to lovettsville, leesburg, heavy rain there. farther to the south, in and around fairf along 66 in through the district. you saw that picture we just showed you very heavy rain associated with that. and then you move down to the south again along i-95. woodbridge, quantico, fredericksburg, charles county, the heavy rain is there. here's the heaviest thunderstorm just to the south of culpeper. this is all part of the next system that's right now swirling across our region. you can seat showers and the storms moving through. the wider picture shows the circulation here. this is a big area of low pressure. it's got some very cold air behind it. ohio right now, temperatures into the 40s. and we're going to see much of cooler numbers as we step into the day during the day tomorrow. so future weather, times the rain out. 8:00 tonight, most of us still seeing some of that rain and rain coming down fairly heavily at times. tonight at 11:00, still seeing showers, although starting to dry off west. but then the nor'easter portion
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comes in, a northerly wind develops. seeing rain early tomorrow morning in for rush hour. so heads up for that. your rush hour will be slowed by the rain tomorrow morning, in the afternoon too. here we are around lunch time still dealing with rain, and very windy conditions too. the wind is going to be a big factor. not just the rain. veronica johnson is in the storm center now with what we can expect from the wind. >> that's right. travel delays tomorrow morning. the rain will be bad enough, but take a look. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning across the area, winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. haymarket, franconia 34. wednesdaying ton, 25 miles per hour. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we keep the high winds around for the afternoon. and even when the rain ends, as we get into thursday, this is 7:00 a.m. thursday, gusting still over 30 miles per hour and picking up at times during the afternoon as that storm system starts to make its way out of
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here. so the impact of the wind tomorrow, blowing leaves. we could see some road debris, so heads up and caution, driving around tomorrow morning. especially for the morning rush. umbrellas, those could be turned outward. so hang on to it. again, travel delays pretty likely for the first half of the day. doug? >> veronica, this is not going to be a good day at all on your wednesday. the biggest impacts from this nor'easter not in our region. they'll be around new york, boston, maine. 2 to 4 inches of rain for them. for us, maybe a half inch of rain, maybe an inch in shop spots. this is the day we'll have tomorrow, a high of 59 in gaithersburg. 60 in washington with the higher wind gusts. that's something to keep in mind as you make your way out during the day wednesday. high temperature tomorrow at 60. 63 on thursday. that wind continuing right through the day on thursday. friday, dryer and less wind with a high of 65. so friday looking better. the weekend looking very nice but will still be breezy. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour both saturday and sunday. but at least our temperatures get back into the mid 60s and by
5:22 pm
monday and tuesday, well, then wind shifts out of the south and we get into the 70s so a couple dreary days and then things slowly improve for the better next week. >> he was more than an legend. he was an artist. oscar de la renta left behind a legacy and here in washington. plus a state-of-the-art makeover. find out how one local mall is taking your experience at the movies to the next level. and indecent exposures multiplying on metro. what riders can do to help catch flashers.
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the fashion industry is remembering a true legend this evening, oscar de la renta. for decades, he went on to be at
5:26 pm
the forefront of couture designing for celebrities, first ladies, diplomats. he passed away yesterday evening in his home in connecticut. oscar de la renta, 82 years old. >> he created countless designs over the years. >> and tonight we're seeing some of his work courtesy of the museum of american history. this floral gown and jacket was designed for the wife of the u.s. ambassador to spain in the '60s. she wore it to several diplomatic events. her daughter wore it again in the '90s. a red dress designed in the '80s made of red silk with special weave. check out this gold feathered number from 2002. a gift to the museum from de laren at that himself. you can see more of oscar de la renta's famous looks from the red carpet on our home page, just search de laren at that. at 5:00, it was a crash that could have been much worse. hear from the woman who says a lexus nearly landed on her
5:27 pm
lap. and looking into the mind of jesse matthew. our nbc criminal profiler joins us live to explain why the fall season could have been a trigger point for the suspected killer. and two junior varsity football players assaulted at school. who may be responsible and what's being done about it. stay w
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right now at 5:30, a car comes out of nowhere. >> i was sitting on my sofa and there was this loud boom. >> how this woman escaped this close call. and were the attacks seasonal? a former fbi criminal profiler breaks down why the attacks against young women in virginia may all come down to timing. and a nor'easter at our doorstep. more storm team 4 coverage of what to expect over the next 24 hours. now at 5:30, a look at a disturbing pattern in the murder, rape and abduction cases mounting against jesse matthew.
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while investigators piece together their evidence against him. there is one similarity in all three cases. they all happened in the fall. starting back in 2005. and the assault in fairfax county that happened in late september. a woman grabbed on her walk home from the grocery store. she survived. then just over four years later, virginia tech student, morgan harrington vanished after leaving a concert in charlottesville. that case also in the fall in mid october. fast forward, to the disappearance of hannah graham, also in charlottesville. and this time it happened in september. mid september. less than a month after the start of the school year at uva. so joining us now is former fbi profiler and nbc news crime analyst, clint van zandt. he has some insight. we just looked, if these are truly connected as the police believe they are, is there something about fall, and can that be a trigger with serial killers?
5:32 pm
is. >> well, there can be a lot of different triggers, wendy. of in this particular case, we have a time of the year, where especially around a college campus and a community, you've got a lot of people out, we're out by ourselves, we're out alone. we're out at dark, because night seems to last a little longer. but you've got here when we look at jesse matthew, if this is a person responsible for all of these crimes, you've got someone who was an actual predator. you've got somebody who is out almost stalking like a lion would stalk a gazelle. this is someone who could potentially recognize a victim out and about. what he's looking for, he has -- this type of predator looks for somebody who is a alone and looks vulnerable. you put that combination together, you're alone, you're vulnerable, it's the time of
5:33 pm
year where i can get out and see my victims and there is nobody else to help you. that becomes the perfect victim for these type of predators. >> and there was a lot of time between the woman in fairfax city, between morgan harrington and now hannah graham. does that mean he's taking -- if these killings are connected, or the two killings and attacks are connected, why the big gap? or are there other missing women who could be connected to this? >> well, i think it's the latter we have to look at. i think what the authorities have to do is you have to start back in 2002, 2003, when he was accused of rapes at both liberty university and christopher newpo newport. you have to start at least back that far, and create a time line from then to now. and then on that time line, that -- 15-year plus or minus time line, you have to put in the cases that we know he's been
5:34 pm
linked to physically by dna or other physical evidence. and then you have to look at the cases throughout virginia and any place he has traveled of sexual assaults, of missing women, of murdered women. you know, many times a predator like this, they have a certain type of individual they're looking for. it's going to be a woman, it's going to be a certain age, you know, aull the conditions that are there. that met his conditions, and that's what a guy like this looks for. >> all right. former fbi profiler, clint van zandt, thank you so much. let's turn to the weather now. so how long will this rain that's moving in right now stick around? >> doug? >> well, we're watching that rain come in across the area, storm team 4 radar picking it up very well. we have some pretty heavy rain now in portions of the area. take a look at the radar here. we're going to do a zoom as we look towards union station, first the flag starting to blow in the wind. the wind is going to be an issue over the next 24 hours, too. take a look right now where this rain is. heaviest towards portions of the
5:35 pm
west virginia panhandle. but in and around the d.c. metro area too. we are seeing some of that heavy rain coming right through tysons corner here, through bethesda. we'll zoom in more here, right across the american legion bridge. so you know that's always a place where we have traffic. i guarantee you that traffic is going to be a little worse today around mclean, the cavet john area, four corners and family park region. heads up in those locations and off towards the west even more heavy rain toward i-81 and jefferson county west virginia. farther south, warrenton, culpeper, also seeing some areas of heavy rain. so this is just the start of what's to come. i can we're going to be dealing with this rain right through the noon hour tomorrow and will stay on the windy and very cool side. get out the jackets, get out the umbrellas. you guys are going to need them. i'll be back in a couple minutes and let you know how long this will stick around. a close called today for a woman sitting at home. she was jolteded from her couch when a car jumped a curb and
5:36 pm
came crashing through the wall of her home. it stopped just two feet from her. shomari stone live at the home of montgomery village of the. >> reporter: you can look down here and you see this fence, it is actually up right here and then all of a sudden that car plowed right here into the backyard, into the living room on the other side of those boards right there. people out here telling me this homeowner is fortunate to be alive. this townhome is located in ridge line drive in the montgomery village area. for some reason, the driver jumped the curb, slammed into the townhome just after 1:00 this afternoon. firefighters drove to the house and rescued the trapped driver. he has serious injuries. there was a passenger in his car. that person is also hurt. again, the homeowner, rene paris, in the house at the time of the accident. she is okay, however. let's hear what she has to say. >> i was sitting on the sofa, and all of a sudden there was the car right there, about two feet from me and about, i don't know, ten feet inside my house.
5:37 pm
through the patio door. and i asked the lady if she was okay and called 911. >> reporter: was it pretty scary? >> it was, yeah! it was. i was not expecting a car to be a guest in my living room today. >> reporter: indeed that car was an unwelcome guest. you look at all this damage in the backyard. crews are going to have to clean it up and get it out of here. the good news, she was also in here with her dog, and her dog, although is a little, you know, concerned. little upset. but is going to be okay. live here in montgomery village, shomari stone, news4. >> thanks. one couple's new baby gets dad in a whole lot of trouble with the cops. why officers had their guns drawn with mom in labor. i'm julie carey of briarw d briarwoods high school where a winning football season could be marred with controversy as the sheriff's department investigates allegations that some varsity players assaulted some younger players. details coming up.
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♪ welcome back to news4 at 5:00. i'm dianna russini. we know about robert griffin iii and kirk cousins and now colt mccoy of the washington redskins. you may not know too much about the married 28-year-old. >> i don't want to get emotional, but i'm just thankful that i hung in there and kept fighting and kept fighting. i love this game and i love this team and i love our coaches. we still have a chance. >> optimistic words from the redskins new starting quarterback, daniel colt mccoy. who, barring a full complete recovery from rg3 will actually make his start against the dallas cowboys on monday night. >> he's very poised. he's a great competitor.
5:42 pm
and i feel he's going to get in the right play and make the right throw. i like the fact he came in as the number three and did what he was asked to do, compete the way he's supposed to compete. he's got the intangibles to be a good quarterback. having a great opportunity monday night. that's for sure. >> reporter: a great opportunity against the cowboys, the team he grew up rooting for. mccoy started in college, playing quarterback at the university of texas. which doesn't necessarily go over well with some of his redskins teammates. >> colt. can you tell them why i don't like you? they beat us in the big 12 championship game. >> reporter: mccoy fond of football and also hunting. don't worry, that's not a real deer. just working on some target practice last friday. did we mention, mccoy completed almost every pass on sunday? the redskins hope against the dallas cowboys he'll hit the bulls-eye. this would be mccoy's first nfl start since 2011. there is still a chance robert
5:43 pm
griffin iii could start monday depending what jay gruden says tomorrow. so we'll see when we find out at redskins park. guys? >> getting exciting. this is an important air balance recall, and we found that drivers are having a hard time finding out if their car is on the list. we'll explain why. i'm tom sherwood along the banks of the anacostia. along with the development of the new ballpark, there could be a new $600,000 capital street bridge under construction within ayear. i'll have the story, coming up. ♪
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esteem. the hearing implant. ♪
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i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. good news from nih. we've just learned that nina pham has been upgraded from fair to good condition. she was transferred to dallas -- from dallas to bethesda for treatment last thursday. she was part of the medical team that treated thomas duncan who died of the virus, ebola virus. no additional details have been released about her recovery but she has expressed her gratitude for everyone's concern and well wishes. she is the first nurse to contract the ebola virus. the second nurse, amber vinson, being treated in atlanta.
5:47 pm
no word on any change in her condition. back to you, jim. >> thanks so much. the future of a top-ranked local high school football program is in question tonight. >> this comes amid allegations of assault on some of the younger players at the hands of some of the older players. northern virginia bureau chief jul julie carey joins us live from bryan wood high school. >> reporter: the field is mr. president empty right now, but they celebrated a victory over a county rival. the investigation was already underway into two incidents that reportedly took place in the locker room. briarwood players' practice took place in the rain. the sheriff's department tells news4 that a deputy who served as a school resource officer learned about the allegations last week. today detectives were back at the school to follow up. they're looking into whether
5:48 pm
several varsity players assaulted two jv players. the incidents reportedly took place at two separate times. loudoun county sheriff mike chapman described the investigation under way. >> there is an investigation and we work with the school on these investigations and with the parents and with our school resource officer and with the administration. so we try to make sure everybody is involved in the process to make sure we're covering our bases at the school. >> reporter: news4 has learned that the varsity players in question have been sidelined while this investigation continues. coming up on news4 at 6:00, i asked the sheriff whether or not this is a case of hazing. you'll hear his answer. reporting live from loudoun county, julie carey, news4. transit police say there has been an increase in people exposing themselves on the metro rail system. take a look at these men in these surveillance photos. they're trying to track these guys down. since late august, there have been four separate cases spanning the red and green lines. these cases happen at different times of the day and police
5:49 pm
don't thi they're related. they wning these kinds of exposuring can be a gateway to more serious crimes. a mall makeover going on in maryland. >> and part of westfield montgomery's expansion is a new theater where you can watch in luxury. news4 got a first look inside this afternoon. it offers a high-end experience with all reserve seating, no ads before the movies, and there's also a cafe and gourmet concessi concession stand with house-made caramel popcorn, beer, wine and cocktails too. >> you had me at no commercials. >> it's really grounded in making every movie better, a place of decompression, hassle-free environment and we believe our food and beverage offering goes supporting that experience for our guests. >> the new movie theater comes from the los angeles experience. >> it's a mess out there, doug. >> real mess, guys.
5:50 pm
we were talking about rain making its way across our region and we're seeing rain coming down fairly heavily across our area too. take a look. right now, storm team 4 radar showing rain continues to make its way in around the d.c. metro area back towards leesburg. temperatures now sitting at that 63 degree mark. that sun going down at 6:21. so in half an hour. 60 degrees at 7:00. 59 around 9:00. 11:00 coming in around 57 degrees. i mentioned the rain for you. where is the heaviest rain? we are seeing rain around leesburg. loudoun county, everyone seeing rain there. fairfax county to the north and south. springfield okay. but one of the areas towards bethesda and northwest d.c., where some of the heaviest rain is. this is the east-west expressway here. making its way from bethesda towards silver spring and chillum and takoma park. very heavy rain there. and gw parkway, all seeing rain. and it will continue to move through the rest of the region. so we have more rain to go as
5:51 pm
this area of low pressure meanders around our region. once it moves off the coast, that's when it becomes a nor'easter north and east. we are not going to see the worst of this, but we are going to see nasty conditions both tonight around 8:00. sky cast 4, notice the rain in the d.c. metro area and 11:00 tonight. what about tomorrow morning? as the sun starts to make its way up here, yeah, we're still dealing with the rain. so tomorrow morning's rush hour is going to be a problem, i think. and so may tomorrow during the lunch hour as well. high temperatures will be like this. 60 degrees with windy conditions on wednesday. winds upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour, makes for a raw wednesday. take the jacket and umbrella. 63 on your thursday. still windy. 65 on friday. and right now, friday, saturday and sunday looking pretty nice. still rather breezy. but with high temperatures in the mid 60s and sunshine. we're talking about a pretty nice weekend and look at monday and tuesday. really nice. highs back in the 70s. >> worth waiting for. all right. thank you, doug. the district could be seeing
5:52 pm
a new south capital street bridge. more bike lanes, and better synchronized traffic signals. and maybe toll lanes on i-295. as tom sherwood reports now, it's all part of a big plan issued by mayor vincent gray in the closing days of his administration. >> mayor vincent gray talking transportation near the 65-year-old south capitol street bridge. no, the bridge did not collapse. the mayor had had just announced that construction of a new $600 million bridge could begin within a year. >> and with this bridge behind me having a useful life now of seven or eight years, it clearly has to be focused on. >> reporter: the south capitol street project would dramatically change how tens of thousands of vehicles move into and out of washington every day. it's all part of the mayor's long-term 25-year plan for d.c. and the shorter two-year action plan. that includes miles of new bike
5:53 pm
lanes, more street cars, synchronized traffic signals and new restrictions on vehicles as the city continues to grow. gray acknowledged he'll be leaving office in january for a new mayor, but won't stop working now. >> i'm not going to engage people in a process, and then, you know, just say just kidding, guys, we're going to punt this down the road. i don't know how anybody, whoever the mayor may be, can ignore issues like that. that's why we've focused on it. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. a dad was desperate to get his wife to the hospital. >> put your hands up! now! >> police explain what he did wrong, even though he was the one forced to the ground during a traffic stop while his wife was in labor. a local locksmith and business more than 50 years says he is losing millions of dollars to google and other search engines. what he's claiming in his lawsuit filed in virginia, lawsuit filed in virginia, coming up tonight
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes. and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked out for you.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
demand for information about a major air bag recall has caused a crash of a federal website where consumers can see if their car is impacted. yesterday the federal government urged 5 million drivers to get the air bags in their cars repaired. they say the inflaters in the air bags can rupture, causing metal fragments to fly out when the bags are deployed. four deaths have now been attributed to the problem. the. a woman in labor, a baby possibly in distress. and dad speeding to the hospital with cops right behind him. this evening, we're hearing what turn turned into a tense traffic stop. here's our report. >> put your hands up now! >> reporter: last tuesday, police ordered this speeding driver to the ground in ft. dodge. y >> you get somebody 30 miles over the speed limit, you're
5:58 pm
thinking drunk driver off the bat. >> reporter: ben conan says he didn't stop for the officer, because his wife, rachel, was in labor. what she tells authorities at gunpoint. >> i can understand him to a certain point. he's got his wife yelling at him, in pain. he's got a squad car behind him with red lights and siren flashing. >> reporter: the police chief, tom ritz, says we'll he's sympathetic to the situation, his officer had no way of knowing who is behind the wheel. the driver should have stopped and called 911 sooner. >> the emergency didn't happen until we got halfway through. >> reporter: like their other three kids, baby hazel weighed in at 10 pounds and rachel had trouble with all during delivery. now in addition to their little bundle of joy, ben is bringing home two traffic tickets. >> we have the speeding ticket and then there's also failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. those are the two tickets that i'm facing.
5:59 pm
and, you know, both are true. >> reporter: but these tickets could put his class ac cdl license at risk. >> there is risk over losing my license. >> we don't want to hurt this family at all. i'm tickled to death they had a healthy little girl and they are fine. >> reporter: police say they couldn't let the father of four off the hook. >> i don't know what i'm going to do right now. >> now, ben met with the county attorney yesterday to try to work out a way to keep his license. by the way, baby hazel is home and doing fine now. now at 6:00, new restrictions in the air, and on the ground in the fight against ebola. a closer look inside the investigation after human remains are found in the search for hannah graham. all this as a former criminal profiler weighs in on the suspect in custody. new allegations against a rabbi and college professor accused of secretly recording women in ritual showers.
6:00 pm
now some students say they were lured to a synagogue under the pretense of earning extra credit. first tonight, our weather. a nor'easter is developing, bringing rain across our region, even though we will be spared from the brunt of this storm and it could create a mess of our morning commute. doug is tracking it all from storm center 4. doug, getting ugly out there. >> it is, doreen. and this evening's rush hour is definitely going to be a problem with the rain falling now. the heaviest rain around the d.c. metro area and lightning. we saw a bolt around bethesda, chevy chase, kensington. some of you asking was that lightning? yeah. we are seeing a few storms develop here. brief lightning, the heaviest rain towards culpeper county, west of fredericksburg, loudoun county, jefferson county. and we continue to see it around the bethesda area toward chevy chase, northwest portions of d.c. and over towards college park and takoma park, even close to laurelin


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