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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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nurses and the rest of the country, first at 4:00. news4 at 4:00, begins with breaking news. >> good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. off the top tonight, we will get to nina pham's recovery in just a bit. but first, we go to breaking news of a school shooting north of seattle. wendy rieger at the live desk with details. wendy? >> the accused shooter is dead. he was a freshman football player at the school. our nbc station in seattle is reporting that three students are in critical condition, and are now in surgery. we don't know how many other students were hurt. this high school is in a town called marysville in washington state, about 35 miles north of seattle. there are about 2,500 students enrolled in that school. the students are being taken to a nearby church, where they are reunited with their parents. and police don't believe there are anymore shooters. just minutes ago, students who witnessed the shooting described what they saw to msnbc.
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>> it was just staring down every one of his victims as he shot them. >> police believe the motive could be a social media fight over a girl. i'm wendy rieger from the live desk. stay with news4 for new developments on this breaking news. back to you. >> now back to big developments. we're tracking in the ebola outbreak. there is a new case of ebola in new york. but there is good news for two nurses who were infected. starting here in our area, where nurse nina pham left the hospital today. pham visited the white house about two hours ago, where she got a chance to meet with president obama. she was treated at the national institutes of health in bethesda after helping care for ebola patient thomas duncan in dallas. pham spoke at nih before her meeting with the president. >> throughout this ordeal, i have put my trust in god and my medical team. i am on my way back to recovery, even as i reflect on how many
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others have not been so fortunate. >> folks at the white house say they did not have to take any special precautions for pham's meeting with president obama, because she has now tested negative for ebola five times. >> in addition to her family, pham says she is looking forward to reuniting with a special friend, her cavalier king spaniel, bentley, who has also been under quarantine since doctors put pham in isolation two weeks ago. today pham told everyone she is anxious to see her dog, and get back to a normal life. there's also good news about pham's fellow nurse, amber vinson. she also treated thomas duncan and is making good progress. doctors in atlanta say tests aren't detecting any ebola in her blood. still no time line, though, on when she'll be released. meanwhile, a possible ebola scare on a flight that left dulles this morning has been resolved. the plane made an emergency landing in south carolina where
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emergency crews determined a sick passenger did not have ebola symptoms. dr. craig spencer is the latest person to be diagnosed in our country after returning from working with ebola patients in africa. he's now in isolation in new york city. some lawmakers say his case exposes flaws in our system, including virginia's gerry connolly. >> it seems to me that if people are going to be coming back from the affected areas in west africa, they need to be put in quarantine. they shouldn't be walking around with the public at large, even if they're symptom-free. >> during a congressional hearing today, an assistant secretary with health and human services defended the government's response and said the problems relate to the fact that scientists still are learning new things about the ebola virus. we have posted the full nih press conference on our website, you can hear pham thank her doctors and nih's anthony fauci discuss her case.
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federal investigators are on the ground in frederick, maryland, trying to figure out what led to a deadly mid-air collision. a helicopter and plane collided you'll recall a short distance away from the frederick municipal airport about this time yesterday. all three on the helicopter died. the two on the plane survived. this afternoon ntsb officials are interviewing air traffic controllers surveying the wreckage, and checking equipment from both aircraft. news4 spoke with a man who works near that crash site and actually found debris on top of his office building. >> felt the vibration on the ground. immediately we walked around the back side here, walked around the building, saw the plane in the trees. as we came around, some other people had already helped the pilots out of the plane. i went up closer to look at the plane, and as i was looking, i saw the fuel coming out so i just backed away. >> we have a crew on the ground near the wreckage, and we'll have much more on the investigation in our next hour. on sunday, more than 26,000
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runners from around the world will take part in the 39th annual marine corps marathon. news4's mark segraves will be one of the runners. he had a chance to catch up with one of his fellow marathoners who many of you will probably recognize. mark? >> hey, pat. behind me is the finish line here at the iwo jima memorial, a spot where many of us hope to make it to on sunday. one of those runners will be the actor, sean aston. many of you remember him from his roles in "goonees," "lord of the rings" and "rudy." it turns out aston is an avid marathon runner, but this will be his first marine corps marathon. >> i'm excited. i get to run around the capitol and i have an important goal. if a marine tries to hand me water, i'm going to take it. you see what i'm saying? yeah. because they're intimidating. actually, very hospitable. but i just figure it's pretty amazing to see 2,300 marines in
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the capital city of the nation they defend coming out to interact in a peaceful and constructive way with the citizens. it's a pretty beautiful -- i don't know how many countries you can go to in the world and have that experience. >> now aston is the official starter of the marathon so he actually gets to fire the gun that gets the runners going. now you're going to want to pay attention to traffic this weekend, because there will be road closures, some of which start on saturday. you can go to our website,, for all of that information. coming up at 5:00 and 6:00, i'll talk to one runner who is doing the race on crutches, in honor of her boyfriend who lost his legs in afghanistan. and i'll talk to one of the few runners who has actually run this marathon every single year. reporting live at the finish line, mark segraves, news4. >> so mark, we know you're covering, but we also hear you're lacing up your shoes. you're going to be running. >> reporter: that's right. i am planning on running sunday morning. i know jim will be out here as well with me, although i think he won't be running.
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he'll just be observing. he's got the easy seat and i'm really hoping that come sunday afternoon i'm standing right on this patch of green behind us. >> we're rooting for you. mark segraves, reporting live this afternoon. thanks, mark. >> he will get it done. a difficult day for the parents of missing university of virginia student, hannah graham today. david culver joins us next. also, the d.c. rabbi accused of spying on women in a ritual bath may have had cameras in several other spots. micro cameras. what a search of his university office uncovered today. and it's homecoming weekend for a lot of high schools. football games this evening. we drop to 58 by 11:00. it's going to be chilly, but i'll show you a big warmup. in fact, a taste of september trying to make a comeback.
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for the first time in nearly a week, police have pulled out of the area where remains were found near charlottesville, virginia. >> investigators say they have not identified that body, but the parents of the missing uva student, hannah graham, visited the scene today. news4's david culver joins us in the studio with more. david? >> jim and pat, all of this developing over the past few hours. a police source telling our affiliate in charlottesville that mr. and mrs. graham just wanted to go to the site today. they spent about 30 minutes
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walking that abandoned property. but the medical examiner still has not confirmed to us if the remains found were, in fact, hanna hannahs. this picture tweeted out by our affiliate in charlottesville shows the abandoned property where search crews found the remains last week. that site was closed off since last saturday. now over the past week, as i've been down there, we saw police intensely searching the site at the road. sources telling me they were looking for clothing and personal items, possibly belonging to hannah. now i did just call albemarle county jail. they tell me jesse matthew is still in their custody. he's the one accused of abducting hannah. matthew is expected to be transferred to fairfax county's jail to face attempted murder charges for a 2005 alleged sex assault, still not clear, though, when he's going to be transferred. we're going to be keeping in touch with both jails, one in albemarle county and one here in fairfax, to determine when exactly that might happen. also unclear as to when the formal identification of those remains will be made. and as many uva alumni from our
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area actually head to charlottesville this weekend for homecoming, the question still officially unanswered, where is hanna? pat, back to you. >> david culver. a crime alert in montgomery county where burglars seem to be targeting specific homes. also ahead, a story that will truly touch your heart. a family forced to say goodbye to their 4-year-old boy who has leukemia. how the entire neighborhood is now pulling together to make his last memories special for the
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. this is our story of the day. tonight it's christmas eve in one utah town much they are celebrating an early halloween. >> it's all to help make memories for a little boy who doesn't have time on his side. as joe fryer reports, what this community is doing may inspire you. >> reporter: across a tight-knit
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neighborhood in utah, there is total disregard for the calendar. >> that's good. that will be great. >> reporter: christmas lights in october and trick or treaters hitting the street a week too early. >> flex your muscles. get 'em ready to go. >> reporter: for ethan van luvin, the holidays just couldn't wait. >> trick or treat! >> reporter: you see, that super hero costume is disguising a villain battling him from within. it's leukemia, and ethan has been fighting it over half of his 4-year-old life. >> the doctors basically said he's got two days to a couple weeks left to live. so that's when we thought we would make the most of the last days he has remaining with us. >> reporter: it's why this community celebrated halloween ten days ahead of schedule, and why they're now throwing a parade honoring ethan's 5th birthday one month before the actual day. >> ethan. >> they're saying your name.
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>> you're our hero. >> he's having a blast. it's so much fun to watch his face light up. >> whoa! >> reporter: it's a week of holidays which continues tonight with christmas eve, so everyone on the block is decorating their homes, sending ethan's family a message. >> just that we love him. we have time for him. we want the to be there for them. >> reporter: they realize for the van luvins time is the most precious resource on earth. >> this just makes it a little bit easier, just to see how many people love and support. ♪ happy birthday dear ethan >> reporter: this week, life here won't be defined by a calendar, but by the people making every moment special. >> cool. way up in the sky. >> reporter: for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, west jordan, utah. >> what a sweet story. what wonderful people. >> incredible effort out there.
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>> precious little guy. can we get a weekend just like today? >> can we get a -- yes, we can! . >> so much going on. we've got the marathon. there is also the big walk, aids walk. >> that's right. and later in the newscast, we'll go through every event and show what the temperatures are going to be like at different times during the races, during the walks, during anything. in fact, you might be doing. so, yes, by the time this weekend is over, we're going to have a high percentage of some very pleased people. take a look at your evening if you're going to be heading out for a night out on the town. sun sets at 6:17. and yes, we are expecting things to cool down. so you're going to need the long sleeves, if you're going to be out late. i'll show you where those temperatures go in just a moment. but right now, look at this, it is mild out there. 70 degrees your current temperature. right inside the beltway, 63 in gaithersburg, germantown and olney. areas like leesburg and fairfax, falls church, 68. down south, too, 68, and very comfortable, because today we had more sunshine. a little less wind, all be it's
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still breezy and we're talking about the wind coming back too at times during the weekend. all as this weather front through michigan, through indiana, makes its way into our area, and through. notice now on satellite and radar that there is no rain associated with it right now. so when it comes through here, it's going to come through as a dry front. it will cool us down a bit and allow our winds to pick up. let me show what i mean. follow me here on future weather. here we are this evening. mostly clear sky. by the time we get to early tomorrow morning, we start out clear, nice sunshine throughout the area. the wind will start to pick up, i think, late in the day. probably during your evening hours. because around 8:00, that front will start to get a little closer to us. again, not producing anything in the way of any rain. it moves through our area dry, so that by sunday morning, when the sun comes up, that's when you're going to start to notice the wind. breezy sunshine for your sunday. but again, a good-looking day. in fact, good-looking weekend. now, look at the temperatures for tomorrow morning. frederick, mt. airy at 38. step down into areas like fairfax, manassas, 40 degrees.
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39 leesburg. from your cooler spots here in the upper 30s. so definitely a chilly start for your day tomorrow. but a terrific afternoon. we'll be seasonally mild. 66 to 72, the range in temperatures throughout the area. the mid 60s will be in the mountains and we'll talk about that later. nice one for saturday. so if you're going to be heading out to maybe picking a pumpkin or two, yeah, both days will be pretty grand. in fact, the ground, we haven't had rain in a while. the ground -- if you're going to be this lepg through picking out that pumpkin, i don't think you have to worry about your shoes getting messed up. let's look at your storm team four-day forecast. for the weekend, 68. close to 80 on tuesday. this is the warmth that's going to start building over the mid part of the country. later in the newscast, i'll show you if these upper 70s will be sticking around through next week. jim, pat? >> thanks, veronica. new revelations now in the case against a prominent d.c. rabbi. search warrants say police found micro cameras hidden in objects
4:21 pm
in the university office of barry freundel. he is charged with secretly videotaping women during ritual baths at the kesher synagogue. at least two students said he invited them to take ritual battle during field trips to the synagogue. there is no indication any students were recorded. now to a warning about a string of home break-ins in a montgomery county neighborhood. someone is targeting homes in takoma park. there were at least three reports of burglaries within two blocks. they were all on 13th avenue, not far from new hampshire avenue. and in each case, the person who lived at the house discovered the break-in after returning home for the day. no one was injured, and there are no suspects in custody. well, giddyup. horses have taken over the streets around the verizon center in downtown d.c. as the washington international horse show enters its final competition this weekend. even if you don't have tickets,
4:22 pm
you can see the animals as they're moved from their stalls in the streets to the competition inside. this weekend shows will feature some of the biggest jumps as riders get a chance to qualify for the world cup finals. it's all happening downtown. how a pop music superstar is lending a helping hand to moms and their babies. >> reporter: that car need a new paint job? the hidden warrenties you already have that could help you save a fortune. i'm erika gonzales. i'll have that story, coming up. and we're continuing to follow breaking news right now in washington state where two people are dead after a school shooting. one of those two is the gunman. three other students are in critical condition at the hospital this evening. we expect a news conference at 4:30, and we'll keep you up to
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date when that happens. ♪
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. singer shakira is teaming up with fischer price to make a line of baby toys. shakira helped develop six products, including a bouncer that plays music. the toy-maker says the first step, collection of toys and baby gear will be in stores next month. proceeds from sales will provide education and nutrition to poor children in shakira's native country, colombia.
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she is also launching a 12-part web series. hallie berry is launching a new line of lingerie. berry helped in the design but kept the qualities that make it parisian. the line will be sold at target. even flo is recalling more than 200,000 rear-facing infant car seats. the recall involves evenflo embrace, 359999 models equipped with a qt-1 buckle. u.s. safety regulators say over time the buckles on those seats can become hard to unlatch, and that can make it difficult to get a child out of the seat in an emergency. the seats affected were made at various times from december of 2011 through may of last year, evenflo will notify registered owners and provide a remedy kit.
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>> jitters in new york city today as the first case of ebola hits town. we'll take you there live. jay gray has a new update on the latest patient. plus, how prepared is the big apple for an ebola outbreak? also, a group nurses and first responders right here in the district trying to get the word out about what needs to happen before another new case comes to the nation's capital.
4:28 pm
megan mcgrath has that story.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news in washington state where two people are dead after a school shooting outside seattle. one of those two is the gunman. the other student -- three other students are in critical condition in the hospital. there's a news conference scheduled for 5:30. that's now been moved to -- for 4:30, now moved to 5:30. we'll keep you up to date on any live developments. now back to the ebola crisis and efforts to stop a possible outbreak in the nation's largest city. the most recently diagnosed patient in our country, a doctor, who had been treating ebola patients in africa is in isolation now, fighting for his life in a new york city hospital. nbc's jay gray in new york now with the latest on the doctor's treatment. jay? >> hey there, jim. dr. craig spencer is said to be in stable condition now, well enough to sit up and make phone cause from his isolation unit here. while the conversation in this city it continues to be on the fact that ebola is here now and
4:34 pm
the possibility it could spread. rushed by ambulance from his apartment to the hospital in midtown manhattan thursday, 33-year-old dr. craig spencer is the latest ebola victim in the u.s. and the first to have the deadly disease in new york city. >> the patient continues to be stable at bellevue hospital, where he remains hospitalized on the isolation unit. >> reporter: dr. spencer returned to new york last friday from guinea in west africa, where he had been treating ebola victims for the international aid group, doctors without borders. the night before he got sick, spencer took a subway and went to a brooklyn bowling alley and a few restaurants. his fiancee has been placed in quarantine, while two other friends are being monitored for any signs of ebola-like symptoms. his movements around the city have triggered fears, but city leaders stress this is not an outbreak. >> there is no cause for alarm. new yorkers need to understand the situation is being handled and handled well. >> reporter: despite the mayor's
4:35 pm
assurance, reaction on the streets of the city is mixed. >> scary. it's scary, you know. i'm scared about catching ebola. >> i mean, it's not ideal. but it does matter. i think it's going to be small, and i think they can probably figure out how to treat it here. >> reporter: and while dr. spencer is being treated, new yorkers are taking their own precautions. >> i'm not touching anyone or getting close to anyone. i'm just watching out. >> reporter: watching and hoping the city's first case of ebola is its last. right now, there are no plans to transfer dr. spencer to any specialized facility. his doctors say that bellevue is well-equipped to handle his treatment. that's the latest live here in new york. i'm jay gray. pat, back to you. >> thank you, jay. the people most at risk for ebola in the u.s. are first responders and medical workers. today some of them rallied outside the wilson building in the ticket. they say the protective gear and the level of training for ebola response can vary greatly.
4:36 pm
news4's megan mcgrath has more on their concerns. >> it hits me specifically. that could have been me. >> reporter: it's an emotional issue for sandra fallwell. a nurse, she could treat an ebola patient. seeing dr. craig spencer in new york contract ebola while treating patients his close to home. >> it's health care workers, hands-on workers coming down with it. it's not the general pop list, it's those of us caring for them. >> reporter: nurses gathered at the wilson building this morning to call for mandated standards for the care of ebola patients. as well as better protective gear and more training. >> and i'm not saying look at a film or read a cdc guideline. where they're practicing, watching each other. >> reporter: health care workers say improvements have been made since ebola first made headlines. they say some hospitals are ready to handle the virus. but others are not.
4:37 pm
and the time to prepare is now, before someone walks into the emergency room. >> we just are calling on our employers and the government to do the right thing. set up these standards, to have the standards accountable, and measurable. and make sure that we all know what to do. >> reporter: the nurses say they are committed to caring for their patients, no matter what their illness may be. they just want to be protected while doing their jobs. from the wilson building, megan mcgrath, news4. some of the nurses testified before congress this morning. they also have a public online petition calling for a mandate on higher preparedness for all medical centers. it made waves at this year's sundance film fest. we're talking about the new movie "dear white people," a smart comedy about race. take a look. >> the role of counter culture is to wake up the mainstream. >> i have furniture older than you. counter culture? >> it's today's talk around town with whur's troy johnson.
4:38 pm
>> it's been a lovely day. a high temperature of 7 oh degrees. i'll show you when i return what day next week we could get close to 80. that's all next on news4 at 4:00. mmm, progressive insurance here. ever since we launched snapshot, my life has been positively cray-cray. what's snapshot, you ask? only a revolutionary tool that can save you big-time. just plug it in, and the better you drive, the more cash you'll stash. switching to progressive can already save ye $500. snapshot could save ye even more. meat maiden! bringeth to me thine spiciest wings of buffalo.
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let me apologize to all the better qualified white students. >> no, it's fine. we're okay. >> i'm sorry, did you get lost? it's that way. >> i'm actually supposed to eat there. >> that's a clip from the new movie "dear white people" now this theatres. it won a sundance film reward and received five out of five stars from rotten tomatoes. the subject matter is sparking a lot of talk among movie-goers. troy johnson is here. this movie, troy, is about a group of african-american students at a predominantly white ivy league college. it's funny satire with some teeth. >> it does have some bite to it. you're going to see a lot of that throughout the film. talks about campus life, the racial politics on campus.
4:41 pm
as you said, in an ivy league school. and it goes in this post as we say, post racial age, president obama. that title has been bandied about over the last few years. along with that, it takes shots at reality tv, even talks about homophob homophobia. they do it pretty well. if you think back to the themes of a spike lee movie a few years back, but with 20-somethings in the 21st century. >> we have a clip. let's take a little bit right here. >> here they are going to the restaurant experience. >> your waitress mistakes you for someone that looks like you, black, who once ran up a $30 bill and left no tip. you watch all the other customers before you. >> pastrami sandwich on rai. >> and then proceed to wait no less than 40 minutes for your food.
4:42 pm
how do you tip? a. -- >> 40 minutes? she's lucky if she gets 40 cents. you do a good job, maybe see a tip. >> b.? >> she was trippin', but 15% is least i can do. >> or c. >> i reject the stereotype african-americans do not tip. i will leave 20 -- no, 25. just to prove that i can. >> you say it's humorous. a lot of campy skits peppered throughout the film but make you think, as well, because there are some real issues people have dealt with and captures those moments. >> and you mentioned earlier, quote, unquote, post racial america. do you get the sense that this is hoping up and thought-provoking? are we talking about race? >> that's something listeners tell me we need to do, have a constant dialogue and the images you see on television, the big screen, aren't reflecting what we see happening in america today. you have the minority becoming
4:43 pm
majority in america. and they're telling me those -- they see progress, but just not enough that's been made. one person quoted, dr. king, when i spoke to them, saying, if there is injustice somewhere, there's an injustice everywhere. so hopefully movies like this will create that kind of dialogue so people can have conversations and move past issues we've had. >> opening nationwide today. thank you very much, troy. we've got breaking news we're going to come to right after the break. we're going to be going to david culver with the latest on the search for hannah graham's remains. we'll be right back on news4 at 4:00.
4:44 pm
we've got breaking news now regarding hannah graham, the missing uva student from fairfax
4:45 pm
county. david culver has this from are the live desk. >> six days after those remains were found in albemarle county, i can tell you right now albemarle county police confirming those remains are, in fact, hannah graham. we can tell you the body of hannah graham discovered six days ago now in that abandoned property field. that's what you're looking at right there. this is about ten miles off the grounds from the university of virginia. police just putting out right now they confirmed those remains do belong to the missing uva student. the 18-year-old who has been gone since september 13th. she disappeared from the downtown mall in charlottesville, and now we know her body has been discovered in that abandoned property. we also know that the family has been notified. we told you earlier today, the family, john and sue graham, the parents of hannah, were actually out on that site. they walked that property today, and we're told they released a statement, as well. let me read part of what they have put out today. they say, put simply, hannah lit
4:46 pm
up our lives, the lives of our family and the lives of her friends and others who knew her. although we have lost our precious hannah, the light she radiated can never be extinguished. we will hold her in our hearts forever and it will help sustain us as we face a painful future without her. the breaking news today, six days after those remains were found at the medical examiner now confirming to police and to us that those remains are, in fact, those of hannah graham. a very much developing story. we're going to continue to update you as we get more information out of charlottesville. for now, jim, pat, back to you. >> david culver. thanks so much. nothing is more frustrating to a car owner than discovering peeling paint or leaking problems on a car that's not all this old. >> consumer reporter erika gonzales is here in the studio now with what you need to know, what you have to know. you don't always have to pay out of pocket, right? >> that's right. there are some tricky things kind of like underneath the fine print of your car, actually, you know? having to make expensive post
4:47 pm
warranty repairs can make you feel like you've been cheated. but "consumer reports" says you might be able to get your car fixed for free. that's if you know the secret coming up. we're going to talk to you about what is really hidden in your warranty. you're not going to have to purchase anything additional. but you will have to ask about them. take a look. getting your car repainted can cost several thousand dollars, but if the paint cracks on some cars, the manufacturer may repaint it free. even if the car is out of warranty. in fact, you can sometimes save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repair bills by taking advantage of unadvertised service programs. >> manufacturers often call these programs service actions or customer satisfaction campaigns. the consumers think of them as secret or hidden warranties and lots of cars have them. >> reporter: for example, with 2006 to 2011 honda civics, if the paint is cracking, honda has extended the paint warranty to seven years with no mileage
4:48 pm
limit. in the gmc envoy and many 2005 to 2007 general motors suvs, a faulty sensor can mean the fuel gauge is inaccurate. >> if you know that the hidden warranty, gm will replace the sensor for free or reimburse you if you've paid for the repair. >> reporter: owners of 2008 to 2010 chrysler minivans noticing premature wear on the front wheel bearings can get dealers to replace them for free during the first five years or 90,000 miles. >> you should get a letter from the manufacturer if it's making these offers, but if you bought your car used, that might not happen. >> reporter: so how do you know if your fix should be free? reach out to a dealership with the year, make and model, and ask about potential service campaigns available to address your problem. "consumer reports" says it's easy to understand why carmakers aren't in a hurry to broadcast the existence of a free fix. usually only a fraction of the cars will exhibit the problem and carmakers don't want tens of
4:49 pm
thousands of customers showing up, demanding a free repair. but if you do run into a problem, be sure to check if you have a hidden warranty. if you've got a story idea for consumer watch, we would love to hear from you. send us an e-mail. phone your ideas. that's where we get some of our best stories from you. 202-885-4884. >> all right. thanks, erika. veronica, tell us about the night. >> well, the night is going to be chilly. in fact, this will be one of those weekends, both days, we see temperatures fluctuate from cool to nice and warm during the afternoon. so let's talk about that. a lot of you, i know, have -- i've heard from you. you're going to head out to the walk to end hiv kicks off saturday morning. temperatures again starting out fairly low. 48 degrees. but look at the high temperature by 2:00, 3:00. we're at 71 degrees, nice and mild for saturday. just a few clouds. and gets breezy too, during the
4:50 pm
afternoon. this is the kind of weekend when you really need to dress in layers. look at that throughout the area. mid to upper 60s, low 70s down to the south. a lot going on this weekend. one of the big events, of course, is the marine corps marathon. and doug has more on that. >> veronica, one thing to worry about or not really worry about, but think about with the marine corps marathon is the wind. take a look. a great graphic here. skycast 4. sunrise, by the way, right around 7:30 in the morning. so that sun coming up, the wind is going to start to pick up too. the wind could be a little bit of a factor as we move through the region. as we continue to look at it, the wind coming right out of the northwest. and that northwestly wind is going to have an impact, especially around mile marker 10. that's right up by the kennedy center. and as you make your way down haynes point, you're going to have a pretty good tail wind. that's great news. but when you get to mile marker 13, haynes point, you go back up into that wind, that's going to have an impact on you for mile 13 to about mile 16.
4:51 pm
so heads up for that, and know that as you head on out there. marine corps marathon forecast for sunday morning, 51 degrees at 7:00 a.m. so, yeah, on the cool side. but by noon, as the festivities are ending, temperatures around 66 degrees. looking pretty good, vj. >> so if you're a spectator, what to wear. we're talking about pulling the jacket, long pants and the sunglasses, too. it's going to be nice and bright. heading out to do any other activities, pumpkin-picking, 70 degrees by, again, 4:00 or 5:00. mountain forecast, cooler with that wind. 67 on saturday. 63 degrees on sunday. but still, a lot of great fall colors to be had off to the west. promised you earlier i would show that warmth obtuse. a high of 79 degrees out of the weekend. 75 for wednesday. there is your rain. we cool off the end of the week to the low 60s. of and while this weekend we're in the upper 60s to around 70, next weekend is pretty chilly, guys. we're staying on top of breaking news this evening. the medical examine in albemarle county, virginia, just confirmed the remains found last weekend
4:52 pm
are, in fact, those of missing uva student, hannah graham. the alexandria native disappeared more than a month ago. we're gathering details. keep it right here on news4. we'll be right back for that. now some stories we're working on right now in our newsroom. we're less than 48 hours away from this weekend's huge marine corps mar huh thon. we spoke to people getting ready to hit the start line. many doing it despite unbelievable challenges. and changes are coming for thousands of you when it comes to your daily routine. but with new school start times, many kids are saying it comes with a price. our northern virginia bureau is working the details for us. it was two weeks ago tonight that tragedy struck at a dangerous intersection. now family and friends are saying goodbye to two seisters among five killed in a horrific crash. news4's darcy spencer was there. >> reporter: there were tears and hugs today as the lives of two sisters were remembered and
4:53 pm
celebrated at their funeral service. the two women were killed in a horrible car crash in oxon hill two weeks ago today. >> i wish the best for the family. i mean, it's sad, but it's nothing -- all we can do is pray. >> reporter: tiffany wilkerson and tameika curtis were killed in the crash. between the two of them, they have ten children. they range in age from infant to teenagers. they have a big family, and relatives stressed to me today, they're going to do everything to come together to take care of those children now that their mothers have been lost. you're going to hear from those relatives and friends coming up on news4 at 5:00. prince george's county, darcy spencer, news4. federal investigators continue to comb the site of a tragic plane and helicopter collision yesterday. i'm derrick ward and i'll have details coming up on news4.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00.
4:57 pm
another high school has cancelled its football season over alleged hazing by team members. this latest case took place in bucks county, pennsylvania. monique braxton has the story. >> i am shocked. but just move on. you know? i'm surprised, too. and i'm a little upset. i wanted to go to the game tonight. that's like an awesome game. and oh well, you know? >> reporter: students arriving here at central bucks west tell us the homecoming game against their rival, central bucks east, isn't something they normally miss. but now preseason hazing allegations have not only cancelled tonight's game, the own is over. the school superintendent also suspended all football coaches. >> i think it's unfortunate what happened to the football team. both teams put in a lot of work for this, and hazing had to ruin it. >> reporter: investigators say they were called here to the school wednesday to investigate
4:58 pm
allegations senior players placed towels over the heads of rookie teammates. then sent them into the showers. police also say younger players were held down while their hair was cut. other players told investigators they were told to grab another player's crotch. in a statement to parents, superintendent whites zel called the allegations humiliating. >> we have to move forward from this point. i think it's getting blown out of proportion a little bit. it was a big mistake. i think they took it a little bit too far. but hazing occurs everywhere, whether we believe it or not. >> news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. >> and first at 5:00 tonight, we begin with that sad breaking news out of charlottesville in the case of hannah graham. >> police have confirmed the remains that were found last week in albemarle county are those of the missing uva student from fairfax county. our northern virginia bureau reporter, david culver, who has
4:59 pm
spent a great deal of time in charlottesville is here. >> wendy and jim, i'm thinking about what this weekend is in charlottesville. it's homecoming weekend for the university of virginia. and i'm thinking of that in particular, because of what hannah's parents have said this afternoon. they're saying today is a homecoming for their daughter, hannah. certainly not the one they were hoping for when this all began about six weeks ago, september 13th. that's when she disappeared on the downtown mall in charlottesville. what you're looking at there is the abandoned property where her remains were found. we now know those were, in fact, her remains discovered last saturday. it's been a week of testing, autopsy results still out. but the confirmation on the i.d. is what we have. and that is that it is, in fact, hannah graham from fairfax county, went to pest potomac high school, was a second year at uva. so we know those remains were found about ten miles off the grounds of the university of virginia. that also happens to be within a few miles of where jesse matthew, who is the suspect in graham's abduction, stressing the abduction charges in this
5:00 pm
case. that happens to be where he grew up and lived with miss mom for many years. now, jesse matthew, who you see right there, being held on abduction charges as well as sex assault charges in connection with a separate investigation in fairfax county, has not been added any charges when it comes to hannah's death. i just heard from the commonwealth attorney in albemarle county. they say they're not putting that out right now but that is obviously the next step in this investigation. i want you to hear a little bit of what the grahams had to say, john and sue graham, the parents of hannah. we have a few statements they put out. when we first met chief longo, he's the chief of police there in charlottesville, he promised to find our precious daughter, hannah. and during five long weeks, his resolve to fulfill that promise never wavered. when we started this journey together, we all hoped for a happier ending. sadly, that was not to be. they go on to say, put simply, hannah lit up our lives, the


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