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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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contracted viral meningitis. students at peabody elementary school were sent home with a letter describing the symptoms. a department of health spokeswomanays the organization does not believe that the children are in any, quote, danger of contracting the disease. they will stay open as cleaning continues. and it is important to note that this is a key of viral meningitis which is much less serious than the life-threatening bacterial strain. symptoms include a fever, headache and stiff neck and can be spread through contact with an infected person. the viral meningitis requires a special treatment with patients recovering on their own in seven to ten days. and since viral ameningitis has similar symptoms, call your doctor to make sure they have it. and a maryland patient is being treated at the university
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of maryland medical center in baltimore. doctors are waiting for lab test results to return, but the initial evaluation suggests it is not ebola. the state health department has not revealed whether the patient recently returned from west africa. the charles county commissioners will provide their ebola preparedness plans. so far there are no reports cases of the virus in the county coming after the centers for disease control announces new guidelines for health care workers returning to the u.s. from the ebola-plagued countries. high-risk worker who is had direct contact with patients will be asked to isolate themselves for 21 days to undergo active monitoring. those who fall under the some risk category will have their temperatures checked twice a day. and the roadway reality is we'll have colder weather before it warms up again. so on a day like today with temperatures supposed to hit near 80 degrees, it happens every time. >> it's a bonus. let's get to tom kierein and the forecast.
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really quite a bonus for late october. much milder this morning. we've got some clouds around and our temperatures around the beltway, nearby suburbs, college park near upper marlboro we are near 60 degrees. from mount vernon, restin, 58 degrees. from damascus to southern montgomery county, we are in the upper 40s to lower 50s. farther west hovering near 50 near north central virginia. loudoun and prince william counties this morning. much of southern maryland is in the mid-50s. driving in this morning, leave the heat on as we'll be in the mid-50s with cloudiness around. for the afternoon drive time, though, you will need the air conditioner on as temperatures will be hovering near 80 degrees for the afternoon commute with
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high clouds coming on through. a look at the hour-by-hour rapid warming through the day is the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. what is happening on the roads? we still have a work zone there until 5:00 this morning in the outer loop at colesville road. that's the only big thing we're dealing with at this point with the two right lanes block. 66 at lee highway, no major issue there. the beltway at landover road is moving right along. weather and traffic is always on the 1s, which means i'll see you at 4:41. angie goff at the live desk with a developing story out of seattle and a sad one at that. a man shoots and kills his daughter, granddaughter and then himself. police say this appears to be a domestic violence shooting. they responded after a 10-year-old boy called 911 reporting shots fired in the house. the boy was able to escape. police are still on the scene investigating. eun?
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>> angie golf, thank you. fairfax county makes it one step closer to finalizing a plan to make the county bicycle friendly. the board will hear the proposed master plan and members could adopt it today. it is an all-inclusive proposal that addresses bikes for parking, infrastructure and redrawing bike routes. a heads-up as you go to work this morning. d.c. taxi drivers are planning a protest this morning. listen to all that honking. the video is from a protest earlier this month. it completely tied up traffic. the taxis are who testing ride sharing services like uber and lift before the d.c. council takes a vote on them today. that's accord stock "the washington post" which also said the protests begin at 10:30. right now d.c. police are looking for two people in connection with a carjacking. you can see them in the video here. police say the people are not suspects. they are persons of interest
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instead. this was on rhode island northeast earlier this week. if you think you know the people in the video, call police. and that music means a little something more on days like this. a lot of folks waking up really happy this morning. >> washington wins! >> the redskins beat the cowboys with a dramatic victory in overtime. you can see the sidelines erupting in cheers at the end of the game there. the difference, a field goal in what was a tight back and forth game all night long. >> it is such a morale victory. >> it's always good. before the game actually started, nobody really thought the redskins would win. >> news4's sports reporter diana racine tells us how the players are riding the wave of victory. >> reporter: good morning from arlington, texas. it's one thing for the washington red skins team to get a win, but to get a victory
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against the dallas cowboys in their stadium. nobody across the country thought that the redskins had a chance to beat the 6-1 cowboys. the entire country thought there was no shot the redskins could hang with the cowboys today, so to go out and do what you did. >> we expected to win. we expected to win and came out to play like it, we played with confidence and we got the win. >> i grew up as the game went on and felt more and more comfortable and started seeing the defense right. and we made some plays down the stretch that good teams have to make to win games. and then our defense stood. >> to beat a team like this today, in this stage and jerry's world, hats off to him for playing a great job. >> colt mccoy now gets his second win for washington.
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and we asked jay grudan, what now, who is your starting quarterback? he says, for now we'll have to wait and see. in arlington, texas, diane a soo racine, news4. >> the colts have won a few games. he was nervous at the start of the game but he pulled it off. good for him. we'll tell you why tonight's launch will be unique and the weather you'll be able to see it in from your house. and a woman takes a frightening ride in a taxi. how to keep the same thing from happening to you. and we'll be feeling the heat today. tom is back with how warm it will be at 4:41. your weather and traffic is always on "news4 today."
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welcome back. the current and former leaders will come together as the district celebrates home rule. if you don't know that term, it refers to when the d.c. local government was first created. it happened exactly 40 years ago today. the leaders plan to celebrate the anniversary and talk about future goals including d.c. statehood. today nasa will make a second attempt to launch a
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rocket from ellis island, virginia. they are supposed to take fresh supplies to the international space station. the takeoff time would be 6:22 p.m. if it should happen. i anticipated this yesteay because i knew it was going to be clear enough to see something maybe, and then you start to see something from nasa about this guy on a boat off the coast who knew they were trying to launch this rocket, get out of the water! >> clear! we'll check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to get more of an idea of what we'll look like outside today. tom? well, unfortunately, we'll have a lot of clouds around. you may not be able to see the launch tonight. off to a mostly cloudy start now. there's a live view of the capitol this morning under a mostly cloudy sky. capitol kind of looking like a wedding cake with the scaffolding there. and we are off to a much milder start with our temperatures hovering in the 40s and low to mid-50s. we'll stay in the mid-50s
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through 8:00 with sunshine in and out. cloudiness into the afternoon. we'll see the sup through the high clouds and temperatures by noontime will be soaring into the low to mid-70s. so we have a jump of 20 degrees from where we are now by noontime. and then hovering near 80 degrees for a while during the middle part of the afternoon with those high clouds coming on through. so going from winter-like yesterday morning with frosty cold conditions to almost summer-like this afternoon. up around 80 degrees. really amazing. a big change is coming in for the weekend, though. a look at that and your halloween forecast is all coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. now we'll check on the tuesday morning commute with melissa. just a work zone or two, right? yes, otherwise we're looking good. and i love the weather today, tom, thank you for that. looking at old hundred road, these are the folks heading to town. no problems at all this morning. taking a look at another camera,
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66 at lee highway is looking a little fuzzy with headlights coming into town this morning. and the last camera for this morning, taking a look here at the beltway outer loop right here at new hampshire avenue. also looking quite good. i'm back in ten minutes. see you at 4:51. a quick cab ride becomes a frightening ordeal for a local woman. why she says the driver broke the law and how to prevent the same thing from happening to you. and you have been complaining since the beginning. we'll tell you how the people who run the 495 express lanes are giving you a second chance if you get on the road by if you get on the road by
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it. is. 15 before the hour, parts of hawaii are bracing for lava to
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move toward their homes. it is expected to reach them this morning. a lot of people have already left town and are in shelters right now. arrangements have been made for homeowners in the paths to watch their homes burn. rob ford is back running for toronto's seat. earlier this month he said he had cancer after a scandal admitting to smoking crack. this morning one of those recovering from the shooting in washington state says he forgives the shooter. he was shot in the jaw and is recovering.
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investigators now say that froiberg lured them all to the cafeteria before shooting them. and the judge postponed the trial for james holmes. that delay will allow them to look over a second report of their client's mental health. he's accused of killing 12 people and hurting dozens more in 2012. holmes pleaded guilty by reason of up sanity, not guilty by reason of insanity. his trial has been postponed five times. this is video of domenick anasania punch iing guard dogs before he was arrested. he screamed he was the victim of a trap and scheme. he's been arrested three times near the white house since july. and today one of three men
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killed in a midair collision in frederick will be laid to rest. the funeral will be held for christopher parsons from carroll county. he was killed when his helicopter collided with a small plane last week. his wife describes him as the best husband ever. services are planned later this week for brendan mcfon and william jenkins. with elections a week away now, anthony brown will hold an endorsement fund-raiser highlighting his campaign. and new jersey governor chris christie is joining brown's opponent on a tour of maryland today. larry hogan and christie will stop at the honeybee diner later this morning. and a woman is telling news4 about a frightening ride she took with a taxi driver. she hailed a cab on a friday last month and says the cab
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driver told her his meter was broken, overcharged her and then locked the doors when she refused to pay. >> he totally looked me in the eyes and said, i'm not letting you out until you pay me what i want. i feel like it's something that probably happens a lot and goes unreported for a variety of reasons. >> she eventually paid for her fare out of fear and filed a police report. she says she was driving a car with maryland plates. that would be illegal to pick up a customer in d.c. with those tags. well, we'll have to wait a little longer to learn the future of d.c.'s new soccer stadium. according to "the washington post," the study on the stadium will be released after next week's election. several council members were waiting to see the results before they decided to build the stadium. and participants have until friday to make sure their children have all their shots.
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as of last week, more than 3,000 students need to make the deadline. nurses are administering vaccines to students at 15 county schools as part of the push to get everyone vaccinated. right now there's a disinfection out there said to be able to kill the ebola virus. scientists with the army developed the chemical saying it can be sprayed on surfaces to prevent the spread of the virus. it is not dangerous to people and scientists say it is portable as well. in fact, it's already being used in west africa. >> to know that it's really working, it helps the people in a crisis like this. i think it is just magnificent. >> the scientists say u.s. hospitals around are asking for the disinfectant. we don't know when hospitals will start using this here in this country. ten minutes before the top of the hour. if you dvr'd the "blacklist"
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last night, you'll see a familiar face. >> you may be able to lead them to the elusive concierge of crime. >> how about that? do i like professional or what? and the acting, that's a clip from the scene where i play a news anchor. imagine that? yes, a news anchor. you can watch "the blacklist" monday night on nbc4. it's a great show. very intense. >> now it is much better because it has a little eun yang. that's enough for anybody. >> i'm trying to figure out how many times my mother has watched it, you know? >> everyone will get that for christmas. let's go to tom kierein now at 4:51. you know, you weather folks have been loved as of late with these bouts of extra summer we have
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been getting. >> so far. >> you know the cold weather is coming. >> by the way, can i have your autograph? >> we'll take a selfie later. this morning we're starting off milder. as a result, dress accordingly for a warm summer-like day. here's how things are looking if you're walking to work this morning and to school. your forecast is going to be on the cool side in the mid-50s between now and mid-morning with clouds coming and going. then during the afternoon, warm weather moves in. a southerly breeze will be up to around 80 degrees. you can go sleeveless this afternoon. go toeless, too, with your shoes. open-toed shoes. as we'll have temperatures -- that didn't come out right, no. >> i know what you meant. >> in the 50s all across the region. now 40s just to our west. shenandoah valley and into the west -- you are looking at me
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like, what? near 60 degrees around the bay. and we'll have the clouds coming and going into the afternoon. so quite a bit of high cloudiness, but despite that, i'm forecasting an afternoon high of 80 degrees near the metro area. a wonderful day with a touch of summer in the air. but it's looking like autumn with this photo taken in mineral county, west virginia, over the weekend. peak colors there as posted by glenn miller. connect with me and post your autumn color photographs on instagram, twitter and facebook. and i will share. great seeing the beautiful autumn colors we have now. and temperatures tomorrow are much cooler with highs in the 60s. a chance for a passing shower on wednesday. then thursday, sunshine and highs only near 60. and highs only near 60 again on friday. for trick-or-treaters on friday evening, you're probably going to have some showers coming through. so watch for the ghosts and goblins running around with a few showers late in the evening, but early trick-or-treaters should be okay. but chilly in the 50s.
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then much colder for the weekend. a big change. highs only in the 40s to near 50 on saturday. maybe some chilly showers coming through as we turn our clocks back one hour saturday night. windy and chilly on sunday. then milder for the first part of next week as we dry out. melissa is here to look at the traffic with open-toed shoes. i was just going to say -- you stole my line. i have two pairs of shoes in my drawer. i'm toeless today. i just pull whatever matches t outfit out of my drawer. taking a live look at cameras here, 270 at montrose road is moving along, no major problems. here's the next camera for us, 95 down at prince william parkway. that's also looking quite good. you can see how 95 in virginia can get. we'll expect the city to get busier. otherwise a lot of the construction is looking good approaching the 5:00 hour. see you in ten minutes. thank you. maybe you've been hit with some
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unwanted fees on the 495 express lanes. this morning we'll tell you what the operator of the lanes is doing to give drivers a second chance. they can see the fear in your eyes. how your baby knows whether you're afraid before they can even talk. it's now 4:55. of shaving stuff. and thankfully, being able to find backups.
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disgraceful. a personal attack from a desperate candidate. that's how even republican leaders describe this false ad from... ed gillespe. the accusations aren't true. but they are exactly what you would expect from a d.c....
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lobbyist, who made millions lobbying for oil companies... and enron. who specialized in dirty tricks as a partisan operative... and now he is bringing them to virginia. mark warner is working to solve problems... ed gillespe and his attacks are the problem. lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. well, you complained a lot
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and now you're being heard. the company that runs the i-495 express lanes is beginning the first forgiveness for drivers according to "the washington post." it waves the e-z pass fees for those who have a first offense. and this morning we learned a judge ordered a d.c. public charter school to stop paying the private management group. the washington post reports the dorothy academy overpaid the school's founder by a million dollars last year. they created private management company to oversee the school's operations. the attorney says he's disappointed in the ruling and plans to request a delay. in the day ahead, the fairfax county firefighters will help to keep children warm this winter handing out coats and sneakers at the penndot fire and rescue station on hobie terrace.
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more than 2500 children and their families will benefit as part of operation warm. you can learn her about drug prevention resources today in maryland. experts will talk about the latest street drugs trend and resources for treatment. the community talk will happen at 7:00 at the high school in frederick. high heels and running. i understand that's generally a bad thing. >> i can do it, though, if i have to. >> she can, i have seen it. well, we know it's not a safe combination but can be an entertaining one. especially for tonight's high heel drag queen race. that event has a long history in these parts every tuesday before halloween where thousands flock dupont circle as you can see in this video from last year to watch the parade of costumes and then they race down 17th street. everything gets started at 7:00 tonight. you should expect the road closures in that area, too. >> running of the high heels is just a key portion of this. everything else that goes along with the high heel race is so much fun. >> the hair and beads and --
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>> a lot of stuff. >> we'll have the video tomorrow. stay with us, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> take a look at these temperatures, still a little cool out there this morning, but it's going to heat up today. we'll tell you when you can start to ditch the layers as temperatures get close to 80 degrees. plus, the big request by montgomery county leaders as they address overcrowding concerns. the may overplan the school district has to go through to make sure your kids have a comfortable learning environment. good morning, everyone, it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we'll take a live look outside at 5:00 a.m., 58 degrees outside our studios. much warmer than this time yesterday, right? >> meteorologist tom kierein is here with your forecast. good morning, tom.


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