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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 28, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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brand-new at 4:00. news4 at 4:00 starts now. >> good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger in for pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. first at 4:00 today, we begin with new developments in a story we were first to report last week in a d.c. charter school substitute teacher caught on camera having sex in the classroom with a 17-year-old student. >> now that student's mother is suing. mark segraves has been following this case from the start and joins us now with more. >> reporter: well, wendy, here's what we can tell you. that lawsuit was filed today and it's asking for $3 million from the school, the teacher and others. the lawsuit filed by the mother of the 17-year-old boy alleges the school, the employment firm that hired her, and failed to conduct a proper background check before placing the substitute teacher in a classroom with at-risk students. now according to court documents, simone green performed oral sex on the boy in her classroom just hours after the two met on her first day of
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school at options charter school. green has pleaded not guilty to sex child abuse, and is due back in court next month. the lawsuit names green, the school, the personnel company that hired green and others. now, we reached out to the school, and to that employment company in delaware that first hired her. and they didn't reply. coming up at 5:00, the bombshell allegation in that lawsuit that could implicate another teacher. jim and wendy. >> all right. mark segraves. nurse amber vinson is now free of ebola and this she is released from the hospital today in atlanta. >> now there is only one american with ebola, even as dr. craig spencer is treated at bellevue hospital in new york. there are continuing questions today about how best to handle this virus. and who may have been exposed to it. >> news4's jay gray is live outside bellevue. he has the latest. jay? >> reporter: hey there, wendy, jane velez-mitchell. yeah, a lot of concern and questions as you talk about one patient being treated. it's dr. craig spencer here at bellevue.
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and we're told he's in serious but stable condition while the condition of plans on how to take care of future at-risk patients is still very much up for debate right now. after less than two weeks of treatment, nurse amber vinson walked out of the isolation unit at emory university hospital and right back into the national spotlight. >> as a nurse and now as someone who has experienced what it's like to be cared for through a life-threatening illness, i am so appreciate and grateful for your exceptional skill, warmth and care. >> reporter: it was vinson's trip on a commercial jet and a ninth current ebola patient just before both tested positive for the deadly virus that sparked the national debate over how to handle those potentially at risk. >> we don't want to discourage our health care workers from going to the front lines and dealing with this in an effe effective way. >> reporter: the centers for disease control has announced four new risk levels for
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travelers returning from west africa. none include a recommendation for mandatory isolation. >> i understand that the cdc has been behind on this. >> reporter: unapologetic new jersey governor chris christie continues to follow his mandatory quarantine order and points out six states have adopted similar policies. >> this is common sense. and the members of the american public believe it is common sense and we're not moving an inch. our policy hasn't changed and our policy will not change. >> reporter: despite continuing criticism and questions of whether it's legal or necessary. now, while they haven't called for a mandatory quarantine this evening, there is a growing list of states requiring anyone returning from west africa to self-monitor and to report to health officials twice daily. that's the latest live here in new york. i'm jay gray. jim, back to you. >> jay, thank you. first at 4:00 today, a potential hidden danger to your safety on our area roads. v-dot is now putting a plan together to remove what could be
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defective guard rails all over the commonwealth. the problem has to do with the design change that could make certain guard rails. similar guard rails across the country. the company that makes the rail says it will cooperate. drivers we spoke to today said said there should be no shortcuts. >> i think there's some safety standards required for the guardrail, so i would think whatever the mandated safety standards are, they should be honored and implemented. i wouldn't give exception. >> coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00, transportation reporter adam tuss talks with v-dot and details the plan to remove the guard rails. police are now calling it a murder. this afternoon we are learning new details about a man found dead in a rural part of prince george's county. someone found him shot to death near a car that went off bevard road not far from a sandy pit.
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he just got married last month. his wife spoke with news4's pat collins. he will have much more on this details in the next half hour. about three hours later, prince george's county police found a man with gunshot wounds outside his apartment complex on chillum road in chillum. he died a short time later at the hospital. holl holl holl hollis johnson. it was known as a haven for crime but today it is no more. a huge apartment complex in prince george's county is being torn down now to make way for a brand new development. the glen arden apartments stood there for decades. today workers began ripping them down. the nearly 50 buildings will be replaced with a new $100 million development, featuring 450 apartments and townhomes. with an emphasis on senior living. $220 million. the head of montgomery county public schools says that's how much money needs to be added to the school's current
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construction budget. to keep up with the growing enrollment and avoid overcrowding. enrollment this year tops 154,000 students. it's expected to surge to 165,000 by the year 2020. superintendent joshua star hopes the state will approve this budget increase during its next session. get ready for weather whiplash, folks. storm team 4 tracking big temperature drops. let's go to doug kammerer in the weather center. what's happening? >> i'll tell you what, guys, we are really in for a monster temperature drop. we talk about today, 80 to 85 degrees. these are the high temperatures so far this afternoon. 78 d.c. 84 leesburg. 85 in fredericksburg. believe it or not, by saturday afternoon, it will feel like 40 degrees colder. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. that's going to be the wind chill. now, no rain to talk about. we're not looking at rain, but we do have a cold front coming through. this makes its way through the region during the day tomorrow.
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that cold front will bring much cooler air as it moves through the region. temperatures tomorrow about 10 degrees cooler than today. 10 to 15 degrees cooler. and then we get a lot colder as we head into the weekend. i've got that weekend forecast for you, including halloween in a minute. >> see in a bit. it could be the first in our area. how montgomery county is taking a stand now against the sale of certain puppies and kittens. an airplane blows its tires on takeoff last night. why is the entire runway still shut down?
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no one was home at the time. it was a neighbor who saw the smoke, called 911. right now, crews are working to fix a large water main break in fairfax county. they have been making repairs since late this morning. center street is closed from abbotts drive to john marshal drive a few blocks off maple avenue and the busy downtown area. there's no estimate on when that work might be wrapped up. first at 4:00. changes coming to pet stores in montgomery county. the county council vice president george levy van that will introduced a bill that prohibits pet stores from selling any dogs or cat who don't come from an animal care facility or nonprofit rescue organization. this proposed law sort of aimed at puppy mills does not prohibit breeders, however, from selling directly to individuals. a public hearing on the proposal is scheduled for december. right now, president obama on his way to wisconsin. he boarded air force one and
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took off from joint base andrews within the hour. the president will speak at a campaign rally for democratic gubernatorial candidate, mary burke. she's battling republican incumbent scott walker in a close race. it's too close to call, in fact. walker has publicly complained that he is not getting enough financial support from the national republican groups. good time to check your garage, because some lawn care products may be banned in our area. plus, red-hot lava oozing toward homes in hawaii. how neighbors are getting ready for the 2,000-degree creep. >> on gun safety, larry hogan isn't being straight. after filling out their questionaire, hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra.
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on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. just about two hours from now, nasa will try once again to launch a rocket from wallops island, virginia. yesterday's launch was scrubbed at the last minute when a boat was spotted in the hazard area. today's liftoff scheduled for 6:22. tonight we'll bring that to you live. the rocket is carrying fresh supplies to the international space station. if it happens, you should be able to see the glow here and along the coast from massachusetts to south carolina. >> very cool. hey, how would you like to live in a historic home in fairfax county rent-free. there is going to be a residential curator. the turner farm in great falls is one of dozens of deteriorating properties owned
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by the county. residents could live there for a number of years with no mortgage, and in exchange, you have to repair the home. it could be a good financial deal for the resident and the county benefits because historic properties are preserved and maintained. >> this house was built in 1905 by one of the truly modern founding fathers of great falls. a queen ann style home. and there are no other houses like this in great falls. >> the resident curator, in addition to fixing up the fixer-upper will have to make the property available and open it to the public at times. in just a couple hours, crowds will be in dupont circle for a race like no other. it's the annual high-heeled drag queen race. it traditionally takes place the tuesday before halloween. goes down on 17th street. in addition to all those high heels, people taking part wear elaborate costumes. a parade gets under way at 7:00, and the race begins at 9:00 tonight. trying to read this.
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roads will be closed for the entire event. again, that's on 17th. >> hard enough to run in high heels, but then you've got a big headdress. >> good luck with that. >> good luck with that. and they don't have to worry about ice or rain. >> they don't have to worry about weather at all. and no matter what they're wearing, sometimes not a lot. but no matter what they're wearing, it's okay, because temperatures today, very, very warm. >> it's all about the shoes. >> all about the shoes, as wendy says. out there today, very nice afternoon. and temperatures well above average. of our average high, 65 degrees. we're at 77 right now with winds out of the south at 13 miles per hour. that coming with plenty of sunshine. but that's nothing when you compare to what we are just off to the west. we're at 85 down in fredericksburg. 84 in leesburg. 84 in martinsburg. 79 in huntingtown. 82, pax river. the only cool spot, 67, over towards annapolis. but that is still above average. so some great numbers across our region. not quite record levels, but close in some areas. storm team 4 not showing any rain in our area. but as we widen out here, notice
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the cloud cover moving in, so we will see more clouds tonight. that's going to help temperatures stay mild overnight tonight. but here's our storm system. this is the first storm system that's going to affect us. and one thing you notice, not a lot of rain or thunderstorms with this. this is the next front that will move in overnight tonight through the day tomorrow. as it does, we will see our temperatures begin to shift. 81 hagerstown. 85 towards richmond. but cooler back to the west. columbus now. temperatures have been falling there. now down to 70. they'll be in the 60s later on this afternoon. that's the first sign of some cooler air moving in. and we'll see that cooler air for a high temperature tomorrow of 68 degrees. so we'll be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. depending on where you were. 63 in martinsburg, 67 in culpeper. we are talking about shower activity coming through. i'm not expecting a lot in the way of rain during the day tomorrow, but you might want to take the umbrella, just in case as you make your way out. so that impact forecast for our wednesday, i think still on the low side. you'll need the umbrellas for sure off and on. but it's not going to be a rainy day. and we are still going to see fairly mild temperatures for the end of october.
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so not all that bad. next couple days, 68 tomorrow. but then 60 on thursday. that at least comes with sunshine. so thursday is great. friday is looking good. that, of course, is halloween with a high of 60. trick or treaters looking very, very nice now. saturday, a high of 52 degrees. this is the day that we're really going to have to think about here, because once again, saturday and sunday, are going to be quite cold around the region. much colder, wind chills on saturday only in the 40-degree range. they'll be around 40. some of you may be in the upper 30s and daylight saving time coming to an end. we'll see showers on saturday. not just showers and rainy but cool and windy too, both saturday and sunday. but at least friday afternoon looks good for the trick or treaters between 5:00 and 9:00. so no worries about that. so our weather looking good today. but right now, lava actually erupting in portions of hawaii and less than a football field away from some of the homes there. people actually evacuated as the hot river begins to close in on some of the houses in that area. mark barger reports homeowners can only watch as unfortunately
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their world is changing all around them. >> reporter: inch by inch, the slow but steady assault of the 2,000-degree molten lava flow on the big island of hawaii is dangerously close to homes. residents of the village of pahoa can only watch and wait. some homeowners being forced to evacuate are learning that living in paradise can have its costs. >> yeah, it's real. it's now or never, you know. you pack and you've got to get out. >> reporter: those in the path of the lava flow have been watching its slow advance for months. >> up until now, there has always been hope it would stop and change direction, miss the community. but the minute it affects the first structure or home, it's going to become that this is real. >> reporter: the lava's movement is inconsistent and difficult to predict. it slows to 2 yards per hour. >> it could eventually get the
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whole town. >> reporter: hawaii officials are making arrangements for those living in the path of the lava to be able to watch firsthand the destruction of their homes. >> it's closure for many residents. this is their home. this is maybe a home for many generations and their families and this is going to be a very difficult time for them. part of the grieving process of what's happening. >> reporter: grief, as the islanders' world slowly changes around them. mark barger, nbc news. >> wow. >> they could be dealing with this for the next couple weeks. as that lava finally makes its way into the ocean. that's what happens out there in hawaii. that's how those islands were built and will continue to be built. >> amazing pictures. thank you, doug. who is the heiress behind virginia school's $40 million gift. >> and a jet blows a tire on landing so why are others stuck on the ground? your newspaper subscription is up, and it's time to renew.
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watch out. this is another way scammers are trying to get your money. i'm erika gonzales and i'll
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. ♪ fans of taylor swift have a chance to double their pleasure.
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madam due sew's wax museum. swift is a popular fixture at the museum in new york. before the original wax figure was created, the figure spent time with a team of artists from madam tuso's. this afternoon, a small boarding school in our own backyard is celebrating the largest ever gift to a secondary girl school. the fox craw school in middleburg received $40 million from alum ruth bedford, an heiress to standard oil. bedford graduated from the school back in 1932. she died in june of this year at the age of 99. she had informed her alma mater it was in her will, but administrators had no idea just the amount. they were stunned today. there is a plan under way in montgomery county to ban some pesticides. council vice president george
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levien that will is introducing a bill to get homeowners to use natural products. he says some chemicals can be a serious health risk. this bill would not include golf courses, farms and garden centers. no public hearing has been set. an engineer who fell asleep at the wheel is responsible for that deadly commuter train derailment last december in new york city. four people died in the crash. federal investigators today say when that conductor fell asleep, he missed the 30-mile-an-hour speed limit and hit a curb at 82 miles per hour. they say a sleep disorder and a drastic shift in his work schedule contributed to the accident. now to a developing story involving an amtrak train crash more than a dozen people were injured. the train collided with a semi truck in indiana. this happened around 8:30 this morning about 25 miles north of the town of reynolds. the train was on its way from indianapolis to chicago. about 60 people were on board. 14 passengers were taken to hospitals. all are expected to survive.
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a runway at detroit's metro airport is damaged and still closed after a plane blew its tires while it was landing. usairways flight 2088 traveling from charlotte, north carolina, detroit around 8:00 last night. two of the right tires blew. the plane came to a stop, a safe stop. no one on board was injured. mechanics are trying to figure out why this happened. the fight against isis. what new tactic the terror group is now unveiling in its propaganda war. why drivers put taxicabs in park today in the district, and the changes that could impact how you get around the city. he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate
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washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes. and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked out for you. forget that taxpayer moneys to
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actually comes out of your pocket. i'm peter franchot as comptroller i know you work hard for your money. that's why i make sure that most of you get your state refund in three days or less. with new technology we've collected over 3 billion dollars from tax evaders. that's more money for schools, roads and public safety. and i've led the fight in annapolis against wasteful spending. this is your money and i'll never forget that. peter franchot, maryland's comptroller.
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right now at 4:30, how isis militants are changing tactics in their propaganda war. why cyber security is issue number one right now in the district. a local woman locked inside a cab. why she says her driver wouldn't let her out. today a sea of d.c. cabs blocked the streets downtown. taxi drivers protested right-sharing services that were just legalized today in the district. as megan mcgrath reports, taxi drivers tell us the app-driven services have an unfair advantage. >> reporter: the protest got under way at 10:30 this morning, and drivers with traditional taxicab companies here in the
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district lined their cabs up along the curb here on pennsylvania avenue outside the wilson building. they leaned on their horns. they at times blocked traffic and generally let their presence be known to everyone in the area. the d.c. council voted on legislation today to allow app-based car services like uber and lyft to operate permanently in the district with some regulation. drivers, for example, would have to undergo background checks, have a driver's license, meet safety regulations for their cars. however, the traditional cab drivers say legislation does not go far enough. the companies like uber don't have to pay all the fees and follow all of the rules they do. and they say they are losing money to these new companies. >> everywhere you go, you see people with this iphone waiting for uber. and then we pass, nobody hangs up for us. >> reporter: what do you want to see happen? >>, i mean, fairness. fairness. >> reporter: we've seen some similar protests like this in recent weeks, so it's not the
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first time, and the taxy cab drivers say it won't be the last. from freedom plaza, megan mcgrath, news4. a d.c. woman is telling news4 about a frightening ride she took with a cab driver. katie watkins hailed a cab to get to global park last month. and she says the driver told her his meter was broken and then overcharged her and locked the doors when she refused to pay. >> totally intensely looked me in the eyes and said i'm not letting you out until you pay me what i want. i feel like it's something that probably happens a lot, and goes unreported for a variety of reasons. >> watkins eventually paid her fare out of fear and filed a police report. she said he was driving a car with maryland plates. if that's true, it would have been illegal in the first place to pick up a customer in d.c. with maryland tags. the third annual cyber security summit is happening at the u.s. chamber of commerce in d.c. the goal, how to protect you
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from cyber crimes and how to prevent breaches at big stores that put your credit card and personal information at risk. >> no longer are we going to be part of this system that depends on user i.d. and passports to do all of the work we do. it's not about security stiber space. >> the meeting is aimed at exploring the latest threats in what the government and businesses are doing to stop them. in the battle against isis, the u.s. carried out four air strikes in syria today. kurdish militia fighters and isis militants are locked in a battle for control of kobani. isis appears to have forced the british hostage, john can'tly, to shoot a fake documentary in the embattled city. in it, cantlay says kobani is about to fall to the militants. the u.s. military says that is
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not true. could a robot do your job? which national store just hired a fleet of robot workers? why the u.s. postal service secretly tracked thousands of packages. we're talking about some nice warm temperatures today. but the clouds are starting to move in ahead of our next storm system. that will lower temperatures a little bit. only 59 in columbus, ohio. but get ready, it gets a lot colder as we head into the weekend. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. if you want to be among the first to get the new "call of duty" video game, make plans for a trip to walmart. the retailer is releasing the day zero of the game at midnight november 3, 24 hours before it's officially scheduled to go on sale. the new "call of duty" game sells for just under 60 bucks. walmart is also announcing plans to sell used video games at some of its stores. lowe's is trying something new and high-tech to see if it can improve customer service in its stores. the hardware giant testing the use of robots. these machines look like white columns on wheels. when a customer needs to find a product, you can type it in or scan it on the screen. the robot then leads the customer to the aisle where the product is located. four machines are being tested in california. the good news about gas prices, just keeps getting better in virginia. this afternoon, aaa tells us the
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average price of a gallon has dropped again to $2.81, down a penny from last week and 33 cents from this time last year. richmond seems to be paying the least in the state. about $2.70 a gallon. >> it could end the fight over who gets the window seat on an airplane. a british company is working on a new design that eliminates traditional cabin windows. instead there are long windows on each side, giving passengers a panoramic view during the flight. the remaining walls would serve as video displays. showing images from cameras that are mounted outside the aircraft. the overall effect would be like floating in the air. the company believes this concept could be a reality in about ten years. new details now about the expansion of an old fashioned form of surveillance. tracking the u.s. mail. the postal service approved 50,000 requests last year to monitor americans' mail for use in criminal and national
4:38 pm
security investigations. compare that to the years between 2001 and 2012 when the average number of annual surveillance requests was just about 9,000. that news comes from an audit that was conducted by the postal inspector general. and the figures pertain only to the mail tracked through information on the outside of the package. opening the package requires a warrant. a dangerous scam targeting the money in your checking account. how criminals are trying to hook you through the mail. plus, how a giant and super silent balloon is being used in the pennsylvania manhunt for eric frein. >> chicken nuggets for the kids? not so fast. i'm erika gonzales and i'll tell you which stores are pulling this chicken from its freezer so you and your family don't get sick.
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi
4:41 pm
terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him. you're watching news4 at 4:00. and welcome back to news4 at 4:00. we have reporters and anchors standing by right now with new stories first at 4:00. a stabbing at a high school. news4's richard jordan has the latest from the live desk. >> reporter: this time in alabama. athens, alabama, northwest of huntsville. apparently two football players involved here. one of them stabbed another at athens high school inside the football stadium there.
4:42 pm
the player that was stabbed was airlifted to the hospital. we're not sure of the extent of his injuries right now. the second football player, the one accused in the stabbing is now in police custody. school officials say everything is back to normal there at the school, but certainly some tense moments, especially, of course, on the heels of that school shooting last week in washington state. we'll stay oppose top of this from the live desk. >> thank you, richard. we are learning more about the massive air bag recall that is affecting millions of cars. >> and new fallout tonight from one major player in this case. consumer reporter erika gonzales joins us with details. >> yeah, honda says that those air bags or those recalls are having a major, major impact on their bottom line to the tune of sales forecast cuts, lawsuits and product delays. honda says the company has cut sales forecasts because of the impact of the recalls. in addition, consumers filed suit against honda, other automakers and the air bag maker
4:43 pm
yesterday. honda is also doing a full inspection of all new car models, which means that some new cars could be delayed as much as six months before they are available to consumers. before you decide what's for dinner tonight, listen up. there is a recall out there. the u.s. department of agriculture has announced a nationwide recall of certain frozen chicken. because the products may be contaminated with bacteria. this is the product that you need to be on the lookout for. could be in your freezer now, perhaps making its way to your dinner tonight. evans gluten-free chicken breast nuggets and chicken breasts. it's sold at whole foods and balducci's. the chicken may contain a type of staf bacteria. all have an expiration date of august 9th, 2015. you can find details on our
4:44 pm
websi website, nbc another warning tonight, involving potential scammers headed to your mailbox. the federal trade commission and better business bureau are alerting folks about subscription renewal scams. scammers put a subscription notice for a newspaper in your mailbox. if you decide to, quote, unquote, renew, scammers pocket the money you send in and your paper is not actually renewed. avoid becoming a victim by renewing over the phone or online. contact the newspaper subscription department directly if you would like to have that done. coloraming up, more scams t warn you about, this one involving shopping for health insurance. how to get the best price on a plan. if you have a story idea, we would love to hear from you. there is our e-mail address there, consumer we also take your phone calls at 202-885-4884. some of our best story ideas come from you. thanks for that.
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>> they do indeed. >> thanks, erika. a busy day in consumer quiet day, but you're about to get real busy, doug. >> yeah, better for you than me. it affects people sometimes. weather not affecting most of us as we are looking at a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. even close to some record high temperatures in some areas. right now our tower cam looking good with the cloud cover making its way over. these are mid to high-level clouds and we are seeing those right now coming on through the area. we will continue to see those moving through. not going to affect your evening. sunset tonight around 6:14 -- 6:13. 77 the current number, dropping through the 70s down to 68 degrees at 11:00. that is a very warm number for 11:00. and even a warm number for a high temperature of the day. but right now, we're in the 80s in many areas. 82 in leesburg. 82 toward manassas. 82 in rockville and 79 in huntingtown so a very warm one. the cool spot along the water. annapolis at 71. storm team 4 radar is all clear
4:46 pm
until you move just back to the west. and that's where our storm system is. watching this storm system, it's a frontal boundary and that front will continue to make its way our way. the next 24 hours or so, it will be here during the day tomorrow. so your forecast tomorrow, mostly cloudy with showers becoming likely. not going to see a lot of rain out of this, but i would recommend taking the umbrella just in case. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than they were today. 63 in some of the coolest areas to 69 degrees just down to the south. ahead of that storm system. behind it, though, we stay on the cooler side for thursday. so we're 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. then we go another 10 degrees, close to that thursday with a high of 60. friday now, a high of 60 degrees. that, of course, halloween, i'm thinking a beautiful day for friday. beautiful day for halloween. and for the trick or treaters, looking good too. i think your temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s. so that's some pretty good trick or treating weather. but take the jacket. you will need that. chance of showers will be coming late in the evening and really after the 9:00, 10:00 hour.
4:47 pm
so once again, i think trick or treating should be fine. then the weekend comes. saturday we see a high of only 52 degrees. that comes with a 20, 25-mile-an-hour wind. that will put wind chills in some locations into the upper 30s to lower 40s as some of you will not get out of the 40s all day. we also have to set our clocks back as it's the end of daylight saving time. windy on sunday with a high temperature of 50 degrees. so we've got a rather chilly weekend there. sunday, at the mall, walking to save those from lung cancer. so come out to the mall. bundle up if you're coming. but we want to see you out there. monday and tuesday, things start to get a little better. we get back to around 63 next tuesday. >> thank you, doug. there is now a little less stress for drivers trying to navigate the 495 express lanes in virginia. a first time forgiveness policy is now in place. only for easy pass customers. all fees will be waived. they include problems with insufficient funds for your account or an incorrect address. you have 60 days to get the fees
4:48 pm
waived. only for first time issues. what would you do if you found two bags filled with cash? two bank deposit bags holding $125,000 dropped on a street in suburban, san francisco. luckily, they were found by an off-duty police sergeant who immediately turned them in. she doesn't want to be shown -- to show her face, because she says the story is not about her. but when her children asked why she turned in money that could be used for their college fund, she had a question for them. >> i asked them, what integrity is. and they said it's doing the right thing. even when no one is looking. and i said exactly. >> that money was claimed by a man, says it was his life savings. he has not offered the officer a reward, and she says she doesn't want one. her boss at the california highway patrol plans to honor her soon. stories we're working on now in our newsroom. what's to blame for the fire that destroyed this charles county home. candidates sound off today about problems with local voting machines. how they're flipping votes to benefit one party.
4:49 pm
and news4's richard jordan at the it live desk with details on a man reported missing and later found dead. richard? >> wendy, we are starting to get a clearer picture now of what happened before that man's body turned up in a rural area of prince george's county. here's the scene now. bavard road and brandy wine as the sun was going down last night, someone called police and told them about a body at that location. police officers moved in, and now they say that man was 31-year-old divine wood from waldorf. his family first reported him missing on sunday, just a day earlier. it appears he was shot. in a few minutes, the man's widow speaks out for the first time. the couple had just gotten married. we have her message at 5:00. could new technology be the key to finding eric frooein. the suspected cop killer has been hiding out for six weeks now. kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: this is the newest
4:50 pm
weapon in the serve search for eric frein. an experimental device similar to a weather balloon. searching the dense woods for the survivalist believed to be hidi hiding. the blimp is silent and inexpensive. in a police effort costing a reported million dollars per week. seven weeks of hunting have yet to turn up the man who authorities say ambushed and killed state trooper brian dixon on september 12th. the huge dragnet has kept local residents on edge for a month and a half. >> there's days when we are home and then 30 to it 100 guys pile out of the woods around us. >> reporter: local resident james tully says he's had enough of the manhunt because tully looks like frein and walks to work he has been stopped over 20 times by police with one experience particularly frightening. >> silver, unmarked suv pulls
4:51 pm
up, the driver jumps out pointing a rifle at my head, ordering me to the ground. >> reporter: a crowd funding site has now raised over $22,000 to purchase a car for tully in hopes of avoiding those false alarms. >> i just want to get back to my normal life. >> police believe eric frein is well-equipped to hide out in the woods throughout the winter. there are new developments today from ferguson, missouri. why police are spending thousands and stocking up on riot gear. plus, he's accused of brutal attacks against women. why officers across the country think a cross-country rapist may be on the loose a
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
you're watching news4 at 4:00. today a panel on the federal appeals court will review virginia's practice of automatically holding death row inmates in solitary confinement. a federal judge in alexandria ruled today the practice should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. the commonwealth appealed the ruling based on safety issues. an inmate filed the lawsuit saying he spent the last six years alone at the sussex state prison. the virginia supreme court will decide whether your reviews on yelp will remain anonymous in the commonwealth. yelp is appealing a lower court's ruling that ordered the website to identify users who criticized a carpet cleaner's business. yelp refused and the judge held the company in contempt.
4:55 pm
yelp says anonymous users are entitled to first amendment protection. an important vote today could make medical marijuana available in maryland. the state commission is set to vote on regulations. now, earlier this year, lawmakers authorized 15 licensed pot growers in the state. under a previous law, people were not able to get marijuana for medicinal purposes. he lied to protect one of the boston marathon bombing suspects. that is the finding today of a massachusetts jury. he was a friend of dzhokhar tsarnaev's. he lied about being in the dorm room while friends removed evidence during the intense manhunt. fbi agents testified that philippoussis told a string of lies until his fifth interview when he came clean. he faces up to 16 years in prison. concerns about potential violence in ferguson, missouri, have escalated so much that seven school districts have just asked prosecutors to hold off on next month's grand jury
4:56 pm
announcement. jurors are deciding whether police officer darren wilson should face charges in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. michael brown's death led to weeks of sometimes violent protests. the schools are asking prosecutors to wait until after 5:00 p.m. or on a weekend to announce the grand jury decision. the search for a suspected cross-country rapist is believed to be behind attacks in massachusetts, colorado and oregon. as an tashia bolten reports, some are speaking up while others live in fear. >> reporter: tara says gregory lewis allegedly attacked her, pushes his way into her hotel room. he didn't even try to hide his face. >> he told me, if anybody contacts authorities on him ever, do any reports -- if anybody tries to get him, he will make it his life's mission to come back and find us. and after everything he had done at this point, i still believe him. i believe he'll come back. >> reporter: tara asked us to
4:57 pm
protect her identity. she is still scared but did speak to local police and made a report that sounds similar to several others across the country. police say lewis handcuffs his victims, threatens them with a gun and sexually assaults them. the 26-year-old is on the most wanted list in massachusetts. police there say he was out on bond wearing an ankle monitor for allegedly sexually assaulting a child under the age of 14. investigators say september 15th he cut off the ankle bracelet, left it in the front yard of his alleged victim and ran. police in north carolina and oregon suspect lewis in attacks there. tara considers herself lucky she wasn't sexually sougassaulted. she was able to walk away. >> my message to everyone, he is extremely dangerous. he hurt me, in a very traumatic way and will continue to hurt anyone he runs across in a very traumatic way. and he's desperate. we need to be aware of him. >> lewis has been seen in idaho, salt lake city, utah and north
4:58 pm
carolina. if you see him, call police and remember, he is considered armed and dangerous. a murder mystery at 5:00. the victim had a trucked past. but his young bride now a widow has a message for the killer. >> i would tell him that they took the only thick thing i had. >> and hidden danger. in the last hour, we reported that there are defective guard rails on our roads that can pierce through your car. now we're going to tell you what's being done to fix them. it shattered her hopes for happiness. >> now at 5:00, a young bride never thought she would be a widow at the age of 25. a waldor waldorf woman was marrt a month ago and now her husband has been murdered in prince george's county. he was shot and killed and found last night in a dirt road in a remote area of brandy wine, maryland. news4's pat collins is live at police headquarters with the
4:59 pm
first interview with the victim's widow. pat? >> reporter: wendy, she was a young bride and now she's a widow. robbed of her hopes for a happy, married life. >> i will never be the same again. i will never love anybody the way i loved him. i'm only 25. like, i just got married. i didn't even get to experience the full marriage. >> reporter: she and divine were very much in love. he had her name tattooed on his chest. she had his name on her arm. they were married in a simple courthouse ceremony on september 26th. they had a lot of love, but not a lot of money. their wedding picture is a selfie. now this young bride is a widow. >> i've got all my crying out. i've been crying -- but like my mom told me if i keep crying, he's not going to make it into paradise, and i need him to get there, because i need him to look over me. >> reporter: she says she last saw divine sunday about 5:45.
5:00 pm
he said he was going out. a couple hours later, she got worried and tried to keach h reach him on the phone. no answer. she tried again. no reply. she even went to a nearby hospital to see if he was involved in some sort of accident. nothing there. then she went to the police to report him missing. devine wood found murdered last night near a dirt road in brandywine, maryland. prince george's county police say he had been shot. she says she and her husband both had troubled pasts, but together they were working to straighten out their lives. now this. >> we all have trouble in our lives. and nobody deserved to die. nobody deserves to, you know, get -- die like that. >> reporter: so who did this and why? some thoughts from the family, some words from police. coming up at 6:00. live in prince george


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