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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a chill in the air. there's a clear sky over the capitol this morning. live view from city camera. weather headlines on this thursday morning. a chilly start to the day. a cool afternoon. then a major coastal storm developing this weekend. temperatures around the suburbs, rural areas, 40 degrees. a little bit of patchy fog. near 40 to 45 right in the city. your bus stop forecast this morning, patchy fog around. temperatures in the low 40s with bright sunshine between 7:00 and 8:00. still a chill in the air between 8:00 and 9:00. temperatures in the upper 40s. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. your what to wear forego. now the roads with melissa. good morning, tom.
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prince george's county, 66 and 95. overall looking pretty good. there's a little bit of red there northbound on 95 as you head through dale city. 66 into town, you're a little bit slow here just past 15 as you come on from 29. then it gets a little. it opens up a little bit there. 270 on the montrose, moving along. a little bit of volume there. 95 in maryland, in and out, no major problems. back in 10 minutes. thank you, melissa. following a developing story out of california this morning. the faa is investigating what caused this military contractor plane to go down near a southern california military base. take a look at the scene. you can see how intense the fire was after that crash. the flames in the thick black smoke bill lowing into the sky. we brought this to you as
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breaking news last night. it crashed outside of ventura county near l.a. the pilot was killed. no one on the ground was hurt. fairfax county police say they have the man responsible for murder on labor day. 24-year-old jose gavidio is behind bars facing murder charges. he killed a 27-year-old man in an apartment complex parking lot in falls church. he was already in police custody when dna evidence helped link him to the murder. columbia heights neighborhood on edge after a deadly stabbing. >> reporter: this morning the street is still closed. an officer keeping an eye on the crime scene so investigators can come back later this morning and take one final look in the light
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of day looking for clues. police are looking for a man who stabbed a man to death here. they don't have a lot of information to go on. the the victim was found after 7:00 here in the 1400 block of perry place in northwest. police believe the victim was walking down the street when he was stabbed. but they have no motive and there is no lookout information for a suspect. this comes after a deadly stabbing happened a block from here, october 3rd, 5:30 in the evening. so in broad daylight. he was stabbed to death in the 3400 block, just south of this location. no motive in that case. that arrests in that case either. police have not connected the two stabbings. certainly is a concern of people who live in this columbia heights neighborhood.
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police need your help finding whoever shot a b.b. gun at a bus full of children. this happened wednesday morning around 7:00 a.m. the bus was on north main street near evans when a projectile shattered one of the windows. no b.b. was found on the bus. nobody was hurt. 6:04. we have been monitoring the developments from wallops island 37 nasa is still assessing the damage done by tuesday night's rocket launch.
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nasa and the rocket owners searched by air for any hazardous materials. orbital sciences does not know the cause but it could be the soviet era engines. take a look at these temperatures. it's pretty cool so far around these parts. we'll show you how they can change hour by hour in your weather and traffic on the 1s.
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we are working for you with this consumer alert right now. a flaw in some of samsung galaxy phones leaves your information vulnerable to hackers. it allows hackers to remotely access your phone. it can unlock, change the pin code and make calls without even putting hands on your poepb.
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smile clock works as your alarm. right now is it only available is for android. it has a hard time detecting the change in your facial struck is sure if you have a beard. >> if you don't have a beard it's going to be hard to detect a smile for those people getting up early. >> there are other apps. you have options on android and iphone. a much cooler start as we look outside. you're going to feel the difference. tom kierein here with more on your forecast. good morning, tom. you'll be grimacing as you step out the door. chilly so dress accordingly. low 40s another couple of hours. you'll need your jacket. sunglasses with bright sun throughout the day. a breeze northwest. live view from our camera at
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union station. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21 with your halloween forecast. generally looking pretty good. 66 into town, no problems. you're only slow through dale city. otherwise, moving along. a wider look at things. again, no major problems. slow outer loop as you pass the mormon temple. 395 northbound from the beltway to 14th street bridge, 13 minutes. quantico about 10 minutes behind. 270 south, 16 minutes. 495 outer loop from 270, 20 minutes. looking pretty about. new, crowds celebrate a world series win. the violence that broke out in the celebrations and the drastic stems the city had to take. plus, is shopping at an outlet mall really saving you money. new this morning, companies that
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are sell the same items for more money at their outlet store. 6:12. she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara cotockice. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock.
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patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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your time is 6:15. now to a developing story. a man this charge to the government's response to the ebola crisis is on his way to atlanta today. ron klain will get an update at the centers for disease control. some criticized klain for keeping a low profile as he was appointed ebola czar a few weeks ago. klain has been running intensive coordination among federal agencies. . health officials in maine are trying to get a judge to sign of a a request to forcibly quarantine a nurse who recently returned from tweeting patients in west africa. kaci hickox has been staying in her home in forth kent. she was isolated in new jersey last week but released after an ebola case came back negative. she walked out on her front porch to tell reporters she has
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no inept on an in-home quarantine. >> i am completely healthy. you can hug me, shake my hand. there is no way i can give you ebola. >> maine's commissioner said it is voluntary but if she does not comply they will give her a court order to comply. . air training center in switzer land, they are learning about the origins and symptoms of the deadly disease, as well as how to put on and take off protective suits without contracting the virus. that group will head to africa next saturday. now to a developing story. lava from hawaii's kilauea volcano is 100 feet from homes. it has burned a garden shed, tires and metal scraps. # 0 members of the national guard are on their way to help manage traffic as the lava approaches this neighborhood.
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they are monitoring the air. they say they have detected only low levels of sulfur dioxide. 6:17. former nfl player aaron hernandez will ask to have his trial moved from the boston area today. he is charged for a murder of a semi pro player in 2013. his lawyers say media charge has tainted any jury pool in southeastern massachusetts where the murder took place. he has pleaded not guilty. today harrisburg hg will be in college park campaigning for anthony brown, governor of maryland. they will be at the university of maryland. tonight on news 4 between 4:00 and 7:00. larry hogan joined by chris
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christie. they will campaign him with him at an event this weekend. they came in baltimore on tuesday. extra eyes will be watching to keep you and your family safe this halloween. law enforcement from seven agencies will be conducted special dwi in falls church, vienna and fairfax. sober ride will provide free rides home for anyone who shouldn't be behind the wheel. right now the university of maryland is looking to stop the spread of viral meningitis. in nine days, the number of students with the disease jumped from 1 to 20. all of them are expected to recover. if you go there, work there, your child goes there, washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself. health experts say it is the least dangerous form of that illness. new, at least two people shot and san francisco giants fans celebrated another world series victory.
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shortly after the game 7 over the kansas city royals. fans started bonfires in the streets. you can see they made several arrests overnight. the two people shot are both expected to be okay. this is the third championship in five sps. >> think about that. take a look at the cover of the san francisco chronicle. it says dynasty with a pitcher of madison bumgardner. he was named most valuable players. they won in 2010, 2012, 2014. maybe 2016 we'll see them again. >> congratulations. maybe you'll want to grab a bigger coat. >> yeah. it feels really chilly. tom kierein to tell us about what kind of weather we will have. good morning, tom. >> yes. we have a ghostly chill in the air this morning. let's peer through my video window. you can see that she has just cleared the dining room table from the delicious calamari cast
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role she cooked and is all ready for halloween and trick or treaters. good weather tomorrow night. we'll have temperatures in the 50s through the evening. should stay dry. just increasing clouds in the evening for halloween. temperatures will be into the low 50s. it's after midnight friday night. we will probably get rain moving on in. it's off to a chilly start in montgomery, fairfax. low 40s. 50 in washington. later today, much cooler than yesterday. we'll have a mostly sunny afternoon but highs only climbing up to right around 50 degrees. then overnight tonight, we'll bottom out near 40 by dawn on friday. good weather for the the halloween trick-or-treating. saturday, a major coastal storm develops off the jersey coast. but close enough to us to give us strong gusty winds on saturday. winds gusting 35 miles per hour
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saturday afternoon. so you have outdoor plans on saturday. really could be interrupted by strong gusty winds, passing showers. winds settle on sunday. bright sunshine, 50 degrees. storm team 4 seven-day outlook. warming up. good weather for election day. next weather and traffic on the 1s. neighborhood highs around the region at 6:31. melissa, how are the roads? >> not so bad. we have a new crash fairfax county parkway southbound at reservation drive. trying to get more information about that. 295 north at the beltway, one lane and one shoulder closed. beltway at good luck road, moving along. no problems in prince george's county. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, indian head highway heading in all looking good. 95, hopping on in stafford county and heading north, pretty good until you hit dale city. slow through woodbridge as well with. 270 at old hundred moving along.
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dining room looks good. spooky as my son likes to say >> if you're look to go save money on holiday shopping, a lot of you might head to an outlet mall. how do they stack up to retail when it comes to price and quality? "consumer reports" erika gonzalez joins us with a preview of tonight's story. >> reporter: we are spending more than ever at outlet stores. they were rated for value and quality and can help you bag the best bargains. "consumer reports" found superior value at these stores. haggar, osh kosh b gosh and izod and l.l. bean. not everything is cheaper at the outlets. although this correll is identical to the one at retail stores, it costs more. same with this revere pot and
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pan. many items sold in the outlet storms are made especially for the outlets. we will have comparisons tonight. tune in on news 4 for the full story. erika gonzalez reporting. 6:23. you have probably seen signs of road projects around our area. a week before the election, some elections are annoyed by them. they said most are going to democratic districts. they did an analysis and found 48% of grants for road projects went to districts held by democrats. and some of that money, $25 million, went to the district formerly held by a gop representative eric cantor. he was upset by republican dave pratt. americans's expanding waste lines are changing crash test dummies. they have developed a new bigger model. the new ones will be 273 pounds.
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the old ones weighed 167 pounds. there was a push to change them a new study revealed obese people are 78% more likely to die in a crash. air bags, other safety features are generally designed for thinner people and may have to be adjusted for newer cars. the federal government is putting for-profit colleges on notice. schools with career-oriented programs don't produce graduates that can pay back their loans the school will lose access to federal student aid programs, a primary revenue stream for many colleges. they receive 90% from federal loans and grants. they will affect half a million students at for-profit schools. a mystery that has lasted 80 years. take a look at in photo. that is scrap metal that may not look special.
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researchers say they are certain it was part of amelia earhart's plane. she disappeared over the pacific ocean in 1937. nobody ever found her actual plane, though. >> one of the biggest mysteries of our time. it was found 23 years ago and science has only just confirm what it is. they say next year they plan to search for her plane where the scrap metal was found. apparently this is an island called nick romo. >> preparing for snow on our roads. how montgomery county will use sensors and text messages to keep you safer on the roads. . plus, no snow in the forecast. thank goodness. as you take a live look at union station, a chilly morning. tom kierein will show how much it will warm up in your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. new video of a fast armed robbery in d.c. why police want your help
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identifying a man in this video who is not the the one you see who is not the the one you see stealing t we all know washington's broken. but to fix it, it takes people who are independent.. and willing to work across the aisle. that's what i've tried to do in business, as your governor... and in the senate. because it's the only way we're gonna solve big problems... like cutting our national debt, fixing the va, or... bringing good jobs to virginia. it's been a great honor to represent you. and if you rehire me, i'll work everyday... to make virginia even stronger.
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right now temperatures are sitting in the 50s for many of us if you're lucky. >> if you're about to head out the door, grab the jacket. first, news 4's melissa molette has breaking news. montgomery county, pedestrian struck, connecticut at decatur. more details coming up in the next 10 minutes. fairfax county parkway at reservation drive a crash with one lane blocked at this point this morning. beltway at branch avenue is moving along. see a little bit of volume there. looking pretty about for this time on thursday morning. 95 northbound, you're okay. 45 miles per hour as you hit dale city. slows down for no particular reason. just because the roads likes to slow down at dale citist.
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66 into town, 40 miles per hour. then as you cross over the beltway and head anything on 395, again, about 40 miles per hour at this point. coming up in 10 minutes, more on the pedestrian accident and travel times for you. thanks, melissa. and good news, too, the pavement is drying out from the rain we had yesterday. walking the dog, quite a chill in the air. bright sunshine. 8:00 to 9:00, it will be up near 50 degrees. a little bit of a breeze developing by later this morning. neighborhood highs in montgomery county, mid-50s. fairfax county, upper 50s. much of prince georges should be near 60. northern virginia, into the shenandoah valley, mid to upper 50s. low 60s around the chesapeake bay with lots of sunshine. a few high clouds from the west coming over later this afternoon and into this evening. next weather and traffic at 6:41. the hour by hour breakdown with
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big changes on temperatures over the next 24 hours. a look at what it will be like this time tomorrow morning. 6:31. d.c. police want you to get a good look of this video of an armed robbery. it shows a robber bursting into a store on good hope road southeast with a gun on tuesday. a few seconds earlier the robber was standing outside with a man who had a baby strapped into a carrier on his chest. you see that here. police are looking for any tips on who these men are. a woman says she was sexually assaulted by a masseuse at a massage parlor. now they have left the country. the woman who did not want to be identified said she went to massage escape in northwest washington october 4th. she said 30 minutes into the massage, he began sexually assaulting her. the woman told news 4 that she was afraid for her life. >> my first thought was, am i going to die here? i didn't believe he was sorry.
6:32 am
i thought he was trying to manipulate the situation. the masseuse was arrested and charged with sex abuse. police say after admitting to the assault, he left the country and flew to china. there is now a felony warrant out for his arrest. the victim has filed a lawsuit against the massage parlor. university of maryland has adopted a new policy to combat sexual assaults on campus. we are start hear witness accounts of hazing by briar wood high school. one witness said he saw players holding down another player and inappropriately touching him in may. two other incidents were report in the same week.
6:33 am
they did an investigation but no discipline was taken because it could not prove anything happened. leaders will start preparing for winter. they are excited about new technology. molette green joins us in rockville where they will be meeting. talk about snow already. >> i know. it's not even halloween yet and we're talking about snow. we're used to seeing the trucks that are behind me, the equipment on a snow day. that's part of the arsenal on a snow day. what you can't see is snow removal is really going high-tech. later this morning the county will talk about it at a snow summit. now, this winter there is new pavement monitoring system. that system is in place. and it sends text messages to the highway services people when conditions are right for ice, the dreaded black ice, slippery roads. it is really going to give the
6:34 am
county a jump on treatment on getting the roads treated before you head out the door and on your way to work or school on a snow day. all of that happening when the county's snow summit begins this morning. we're live here at the gaithersburg depo. i'm molette green. back to you. we're just talk building snow. nothing coming down. >> that's right. they have to get ready. thank you, molette. neighbors in one northeast washington community say they want a strip club gone. they had a hearing last night to protest the stadium club's liquor license. neighbors say without it the gentlemen's club would not make enough money to stay open. they say the club attracts crime. it was shut down after four people were stabbed outside last year. manying coming up at 7:35,
6:35 am
government taxpayer dollars are going for coffee. some employees of the department of u.s. homeland security swap their cards for $30,000 in purchases at starbucks. it happened in locations in washington, d.c., waldorf, ocean city. more than $10,000 were made at a starbucks in california. they are a small fraction of the $20 billion in so-called government micro purchases each year. small purchases federal agencies do not need to disclose. >> when you have $10,000 spent by one starbucks by dhs in one city in six months, someone is abusing the purchasing permission that we have given them. >> tonight on news 4 at 6, why the government is able to conceal its credit card purchases approximate what the department of homeland security had to say when called to congress to answer about our story. a new agreement chris brown
6:36 am
just made with a victim. >> plus -- a jarring reminder and a lesson troopers hope you take away from seeing this video. it's chilly outside right now. we'll look at how the temperatures change in the next 24 hours. weather and traffic at 6:41. stay with us.
6:37 am
after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra.
6:38 am
on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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that's dashcam video from washington county maryland. it shows one of the dangers state troopers face on interstates. the law is move over when you see law enforcement on the side of the highway. five maryland troopers have been involved in crashes while on the side of the interstate. right now we are staying on top of breaking news on the roads this morning. here's melissa mow lay.
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>> reporter: breaking news on the roads and the rails. metro delay, just found out about this t. red line, both sides. pedestrian struck at connecticut avenue at decatur. police are just getting on the scene. hopefully getting more information on that in just a little bit. in virginia, we're about twice as long as it should take everywhere. 395 from the beltway to 14th street bridge, 19 minutes. 95 north from count co, 44. 286 to 495, 17. 270 southbound to the beltway, 21 minutes. 95 to 270, twice as long as 21 minutes as well. >> traffic slowing down, and so are the winds. flags flapping with us. just a gentle breeze. certainly quite a chill in the air.
6:41 am
40s. we'll stay this way through 8:00. patchy fog. bright sunshine, though. bright and sunny by noon time, into the lunch hour. when you head back home from work and school, around 60 degrees. dress for a chilly morning. wear a light jacket. price sun ahead. getting quite chilly again. 40s by late evening. by this time tomorrow morning, near 40 degrees. at 6:51, how a major coastal storm will affect our weather over the weekend. >> thank you. news 4 is live with police in washington as they investigate a deadly stabbing putting neighbors in columbia heights on edge. the steps to make your trip through union station a a little more convenient is. 6:42. we'll be right back.
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics."
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we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising. making jackets that are built to perform anywhere is hard work. and at l.l.bean, we take our job, very seriously.
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guaranteed quality, no matter what you're up against. from l.l.bean. 16 before the hourment right now we're following several stories to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. megan, what's going on? >> reporter: well, eun, i can
6:45 am
tell you police are still on the scene and this normally quiet street in columbia heights is still closed as investigators search for the person who stabbed a man to death here last night. frankly, they don't have a lot of information to go on. the victim was found just after 7:00 last night in the 1400 block of perry place in northwest. police believe the victim was walking down the street when he was stabbed but they have no motive at this point. there's no lookout for a suspect. now, this stabbing comes weeks after another deadly stabbing that happened just about a block from here. that happened on october 3rd right around 5:30. so in broad daylight. 35-year-old kenneth young was stabbed in the 3400 block of 14th street. that's not very far from here. no motive in that case. no arrest either. police have not connected the two crimes. needless to say, people who live in this area are very concerned. two deadly stabbings in just a couple of weeks. reporting live in columbia
6:46 am
heights, my began mcgrath, news 4. it is 6:46. following a developing story out of california this morning. the faa is investigating what caused this military contractor plane to go down near a southern california military base. we brought you this as breaking news last night. we have learned the aircraft was trying to land when it crashed. the plane went down outside ventura, california at the naval base. they have a man responsible for murder on labor day. jose is in jail this morning and facing murder charges. police say he killed a 27-year-old man in an apartment complex parking lot in falls church back on september 1st. he was already in police custody when dna evidence helped link him to the murder. . i'm richard jordan at the live desk. new this morning, a man who says chris brown punched him outside
6:47 am
i did. c. hotel is good b to get paid. tmz is reporting chris brown has agreed to settle a civil lawsuit for $100,000. this all goes back to october of last year outside the w hotel. the fan claims he was trying to get a picture with the singer when chris brown punched him in the face. that led to a criminal case as well. brown combed a plea deal in that case. he pleaded to a minor offense, simple assault, to avoid jail time. his bodyguard, however, chris hollisey did go to trial and was found guilty on the assault charge. chris brown now agreeing to pay that fan $100,000. tmz saying brown settled another lawsuit in another assault case out in west hollywood for far less money than the 100,000 grand that this fan will be getting. 12 minutes before the hour now. just 13 hours away from the end of early voting in maryland.
6:48 am
the early voting centers close at 8:00 tonight. more than 50 across the state. dozens in our area. a full list on in virginia you may see voting rights groups at the polls. volunteers will be at at least 80 polling places because of the new law that requires a photo i.d. from all voters. with one of the most competitive in all years, d.c. director of elections expects 40% of you will come out to vote. 27% of you voted back in the primaries in april. it is not the news you want to hear as we head into winter. bge bills are about to go up. in mid-december your gas bill is going up $4.30. your electric bill you will pay nearly $7 more because of new distribution chargesment the rate increase comes after bge reached a new deal with state regulatory staff. it ask a third of what they originally requested. they can slow down your
6:49 am
commute or prevent you from taking a shower. today agencies in our area will talk about how they are getting ready to deal with a possible surge in water main breaks. it is hoping this winter is better than last winter. you'll probably remember the polar vortex. the agency said it dealt with close to 600 water main breaks last january alone. hope this year is better. the evergreen that will grace the front of the u.s. capitol is already in d.c. it was cut down in minnesota's chippewa national forest. this is time lapsed video of it being lowered. a 100 foot trailer will carry it for the 2,000 mile journey to the capital. it will make 30 stops on its way here. the tree lighting is set for december 2nd. this morning we're learning dates that could help make your holiday more convenient. it will help you stay around from long lines. jackie deangelis is here to help
6:50 am
you with that headache. jackie, good morning stphrr good morning, eun. mark your calendars. gearing up for the holiday season. u.p.s. is estimating its busiest day will be december 22nd, predicting it will deliver 34 million packages that day. fedex expects monday, december 15th. 000 that's a full week earlier than u.p.s. to be its busiest day anticipating 22.6 million shipments that day. guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you, jackie. even though you know the date you still send them late. >> i certainly do. let's turn to tom now. we have this little chill in the air. it speaks to christmas. >> yeah. it certainly is feeling winter like this morning after it was summer like on tuesday. now this morning temperatures are much colder. in the wake of the rain we had yesterday or the skies have cleared out.
6:51 am
off the atlantic seaboard. the rain pulled away late last night. there's the view of our sky. live view from tower camera. a few high clouds over us now. a little patchy fog in some of the rural areas. temperatures dipped into the 30s in northern montgomery, loudoun, prince william, faulkeer. the rest of fairfax county and southern montgomery in the low 40s. later today with the bright sunshine, it's going to be chillier. afternoon highs just around 60 degrees. a little bit of a breeze north and west 5 to 15. beautiful autumn color. perfect day to get out and take fall foliage photos like this one in culpepper by janet stoppee. when you're out there taking photos, keep up with our storm team 4 weather app. post those on facebook. you can post the higher
6:52 am
resolution photos on facebook. they really look great. i have also posted on twitter and instagram. tomorrow, another chilly morning low 40s. afternoon highs around 60 on friday. friday evening for trick or treaters, still looking good for trick or treat weather. we'll have cloudy skies. temperatures in the 50s. a chance of showers. still looking lying we will be moving in after my night. a major storm close enough to us to give us strong winds on saturday with gusts to 35 miles per hour. highs reaching just the low to mid-50s with occasional showers. then sunday the winds settle down s. we'll get sunshine back. nice weather for election day. melissa now looking at breaking news on the roads. breaking news, roads and rails this morning. starting with with metro. the red line, we have delays both directions right now because of a signal problem outside the shady grove station. as for the roads, connecticut at decatur, we have that pedestrian
6:53 am
crash. police on the scene there. wider look at things, you can see top of the beltway, outer loop is slow as you pass colesville. and 295 headed into town. also northbound here at the bottom of the screen a bit slow for us this morning. taking a look at 66, if you're hopping on prince william parkway, 40 miles per hour. taking a look at 95, quiet through dale city. prince georges, a little bit slow at branch and indian head. we have been monitoring developments from wallops island virginia. nasa and orbital sciences are working together to try to find out what caused tuesday night's failed rocket launch. the other says they don't know the cause of the crash but the could lie with the sovie era engine. all eyes will be on orbital stock this morning. it was down 17% yesterday.
6:54 am
>> oh, my god. >> nasa says it could be weeks before they are ready to say anything about the cause of this explosion. right now they are sending in ground crew toss examine the launch site. the launch pad itself was not damaged as badly as they thought it should be. it should be up and running in three months. culpepper police need your help finding whoever shot a b.b. at a bus filled with children. this happened wednesday morning around 7:00 on north main street near evans street. something shattered one of the windows. police believe it was a b.b. but no b.b. was found on the bus. no students were hurt and neither was the driver. council will overlook a bill to make marijuana legal for anyone 21 and older. vendors would need a license.
6:55 am
if you live in stafford county, your kids could soon wind up in a different school. according to the freelance star" they approved a new redistricting strategy to reduce overcrowding. this is not a finalized plan, yet a set of guidelines to act on next year. as many as 10 schools have too many right now. if you drop someone off at union station you know it can be challenging navigating the front circle to drop off. eleanor holmes norton visits to talk about solutions to this problem. one of the suggestions is to change the lanes outside the station so people don't have to cross traffic to get to the cars, buses and taxis. the nfl will try to get a judge to throw out the lawsuit filed by former players saying the legal illegally supplied painkillers. lawyers argue they waited too long to file and that the statute of limitations has
6:56 am
expired. redskins quarterback situation has come full circle now. rg3 will be the starting quarterback on sunday against the vikings. multiple sources tell diana the only way griffin will not play is if he has even the slightest pain in his ankle. some are surprised about the whole move. there was a lot of talk about the head coach jay gruden that he would hold out one more game sense the redskins ha tir bye week teth py e vikings. a forcing a nurse to stay at home. right now she is inside her home but says she will not abide to the 21-day quarantine. montgomery county goes high-tech with a new system to treat snow and ice well before it becomes a problem on the roads. chris brown settled a civil lawsuit with a man he punched outside a hotel last december. he agreed to pay $100,000. d.c. police on the scene of
6:57 am
a deadly stabbing. they are looking for a man who killed a police on terry place, columbia heights. you will need a couple of layers to stay warm this morning. it's only around 40 degrees now. later today, sunshine, near 60. storm team 4 seven-day outlook looks like a big storm is for the weekend. metro delays. red line, delays both direction because of the signal problem outside shady grove. >> and that's the broadcast. thank you for joining us. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes. until then, have a great day. until then, have a great day. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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t.j.maxx. good morning. breaking overnight, celebrations of the giants world series win marred by violence in san francisco. at least two people shot, fires set, as unruly fans clashed with police. standoffhe nurse fighting an ebola quarantine in maine briefly leaves her home. >> i am asim to patic. so there is no way i can give someone ebola. >> her movements monitored by court order. we will hear from both sides. christie's clash. new jersey's governor chris christie puts a heckler in place. >> if you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buddy, until that time, sit down


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