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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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there were terrified until police caught the guy who did it. but now so many years later, kevin's family is terrified and angry because the charges against that guy could be dropped. pat collins is at the scene with the new developments. >> reporter: he's charged with murdering an 8-year-old boy. it's been 14 year, but there has been no trial and the victim's family is fearful that he might get out, that he might do it again. it's halloween in alexandriary, a sad time for the family of kevin. this was his favorite time of rear. >> kevin was an energetic, happy loving child. he loved candy. he loved halloween. he was just making mud pies in
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front of our grandmother's house when this man comes up and just starts stabbing him. >> reporter: it happened here in the del rey section of alexandria. it happened in april 2000. and now some 14 years later, the family is still torn apart. >> it doesn't make any sense. he was a kid playing on spring break. wasn't hurting anybody. why? >> reporter: gregory murphy was arrested in connection with the murder. but every time he's gone to court, he's been ruled mentat t. now it appears this case is at a cross roads. the issues, doctors say murphy cannot be made competent to stand trial. because of that, defense lawyers say the criminal charges should be dropped. that murphy should be committed and the case handleded civilly.
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heather is fearful murphy may get out and harm someone else. >> he might be set free, he might be on your street with your child and the same thing might happen. i know there's a lot of ifs and maybes, but this is always that chance. >> reporter: so what will happen to murphy? a judge is expected to make that decision soon. live in alexandria, pat collins, news 4. it is a dangerous scene tonight for rescuers even several hours after a plane crashed into a building at an airport in wichita, kansas. wendy rieger has more. >> we just learned from the hospital that has been treating the people hurt on the ground that all but one has been treat aed and released. the remaining victim is in critical condition. and right now, an ntsb go team on the way expected to get there sometime this evening.
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they will be investigating why this small plane went down just after takeoff. the pilot did radio for help telling the air traffic controllers that he had lost an gyp a . s later, flames erupted as the plane hit a building on the airport grounds. that impact killed the pilot as well as three people who were on the ground. people there say it all happened so fast. >> with how high it was, hat any time have enough altitude do much of anything. probably less than 30 seconds. >> this is a photo of the type of plane. beachcraft king air 200. ntsb says even as the investigation gets under way, it could be even a year befor. police chief calls it up acceptable.
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two officers indicted for allegedly attacking teens in two separate incidents. kristen wright has new details about what led up to the charges. >> reporter: at 5:00, we told you about prince george's county po officer charles pickard accused of assaulting a teen at suitland high school. now we have more information about a second police officer also under indictment and we're told there is video evidence. >> he also goes in and for one reason or tanother punch this i individual. >> police chief announcing criminal charges and describing an alleged assault by jerry thomas at the district three processing facility in november of 2012. a 15-year-old boy was in lock skrup for disorderly conduct. he was yelling and cursing in his cell when chief magaw says
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officer thom cross crossed the . >> handcuffed prisoner in one of our facilities. what i saw was unacceptable. >> reporter: the state's attorney engijoined magaw in newspapersi indictment against pickard, as well. >> there was a hallway, shows the officer and student in the hallway. and without any audio, you can see that there is some verbal exchange followed by the officer striking the young man. >> we're really honored them being here. it's really needed in the county overall. so i hope that's the not the case because the kids need the trust of the officers. >> reporter: right now they're suspended with pay. kristen wright, news 4. prosecutors also indicted a local mother on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of her children.
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prosecutors say sonya spoon suffocated her 3-year-old daughter kayla and her 22 month old son ayden last month. spoon's helptal health came into question after arrested, but today prosecutors said spoon knew what she was doing. within the last hour, the nation's largest nurse's union announced plans to hold strikes across the country including here in d.c.. this is video from a previous protest. national nurses united calling on their nurses to picket on november 12 as part of a day of action for ebola safety standards. 400 nurses at providence hospital are expected to take part. in the meantime, n kaci hickox has defied her quarantine. she went on a bike ride this morning. coming up, jay gray will join us live with the steps the state is taking to try to force her to stay in the house.
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in the race for maryland governor, another high profile show of support for democrat anthony brown. just about an hour ago, hillary clinton rallied on his behalf telling the crowd at the university of maryland that his team would make for a great administration. >> and i'm so happy to have this opportunity five days before the election on behalf of my friend and the next governor of maryland, anthony brown. >> we'll have more on the rally and the reason several protesters were escorted out in a live report in our next half hour. pentagon is warning its 23,000 employees that they could become potential targets of isis terrorists. a memo was sent out by the internal security team last week. it cautioned employees to be careful about can displaying kre he deny shals in public or
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social media. the pentagon says there is no special threat, but it wants people to be vigilant at home and work. the memo came just days before homeland security announced increased security at the some government buildings. just in tonight, virginia's former governor convicted on corruption charges wants a new trial. scott has more. >> papers just filed in federal court in virginia. governor bob mcdonnell convicted of corruption charges in september thousand requesting a new trial. argue, in court documents today that the jury instructions the court gave were unfair and that the jury wasn'd enough from the pretrial publicity in the case. mcdonnell and his wife convicted of multiple construction charges set to be sentenced early next year. no response yet from prosecutors. this is one of a flurry of filings we expected before
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sentencing. back to you. legal sale of marijuana could be big business in the district. that will add up to a lot of cash through taxes if voters approve a new law next week. tom sherwood looked at how much money may be at stake. >> reporter: after colorado and washington state, d.c. could next vote tuesday to legalize marijuana and city officials say it could be a big market. finance officials estimate am legal sales could be $130 million, 122,000 people here would buy marijuana, and sales could generate $20 million a year or more in taxes. >> basically we would have retail stores and three tier system similar to the way we do alcohol. >> reporter: opinion polls show two thirds of voters support le. the d.c. council is beginning its work on how it would be regulated, sold in stores. and taxed. >> this is the beginning. it's not going to be perfect, but at least we're starting. >> reporter: some witnesses say
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they also want the freedom to grow marijuana in their own yard. >> i've lived in washington, d.c. for 15 years. i grew tobacco, hot peppers, and i want to grow cannabis. >> reporter: it may not exist until 2016 because the bill must remain under congressional review and then city firnl officials would take at least six more months to write regulations. >> we have to be realistic about the process, but i think people would be pleased if they could go into a retail store this in january of 2016 and buy marijuana. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4. tax dollars spent at starbucks. tonight the news 4 iteam reveals how government leaders have been able to swipe their cards and keep it under the radar until thousan thousan and what may have caused the rocket to explode.
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and help easing congestion for commuters. here comes the cold air. we'll talk about just how cold it will get to your weeken
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tonight the governor of maine is threatening it use all means to keep a nurse at home. she openly defied a quarantine order one week after returning from treating ebola patients. public concern over the spread of ebola ignited after an american doctor got sick nine days after leaving west africa. jay gray is at bellevue hospital in new york with the latest. >> reporter: and the doctors here at bellevue hospital say dr. craig spencer is still in the same condition, nothing's changed. he's in serious but stable
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condition. b big change this is maine where the nurse is currently in standoff with officials there. out for a morning bike ride, nurse hickox acknowledged she's still unsure about the road ahead. >> waiting to hear from the state of maine. i hope that we can continu to this point, though, they have not. >> i'm going to use the legal provisions to the fullest extent that the law allows me. and i just hope that she recognizes that. >> reporter: maine's governor says that means making sure she stays out of businesses and restaurants and away from cl conta e c with the public. >> on the one happennd i'm tryio protect the entire state, but i don't want her to get hurt
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either. this is not a very nice position to be in. >> are we up, are we down, at the peak? >> reporter: in washington today, doctors and lawyers discussed the ebola crisis and t controversy over how to handle e at risk. >> i don't fault those who feel quarantine is necessary because i think they're acting in good faith. but i don't think it's based on what we know about the scientific data. >> reporter: finding the balance between that science, public safety and personal freedoms. a task that is not nearly as eas easy as riding a bike. really nothing easy there right now. and if needed, they will go to court to make sure she's not isolated in her home. cleanup continues and thousand we know investigators are focusing on the engines as possibly the cause of a rocket
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explosion on wall lots island in virginia this week. two of the rockets engines were built by soviets during the cold war back in the '70s. and then refurbished and used by orbital science. investigators say it could take about five days to recover all the debris and then as long as six months to determine just what caused that rocket to blow up. doug is here with a check on our weather. cold out there today, but somehow it feels better when the sun is shining. >> of course. clouds moved today. wind picked up a bit. then all of a sudden it was on the cool side again. and that's what we'll see during the day tomorrow. your halloween looking pretty good. a day similar to what we saw out there. high temperature of 58 or a that's what it is right now. the sun went down about ten minutes ago. 58 in d.c., 54 leesburg.
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radar is clear right through the next in hours. we will see a chance of showers. we have the cloud cover that has made its way in. our storm system that will develop is actually still back toward the chicago area. still coming down, but it's bringing with it very cold air. at least for this time of year. future weather timing everything out for us, friday 8:00 a.m., no problems. i think we'll start off just on the cold side early tomorrow morning. so you'll need the jacket very similar to what you saw on your thursday morning. around 6:00, kids are outside already, starting to do trick or treating. no problems around our area. ly rain chances are back toward west virginia, west of the blue original and they stay there after 10:00, 11:00. so even around 9:00 hour as kids are coming back in with a bucket full of candy, suitcase, whatever you have, it will be on the dry side. not too worried about showers tomorrow. saturday, here come a few showers up toward the north and east as the area of low pressure starts to wrap in moisture from
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the atlantic. but notice even away 3:00, i'm not expecting much in the way of rain. is this not going to be remembered for his rain, it will be remembered for its cold and wind. high temperatures tomorrow, 59 d.c., 58 culpepper. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. so tomorrow looking pretty good. sunshine early and then more clouds in the afternoon. but we're still going to see a nice day for you trick-or-treaters, here is that forecast. cool, mostly cloudy, 57 around 5:00. chilly with 54 degrees. #:00, again that shower chance well to the best, but most of us should remain try. but you will need the jacket. 53 on saturday. 48 on sunday. and these two days, a chance of showers, but not much of a chance on saturday. then it's just plane cold. monday take a look at these low temperatures. 34 on monday morning in d.c.. but i think these will be the overnight low temperatures. so the first freeze possible
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monday morning. but the weekend is looking like it will be chilly for sure. scattered showers. daylight saving time comes to an end. so sunsets on sunday around 5:00 in the afternoon. yeah. and the windchills, 20s and 30s during the day on sunday. so, yeah, cold air is coming. and it looks like it will stick around right through the weekend. wild crowd stretching police thin, but new rules for who foots the bill. vdot knows the beltway looks like this in the tyson's area. that's why they're working to add a new lane here. but it's a race against time.
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it's easy for politicians to forget that taxpayer money actually comes out of your pocket. i'm peter franchot as comptroller i know you work hard for your money. that's why i make sure that most of you get your state refund in three days or less. with new technology we've collected over 3 billion dollars from tax evaders. that's more money for schools, roads and public safety. and i've led the fight in annapolis against wasteful spending. this is your money and i'll never forget that. peter franchot, maryland's comptroller. after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks.
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they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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it was a wild scene in arlington. a drunk map rn rap neighborinn police taking part in the pub crawl. this weekend, they will make a comeback. arrest link top county adopted new rules. organizers have to get a special events permit and they are responsible to reimburse the county for any crawl related expenses like extra police presence. halloween pub crawl will take
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place saturday night. >> we have learned a settlement in a civil suit between chris brown and a man here in d.c. is not yet a done deal. according to tmz, brown has agreed to pay that man $100,000 to drop the lawsuit, but we checked court records and the civil suit has not yet been pulled. brown pled guilty to civil assault for punching a man outside d.c. hotel last year. >> signs of progress one week after a deadly midair collision in frederick, maryland. the helicopter flight school reopened today. for the last week, everything was on hold since that crash killed three people who were inside a helicopter. the chopper was leaving the airport on a training exercise when it hit a small plane coming in for a landing. both people inside the plane were saved pie a special parachute. coming up, we'll be back with all the information about with all the information about the election
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disgraceful. a personal attack from a desperate candidate. that's how even republican leaders describe this false ad from... ed gillespe. the accusations aren't true. but they are exactly what you would expect from a d.c....
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lobbyist, who made millions lobbying for oil companies... and enron. who specialized in dirty tricks as a partisan operative... and now he is bringing them to virginia. mark warner is working to solve problems... ed gillespe and his attacks are the problem.
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going no where fast. backups are getting worse but time is running out to come up
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with a fix. and a woman in maryland was posing as a doctor's assistant treating hundreds of children before the truth was exposed. and your tax dollars spent at starbucks in in just one year. >> people are gaining the sl. >> what iteam is uncovering about government spending. tonight we have a team of reporters working new angles. let's begin with the election. >> stakes are high particularly in the maryland race for governor. hillary clinton spoke just a few hours a go to rally support for apthnthony brown. dars cidarcy spencer has the la minute push to win other voters. >> reporter: yeah, hillary clinton's speech was interrupted two times this afternoon by
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hecklers. they were pushing for more attention to be brought to immigration reform. they were escorted out of the coliseum. after that, it was pretty much peaceful. today is the last day for early voting. that was the rear clinton to be here today, get the voters out to vote. she is the latest in the big democrats who have come here to bring star power to maryland in the governor's race. the brown campaign believes she is obviously a respected person and someone people will listen to and she he says come out and vote for lieutenant governor brown. it is a very tight race, more tight than a lot of people thought it would be. so they're hoping to bring out some big democratic names to get more people to come out to vote.
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now, today clinton hit on shaom women's issues to get the crowd fired up. >> anthony brown will never resort to shaming and blaming women. he will never permit the insurance companies to deny coverage for contraception. and then say buy >> reporter: so again there were hecklers that interrupted the speech. but hillary clinton made it clear that she supports immigration reform. we mentioned today is the last day for early voting here in the state of maryland. those polls close at 8:00. now, larry hogan did issue a statement this evening saying that this was sort of a desperate effort by the democrats bringing hillary here. they say it is a failed campaign. darcy spencer, news 4. before you head to the poll,
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you can learn more about all the candidates on our website, czech oheck out the first read section. new at 6:00, a maryland woman facing more than 20 years in prison after treating hundreds of children without a medical license. shawna gunter admitted to forging documents at a pediatrician's office in centreville last year. she treated homore than 200 children and wrote more than 400 prescriptions. she also pled guilty to stealing money from another doctor. sdloo we have received word that some student this is alexandro school tomorrow. george mason elementary school will be closed because oa issue. school officials say the students will not have to make up the time that is lost. we've also just learned that prince george's county school officials say students would do not meet tomorrow's deadline for
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immunizations will not be forced to stay home. as of last week, 3,000 students still needed their shots. today school officials said they would give students until next wednesday to provide documentation before they're kept away from the classroom. the food and drug administration just approved a new vaccine for deadly type of meningitis. it protects against a storm of bacterial meningitis that is fatal in 10% to 15% of patients. the fda fast tracked the approval process after outbreaks on two college campuses last year. the vaccine must be given in three doses over the course of six months. just last month, a george town university student died after contracting bacterial meningitis. there is trech stretch beltway recognize as horrible. it is backed up nearly anytime of day. inner loop at the american
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legion blimg. adam tuss is there with why the time i >> reporter: vdot knows it needs another lane here. the inner loop is absolutely loaded up and barely moving. but the new problem, the weather. when the temperature drops, construction here has to stop. the inner loop is so slow that vdot is adding another lane. but it's a race against time and weather at this point. you see, you can't lay down any final pavement if the it temperature dips below 40 degrees. working hard to get the lane open for drivers by the end of the year. if we are unable to do that, it would open in the spring. >> reporter: don't tell ashley parker how bad relief is needed. she's worked in tyson's corner for the past 15 years and says she's never seen the inner loop so bad. >> it's horrible. all hours of the day.
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i i tried morning, late at thid, 7:00ish, and that connection there -- >> rep isn't even a traffic trend anymore, just reality. if you're going to use the inner loop, you most likely will be sitting a long time. so what is the problem some well, blame merging for starters. and add insult to injury, the new beltway express lanes that merge back in to the regular lanes aren't helping. al to do is listen to the driver frustration about it all. >> i'm from l.a.. i thought l.a. was bad. but, no, the traffic here is disgusting. i don't at that time beltway for a reason. and that's because i can't deal with it. >> reporter: he should tell us what he really thinks. back here live, as the traffic fries to make its way tonight. but a lot of drivers tell us they simply don't use this stretch of the beltway any more because it's just the not reliable. adam tuss, news 4.
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calls for change are growing louder. what critics are doing ahead of this weekend's football game to add pressure on the red skins to change their name. >> a campaign on social media and now a new daily that keeps a popular virginia business from closing. and we're talking about the coldest air of the season. an area of low pressure making its way our way. that area of low pressure not the only bringing cold air, but it's bringing the chance for shower activity and windchills in the 2.
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ahead of sunday's game, a new radio ad is playing in minnesota encouraging people to actively protest the name redskins. >> show your support, oppose racism. join the protests which will assemble at 10:00 a.m. at the university of minnesota. join us and stand on the right side of history. >> hundreds turned out last november. dan scheider has said he will never change the name. we're learning new details tonight about a study that is getting a lot of attention online. for the first time ever, apple ceo tim cook is acknowledging he's gay. tonight we know why he's finally decided to share his story. he says he can help others by talking about his sexual orientation. he says he wants to continue being the best ceo he can and he
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wants to continue advocating for the cause. the end of the season is not the end of an ice cream tradition in prince william county. kline's freeze will not be closing for good next month as once feared. two weeks ago, the property was sold and the future was this doubt. today the owners tell news 4 their new landlord is allowing them to continue to operate there for at least one more year. news 4 iteam uncovered secret government spending at starbucks. >> we're spending public money, taxpayer dollars. and we ought to account for it. >> the one federal government agency that spent tens of thousands of dollars on coffee
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tax dollars spent at starbucks. in fact one federal agency spent tens of thousands of dollars in just one rear. >> and the public wouldn't even have nope about it if not for a review by the news 4 iteam.yrea. .ear.d the public wouldn >> a. >> odds are you've never heard of micro purchases. thousands of federal workers are issued taxpayer credit cards as long as they buy items less than $3,000 or micro purchases. they can simply swipe and buy. and pbl nobody will ever know what they bought. they hit one of the starbucks
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here in d.c.. another in waldorf, ocean city, too. and in nearly a dozen other cities nationwid including $10,000 worth of purchases at a star bucks in alameda, california. u.s. department of homeland security using government taxpayer funded purchase cards, $30,000 worth of starbucks. they will not tell us what they bought. why they bought it. nor are they required to release that information to the public. in fact the public likely never would have known if the news 4 e records. >> when you have $10,000 being spent at one starbucks by dhs employ years in one city in six months, someone's abusing the purchasing permission that we have given them. >> reporter: it took us months and intervention by this congressman for us to find even
6:44 pm
some details. more on that in a moment. but first -- we wanted to know how much taxpayer money the government spends on these mysterious micro purchases. our review found about $20 billion in just about the course of a year. we asked all of these other major federal agencies based here in d.c. for their micro purchase shopping lists. and all refused. >> we're spending public money, we're spending other people's money, taxpayer dollars. and we ought to account for it. >> reporter: brian miller says those government credit cards and micro purchases are supposed to be used for emergencies for the unforeseen. and he says they have been abused in the past. our review found cards used for purchases at j krchlc penny, fo memberships, and at the general services administration. >> we have a case where high ranking official used the purchase card to purchase hotel
6:45 pm
rooms and spas. >> reporter: miller says they shouldn't be used for $5 coffee drinks. if the government wants to buy coffee, it should gee throug t go through the normal procurement process. the president signed a law ordering better records be kept and that credit checks be given to card holders so those with poor credit histories don't misuse their card. >> obviously people have gained the system in spite of changing the law back in 2012. >> reporter: what about the coffee shop card swipes? after the iteam learned of the $30,000 spent by the department of homeland security in recent month, the congressman called the auditor before his committee. and helda and asked her about some of those purchases including the $10,000 spent with with the baristas in california. >> are you aware that those purchases took place on the credit card, government credit cards? >> a majority of those purchases were to furnish coffee for the
6:46 pm
dining pantries on board cutters. >> reporter: coast guard cutter vessels. but she couldn't say how and why the rest of the money was spent. watch dogs say misuse is are more difficult to mask if federal agencies simply released their shopping list to the public. we checked with several large federal agencies, and all but one, the u.s. department of interior, declined. n our freedom of information request to get back. >> surprising information. thank you, scott. to see a breakdown of how much each federal agency is spending on these micro purchases, go to the website and click on investigations. we have breaking news here, the man police -- pennsylvania state police have been surge r searching for for several weeks now has been caught. his name eric frein. he's accused of shooting two
6:47 pm
state troopers and killing one of them. since that murder, he has been the subject of an intense search in that state. we to not though yet exactly where he was found. we'll have the latest details tonight on our broadcast at 11:00. and throughout the evening on it has been a long fright frigg manhunt and now maybe they can celebrate halloween. >> yeah, looks good for them. for us, the weather looks fantastic for the trick-or-treaters outside. just going to be a little bit on the chilly side. we'll show you what is happening across our region. very nice evening, but, yeah, it's cold. 6:10 the sun went down. sunset continues to get sooner and sooner. on sunday that sun will go down around 5:00 in the afternoon. ouch. 58 degrees currently with temperatures falling to around 56 by 7:00. down about 51 rather chilly at 11:00 tonight. already 50 ingaithersburg.
6:48 pm
no rain on the radar. this is just ground clutter. tomorrow mostly cloudy, school, but still nice. temperatures 55 to about 60. so we're not worried about anything tomorrow. and most of the day should be nice. this is what we're worried about. the cold on saturday and sunday. windchill will be around 43 at 8:00 saturday night. cold, right? take a look at sunday morning. 26 in d.c., low 20s back towards the west. it brings teens back toward the mountains of west virginia. so we have very cold air coming if even around 11:00 in the morning. windchill still close to the freezing mark in many locations. so definitely going to be a cold weekend for us. 53 for a high on saturday with falling temperatures. 50% chance of scattered showers. and that's all they will be during the day on saturday. let's take a closer look at
6:49 pm
saturday and see what we have here. winds on the increase during the afternoon. 15 to 25 miles an hour. scattered showers, but not a washout. i wouldn't cancel any plans due to rain. but it would be cold. sunday, a lot of activities on sunday. 48 degrees. one of those activities, 9:00, i'll be hosting the event by the washington monument the. we go up towards lincoln memorial, right down through the capitol. walking for lung cancer. get out there, but just know it will be cold windchills in the 20s. you bring a weatherman out there to make it cold for you. monday, tuesday, wednesday, things get a lot better looking pretty good especially tuesday and wednesday. back into the mid-60s. bet you we know what rg3 wants on sunday. >> he and every else wants a win. and the doctors say he's ready. more importantly, jay gruden says he's ready.
6:50 pm
but why now? plus the king comes home. how lebron james feels about his return to cleveland. look
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it's easy for politicians to
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forget that taxpayer money actually comes out of your pocket. i'm peter franchot as comptroller i know you work hard for your money. that's why i make sure that most of you get your state refund in three days or less. with new technology we've collected over 3 billion dollars from tax evaders. that's more money for schools, roads and public safety. and i've led the fight in annapolis against wasteful spending. this is your money and i'll never forget that. peter franchot, maryland's comptroller. everybody knows rg going to play. but a lot of people wondering is he ready? >> i think we're all going to debate this for a long time.
6:54 pm
we may look back and say why did he play, or -- we have to see. is he healthy, will he start? the answer to all those questions is yes. jay gruden making it pishl today official today. he will start at long as he doesn't hurt himself the next a full participant.. doctors clearing him as 100% physically okay. so red skskins visit the minnes team on sunday. week after that, why did he rest him until the bye. >> we think he's healthy. the rob with the bye is everybody positions you got a bye, you have all the time to work. pl get five days off. not like we can have two a day and get them ready for the mek
6:55 pm
we next womb about if he's ready, she play. >> it's robert's choice. if he feels like he could be out there, that's what you tell the coaches. if he's in pain, tell the coach. so he looks good to me and we're excited to have him back. >> he's more healthy than most of the guys we have play being right now. >> so every is playing the decision because they don't want to see what happened in 2012, him not fully healthy and get back out on the felt. but redskins need to see if rg3 is the guy. so they have to get him back out there and see if he can run this offense. >> i heard a guy say yesterday it doesn't matter if he's perfectly well again because at this point in the year, no professional player is perfectly well. >> yeah, you have to assume they will keep the offense civil for help so he can gain the
6:56 pm
confidence. so the nationals making some moves today. they picked up the option on tod spann, declined on soriano. so most likely ryan zimmerman will he saend up at first. giants won the world sers last night. mike morse led the way. in his first season with san fran drove in the winning run. but the story all postseason, madison bum gne garner giving t giants their third world series since 2010. also named mvp of the series. for morse, it was a fitting end to the season. >> this is the greatest group of guys. from day one, we believed in ourselves when others didn't. we stuck by each other and just
6:57 pm
a group of guys like that, gets you to relax and calm you down. we fought our way to get here and it's well deserved. >> huge night this cleveland. lebron james back with the cavs. check out that sign. it too 190 gallons of ink, 300 hours to make and just a little while ago, lebron arrived at the arena ahead of tonight's opener. fans can't cape their excitement. the styling look. can't wait to see him out there. so the wizards are back in action tonight this orlando trying to rebound there last night's season opening loss. despite falling in miami, plenty to be excited about. we have some jerseys for you guys. these are the alternate jerseys. the actual ones that the wizards will wear against cleveland in a few weeks. so they're for you.
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but you have to return them. >> yeah, righ
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on our broadcast tonight, out of the sky. a human fireball as a on our broadcast tonight, out of the sky. a human fireball as a twin-engine aircraft crashes into a building filled with people at the airport in wichita. we will have the latest tonight on the dead and injured. defiant ride. a nurse quarantined at home over those fears of ebola leaves on a bike ride with the media and police following close behind. out and proud, powerful message from the ceo of apple, tim cook makes a very public announcement about his personal life and makes history in the process. and vegas undercover. an elaborate fbi sting caught on camera inside caesars palace, big money, high stakes and a big arrest. some have compared it to "ocean's 11." others think the feds went too far. nightly news begins now.


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