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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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breaking news from the beltway. two lanes getting by right now after a deadly crash. >> that's right. the crash happened before 2:00 this morning, just before clara barton parkway. you can see extensive damage to both cars in that video. maryland state police tell us six people and two cars were involved. one person was killed in the crash. we're working to find out what led to this. of course, we'll stay on top of it for you this morning. >> i passed that on the way in. it was horrific. >> bad one right there. >> i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. >> it is getting cold outside. maybe a little bit of rain
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today. >> a little bit of a breeze this morning. the real powerhouse wind machine turns on this afternoon. be ready #howling gale. ferocious winds coming our way. just enough rain to get you wet on your weekend. storm team 4 this weekend. the only drops in our immediate vicinity right now, frederick, maryland, westbound rain drops heading towards martinsburg, west virginia. off the coast, that will throw moisture our way. what are you going to need to wear on your way out your door? warm coat, hat and umbrella for later today. temperatures currently in the mid to upper 40s and even 50s. don't expect much of a rise in temperatures today. off and on shower chances throughout the daytime hours. temperatures stuck in the upper 40s and low 50s.
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morgantown for the mountaineers, plan on a windy, damp, cloudy kind of a day. we'll talk more about today and the real wind machine tomorrow. >> brace yourselves. thanks, chuck. looking for the person who shot three people in the chinatown neighborhood of the district last night at the corner of 7th in northwest d.c. right in front of verizon center. three people were taken to the hospital. all are expected to be okay. kathy leanier says her officers found the weapon. >> i had to triple police. kind of shocking that we would have anybody brave e some shots. >> reporter:
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about an hour later, a teen was shot. they're trying to figure out if the incidents are related. the agent worked on several high-profile cases in our area, not been charged with a crime. four people who pled guilty and were serving time have been released. several people were arrested and awaiting trial on a drug sting that took cocaine and heroin from the streets. the department of justice inspector general is investigating. > well-known political operative who has raised money for conservative candidates in national campaigns now facing charges of possessing child porn. jackie bensen with new details on those charges and reaction from people he worked with. >> direct mail fund-raising, seen here in an undated photo with newt gingrich.
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court documents indicate agents determined he used a home computer to view what are called peer to peer files showing very young children being forced to have sex with adults. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement d the office of homeland security allege to have found a camera placed in the bathroom with a clear view of the shower. most recently a partner at base connect. it's located in the prestigious office building add joining the madison hotel. >> we're doing the right thing for our clients. >> base connect experience and accomplishments. the company has raised millions in campaign funds for conservative political organizations and candidates in u.s., senate and house races across the country. records indicate the company
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known as cpac -- photos posted online. base connect ceo said we are shocked and dismayed at the recent allegations concerning michael centanni. effective immediately he is suspended. we intend to cooperate fully with the proper authorities in their investigation of this matter. jackie bensen, news 4, today. >> he is held without bond until his in connection court appearance, which is scheduled november 4th. a third student died from that school shooting at washington state. the 14-year-old died yesterday in the hospital a week after being shot. two other students remain in the hospital. the suspected shooter, popular freshman at marysville-pilcuhk
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turned the gun on himself after shooting his classmates. police are still looking for a motive in the case. the school will open monday. the first under the county's new policy that requires bars to have a permit. they were on hold after this wild scene over the summer. pub crawler stripping down to pretty much nothing, running from the police -- yeah, pretty much. then crashed his car. caused quite the scene. since then, arlington adopted new rules that forced organizers who obtain a special events permit for the crawl, making them responsible for reimbursing the county f. you can cast your ballot at four different locations, hay market town hall, james mccourt building and the woodbridge dmv.
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we'll be open between 8:30 this morning and 5:00 pm. as we head toward election day, keep up with the political news on our political blog. >> this weekend, some of you will be secelebrate a different national holiday. real-life halloween nightmare. trick-or-treating turns tragic trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment.
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this morning, federal investigators are on their way to california where virgin galactic crashed, killing a pilot and hurting another. sir richard branson will head to the mojave air and space port
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today. they were testing a new rocket fuel mixture when it crashed. it was designed to one day fly passengers on trips to outer space. s are dead, hit and killed while trick-or-treating in california. santa ana police say the girls were dressed in costumes when they were hit, between the ages of 13 and 15. the driver took off. >> right now, a giant lava flow in pahoa, hawaii, has people leaving their homes behind. this video was shot by an nbc news crew yesterday on a portion of the flow that already cooled down. the lava flow began slowing yesterday. lav , as we have learned, is unpredictable. it is narrow now but it could widen and shift at any time. people are being forced to evacuate their homes. a wedding is nearly derald
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by a water main break. last-ditch effort by a group of strangers that put the wedding back on track. good morning once again. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. make your plans to get outside and enjoy the weekend, be ready. the weather will have a big impact on what you're going to do and when you're going to do it this weekend. crazy wind and cold coming our crazy wind and cold coming our way. thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you, cable because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes and get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two years. sign up now and get $300 back with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke.
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pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a judge in maine says a nurse who treated ebola patients does not have to stay inside her home, quarantined. kaci hickox cared for patients in sierra leone. state of maine wanted her to stay inside her house for a 21-day incubation period that would have ended november 10. canada has stopped visas, the stop was a matter of preserving public health. the ban appli to workers, student and visitor visas for people who have been in a country with widespread ebola transmission. applications already filed will not be processed. today, arlington is working to keep its residents safe and warm this winter, opening this afternoon, 15th street north near the metro station.
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it will be open every day from 4:00 to 9:00 in the morning until march 31st next year. the shelter provides meals, laundry and other services for 74 people at a time. and this morning, a new jersey couple is waking up newlyweds. >> y wedding, it almost did not happen. take a look at this. >> whoa! >> six hours before the big day, a contractor broke a water main right outside the venue, cutting the water completely off during those repairs. with a little help, they were able to find a way to keep the water flowing in the venue. the bride and groom getting married as planned. the groom, no clue. no idea what happened. >> of course not. >> right? always, you men remain clueless. his new wife didn't tell him until a few minutes before they said "i do." >> it's all we can do just to focus on the aisle, saying "i do." we've got the ring. some things we have to worry
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about. >> most women would, you know, freak out. >> sure. >> most guys would be like oh, no and then be like, crack open the cooler, guys. let's get on the party bus. >> they didn't want him to know about it, because he had cold feet and they figured if he stepped in the water -- >> is that a weather joke? >> nonetheless, you should be ready for some serious cold to be moving in and following the cold, real wind. i mean a whole lot of it. gale warnings will be posted on the bay and open waters of the atlantic as well. really strong winds come ourg wa r way. you're going to feel it tomorrow. there are rain drops to be found. not too many just yet. there will be rain drops to be dodged as your planning to be out and about for later this afternoon. right now at national airport, this will be our high for the day. 52 degrees. north wind at 12 miles an hour. full cloud cover now. not any rain here in washington.
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there will be shower chances sbof on through the daylight hours today. plan on at least having to dodge a few drops. temperatures mid 40s in gaithersburg. these temperatures today probably aren't going to budge any more than a couple of degrees. our hourly temperature chart from our computer today, hovering between 49 and 50 degrees all the way through the daylight hours. weather impact will be on the moderate end for sure, becoming very windy and chilly today. again, the rainfall amounts are going to be what's most impressive. just the fact that it's going to be showery weather. chilly with showers. upper 40s and low 50s. the sun is back. i do mean a howling wind tomorrow, gusting between 40 and 50 miles an hour during the daylight hours tomorrow. be ready for a whole lot of wind. here is storm team 4 radar. couple of showers, loudoun county, frederick county, maryland. these are going southbound.
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more rain off the new jersey coastline. this is where an ever-deepening area of low pressure is get goinging. these are winter storm warnings, everybody. far southwest virginia and the mountains of western north carolina. some of those places could get six to eight inches of snow, in north carolina, mind you, today. for us, no snow in the forecast. couldn't rule out an occasional wet snowflake above 2,500 feet tonight. that's really about it. what you should expect, plenty of clouds today, passing showers, wind increasing as we go through the daylight hours. here is your future weather forecast, showers off and on during the afternoon today and shower chances fading away during the overnight hours tonight. we'll have sunshine back tomorrow but showers will be a big part of your day outside today. maybe you're making the drive over to fedex field. navy and notre dame kicking it off at 8:00 tonight. rain should be over by then. if you want to see your game on
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the 9:00 show this morning, tell me who's playing, when they're playing and where they're playing @chuckbell4. a whole lot of wind this weekend. sunshine is back for tomorrow. monday, the wind is gone. could be a cold start monday morning. most of the suburbs will probably get their first killing freeze of the season monday morning. be ready for that. >> good to know. thanks, chuck. set your clocks back an hour before you to go to bed tonight so you can have an extra hour to sleep, stay up or perhaps go out. metro will be open until 3:00 am. it's also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke alarm. >> you can also honor the lives of those who have passed. news 4's erika gonzalez explains the latin american tradition day of the dead and how you can take part in this global event right here in washington, d.c. >> reporter: halloween isn't the
6:20 am
only thing being celebrated in the month of october. in the mexican and central american cultures, dia de muertos, or day of the dead, which runs through november 2nd, is not about death but the celebration of life. skulls and skeletons are meant to be a jubilant display of loved ones transitioning from this life into the spirit realm. >> you have beauty as a spirit as you have beauty as a human being. the spirit is taking care of your families. >> reporter: with the smithsonian latino center she tells me it's highlighted by elaborate face painting and rituals. altars are built with bright flowers. in the evening, many take to the streets for parades. it's a time to celebrate the
6:21 am
good life lived and ask for council. >> should i be divorced? should i get married? should i invest in this? >> reporter: but if you didn't grow up practicing this, how would you even know about it, much less pass it on as a tradition? with the helpative three-day festival at the smithsonian, that's what emily key tries to do. >> at the national museum of american indian and national museum of american history. >> reporter: whether it's your dead or already part of your family tradition, it's just days away. it's being called the future of fund-raising. how ten bucks can put you in the room with your f
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inspiring story that links people with their favorite celebrities all while making money foday. >> imagine your ten bucks will buy a chance to make it happen. harry smith reports. >> reporter: only arnold schwarzenegger would have a tank for a toy. and how cool would it be to get to ride along? or with your new best friend,
6:25 am
j.lo. welcome to the future of philanthropy. $10 raffle ticket, you could win a walk down the red carpet with george clooney. >> $10 a day, which is probably what i'm worth at this point. but we raised a million. >> turned charity, celebrity and social media into a business. it starts with a funny video. >> left eye twitching every time you say the word gili. >> in it is a pitch at a chance for an experience. >> we raised $3 million in that first year. this year, we did that in just january. >> what do you think you're going to do this year? >> we're on par to raise $20 million. >> rep seth rogen recently invited fans to buy a chance to be his date at a grown-up prom, fund-raiser for alzheimer's research. >> we very quickly and without a ton of effort raised $100,000.
6:26 am
>> an advocate whose mother-in-law suffered with alzheimer's for years. >> i want to ask if you'll go to prom with me. >> are you serious? >> uh-huh. >> the company recently partnered with rogen's group so she was going to the prom anyway but she decided to enter for a chance to go with seth. the big night was like a story your friends might not believe. the giant limo and then a walk down the red carpet. >> so, is this your dream come true? >> it's pretty freakin' awesome. >> money was raised. a cause was served and a good time was had by all. >> thank you all so much for coming. >> repor harry smith, nbc news, hollywood. >> very cool. coming up on the run, the race to find a man who attacked a d.c. police officer with an ax. and if investigators say this is a random act or targeted one.
6:27 am
ra the way. storm team 4 chuck bell says storm team 4 chuck bell says today will be a stay in storhi, are we still on fors today witomorrow?tay in tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles
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on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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breaking news on the beltway this morning. take a live look at the two lanes getting by right now after a deadly crash as traffic picks up. we're seeing a good amount of congestion on this part of the inner loop. this happened before 2:00 am on the inner loop before clara
6:30 am
barton parkway before you get to river road. look how bad this accident was. video into our newsroom showing some extensive damage to both the vehicles that are involved. we know that six people were hurt in all this. or one person was killed. six people were involved in this. there were five others that were injured. we're working right now to find out the conditions of those and also what led up to this crash. e do want to begin with this developing story on the beltway right now. and we are going to have more on that coming up later in the next half hour or so. the weather is also a big talker. >> of course. good morning on this saturday morning. i'm adam tuss. this is angie goff. we'll get to chuck bell right now, who will tell us we need to bundle up right now, right, chuck? >> i definitely have a wind breaker ready to go. the whole second half or second two-thirds of your weekend promise to be really windy around here.
6:31 am
be ready for it, everybody. don't do any outdoor burning this weekend for sure. little bit of light rain early this morning. frederick county, washington county, maryland, these rain drops are going westbound, headed out toward martinsburg, cable town, panhandle of west virginia right now. more rain on the new jersey coastline. that is also coming westbound. rain chances are increasing with time. most of the rain chances will be during the daylight hours. currently we're in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. that's it, everybody. temperatures won't budge much today. highs today only pretty much right where we are, in the upper 40s and low 50s. showers today. wind cranking up this afternoon and tonight. dangerously high winds tomorrow, which could gust well over 40 miles per hour tomorrow. that could really cause some problems. going up to penn state today, maryland and the nittany lions, temperatures in the 40s with passing showers and lot of wind. bundle up if you're headed to that game.
6:32 am
tell me who's playing, when they're playing and where and we'll get on as many as we can between 9:00 and 10:00. >> chuck, thanks. an ax attack on a police officer in the district. this happened early yesterday morning near 12th and quincy streets in northeast. not far from catholic university. news 4's derrick ward reports. >> reporter: d.c. neighborhood, revel rechlt s, real police officers were passion out leaflets of a description of the man who did this. >> i find it very appalling. >> reporte police are looking for a man who attacked an officer on patrol with an ax on quincy street. he swung the ax into the driver's side window of the cruiser. he was hurt trying to arrest the man who got away.
6:33 am
>> he did sustain injury but it wasn't from the ax. so i would rather see the ax embed in the car than in my officer. >> people get randomly attacked all the time. i've seen someone get randomly attacked or robbed on the street and nothing is said or done about it, so -- suspected cop killer in pennsylvania has been denied bill and will stay in jail until his trial. eric frein was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder yesterday. frein spent 48 days on the run in the woods. u.s. marshals caught him at an abandoned resort 23 miles from the barracks. >> identified myself, told him to put his hands up, told him to get on the ground and he got on the ground.
6:34 am
>> the coast of the manhunt is about $10 million. a man in prince george's county will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a high school student as the teen walked to school. trevon bennett to life plus 30 years in prison. the mother says she's been waiting two years for justice. ross was an honor student in district heights. happening today, maryland state police have a warning for drivers. you must move over when you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road. all this comes after a string of accidents involving troopers in traffic stops. the beltway. is it one of the places where you see the most incidents? >> that's been the most problems, yes. >> reporter: on the top side of the beltway early morning june 2nd after pulling over someone for speeding. as he was writing his report, that's when it happened. his car crushed by a tractor trailer. >> he hit directly behind where
6:35 am
my head was to be, passenger side door, scraped all the side of the car, jack knifed and crashed ahead of me. >> reporter: when a trooper is pulled over on the side of the road, you're not supposed to go flying by. you're supposed to pull over safely into the next lane or, at the very least, slow down. when police make a stop by the side of the road, they angle their car out into traffic. they do that on purpose, to give them a little bit more cover. that's even more reason why you should pull into the next lane, if you can. a new enforcement campaign is coming up. trooper alesandro abrissi sums it up for us. >> if you're a tow truck driver or an everyday person, you want that safety. >> that's right. and state police tell us a stepped-up move over law enforcement campaign will kick
6:36 am
off around the holidays. this is the last weekend before tuesday's election. we are keeping an eye on several key races in our region. in the district you will decide on a new mayor. for the first time you will also vote for the district's attorney general. in maryland, you will elect a new governor. and in virginia, we are keeping an eye on the u.s. senate race. it could change the balance of power on capitol hill. we're looking at virginia's tenth congressional district, a new representative for the first time in more than 30 years. stay with news 4 for complete coverage on election day. we'll have crews across the district, maryland and virginia. you can always go to there, you'll find your voting place. halloween is over. and you cannot eat all that candy yourself, right? why not give it to our troops? the effort under way to ship goods to soldiers. how you can help for less than $20. and d.c. police putting more eyes on your neighborhood without putting more boots on
6:37 am
o want to grab a jacket, maybe an umbrella, too, today. when you can expect a damper weekend forecast coming up. we'll check in wit
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6:39 am
happening today, a huge humanitarian effort kicks off in northern virginia to help refugees in turkey fleeing isis, leaving their homes in iraq and syria. students from the pinnacle academy in fairfax county helped to kick off the program with the first donated blankets. visit our website, and search blankets. troops deployed overseas still got to enjoy halloween this year. care packages, treats for troops. take a look at these pictures
6:40 am
from the organization, candies, magazines and other goodies were delivered to soldiers in afghanistan just too toim for halloween, walter reed medical center in bethesda so kids of wounded warriors could trick or treat inside the facility yesterday. if you would like to donate, check out treats for a new partnership in d.c. -- >> i'll take it from there. >> there you go. >> will give police access to more cameras in your neighborhood called capital shield. video sharing partnership between police, businesses and capital system security. it gives law enforcement access to hundreds of new security cameras. chief kathy lanier call it is a huge step. >> the ability for us to be able to have extra sets of eyes in thousands of places that we may need to access instantly, if there is an emergency or crisis situation going on, this is a huge, huge step for us.
6:41 am
>> castle systems is adding 300 new systems and 1,000 cameras to businesses participating in the program. you've heard about protecting yourself from identity theft. but how can you protect your kids? how to identify if you're a victimative new scam targeting your little one. and a w meaning to that brave super mom. mothers with more kids may be better off than those that have only one. angie, you're better off. you have two kids now. you're going to be the perfect mom. i know you are. for us, facing the old man wind machine in the washington area. weather will mess up parts of weather will mess up parts of your weekend and probably you
6:42 am
after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
6:43 am
6:44 am
trying to look a lot like christmas today in walmart, quick turnover to get ready for the holiday shopping season, doubling the number of discounts and deals starting today, 20,000 roll backs with the focus on toys and gadgets. and i was this whole foods yesterday and already in the bakery section, nothing but candy canes, pumpkin pies. >> a lot of places have the the had them up for months in some places. the "today" show is next on nbc 4. >> erica hill and lester holt join us live from new york. good morning. >> great to see you guys.
6:45 am
>> what caused it, live in california's mojave desert where the crash of the virgin atlantic space train has gotten under way. nik wallenda's daring walk. willie geist is hosting that event. will he join us live. holiday shopping, the deals started pretty early this year. what's worth buying now and the items you can hold off on a bit. touching marriage proposal born out of tragedy. we predict this one just might melt your heart. much more right here on "today." >> i know you're running the new york city marathon so good luck. >> thanks and th your sweet tweet yesterday, angie. i really appreciate it. >> you bet. the more kids you have, the more productive you are, according to a new study at the federal reserve bank of st. louis. moms with two or more children we more productive than those
6:46 am
with one child or no children at all. it wasn't just good news for mothers. it also concluded that dads out there with at least two kids are more productive than childless men. it provides good news for working parents like you, adam. >> i feel good already. if you are a parent like us, here is a warning about a fraud trend targeting children. any child with a social security number could be a target. candice mccowan let's us know what you could do to fight it. >> i got junk mail in her name for capital one. i opened that up and i was wanting for her to upgrade to another credit card, i called capital one. >> reporter: he isn't talking about a credit card offer for him but for his 7-year-old daughter at the time. >> i was upset, hurt and i can't believe somebody would do that to their own children. >> you're right. it was a family member who took his daughter's social security number and opened two credit
6:47 am
cards. >> i never thought about anything to do with credit cards or how anybody could even do that. >> reporter: law enforce sa it's something every parent should be on the lookout for, using fake name with his the child's real social security number called a synthetic i.d. to open bank accounts and credit cards. child's i.d.s are targets because no one is monitoring their credit. >> it may be several years before that child realizes when they go to try to get credit that something has been compromised. or records are an easy way for social security numbers to be stolen. instead -- >> use the last four or ask the doctor if they can generate some patient i.d. number that would be unique to your child so that you're not giving out that social security number. >> reporter: he warn s get ahea of the thieves. cleaning up his daughter's credit wasn't easy. >> it took months.
6:48 am
some people didn't want to talk to you. >> synthetic i.d.s can generate anywhere from $70,000 to $80,000 per i.d. flood advisory for the windy city all expired just because of this, wind carrying huge waves into roads causing massive flooding, you can see right there. some of the waves were measured at 23 feet. >> whoa! >> holy cow! >> yeah. >> wow, very close call right there. the wind even tearing down that streetlight, as you saw. drivers on the road. lanes on the highway had to be shut down as crews worked to remove all the water out there. not even winter yet and chicago getting hit so hard. >> this is exactly the kind of wind event that brought down the ship many years ago and that's the wind machine that's coming our way for tonight and for tomorrow.
6:49 am
i say dangerous winds. possibility around here tomorrow could bring down branchs and trees. be extra careful. of course, if you have a high profile vehicle, rv or something like that, be careful, especially tonight into tomorrow. the other thing you need to be paying attention to, everybody, back to standard time we go tonight. what does that mean? it means the end of daylight savings time. clocks back at bedtime tonight will impact our sunset as well at 6:08 pm. tomorrow, how bad does this sound? 5:07 pm tomorrow afternoon. that's when the sun goes down. sun will be setting tomorrow before 5:00 within two weeks, everybody. so, good-bye warm weather season. hello, winter. temperatures outside, 52 at national airport. temperatures will not budge at all during the day today. 45 in gaithersberg, 46 in warrenton.
6:50 am
hometown forecast, virginia, 47 at 8:00 am, showers likely during the afternoon hours. showering coming to an end this evening, turning breezy to windy tonight into early tomorrow. how much rain really depends where you live. farther east and south you live, the more rain you'll get today. could get potentially up to an inch of rain along the western shore of the bay. probably only a tenth of an inch of rain or less west of the blue ridge into the shenandoah valley. fall color quickly coming to an end. peak foliage in the northern and western suburbs. clouds won't be much of a leaf peeping day today. those leaves will come down in buckets tomorrow with all the wind. showers, heavy rain now on the jersey coastline. check these out. these are winter storm warnings. far southwest virginia and right along the spine of the smoky mountains there, in western north carolina, 4 to 6" of snow.
6:51 am
no snow for us. temperatures in the upper 40s, low 50s. heaviest rain east of i-95 today. future weather forecast by lunchtime today, everybody has a pretty good chance of getting showers in on them. by 5:00, 6:00 this evening, most of the rain is beginning to taper off. skies will clear out a bit as the wind really starts to crank up. for your saturday evening, temperature lbs in the 40s. wind will be in that 20 to 40-mile-per-hour range. increasing tomorrow. blacksburg today, boston college at virginia tech, with quite a wind down there, you'll want to bundle up if you're heading down toward that one. send me a tweet @chuckbell 4. your seven-day forecast now, windy, windy, windy tonight and tomorrow. good weather for the election on tuesday. no weather problems. you'll have to get out there and vote. chance of showers later next week but at least temperatures back closer to average.
6:52 am
>> thanks, chuck. track work happening on every metro line. melissa mollet has what you need to know before boarding. >> no major station closures but expect fewer trains on metro this weekend. track work on all the lines. trains will operate every 20 minutes on the orange, silver, blue, yellow and green lines. and a reminder, clocks fall back at 2:00 am sunday for daylight saving time. metro says it will stay open until its normal 3:00 am closing time. >> thanks, melissa. rgo us. what had his wife a little concerned. >> little red and my wife was wondering what i was. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check
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at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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for the first time in a month, robert griffin iii took questions from the media. he told us that he could have played on monday night. the team was being cautious. so, that's why he sat out. >> better safe than sorry with rg3 right now. he told news 4's diana russini he is ready to go tomorrow. >> coach, doctors, trainers, everybody working together, you know, to make sure i had the proper amount of time to be ready to go back out there. >> reporter: feeling a little nervous but excited to get out
6:56 am
on the field, rg3 tas he's ready. it's time. >> all these guys making points down the field, short games, long games and that's what you want. and i look forward to being able to dish it out to them. >> reporter: griffin says during his time recuperating from the injury, he spent twice as much time as he normally does watching film. >> my eyes were a little red and my wife was wondering what i was doing but you always work hard. >> more big news here at redskins park, d'angelo hall, who tore his achilles and got surgery in september tore it again. he apparently was walking down the stairs at nighttime, slipped on the stairs on his way down to the kitchen. he already had surgery the other day. jay gruden says he expects him to return next season. diane russini, news 4 sports. >> looking forward to getting
6:57 am
and goblins. e fiel >> serious "wizard of oz" theme. >> we have a couple of picks here. there's the family. >> flying monkey, robert is? >> funny thing is, he didn't know about his costume until yesterday. >> annabelle and june, dorothy and the cowardly lion. >> and there's my kids. she was a princess. >> we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes. >> we're back cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
6:58 am
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