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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 20, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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suspect's and that man remains in custody now. we're learning more about his past in iowa. mark segraves now with the developm from d.c. superior court. mark? >> r that's right, jim. today we learn that capheim told a guard at the white house he had driven from iowa to visit president obama. and then told secret service he had had a gun. and today we learn that two years ago in iowa, he changed his . secret service agents were searching rj capheim's car outside of the whi at the same time the new head of the secret service was testifyi on capitol hill about recent security breaches at the according to court records, rj capheim approd a guard at the white hous saying he had an appointment with the president. said the president hd him directly and invited him to visit. th made secret service agents suspicious. asked if they could search his car and capheim said yes, telling them he had a gun
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inside. th found a marlin lever action 3030 rifle, fully loaded in the back seat with an additional 36 rounds of ammunition, as well as a knife. at that point, he was placed un. the 43-year-old capheim told police he drove to d.c. from his home in davenport, iowa, where he reportedly works as an inventor. rec reveal the 43-year-old capheim had been charged with several traffic violations over the years, and in 2012, changed his name from rachel to rj to make it easier for him to get a job. now, rj capheim will be back in dc superior court before a judge tomorrow morning. right now he's only facing one charge of carrying an illegal rifle, but more charges could be added tomorrow. and there's no indication that he made any threats or that anyone was injured during the incident at the white house. reporting live from d.c. spear you are court, mark segraves, a local nurse accused of
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sexually abusing hospital patients was apparently fired several times before he was ever charged with a crime. documents show jared kline told the maryland nursing board he had be terminated from four different facilities for compla related to inapprope touching. those hospitals include gw, washingt hospital center, united medical a a facility in prince the board only suspended kline's license earlier this week. police hav released a sketch within the past hour. investigats say this man approach a woman at the vienna metro station last wednesday and forced her to drive him to several places at gunpoint. he had her withdraw cash. he made several purchases. the woman was not injured. police now believe the same man was involved in a carjacking on nutlee street in fairfax earlier this month. he confessed to a news w the guy accused of starting a fire that destroyed a home in rockville yeste has been charged with arson.
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court documents say carlos peralta lived in e house with several roommates. three were inse when the fire started. peralta's sister told police her brother suffers from schizophre and is an alcoholic. say he also confessed to officers. in just a couple hours now, president oba will address the nation with a plan to take executive action on immigration . it could have a big impact on several immigrant communities in maryland. and that has people on both sides of the issue divided. our chris gordon is in langely park right now, a community that will be watching tonight's speech closely. chris? >> reporte good evening, jim. we are here because of the large immigrant population, especially from central america. be me, new hampshire avenue and university, the internatiol crossroads. and on one side, prince george's the other, montgomery coun family here, many families watching tonight, wondering how the president's words will
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affect their this is the lobby of kasa de maryland, the local immigrant advocacy organization. ruth diaz left el salvador and now lives in prince george county. this announcement from president obama will mean a lot to me. this will be -- this will mean i will be able to find work, be able to suppo my family. and create a better future. >>r: claudia came from bolivia with her mother, rosemary, who was a college professor, but left looking for a better future for her daughter.o years ago, presidents executive order clear the way for immigrant children to stay. claudia attends montgomery college no but worries about her mother. >> i'm really hoping that he extends daka, especially for my mother and for other dreamers who qualify for it. >> repor the executive director, torres, calls the president's speech a great
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victory, but says -- >> i mean, it's just the beginning. speaking about only 40% of our family that are going to be liberated by this. still we have 60% of them -- 6 million immigrants still undocument we are asking the congress to finish the job. >> r but opponents of kasa like the organization help save maryland say immigrants are already overcrowding local public schools. >> montgomery county, maryland. so we are the epicenter of the illegal alien problem in maryland.d i'm hoping larry hog new governor, will start fighting this. >> rep cast ade maryland will hold a watch party and march to the white hoe and k the president. that's the latest live in langely park. back to you, jim and doreen. a programming note. news4 will carry president obama's address live. our coverage begins tonight at 8:00. afr the speech, we'll join "the biggest loser" in progress.
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> student are steg away from the books tonight to pray at florida state university after a shooting overnight on campus sent three people to the hospital and on-campus vigil for the wounded starts in two hours. earlier today, police confirmed the shooter was a lawyer and fsu alum named myron may. officers killed him in a shootout after he opened fire in the university's library. it was full of students studying for final exams. one student says the books he checked out literally saved his . >> two of the books that i had checked out had a bullet hole in them. >> you always think that it's going to happen somewhere else and it actually happens here, my first semester here. it's just kind of crazy. >> investigators think the gunman was in a state of crisis and he feared the government was targeting him. a security scare briefly had some federal workers on lockdown. chopper 4 flew over the food and administra campus in
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white oak and silver spring this morning. reported an unauthor weapon inside a locked car there. we have no confirmation yet on whether there a weapon, and/or what it was. it created some panic, but investigats responded and quickly gave the all-clear. police have not identified the person of interest who is now > now to the weather. another blast of cold air moving into our region. this as people in western new york deal with several more feet of snow. let's start with doug in storm center 4, tracking conditions for us. hi, doug. >> and tracking it all out there for you too. watching those lake-effect sno still going on around the city of buffalo. most just down to the south of buffalo. so reports now of over 80 inches in couple of days. th snow streamer continuing to move south of the buffalo area right now. now, current temperatures around our region, 49 in d.c. we are up in the 50s today, but 26 in columbus, ohio.
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much colder air continuing to make its way in across our region. we in for a cold night tonight. e rest of this evening, cold temperatur wil fall and winds pick up as they have alrea done so. down to 38 degrees at 11:00 tonight. get ready, bundle up. tomorrow will another frigid day. much more in the forecast coming up in a minute >> thanks, doug. up in new york now, that record -- those record-breaking winter storms are blamed on at least ten deaths. nbc's sarah dolloff shows how that area is dealing with those conditions. >> reporte a city blanketed in snow. residents racing around the clock to dig out before they get pummeleded wit more snow. >> are snow piles up this high over here. >> this morning cleaning out the driveway and now just headed to the store to get more gas. >> rep front end loaders have been brought in to clear the streets, because the snow is so thick and heavy. homes are encased in the white stuff. some appear to have added a second story. others collapsed. state and local officials stress
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that residents should stay home and off the roads. >> people attempted to get into the car and to drive. that is a mistake. that is a mistake. it's a mistake for them personally, putting themselves in an unsafe position and making everybody's job harder. >> more snow is already on the way and those hardest hit are doing what they can to get what they can. to prepare for up to 3 more feet of snow expected to fall in the ne sarah dolloff, nbc news, new yo. >> right now wssc is working to fix a broken water main in maryland. the 60th one that's needed repair so far this week. we told you about the break last night along silver hill road, not far from suitland high school. t collins is at the scene with reaction from people who live nearby. hi, pat. >> r hi, doreen. take a look at this. they're wor lights here on silver hill road. they have been at it now for about 23 hours. they still have hours and hours
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to go before they get everything fixed here. how bad was this break? i've got pictures. take a look at exhibit a. this is the culprit. a 71-year-old water pipe. split open like a half smoke. it happened in the 5100 block of silver hill road. it happened in the dark hours of the night. and it sent water gushing all over the place. now they have been working on this thing all day long. but there was some gas lines down under, so they had to neutralize them before they could go after the pipes. this is not without conseque. eastbound lane of silver hill road blocked off at brooks drive. look at the traffic backed up on the eastbound lanes of silver hill road, waiting to make a detour down th it doesn't make for a happy comme home. >> if i had known, i wouldn't
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have come this way. it's terrible, it's ridiculous. need to fix it. >> reporte but they' trying to. >> well, let's hope they get it done. and there are some nearby businesses who had had a short day. or no day. without water. >> elite hair design. today no wash. no style. no water. mcdonald's, closed. no wat. no quarter pounder today? >> no -- and we are mad. >> reporte what are y going to do? >> i'm going another mcdonald's and i'll go to another one and r one. >> rep until you get that quarter pounder. >> that's right. this is sort of ironic. mcdonald's her sells water, bottled water. they just don't have any running water. >> look for another mcdonald's. that has running water. >> reporte yeah. what do you want? >> the very same thing, that wrap, it's awesome. the chicken wrap. >> yes, the best. >> reporte you're going to get one. >>sir. one way or the other. yes. >> rep but not here. >> not today.
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>> reporte tha you. > now the hope here is to have the water restored by about 11:00 tonight, to have the road fixed here by tomorrow night. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. local students walked out over a health scare on campus. how social media escalated amid a confirmed case > an article in "rolling stone" magazine has cast a bad light on the university of virginia. t we have reaction from students and staff about claims that that school is protecting its reputation at the expense of rape victims. > more trouble for bill cosby as outtakes from a recent interview capture headlines. w locals are reacting as another alleged victim comes
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within the past hour, u.s. senator mark warner weighed in on explosive rape allegations at the univer of virginia. warner said he's deeply troubled by the report, and he called for a thorough investigation. "rolling stone" magazine published a 9,000 word article on what it described as a culture of rape on the uva campus. it features accounts from female students at the school who say they were victimized. one woman says she was gang raped at a fraternity house but after being discouraged by classmates, waited nearly a year to tell an administrator. anotr victim claims she tried
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toind rape statistics but was told by school officials nobody wants to send their daughter to the rape school. uva president theresa sullivan says the school takes the issue of sexual misconduct seriously and has asked charlottesville po to investigate the rape alleged in the article. julie carey i in fairfax county with more on the impact across the commonweal. julie? >> reporte well, a harsh spotlighg cast on the university of virginia tonight. but conversations about campus sex assault have been taking place across the country for months now. in the commonwealth, a governor's task force is working on the issue, and governor e tonight says he is deeply disturbed by what he read in that "rolling stone" articl at the university of virginia en came together for a rape awareness rally. it was their response to a "rolling stone" article that suggests sexua assault victims
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are discouraged from reporting sex attacks. >> i feel it's incumbent upon the faculty and students to hold them accountable to move forward and much more aggressively on but others on campus have a more violent reaction, vandalizing the fraterni named in the story as the scene of an alleged gang rape, a signs with spray painted and windows broken out. governor mca issued a statement deeply disturbed by the allegations in the story. he says, quote, i've asked un officia to conduct a full review of all their policies and procedures, and have decided to bring an outside expert to assist in the effort. the governor's campus sex assault task force began meeting last month. county kirkland oversees for northern virgi community college. she testified yesterday before the task force and offered guidance how to improve campus response to sexua attacks. she believes students need to be able to report initially to a confidenti adv on campus
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who can lay out the options, sometim don't know what ution. procs they want to get into accident whether it's the police process or the student conduct process or now the title 9 process. going to someone who is a confiden support person to get all the options explained makes it easier for the person then to go forward. >> reporte now one of the s of force is fairfax county delegate eileen fillercorn. she tells me tonight she has made up her mind about one piece of legislation needed. she said she expects to put a bill in that would require law enfot agencies and campus police to report all campus sex assaults to commonwealth attorneys w. for now reporting live from fairfax county, i'm julie carey, > a grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri, could come down at any time now. and while police in that area are prepg for that, so too are they in our area.
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chris lawrence at the live desk now with some new information. chris? >> yeah, jim. d.c. police have cancelled all vacations this weeke for any officers in the district, special operations division. they want to be prepared in case there are any big protests here. the grand jur is investigating whether to indict officer darren wilson for shooting and killing michael brown. there have been some violent protests there in missouri and mostly peaceful demonstrations he in d.c. but officials here know this being the nations's capitol, a lot of people could come to protest whatever decision the grand ju makes. detectives are normally plain clothes but have been told to bring uniforms just in case something hap and they're needed on the street. this is not an all hands on deck situation, and only involves those officers who handle demonstr and crowdel control. at live desk, chris lawrence. thank you, chris. doug is back with more about our weather. seemed like we got a little bit of a bonus today. it was -- felt pretty good out there.
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>> nice day. >> and i'll tell you, sometimes i don't mi being wrong. >> that's the right kind of wrong. >> we went from 47 and said maybe 49. today was 57 degrees. we will take that all day long. so i apologize for g a little low, but hey, a pleasant surprise, wasn' it? let's take look and show how things are right now. 49 degrees, the current number. winds out of the northwest at 14. remember last night those winds were out of the south helping us to be on the warmer side. now they're out of the northwest and we're seeing those numbers start to drop. 39 in gaithersburg. 37 in winchester. 36 towards hagerstown. it is going to be a cold night. storm team 4 radar. no snow here, only area of snow toward the great lakes. notice this snow breaking out right in this area. that where the cold air really resides and that cold air moving in. up towards buffalo, one place that has seen a ton, there is a place called lancaster just south of buffalo.
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that area has now received over 80 inches of sn absolutely amazing, over two separate storm systems in the la couple days. 80 inches of snow for them. what about us? how much snow are we going to see for this entire winter? it's not going to be 80 inches. at least not for many of us. down to the south, i'm thinking this is my storm team four official winter outlook. 5 to 10 inches, well down to the south and through southern maryland. 10 to 18 inches. that includes waldorf, diehl, mechanicsv. what i'm thinking for you folks. in and around the i-90 corridor, including the d.c. metro, this is above average. average snowfall is 15 inches. i'm going 18 to 25. and then 25 to 50 back towards the west. last year damascus had close to 80 inches. some areas could get there again. i do expect th to be a very cold and very snowy forecast as far as the winter outlook is concerned. january, the coldest month, and it could be one gore the record books. that's all i'm going to say. 28 degrees the low temperature tonight. 19 in winchester. know you're going to be
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waking up to some very cold numbers tomorrow. you'll need the coats, gloves, hats, scarves. you know the deal. 37 for a high. wind chills in 20s all day. 45 on your saturday. 56 on sunday. now sunday will be dry throughout most of the day. we will see rain move in most likely around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. and some of that rain could be heavy at times sunday evening into the early overnight. d then anoth chance of some showers on monday. but most of monday will be dry too. look at the hig on monday. 69 degrees. we get to 57 on tuesday. 49 turkey day, thanksgiving, temperate of 47 degrees. right now, thanksgiving looking good for backyard football games happening thur two of you called me last year. call me this year, maybe i'll get somebody closer. i'm ready to go. >> okay, thank you, doug. so much snow right now in buffalo. the nfl moving out. dianna russini broke the story on twitter. we'll explain in sports where they're headed.
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new detai about the moments before an incident involving a son who is charged with shooting his own mother. in the hotseat, the makers of those potentially faulty takata airbags facing tough questions on
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. we firmly believe that what was intended to save lives took her life. >> an emotional moment on
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capitol as a woman is fighting for change in the wake of the death of her sister. that woman says it was a takata airbag that killed her sister. but the car she was in does not appear on the airbag maker's recall list. consumer reporter erika gonzales he to tell us why. erika? >> reporte yeah, vance. that's because takata's recall was initially proposed only for regions where it's hot and humid. but just this week, the national highway traff safety administ demand for a nationwi recall of those takata air bags. expanding beyd just the hot and humid regions. today on the hill, takata did express remorse, saying it is deeply sorry, but did not agree to expand the recall. the potential defects have been linked to at least four deaths, and dozens of injuries, includg the death of charlene, kim's sister, who you heard from earlier. charlene was a passenger in a subaru, and suffered a traumatic >> the doctors kept asking us,
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what had hit her in the head. something had to have hit her hard enough to cause such significt damage. >> it's not only kim and her family that have never waived wavered in th belief that that air bag caused her sister's death. but all of the physical evidence and indeed the police report at the ti to the air bag as the cause of that death. >> reporte takata has vowed to be transparent with the e going to stay on top of this story and bring more as it develops. vance? to you. >> a new effort to keep students safe. on thi being added to a popular cut-through days after a high school s was gunned down near the s >> reporte i'm darcy spencer county, where a health n prince scare caused students to walk out of school today. i'll tell how social media played a role in the panic,
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coming up in a live report. prices at the gas pump are down. travel is up. and all this could have a big impact on your holiday spending w at 6:00, what's keeping gas prices down and how long this co.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. > students say it's plagued by
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use, sex, and now the scene of a murder. tonight there is a new push to cut down on crime in an area known as "the cut" in woodbridge, virginia. that's where a teenager was killed last week. our kristin wright is there now to show us what the plan calls for. kristin? >> reporte the path is pitch-black right now without our lights. you wouldn't be able to see a thin a short-cut path to woodbridge highl known as "the cut" is now a tribute to 16-year-old brendan wilson, shot and killed here november 10th. neighbors tel me they have long complained about illegal on the path. they have fought for lights to deter crime. and now they may just get them. brendan's mother is hoping. >> but i haven't seen any lights as of yet. and until i see them up, i don't bee it until it's done. >> rep sever dominion virginia power flags on in the ground on "the cut" right now. the board of supervisors is
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fa tracking the installation of lights along the path. woodbridge sophomore lindsey uses "the cut" every day. her mother ped petitioned for lighting. >> it's like drug, sex, everything. >> you have se that. >> yeah. >> rep county officials say a large streetlight will go in at oakwood drive. it won't bring back her son, but brendan's motr hopes there is change. >> the prince william county and the school have known about this for a long time. i just hope this will take care of it. >> repor brendan wilson was killed during the day. his mother does not suggest that lights would have prevented him from being killed, but she does feel that safety improvements are important. we're told the county board of superviss is also talking to woodbr high school about a third lighr near the parking lot.
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in woodbridge, kristin wright, news4. >> thank you, kristin. > now to a separate case in woodbridge. are looking for a man in connection wit a deadly weekend shooting. arrest warrant has been issued for brian patterson. police say they have already arrested christopher coward. investigats say 19-year-ol christopr wear was shot and killed outside his home on keating drive last weekend. they say patterson was the gunman, a 15-year-old boy wa also shot and wounded after a > a woman in maryland is od. fighting for her life now after it appears she was shot by her own son. police say omari brown shot his mother yesterd in largo after an argument over money. the victim is said to be in critical condition now. news4 was there as officers arrested brown near prince ge community college. students say they did not get a text alert abo police activity near the school. the school is now changing
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protocols when it comes to notifying stude about off-campus incidents. > concerns about tuberculosis at a prince george's county high scho had some parents pulling their kids out of class today. health officials tried to calm their fears. news4's darcy spencer joins us live from potomac high school in oxon hill with more. hey, darcy. >> reporte well, there have been tuberculosis scares at schools before, but it never escalated to the point that childrene walking out of class, parents were driving up and taking their kids home. so what happened here? why did it escalate so much? social media had a lot to do with it. countless stu out of class at potomac high school in oxon hill because of a tubercul. >> that's my mom right there. i'm about to go home. >> i'm being a concerned parent. and also me being a bus driver, i don't think that we are getting enough information as
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far as the kids riding on our bus and everything like that. >> reporte health and school officials say the school is safe, but rumors and misinforma on social media have students and parents frightened. >> there's a lot of rumors on sl media and different ways of communicating is not something the school district controls, but we have community outlets, and these are ways in which we have also tried to allay any fears and panic and h hysteria. health officia say there is only one confirmed case of tuberculosis at the school, it's through close contact. those at riskre getting skin tested. some were positive, so they're getting furth screening. >> if you have a positive test, it does not necessarily mean you have t >> reporte a letter was spent home to parents, but the rumor mill and perhaps a misunderst abo how tb is spread has fueled a virtual
6:36 pm
panic. you left work today. >> yes, i did. >> rte to pick up your daughter. yes, i did. >> r where are y going now? >> i'm getting ready to go have her tested. >> reportee told that the studt who contracted tubercul is being treated and is doing just fine. again, no additional cases. there have been some positive skin tests, but testing is continuing. reporting live from oxon hill, darcy spencer news4. >> thanks, darcy. a local business has reason to celebra tonight. it's called custom ink. it's a custom order apparel shop, been named the nation's best retail employer. that designation comes from "fortune" mag and an outfit called a great place to work. a human resources consulting company. it is based on the surveys of thousands of retail workers. employees say the financial and family-friy benefits are important. along with on-site gym and a game roo
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>> it seems like every day there is somethi special. free breakfast the first monday of every month. team lunch every thursday. he have afternoon, we have a pm pick me up which is basically a healthy snack. >> reporte custom ink is the only washington area company on that top 20 list. a dramatic end to a police chase. a building collapses as a woman refuses to stop. we'll show how it all unfolded. yes, gas prices are lower just in time for the thanksgi get-away. but just how low will they go? i'm adam tuss. the story, coming up. and we're talking about cold air moving in once again. take a look to the west. very cold air back in the forecast. back in our area tonight. i've got the details coming up .
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a police chase ended with a whole lot more than a bang over in kansas city, missouri. this is what happened to a building after a woman allegedly
6:40 pm
driving a stolen suv slammed into it late this morning. fortunatel nobody was in that building when it just collapsed like that. the driver say she was going 80 miles per hour. she is expected to survive. if you drive, you certainly noticed signs for gas prices under $3. they're everywhere. and the cheaper gas is one reason more than 1 million people plan to drive out of town in comes days. so just how long will gas prices stay under $3? here's is transportation reporter adam tuss. >> reporte take a look around. you've probabl noticed. 2.9 $7, $2.73, how about $2.69. >> yeah, it's dropped maybe 20 cents or so in the past month or so, yeah. >> reporte henry is actually staying in town for thanksgivi has family coming to see him. but he dreefs from woodbridge to maryfield eve day and uses premium. he keeping a close eye on the
6:41 pm
differen filling up. >> i would say it may ed $10 off a full tank. yeah, somewhere between $5 and $10. some dri puttg it together. >> i have three cars in my household. savg this much, my household can save $1200 a year. >> r $1200 a year? she's righ say each driver is saving a little over 30 bucks a month. that's a total of 100 bucks month and a savings of $1200 a year. aaa spelling it all out. >> the lowest gas prices since decemberf 2010, and we expect the lowest thanksgiving gas prices since 2009. >> reporte the rean for the lower prices right now, analysts say there's simply a lot of oil production and the energy departme says in all of 2015, we should be averaging under 3 bucks for a gallon of regular. but some say the prices aren't coming down fast enough. jim wong on the road all of the time. you see the price increase
6:42 pm
from the market to the retail right here. you would expect that when the price decrease, you would say the same effect. >> the politics of the ma aside, many should have a few more bucks in their pockets as we head full speed into the holiday se. in maryfield, adam tuss, news4. more controversy for bill cosby as outtakes from a recent interview o light. we'll report how some of cosby's most loyal fans in d.c. are reacting. > also new details be broadway tribu for an award-winng director who died su.
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as it stands now, bill cosby is still scheduled to take the stage for a comedy show in melbourne, florida, tomorrow night. in the meantime, he is drawing more questions over a newly released interview with associat press. that interview took place earlier this month. cosby asked the reporter not to air part of the interview. that part during which he declined to talk about sex assault accusations aga. >> we don't -- i don't talk about it. and i would appreciate it if it was scuttled. >> i hear you. i will tell that to my editors, and i think that they will understa -- >> well, i think if you want to consider yours to be serious -- >> uh-huh -- >> -- that it will not appear . >> cosby's legacy here in d.c. extends be tv and comedy
6:46 pm
work. his patronage at bei bowl on u street has helped make that restaurant a landmark. news4's tom sherwood there to see how customers are feeling about bill cosby amid these u-street institution. ben's chili bowl. a must-see for tourists and locals. >> just walk around and enjoy. >> reporte a comedian bill cosby is ben's chili bowl. recently, the center of attention at 55th anniversary of the u street institutio with a sidewall mural right next to president obam >> cash only? >> cash only, yeah. >> at ben's today for lunch, a staffer was on duty, guiding inside the latest overflow crowd of regularses and tourists. some knew the cosby connection here, some but all had an opinion of cosby's suddenly damaged reputati from wholesome american dad to more than a dozen allegations of sexual abuse and even rape of women over many
6:47 pm
>> i still think he's a wonderful man. he's a generous man. >> the one thing that we do know is that people do crazy things. >> america's dad. so i feel as though if the problem keeps persisting, why hasn't the evidence been brought forth? >> i think it's a sad situation either way. if he did to it, if he's falsely accused. >> ben's owner's and her sons issued a statement saying cosby is always welcome after his decades of support. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. broadway will dim its lights tomorrow night in tribute to one of the nation's greatest tlenlts talents. mike nichols has died at the age of 83. he was an acclaimed director, producer, writer, performer. nicholas had the rare distinctin
6:48 pm
wing the emmy, oscar, tony awards. hi work is known for its wide range, its fierce wit and caustic soc. he directed classic american films that includ "the graduate" "who's afraid of virginia wolf" and "charlie wilson's war." he married diane sawyer in 1988. >> doug is back with one more check on our weather forecas st after highs -- yeah, again. it coming in. yesterday was frigid, today beautiful. highs in the 50s. not bad at all. you may even take the coat off this afternoon. you may have needed to take the coat off. tomorrow, rig back on. and probably already there. 37 right now in gaithersburg. that coldest temperature we have now. 41 in leesburg. 43 in dulles. 49 in the airport. 49 in d.c. and 44 in huntingtown. we have the cold air coming in, but with frontal boundary, nothing with that front, no
6:49 pm
rain, no snow to talk about. the only area of snow we have been talking about for days towards the buffalo region. more lake-effect snow around cleveland and pittsh seeing snow. but none of that snow for us. for us, it's just going to be the cold air. 11:00, down to 27. that's going to be the wind th. 19 already in the teens to the west as winds pick up 20 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow morning, wind chills of 20 in d.c. 15 gaithersburg. and the wind chill a factor all day tomorrow. how about around 10:00 tomorrow morning, still in the teens. yeah, we are talking a frigid day tomorrow. high temperatu back into the 30s. we hit 57 today. 37 tomorrow. temperature 15 to 20 degrees colder than where they have been the last -- where they were today. even that' wh plenty of sunshine. so once again, with that wind, it's going to feel on the brutal side. back to 45 on saturday. so better there. 56 on sunday. most of the day sunday looks really, nice. if you have plans sunday afternoon, don worry about sunday. it's going to be sunday evening. that's when we see the rain come in.
6:50 pm
some could be h at times. we get to 69 degrees on monday. i'll get out of the way so the turkey can come in. we have pretty nice weather as we make our way into the day on thursday. k thanksgiving looking pretty good with a high of around 47 degr >> always good to have nice weather on thanksgiving. >> i would say so. >> thank you, doug. dianna, can i assume we're focused on the 49ers? >> yeah, get out of here. forget this cold. redskins rookie from uva is looking to seize an opportunity this sunday. this is his moment. plus, wide receiver desean jan explains that instagram post. remember that? was he directing that
6:51 pm
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sp. >> redskins play on the field has not been that good recently. but theind of stuff going on in the locke may be even worse, don't you think? t even know if it can get much worse. there's so ma weeks left still. and i don't know how much we can keep doing this. let's juste a good win here this weekend.
6:54 pm
could clean this up. in this week's nfl version of "mean girls" also known as the redskins lockeroom, desean jan spoke to reporters for the first time since the instagram mes he sent out late sunday night after their embarras loss to the bucs. the message he posted, read, you can't do epic stuff or whatever that other word he used, with basic people. this had everyone wondering if this was a direct shot at rg3. gruden suggested it had something to do with what robert said in the post game. but he wasn't certain. the wide receiver explained his cryptic message with a cryptic answer. if he feels it's directed at him -- i'm not here to talk about last week. this is a new week. we've got a new team to play and that's what the focus is on. so whoever felt i was talking to them, they can take it how it was taken. >> that's a way around it, i think. from the social media playground to the football field. the redskins could be without their best offensive lineman, trent williams. spraid and injured his
6:55 pm
ankle last sunday. so that means uva grad and rookie morgan moses will step in, and have his hands full against the niners' outside linebacker aldon smith, 42 sacks in 44 games. >> being able to, you know, have a great week of practice, get the good reps, you know, througho the week. and, you know, learning the schemes of the oth defense and stuff like that. >> i think he'll be ready for it. he's a very calm kid. he's very laid ba. you know, hopefully he gets up a little bit more. he's going to have to. we'll see. this will be -- for your first start to be t out there for san francisco, it's like, hey, it's a tough one. but they're all tough in the nfl and i think he'll do fine. >> all right. meanwhile -- a lot of confidence there. meanwhile, nbc 4 first reported tonight the bills and jets game will not be played in buffalo. look at that. because of the snow. we learned the game will be played in detroit on monday night. thers talk that fedex could play host in the end of -- but
6:56 pm
in the end, motor city got it. we were also told the bills aren't too happy with the indoor game. th hoping the outdoor elements could work against michael vick. smart, but looks like detroit is where the game will be played. so the wizards undefeated home strea over. but the bigger and more important story is the return of bradley beal. today he says he feels good. and there's no soreness in the wrist. >> he came back, dropped 20, and, you know, we almost -- we had a chance to win this game. at the end, we lost. but we've got a game. he's going to continue to get better and better. i think he still has it. he doesn't really have his rhythm yet. >> just playing my game, the way i knew i was capable. everybody kept saying to come back. it's like i never left. i'm just coming out of this control and just playing the way i know i'm capable of playing. >> good to have him back. finally, my favorite story of the day, good voices or not, the crowd at a toronto maple leaf's
6:57 pm
game helped the singer finish the star bang he willed banner when her mic went out. take a listen. ♪ [ audio breaking up ] ♪ [ audience sings ] ♪ ♪ banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free >> all right. here's the question. th in canada there. how many americans could sing "oh canada" do you think? >> not that many. >> i don't kno how many amers could sing that? >> wasn't that cool? >> it was. ♪ oh canada. ♪ >> helpful for that girl. >> she kept right on going. and played that just like a
6:58 pm
champion. >> how do you know she went t on going? you couldn't hear? >> you know why? we're going to quit while we're ahead. ahead[ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world,
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on our broadcast tonight, no way out. a snow emergency getting even worse. a rising death toll tonight as people are trapped and we see the scope of this from the air. showdown over immigration coming to a head tonight as the president boldly goes where he threatened to go. and it's controversial. shootout on campus, a gunman opens fire, students are hit. one of them saved somewhat unbelievably by the books in his backpack. sudden impact, urgent results just out on crash tests onome of the top selling minivans on the road. and the master of stage and screen tonight, we remember the incomparable mike nichols. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams.


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