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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 29, 2014 8:30am-9:01am EST

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night she was hit. g i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. we're hoping for something to keep the chill off. amelia sel is in for chuck. >> temperatures a touch warmer than yesterday. we were dealing with a bit of a breeze yesterday. not the issue today. however, there are going to be plenty of clouds around. a cloudy start for your saturday morning. latest satellite and radar. snow earlier this morning in parts of western maryland. all that have has come to an end. maybe you're noticing a flurry. that's all we're going to get today. temperature right now is 37 degrees through 10:00 am. still plenty of clouds around. once we get into the midday or early afternoon hours, more sunshine will break out. for the afternoon hours, mostly to partly cloudy skies. mid 40s by noon. 2:00 will hit our high temperature for the day of 47. now tomorrow, noticeably warmer. forecast for sunday, david,
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coming up in a little bit. >> we'll check in for that seven-day coming up. new this morning, d.c. police investigating a deadly stabbing. this happened in northeast just before midnight on 18th and benning road. a man was stabbed to death in an alley. no word right now on who did it or why. >> police want your help to find a man accused of sexually assaulting a transgender woman on thanksgiving. the woman said the man who attacked her was white, in his 20s, more than six feet tall and has shoulder length blond hair. she says it happened in a bathroom of the level one restaurant in dupont circle. we talked to the people there in charge. they said the store wasn't open yet and only a few managers were inside. d.c. police are looking for a second suspect in a thanksgiving sex assault. this is near a middle school. police say paul xavier williams and another man stun gunned, kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman thursday near kelly miller middle school northeast.
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williams had been arrested two days before the alleged assault for an unrelated assault. a judge let him go before his court date. so far this year, there have been more than 80 crimes within a few blocks of this school. ray rice, a major trending topic across the country right now, now that his suspension over, he could play again as soon as next week, if he signs with a team. nbc's chris palone tells us how everyone is reacting, including rice's wife. >> reporter: he already has a super bowl baltimo raven ray ri just got one of the biggest wins of his career. friday, a former judge, serving as an arbitrator, overturned the suspension of rice, calling it arbitra arbitrar suspended rice twice, first in june for two games after learning of the elevator incident and then in september when tmz released graphic surveillance video showing rice punching his then fiance.
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rice and the players union argued he was being punished twice for the same offense. nfl officials said they hadn't seen the video and the story wasn't consistent with what was on it. judge jones didn't buy t after careful consideration of all the evidence, i am not persuaded that rice lied to or misled the nfl in his june interview. i made an inexcusable mistake. i'm thankful there was a proper appeals process in place to address the issue. nfl spokesman said the league respects the decision. in an exclusive interview to air on nbc this coming monday and tuesday, the "today" show's matt lauer sat down with ray and janay rice. >> i just knew he hit me and i was completely over it. i was done. didn't want to hear anything. i didn't even want to entertain it, entertain him, anything that he had to say, any explanation. of course, in the back of my mind and in my heart, i knew that o relationship wouldn't be over, because i know that this isn't us and it's not him.
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>> reporter: it remains unclear if rice will run again in the nfl but now he has taken the first step. chris pallone, nbc news, new york. to u saw matt lauer there in ri along with his wife. you can see the full interviews monday and tuesday on the "today" show. we are following a developing story this morning. one person is dead and other hurt after a shooting inside of a chicago department store. it was not related to the black friday rush. a man shot his girlfriend inside of a nordstrom's. the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the shooter died at the scene. targeting your money through the mail. if you get a letter from the virginia council of corporations, just throw it out. it looks like it's from a state commission and asks for your financial information and $125. arlington's commission revenue
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says that council doesn't exist and isn't a government agency. at 6:00 tonight, one of the first tree lightings in our area. you can bring canned foods to donate. that's just a few blocks from gallery place at metro center stations. buried alive, two kids telling their story of survival after being trapped under five feet of snow. what they did to keep the other ones fr from being scared. >> amazing story. landed behind bars on black friday because of his wife's shopping habits? and a real-life charlie brown christmas tree. a tree
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if bling is on your wish
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list this year, chances are you might get it, according to a new survey. 20% of shoppers plan to buy jewelry this holiday season. that is the highest number since 2007. if you have bling on your list, you're not alone. 25% of people are asking for something shiny this holiday season. the fbi has a lot of background checks to do after a possible record number of gun sales on black friday. according to usa today, the agency received about three background check requests per second yesterday. now it's required to send those background checks back within three days. the report says 600 agents are working 17-hour days to get everything done. a father is facing charges this morning after allegedly leaving his kids in a hotel room unattended to go black friday shopping. the kids are a 4-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl. the 11-year-old is disabled. the boy was found crying and wandering in the hotel around
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4:00 in the morning. police discovered his sister alone in a locked hotel room. the father told police he left the kids to go get his wife, who was at the mall. but he had to wait more than an hour for her to finish her shopping. the father was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. the mother was not charged. right now one pennsylvania town has two christmas trees. redding, pennsylvania, an hour northwest of philly receive this had one that you see right there. the people, they weren't too happy. you can see if trees could be thread bare, this one would qualify. the city council bought a second tree to make up for it but didn't want to take down the first one. >> we're a city in the process of being rebuilt. i think that both trees represent hope. they represent a better tomorro
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tomorrow. >> nice and scrawny. that's the best thing to do. embrace it. >> and they're doing just that. >> 8:40 right now. >> holiday heist. believe it or not, this time of year, cameras love it. what some of them are up to and how you would protect your cash. >> why one drug bust in australia is going down. amelia, what have you got? rain and snow for the beginning of next week. i'll have the latest on my weekend forecast. and that rain, coming up.
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new this morning, former egyptian president hosni mubarak has been acquitted of the murs of more than 900 protesters. the 2011 protest that is eventually removed him from office. it also dropped the corruption charges. mubarak's son and interior minister were also acquitted of murder. the 86-year-old leader is still serve i serving. working to find out why a man tried to set the mexican consulate there on fire. they now say the attack may have been politically motivated. police found propane canisters in front of the consulate.
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the man also shot at several buildings downtown. even the police headquarters was targeted. a witness told our nbc affiliate in austin what she heard. >> i heard about 12. and i thought -- because it was successive like bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. >> police at this point not releasing the man's name. officers shot at him. it's not clear at this point whether they killed him or if the man took his own life. >> sad morning for millions across mexico and latin america as they remember legendary comedi comedian. died yesterday at his helm in cancun mexico. he was known for his characters. in a career that spanned decades. he was 85. drug bust on a massive scale
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left six men waking up in jail this morning. 3 tons or 6,000 pounds of ecstasy and meth. think of 300 large turkeys if you're still in thanksgiving jargon head in a furniture shipment. the drugs are worth about $1.3 billion. according to the sydney morning herald, this is only the second biggest drug bust in australia's history. waking up in the dark from virginia to maine. crews are working to get the power back on from that thanksgiving snow storm. more than 64,000 people don't have power in new hampshire. that sound from 180,000 yesterday. 10,000 people in are in the dark in maine. crews hope to have power restored by monday. that's good new. >> that snow storm dumped several feet in upstate new york. we're hearing from two new york boys lucky to be alive. >> pretty unbelievable story. a plow buried them under a pile
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of snow. nbc's jackie bedford has their story. >> i was thinking that me and my cousin were going to die. >> me, too. >> reporter: those aren't the words you ever want to hear from the mouths of 9 and 11-year-olds, but cousins jason and elijah had good reason to be scared after they were trapped in a snow bank for hours. >> me and my cousin, we couldn't feel part of our bodies. i couldn't feel my legs. he couldn't feel the whole half of his body. >> reporter: wednesday night the boys were building a snow fort in the parking lot near their newburg apartment building when a snow plow unknowingly pushed a pile of snow on top of them. >> we got scared and told him to stop but he didn't hear us. >> reporter: jason's mom, police and neighbors launched an all-out search when the police missed their 9:00 curfew. the newburg police officers who initially responded are her heroes, she says. >> they went above and beyond looking for my boys, for both of
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them. and they wouldn't give up. they were standing there out in the cold. >> reporter: it was officer brandon rola who noticed the shovel sticking out of the snow and realized the boys could be buried and started digging. dozens more joined in before the boys were pulled from the snow. >> they were both mostly crying for each other. he was like, is he okay? i want to see him. is my cousin okay? >> they are recovering from hypothermia at westchester medical center. what do they want to do when they go home? >> go to disney world. >> wow! jackie bedford. go to disney world. not bad. warmer down in florida. >> no kidding. that's scary. the shovel there, the big clue. and the officer who noticed that. >> after five hours, that's quite a while. >> it is, and cold. obviously, though, they had a lot of snow up there. we're not looking at anything like that. >> thankfully. >> thankfully, right? we're tracking chilly temperatures and plenty of cloud cover. high of 47. that's a little bit below where
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it would typically be this time of year. tomorrow, our temperatures warm up. the warmest day out of the next seven will be on monday. that's from your weather headlines. traveling this weekend today or tomorrow for the most part, we are looking at quiet travel weather nochlt snow sto snow storms in the forecast this weekend. next chance of rain comes monday night. little bit of snow mixes in. i'll have more on that system in a little bit. right now temperatures still around that 30-degree mark for most of us. low 30s in leesburg, frederick and washington in the upper 30s. annapolis coming in at 35. plenty of clouds around right now. we'll only notice a little bit more sunshine starting to peek out as we work our way into the midday and afternoon hours. highs for today. 47 in washington. most locations in the mid to upper 40s today. tomorrow, a high temperature around 60 and more sunshine. tomorrow, definitely a better weather day. sky cast actually whacks you throughout the day. what you would expect this sky
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to look like. afternoon hours for the most part, clouds still winning out. only a few peeks of sunshine. tonight partly cloudy skies, hanging the lights this weekend or getting the christmas tree as long as you have on the right gear, gloves, nice warm coat. the weather will be just fine. definite lly want to have the gloves if you're out for an extended period of time today. all the local ski resorts open. i would recommend going today versus tomorrow with warmer temperatures tomorrow. the snow likely has better conditions for today. as far as hanging the lights go, if you can, wait till tomorrow. it's going to be warmer. high around 60 degrees for sunday. it's a cold start. that's okay. plenty of sn schein. by noon, we're already in the mid 50s. even at 5:00 pm tomorrow, temperatures still not too bad, around 56 degrees. on monday, high temperature of 63 degrees. clouds will increase throughout the day on monday. and then getting into the evening hours for that monday
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evening commute, there could be some showers around, maybe some snow mixes in very late. tuesday there's a chance of some rain and maybe some snow. we'll keep an eye on tuesday. lot of different situations could happen tuesday. not the highest confidence forecast. it is looking like one thing is for sure. that will be this big temperature drop. monday we go from 63 to low 40s on tuesday. that's a 20-degree temperature change heading toward cooler temperatures. it's not looking like any snow would stick on tuesday. as you can see, 32 or below here. so the surface just too warm. wednesday, mostly cloudy skies. we're keeping it dry now. high temperature around 50 degrees. we warm up on thursday. partly sunny skies. not a bad day at all. high temperature of 55. pretty normal for this time of year. next friday there's also the chance of showers as a cold front moves through. high temperature around 50. for the weekend not too bad. tomorrow definitely the better
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of the two days with the high that again. rees. >> 60. >> that's nice. at least to be outside for once. and enjoy it. but, you know, the drop from monday to tuesday, a little alarming. that's when everybody gets sick. >> and we almost featured one of those every week for the last month, big temperature change. >> which is why none of us can get well. >> thanks, amelia. appreciate it. tis the season for scammers to strike. we'll show you how thieves are thriving this time of year and how you can make sure you and your family don't fall prey.
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if you are aren't already up, that will probably wake you. "star wars" is trending on twitter and facebook. that's why the official teaser trailer was just released. if you want to see the trailer on the big screen, though, only the amc theater in tyson's corner is showing it right now. you'll have to actually wait till this time next year before the actual movie is released. so, a whole year of waiting, being anxious. up. ople are probab >> right? holiday scams are back in season, unfortunately. >> they sure are. nbc's mitch blocker tells us which ones you should look out for and the biggest warning signs.
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this is the sound of money melting away. for main line lawn and garden, a nor'easter is white gold. >> what about these guy whose take your money and don't show up? >> that's a problem. >> reporter: he says a storm like the one we saw thanksgiving eve can also leave people desperate and vulnerable. >> we've had several customers say they've called somebody, paid somebody in advance for services and not shown up. >> then they call you? >> then they call us. >> reporter: the snow plow scam is a simple one, take your money and run scheme. this holiday season, the warnings are, again, everywhere. the gift card scam is back. major retailers warn scammers steal the code on the backs of cards and wait until you activate it to drain the account. and if you're thinking of adopting a pet over the holidays, heed this warning. the puppy scam involves phony websites, pictures of pure bred dogs and pickup date at the airport. you send money but there is no dog. also back, the grandparent scam.
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>> i have no doubt we're seeing an increase in the grandparent scam. >> a grandparent gets a call from someone claiming to be their grandchild and claiming they need money to get out of trouble. if you're sensing a theme, from booking a snow plow to picking up a puppy, it's to be careful who you pay in advance. >> there's a lot of people out there that do prey on people. >> reporter: how much should getting your driveway plowed cost? >> everybody's driveway length is different. particularly, you should ask your contractor about depth of snow. >> mike blocker report tlg. two things you can check out, make sure the business is insured and that you can pay as you go. hospitals saying no to ebola patients. what their reluctance could do in the overall treatment of the virus. what's happening, zach? >> good morning. i'm zachary kiesh.
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we're talking about small business saturday. i'll give you all the info when we come back. >> also looking at the warm-up we're tracking. amelia
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a secure retirement.
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a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart. a transgender woman says she was assaulted in a dupont circle restaurant on thanksgiving. police are looking for the man she says attacked her.
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standing by to see if any team makes an offer to ray rice. the former baltimore raven had his suspension for domestic abuse overturned. right now he's a free agent. police in austin, texas, are working to find out why a man shot at dozens of buildings there, including police headquters. they say he also tried to set the mexican consulate on fire. good saturday morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> a chilly start to the morning. amelia segal is in for chuck. i think amelia has stepped outside. you've got the layers on now. >> and the scarf. >> angie and i wondering when we can shed those layer. >> tomorrow we're looking at warmer temperatures. today, though, it will be on the chilly side. not just this morning but throughout the entire day. this morning, though, sun starting to make an appearance. today, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperature right now of 37 grease. winds out of the southeast at 6 miles an


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