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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 30, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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once more anderson. tough to bring down. >> cris: this offensive line has got it done. let's give them credit. but c.j. anderson is finishing these runs. he is not going down. first contact, second contact. these are big guys getting their hands on him and he just runs through those tackles. now you get late in the game, the defense is tired. very, very impressive young man for an undrafted free agent. >> al: well, we just hope c.j. doesn't miss practice this week in denver. talking about jonas gray a couple of weeks ago in indianapolis for new england and then what happened. >> cris: john fox maybe would be a little more forgiving? >> al: i think so, you're right. >> cris: than our friend, bill belichick.
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of course bill belichick had a few options. >> al: he didn't miss practice, he just slept through it. since that 200-yard night on the ground at indianapolis, he has one carry for four yards and legarrette blount has joined the team. >> cris: probably has ten alarm clocks now. >> al: they snap it with a second to go on the play clock. that boot will wind up going out of bounds with 2:01 remaining at the 17 yard line. so next sunday night you've got to be with us, we'll be in san diego where the new england patriots had their winning streak snapped today at seven by green bay. "football night" starts at 7:00, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific time. the chargers living on the edge every week, pulling out a win
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last week against st. louis and an interception at the end of the game, driving the length of the field today to knock off baltimore and staving off what would have been a late baltimore potential rally to win the game. crazy game. it does make for a better cross-country flight home, doesn't it? >> cris: oh, yeah. >> al: final play before the two-minute warning. smith sets up, gets hit as he throws, pass incomplete. the two-minute warning comes with 1:56 on the clock. denver 29, kansas city 16 on sunday night football.
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michele's interviews, bob, tony and mike. j.j. watt three offensive tds, two defensive tds in a season today for houston against the titans. tom coughlin lost three games now after leading by 18 points in the second half, including the game today in jacksonville. aaron rodgers just phenomenal everywhere, home, road, you name it. and in particular at lambeau, where he's been over the moon. second and ten at the 17 yard line. >> cris: oh, boy. >> al: and that will be a fifth sack. von miller is in there again. >> cris: well, that's a coverage
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sack right there. let's take a look down the field, chris harris doing a great job on bowe. roby on the other side. all over donnie avery. and i tell you, the one question you had about this team coming in, could they survive without aqib talib. if you're going to lose your top corner, this is a good team to lose him against because the passing game for the chiefs not able to beat them. >> al: dual sack goes half to wolf and half to miller. charles gets smothered there by brandon marshall. as the clock runs down to 1:00 and it's fourth and 19. so for kansas city now, they go into arizona where the cardinals after starting 9-1 are now 9-3.
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that's going to be a vital game for kansas city going in, in light of the fact they'll be trailing denver by two, having lost both of the head-to-head meetings and trailing san diego now by one. so on fourth and 18 and smith is going to run and go out of bounds and denver will take the ball and a couple of kneel downs will probably do it. so tom brady is more than 100 games over .500 in his career and peyton manning right now with this victory will be 176-76. >> cris: why do you get the feeling it might just be those two going at it one more time in an afc championship game? >> al: well, it wouldn't surprise anybody. >> cris: no. >> al: meanwhile that goes as a sack even though smith ran out
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of bounds and that would be demarcus ware who they give a sack to. they did. six sacks. manning tonight as ordinary as it can get through the air. 17 of 34 for 179. john fox will fly home after exchanging pleasantries with andy reid. alex smith gets ready for his trip to arizona next week and one c.j. anderson with 168 yards tonight after 167 last week. volkswagen postgame report coming up next after denver beats kansas city 29-16.
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broncos win it 29-16 at kansas city. this is one of the rare sunday nights where denver wins the game and one of the game balls does not go to peyton manning. c.j. anderson, undrafted, what a find. 167 yards last week against miami. does that one better at 168 on 32 carries. caught a touchdown pass from manning. he gets one game ball. demarcus ware had a sack and a pick. he gets the other game ball and both of them get to talk with michele. >> michele: c.j., last week it
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was 167 yards, tonight 168. how are you able to put back-to-back performances together? >> i've got to give it to the big fellas up front, man. they took it last week and made a statement. they made a statement this week and i'm just picking the right spots and following them. they get all the credit. >> michele: what about some of your moves out there? >> that's just some of the ability i have. i can't get any of those moves without getting through the line and to the second level. >> michele: player of the week last week. you got that special parking lot. do you think you keep it again? >> that's the plan. it's just competition between all of us on offense, so whoever they give it to deserves it but at the end of the day it's all about the "w" and i'm glad we got it. >> michele: let's turn to demarcus ware who had an outstanding job on defense. peyton manning told us the offense played well and the defense played well. how would you rate this one? >> this is one of those fundamentally sound games where everybody came out and played from special teams, offense and defense. this is the time of the year
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where the whole team comes together and played well. >> michele: the defense looked so energized. you guys up fronti, where did that come from? >> i think it started with the offense. they held the ball and kept us fresh on the sideline. we went out and were effective. >> michele: you indeed were effective. demarcus, congrats. bob, back to you. >> when it's this colds, postgame interviews go quickly. denver's win keeps them on top of the afc west by a game over san diego. but new england even with today's loss to the packers controls the path to the number one seed because of the fact that they defeated denver head-to-head earlier this month. cincinnati is a game and a half up in the north. indy has a two-game lead in the south. so the tightest races actually are for the wild cards where the chargers now have a one-game advantage over five teams, all of whom are 7-5. let's bring in tony dungy. tony, who do you ultimately see emerging from that wild card jumble?
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>> well, san diego has that one-game advantage you mentioned, but they have got a brutal schedule. and miami, if they can win tomorrow night, they could be the sixth team in that 7-5 jumble and that sets up a big game, miami and baltimore next week. and i look for the winner of that game to really have the edge for that second wild card spot. >> a lot of things could fall in or out of place in the next several weeks, though. we turn to the nfc. green bay and philadelphia have caught arizona at 9-3. the slumping cardinals without carson palmer host kansas city next week. then they finish with three straight divisional games, including matchups against seattle and san francisco in the final two weeks. tony, seattle visits philadelphia next week. obviously a crucial game for both teams. can the seahawks wind up winning the nfc west? >> they really can. i had pretty much counted them out two weeks ago but their defense is starting to play like
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we're used to seeing the seattle defense. this is a huge game for them. if they can go and win on the road, they have got another big game at home against san francisco the following week. but if they win this game, i would look for them to win the west. >> thanks, tony, as always. we'll turn now to mike florio of pro football talk and ask him about the big stories he's working on for tomorrow's program. >> well, bob, we're keeping a close eye on the quarterback situation in cleveland, where it could be johnny football time. johnny manziel, the rookie, got a chance to play today. he entered the game in buffalo in the fourth quarter after starter brian hoyer threw a couple of interceptions. manziel gave the offense a spark. it wasn't enough but after the game coach mike pettine said he'll look at the tape and make a decision wednesday as to whether it will be hoyer or manziel against the colts next sunday. now, for the steelers and the bengals also in the afc north with the browns, they get together for the first time this season on sunday in cincinnati and steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger apparently has an injured hand.
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he banged it today in a home loss against the saints. it was clearly bothering him throughout the game. he said after the game it's in pain but i'm told that he's confident that it will be fine. we'll keep a close eye on that hand and on the injury report as the week unfolds. >> mike, thanks. again, the final score here at arrowhead, denver 29, kansas city 16. al michaels back to wrap things up right after this. the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf, and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least, the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year.
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touchdown green bay! >> and the sunday sports report currently on nbcsn. you can switch over there when we're off the air. chris, rodney, liam mchugh, josh elliott with a look at all of today's nfl action. so next week it's to san diego where the chargers come home after a victory, a last-minute victory against baltimore and all of a sudden san diego now in very good shape with a mark of 8-4. if the season ended today they would have one of the wild card spots and the new england patriots on top in the afc east, but in a scramble now to try to get that overall number one seed. as tony mentioned with bob just a moment ago, san diego with a very tough schedule down the road. they see brady next week and then get peyton manning the following week when denver comes to san diego. that's the sunday night matchup next week, patriots at chargers. and until then, al michaels with cris collinsworth, michele
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tafoya and our entire gang, three games in eight days, take the week off, boys, we'll see you next sunday in san diego. good night from kansas city.
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right now at 11, a lot of unanswered questions after the search for a missing football
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player ends tragically. today a campus grieves while some wonder that concussions played a role. >> i wish he would have talked to me if he was struggling. protesters put themselves in danger on a busy d.c. highway. why they shut down an entire freeway and what they have planned for our area during the workweek. well, they risked their lives to spread their message. for the second time this weekend, protesters angry over the ruling in ferguson, missouri came to the streets of d.c. this time they blocked traffic on i-395 and walked right on to the roadway. police arrested eight people and new tonight, darren ward talked to them and asked why they're willing to go to jail. >> referee: the latest round of civil disobedience was fueled by a grand jury's decision not to indict darren wilson for the shooting of unarmed michael
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brown. some sunday afternoon drives were interrupted when protesters blocked i-395. the plan was to block traffic in one direction. >> we got out there and we felt like we had a lot of people and had energy. we decided to block off the entire highway. >> if people have a problem with us shutting down the highway, off problem with not being able to walk to the store to get skittles and my life not being in jeopardy. >> local police are well equipped. >> they were very cooperative. they explained everything. any questions we asked, they answered and were really cooperative in a manner that was conducive to being able to have civil actions. >> she marched in ferguson too. >> very aggressive military response, as opposed to here in d.c. >> reporter: local citizens are no strangers to these types of protests. >> it was a reality. >> reporter: his solution, as the old saying goes, he hopped on the first thing smoking. >> didn't matter if it was the blue or yellow line, i was
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getting on them. >> reporter: there was a handful of arrests. some protests are filing complaints about how they were treated in custody. but anyone who knows how traffic flows through there knows how fortunate it was that no one was injured. >> we have nothing else but our bodies and our voices and our unity. >> reporter: and they say ferguson is just a part of why they proess the. >> oppression -- >> reporter: so they say expect more disruptions here. the spotlight on ferguson is moving the president to take action. president obama will sit down with civil rights leaders on monday to discuss some of their issues and efforts. they'll talk about how to move the country forward from ferguson in ways local communities can build trusts with their police departments. well, the officer at the center of this case will not receive a severance package. darren wilson resigned from the force saturday and says there have been threats of violence against the ferguson police and community if he stayed on the job. in his resignation letter, wilson wrote that his continued
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employment could have put residents and other officers at risk. the st. louis rams played at home saturday and several players ran on the field in a hands up don't shoot pose. they aren't taking sides but wanted people in the community to know they aren't ignoring what happened. there have been new developments in the case of a missing ohio state football player. kosta karageorge was found dead after a four-day search. investigators say they found his body in a dumpster with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was 22 years old. tonight his buckeye teammates and some of his friends came together to remember him as they held a memorial on osu's campus. karageorge's mother said he had a history of concussions from playing sports. he had been suffering from depression and it may have taken its toll. police say kosta karageorge shot himself near ohio state's campus, just a few yards from his home.
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>> we have recovered a firearm at the scene. the parents have been note fid. >> the school mobilized an intense search after he disappeared on wednesday. >> what we want to do today is just get the fliers out. >> his friends pleaded with him to come home. >> we love you. you mean a lot to a lot of people. there are so many people's lives that you've touched. >> he missed a few football practices and stopped calling his parents and sister. >> he loves his family and loves his mom. his dad, his sister, his family is the world to him. to go missing on thanksgiving, that's why nothing really adds up. >> but he did leave clues. the day before thanksgiving he texted his mom, i'm sorry if i am an embarrassment, but these concussions have my head all messed up. he was a wrestler who walked on to the buckeye football team. kosta had multiple concussions and his mother told police he had several episodes where he was extremely confused. a recent medical study discovered abnormalities remain
11:57 pm
in the brain long after ma. former nfl star junior seau committed suicide two years after he retired. doctors say he had chronic brain damage and the nfl settled an 800 million dollar lawsuit with thousands of former players who suffered concussions. >> at that time, the investigation is on going. >> none of this may give definitive answers in kosta's case. it is bringing new attention to how players with head injuries are monitored and cared for. here at news 4 we're committed to changing minds. to learn more about mental health, we provided a list of resources for you on our special changing minds page on nbc well, it has been a very busy weekend for firefighters in prince george's county. they had to fight fires in five buildings over the past four days. one of the blazes gutted this home on glacier avenue. four adults and four children
11:58 pm
are now in need of a home. no word yet on how it started. a lot of people are facing travel troubles tonight as millions come home from the thanksgiving holiday. some flights couldn't land at denver international because of thick fog and heavy winds, so they had to keep circling the airport or find somewhere else to land. look at that. shows that because denver is a big hub, it affected flights all over the country, including your area. for all of us who have made it home, it's back to school and work in the morning. but that warm weather is about to give way to a big change. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segel is tracking the change. >> the big changes get here on tuesday. we'll have another day of comfortable changes. sunshine tomorrow morning will give way to afternoon clouds. i have to show you that temperatures right now. look at the temperature in washington, just jumped up two degrees from 58, now it's at 60. balmy outside for midnight this
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time of the year. happy december 1st, 57, leesberg at 54. party sunny skies, temperature of 50 degrees. there's the chance of an evening shower as you head home from work, but still comfortable. a temperature of 58. chris, showers become likely overnight tomorrow and then on tuesday, i'm tracking a wintery mix. i'll have the latest on what you can expect in my full forecast in about ten minutes. >> looking forward to it. thanks. for the second time in just a few days, a prince george's county police officer is trouble with the law. mark is accused of leaving the scene of an accident in the district. he was off duty and not driving a police vehicle. he has already been suspended once on unrelated charges. in just a few hours, janay rice will tell her side of the story. ray rice's wife is speaking exclusively with matt lauer on the today show. the nfl banned rice but an arbitrator just reinstated him.
12:00 am
janay says she was furious with her husband but never considered leaving him. in monday's interview, she gives new details about what happened right after the assault and describes how they're both getting through it. >> even when we go out in public, that's all we get is people are like, i just want to hug you and those things helped ray the most because he was terrified to leave the house. but, i just -- i just know staying positive and just keep hearing support, that definitely helps us get through. >> you can watch the complete interview with janay rice monday and tuesday on the "today" show. well, it is a november the redskins don't want to remember. four weeks have come and gone and the burgundy and gold don't have one win to show for it. their last chance came down to colt against the colts and jason, that was a mismatch. >> yeah, it really was, chris. colt mccoy played his best game
12:01 am
of the nfl career. the only problem is he doesn't play defense. the redskins' secondary torn apart today by andrew luck. different quarterback for head coach jay gruden, but the same result for the skins. robert griffin iii, the backup in this game, colt mccoy got the start. pick it up in the third quarter. colts up 21-10. mccoy making a play here for the offense. rolling out, making a few guys miss. stays on his feet and he finds his tight end, logan paulson, his first touchdown of the r back in this game, down by just four points. later in the quarter, colts up, 28-17. skins going for it on fourth and inches. mccoy gets sacked by erik walden. he loses the ball and jackson grabs it. that's a 35-yard return. mccoy was sacked six times in the ball game. the colts, they beat the redskins, 49-27. the skins have now dropped four in a row. >> we got out of the gate way too slow as an offensive unit.
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looked like we were sleepwalking out of the huddle. just not a very spirited performance in my opinion on offense and on defense, we have to finish on a high note, continue coaching and we're going to play this game hard. that's what i want. i want players who play the game hard no matter what the circumstances are. coming up later, it wasn't a quarterback battle that people were expected. andrew luck sure did live up to his end of the deal. i'll break down his performance in just a bit. chris? >> thank you, jason. tonight a local mother is making a passionate plea. hollis johnson, it's been a month since he was shot. his family held a candle light vigil. surveillance video shows the suspect walking into johnson's building in chillum. >> if anybody saw this, whoever drove that car away, i'm pleading with you now, i know you got a mother, i know you've
12:03 am
got family, and i'm pleading with you now to come forward. >> she wasn't alone. prince george's county detectives also attended today's memorial. a convicted criminal is back in the spotlight tonight. we'll tell you what's bringing new attention to a murder from more than a decade ago and why the person serving time could be free. >> i had to smoke off the balcony. >> jumping into action to save one of their neighbors but they barely escape alive. keep your eye to the sky. the first of its kind mission the first of its kind mission that everyone will be talki
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