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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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temperatures. i like it. >> let's get a look at your headlines with tom kierein. >> enjoy it while you can. we have a big change coming of the next 24 hours. right now our temperatures are mild. mid and upper 50s now. reagan national, 53. farther west into the mountains, it is well into the 50s. petersburg 66 degrees. mid 50s in far western garrett county. skies are mostly clear. we'll be dropping by 8:00. upper 40s and hovering near 50. by noon time, thickening clouds. 60 degrees in the metro area. by 3:00, mid-60s. by 5:00 p.m., dropping down into the low 60s. a lot of clouds around. it is after 5:00 that we'll likely see some of the rain move our way. here is the timing into tonight.
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light rain shower activity by 7:00, 8:00. mid-50s by then. steadier rain likely by 11:00. by this time tomorrow morning, what a dramatic change. we'll be having a mix of snow, sleet and icing north and west of i-95. around the metro area, mostly cold rain. starting off in the 30s tomorrow morning. next weather and traffic at 4:41 >> again, a lot of construction is on hold until later in the day as folks come back into town. state highway putting everything on hold for us. prince george's county overall, looking quite good zooming over to the beltway. into and out of town, no major problems. gw parkway, northbound, southbound, everything is rolling along quite ni. almost nobody on the roads.
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beltway at colesville is also looking good. i'm back in 10 minutes with a live look at 270. thank you, melissa. 4:32. the news an ohio state family a has been dreading. kosta karageorge shot himself near his home in columbus, ohio. he had a history of concussions from playing sports. the last thing he texted his mom said," i am sorry if i am an embarrassment but these concussions have my head all messed up." we'll have more on this story with changing minds on . 4:32 your time right now. the man charged with with killing a high ranking member of the d.c. government will be
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cross was deputy director of the department of corrections. the trial started last month. ruth bader ginsburg will be back in court to hear oil arguments. a man allegedly made threats against a woman on facebook. the justices will decide whether they will be taken seriously. the accepteder never intended those messages as real threats. >> president obama is meeting with a lot of people to discuss what's happening in ferguson, missouri. first, he is meeting with his cabinet to talk about how federal principals relate to the demilitarization of police. they will talk about how communities and law enforcement can work together and build
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trust with one another. attorney general eric holder is pushing for trust between the community and police. the police association demanding an apology for the st. louis rams after five players walked out on the field with their hands up don't shoot gesture, a reference to protests in ferguson. the players chose to ignore the mountains of evidence released and should be punished. in a statement, the association added it is unthinkable that hometown athletes would so pickly perpetuate an act that has been disproven over and over again. the stadium is about 12 miles from ferguson where a white officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. aaron?
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. a ferguson protest shut down i-395 in d.c. demonstrators say this will not be the one you will see in our area. you will see people lined up in the tunnel. police arrested eight people. some of them filing complaints on how they were treated in custody. later this morning, prince george's county leaders will officially begin a new four-year term. all nine members of the county council will be sworn in at an inaugural ceremony in upper marlboro. baker won his second term in office in november running unopposed >> montgomery county inaugurating leaders this morning. the county executive ike legget will take the oath for his fourth term. ceremony 11:15 at richard
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montgomery in rockville. uva is under claims of rape on campus. teresa sullivan will be at the national press club this afternoon. last month she suspended fraternities after "rolling stone" described a rape at one of them. she is to speak about trends in higher education. it is 4:36. we're helping you stay safe and secure on this cybermonday. we have what you need to know to protect yourself while online shopping. mudslide mess. we check out the damage caused by heavy rain. and storm team 4 meteorologist tom kiere
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welcome back at 4:39. in the day ahead, prince george's county school board will welcome in their first latino board mechanics. grady will take the district 2 seat and hernandez the district 3 seat. the road that runs along san francisco and los angeles is shut down due to a mudslide. it was caused by heavy rain. but that area won't see anymore of it today. give the crew some time to clean up the mess there. >> rain heading our way. we still have weather we can
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enjoy it seems. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. tom, good morning. good morning. california needed that rain. they were certainly happy to get it. they're under a major drought. it is rather cool. but for december 1st, we'll take that. all around the region right now we're generally in the 40s. 40 to 50 between now and 8:00. by noon time, we will be right around 60 degrees. we will hit mid-60s by 2:00, 3:00. by 5:00, all cloudy. temperatures into the low 60s. then the temperatures really plummet overnight tonight. neighborhood highs will have it reaching upper 60s across north central virginia from packs river to fredericksburg,
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culpepper. 60 degrees with increasing clouds and rain moves in tonight. we'll look at the timing on that and a wintery mix on the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. everything rolling along r now? >> two thumb. 270 at old hundred road headed southbound into town. overall looking quite good. again, a lot of construction we normally have in the way on a day like today is out of the way until later this morning because of all the folks headed back into town. all putting that on hold. taking a look in virginia, 66 and 95 in virginia, 55 miles per hour northbound over to prince george's county. lots of green, lots of movement. 95 at cherry hill road rolling along and looking quite good. i'll see you at 4:51 with a live
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look in virginia. still to come on news 4 today. why protesters are upset with turkish leaders in the fight against isis. today is cyber monday. today is cyber monday. we're scanning the
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it's a snack, made from 100% new sand nothing but fruit. no preservatives, no added sweeteners. it's like having your own personal orchard, any time, anywhere. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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thousands of people in turkey say the country is working with isis to the attack syria. they said isis fighters used turkish land to attack kabani. troops will stay in afghanistan until well into next
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year. afghanistan's president signed the agreement into law yesterday. it will go into effect january 1st. u.s. and nato will help afghan security forces with training equipment and funding. a local mother is asking for her son's murderer to turn himself in to police. it's been a month since someone shot hollis johnson. the family held a candlelight vigil at the complex where he died. surveillance shows the man walking into his apartment and seconds later ran out and drove away. >> i know you have a mother. i know you have family. i'm pleading with you now to come forward >> prince george's county detectives also attended the memorial. they don't believe johnson's killer knew him. a boy's father and stepmother are in jail for holding him for four years. they found the 13-year-old boy
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hidden behind a fake wall that had been camouflaged with towels. somehow the boy got a hold of a phone which helped police find him. he was reunited with his mother on saturday. neighbors say they saw the boy doing yard work and were shocked to hear the boy was being held before his will. 14 before the hour. podcast produced by the same people of "this american life." it is called "serial". syed was in jail for killing his girlfriend years ago. he claims he didn't do it. the case is up for appeal in january. . just in, some of the best cyber monday deals you can click on right now. amazon has slashed its prices for its ereader kindle and kindlefire. $250 off the fire phone, plus free shipping. on ebay, you can get $100 itunes
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card for 75 bucks. beats by dre, 60% off. i will cut in with the best deals as they continue to come up. in the next hour, up to 70% off some of the best gifts for the holidays. back to you. 4:47. as angie mentioned, it is cyber monday, you'll see a lot of online only deals that might not have been on sale last friday. you can use to boost your cyber monda >> deals and sales. you can link through a site like that to get reward points or extra cash back. >> retail me not can help knocking down the total at checkout. >> it is 4:47. we want to help you stay safe this cyber monday. here's tips on how to protect
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yourself while online shopping. use a separate credit card. that way if hackers get your information, the rest of your credit hackers hopes you won't notice one or two dollars missing from your account. the center of renewed focus on domestic violence. ray and janay rice are speaking to the "today" show about the elevator surveillance video. >> we have had nothing but support. even out in public, people are just like i want to hug you. those things helped ray the most. because he was terrified to leave the house. >> you can see more of the rice's conversation with matt lauer at 7:00 on the "today" show. it's another rough morning for redskins fans. >> yep. that's an understatement. the team now has nine losses on the season. players say this time it was all
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about missed opportunities. don't we say that almost every game now? diana rosini talked about that loss. >> the washington redskins have gone the entire month of november without a victory. now with colt mccoy under center, despite having a career day, the offense could not capitalize on any of the turnovers. >> we get turnovers like that early in the game, we've got to be able to get more then a couple of field goals. unfortunately we weren't able to do that. their defense made some nice stop we just kind of got going a little bit too >> it is an opportunity in the first half. defense did a great job. we just didn't capitalize on the turnovers. the field goal. did some other things. >> they did all they were supposed to do. ran the ball. they put up 27 points. when you put up 27 points in
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this league, you're not only supposed to lead but you're definitely not supposed to get beat by almost as many as you scored. >> we only get 16 cracks at it. we lost nine of them. >> as to who will get the start next at fedex field against the rams, head coach jay gruden says he's sticking with colt mccoy. >> in d.c., you can buy a christmas tree and give back at a time. 6 engine has converted its entire patio into a christmas tree. 100% of sales will go to the firefighters burn foundation, which helps firefighters who suffered burns in the line of duty. >> i know where i'm getting my tree. it's not far from me.
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i love a frazier fir. >> i got one last year, and it was plastic. beautiful. >> i love that pine scent that fills the house. >> i do too. that's this weekend. that's our job. >> it is december 1st. >> you talk about christmas trees and temperatures in the 60s. what's going on here, tom? >> it's been kind wacky. >> it has. >> today we are talking 60s this afternoon. it's already in the 60s out in parts of west virginia, shenandoah. low to mid-50s around the immediate metro area, prince george's, montgomery and fairfax and the district near the bay, southern and eastern shore. scanning our sky. everything is dry. off to a dry start way out here in western west
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virginia. these are advancing east-northeast. it will take a while east of the metro area. that's not going to be until later this afternoon. the timing on that, increasing clouds between now and then. by noon time, partly sunny. these batches of green are scattered showers maybe around 6:00 p.m. then steadier rain moves in by 9:00, 10:00 throughout much of the region. off to our west, a little wet snow in the pink zone. perhaps icing in the shenandoah valley. maybe sleet and wet snow by tomorrow morning around 7:00, 7:30 in the lavender zone. that's where we could get snow. just a little bit of snow. a lot of it melting on roads, a light dusting on grassy areas. this is as of 11:00 a.m. rain elsewhere during the day. yesterday morning i took this picture of the sky criss-crossed with trails as thousands were
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heading back home from the thanksgiving holiday. post on instagram, twitter and facebook. especially facebook. put the high resolution photos on there. partly sunny and mild, soaring to 66 degrees. then plunging into the 30s. staying in the 30s. near 60. friday, saturday, sunday a chance of rain with highs 40 to 50. everything going pretty well. >> looking pretty good. no construction in the way right now. i want to warn you about one thing that will start at 8:00. if you're headed out of town, 95 south at dale city, one lane closed from 8:00 to 2:00 today. everything else looking pretty good. into town, out of town on # 6, no problems there. beltway at river road is rolling along nicely. overall, looking quite good. lots of green and lots of movement as you look at the
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beltway. central avenue, also rolling along. no major problems there at all. taking a look at prince george's county can, branch avenue, indian head highway, all nice and clear. can't ask for much better than that. 95 in virginia, pohick road overpass also looking good. weather and traffic always on the 1s. see you at 5:01 with a live picture of 270. thank you, melissa. we'll keep an eye on local airports as everyone heads home. thick fog in denver caused delays. that has cleared up. we checked flight aware and only a few delays. sunday is one of the busiest travel days of the year, so today should be a good day to head home. we heard about a lot of traffic. you got stuck in richmond. >> 90 men's longer than it should have taken me driving up from south carolina. >> hopefully today will be better. >> we have a consumer alert for
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you this morning. >> wire talking toy safety. what you need to know to keep your children safe and what to look out for when dying toys >> how you can
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. today the white house is honoring those who lost their battle with hiv/aids and the ongoing fight to find a cure.
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you can see a large red ribbon to the north portico. major landmarks will switch their lights to red in observance. you can observe the day by getting tested. a number of clinics in our area will be offering free hiv testing today. if you would like the take part in world aids day there will be a vigil at elizabeth taylor medical center at 6:. be careful when you're buying children's toys for the holiday. according to researchers at nationwide children's hospital in ohio, you could be putting their safety at risk. the study says younger kids can choke on small toys. kids falling off scooters send a lot of them to the hospital every year. >> that usually results in either cuts to the face or head and sometimes to fractures or broken bones. >> wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. >> the study says a child is treated every three minutes from a toy-related injury. those are those associated but
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not necessarily caused b . well, it looks like black friday is losing a bit of its shine. the national retail federation says the last four days, 133 million people shopped online or in stores, 5% fewer than last year. on average, shoppers spend about $380, which is about 30 bucks less than last season. >> a lot of people just want to do it on line. i want to avoid the crowds and the parking lots. >> some people browse and then go buyonline. new from overnight, protesters falling the fallout in ferguson. we take a look at all the
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action. metro leaders are releasing their budget plan. what could in a could mean for your pocketbook and services in your area. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang on this monday, december 1st, 2014. we take a live look outside. 55 degrees outside our studios. pretty warm start to our december. >> good morning. starting off your monday rather mild. a mild afternoon. turning much colder. cold front comes through. behind that cold front, rain, wet snow, icing by dawn on tuesday. a huge change affecting our weather tomorrow. temperatures in the low 50s in montgomery, prince george's and fairfax and in the district. near the bay, mid and upper 50s. farther west, shenandoah, into the mountains. a bit milder in the 50s to 60s out


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