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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 1, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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shut 'em down. >> protesters take over the 14th street bridge this morning, bringing traffic to a standstill. that was just the start for this group. protesting the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson. and december off to a warm start. temperatures are expected near 70 today. don't get used to it. storm team 4 tracking big changes you'll need to prepare for in less than 24 hours. welcome to news 4 midday. we begin with breaking news in northwest washington. the latest at the live desk. >> unfolding situation in northwest d.c. we have police on the scene of a double shooting.
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this is in the 1300th block of sixth street. we don't know what kind of condition. pat collins on their way to the scene. they laid down in the street, blocking rush hour traffic, to prove a point. more than a dozen protesters marched through the district this morning. it was a second day of protests against the decision not to indict darren wilson in ferguson, missouri. molette green. >> reporter: no ugly scene here, but protesters, just a frustrating morning commute for people trying to get into work. >> michael brown. >> shut 'em down. >> reporter: they formed a human change, holding signs and chanting, right at the bridge, stopping cars coming into the city. police stood by, giving the ferguson-inspired group of about
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20 people time to peacefully raise their voices. >> every 28 hours, a black person is killed by an officer of the law. >> what do you say about the traffic impact of all of this? >> that's the point, we're trying to get people to look at this. >> reporter: it didn't take long for this protest to back up traffic on the 14th street bridge at the heart of rush hour. >> i think it's sort of interesting it's happening. >> reporter: arriving on time to work just had to wait. >> supposed to be there by 8:00. yeah. i'm not annoyed. i find it very interesting. first time i ever see something like this. >> i'm angry about what happened and i do think a dialogue needs to occur. >> reporter: after staging a die-in to simulate michael brown's body on a ferguson street, protesters moved on, shutting down traffic at the 12th street tunnel. the rolling closures continued through downtown. winding their way along seventh
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and constitution. this temporary inconvenience will do a larger good for youth of color. so i think they're absolutely doing their right thing. nothing comes easy. they're taking a stand. this is what democracy is all about. >> reporter: protester bernard jenkins says this rush hour rally can bring change. >> i'm just glad to see there's some people taking a stand against the injustice in the world. >> reporter: now, once the protesters made their way to the china town area, that's when the rally started to break up. somewhere around 10:00 this morning. and after some time, all of the traffic backups in downtown d.c. eventually cleared. we're live this morning from 14th and 10, right next to freedom plaza. >> thank you, molette. and this weekend, demonstrators staged a similar protest, shutting down 395 in d.c. this caused a major backup for
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cars headed to the third street tunnel. police arrested eight people. we spoke to the organizer of the event who said she's already talking with people about their next demonstration. >> in about an hour, the president will start a slew of meetings to discuss the fallout from ferguson and how to build trust between the public and police. nbc's tracie potts will have more in about 20 minutes. now to our weather. we have cloudy skies out there. it's mild this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein join us. >> i just took a stroll and it is dreamy for the first day of december. certainly not feeling like a winter day. you can check out the latest big change coming our way. the storm team 4 weather app, get it on google play and the i-apps store. right now, nearby suburbs in the
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low 60s in prince georges montgomery, fair fox counties, fredericksburg all the way up to 70 degrees. southern maryland in the low 60s. upper 60s around the bay. shenandoah valley, mild day there too. it's in the mid to upper 60s as this system gets closer to us. we'll have the clouds on the increase. that's a live view from our tower camera. later today hovering in the mid-60s around much of the metro area with those increasing clouds. look at the new timing on when that wintry mix arrives. barbara. >> thank you, tom. right now, you'll want to avoid downtown upper marlboro. section of main straight shut down as leaders are being sworn in for a new four-year term at the administration building there. county executive baker and all nine members of the council begin their terms today. there's also a party tonight at national harbor to raise money for the alzheimer's association and the wayne curry lung cancer disparity awareness fund.
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baker won his second term in office in november running unopposed. in just a few minutes, montgomery county will inaugurate some key leaders. will take the oath of office for another four-year term. nine council members are also being sworn in this morning. the ceremony is being held at richard montgomery high school in rockville. today, the d.c. government will begin the process to fill the position lef former d.c. mayor marion berry's death. they will officially declare the seat vacant. the board of elections will come up with a time line for a special election. candidates will be running to fill out the remainder of berry's term which doesn't end until 2017. and berry will have a true d.c. farewell this week. on thursday, he will lie in repose inside the wilson building for 24 hours. friday, there will be a community memorial service in his honor at the temple of praise church in south.
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berry's funeral will be on saturday, december 6th, at the convention center, followed by a private burial. and new today right now uva president teresa sullivan would be getting ready for a luncheon at the national press club. she canceled that. she was scheduled to speak about trends in higher education. a spokesman said given recent events at u an, she wanted to focus on appearances at the school. the so-called culture of rape on that campus. news 4 is following some breaking news. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. this just in, the republican aid who criticized sasha and malia obama publicly on facebook is going to resign. elizabeth lawton went on a facebook rant about the sisters' appearance at this presidential turkey pardoning. lawton tells nbc news by phone plans to step down are in the works right now. the gop communication staffer for a tennessee congressman also
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in that rant took a jab at the girls' parents, saying they came up short in the role model department. lawton later apologized. barbara. >> thanks, angie. today, prince harry is revealing a secret about himself. how the new honesty is part of world aids day. plus, metro is warning your commute could get longer and more cramped. what they need to do to keep you moving. and a cyber attack aimed at hollywood. how movie if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday.
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we have a developing story now. an egyptian group linked to isis is claiming responsibility for the killing of an american oil worker. the group says it killed william henderson. the group posted pictures of his passport and two identification cards on twitter late last night. the passport says the 58-year-old henderson is from texas. the company he works for says henderson was killed in a car jacking in august. the state department has not commented yet. at least five new movies from sony pictures are being devoured online in the wake of its hijacking attack. brad pitt's "fury" downloaded more than 888,000 times. four other movies that haven't been released yet including
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"annie" are also online now. sony says it's exploring the possibility of a north korean link to this hacking. sony is about to release a comedy about the attempted assassination of kim jong-un. right now, you can see the white house is decorated a little differently today. it's in honor of the 26th annual world aids day. the white house and other landmarks will be draped in red to honor those who lost their battle to hiv/aids and the ongoing fight to find a cure. a number of clinics in our area will be offering free hiv testing today. >> despite the fact i joke and laugh all the time, i get incredibly nervous, if not anxious actually, before going into rooms full of people when i'm wearing a suit. >> prince harry is apparently incredibly shy. and that's the secret he revealed as part of a campaign to help reduce stigma associated with hiv.
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it's part of the feel no shame campaign from one of his charities. the idea is to keep the virus from inspiring hiv sufferers to speak up and seek help. you can take part in the campaign by sharing the secret, any secret, on social media, using #feelnoshake. how much freedom do you have when you post things on social media right? the supreme court is hearing a case that would decide that. what a man posted on facebook that promoted this case. plus, who's demanding an apology now from nfl players who entered the game with their hands up. >> beautiful day under way, this first day of december. a few clouds floating through. temperatures around 60 in the metro area. storm team 4 radar showing some rain out in west virginia. western maryland. i'll show you when that gets here coming up at 11:30.
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longer waits and more crowded trains. metro says that's in your future for you commute if local governments don't pay up. news 4's richard jordan is live at the clarendon metro station. >> reporter: all right, barbara, well, metro riders, this is not what they want to hear. metro says it will not be increasing fares, but those who
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regularly use the transit system say it is still going to cost them. they say they're used to waiting what they think is too long for trains to come and then oftentimes finding those trains packed. they're hoping there con be some kind of resolution that will improve their ride on the rails. in the morning, every second counts. metro riders lose precious time waiting on trains. phyllis weeden has been there. >> less than three miles from here to where i work and sometimes it can take an hour depending if the train's delayed or off-loaded because the doors won't shut. >> reporter: a new budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year has metro asking the eight cities and counties serviced by the metro system to pitch in an additional 10% in subsidies. that adds up to $10 million to $15 million. if local governments don't get on board, than riders may pay with their type and theim and t patience. right now, subway trains run every 12 to 15 minutes.
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that would go up to as long as 20 minutes between trains. during peak hours in the middle of the weekday rush, wait times could go from 6 to 8 minutes on every line except the blue line which already has longer wait times. and comes crowded platforms. rosalynn in metro center could see a overwhelming number of people waiting for a ride. those who use the subway system say the longer the wait, the harder the frustration. >> if it's more than 20 minute that might be a little much. >> reporter: again, metro says it will not increase the fares. that was done this year. they won't do that two years in a row. there's still a lot of discussion and debate. it could be several weeks, a couple of months, before we get a resolution. reporting live, richard jordan, news 4. right now, cyber threats are on the agenda at the supreme court. a pennsylvania man made several threats over facebook about his
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estranged wife and the school she worked at. he was charged and convicted. defense attorneys say he never intended to act on the statements and didn't think they'd be viewed as real threats. the justices will decide whether a person's intention to carry out a real threat made online should be considered when facing charges against them. police want an apology from the nfl and the st. louis rams. the st. louis police officer's association called this move by rams players tasteless, offenss and inflammatory. if you didn't see it, five players walked out during the pregame introduction with the hands up position, the don't shoot position. that same pose that ferguson protesters are using right now. the police union wants the pl players disciplined and, quote, a very public apology. new this morning, police in ferguson say they didn't arrest anyone overnight, even with ongoing fallout from a decision not to indict darren wilson for the death of michael brown. in less than half an hour, president obama is going to
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respond to everything that's going on. nbc's tracie potts. >> reporter: barbara, the president's got three meetings on the schedule for today, starting around lunchtime. a cabinet meeting where he wants to take a look at those federal government program alsos that provide equipment, military equipment, to local police departments to deal with riots like we saw in ferguson. it's something the president asked for, back in august. then, he's going to sit down with young civil rights leaders later this afternoon to talk about the mistrust as the white house puts it bween communities of color and police. and then later today, they're bringing in police, community leaders, local politicians, faith leaders, for a broader discussion at some of these issues, how to strengthen communities around the country just like ferguson. so that's the president's agenda today. as he now begins to get involved. even though the justice
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department is still investigating. barbara. >> thank you, tracie. for more on the president's handling of the situation, we're joined by carrie dann, a political writer for nbc. welcome. any chance he's going to make a trip to ferguson again? >> i think right now as tracie mentioned, there's still an ongoing doj investigation so his going to ferguson might be complicated that way. another thing is a presidential visit myself requires a lot of security, a huge footprint, a lot of cost. it may not be something the white house wants to do in this community right now. you're seeing him try to handle this from the white house, meeting with law enforcement and civil rights leaders from d.c. it was the attorney general who made the trip before, not the president. >> yes, correct. >> lawmakers return to washington today. what can they get done in this lame duck congress? >> the big ticket item is
11:22 am
funding the government. december 11th is the day federal funding runs out. they need to do something to keep the government open after that date. this was supposed to be a slam dunk. republican leaders said we don't want to shut the government down. but some republicans want to make an issue of the president's executive action on action. we'll have to see how republican leaders deal with that on their right flank, that desire about legislation, while not shutting the government down. >> they have a few more weeks to show they can get along. >> as the deadline is coming. more from carrie and the rest of the nbc news political team, first read at we havings in that could yo bedding before the afternoon nap. and the cyber monday deals.
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it looks like black friday is losing a bit of its shine. the national retailer federation says over the past four days, 133 million people shopped online or in stores. that's 5% fewer shoppers than last year. retailers still raked in, though, about $50 billion. on average, shoppers spent about
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it $80 each, which is about $30 less than they spent last season at this time. news 4's angie growth is tracking some of the hottest deals online. >> electronics are leading the way when it comes to web deals. one of the hottest items of this holiday. the mini ipad. almost $50 off we're finding at walmart. also, $170 flash off big screen tvs. big breaks on kindle and amazon kindle. on ebay, you just saw there, the $100 itunes code for $75. and tablets, more than $400 off. "frozen" items all the rage this year. on sale at kohl's. you'll save up to 70% on kitchen goods at and of course there's always fashion. lord and taylor.
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the list goes on. offering 20% off. today's sales are going to spike 15%, barbara, consumers out there buying $2.6 billion worth of stuff. >> no crowds, no traffic either. that's the good part. in news for your health, a disturbing new survey from the cdc. more than half of u.s. parents say their babies are sleeping with pillows, blankets and other loose bedding, despite recommendations not to use them. removing loose bedding from a crib is one way to reduce the risk from suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome. the american academy of pediatrics recommends babies be put to sleep on their backs on a firm sleep surface. news 4's pat cullens just arrived at the site of a shooting in the district. what he's learned about the young victims. plus the latest on the investigation into the death of
11:28 am
a college football player. and whether a head injury could have played a role in this. and storm team 4 meteorologist tom
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11:30 am
we have breaking news. two teens shot in northwest d.c. live on the scene with more. pat, tell us what's happening right now. >> reporter: we're at the intersection of sixth and n
11:31 am
streets northwest. where police are investigating a double shooting that happened earlier this morning. both of the victims are said to be teenagers. their estimated age between 16 and 18. one young man was found shot in the parking lot here. a second teenager was found down the block towards seventh street. he was shot in the leg. here now from the police captain ralph mccain. >> found a young man shot in the lower back, nonlife threatening wound in the parking lot behind me, and other units responding found another young man over at seventh and n. >> police say these injuries appear to be nonlife threatening. they're looking for evidence. they're looking for clues. they're looking for a suspect. in the past, there's been a lot of gang activity in this area. it's unclear whether or not this
11:32 am
shooting today was gang related. police are working the case. we'll have more coming up, news 4 at 4:00. live at northwest, pat collins, news 4. >> thank you, pat. right now, part of the pacific coast highway shut down because of a mudslide. that's the road that runs along the ocean between san francisco and los angeles. you can see a big pile of rocks and debris on the roadway. we're told the mudslide was caused by heavy rain. but that area won't see any more rain at least not today. we also have rain in our forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us. >> it's beginning to move into the mountains. should be coming right into the metro area. but not until after snin between now and then, certainly not act like a winter day, as temperatures are already near 70 degrees to our south. look at fredericksburg. at 71 now.
11:33 am
prince georges county, low 60s. near 60, washington and montgomery county. fairfax county, low to mid-60s. near 70 further west. leesburg spiked up to 70 degrees. frederick is at 68. shenandoah valley. out of the mountains too. we're incredibly within about 24 hours, they're going to get some icing and a mix. already it's low 60s there too. for the rest of the jerr aftern we'll have clouds on the increase. mid-60s around the metro area. hovering near 70 to our south and other locations as well. those clouds will thicken up and move through and kind of cap the temperatures and hold them st steady as the rain begins to move in. rain falling in cumberland, allegheny county, south and west of there, it's all light rain across much of west virginia. here's the timing on the rain getting closer to washington. this area of green on the screen, that's the zone of rain that will be continuing to get
11:34 am
closer to us. this is around 8:00 this evening. all this area in light green, that's just scattered light rain moving through much of maryland, virginia and the district. tomorrow, 5:00 a.m., this is the zone where we could get some icing. perhaps a light glaze of icing. northern montgomery. western maryland into west virginia. and melting on roads. as road temperatures will likely be above freezing. south of there, all rain. this is around dawn tomorrow. through morning, light icing sink further south. wet snow mixing in in the shenandoah valley, in the panhandle of west virginia. much of that will stay to our north. just some light rain around the metro area. as we get into the evening hours, after 5:00 p.m., a lot of it will begin to taper. leaving in its wake maybe a
11:35 am
light glaze, light dusting in this light blue zone, fairfax, loudoun, montgomery, northwest washington. further west, shenandoah valley, many mountain locations could get an inch with some light glaze of icing on tree limbs and power lines. i took this picture of all these con trails filling the sky. you can post your pics on twitter, instagram and facebook. as we get into this tomorrow morning, through much of the day, a moderate impact. wet roads. a bit of a mix north and west of the metro area. maybe some slow traffic in the morning. as we get into tuesday, we'll have temperatures hovering in the 30s throughout that day. then back up near 60 on wednesday. chanc of rain on friday, saturday and sunday with highs near 50. barbara. >> all right, thank you, tom. we have some more breaking news. we're going to go back to news
11:36 am
4's angie gost at the newsdesk. >> an american pilot dead after their f-16 crashed in the middle east. the crash is still being investigated right now. and the victim's family is being notified. we know this was a noncombat incident. and did not happen in the countries of iraq or syria. barbara. >> thanks, angie. right now, students at cornell university are coming together to remember a student from montgomery county. shannon jones grew up in potomac and was a senior at cornell. police say this be mman strangl her on thanksgiving day. he's pleaded not guilty. and will appear in court tomorrow. the school is holding a support meeting today for people who want to talk about shannon. ohio state university is mour the loss of one of its football players. 22-year-old kosta karageorge found dead, five days after he
11:37 am
went missing. police say he shot himself near his house in columbus, ohio, not too far from the osu campus it his mother says he has a history of concussions from playing sports. the last thing he texted, his mom said, i'm sorry if i'm an embarrassment but these concussionings have my head all messed up. he was a wrestler who walked on to the football team this season. he had multiple concussions. he had episodes where he was extremely confused and possibly depressed. here at news 4, we are committed to changing minds to learn more about mental health. we provided a list of resources for you on our special changing minds page on a prince georges county police officer's off the job for leaving a crash scene. mark samuels thompson is accused of leaving an accident in the district on sunday. he was off duty at the time and was not dream offing a police cruiser. samuels thompson already had his
11:38 am
police powers suspended for previous unrelated charges. well, it's costing the u.s. $71 million permission to the international space station. right now because we depend on help. coming up, how the space program takes a step toward independence this week. plus, we price out the 12 days of christmas. how much 12 drummers drumming how much 12 drummers drumming
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she has become the center of a new focus on domestic violence. today, janay rice spoke publicly for the first time with matt lauer about her relationship with running back ray rice, her husband, and the incident that put them in the spotlight. described seeing the surveillance video for the first time and expressed frustration the way the couple has been portrayed does not represent who they really are. she also talked about one day having to explain everything to their young daughter. >> i don't think iler be prepared until that moment. but we're going to be honest with her. you know, we're going to tell her what happened. that things like this are not okay, that it's not something she should tolerate. let her know that people make mistakes and it's how you learn from them. >> tomorrow on "today," matt lauer speaks exclusively with ray rice. plus, more of his conversation with janay. well, it was a no win november for the redskins. it has fans asking where the team goes from here.
11:42 am
colt mccoy started for the first time since the benching of robert griffin iii. he had a career day, throwing for three touchdowns. that has the defense looking at missed opportunities. >> cold played well. they put up 27 points. when you put up 27 points in this league, you're not only supposed to win, but you're not supposed to get beat by many as many points as your score. >> jay gruden says colt mccoy will get the start again next week. new today, we now know just how much all of those items in the 12 days of christmas song will cost if you want to buy them now. would cost you more than $27,000 to buy today. if you bought it all online, though, the pnc christmas price index says it will cost you even more than that.
11:43 am
nearly $43,000. well, if toys are on your shopping list, we have a couple warnings this morning. dangerous toys to avoid and how to prevent everyday injuries. if you do a lot of texting, your neck and back are probably paying the price. the yoga
11:44 am
11:45 am
the toy industry association
11:46 am
is reponding to a new report that says toys are becoming more dangerous for your children. researchers saying a child is treated every three minutes for a toy related injury. injuries up 90%. the researchers believe ride-on toys like scooters are part of the problem. >> when they were introduced in the year 2000, there was a rapid increase in the number of injuries. i will say i've never seen anything like it in my career. >> the toy industry association responded saying, quote, toy-related industries are those astoy. we just got our hands on a new list of dangerous toys. let's check in with angie gost. >> these are toys that are deemed unsafe that are still on shore shelves. the u.s. public interest research group naming toys that pose a toxic hazard.
11:47 am
things like this hello kitty bracelet. the jack and the neverland pirate. more than a dozen choking hazards found in everything from doc mcstuffen's figurine play set to our generation dolls and textured building blocks. >> between 2005 and 2011, at least 60 children have choked to death on balloons, toys or parts of toys. in the past year, the commission has recalled 68,000 toys and other childrens products from store shelves because of choking hazards. >> now, in the last ten minutes or so, we just got word from the toy industry association. they are responding to this report. they said the research is based on improver testing methods not approved by the government and that all toys sold in the u.s. are highly regulated. so a little bit of back and forth on this report, barbara, back to you. >> all right, angie, thank you. we recently told you using your smart phone the wrong way can wreck your neck and spine.
11:48 am
a new study out of new york says hunching over to read a text or search the web puts stress on your neck and spine as well. today, we're going to show you how to reverse the problem. yoga instructor kim weeks join us this morning with three poses that will help your neck and your back feel better. welcome back. you've been with us before with kim. as she gets into position, why don't you tell us, why is it so bad? >> i'm really a yoga expert now, and studies like this require second tier sort of commentary. from people in the yoga business, from some, for example, therapists. because there's not a good debate on what the problem is. when my head goes forward like this when i'm tempting, when susan's head goes forward when she's texting, looking at her computer, the sheer sort of weight bearing on the head. >> 60 pounds i read. >> a very good debate about how
11:49 am
that is an inflammatory remark. actually, it's more like 25. but who's counting, exactly, right. so it's gotten our attention. the most important thing you can do, unless you're going to start taking selfies of yourself. to get your head back in line is something like yoga or physical therapy. >> let's see it. >> let's imagine she's been texting for, you know, two hours like the studies claimed. she's going to start twisting to the left. and what she needs to do is draw a straight line from the center of her head to the center of e draws a strant line and stretches it. because the head can and will fall forward if you give it an opportunity because there's nothing supporting it. it's like having a roof that's tipping over. come back around. the second thing she can do, i'm going to turn you for a sec. she can sit at her sed desk and
11:50 am
start doing a back bend. we have to take the head up. and then take it back. grab the back of the chair. big back movement here. look, she's going to lift through here. she's got to straighten her spine in order for the head to go back. >> how long should she hold these? >> until it stops feeling so bad. i would say a minute or two. people -- was a great sort of scientist who talked about how the muscles here are locked long when you're texting constantly. a much better image because i text and susan does not. and the muscles lock long and lock short. we have to get then back into -- lift up -- alignment. >> two easy poses one can do to take a lot of pressure off. >> okay, thanks so much. welcome back. kim, great to see you. our time 11:5. coming up, a big test for the u.s. space program this week.
11:51 am
and the big changes in tomo.
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11:53 am
we're going to be watching several stories that are developing today. just moments from now, president obama will kick off a series of meetings in reaction to the fallout in ferguson, missouri. the president will meet with community leaders to discuss building trust. he will review the federal funding for military equipment that goes to local police forces. right now, northern virginia
11:54 am
bureau david culver is in alexandria where dewitt simeon is in court. accused killing carolyn cross, the former deputy director of the d.c. department of corrections. watch news 4 to find out what's happening in that case. after disappointing black friday for retaers, we will be keeping an eye on cyber monday sales numbers. monday after thanksgiving, that's today, has been the biggest online shopping day of the year since 2010. we have a look at some of the deals on plus, a holiday gift guide for you coming up this afternoon. this week, nasa will test a spaceship that could event wail bring astronauts to mars. how it could reignite nasa's shuttle program. >> sitting on the launch pad in florida, the spacecraft that represents nasa's next frontier. on thursday, a critical unmanned test of the crew vehicle. riding atop a rocket, orion will
11:55 am
roar through the atmosphere and travel through space. then orbit the earth twice before beginning the journey back to earth. 4,000-degree temperatures on re-entry. a long drop into the pacific ocean off the coast of mexico. >> we intend to test ourselves on this mission. we intend to test our spacecraft before we put humans on board. >> the goal, for orion one day to carry four astronauts beyond the space station to the moon and perhaps mars. this comes a month after the tragic death of a virgin galactic pilot in california. and the explosion of an unmanned commercial rocket. that company orbital sciences is now changing its engine design. >> space is critical to the future of this country and to the world and so we're going to continue to build these. >> reporter: and liftoff. the final liftoff of "atlantis." >> reporter: it's been three years since america's final
11:56 am
space shuttle flight. since then, the u.s. has paid russia to carry american astronauts to the space station. many americans say putting cargo and astronauts on an american rocket can't come soon enough. former nasa chief michael griffin. >> i would not willingly see my country dependent upon any other country for a strategic capability like human spaceflight. >> reporter: but veteran astronaut steve robinson insists jae geopolitic, rarely extend into space. >> programs for the international space station, neither country can do it alone. we need each other. >> reporter: nasa has given commercial space companies the job of sending astronauts and supplies to the station. they hope to go very deep and very long. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> so you just go to the moon, you don't care about mars, right? >> exactly, that's far enough. what's going on with our
11:57 am
weather? >> it's unusually warm. hovering into the mid and upper 60s. near 70 across much of virginia. overnight, a big change, turning much colder. and by midday tomorrow, a light bit of a wintry mix. and that light blue zone just north and west of the met tri area might get a light dusting on some grassy areas. maybe a little bit of a light glas offizing further north and west. up to an inch maybe there, shenandoah valley. after we get through tomorrow, with temperatures in the 30s, up near 60 on wednesday. up anner 40s thursday and sunny. maybe more rain friday and no wintry mix for the weekend. just maybe some chilly rain. >> all ght, thank you, tom. voice fans, listen up, tonight is your chance to vote for sterling virginia native ryan sill. sill has been in the bottom three for two weeks. with your votes, sill was the
11:58 am
instant save last week. you may have seen that. you can watch ryan compete tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. and that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in at 2:00, 4:00. we'll be back torrow with news 4 midday. hope you'll plan to join us. until then, have a great day and we'll see you in the morning.
11:59 am
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>> melanie: surpri-- aah! >> abigail: melanie? >> melanie: abigail? >> abigail: wha--ben! >> ben: leaving. >> melanie: ben... oh, i'm so--i'm sorry. i wanted to surprise you. >> abigail: wow. you certainly did, and it looks like i wasn't the only one. oh, my god, co here! what-- >> kate: hold on. this is not the reason that i came over here. >> chad:ow


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