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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you open the door this morning. it is cold. it is wet. rarain is all coming down depending where you are. the temperatur week morning, ev. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this december 2. a little bit of green, a little bit of pum, the pink and white means frozen precipitation is falling in parts of our area now. >> the bigger story may be the downright cold temperatures some folks are seeing after yesterday's stretch of spring we had. we want to turn to meteorologist tom kiereith forecast. >> only about 12 hours ago. it was around 70 degrees. d we're getting sleet and snow north and west of i-95. elsewhere some scattered light rain, mainly right around washington and points south and east. one narrow band hef a little sleet from western howard county into northern montgomery county over to
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germantown and south and east of there it stretches over to poolesville and then across the potomac to near olney and south of there, ashburn, and now just coming into western fairfax county from great falls through reston getting a little bit of that sleet and then it breaks up. a little west of there into the central shenandoah valley. the temperatures are above freezing, though, so thankfully, any wrp tare where the wintry m falling. you'll need a raincoat and umbrella for the afternoon. a breakdown hour by hour for the day ahead. a look at our . > breaking news on the roads, tom. thank you. n rou 123 and spout run parkway. there are emergency repairs going on right now. news 4's megan mcgrath live with more on that.
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meg megan? >> ae lar sinkhole down there on the southbound lanes of the g.w. parkway. you can see one of the detours in place. the ramp from 123 down to the parkway completely shut. these are the folks that werh o parkway and they're being forced off. so a lot of people kind of confused here this morning. a lot of folks heading to the airport don't know how they should be getting there the. here is the closure. it's the southbound lanes of the g.w. parkway between 123 and spout run. there's a sinkhole. we're told that it's 25 feet by 30 feet wide. so a large sinkhole on the southbound lanes, enough to damage a are car, certainly if it drove thr they shut everything down and we're told this is going to be a long process in terms of the repair so it's certainly going to be with us through the morning rush hour and perhaps into the afternoon as well. now with more on the work around
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and what people sh mollett. t it and pushing it out on the nbc washington app. sign up so you get the alerts early. southbound blocked between 123 and spout run. they are pushing people off on 123 and then you can turn left down old dominion to get back through the spout run area. another accident here, spoke with police, 295 southbound. that ramp to 11th street bridge. .hat right l at 270 it opens back up. 66 and the beltway a little bit of sheen. slowest through dale city. eun? thank you, melissa. 6:03 is your time. spring ridge is closed today. there's a break in the water line at the school and crews
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will spend the day fixing the water. n t with the process. seven people are rekofg vehics crashed. you can see the scene here on route 1 in elkridge. a huge response at kit kat r. the fair chief tweeted a thank you for everyone who prayed for those hurt in the crash. a new proposal to bring a stadi to southwest washington. at first the city planned to acquire land at buzzard point by trading the reeves center on u street northwest. mayor elect muriel bowser believes they can make more money by selling. $150 million to buy the land. d.c. united would then pay about the same to buil sheriffs will discuss how the county deals with drugs. they're holding a news conference at 10:00 and we're
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told detectives arrested 90 people on drug charges in the last 12 . an alert for university of maryland students after a classmate was sexually assaulted just off campus. police say the woman was at an n s fold into a room by a man. she says he put a hand over her mouth and told her to be quiet. the student bit him. he began slapping and groping her. she was able to get away. those we talked to say the university does a good job of ting sex assaults. >> they inform us. we get e-mail mule times a day about what's happening. they're really good about informing us. >> there'sw sexl assault workshop that all students are required to take, i'm pretty sure. >> at least three have reported being groped near campus since september. police do not believe the cases are connected. on campus.ty the seven society just announce
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add $57,000 donation. it's to fund training for bystander intervention. uva outlining its own prevention plan. they plan to hire more trauma counselors. they will fund a new police substation to incr campus. all of these changes in response to a "rolling stone" article that suggested a culture of rape at uva. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas on capitol hill. house speake. in keeping with tradition, the tree will be decorated with >> we are watching a developing story a. man goes on a shooting spree before killing himself. this morning we're learning about how the man may have known his victims. plus, no more freebies. you'll start getting tickets t to watch outew traffic cameras for. and after a weekend of shopping, today is the day to give back. we'll tell you how to
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participate in giving tuesday.
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welcome back. today is giving tuesday. the global day is dedicated to giving back and you can help by donating to your favorite charity anytime today. d.c. gives more is hosting a happy hour at fifth and k streets starting at 6:00. the army historical association all giving tuesday donations to the college of southern maryland will go towards scholarships. >> a lot of smaller organizations, too. united way is a good place to search for nonprofits to donate to. >> even the smallest. 6:11.
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a live look over the district. w we've been watching rainfall for several hours now and it's goito >> tom, what's going on out there? just a little light rain in washington and south and east of us more moderate. further north and west sleet mixing in. where you see the area in pink and then into loudoun county and montgomery, there's a little bit of sleet. mel on temperatures roadways and will stay steady throughout the rest of the day a few are more showers coming back later tonight at wh the win now melissa is checking on road conditions. with everything wet, what's it looking like now? >> a couple can of brand-new accidents. i want to talk about this,
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though. this is our biggest problem. it is blocked from 123 to spout run the get off 123 and head down to old dominion and work your way back. looking good, pretty typical. 295 southbound, that right lane is still blocked. here are some travel times for you in maryland. the outer loop 95 to 270, 29 minutes. 66 east from fairfax county parkway, 95 northbound a little slow about 15 minutes hyped as you head from quantico to the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes. are accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of gift cards. how the manager uncovered the heist. >> reporter: if you're going to be driving in the district, new traffic cameras will start issuing tickets. it's not just speed and red
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lights but another offense that can get you in trouble. your weather and traffic are always on "news 4 today." current temperatures
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16 after the hour now. a cold, wet morning. most of you are seeing rain but there could be pockets of sleet and freezing rain, too. tom tells us when it moves out and the changes in store the rest of the week at 6:21. poe he lease will be back out at thee separate shooting scenes treg to figure out why a man killed four people. jody hunt was accused of those shootings monday. he was found dead in his truck after a day long man hunt. mo lease say he knew all four victims and one had filed domestic abuse charges against him last month. breaking news. a tragic scene in kenya where dozens of quar.
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al shabab is behind it. the workers were attacked while they slept, many shot or beheaded. the group is the same group that was behind the deadly mall attack. >> aw goff, you thank you. new cameras are watching your speed and if you stop at a stop sign. they are issuing tickets if you. richard, >> reporter: hi, eun. good morning. this is one of tho the other one also in northwest over at park place and newton. the 30 day warning period is over. you have the two stop sign cameras and six new speed cameras. those are all in northeast washington. many drivers already familiar
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with those. aaa did a survey. half questioned said they had gone over ten miles an hour in a residential zone. so we're used to the cameras. there is a bill pending in congress that would restrict funding if they have traffic cameras for different projects. traffic is a local issue and should be handled by local law enforcement. you have eight new traffic cameras that go into effect in the district. we posted ths on our website. reporting live this morning, richard jordan, news 4. approaching 6:19. more fallout from the sex assault allegations against bill
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cosby. the comedian resigned as a trustee. he has been a prominent proponent of his alma matter in philadelphia and a board member since 1982. more than a dozen women say he sexually assaulted them. he has not been charged and won't comment on the accusation s. his attorney claims they are unsubstantiated. a judge affirmed several corruption verdicts against maureen o'donnell and bob mcdonnell.w trial was also denied during yes prosecutors say they tried to help a dietary supplement maker in exchange for thousands of dollars in gifts. they were convicted in september and will be sentenced next month. dn of a new ethics panel that recommended a $250 cap on gifts. waivers for things like trips.
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they want barred and commission member banned from voting. we want to he show you surveillance video of an attack about 2:45 in the morning. they ran up on these exchange studen the men stole some personal friend of the victims says nd they are students from mexico and they thought they were safe here. the women were not hurt during that robbery. they were walking home from the noma gallaudet metro station. >> you could be delayed on your way to work. crews are starting on the wal any road widening project. the road will change from two to
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four lanes. you can expect delays between d mariah court. the pro yekt is expected to be finished about year from now. troy berry will be sworn ins as sheriff, the first african-american to serve in the post in the agency's 350-year history. berry unseated rex coffey and did not face an opponent in november. he will take charge of a department of more than 600 employees. a big congratulations. >> a wet tuesday morning. >> let's check in with tom kierein with your traffic and weather on the 1s. just checking all the latest weather watchers and observations around the region.
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an area of sleet. dulles reporting light sleet and 35 degrees above freezing. any sleet or snow that's falling is melting on roads this morning. where you see pink we are getting the sleet around dulles, where the ray tar sight is located. more sleet in northern fauquier county, southwestern loudoun county and into clark and warren counties in the shenandoah valley. from near poe thome up to poolesville to near da mass cans cuss, a little bit of light sleet there. temperatures above freezing so even where the wintry mix is, it is melting on road now here is the timing the rest of the day. a little bit of rain now through 10:00 this morning. another area moving in in green.
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all moving through around 5:00 through 8:00 p.m. across northern virginia, the district and maryland. continues to track away and by 10:0 11:00 tonight it's mostly over with. watch out, there might be just a little bit of slushiness on some of those roads in far mourn maryland. we're going to hold stead i in the upper thursday. then rebounding as the weather roller coaster continu. we might get rain friday night and again saturday. your drive time forecast and how is the drive time on the roads now, melissa? not so hot if you're heading southbound. blocked from 123 to spout run.
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try to get over to the parkway off old dough mminion. opene same thing if you're on 1. perhaps some of the folks who cross the river will cross earlie. 14th street bridge slow as is 270 southbound. looking typical for this time of the day. more on the sinkhole coming up. jurors will hear testimony from the company's late founder, steve jobs. this lawsuit has taken a decade.
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the software is no longer used. >> businesses are being warned to look out for hacker attacks. the fbi sent out a five page warning. investigators believe north korea may be behind the attack because of an upcoming movie called "the interview." right now -- >> two postal employees are under investigation accused of stealing gift cards out . a postal worker in capitol heights admitted to stealing $2,000 in cards. she also claims her co-worker stole more than $9,000. a manager found a razor blade and hundreds of open letters and unless. so far no charges filed. you still have a chance to
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make sure northern virginia's ryan stills stays on "the voice." >> ♪ now i come to you with open arms ♪ >> he was the first singer on stage last night. he sang "open arms" can bjorny. you can vote until noon today. we'll find out tonight if he makes it to the next. he is a fan favorite. he's been saved through social media. good luck to him. >> and if the people love you, you can't go wrong. >> the largest chi safety seat recall. the new investigation by the federal government into how the manufacturer handled the the president gets a new progress rep learn how much progress is being made battling the virus ns rig now. the southbound george washington
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parkway shut down between route. melissa is tracking the situation. she'll help you get around this mess in just a few minutes.
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we're continuing to track breaking news right now. some alternate route route 123 and spout run. crews are working to repair the more on how to get around the mess. >> the weather is a far cry from what we saw yesterday. now it's cold, wet, and in some cases sleet and freezing rain may be falling. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it's tuesday, december 2, 2014. the radar is nice and colorful as you can tell. >> some spots are seeing sleet no matter what you're getting. you're going to want to slow down on the co your drive time forecast. >> it's colorful but not so
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nice. a drop overnight. we plunged about 35 degrees since yesterday afternoon. down to the 30s and it is some chilly rain falling in washington. north and west, this area in pink is the zone where we're . that's continuing to track off to the north and east. it's melting on roads. it's near 40 in washington. have a raincoat and an umbrella today. you'll be need iing it for the drive d the sle nor and west of us in the upper 30s and stof look at the changes the next 24 hours. now melissa has big backups.
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>> at the 11th street bridge there the crash still has the right lane blocked and take a look at this, eastern at kenilworth. s area about seven miles behind very, very slow because of the accident. also still have this situation, megan mc parkway southbound blo between 123 and spout run. .orthbound lanes a if you're on g.w. parkway, you're going to get pushed off. take a left down to get back on to the parkway. your best bet if you're trying toai very, very busy, jammed outer loop at colesville road. a wider look at things looking typical at this point this morning. 95 closed through dale eu 6:32 now. the child safety seat maker responsible for the biggest recall of its kind in u.s. had history is facing some tough questions from the government. tracie potts is live with more. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: one big, tough question and that is when did
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graco know the seats were th were recalled earlier this year, more than 6 million infants and toddler seats. that's not the issue. the issue now nhtsa wants to know did graco know about this before they reported it? the law says they have five business days to do that but now they have opened an investigation into how long it took to make that report. graco says they've cooperated, will continue to cooperate, that they thoroughly analyzed data about the seats and the defect in the belts in those seats sud do and went ahead and made the report. no further, in fact, the govern finds that they delayed the transportation secretary says that is totally unacceptable. graco to be looking at a $35 million fine. e eun? >> tracie potts, thank you.
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breaking news out of lebanon u bakr al re getting baghdadi. he has not been seen lately. 6:34. today president obama plans to take the fight against ebola to the national institutes of health in bethesda. doctors there published resulf the president will push congress to act quickly on his emergency funding quest. the ebola epidemic is said to be getting better. the spread is stable in guinea. still an out-of-control status for sierra leone. the w.h.o. says the most optimistic predictions have the
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epidemic under control in the middle of next year. major d.c. road could close. we've told you about the capital crossing project that would cover the third street tunnel to make way for new developments. adam tuss learned the develop ers want to shut down th up con. >> i think it could be crowded. >> it won't look very pretty. >> well, if it's benefiting drivers and help with the commute, that's fine with me. >> the project is expecto compl don't know how long any closure would last. f transportation is not happy with the idea because the tunnel is part of the .vacuation route out of the transportation officials your thoughts about connecti. the federal highway administration considering all modes of transportation for the pro jekt.
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more protests here and around the country in the wake of the michael brown case. a look at what the president wants to do to help improve the community's trust in police. >> and i'm heartily sorry for everything i put my family through. >> ray rice breaks his silence for the first time since the nation saw him hit the woman who is now his wife. what he had to say about the fallout from the video and are . and we'll tell you how you can relive the moments from an iconic tv show here in wash.
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this year is the 50th anniversary of "the rudolph the red-nosed reign dear s. new stamp in the town of rudolph, ohio. the town on its mail at this time of
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year. >> the kid want to kno they can use a website that launched early d puts this santa trackerp every year. we put a link on it. it's up on my twitter l as well. you can see right now santa's at the north pole on christmas eve. you can watch him zoom all over the globe. he is a very with busy man, probably assembling toys or telling the elves to assemble the toys. >> 1998 was when they started tr been doing it for a while. they know how to keep up with him. coming up on 6:41, a live look out here. we see headlights and some of them dealing with wet roadways. >> let's check in with tom kierein now to find out what's happening. is it still raining out there, tom? >> and most of the area is getting rain except just a little bit further north and west of washington where we are getting this band of sleet. northn shenandoah valley into western loudoun
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county and right around dulles and southe county and fairfax and a few pockets of sleet. the rest of montgomery county down to washington is all rain there as well as central fairfax county. the light rain right now at capitol hill. there's a live view came. e going to hold steady in the upper 30s throughout tf the. that sleet will dissipate by 8:00, 9:00. cloudy midday and then late more rain coming on through but most of it end iing by 11:00 p.m. o road conditions and what's going on now. >> still nasty here talking about g.w. parkway southbound completely blocked right now between 123 and spout run. this is a look at 123 and you can see we're gettinging jammed as well. if you're on g. with w. southbound, you'll get pushed off and the best thing to do is take old dominion and get on the
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parkway. 295 southbound the ramp to the is out of bridge, we are the way. the backups persist for about seven miles this morning. y is slow.n see the top of the d.c. 295 looks worse than it typically does and travel times for you, outer loop 95, 43 minutes, very slow. germantown to the beltway, slow in virginia, 95 north. quantico to the beltway, 66 east, fakes county parkway to the beltway. we'll talk to megan in a little bit about the sinkhole. ray rice breaks his silence. what the nfl star has to say about the domestic violence scandal that derailed his football career. new details on the ferguson fallout. the president's man to restore trust between the community and police. and we are continuing to watch breaking news this morning.
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the southbou y closed between route 123 and spout run. we'll check in with megan mcgrath and if there are updates. e break you can e radar, current can temperatures and a look at how traffic is moving on the 14th street bridge.
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your time now is 6:46. we have breaking news. you may be sitting in traffic. southbound g.w. parkway closed
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between 123 and spout run parkway. megan mcgrath is live with the emergency repairs going on right now. megan? >> reporter: eun, it's a tough morning out here. take a look behind me. you can see the road closure, the ramp closure from 123 down onto the g.w. parkway. the traffic that you see behind there, those are the folks wh o the parkway and were forced this is 123 absolutely jammed. your best bet is to avoid this entire area if you can. the problem is we have a sinkhole on the southbound lanes of the g.w. parkway between 123 and spout run. so they have closed all of the lanes down and the park police tweeted out that these lanes will be closed until further n when the repair can be completed and when traffic can drive southbound on
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it is jammed here. if you're traveling north, you're okay. northbound lanes are open. a tough go here for a while. eun, back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. we're working to keep an eye on weather and traffic this new developments in ferguson, missouri, where people are dealing with the decision not to charge darren wilson in death of michael brown. ron, good morning. >> reporter: there are still hundreds of national guard troops on duty. it's unclear when they'll leav there's still a the lot of tension here. at a community meeting yesterday d they were trying to have a discussion about a solution to the long-term protests.
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people are hopeful and taking things night by night. back to you. >> ron allen live for us in ferguson, missouri. communities in our area will be talking about ferguson, too. students and professors will discuss the impact of the case in a forum at noon at howard . the school of divinity is holding a town hall and another at 8:00 tonight at busbos on k t will include protesters who have been demonstrating in our area this week. adrian peterson was charged with child abuse after disciplining his son with a switch. he believes the league's punishment is too harsh. top executives from every major
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sports league will face questions from lawmakers about domestic violence. a senate committee will examine how pro sports handles violence among players. top executives from the nfl, nba, nhl and mlb will testify. 6:49 now. arguably ignited the national conversation about domestic v violence in sports and tod bre . ray rice spoke to matt lauer about his hope to one day play fab again. >> me and my wife had one bad night and i took full responsibility for it. the only thing i can hope for and win for is a second chance. >> rice is eligible to be signed by any nfl team. you can see his entire coverings after "news 4 today." today maryland lawmakers will discuss a proposal that could put an end to hollywood
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handouts. the state has given more than $60 million in tax cuts to hollywood studios. most of that money goes to two shows. now some lawmakers want the state to stop handing out so many tax credits. the first numbers are in from cyber monday. landon doughty with a look at how many people did online shopping. >> notst many shoppers were buying as much on monday. sales were below estimates sass consumers may have taken advantage of deals offered before and after thanksgiving. the average order is down. the under way. the japanese autoparts maker is expected to expand its recall of faulty air bags nationwide.
6:51 am
currently it only applies to states with high humidity conditions. the air bags couldh spraying me. they have given the company until today to declare are defe fines of up to $7,000 per vehicle and be forced to issue a recall. aaron, eun, back to you. >> thank you. big story today is the we a mixed bag outside. >> let's turn to tom kierein. >> it's like a ride to the theme park. we have plummeted down to the mid-30s and a few pockets of sleet are showing up on the radar where you see the areas in pink. there's a pocket around dulles
6:52 am
in extreme western fairfax county. elsewhere all rain. the area you see in the yellow may have a l it's mostly rain. south and east it is light rain and temperatures are above freezing. so where we are getting the sleet and had wet snow earlier it melted on roads. there may be freezing on trees. after you leave the house keep up with the radar. get it on google play and the itunes store. at the bus stop raining. light rain between now and 8:00 . it may taper off. still chilly in the upper 30s. bundle up and have an um you. there's the capitol right now with light rain fa this rain and wintry mix ought
6:53 am
to end and then from then all the way into early afternoon staying dry. between 5:00 p.m. and into the early hours, another round of rain comin. and then tomorrow we rebound bouncing back up into the upper 50s and then on thursday back down into the 40s. off be a on rain looking likely. a smaller chance sunday. mid-50s monday. melissa is making faces with me. she's not happy. >> g.w. parkway blocked at 123 and spout run. northbound lanes are open. they're going to push you off on 123. outer loop a disabled vehicle. just heard about this one from
6:54 am
police on the outer loop. the beltway is very slow as you can see here on my map. 295 heading into town slower than it typically is this type of day. 66 at lee highway wet roads. aaron and eun? >> it is 6:54. we'll learn about the future of the soccer team in d.c. bringing a stadium to buzzard point. originally the council planned to spop for the land in southwest. muriel bowser thinks she can make more money by selling it and then the city would buy the land for the. so what would you do if i sang out of tune? would you stand up -- >> i would not.
6:55 am
i would not. >> one of your favors comg to d.c. "the wonder years" is donating some memorabilia to the sm you should have sang it. >> too early for that. cast members including fred savage will be on hand today to donate ite to the national museum of american history. among the items donated from the emmy and peabody award winning show the trademark new york jets jacket that savage wore as the main character. >> we'll get had him to sell yet. house speaker john boehner year's tree is a massive white spruce from the chippewa national forest. the tree will be decorated with thousands of ornaments made by people across mi beautiful. 6:55. graco under investigation for its handling of the largest child seat recall in u.s. history. more than 6 million car seats recalled bec the buckles stickie latched position.
6:56 am
eight new traffic cameras in the district. two are stop sign cameras in northwest. six are speed cameras in northeast. yo t. in just minutes ray rice the night he licly for the punched his wife and his suspension from the nfl. the exclusive interview with matt lauer up next. southbound g.w. parkway closed between 1 23 and spout run because of a giant sinkhole. we'll send a push alert to your phone when it reopens. >> a litt for a couple hours. elsewhere light rain tind endin temporarily and then it resumes s eveni ano r. this afternoon we'll hold steady in the upper 30s. wear a coat. we'll warm up tomorrow. g.w. parkway closed from 123 to spout run.
6:57 am
get off on 123 and turn west on old dominion to get around. the outer loop at new hampshire from an earlier disabled car. 295 heading into town nod look ing so hot. give that a thumbs down. >> thank you, melissa. appreciate that. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. "w is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with any breaking news, your weather and traffic. until then have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> make it a great tue
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good morning. sorry or not? confusion over a conversation between the st. louis rams and the st. louis police. the police say they heard an apology for the players "hands up" ferguson protest. but in a strange twist, the rams say there was no such thing. so who is telling the truth? can he come back? in ray rice's first interview since that incident in the elevator, he speaks out about the scrutiny he has faced and why he thinks he should be back on the football field. >> only thing i can hope for and wish for is a second chance. >> our "today" exclusive this morning. stepping down. bill cosby resigns from the board at temple university. his alma mater and the place he served for 32


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