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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 28, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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not thrilled about seeing indianapolis. that team destroyed them in indianapolis when they played earlier. they went eight straight drives without a first down. congratulations to the pittsburgh steelers. well deserved. >> al: so they get a home game. if they win that one, then they go on the road. but an easier route than they had in 2005 when they had to win three road games before the super bowl and wound up winning it over the seattle seahawks. that was in '05. we got a little bant goingck and forth going on here. what a tremendous year mr. brown had this year. >> cris: how is le'veon bell and a.j. green. those are the two components of these two offenses. al: tomlin and reggie nelson
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right there after the game. a hug and then some admonishment. reggie is pleading his case. >> cris: you is see to him tomlin going oh, come on. whatever reggie nelson said at the end and marvin jumped in and straightened it up. hit on bell. coming up next, we will have the volkswagen postgame report. chances r michele will be talking to one antonio brown after this. .
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steelers win 27-17 and with it, they win the afc north. let's take a look at the game balls. there will be three of them. ben roethlisberger played under the weather considerable under the weather. nonetheless threw for 317 yards and a couple of touchdowns. one of which was caught by the amazing antonio brown. brown also had a 71-yard punt return for a td. he gets another of the game balls. and a third game ball goes to brice mccain playing in place of ike taylor. he had two interceptions. mccain and brown are down on the field to talk with michele. >> antonio brown, you lead the league in receiving yards but
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you also become the first steeler in history to lead the nfl in receptions. i see the smile on your face. what does that mean to you? >> i mean, that is a tremendous honor. thank my teammates and coaches and quarterback and offensive coordinator. just accolade. seems like myself but a lot of team work goes into it. >> the punt return, the first score of this game for you guys, that is your third of your career. all of them have come against the bengals. what is it about that situation? >> i don't know. man, it was great blocking today. i did a great job setting it right and coming back left and i guess it's all we have against the bengals. >> a short week now you have to get ready for the ravens. knowing that is your opponent, your heated rival, how much more important does home field become? >> it means a lot. you know, temperature will be up and what better place to do it against hometown fans against a division opponent. >> we all saw le'veon bell go
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down and we are being told hirm hyperextended right knee. what would a healthy le'veon bell mean to this team next week? >> we need him to do what we want to do and we need him out there with us. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> nfc -- excuse me, afc north champions. how does that sound brice mccain? >> it sounds great. we worked hard for this. a couple of weeks ago, coach told us we have a lot of work to do. even though we make the playoffs we working for the playoffs and won the afc north championship and we got it. >> you got it. you guys have a completed serked secondary. polamalu and ike taylor out. how did you come together to do this? >> we practiced hard and worked together every day. we talked. we communicate and we love each other. when you have love in the secondary everybody communicate and we be on one page. >> i ask you the same question. faced with home game on saturday against baltimore. knowing it's the ravens, your
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rival, how much more does home field advantage mean? >> it means a lot. we already played them twice so we play them this time. we know each other. come in here all of the marbles in the jar and have to play hard and they are the same a is cincinnati. no deep balls, man, we be a great defense. >> afc north champions. congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele, thanks. toward the end of the game you saw mike tomlin talking with reggie nelson of the bengals. reggie nelson hit le'veon bell and his status for next week is in doubt and he is one of the best young players in the league and it's observe that tomlin is agitated agitated. exactly what, we don't know. maybe the way nelson reacted subsequent to the hit. tomlin is due at the microphone at the postgame press conference any minute. the guys in the truck have their eye on that. if there is some information to pass along, we will let you know. you see marvin lewis got in between the two of them toward the end but they were still
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jawing at each other pretty good as we moved on to other things. now let's take a look at the afc playoffs. new england and denver have the byes. just like last season. except it's the patriots now with home field advantage should they meet in the conference championship game. the steelers and the ravens are the two new afc teams in the playoffs who weren't in last season. they will square off here in pittsburgh saturday night on nbc. the bengals meanwhile, will travel to indianapolis on sunday in the other afc wildcard game. let's bring in tony dungy. tony, which of the four teams playing next weekend do you think could make a run? >> well, bob, i really think the steelers could, but they need le'veon bell to be healthy and that to me is the big wildcard. pittsburgh is playing as hot as anybody. ben roethlisberger and the young defensive backs are playing graelves aggressively. they can do damage in the playoffs but need bell and running attack to compliment roethlisberger.
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>> we turn to the nfc. three division winners from last season have repeated. seattle will, once again, have home field throughout. the packers beat detroit at lambeau and claim the other bye, meaning the lions have to travel to dallas on sunday and the panthers win against the falcons gives them a home game against arizona. let's bring tony back in. tony, which team could challenge the seahawks in the nfc? >> well, obviously, you look at green bay with aaron rodgers, but as funny as this sounds and i wouldn't have said it a month ago, you have to look at carolina. cam newton is make plays and jonathan stewart is helping them and they are balanced running the ball and defense playing better and they won in tough places and won in new orleans and atlanta today. i look at them and i think that is a team that has the formula to go to seattle and win. tough running game and good defense. >> boy, that is really something! if a team that went two months without a win and finished 7-8-1
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to get in the playoffs and then go on and dethrone the defending champs and make a playoff run. a bold prediction. we will see. mike florio, the raiders have had a head coaching vacancy for a a while now. the niners joined them this afternoon. a lot going on in the bay area. what other teams could have openings come tomorrow? >> bob, the hot spots are in new york where the jets are expected to let go of rex ryan. also in atlanta, mike smith after seven seasons expected to be released as soon as monday. in chicago widespread belief that marc trestman will be let go after only his second season with the team. on the field, meanwhile, on sunday, in green bay, last week, we talked about dominic rayiola stomping on the leg of ego ferguson.
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an initial step that appeared to be clearly inadvertent here of ndamukong suh and maybe, just maybe had a little intent there and given ndamukong suh's history, the league will be taking a look at this and if discipline imposed on suh expect it earlier in the week and especially if it's a suspension because the lions play the cowboys in the playoffs. >> pretty clear that rodgers looking at his reaction thought it was intentional. we are awaiting mike tomlin at the microphone at the press conference. if we leave the before we leave the air we have any conversation about his conversation with reggie nelson we will pass it along. final score, steelers 27 and bengals 17. al is back to wrap things up after this. .
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hill. throw in the middle. ball is caught and the ball is picked off. bruce irvin is going the other way. touchdown, seahawks! flacco to throw on first down. back of the end zone. caught! touchdown! torrey smith and the ravens have the lead! >> the ravens will go in as the sixth seed. ♪ >> coming up, the sunday sports report. currently on nbcsn. mike tomlin at the night said hyperextension for le'veon bell and see whether he can play. the extent to which he will be effective in six days. also he addressed the reggie nelson situation. said the hit was not illegal. the guys right there on the set will have all of the information for you on the sunday sports report. meanwhile, we are back here on saturday night next week. the wildcard round beginning.
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a short week of rest for the baltimore ravens who won today, while san diego loses to kansas city so baltimore gets into the playoffs. afc north puts three teams in the postseason play. pittsburgh and baltimore, one of the great rivalries in the league this year. week two this year, it was a turnover early by pittsburgh that led to a long baltimore touchdown march. the ravens rolled over pittsburgh that night by a score of 26-6. never trailing. but then the teams met back here on a sunday night on november 2nd and ben roethlisberger, for the second week in a row, threw six touchdown passes and the pittsburgh steelers won the game by a score of 43-23 and he threw for over 340 yards and antonio brown had a big night with 11 receptions for 144 yards and a touchdown. that game will begin at 7:30, our coverage eastern time for the wildcard right here on nbc next saturday. until then, al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya.
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our gang led by drew gadelli. we wrap it up with a super bowl on february 1st. pittsburgh win 27-17 and they win the afc north. until then, good night from pittsburgh. .
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heading back to work? roads will be wet from showers.
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some of you could see a wet flakes of snow early part of week. we'll have your new year's eve forecast coming right up. a d.c. taxi driver ambushed. he tells us why he didn't think he would escape a live. in the fate of 162 people remains a mystery as the search for a missing plane resumes. where may the jet be right now? tonight we're hearing from a local cab driver who was beaten robbed and then stuffed in the trunk of his own car. the man didn't think he would survive the attack. in fact, he is still shaken and has visible scars, but he described the ordeal to derrick ward. >> now -- >> reporter: police say it was 12:30 a.m. a cab picked up four
11:50 pm
men. they asked to be driven to congress heights. along the way, this man says he sensed something. >> my mind was telling me i was not going to be okay. >> reporter: when they got here to the 3,400 block of fifth-street southeast, his fears were realized. his passengers attacked instead of pairing their fairs. >> he just choked me. i could not breathe. i could not talk. and three of them get out of the car and the other one came by my left side and he punched me here. >> reporter: he says he felt what he believed were two guns pressed against his head and neck. they rifled the drivers pockets, took his cell phone and wallet with his atm card and demanded his pin number. he says throughout the ordeal he prayed especially when the robbers took him out of his cab. >> he took me to the trunk of my car and put me in the trunk. >> reporter: this man is chairman of the taxi operators association. he says this doesn't surprise him. they're not safe. especially during the holiday
11:51 pm
season, most of the cab drivers get robbed. >> reporter: robberies opened the trunk, gave him the key to his cab and told him not do anything for 40 seconds. he waited much longer still praying. the robbers made their escape on foot. he flagged down a passing police car. he has only been driving a cab for nine or teb months and is not sure he'll continue. >> i'm going to think on it and pray on it. >> reporter: derrick ward news4. right now d.c. police are asking people to take a close look at a picture. because they have charged this man wi murder. his name is marvin lopez but goes by cabrera. police have a warnt for his arrest and hope tips will help track him down. investigators say lopez shot and killed a young mother on christmas eve. they say he shot yamalith arroyo oue latina restaurant where she worked. today people stopped by to light candles and leave flowers. >> she was a good lady. she was a young lady. and she worked faithfully and she did what she was supposed to
11:52 pm
do in life be successful. i don't know why someone would have to do this to her. >> police have not said why arroyo was killed. she leaves behind a young child. the restaurant is trying raise money so she can be buried in her native el salvador. three people were shot tonight in southeast. it happened earlier this evening on galveston street near 295. police have a vague description of a suspect, someone seen running away wearing a red polo jacket and jeans. still working to find out how the three victims are doing. the christmas eve murder was one of two homicides in petworth over the past week and the area has seen a spike in violence. mayor elect says she'll meet with police chief on monday. while the chief has patrolled more patrol officers to work policy is calling for review of what's being done to stop the violence. well lot of folks are heading back to work after the holiday break, and right now the question is will the morning commute be a wet one?
11:53 pm
>> they'll be wet for some. really depends on where you live and what roads you're going to be traveling on. storm team 4 has been tracking the rain throughout the day today and we're going to start with a look at your roads and you're driving impact forecast for tomorrow morning. between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. there is a chance of a shower. temperatures though not bad. we're in the 40s right now. 42 degrees between 6 and 8:00 a.m. just a little higher between 8 and 10:00 a.m. damp roads i think throughout the area. who will be seeing some of those showers in areas of northern neck that's the trend showers that we have left now on our radar. it's all making its move to the southeast. the other thing, a chilly start for tomorrow morning. we're going to be starting out in the 30s and then starting out down right cold before the end of the year. you're going to want to see that. we'll have a look at it. some of the cold air moves in and of course your new year's eve forecast. back to you. >> thanks. a plane was bound for washington today but smoke in
11:54 pm
the cabin forced it to make an emergency landing in central pennsylvania. the porter airlines flight left toronto on its way to dulles international airport. instead, it had to divert to williamsport. none of the 66 passengers on board were hurt and another plane was brought in to get the passengers to washington. developing now out of indonesia where it is morning now. a missing airasia plane is likely at the bottom of the sea. the jet disappeared more than a day ago and crews have just resumed their search. it disappears from radar on a flight to indonesia to surabaya with 162 people on board. no wreckage has been found. >> reporter: officials know where and when this plane went off radar, so in theory they should have a pretty good idea of where it s but after a full day of searching in the daylight yesterday, still no sign of it. >> the air bus 200 took off from
11:55 pm
surabaya to singapore. he asked to change course and climb higher to avoid the clouds. only the course change was approved. at 6:17 42 minutes into the flight contact was lost. no distress called received. there was severe weather at the time including high winds, thunderstorms and lightning. severe turbulence can extend from 20 miles from these thunderstorms. even if you try to go around these storms you'll have a problem. >> the possible weather factor a reminder of what happened to an air france flight that crashed in the atlantic ocean off brazil in 2009. >> the storm affected the technology in the aircraft and it interrupted the auto pilot that was flying the aircraft at the time led to the pilot's being unable to maintain control of the aircraft and went down. >> reporter: the captain of the airasia plane was experienced with more than 20,000 flying hours. the plane had made over 13,600
11:56 pm
trips. the airline is partially own by the budget carrier airasia based in malaysia. >> they have black boxes and pings. it's only 24 hours into this search and right now they're searching for debris both on the water and on land as there are a number of thickly vegetated islands in that area. >> crews from italy and greece are working through the night to air lift passengers off a ferry on fire in the adegree yatic sea. helicopters are pulling people off the burning ferry two at a time and flying them to a nearby ship. the fire broke out sunday and sent passengers scrambling for safety. about 500 people were board and they pulled more tha 150 off thor inry. it killed one person and injured at least one other. calmer weather will hopefully speed up their rescue effort. new tonight, the united states is marking a turning point in afghanistan as the military coalition formally ended its combat role.
11:57 pm
officials held a special ceremony today at a headquarters in kabul. one flag was retired as another was unferrelled. representing a new mission they call resolute support. it involves 12,000 troops lot of them american who will now focus on building a sustainable afghan force. the u.s. spent 13 years in afghanistan, more than 2,200 americans died there. the rift between nypd officers and the mayor may not heal any time soon. that's the message from michael bratten. they turned their back on de blasio. he went on meet the press today and say officers feel like they're under attack from government officials at the highest level. >> what we need to do now is try to find some common ground to stand on to find additional ways to collaborate. i share the vice president's words of optimism yesterday during his remarks, the idea
11:58 pm
that new york city the old addage if we can make it in new york we can make it anywhere. we will make it here but it is going to be difficult. it will require a hard work and lot more dialogue. >> he said it was very inappropriate for police officers to turn their backs on the mayor at saturday's funeral. back here in the district protests against police violence have caused the metropolitan police department about $3 million. but the washington times reports taxpayers may not have to bare the brunt of those costs. the times say officials may request reimbursement from the federal government. chief kathy laneer said she needed up to 400 extra officers a day to monitor. the season is over after 17 long weeks for the robert griffin, iii. boy, it didn't end pretty right, jason? >> that's the case. this year's team had a one-game improvement over last season. many are expecting changes to come down after a 4-12 year.
11:59 pm
here is how it went down at fedex field. robert griffin, iii and the skins came out strong against the cowboys. griffin with a quick pass to desean jackson picks up a great block by trent williams and he is off to the races. 69 yards for the touchdown. his sixth score of the season. the redskins take an early lead 7-3. it did not last long though. very next offensive possession for dallas. tony romo to dez bryant. he makes david miss a tackle. and he's gone down the sidelines. 65-yard touchdown. dez became the cowboys single-season leader in touchdown receptions with 16 on the year. cowboys crushed the redskins' 44-17. afterwards rg3 spoke about his future with the organization. >> my focus is i want to be here. i want to be here to help this team win, turn this thing around and change the culture around here. that's my only focus. and if coach j and this organization wants me to be
12:00 am
around then i'll be here. i'll be ready to go. i'll make sure that happens. we'll go to work in the off season. that's the only thing we can do. coming up the redskins aren't in the playoffs this season but over in the afc, the ravens did get in with a little help. i'll tell you all about it in just a bit. chris? >> thanks a lot, jason. the free ride on 95 is coming to a screechsving halt but drivers jumping on the express lanes may still be able to catch a break. only a small number of theaters in our area and across the country screened "the interview" but apparently controversy sells. >> she said yes! >> she said yes! >> wow. and it was a tough day for the redskins but at least somebody on the field
12:01 am
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well no more free rides on parts of i-95. starting monday virginia drivers will have to pay a toll to take the new express lanes. they stretch 29 miles on 395 all the way to stafford county. new tonight, darcy spencer shows us what happens if drivers accidentally get in the new lanes. >> reporter: butch morgan is gearing up for the redskins game with his friends, but through the week he commutes to d.c. from wood bridge up to three hours a day. his trip could get quicker and more expensive if he decides to take the new 95 express lane. >> i do leave early enough on most mornings not to use it but if i have to yes, i will. >> reporter: the lanes have been free for the last couple of weeks, come monday tolls will be charged. drivers must have an easy pass. there are no toll booths. but if drivers get on accidentally there will be some leniency at first. >> but if you find yourself on
12:04 am
there by mistake, just keep going. travel safely. don't stop or back up. call us after your trip and we'll work with you. >> reporter: we went on a ride along with virginia state police to talk about how they're going to patrol the express lanes. >> if i'm riding past a vehicle. >> reporter: troops will patrol the nearly 30 miles of lanes that stretch from et zel road in alexandria south to stafford. she is looking for cheaters who violate the new hov 3 rules which are in effect 24 hours a day. >> this reader. >> reporter: this special trance ponder tells her when a car pooler has a easy pass set to hov. if you don't have at least two passengers in your car, you might see three cars flashes in your rear-view mirror. >> there's a possibility you will get stopped and will be issued a ticket. >> reporter: ben harrison is retired now, so he doesn't use 95 as much. but he hopes the lanes ease congestion for those who are still in the work force.
12:05 am
he does have a problem with having to pay to ride. >> i'm a little upset about the toll roads because now i got to pay when -- before when it was free. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. new tonight, local trash haulers will head back too the picket lines monday morning. they'll renew their commands for better wages starting at 5:00 a.m. they want unity disposal to negotiate a better contract with howard and montgomery counties. for now public works officials are working with other companies but this is delaying trash pickup. they're only picking up garbage, recycling is being pushed back a week. in montgomery county nearly 00 families live along the strike zone which means it's affecting parts of bethesda silver spring. officials are telling rez dentss who get their trash picked up on monday to make sure they take it to the curb by 7:00 a.m. well it h


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