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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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point. it changes a little bit after you get married. >> that's right. >> hopefully you can find some other important moments. >> she's been a die hard fan for 28 years. little did she know the surprise would be on her. >> stay with us. news 4 continues right n. news 4 today starts now. . breaking news this morning. debris has been spotted in the search area for that missing airasia flight. we are tracking the new developments from the live desk. >> and a live look at storm team 4 radar here. a damp start for some of you. and cooler start for everybody. we'll take a look at the weather situation for the rest of 2014 and the start of 2015. first, good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff on this monday december 29th. taking a live look outside, things are somewhat okay and clear. the grouped is still wet. we have rain lingering. >> let's check in with amelia
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siegel in for tom. good morning. good morning. rain lingering south of washington st. mary's county. you can see steady showers there. widely scattered showers in other parts of southern maryland. those of you living in southern maryland might want to grab the up brem la. areas to the north should remain dry not only for the morning hours but midday and afternoon hours as well. widening out the picture, plenty of clouds in place for everybody. overall, the clouds definitely win out today. keeping a close eye on this moisture in parts of virginia. as it continues to move towards the east this could bring more showers back to southern maryland at times throughout the morning. but by noon even those of you south of washington should be mainly dry. 10:00 a.m. still rain trying to hold on. notice at 2:00 p.m. sunshine developing for parts of the d.c. metro, through loudoun and frederick counties. once we get into the evening hours, clouds return to the area. high temperatures today cooler
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than they were yesterday. i'll let you know how much in 10 minutes. for now over to melissa with a check of the roads. >> still have this crash on temple hills. this is a closure. beech road at old branch avenue. all lanes blocked. your alternate to get around this is st. barnabas. this has been an accident investigation the past couple of hours now. the inner loop between connecticut and georgia, the crash now on the right shoulder. so nothing really to worry about in terms of traffic flow. wider look at things inner and outer loop. everything moving along nicely. no major problems right now. prince george's county everyone behaving themselves now. 95 in virginia cardinal drive, northbound and southbound moving along. same thing into and out of town on 66. live picture of 270 in 10 minutes. thank you, melissa. 5:02. tensions are running high across the country between police communities and the government. this weekend the burial of an nypd officer highlighted the rift between the new york city police department and the mayor.
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constructive dialogue nee to the take place to try to bridge the gap. richardor hand has some information on how that is not coming fast enough. >> reporter: it is the key to try to find common ground between police officers the communities they serve, and government officials. unfortunately, though it is not coming soon enough. over the weekend we saw several protests. some in support of police officers. others against them saying there are too many cases of police brutality. while there have been issues before with police officers and the communities they serve, that has been rampant a now there's also issues between police officers officials. that was evident at the funeral service for officer raphael ramos in new york. he was gunned down in his patrol car. mayor deplacentaeo was speaking at the service and thousands of police officers turned their backs to him. the nypd saying it was inappropriate for them to do
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that. that shows the low morale in the department and the conflicts between the nypd rank and file and city leaders, especially in the mayor's office. so that is developing now. that seems to be a new area of concern. now, there is one solution across the board that many people see as a positive sign. that would be the police body cameras that some departments have already started using. many people believe that will help to rebuild the trust between police officers and the communities they work to serve and protect. aaron? richard jordan on the hill for us. thank you, richard. crews found debris in the water in their search for the missing airirasia plane. it disappeared from radar saturday night on a flight from indosingapore. kristin wright is at the live desk. >> good morning, angie. the search for this plane has been pretty grim thus far. and these new developments not good either. search planes yes, detected
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objects in the water that they are calling suspicious. 700 miles from where airasia 8501 lost contact. a different helicopter spotted oil spots in the water in the search area. too early to know at this point if these items found and the oil spots are connected to the missing plane. it disappeared sunday morning on its way from indonesia to singapore flying through thick storm clouds. 162 people on board this jet. we can tell you that no distress call went out from the pilots but they did ask for permission to fly at a higher tude. we will keep following these new developments for you this morning. at the live desk, i'm kristin wright. new this morning, d.c. police are looking into a deadly incident on southern avenue in southeast d.c. this was right outside united medical center.
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police got a call about 10:00 last night. we just learned that two men died in a shooting there. police tell us one man was shot in the head. no word where the other man was shot. there was a lot of police activity around the car you see here. officers and crime scene techs sectioned off the area during the investigation. police don't know what led up to the shooting and don't have any suspect information right now. d.c. mayoral-elect mur yell bowser is meeting with police chief lanier to discuss ward 4 a after multiple shootings and two deaths. one is called now called a murder. d.c. police have now charged this man in arroyo's death. his name is marvin lopez but he also goes by the name marvin cabrera. police have not arrested him as of yet. they are hoping a tip cracks him down. there is a $25,000 reward in the
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base. accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist. heather cook was involved in a deadly crash on roland avenue in baltimore on saturday. cook left the scene and then returned. she is the second highest ranking leader in the diocese in maryland. a 41-year-old man died from his injuries. if you love sugar, you are not alone. coming up we'll look at how much sugar americans are eating and how much they should be eat to go stay healthy. tolls in effect on the 95 express lanes. not everyone has to pay. we'll tell you what to expect as we head out the door. a cold damp start to the morning. amelia will have your
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welcome back at 10 minutes after the hour. in news 4 for your health this morning, fewer than half of children who need doses of the flu vaccine actually get it. researchers at columbia university say texting is an effective way to remind you of upcoming vaccinations. three-quarters of the parents who received texts with the vaccination due date and clinic hours returned for the second dose. we are all on our phones all the time. >> my dental office does this to remind me of the checkup. it's great. we need that. we're busier than ever. >> it's true. >> your kids are important.
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right? so cold and damp. that's how we are starting off our monday morning. it looks like the winter are back. taking a live look outside. we'll check in with amelia siegel in for tom. >> good morning, angie. temperatures right on track, right where we should be with a high of 46 degrees. the weather having a low impact on your day. it is a good 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. for most of us it's a dry monday. however, those of you in southern maryland the northern neck dealing with showers especially during the morning hours. d.c. metro area prince william, fauquier loudoun, frederick, you are dry today. maybe even limited sunshine. temperatures around 40 degrees r most of us. washington 45. whatever the temperature is in your neighborhood, pretty much where you will stay throughout the day today. high temperatures in the low to washington hits a high today of 46. coming knupp 10 minutes, i'll have a look at what you can expect for new year's eve.
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melissa, what's the latest on the crash you're continue to go track. >> closure temple hill beech road at old branch avenue. alternate is st. barnabas. no word when it will be reopening. but some of the cars are being towed as we speak. taking a i look at 66 if you're headed into town hopping on prince william parkway, inbound on 66 you're fine. outbound no problems as well. wider look at things. overall, looking quite good. 270 at clarksburg road moving along nicely. i'm back in 10 minutes. americans's love affair with sugar. the group is recommending people limit added sugars to 10% of their total daily calories which is much less than the current average of 16%. sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure tooth decay.
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sit important to remember ketchup, mustard, breads contain high amounts of added sugar, and soft drinks and fruit juices. new tolls are in effect on i-95 in virginia. the grace period for expre lanes is over. we'll tell you who can ride the new lanes and what you can expect to pay if you're not part of a car pool. many redskins fans may be glad the season is finally over this evening. we'll look at what you can
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16 after the hour. if you're about to head out right now, you will need an e-zpass on i-95 in virginia. megan mcgrath is live to tell us about this first commute t. megan, good morning. well good morning, aaron. that's right. the structure, the toll structure is now in place, up and running on the express lanes on 95.
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so this is our first rush hour experience here in the morning with people having to pay tolls. virginia state police have special equipment in their cruisers. take a look. they will be able to tell what kind of an e-zpass people are using, the flex or the normal one and figure out whether people are complying with the rules. if not, you could face fees there. these are the rules. now, the lanes are going to run from edsall to garris sonville in stafford county. cars with three or more people, you can use the lanes for free. you have to use an e-zpass flex. you flip the switch saying you have three or more in your car, and you will not be charged. solo cars or cars with two people, you can still use the lanes, used a toll. how much will you pay? it depends how crowded the lanes
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are. the average trip anywhere from $6 to $8. this is our first rush hour. so people should be alert and mindful, especially at the areas where you access the new express lanes. keep in mind that you have to have an e-zpass to use them. this is all electronic. there are no people manning the toll booths. live in alexandria megan mcgrath, news 4. . new this morning, 10 people died in a scaffolding collapse at a school in kind that. this happened at a construction area at a high school in beijing. chinese media report no teachers or students were hurt. new video of people being rescued from this burning ferry off the coast of greece. nearly 150 people are still trapped on the burning ferry off the coast. they have been out in the freezing temperatures in the adriatic sea more than a day now. according to the italian navy 329 people have been rescued, at
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least one person is dead and two are hurt. several others being treated for battling tough weather conditions to get people off the ferry >> for the first morning in more than a decade the u.s. is not at war in afghanistan. the military mission formally ended yesterday. one flag was retired as another was unfolded. the second flag represents a new one called resolute support. more than 2200 american service members died during the 13-year war. president george h.w. bush is improving right now. we are waiting to hear when he could go home from the hospital. he's been in houston for nearly a week now. he suffers from a form of parkinson's and is the oldest living president. he coue d soon. 66 passengers are finally where they are supposed to be after their plane made an
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emergency landing. smoke in the cabin forced the pilot to land the plane in central pennsylvania instead. take a look. these are pictures from the run what i in williamsport pa. it is run by porter airlines. a second aircraft was brought in to take the passengers to dulles instead. we are seeing and hearing the dramatic rescue of a boy in alabama. this cell phone video shows the fire in birmingham. it broke out early christmas morning when children were opening their presents. listen to dramatic rescue tape here. >> we got you. come on! jump! come on. your mama right here. your mama said do it. come on. >> unbelievable here. you can see a man trying to catch the boy jumping from the burning apartment after he had to encourage him to jump. two adults and four children inside at the time of the fire. a 3-year-old boy remains in critical condition right now. everyone is expected to survive,
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though. investigators say food left cooking unattended on the stove started that fire. if you watch that video over and over he was so hesitant to jumpment they had to persuade him. what a scary situation. >> good thing it all worked out. yeah. 21 minutes after 5:00. cloudy skies. 45 degrees outside our studios. amelia siegel is in for tom. we want to know of this going to clear out? >> areas to the north are in for a dry day today. those of you in southern maryland dealing with showers until noon today. what you need to grab as you step out of the house. you might want to grab the umbrella. most of us don't need it today. however, everyone experiencing cooler temperatures than yesterday. noticeably cooler. you may want to grab a scarf. you can see rain mainly in
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southern maryland and the northern neck st. mary's county. and moisture back to the west. this area will move in mainly doctoring the mid-morning hours, continuing to bring showers south of washington. right now, though d.c. is dry with a temperature of 45 degrees. winds out of the north. these northerly winds helping to bring in cooler air for today. a high temperature of 46 degrees. where we are now, we will drop a few degrees. really will hover around the temperature we' at now throughout the speier day. 7:00 8:00 a few showers. everywhere else is dry. clouds still in place. in the afternoon hours, we could see peeks of sunshine. 6:00 p.m. everyone is dry. dry commute if you're heading into work today. tomorrow high of 42. we start off with clouds and finish with partly sunny skies. we can't rule out an isolated
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snow shower especially around the midday h. it would be something you notice if that does even materialize. wednesday, mostly sunny. high temperature of 39. new year's eve night, ringing in the new year you want to bundle up with a warm jacket. 20s in the suburbs. new year's day, looking a little bit breezy during the afternoon hours. a high of 42. plenty of sunshine. not a bad way to start the new year. also melissa, not bad conditions on the roads, right? no incidents to talk about. >> yeah. nothing really happening at this point. the road closure happening the last couple of hours. right now, amelia overall looking quite good. into town out of town bw parkway, 95 into maryland. 270, northbound and southbound. the inner and ou flowi just fine. earlier construction out of the way. this is the one problem we had.
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temple hills, beech road at old branch your alternate st. barnabas. gainesville flying nicely as well. live picture of 95 in virginia coming up in a couple of minutes. is >> thank you, melissa. one tax company is giving you your tax rebound in advance this year. jackson hewitt is offering a $200 advance program to people who file with them. no interest, no service fees. the new program january 2nd through february 28th. big changes coming to credit cards in 2015. one of the biggest is em vtech tpholg ey offer greater protection against fraud because they generate a unique transaction code every time i use the card. well it will be a long off-season for the redskins. looking for a lot of answers after their last place finish
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this year. news 4 sports and diana rosini tells us how they plan to address the issues before next year. >> reporter: good g from fedex field. washington redskins saved their worst performance for the last game of the season losing to the dallas cowboys, 44-17. once again, the redskins's performance littered with plenty of mistakes on both sides of the ball. >> i thought we had a good chance to win the game still there near the end. and we just couldn't couldn't find a way to make it happen. yeah, not the way we wanted to. but it's another growing -- another growing pain. >> we laid an egg. we didn't live up to our potential. >> we have to do better than that crap we put on film. that was a total butt kicking. we have to do better than that. >> everyone top to bottom is going to get evaluated. moving forward, hopefully we will make good, sunday choices. and the team bring back
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players, coaches, everything. >> jay gruden says there will be plenty of changes this off-season. as for his job, we're told he is safe and he will return as head coach. you will hear more coming up at . diana rosini news 4 sports >> protesters hoping they changed a few fans's minds about the redskins name. you can see dozen office them outside fedex field. they represent a coalition of several native american groups. a major trash strike continues in two maryland counties this morning. we you what u need to do to get your garbage picked up on top. a d.c. cab driver robbed and stuffed into the trunk of his car. we'll tell you what led up to the attack and how the alive. a live look at national harbor or the district of columbia. just a few days away from the winter classic. amelia siegel looks at what the weather will be like new year's day and whether you're going to
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the game or not. if you can't be in front of your tv watch on the go with your smartphone or tablet. >> download the nbc
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looking at the stories making headlines right now. search crews spotted objects
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floating in the ocean, but it's too early to know if they are from the missing airasia flight 8501. search crews have been scouring the ocean. 162 people were on board. tolls in effect on the 95 express lanes. you must have an e-zpass flex if you want to avoid paying the toll. this morning sony says playstation network is back online. hackers shut the system down on christmas day. we'll have much more throughout the news car. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to news 4 today on this monday december 29th. it's coming up at 5:31. a live look at reagan international airport. planes going in and out will have to deal with fog -- not fog but clouds. >> amelia siegel is in for tom. >> you're right. clouds. limited sunshine around the
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midday hours north of washington. the latest radar image showing showers in st. mary's and the southern most parts of charles county. rain will continue to favor these areas mainly through noon. elsewhere is dry but mostly cloudy. for the afternoon and evening hours as well. right now it's 45 degrees. and you can see temperatures don't move too much throughout the morning hours. 43 at 8:00 a.m. a temperature of 44. and temperature of 45. as we jump ahead to new year's day, the winter classic with the puck dropped at 1:00 a.m. watch here on nbc. you can expect mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the afternoon hours in the upper 30s, low 40s. a little bit breezy at the game. for the most part good weather for the winter classic and just new year's day. over to melissa now with a look at the roads. good morning. looking good. 270 at montrose road.
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tail lights headed to the spur. nothing in the way there. taking a look at 66 into town it of town 55 miles per hour. no major issues right now. taking a look at 95 in virginia heading into town through stafford. a little bit slow. a disabled vehicle right before you hit triangle. it is off to the right side of the freeway. prince george's county, no problems there. inner and outer loop overall everything flowing nicely. travel times when i'm back at 5:41. melissa, thank you. 5:42. trash haulers are back on the picket lines in laurel asking for better pay. they want to negotiate a better contract with howard and montgomery counties. public health officials are working with other companies. but this is delaying trash pickup. looking at a live picture from
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laurel maryland. they are only picking up garbage. recycling is being pushed back a week. if today is your trash day, be sure to have your bins out by 7:00 a.m. three people were shot on galveston street near i-295 in southwest. it happened last night. someone was seen running away. they were wearing a red polo jacket and jeans. no word on the victims's conditions as of now. this morning t a group will advocate for sensible gun laws here in the district. the rally is set to begin at 11:00 a.m. the group will be on the north side of the white house. and the rally will wrap up at 1:00 this afternoon. today vincent gray will cut his last ribbon in d.c.'s shaw neighborhood as mayor. beginning at noon, gray will cut ribbons to celebrate 17 new businesses opening in the neighborhood. it will begin at compass coffee and end at 7th in laurel at
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2:30. a a brutal attack. a man was beaten robbed and stuffed into the trunk of his own car. as news 4's derrick ward reports, the cab driver didn't think he would make it out aliv >> i only see him one time. >> reporter: police say it was 12:30 a.m. the cabby picked up four men in adams under began. along the way, he said he se
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>> especially on a holiday season. most of the cab drivers get robbed. >> the robbers opened the trunk, gave the key to his cab and told him not to do anything 40 seconds. he waited much longer still praying much the robbers then made their escape on foot. he flagged down a passing police car. he has only been driving a cab for 9 or 10 months and not sure he will continue the. derrick ward news 4. . this morning sony says its playstation network is finally back online. hackers shut the system down christmas day. service was restored yesterday. playstation admitted hackers tricked the network into thinking there was an overload of users.
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one hacker said he wanted to expose how week the system is >> highlights sometimes happen outside the lines. a man travels all the way to landover to pop the question >> and the growing cost of all the protests against police across the country and near in the district. and you probably can't get away with that wind breaker today. amelia siegel tells us what to wear as
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>> welcome back. the price of gas is still low as we head into the new year. sluggish demand around the world and a bun adapt supply are keeping prices low. the average in the district is $2.72 a gallon for regular. in maryland, it's $2.46. in west virginia $2,.47. while the redskins lost one man is celebrating a big win he got at fedex field. >> cameras were rolling as brian pitt got on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. lindsay said yes. they live in los angeles. her family is from this . they said football has been an important part of their relationship. doing the proposal on the field
5:40 am
made good accepts. >> it is huge in their relationship. they say they go to dozens of games. not just the redskins. but he actually started working on the redskins with this back in november. they made it seamless. >> we will see where the wedding is. >> yeah. >> it's going to be interesting. >> she's from damascus i local. taking a look outside, we have a bit of a great start. winter might bite you a little. >> you're exactly right, apgy.ngie. temperatures right on track after mild temperatures this weekend. definitely want to grab a warmer jacket and maybe even a scarf. we're a good 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. st. charles, calvert counties grab the umbrellas. elsewhere, though is dry. but plenty of clouds around. high temperature in your neighborhood 46 in washington.
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45 in frederick. and 44 degrees at the river. so where we're at right now pretty much where we're going to stay throughout the day as far as temperatures are concerned. a little bit cooler tomorrow the. high of 42. we will hit that at 3:00 in the afternoon. for tuesday, we start off with cloudy skies. sunshine. can't rule out an isolated rain or snow showers. 20% to 30% chance we see this happen. the timing around the midday hours. cooler temperatures starting today. the downward trend continues as we look toward 2015. more on that coming up in 10 minutes. for now we'll send things over to melissa with a look at the roads >> chopper over 95 in maryland no major problems. no problems into and out of town. taking a look at some of the routes 270 south, german done to the beltway, 16 minutes. outer loop 10 minutes o. time there. on time in virginia too. 66 east 10 minutes.
5:42 am
quantico to the beltway, 29 minutes. only a couple minutes behind. i'm back in 10 minutes. melissa, thanks. maybe you're ready to return some of the christmas gifts. we'll tell you about new shipping rules that go in effect in a few days that could have a major impact on what you pay. a
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we are staying on top of breaking news in the search for a missing airasia plane. overnight australia search planes spotted objects 700 miles from where 8501 lost contact. investigators have not said whether the debris and oil are from the missing plane. it disappeared on a flight from indonesia to singapore over the
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weekend. more updates at . . i'm kristin wright at the live desk. the l.a. police department is on high alert this morning. someone, possibly two people opened fire on officers driving a patrol car. this was 9:30 last night. those officers were not hit. they fired back. we can tell you one person was taken into custody at the scene there you're looking at last night. but now city wide manhunt. a tactical alert was september out, which means every available officer in the city of los angeles was september to the scene. people told to stay inside because of potential danger of an armed gunman. a rifle has been recovered. but this morning lapd is still searching for the second person who shot at a police patrol car. aaron? >> kristin wright if he live desk thank you. across the country there is a rift between police and the communities they protect. over the weekend we saw there is quickly becoming a division
5:47 am
between police departm agencies too. the white house and federal lawmakers say constructive dialogue needs to take place to bridge the gap on all levels. richard jordan live on capitol hill with how some feel that conversation is not coming fast enough. hi, aaron. good morning. that is key to find common ground that can hopefully lead to some resolution between police officers the communities they serve, and then the governments they work for. three parties involved here. over the weekend we saw several protests some in support of police officers and others in what protesters call an increase in police brutality. a new element has emerged here. that is the conflict between police officers and government officials. that was evident over the weekend at the funeral service for nypd officer for officer ramos. the nypd say that was highly
5:48 am
inappropriate. but this points to the low morale now within with the department and the clash between the mayor's office and police officers the rank and file there. there is one solution that gets wife spread support. that is body cameras. that will help rebuild the trust between police officers . the white house, federal lawmakers would like to see more dialogue to try to bridge the gap. >> in the district protests against police violence cost the police department $3 million. the washington times reports that tax payers may not have to bear the brunt of the cost. officials may request reimbursement from the federal government. the police chief needs 400 extra officers a day to monitor the demonstrations. . new, d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting on southern avenue in southeast d.c. this was right outside united
5:49 am
medical center. d.c. police got the call around 10:00 p.m. last night. two men died from the shooting. one man was shot in the head. no word where the other victim was shot. a lot of police activity around the car. officers and crime scene technicians sectioned off the area during that investigation. police are not releasing any suspect information as of now. the frederick county maryland liquor board is hoping for a full overhaul. among the changes, increasing fees for stores that violate county laws. it is requesting all stores have a person trained in alcohol awareness at the business at all times. the board says this will help stores stop the sale of alcohol to minors. questions whether foggy mom bar will be open. mcfadden's liquor license was suspended this weekend.
5:50 am
they are not selling tickets. they can't reopen until the owners appear before the d.c. alcoholic beverage control board. it is still unclear if that will happen before weapons. if you plan to take public transit, new year's eve metro will be open a little later. wednesday night you can take trains until 2:00 a.m. that's really thursday morning. and new year's day it will start at 7:00 a.m. and run on a sunday schedule. there is a family-friendly party. yards park in the navy yard area is hosting noon yards eve 10:00 wednesday morning. it includes a lot of activities for your kids, including stilt walkers, face painting moon bounce. it is on water street southeast not far from nats park. is organizers and marchers are getting ready for the tournament of roses parade pasadena california. they will decorate floats cars
5:51 am
and an aoe questal event also will be held. thursday new year's day. coverage at 11:30 a.m. >> this morning a 10-year-old colorado boy is waking up with his lost wallet. >> luckily for him a postal worker found et. he lost it at a supermarket parking lot in boulder, colorado around thanksgiving. it apparently fell out of a car. he was surprised when a postal worker found it and returned it to his school. >> they called me to the principal's office. i thought i was in trouble. >> he called me and said mom, i have the best news ever. >> she returned it with $25. his family pretty happy about that. and a nice lesson for kids to learn about the fact that there are some good people out there. >> i know. it's a great reminder for us. the generosity that's out there. remember when we had the wallets
5:52 am
with with velcro. >> as a matter of fact -- >> that's my favorite part of the story. okay. it looks like we have a damp day to start us off this week. >> d.c. metro area areas to the north, plenty of clouds around. temperatures also cooler than yesterday. yesterday wasn't that bad. we had afternoon light showers. morning and midday hours is pretty comfortable. showers south of washington mainly during the morning hours. those of you in southern maryland and the northern neck need to have your umbrella for today. for tomorrow can't rule out a light snow shower. the snow, if it does happen will not stick. new year's eve, new year's day, dry. plenty of sunshine both days. you can see this rain here. east-northeast impacting southern maryland. this is the case through at least noon today.
5:53 am
leesburg frederick, you will remain d. temperatures in the suburbs only around 40. temperatures are not going to the work up too much. by noon 45. a high today of about 46. some damp roads this morning. dry by the evening commute. heading out for an early morning run, damp surfaces. definitely need that warmer jacket than you were w. for tomorrow temperatures continue to tumble. high of 42. plenty of clouds tomorrow morning. partly sunny skies. isolated chaps of a light rain or snow shower. wednesday, thursday, highs 40 degrees. plenty of sunshine. friday partly sunny skies. high of 44. we're keeping a close eye on it. temperatures running a little bit above average. but the timing of rain is still uncertain. stick with storm team 4 as we
5:54 am
continue to update the forecast. but a high temperature of 46 degrees with showers favoring areas south of washington in the early morning hours >> still have this crash. we were getting some information that was cleared out of the way. we just called police. it is still there. beech road at old branch lanes blocked. should be out of the way shortly. we'll call. inner loop of the beltway moving along nicely. overall, no major problems everything into and out of town looking quite good. no major incidents or accidents. 270 at old hundred, all the folks headed southbound. northbound lanes clear as well. 66 virginia visitors center moving along nicely. no issues into town or out of town. all the earlier road work that we had is out of the way. 95 in virginia heading
5:55 am
northbound past dale city, we it is very slow there even though it is off to the right side of the roadway. 17 miles per hour. then it opens back up. you're okay to dale city. after dale city you're good once again. prince george's county no problems into and of town. everything looking pretty good right there. back in 10 minutes with a live look at prince george's county. melissa, thank you. investigators trying to figure out what caused a fire that killed five people in texas. it broke out on the third floor of a high rise building yesterday morning in san antonio. firefighters say it was a challenge to get everyone out because everyone in there had special needs. despite limited showings "the interview" is raking in the cash for sony. landon dowdy is following headlines for your money. landon good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning to you. u.p.s. is launching a new pricing system today. the company will start charging
5:56 am
by size of package as a choice to offset fuel costs. fedex announced a similar move earlier this year. impressive opening weekend for "the interview." it took in 18 millions dollars from theaters and online sales. it has been streamed or downloaded 2 million times since wednesday, grossing $15 million. the movie available to rent or buy on itunes. aaron back to you. >> landon dowdy from cnbc thank you. a man is home after a grueling bike ride for charity. >> in seven months he rode through every one of the lower 48 states he is trying to raise $25,000 for make a wish foundation. he raised about 10,000 so far, including a significant amount from co-workers and friends. >> you don't know when you leave a job if you can go back. and they will welcome me back. they kept the fund raising going
5:57 am
the whole time i was gone. >> pretty awesome co-workers. raised $10,000 so far. he's not planning on any more bike rides any time soon. >> that's because he rode 8,000 miles. >> take a little break. >> right? he says he woke up and he feels like he still needs to ride another day. i can't believe it. like waking up from a dream. right now the new i-95 express lanes in virginia are open for business. you can looking live from alexandria where the new express lanes. we will show you what you need to know trying to use them next on news 4 county at 6:00.
5:58 am
mmm ring ring! ring ring! progresso!
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wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. news 4 today starts now. right now on news 4 today, breaking developments in the search for a missing airasia flight. the discovery made by search teams that could lead them to the site of the crash. speeding up your morning commute. what you need to know before you try out the new 95 express lanes >> first, though, you may need your umbrella. showers moving through parts of the d.c. region at this hour. amelia siegel is here with your out-the-door forecast.
6:00 am
good morning. >> good morning. storm team 4 radar showing showers south of washington. in parts of southern fauquier and southern prince william counties. you can see this activity is pushing east-northeast. those of you south of the district could be dealing with some light rain mainly during the morning hours. only a slight chance of showers in washington early this morning if that does happen it would only last an hour or so. this area is very light. everybody, though is noticing any cloud cover. overcast skies. rain in south washington. showers favoring extreme southern maryland down through the northern neck.


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