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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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speeding up your morning commute. what you need to know before you try out the new 95 express lanes >> first, though, you may need your umbrella. showers moving through parts of the d.c. region at this hour. amelia siegel is here with your out-the-door forecast. good morning. >> good morning. storm team 4 radar showing showers south of washington. in parts of southern fauquier and southern prince william counties. you can see this activity is pushing east-northeast. those of you south of the district could be dealing with some light rain mainly during the morning hours. only a slight chance of showers in washington early this morning if that does happen it would only last an hour or so. this area is very light. everybody, though is noticing any cloud cover. overcast skies. rain in south washington. showers favoring extreme southern maryland down through the northern neck. limited sunshine around the
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midday hours for those of you north of d.c. here's melissa with a check of the roads. >> taking a wide look at things overall, looking quite good. we do have the one situation in temple hills that we will talk about in just a second. inner and outer loop everything moving along quite nicely. 66 eastbound, westbound, nice an. as you're flying in no problems at all. all the way into town and out of town. again, no issues there either. 95 looking good in maryland and virginia. you can see lots of green. lots of movement. bw parkway, same thing. no problems there. and beech at old branch all lanes blocked. your alternate, st. barnabas road. an update on that for you and be abouting in 10 minutes. 6:01 now.
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following breaking news overseas. crews found debris in the water in their search for a missing airasia plane. investigators trying to figure out whether that debris is from the plane that disappeared over the weekend. kristin wright at the live desk with overnight developments. kristin >> reporter: yes, aaron. two new discoveries in the search for this missing plane. search planes have detected objects in the water, as aaron said. 700 miles from airasia flight 8501 and where it lost contact. we can tell you that they are calling these items suspicious. now, a different search helicopter found oil spots in the search area. we can't say this morning if these are connected. airasia jet disappeared sunday morning on its way from indonesia to singapore, flying through thick storm clouds. 162 people were on board. we know that the pilots did not send any sort of distress call but they did ask for clearance to fly at a higher altitude.
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officials have said at this point that the jet is likely under water. at the live desk i'm kristin wright. today d.c. mayor elect muriel bowser is meeting with police chief kathy lanier to discuss the recent violence in ward 4. that's bowser's ward as council member. there has been a shooting there and two deaths. one of the deadly shootings is called a murder. arroyo was killed outside of where she worked on 14th street northwest. police have charged this man in her death. his name is marvin lopez but also goes by the name marvin cabrera. they are hoping a tip helps track him down. there is a $25,000 reward in this case. right now you can pay for a faster commute on i-95 in virginia. the 29 miles of brand-new express lanes are now online. and news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live in alexandria to break
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down how they all work >> reporter: that's right, angie. the new toll structure is in effect on the 95 express lanes. here's how it works. if you have three or more people in your car, you can use the lanes for free. flip the button to indicate you have three or more people and you will not be charged a toll. if you have one or two people in your car you will be charged. you can still use the lanes, you just have to pay. how much can people expect to pay? what's the toll with one or two people in your car? >> between $6 to $8. with traffic volumes increasing for drivers who might be getting on garrison road in stafford county $6 for a trip to the springfield area. they have to look at the signs on entry points to the 95 express lanes.
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ask yourself do i want to get that faster trip. just as you said everyone needs that e-zpass today. >> we have the double system here. people with a car pool situation, three or more they don't have to pay. how will the police tell? >> anyone who has the e-zpass flex they set it to hov mode. police are out there enforcing to make sure they see the car poolers with at least three people in the vehicle is. they do that with technology in their cruiser and also technology on the road. an indicator light will go off if someone has indicated they are car pooling. so for sure you only put it in hov mode if you have three or more people. and do it before you start your trip on the 95 express lanes this morning. >> reporter: so rush hour just starting to kick in. we'll be keeping an eye on things and let you know how it goes. megan mcgrath, news 4. >> megan, a question for you and mike. for folks going north when they hit the beltway, when they get
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to 395, do you have to jump off the highway if your not hov compliant? >> reporter: you do. once you pass edsall you have to jump off if you're not hov compliant. >> that's right. it is in effect on the i-95 hov lanes. if you don't have three or more people in your vehicle, you cannot continue into the hov lanes. so north of edsall merge over to the right, take the fly back over to the 395 northbound to a avoid the hov lanes. if you have three or more people go straight into the hov lanes >> reporter: that is one of the points we be watching to see if there's any cob fusion. >> thanks for the clarification, megan. appreciate it >> a number of trash workers off the job and walking the picket lines. scattered showers are in the area as you leave for work this monday morning.
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amelia siegel looks at the high temperatures you will see in your neighborhood coming up at 6:11. first though making sure kids don't miss out on vaccinations. the helpful r
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ten minutes after the hour. welcome back. in news 4 for your health less than a half of children who need two doses of flu vaccine actually get it. texting is an effective way to remind you about upcoming vaccinations. three-quarte of parents who received text with the due date and clinic hours actually returned for the second dose. eating too much sugar can increase your risk of obesity, high blood pressure and tooth kay.
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they recommend you limit your sugar to 10% of total daily calories. ketchup, mustard and breads contain high amounts of add add sugar and that list includes soda and fruit juices. before they asked you to limit it to 16%. they have dropped it by 6. not a bad idea. >> can be dangerous stuff and have long-term impact. >> sugar is so addicting. >> try ardhard angie. >> i know. taking a live look at reagan national. a little wetness on the ground. we have some lingering rain. >> weather and traffic on the 1s. amelia is in for tom. >> south of washington the weather overall having a low impact on your day. it is cooler today than yesterday. and there will be morning showers mainly south of washington. only about a 30% chance that d.c. sees a light passing shower during the early morning hours. most if not all of your day in the district and areas to the north, dry but mostly cloudy.
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45 right now. a high today of 46 degrees. even cooler tomorrow. more on tomorrow's forecast in 10 minutes. melissa, what's the latest on the roads. >> crash outer loop at connecticut avenue. can't see it on camera but we know it's in the left lane there. beech road old branch all lanes now open. don't need an alternate any longer. # 6 and 395 inbound, both looking good. quantico to the beltway, 31 minutes. so just about 5 minutes behind at this point. maryland 270 south and the outer loop on time as well. no major problems there. i'm back in 10 minutes. melissa, thank you. off the job and on the picc line line. who says kids today are not motivated? the proof that young adults are
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6:15. the drive into work could be easier with the 95 express lanes finally online. this is a live look where they begin. if you're going south in
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alexandria you're guaranteed 55 miles per hour but you need an e-zpass to use them. trash haulers back on the picket lines in laurel. they are asking for better pay. the workers want unity disposal to negotiate a better contract for howard and montgomery counties. they are working with other companies. but this is delaying trash pickup. in howard county they are only picking up garbage. recycling is being pushed back a week. in montgomery county nearly 12,000 families live along the strike zone, which means it is impacting aspen hill colesville silver spring and bethesda. make sure you take your trash to the curb by 7:00 a.m. a dramatic rescue is still st of greece right now. the latest numbers, five people dead now and more than 100 people trapped on this ferry that caught fire. freezing temperatures in the adriatic sea for more than a day
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now they have been dealing with this. the ferry is is filled with smoke. those waiting for help are having to do so on deck. the rescue is a risky operation. ships and helicopters worked through the night plucking passengers literally off the ship. they are dealing with tough weather conditions. and all that smoke that you see there. 329 people or so have been rescued. several others are being treated for hypothermia. the ship caught fire yesterday morning on its way from greece to italy. we'll keep you posted. i'm kristin wright at the live desk >> 6:17 # now. a cab driver opening up to news 4 about a brutal attack. he was beaten stabbed and stuffed into the trunk of his own car. he was taking a group from adams morgan. instead of taking the fare they held two guns to his head and
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demanded money. >> my mind was telling me i'm not going to be okay. they threw me into the trunk of my car and put me . >> he has been driving a cab 10 months now and is not sure whether he w well this morning a group will advocate for what they call sensible gun laws here in the district. the rally is set to begin at 11:00 a.m. on the north side of the white house. the rally will last until 1:00 and right now we are work to go learn more about a triple shooting in the district. three people were shot on galveston near i-295 in southwest. it happened last night. police say someone was seen running away wearing a red polo jacket and jeans. no word on the victim's condition right now >> a charles county sheriff's deputy will be laid to rest. the corporal died in a car crash. he worked for the sheriff's office 10 years. detectives say he was coming home from work when he ran into a tree last week. the corporal was 30 years old
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>> new this morning, 10 people died in a scaffolding collapse at a school in china. it happened at a construction area at a high school in beijing. chinese media report all the victims were workers. no teachers or student. a man in california is recovering this morning after being attacked by a shark. that attack happened off the central california coast. witnesses say the man was surfing when a great white shark attacked without warning, dragging him under the water. he was able to get to shore with the help of others on the beach. two doctors on the beach came to help the man. a huge mudslide completely destroyed a beach front cabin in washington state this weekend. you see what's left of it right there. the home belongs to a family that uses it as a vacation getaway. it happened in an area called whidbey island north of seattle. it was caused by heavy rain over several days. they have been dealing with that through much of the area the
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last several days. >> we have a little bit of lightt over that we are dealing with this morning. we want to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel in for tom. >> showers on storm team 4 radar are south of washington. they will continue to favor the same areas, especially during the morning hours. to what you need to wear today, a warmer jacket. temperatures cooler than yesterday. yesterday in the 50s. toda. you might want to grab the umbrella this morning. showers through the noon time hour especially those of you in so you were maryland. maybe a scarf as well. right now the suburbs around 40 degrees. washington 45. 37 in gaithersburg. 41 degrees in manassas. warren ton as well. you are seeing light showers there. storm team 4 radar, if you are south of this line you have the
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threat of morning showers. showers are a definite for those of you in charles, st. mary's and calvert, fredericksburg. areas north of the line good chance you are driving the entire day today. noticing some subpoena shine trying to peek out around the . high today of 46. where we're at right now we're only going to warm up less than 5 degrees. for tomorrow, high o. temperatures falling through nve high of 39. tomorrow mainly during the morning and midday hours, can't rule out an isolated light snow or shower. no accumulation really. mostly sunny. high of 42. rain in the forecast next weekend. we'll send things over to melissa with a look at the roads. happy monday. >> happy monday to you. welcome back to work everybody. we're actually looking quite good. no major problems on the inner or outer loop as you head around the beltway. you can see that's looking good
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as well. a lot of volume. very light this morning. only spot we are seeing volume northbound out of stafford we're a little bit slow. opens up in triangle. slow through dale city. this is a disabled car that's slowing folks down. 95 express lanes, beltway at kenilworth that is looking good. tad bit of bw parkway, no problems. a live picture over th new la coming up in 10 minutes. sony says its playstation network is back online. hackers shut the system down on christmas day. playstation admitted hackers tricked the network into thinking there was an overof users on thursday. they wanted to expose how weak. credit cards will be more secure in 2015.
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they imbed a chip into the card. it offers greater protection against fraud. it generates unique transaction code every time you use that card. some have begun mailing them out. a new poll says millennials may be more generous than older co-workers. those under 30 years old, 20% say they volunteered in the last year. back in 1989 the number was only 14%. >> that's good news. >> yeah. >> this morning a 10-year-old boy in colorado waking up with his lost walle >> a postal worker found it and returned it. the wallet fell out of the car. and he was so surprised when he heard his name called over the intercom at school. >> they called me down to the office. i thought i was in trouble. >> he calls me. i'm at work. he said mom, i have the best
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news ever. >> and there it was. remember those wallets. we all had them with the velcro and all. a letter from the postal worker returned it with $25 added. his family was very very happy. >> pretty cool thing to have happen. it's awful when you lose your wallet. 10 years old. >> he lost. he gained not only the 25 bucks but the idea that there are some good people out there, right? >> and if he ever finds something -- >> karma. it will come right back around. >> tensions remain at a boiling point after a number of high profile incidents. what's being done to repair realostly cloudy start to your monday as you get ready for work this morning. companies in the day ahead and how things are shaping up for the winter classic with weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. letting go of the past in time for the new year. shedding
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a new option for drivers hoping to avoid the traffic backups on i-95. the express lanes in northern virginia now officially open for business. you're looking at a live picture of the highway here. what you need to know before you get into these lanes a little into the broadcast. we are dealing with cloudy and cool conditions ac d.c. area. some of you might want to grab the umbrella as well with scattered showers that continue to move through. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel with what you need to know as you head out the door. right now we're at a temperature of 45 degrees. showers continue to favor areas of southern maryland for the morning hours. maybe even into the early afternoon hours. here's a closer look at the radar. notice this activity really breaking up even the last 20 minutes alone. those of you south of the lane i
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can't rule out a shower during the early morning hours. in st. mary's showers a definite until noon. cloudy skies. back to the morning planner, 45 degrees right now. by 10:00 a.m. 44. so a drop in the temperature. cloudy ski. limited sunshine developing for those of you further north of washington in areas like frederick and howard county through washington county in maryland. temperatures will be tomorrow. coming up in 10 minutes, talking about the winter classic. we're looking at dry conditions. but breezy conditions. that will be held on thursday of course january 1st. more in 10 minutes. now over to melissa with a look at the roads. >> good morning, amelia. the new express lanes here for us this morning. tail lights headed northbound. some folks in the middle of the express lanes just went over a
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sign that the said garris sonville to king mill road. it's $10.90 r now. 66 into town looking pretty good if you're hopping on prince william parkway. if you're headed outbound, looking good. 270 at shade grove road. folks headed southbound. all of those headlights. and a little bit of volume. nothing atypical for this time of day. wider look at things. no major problems as we look at the beltway as a whole. prince george's county as well. travel times in 10 minutes. new this morning, d.c. police investigating a deadly shooting on southern avenue in southeast d.c. this was right outside united medical center. two men died from the shooting last night. one man was shot in the head. police aren't releasing any suspect information as of right now. and speaking of now, police
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are also looking for a gunman who opened fire at a police car in california. the shooting happened last night in los angeles. no officers were hurt. l.a. police department declared a city wide tactical alert sending every available officer to the scene. one person is in custody in connection with the shooting. police did find a rifle >> across the country there is a rift between police and the communities they protect. over the weekend we saw there is quickly becoming a division between police departments and government agencies. the white house and federal lawmakers say constructive dialogue needs to take place to bridge the gap on all levels. richard jordan live on capitol hill with how some feel the conver isn't many coming fast enough. good morning. >> reporte aaron, good morning. that dialogue critical coming to some kind of resolution. over the weekend, several protests tomorrowcontinued against poli brutality. out in new york at the funeral
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service for nypd officer raphael ramos, when mayor bill deplacentaeo wasde was speaking the officers turned their back to him. the commissioner bill bratton said he does not support the officers that took that action and the mayor should not be blamed for the shootings and deaths that resulted police officers. 50 threats towards police officers in the last week. there is still escalating tension between police officers and the community and now new tension towards government officials primarily over at the mayor's office. some people see dialogue will be a big step finding resolution. but there is also police body cameras. many see that as a step towards rebuilding trust towards the
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police officers and the communits they deserve. >> thank you, richard. here in d.c. protests against police violence cost the d.c. police department about $3 million. the washington times reports tax payers may not have to bear the brunt of the cost. officials may request reimbursement from the federal government. chief lanier needed up to 400 extra officers a day. a bishop is accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist. she left the scene and then returned. heather cook was involved in this deadly crash on roland avenue in baltimore on saturday. she's the second highest ranking leader in the episcopal diocese. a 41-year-old man died from his injuries >> we are waiting to hear when george h.w. bush had been out of the hospital. former president is 90 years old and suffers from a form of
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parkinson's. >> today vince gray cut his last ribbon in d.c.'s shaw neighborhood as mayor. gray will cut ribbons to celebrate 17 new businesses opening up in the neighborhood. the cutting spree will begin at compass cafe and end at 2:30. for kids who can't stay up for the new year yards park hosting noon yards eve for the family. it starts 10:00 wednesday morning and includes events a lot of activities for kids and you too if you want to go to yards park it's on water street northeast near nats park. >> i'm more likely to stay up till noon rather than midnight these days right? . speaking of new year's the event helping you enter 2015 without all that unwanted baggage. we are tracking a few scattered line of showers this morning as they move through our region.
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storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel has your forecast. search times found some potential clues that could lead them to the missing airasia flight.
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welcome back. the times square ball is nearly ready. 1 million people will watch it drop on thursday. not to mention all of you at parties or at home. the ball has thousands of crystals that make it light up including about 300 new crystals this year. before the ball drops in times square to ring in 2015 people are still letting go of 2014. >> just let it go right?
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people said good riddance to 2014 in times square. it is an opportunity for people to purge any negativity from the last year. one florida woman shredded her inhaler with a mallet saying she spent too much time with asthma this year. but don't you need that? she's going to regret that. a violent end to their worries about putting them on paper and shred them. >> i get that. the inhaler? >> if you're got asthma -- >> you need the inhaler. >> yeah. but i bet that felt about for her. >> more power to you. >> talking about the weather, dealing with a little t of light rain. if you are headed out early, not a bad idea to grab the umbrella. but you also mentioned a warmer jacket. >> yeah. a good 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. those of you who need an umbrella south of washington especially or southern maryland you'll be dealing with generally light showers for
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mainly the morning hours. might want to grab a scarf because of the cooler temperatures. yesterday our highs were in the 50s. saturday ow highs were in the 60s. today we drop into the 40s. high temperatures today right on track for this time of year. high of 46. frederick, 45. fredericksburg 45 as well. closer to pennsylvania you are, the better likelihood you are seeing limited sun is shine, especially around the midday hours. tomorrow cooler. high of 42 with decreasing clouds throughout the day. maybe a light snow shower or rain shower during the morning or midday hours. more in 10 minutes. for now, we will accepted things over to melissa. a new accident to report. where is it? >> brand-new crash indian head highway northbound at palmer road. you can see some of the slowdown crashes is in the center lane. 95 in virginia over the express lanes. all the folks headed north from
6:41 am
garris garris $10.90 for that trip. travel times, 270 southbound looking good. outer loop, 270, no problems there. 66 east no issues. quantico to the beltway, looking good. just a couple of minutes last night at 27lissamelissa, thank you. we'll show you what you need to know before you use the new 95 express lanes. plus a change that may have you thinking twice about wha
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breaking news at 16 before the hour. a plane disappeared over the weekend. kristin wright has overnight developments. aaron, the search has been grim so far. the new developments are not good. search planes detected objects in the water. about 700 miles from where airasia flight 8501 last contact. we're told these items are suspicious. a different search helicopter meanwhile, found oil spots in the searches will be collected and analyzed to see if there's any connection. right now it is just too early to say.
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the plane disappeared sunday morning on its way from surabaya indonesia to singapore, flying through thick storm clouds. 162 people are on board. we can tell you the pilots did not send out any sort of distress call but they did ask for permission to fly at a higher altitude. again, poor weather conditions when this plane was in the air. at the live desk i'm kristin wright. today d. mayoral-elect muriel bowser is meeting with kathy ma lear. she wants a review of police enforcement after multiple shootings in the last week along with two deaths. d.c. police are now calling one of the deadly shootings a . police charged this man in arroyo's death. marvin lopez. but he also goes by the name marvin cabrera. he has not been arrested yet.
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her friends and acquaintances set up a memorial and say they hope her killer is found. >> she worked faithfully and did what she was supposed to do in life to be successful. i don't know why someone would have to do this to her. >> police are hoping a tip helps them track lopez down. they are offering a $25,000 reward in this case. questions this morning after whether a popular foggy bottom bar will be open for new year's eve. mcfadden's liquor license was suspended this weekend. five people were stabbed there friday night. the website is still advertise thing for a new year's eve party but it is not selling tickets. it cannot reopen until the owners appear before the alcoholic atlanticor control board. >> take a look. it is so dramatic. a rescue of a little boy. he jumped from his burning apartment building in birmingham alabama.
6:47 am
we can see and hear the cell phone video. the fire broke out early christmas morning when children were opening their presents. take a listen to the dramatic rescue. >> jump! come on. your mama right here. your mama say do it. come on. >> you saw right there. you can see the man catch that boy jumping from the burning apartment after encouraging him to jump. two adults and four children were inside the apartment at the time of the fire. that 3-year-old boy remains in critical condition. but everyone is expect issed to be okay. investigators say food that was left unattended on the stove started the fire. well this morning 66 passengers are finally where they are supposed to be after an emergency landing on a flight from toronto to dulles when smoke started filling the cabin. take a look here. these are pictures from the runway. a second plane was brought in to traps port the passengers from
6:48 am
there. nobody was hurt. a heads-up the next time you have to ship a package. you mate want to squeeze it into the smallest box possible. lap don dowdy is live to explain. what's going on, or landon? >> the that's exactly right. u.p.s. isng a new pricing system. they will start charging by the size of packages as it tries to offset fuel prices. fedex announced a similar move earlier this year. it was an impressive opening weekend for "the interview." it took in $18 million from theaters and online sale ises. it has been streamed and downloaded 2 million people
6:49 am
since wednesday, grossing mi the movie available to rent or buy on itunes. aaron, back, to you. >> landon dowd you. they handed out t-shirts and pamphlets to fans. we just checked twitter. this is one of the rare mornings the redskins are not trending the day after the game. many of you are just sort of moving on. diana rsini tells us how the team is looking for answers after a last place finish. >> good morning from ed tpebgs field. the washington redskins save their worst pee for the game of the season is losing to the dallas cowboys >> i thought we had a good chance to win there towards the end. couldn't find a way to make it happen. yeah, not the way we wanted . but it is another growing pain. >> we laid an egg. we didn't play up to our
6:50 am
potential. that's why we are sitting where we're sitting. >> we have to do better than that than that crap was we put on film. especially the first half. it was a total butt kick. we have to do better than that. >> everyone is going to get evaluated. it will be a thorough evaluation. moving forward hopefully we make good sunday choices. and the team we will bring back players, coaches, everything. >> jay gruden says there will be plenty of changes during this off-season. as for his job, he is safe and he will return as head coach. you will hear more from jay gruden coming up on news 4 at 5:00. obviously reviewing to be done. >> they'll be watching a lot of tape for sure. >> speaking of changes, i do want to talk about the weather. and this line of showers down south. i saw you tweeted you had home made pumpkin pie for breakfast. >> i did. i did. >> thanks for sharing. >> sorry, guys.
6:51 am
when it's with real pump kip and home made crust, i don't share. >> your mother made it? >> i'll bring you in a slice tomorrow morning. showers south of the area. that's where they will stay for the morning hours by midday and afternoon hours. most if not everybody is dry. areas north in for a cloudy day. 10 degrees cooler. tomorrow can't rule out a light snow shower or rain shower. 30% chance that that materializes. if it does nothing will stick. temperatures not cold enough in the area for snow to accumulate. and it would be very light. new year's eve, new year's day continue to go be chilly but dry. there was rain and then there wasn't rain. tracking showers. it has fizzled out. you can see some showers holding
6:52 am
on down in st. mary's county. and this is really where the rain will continue to impact people this morning. most of you in wall door calvert beach, can't rule out showers until about noon. evund 40 right now. you'll warm up 5 more degrees for your high. that's a high today of 46 degrees. maybe some limited sunshine by midday hours. for the most part the weather is cooperating today. cooler tomorrow. high of 42. we continue to tumble on weapons. . january 1st low 40s. what's the latest on the roads? >> crash indian head at palmer road. center lane blocked there. inner and outer loop no problems right now. taking a look at 66 if you're headed into town you're fine. out of town you're fine. if you're getting on the centreville area a little bit slow crossing over 50. no major problems. north of triangle looking good. woodrow wilson bridge looking
6:53 am
good. 95 north and south, no problems there. same thing as you look at bw parkway. guys? >> melissa, thank you. 6:53. right now traffic is building on i-95 in virginia. but the brand-new express lanes could seriously improve your commute. tolling is there. megan mcgrath is live in alexandria with what you need to know. >> good morning, aaron. our new toll structure in effect. we're seeing light traffic on the regular lanes and express lanes. a lot of people still on vacation this morning. the new toll structure in effect. take a look at the chopper hovering above the express lanes right now. a little while ago, a chopper flew by one of the variable toll signs. it will cost $10.90 for a trip from garrison mill road to old
6:54 am
king mill road. this is a variable toll system. this is how it works. if you have three or more people in your car, you can use the new express lanes for free. you just need to have an e-zpass button over to show that you have -- to indicate that you have three or more people in your car. then you will not be charged a toll. if you just have one or two people in your car, you can still use the new lanes. you just need to use an e-zpass and pay the toll. and the tolls change depending how crowded the lanes are. another thing to keep in mind is is that once the lanes end here at edsall road if you're not hov compliant, you have to get out of the lanes because they turn over completely the express lanes, and become straight up hov lanes. and you could find yourself facing a fine if you're not compliant there. so keeping an eye on things. so far everything looks good. megan, thanks.
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trash haulers back to the picket lines in laurel. they are striking for better pay. they want unit disposal to negotiate a better contract with howard and montgomery counties. public works officials are working with other companies. but this is delaying trash pickup. in howard county they are only picking up garbage. recycling is being pushed back a week. no montgomery county, 12,000 families live along the strike zone. it is affecting bethesda aspen hill colesville silver spring. if today is your trash day, get your bins out by 7:00 a.m. you have 10 minutes 4 things you need to know. five people died in a ferry caught fire on its way from greece to italy. crews are still trying to rescue fewer than 100 people trapped on the burning ferry >> today a few for charles county sheriff's officer who died. the funeral is tomorrow. he decide in a car crash earlier this month.
6:56 am
d.c. mayor elect muriel bowser still ward 4 council member right now. she plans to meet with the police chief about recent violence including two deadly shootings in her district. right now it is still unclear whether oil spots and debris found in the java sea are connected to missing airplaneirasia plane. for today, looking at plenty of clouds. high temperatures will be in the mid-40s. most of us dry throughout the entire day today except for those of new southern maryland. dealing with scattered morning showers. by noon temperature of 45. 3:00 still plenty of clouds in place. cooler tomorrow with a high of 42. all right. a new crash we have been talk building on indian head highway northbound at palmer road. center lane blocked. whommer over 95 in virginia. the new express lanes. of course they change as the traffic changes. a wider look at things.
6:57 am
pretty late volume overall. we like it. >> thanks melissa. that is the broadcast for. appreciate you waking up for us. >> drive safely out there everybody. >> "today" show is coming up next. make it a great mo
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. breaking overnight, debris spotted.
7:00 am
searchers locate objects that could be from that missing air asia passenger jet as officials acknowledge the plane is most likely at the bottom of the sea. we're live with the latest developments on the search. strand. crews racing to save dozens on a passenger ferry off the italian coast while the first group of survivors finally make it is to shore overnight. bundle up. temperatures up to 45 degrees below normal across the midwest. arctic blast that's get set to spread to the east and south. will it put a freeze on your holiday travel plans? and great interview. sony


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