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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the region. temperatures tonight, 40 degrees by 7:00. 37 degrees by 11:00, the cold air, it is moving in. we're looking at much colder air. the coldest night, one of the coldest night just happens to be new year's eve. i have that forecast in just a couple minutes. >> thank you, doug. there's been a spike in violence over the past week here in the district. >> tonight there are no suspects in a deadly double shooting not far from a medical center the victims, a far and son found debt along southern avenue last night. then this afternoon another shooting this time along division avenue in northeast near nanny helen boroughs avenue. we have the latest. >> reporter: more violence in our city today, and today it was in broad daylight. today the victim a young man. sources say after he sways shot and lying here on the pavement some people came and went through his
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yet another shooting victim in our city. this time in the 600 belong of division avenue northeast. this time the victim's a 27-year-old man, shot and wounded outside this carryout around 2:00 this afternoon. sources tell me that after the man was wounded, some people came by and rifled through his pockets. the man was taken to the hospital. police aren't talking about his condition, but homicide investigators have be called to the scene to work the cas now this comes in the midst of a spike in violence in our city. in the last week we've averaged about a murder a day. >> there's been a lot of gunfire, a lot of vile innocence our city in the last week or so. your concerns about that? any explanation for it? >> we are obviously investigating all the cases, at this time we have not found any connection between the cases,
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and we're moving forward on the investigations. >> just last night a double homicide on southern avenue. >> i kind of wished they would find the person that did this to my dad and my brother. you know this is crazy. this has to stop. >> reporter: shot and killed 71-year-old preston cornelius johnson sr. shot and killed 49-year-old preston corneli johnson jr. both men found dead around 10:00 p.m. about a block away from the united medical center. one man found dead outside this car. one man found debt inside the preston cornelius johnson sr. was retired from the maryland department of environment services. he was the father of ten children. johnny law is one of his sons. >> it took the holidays completely away from us. the new year is coming it took that away. at least we did get to spend christmas with my dad, so that's a plus. now i don't have a dad or
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>> reporter: in the last week we're averaging about a murder a day. coming up at 6:00 mayor-elect will talk about the increase in violence in our city. live in northeast, pat collins, news 4. >> well, this double shooting now brings the total number of home cites in the district to 105 this year. those numbers are close to last year but last year there was an inflated total because of the mass shooting at the navy yard. the others do not include two people shot and killed by police officers this week. a frederick county maryland woman accused of killing her grandmother will be examined by a psychiatrist. the judge wants to determine in 19-year-old is competent to stand trial. harris denies killing her grandmother. harris told police she saw a man running from the house, but police say there is no sign that
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anyone broke into that home and she's being held without bond. a tow truck driver was killed this morning near route 7. the tow truck driver was standing on the shoulder near an unattended vehicle when he was hit by a box truck. the driver of that box truck wasn't ht but he's been charged with reckless driving. we pushed this new to you on the push alert, the new app. make sure you have downlouded it and turn on news ale tolls for those lanes will vary just on how crowded they get. if you want to right free you'll need an ez pass with you. v-dot says the true test could come next week when everyone is back from vacation. >> we've heard some stories of folks slowing down to look at
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the toll pricing. if you want to look about the prices you can find them on our website at you can set it for pricing alerts as well. and state troopers have new technology to determine which mode your ez pass is turned to. an embarrassing way. a blowout loss to rival dallas. flow we've got junior a whole lot of questions about who will stay who will go. it may come down to another qu diane has been out at redskins park today tweeting out the latest information about the future of players and coaches. >> it's known as black monday in the nfl, the day after the season wraps up and oftentimes there are lots of firings and changes, but as of right now here, no coaches hav
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instead, the backup quarterback spoke to people today. if that doesn't happen he hopes the redskins would think about trading him. otherwise most of the players today on the final day here say they're happy this season is over s i don't know man. just got to have fun. you've got to find out what you love to do in the offcease are not and apply it to football. if you love your kids how do you put them in a better situation? going out to a restaurant -- >> you know you come to try to win championships. in no way, shape or form would i say i'm glad it's over. >> it's been a pretty wild ride. we'll learn from this experience. >> i love this team. >> city promise you this it will not be the same foot team or staff. we'll have a lot of changes that
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are done and made hopefully for the better. >> reporter: there's lots more news today. veteran ryan clark is making a big life-changing decision. we'll have that coming up at news 4 at 6:00. at redskins park. dianna russini. >> we have the flash survey. it's our survey of the day, and so far most of you are blaming all of them. the artificial turf war is heating up against in prince george's county. county lawmakers will try for a third time to bring artificial play feels to all the schools. they hope to get this legislation passed during the next assembly. there is stiff resistance from environmental groups. they're concerned about some of the material that is used to make that fake grass. lawmakers say the schools need it to keep athletes competitive with other school systems.
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a popular foggy bottom bar will know by new year's eve if it will be able to open. mcfadden's right now is shut down the liquor license suspended, this comes after five people were stabbed there on friday night. the alcohol and beverage control board says it would issue a decision on whether mcfadden's can reopen by 4:00 wednesday afternoon. the bar's web side is still advertising the new year's eve party, but it has stopped selling tickets. he was just months shy of finishing high school. tonight the family of a fairfax teenager is remembering him. he was killed when the car he was riding in slammed into a telephone pole on sunday. news 4's derrick ward is from the scene with latest. derrick? >> reporter: i've talked to families who lived in this area a long time and they can remember when beulah street was a two-lane dirt road notorious
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for cashes. it's now pave but this can be an unforgiving curve. 17-year-old steve carb ahole was finishes his senior year. he was a passenger at about 2:30 a.m. sunday. police say the driver tried to avoid a deer slid and went off the road and hit a utility pole. it 457d tess end of julia lee's driveway. >> is the noise woke me up. i've never seen so many police. >> reporter: he doesn't survive the crash, leaving a void to fill with his family and friends. >> anytime he would see us he would always say, did you miss me? now i guess it's too late that he can't hear me and i would tell him that i miss him. >> reporter: the scene is an enclave of old northern
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virginia. this family has been here since beulah was narrow and more dangerous. >> years ago the curve was worse and there were more wrecks but you know there's a lot of traffic out here and i guess anything can happen. >> reporter: police are still investigating how this crash mapped but the nothing that a deer ran into the car's path is completely plausible. >> they are here. you can see tracks from them. it's certainly a possibility. >> they cross over and come in the nephew's garden and destroy the garden and then come here in the yard. >> reporter: the 17-year-old who was e car survived but the death has left a void of the close family and they will have a hard time filling it. >> we're going to miss him, you know that maybe god needed him more than . >> reporter: now, coming up on news 4 at 6:00 we'll hear more
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from that family. police say they are still investigating this crash. they have ruled out alcohol as a factor. we are live in northern virginia, derrick . >> thank you, derrick. a fraternity is accused of hazing and is sued for millions of dollars. what the bowie state student says happened to him and the picture he says proves it all. holiday trash, you know you just want to get rid of it but a strike would impact if yours ever gets picked up. weeks after news 4 revealed questionable expenses. state legislators are considering stripping more
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tomorrow morning the sheriff's department paying final respects to one of its own. he wall stre killed last weekend on his drive home from work when his cruiser left the road. starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning a progression from blue crabs baseball stadium as to st. peter's church in waldorf. anyone who wants to pay respects can gather at thomas stone high school. new york city mayor bill de blasio was greeted by boos today as he spoke to a graduation ceremony. it's the latest did i place of rising tensions. police unions say de blasio has been too sympathetic to protesters who have questioned police tactics.
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the city's police commissioner is stand t mayor. what we need to do is find some common grind to assistant on to. >> brattan says he will meet with the unioning to try to rebuild the relationship between ciphers and city hall. members of a local school board are under new pressure to ditch their taxpayer-funded government-issued credit cards. >> it comes in the wake of an investigation by news 4's scott mcfarlane. the maryland general assembly is considering a sweepi law targets those cards. >> reporter: it's becoming clear that members of the prince georges school board don't rip up their own credit cards, the state legislature may do it for some swiped their cards for more than 100 meals at local restaurants.
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thousands of dollars worth of lunches and dinner seafood, steaks and desserts. sometimes board members dining with each other. some board members using their cards for hotel rooms and hotels win miles of home. legislation formally drafted, said to be introduced in jan we're would ban them from issuing credit caro >> having looked at the big pictures i don't think they need credit cards. i just don't. the schooled board president recently told news 4 there were no violations of lawsuit or district policies in the purchases. he also said the board would review possible changes. though he said the review would be completely the end of november it hey not yet been released. in the new law was passed they would have to pay up front and dismiss vouchers for reimbursement. what the odds they pass this legislation into law? we already have a big clue.
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that part of our story on news 4 at 6:00. for now, scott mcfarlane news 4. if you have a tip for the i-team, call us. or shoot us an e-mail. you were lucky you saw a few flurries? >> i literally saw one. >> did you? >> you saw three. you saw three times as much snow as i. now we could see a few more, but it's not g to amount to anything. it will show you that colder air has moved in. yesterday high temperature of 58. today a high of 47 but we have fall is no. now the winds are calm we're seeing cloud cover, and colder temperatures look like they're here to stay. down to 37 right now, in winchester 37 as well-. 43 downs towards fre
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you'll see a blip down -- it was just south of quantico that's it. it's not going to be much most of us will not see anything. however, watch this little area it could actually try to move in across our region into early tomorrow morning. it's a weak system. once again not expecting much. i think tomorrow morning the roads will be dry, but as we put future weather into motion just the cloud cover. lots of cloud cover and very cool temperatures. the cold air continues to settle in. even around 1:00 we're still dealing with mostly cloudy skies, but some sunshine will be . then it gets colder more cold air settling in and now wintertime cold and stuff we haven't seen much of the driving
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impact on your tuesday, few flurries possible mostly to the south. temperatures around 36 degrees. 5:00 to 7:00 if you're driving, no problem. temperatures around that 40 degrees mark. that's really all we'll get to. most areas in the upper 30s to lower 40 again, starting with cloud cover, and then getting into some sunshine you'll see more sunshine to the northwest, or cloud cover down to the southeast with a better chance of those snow flurries. we'll have the weather impact very low, a sprinkle maybe a flurry early, but that is it. no problem tomorrow you just need a jacket or the coat. next couple days, things change the coldest days happens to be new year's eve. clear, around 30 in d.c. but many areas in the lower 20s. we're talking -- thursday though new year's day,
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temperatures around 32 the winter classic looking perfect. that's the position we get into we start to see a chance to move in. we'll have much more on that coming up around the 5:45 hour. now to a developing story involving that deadly ferryboat fire off the coast of greece. all of the survivors have been pulled off the boat but the death toll is now up to ten. more than 400 passengers have been rescued so far. the last people were pulled off today, more than 24 hours after the fire began, the captain was the last to leave. the ferry was traveling to italy at the time. one of the survivors describes the dramatic ordeal. >> the flames were huge and the cars were on fire. it was very scary, to be honest. there's only one place to stand, it was in the rain. the ship was tipping to one side as well. >> there were several americans on board that ferryboat.
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we don't know if any were from the washington region. another passenger jet disappears. we're going to find out when the search efforts will resume for the airliner and the 162 people who were plus we just learned about new details on the health condition of former president george h.w. bush why he will stay in the hospital for at least one more night. a lot of folks want to try their luck in the new year. we'll tell you about the
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for airarable -- now that airliner disappeared. the a change of course and altitude because of bad weather. take a look at this map here. it took off from the southern indian ocean. this was on its way to singapore. it came up about halfway around here is where a search party is focused. this is halfway between the two airports. investigators believe the jet may have crashed into the java sea. today the state department sis airasia asked the u.s. to help in locating the jets. pentagon offic say no
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plannings have been final iced did you. >> in the last hour he is still going to remain in the houston hospital again too many. >> he tell us he's doing a good as he's ever been doing. the doctors are talking about dates for his discharge. he came here on tuesday after having trouble breathing. ever since they we've gotten update that said the prognosis was positive. he had bronchitis and a persistent cough that would just not go away. it's important for know that we report how he's doing that two
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years ago we only learned that he was home after he got home. and we only so he mae well be goss home today, we no el that doctors are thinking he's well enough to start talking about discharge, and all w for now is he had trouble breathing on tuesday, going on his seventh day at the hospital and about ready to go home. it's a freeway takeover and it could happen just about anywhere. right now at 5:00 danger on the road. we're going to show you more of the video of these dangerous stunts that are going from the movie screens to the roadway. plus a scam hitting our regi how can i avoid maintenance
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a student claims he was hit with a paddle when he was pledging a local fraternity, now he's suing for mills on. kevin hays is now a junior at bowie state university. >> today he filed a lawsuit against his frat claiming he was the victim of hazing. darcy spence are spoke to him today about why he's deciding to sue almost one yea >> hit with their fists, body slamming. >> did they say why they were
5:30 pm
doing it. >> it makes you stronger. >> he says he was hazed while -- kevin hays sense this photo shows his bruised buttocks away being spanked with a wooden paddle. >> rep what did you do? did you have to take it our fight back? >> just take it. >> they filed a multiple million dollar lawsuit in the circuit against the fraternity and three of the officers. they were not students. >> you were told not to tell. >> yes. >> what did they say? >> they said if you tell you're a snitch. >> he says the alleged assaults happened offcampus at fraternity members' homes. while the university is not named in the suit hays and the attorney says the school failed to investigate. >> how do you feel? >> they did not respond. it was treated as if it didn't happen. >> rep state officia are not commenting on the allegations, since the school is not named in the lawsuit, but they want in a statement, bowie
5:31 pm
state university has a stringent anti-hazing policy that is coupled with a strong anti-hazing education program. the university considers hazing to be indefensible and contrary to the inter the university commute. hays says he is still with the from a tender. >> reporter: a lot of people would say why didn't you leave or quit? >> it's hard for me to quit thing. if i start something, i have to fini it. >> reporter: he recently hired an attorney but he says he can't take the continued harassment. >> this is no different than someone being in high school or being bullied. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00 week this student did not pursue criminal charges in this case ahe's not trying to change maryland's hazing l. we have reached out to the alpha phi alpha chapter, and they said they're working on a statement and will have it later this evening.
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a man is in custody, charged with the murder of a montgomery county man. police have arrested him in connection with the death of the victim. we're told that investigators used a bloodied palm print to link this crime to the suspect. police say the two did know each other. we are working to keep of safe and security. police in our area say they've seen a recent spike in phone scams. we've told you about similar scam. a family member or a friend in trouble and they had need your help. they hen asked you to wire money or send them funds through an internet transaction. police say they're also using technology that makes a fake number pop up on caller i.d. if you think you've been a victim police say to call them immediately. > d.k. mayor-elect muriel bouzer came face-to-face with the district's homeless
5:33 pm
problems. bouzer doesn't taye office until friday. she took questions from several homeless people at a food kitchen. >> reporter: just moments after she announced in appointments and posed for pictures with her new team at miriam's kitchen for the homeless the homeless themselves had questions and comments. >> what's being done to address the social problems? nothing. >> i don't know if i would say it's nothing. >> i don't hear anything. >> okay. there's >> i'm going to say very briefly i think there should be a focus on getting able-bodied people connected to jobs and affordable housing. >> rep it was a chance to repeat her promise to the better housing for the city's homeless a problem that has vexed officials for year. >> we know in a city like ours we will always have a need for emergency housing, we'll always have a need to have transitional
5:34 pm
housing where people are getting services. >> bouzer pledged again to move to shooting down the dilapidated d.y. general hospital facilities that's been a makeshift home for hundred it is. creating more shelter, but creating more housing opportunities. >> at miriam's kitchen which feeds and counsels hundreds of people a day, there were new administration optimism. >> we know how toast the most vulnerable people off the streets and what we heard today was real leadership. well we are keeping an eye on some changing conditions as we plan for the new year's eve parties. >> and doug is on it. >> really the only thing -- we saw a very warm christmas eve, very warm day for christmas. now as we look towards new year's eve, temperatures are going down. only 31 back towards columbus ohio 33 at pittsburgh. that's the colder a that will
5:35 pm
continue t its way in. we'll be looking at a fairly chilly night. so travel sports owl and about, all agree lights tonight. the biggest area just a bit on the chilly seed. get ready for the coats. if you have plans for new year's check out how cold it may be. >> a green light kind of night. thank you, doug. the minimum wage is good to go up in 17 other states. the increases take effect january 1st. a pay increase of about 75 cents an hour from the current $7.25 to $8 an hour. three virginians will become millionaires on new year's day. if you haven't purch yet, you're out of luck u alternate tickets for the millionaire raffle of sold out.
5:36 pm
the final ticket sold sunday afternoon. this thursday three tickets holders will win $1 million each. another six ticket holdser will win $25,000. a trash strike hits the heart of holiday party season. some of the regular workers who pick up your trash in parts of maryland are on strike tonight. find out if this is causing curbside problems in local neighbors. and white house wedding crashers incident. find out why president obama is
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counting down from center field for center ice, nats park is ready for the winter classic. >> carol maloney joins us with the story of one players. >> no doubt the excite building for the entire team but this game is especially meaningful for troy brower a former black hawk who helped win the stanley cup in chicago after a 49-year drought. but then he was traded. now he has a chance to beat his old team on one of the hockey's biggest st. troy brower became part of the city's sports skyline. >> he had a great shot. he has a big physical presence. >> that type of person not --
5:40 pm
just that type of person it means a lot. everyone tells us when you win with people you always have that bond you always have though memories. >> and they score! the stanley cup to the chicago black hawks. >> you can only fill 20,000 in here but when you see how many people are supporting you at the parade it's an unbelievable feeling. >> almost a good as leading the parade in his hometown in british columbia but the feeling cut short a year later. >> it seemed like something would happen. i was with a cupping of the hawks at the time and i was real excited about being able to be traded to another good hockey team good hockey city. >> reporter: now one of the caps' more productive player brower will always have a special place in his heart for chicago. >> in the summertime whenever i'm here, i still but noticed. people are still appreciative of
5:41 pm
winning the stanley cup for the city. it's a greet honor. the people here they're such friendly nice people. it's a great city to live in and hoisting lord stanley's chum was a cherished moment. brouwer still marvels how that city rallied. countdown is three days. if you're worried about the weather for the winter classic, amelia segal is posting forecasts. we have it on the web page, check out the -- some people shudder at the thought of spring. we'll introduce you to one local woman, who is changing minds about depression a houses is the trash haulers fact affecting pickups?
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the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect could be delayed. it's supposed to begin next week with you lawyers are asking a judge to postpone it for nine months. in the filing today, his attorneys say more time is needed because of the volume of evidence in this case and they say that tsarnaev deserved the most thorough defense possible because he is facing t the episcopal church of maryland is expressing sorrow tonight that the first female
5:45 pm
bishop was involved in a hit-and-run accident. she was the driver in the vehicle that killed a cyclist. police say she left the scene, but returned about 20 minutes later. they posted a statement tonight asking for prayers for the victim and the cook. he says because the case could potential involve criminal charges, cook has been placed on administrative leave. so far there is no end in strike for the trash strike in maryland. it's affec collections, and as the battle over wages and benefits continues, many of your friends and neighbors are probably wonder if they can put out the trash tonight, will it get picked up in the morning. news 4's chris gordon joins us he's live at a transfer station with more on the strike's impact. chris? >> wendy, this is where the trucks come to dump the trash and recycled materials. yes, i am required to wear the safety gear to be here. our mission today was to measure
5:46 pm
the impact if any of the trash haulers strike on montgomery county r. in the predawn darkness union trash haulers picketted at the entrance of unity disposal in maryland. they say negotiations on the first-ever contract have stalled. [ chanting ] >> howard county issued a statement apologizing for any delays in trash pickups at the 20,000 households that unity serves. in montgomery county there are 12,000 unity customers. we followed thinks workers in the neighborhoods border article and your evaluation? >> i didn't see them pick it up
5:47 pm
but it's gone, so . i think 24eshd get a decent wage myself. >> reporter: this is the tipping room at the shady grove facility in durwood, maryland. this holiday week between christmas and new year's always has the heaviest amount of trash. if your trash pickup is missed or if you have a problem, call 311 for immediate help. >> we have a staff of 12 people out in the field who are out there monitoring the service. they get the call and then get the self"and dispatch it literally in a matter of minutes. >> rep here's the latest strike on itself. unity disposal e-mailed me a statement saying isp rights of the employees to voice their concerns but wishes they would do so at the bargaining table. the company says it's put
5:48 pm
severalual proposals on the table. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 we'll tell you who are these replacement trash haulers picking up your trash during the strike. that's the latest live in durwood maryland. it's a better ride home in clinton after a dump truck lost its load this morning. check this out. the truck flipped over. chopper 4 over the mess it left behind in the middle of this intersection. cars were detoured around the area while crews cleaned it up. no word yet on what caused this accident. you know once the cold weather rolls in a lot of us start feel cold on the inside. some people get a bit sad. others can be outright depressing. it's seasonal affective disorder. while most diagnosed with the disorder feel blue in the winter some are adseriously affected in the spring and summer. we are introduced to a local woman who is changing minds about depression a
5:49 pm
>> let me introduce you to washington's linda mcgone agill. when she retires her idea of a perfect spot is the the beach or a golf court. he idea is someplace much much colder. you can tell here by the difference in her smiles. >> people always talk about when they retile they'll go to the carolinas or florida. my husband and i retired to caribou, maine, alaska. >> reporter: while the cold air gives her a lift -- >> i love being outdoors when it snows. >> repor she wants to hide when spring rolls around. >> oh, i can't stand it. the minute things start blooming and the green is around hate it hate it. it's the heat, the humidity bright sunshine that really gets her. >> i know m to be depressed for the summer. her fall decor comes out in september, her holiday baking starts in november the sounds ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ >> the sikes of christmas just
5:50 pm
draw her in. even a term that may -- it's one of her favorites, polar vortex. though linda's love of the cold could leave you scratching a head as you add a scarf or gloves to your ensemble bluff it or not she not alone. dr. norman rosenthal is a clinical psychologist at georgetown university and an expert on seasonal affective disorder. he too suffers from the winter version of s.a.d. >> the wind folks have colored most of the attention, and i'm glad that the people who have trouble with the summer are finally getting their day in court. >> reporter: dr. rosenthal says the summer version of s.a.d. is less well understood because it's not as common or long-lived. >> it's nice that there are different kinds of people that enjoy different kinds of weather. >> reporter: but he says there are tools that can help those who suffer from either version, like mid sense, therapy,
5:51 pm
medication and for those with wind s.a.d. a box light for that boost of vitamin d, as we make or way there are winter linda is on standby, waiting for her idea of perfect, a brutally cold winter day. >> i'm like bring it on. >> reporter: days she hopes are just around the corner. >> i would be in my glory, my hair would look great -- i have better hair days in the winter than i do in the summer. it's a big thing for me. >> reporter: in northwest washington we've made it easy to find help that's near you. go to our changing minds section on, check out our treatment locator to find the mental health services and resources in your area. after the great weekend we had, it's going to start feeling more like winter this week. do you? >> it's going down over the next couple days and we are talking about much more winter-like as
5:52 pm
far as the temperatures go. take a look outside right now. a at the gnome nat shot from our citi cam liking over towards national harbor. ice down towards the gaylord. look at that. the wheel still spinning. temperatures 44 degrees at the airport. they will be drops through the 30s, at least in the city many of you already down in the 30s, down to around freezing in the suburbs. it will be a cold night tonight, and it's cold enough to see some snow showers and flurries look at this. we've seen some of these in the form of some rain showers and some snow showers from time to back into the new york fauquier county along 66. don't be surprised to see some of those tonight. don't be surprised to see some torte morning, pets so it's not going to affect us at all, being it will provide at least some conv
5:53 pm
best chance for snow tomorrow will be in parts of northern virginia, around culpeper orange and quantico chilly with temperatures around that 42 dlees mark. north of this area i'm really not expecting much. i think you'll see more sunshine. if you live in southern maryland you'll see mostly cloudy skies, and once again pretty good chance of snow flurries f. 42 in leonard town. do not expect any accumulation. this is not temperatures 37 and the coldest areas about 43 in the city and next couple days 37 on new year's eve, a very cold new year's eve. new year's day still chilly still around 42 but right now looking very, very nice. the wind classic taking place right here. a very nice afternoon for that. the storm, the next storm coming up this week jean. we'll talk more about that at 6:15. these are some dangerous
5:54 pm
stunts. now at 5:00 it's a freeway takeover. we're going to find out why even the striae racers say this goes too far. and president obama forces a military couple to move their wedding. learn what he did whe
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here's a look at stories trending online. president obama apologized to a newlywed couple after his golf game forced them to change the location of their wedding. two army captains planned to get
5:57 pm
married yesterday on the 16th green of the golf course at the marine base in hawaii. the day before the wedding they were told they to move the ceremony the white house says it nev informed about the conflict. when the president called outd out. he called the couple. the interview could be groundbreaking. sony says the movie was downloaded 2 million times. that is six times more than it's made in small independent theaters across the country. industry experts say the movie's success with online rent always and sales means studios may move toward more digital distribution of movies. >> there is a new dangerous trend called takeovers, drivers satan down a busy freeway to do car tricks all while putting people in harm's way.
5:58 pm
our sister station in l.a. has our stor >> reporter: thick smoke from burning tires as videos turn violent. cars spinning out of the control almost hitti bystanders. the bus parking loss by 105. >> reporter: and people yelling instructions on how to shut down freeways and intersections near compton and gardenia. most think street racing like "fast and the furious" but real street racers are fuming. >> he did not know how to do a donate. >> reporter: they say t something called sideshow and they sd nothing to do with these mobs. >> it's a fight with somebody right there. somebody gets assaulted. >> reporter: here in one video gunshots were heard. after several hours chp moved in and started making arrested and impounding cars. >> this is not street racing
5:59 pm
this is sideshows. this is ignorance at its best. >> reporter: and street racers who usually face the same punishment saying they agree, this is about public safety. >> being inconsiderate for other people's families to go out there and do that it's not right. >> now police actually shut down a freeway in the middle of the flight when beam posted on social media about a planned takeover. they took several people into custody after finding a group of five dozen cars gathered in a lot near that freeway. right now at 6:00 the search for a plane full of passengers that vanished over the ocean, how the u.s. is now helping in that effort. changes are being proposed in the wake of an i-team investigation. a local school board is the target. a teen just months from graduation is killed in a freak accident. how he is being remembered too many. but first at 6:00, a father
6:00 pm
and son gunned down near a local medical center. the victim in the shooting last nighter prousten johnson sr. and preston jr. that double shooting brings the total number of homicides this year to 105. this afternoon another shooting left a man critically wounded. our pat collins is near the scene of the most recent shooting in northeast. >> reporte jim, in washington it appears that the year 2014 is coming to a bloody and violent in the last week in the city of washington we're ave. mayor-elect muriel bowser says she's meeting with police to deal with this spike in violence. >> none of us are at all satisfied with any


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