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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. bodies recovered in the water close to where an airasia flight went down over the weekend. we are watching all the new developments from the live desk this morning. it will be chilly out there today, but the good news amelia takes a look at the forecast for new year's eve and the first chance for rain in 2015. first, it's 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we are taking a live look outside as we have anoth cold start to the morning, but it looks like the clouds are working to try to move out, right? >> that's right. amelia segal is here with your first forecast. good morning to you. you are right, as we get into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny skies. so what to wear for today? definitely want to have the sunglasses handy. you won't need them for the morning commute, but the evening commute you will want to have them. a jacket is chilly today.
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maybe even a scarf with the high yesterday at 48. temperatures today even cooler. starting off this morning, temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than they were at this time yesterday. satellite and radar once again on tracking some light rain down in southern maryland and around the northern neck. further back to the west even light snow showers. this continues for the morning hours in the same spots. areas to the north are dry and clouds decrease even during the morning hours. by 10:00 a.m. we're looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. noon chilly with a temperature at 40. no accidents to report but lots of construction right? no accidents, we'll keep our fingers crossed to keep it that way. we have construction in the way, franconia springfield parkway between walker and bonnie are see some slowing there. 270 at germantown road
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everybody there is slowing just fine. and 66 at the virginia visitors center back in ten minutes with a live look along 95 in maryland. now to breaking news off the coast of indonesia. search crews found bodies and other debris that appear to be from the missing airasia plane in the same area where the planes were last reported in the java sea. kristen wright is at the live desk now with more on the recovery effort. >> reporter: difficult news for families waiting for days now for some kind of word. nbc news has confirmed that six bodies were found in the java sea. recovery teams are removing them from the water and so far they have recovered three. family members are horrified as they are watching this live and graphic images of the recovery effort on indonesia tv. the remains are six miles from the plane's last communications air traffic control. now debris was also found in the water a bit farther away but
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indonesian officials are confident it is the wreckage of flight 8501. 162 people were on board the jet flying from indonesia to singapore. on sunday one of the pilots requested a climb in altitude after running into storm clouds. air traffic control denied the request because there were so many planes in the air at the time. then the jet disappeared from radar. those are the families there watching live images of their loved ones being recovered. the president of indonesia will meet with those families. i'm kristen wright at the live desk. >> kristen, i want to add this a few teams will join the search for the missing plane. the uss sampson is expected to arrive today to include 30 ships, 15 planes and 7 helicopters. five countries are now involved in the search. the ceo of airasia says the airline is prepared to offer compensation for the missing passengers. tony fernandes saying they will
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file regulations for families with ins. >> today a charles county corporal will be laid to rest. corporal jamel clagett died in a crash last week. he was 30 years old. his funeral is in wardorf today. poplar hill road and others will be closed starting at morning. with gas prices falling every day, some of you could be in for an unwelcomed surprise come the new year. megan mcgrath is live in alexandria to tell us about the new commonwealth tax. megan? >> repor that'right, aaron. gas prices have been going down for months. take a look at the gas station between me here in alexandria. $2.39 for a gallon of regular. that could go up in virginia. we could see an increase in gas prices as much as 5 cents come
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january the 1st. state lawmakers have been counting on revenue from an internet commerce bill that's being debated up on capitol hill to pay for millions of dollars in road projects in virginia. but that measure is hung up in congress and hasn't passed. so the fallback revenue source for state lawmakers is an increase in the tax on wholesale gas. a 5-cent increase. and that is set to happen on the 1st of the year. now, as often happens, that increase is likely going to be passed on to consumers. so we could see higher gas prices at the pump. and it could happen as soon as thursday. reporting live in alexandria megan mcgrath news4. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. if you are affected by the trash collector strike in montgomery county you should put out your trash as usual today. the county says it will be picked up if you put it out by 7:00 this morning. the strike affects 60,000 of
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you. workers for unity disposal and recycling say they deserve better working conditions and higher pay. 5:06. d.c. mayor vincent gray will sign four new bills today. learn more about the future plans for the d.c. united soccer stadium. both the emergency and permanent bill w signed today. he will also approve the legacy memorial park and a bill to provide additional protection to incapacitated people. the signing ceremony takes place at 10:00 this morning. his final ceremony before leaving office on january 2nd. well, from the president to the pope we're getting our first look at the most admired people. plus more of this cell phone video that captures the moment a tornado ripped through a small town in mississippi. and after several days of cloudy weather, we are going to see some sun today. amelia is back with a look at the temperatures hour by h.
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welcome back. president obama and hickllary n are among the most admired people this year. president obama has been the most admired man for the last
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seven years. pope francis and bill clinton round out the top three this year. oprah winfrey is number two among the women on the list. and they just asked people who do you add mire host and who is second on the list. no particular criteria. >> it's funny to me because the polls don't know that people are so disheartened with politicians these days but they rise to the top when it comes to admiration. kindf contradicts it does. as we anticipate the parts of clouds it doesn't look too cloudy out there right now. >> thank goodness because we are ready for the sun to return amelia. you're right. temperatures are chilly at freezing 32 in frederick and manassas. 40 in washington. by the afternoon we're looking at partly to mostly sunny skies. here's the high temperature in your neighborhood. 42 in washington. 39 in gaithersburg and la plata.
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by 10:00 a.m. those of you north of washington will see the sunshine. by noon partly sunny skies. by 2:00 p.m. plenty of sun. tomorrow temperatures are cooler. remember the high today and how cool it will be is coming up. now to melissa. no major problems in maryland on 95 at 198. everything is flowing fine northbound and southbound. and looking at prince george's county in and out of up to everybody is behaving themselves. woodrow wilson bridge into maryland and virginia again, looking quite good. a nice pretty picture there this morning. 66 and 95 in virginia flowing nicely. then taking a look here at 270 as you're headed out of frederick, you're fine. earlier construction out of the way. same thing headed northbound up from the spur. i'm back in ten minutes. melissa, thank you. a dramatic rescue. we'll show you how crews got a man out of an suv stuck in a canal.
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plus from the phones to tablets, a lot of people got shiny new electronics under the christmas tree. we'll tell you which device ruled this year and the results .
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this just into the live desk. a sailor has died in the operation to secure a greek ferry. two albanian sailors were hit by a rope they were trying to attach to the ship. one was killed and the other will be treated at a hospital. the ferry and the 400 people on board were stuck in the adriatic sea after a fire on the boat. a massive rescue operation saved most of the passengers and crew but ten people died. and now this sailor makes 11. i'm kristen wright at the live desk. new this morning, there is new reports on police officers who died in 2014. the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says 126 officers died this year two
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dozen more than last year. however, that number is more than 40 fewer than three years ago. the report is released twice a year. in d.c. some neighbors want police to do more about a recent spike in crime. there was a new shooting overnight on nanny boroughs in northeast d.c. since christmas eve the district has averaged a murder a day. neighborhood commissioners say their constituents are concerned. >> well, a lot of the neighbors, they believe that the police are actually engaged in terms of getting out of their cars going into the businesses asking them how are they doing? >> now the a&c commissioners say if you're concerned you can engage with police. officers hold a meeting every month with their police service area. you can look the information up on your phone. today the maryland governor-elect larry hogan will announce more key players in his administration. the announcement happens at
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11:30 in downtown annapolis. he'll be sworn in on wednesday january 21st. you may need to make new plans to ring in the new year. mcfadden's in foggy bottom is closed with their liquor license suspended following stabbingsweekend. the alcohol control board will issue a decision on whether mcfadden's can reopen by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the bar's website is still advertising a new year's eve party. five peo were stabbed there friday night. he had plans to become a mechanic but family members are now mourning steve carballo. he was set to graduate from high school this spring. news4 spe to his aunt and she says a phrase he would say has a new meaning now. >> every time he would see us he would say, did you miss me? now it's too late but i would tell him that i miss him.
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>> police say the driver of the car carbajo was in swerved a deer and ran into a tree. and george huguely's lawyer filed a petition for the virginia supreme court to hear his case. huguely is serving 23 years for the murder of yardley love in 2010. after a disappointed redskips season there's no word on how much richmond will play for the summer training camp. in 2013 the richmond economic commission had a shortfall. any future shortfall gives the redskins a chance to walk away from the deal. richmond has not determined how
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to make enough money yet for the second summer training camp in the season. new york congressman michael grimm will resign after pleading guilty to tax evasion last week. a republican source said he'll resign before congress returns to washington next week. the staten island congressman was indicted in april on 20 counts of filing a false tax return. he was re-elected in november while under indictment. happening today, new york's mayor and the police union will meet face to face. tensions remain high between the two with a meeting between the five unions hopes to resolve the issues. in recent days officers turned their backs on the mayor in public. the rift between the two has escalated since the ambush-style killing of two new york police officers. recent days the mayor was booed at the police graduation saying he was too sympathetic to protesters against police brutality. one says the mayor's stance contributed to the officers'
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murdered. look at this rescue with officers pulling out a man strapped inside an suv that landed inside a canal. firefighters had to cut the windshield to pull the person out. they were hoisted up on a ladder. no word if they ended up getting hurt. folks in boulder, colorado bracing themselves for more heavy snow. temperatures expected to reach minus 20 tonight. a winter weather advisory has been issued for the region too. up to a foot of snow is expected in the denver metro area. five people died in the tornado last week and this is new video from literally inside the storm in southern mississippi. a man started taking video with his cell phone. you can see he dropped the phone when the storm got too intense. when he found it later, he discovered it was recording the entire time and picked up this amazing chaotic scene there. that was inside a tornado. wow. >> he says it's amazing, the fact that he found his phone in all that because he said it was
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ripped out of his hand and they found it in some woods. he was with coworker who is worked nearby. they had to get stitches thankfully nobody was badly hurt but he had a broken arm. >> and the video proved that. wow. 5:21 with a live look over the district right now. we are still dealing with chilly temperatures and we are and 'tis pating the sun today. >> amelia is in for tom this morning. good morning. >> if it's going to be chilly we should have the sunshine out there. that will happen into the afternoon hours. the weather is a low impact on your day. morning showers in southern maryland through the northern neck. elsewhere it's dry and everybody is noticing decreasing clouds throughout the day today. right now a temperature of 40 degrees. a north wind at 13 miles an hour. so it's a little bit breezy out there and feeling more like temperatures around 30 degrees with that wind. you definitely want to bundle up
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this morning. here are the showers on storm team 4 radar. you can see them impacting st. mary's county and southern parts of calvert and charles counties. rain continues to favor these areas during the morning hours. like i said everybody else is dry. cloudy right now, but decrease. so overall today we'll say partly sunny sh a high temperature of 42. we will continue to fall a little bit. by noon we are only near 40 degrees. 5:00 39. chilly at that point. but again, plenty of sunshine getting into the afternoon and evening hours. plenty of sun throughout the entire day. a little breezy at times with a high of only 39. get the warm jacket out today and keep it handy not only tomorrow but thursday as well. a high on thursday of 42 degrees. friday clouds increase throughout the day with a high of 44. and the chance of rain on saturday as well as sunday. best chance of rain looks to be on saturday night. timing those is still up certain with the storm, but temperatures will be above average for the upcoming weekend.
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melissa, you had pretty good news about the roads this morning? i do. looking good. i like to see the sunshine on that seven-day there and the roads looking just as good right now. 95 headed into town out of stafford county. no problems. no problems headed out of up to either headed southbound for some reason this morning. 56 east of prince william parkway is looking good as well. taking a look here at 270 into town and out of town, no issues right now. 55 miles per hour is your speed. and looking quite good as we take a wider look. the inner loop and outer loop are looking nice. earlier construction is out of the way. don't worry about that any longer. then taking a look to the northeast here in maryland bw parkway is looking good. 95 here into and out of town looking good. no major issues. a live picture along 270 is coming up in a few minutes. news4 is working to keep you safe and secure. thieves are using deceptive technology in a recent spike in phone scams. they say the callers can make up a phone number and then get it
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to pop up on the caller i.d. when you pick up, the person is a family member or person in trouble and in need of help. you need to be extra careful if you're asking to send money over the internet. and call police if you think you're the victim of a scam. fmplts you got a smartphone over the christmas, the chances are it was an apple iphone. they accounted for half of the devices activated on christmas day. the new iphone 6-plus tripled holiday numbers from 4% to 13% of all devices activated. the boost in phone sales came at the expense of tablets. you may have heard the best time to buy a car is at the end of the month. well now that may be the best time all year. the latest dealerships are offering clearance discounts. says sales are expected to increase 80% over the average week in december. they are warning you to read the fine print, though. and don't get overly hyped about any sales.
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you have to be careful. don't get too excited over the shiny red car. that will get you in trouble. it's a time for celebration heading into the new year and people celebrate with a drink or two. >> however, that can mean people are risking the drive home while under the influee of drinking. and that means that the roads are more dangerous. erika edwards has more. >> rep of e deadliest time of year for drunk driving. >> in the time period between thanksgiving and new year's in 2012 1,091 people were killed as a result of drunk driving. >> repor jan withers is the leadser of mothers angry with drunk driving. >> the idea of having a designated driver is reaching
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more and more people. but the fact is that people still drive impaired. >> reporter: that's illustrated by another survey from a treatment center that many have witnessed a party drive while drunk. a third admitted to doing it themselves. alcohol impairs our judgment but does help us think we're okay when we're not. >> reporter: experts say it's important to plan how to get home before arriving at a party. either find a non-drinking driver or a ride-sharing app for taxi service into your phone ahead of time. erika edwards, nbc news. we're continuing to monitor breaking news right now. overnight bodies and debris were found near the spot where a plane disappeared from radar near indonesia. we'll have and update on the investigation coming up next. plus we'll tell you how the president ruined a couple's wedding and what he did afterwards that made it all okay. and we're keeping an eye on the new year's eve forecast. amelia is tracking it all with an update at 5:31.
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if you can't be in front of the tv watch "news4 today" on the go with your smartphone or tablet. just download the nbc washington app for free from the app store .
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we begin with breaking news in the search for airasia 8501. several bodies were found in the java sea six miles from where the plane vanished on radar. so far three bodies have been removed from the water. it's believed to be the wreckage of the plane. 162 people were aboard the plane. the president of indonesia will meet with the victims' families. we'll continue to keep you updated on the developments from asia throughout the morning. but first off, good morning to you. i'm aneun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist on this tuesday, december 30th. a live look outside for you this morning. cloudy skies to start things off this morning. temperatures are hovering just around the 40-degree mark in many places. >> might want to grab the extra warm jacket as we check in now with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal in for tom. good morning. good morning to you. it's a chilly day today.
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the high yesterday, 48. the high today, 42. stepping out the door you want the jacket and the scarf. but the sunglasses as well because the early morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. here's a high temperature in your neighborhood. 42 in washington. 41 in frederick and manassas. those of you in southern maryland dealing with some light rain showers during these early morning hours. now, the winter classic just two days away. puck drops at 1:00 p.m. plenty of sunshine for the game that can impact the glare for the players coming off the ice. and breezy with winds 5 to 15 miles an hour. youe headed to the game know the thermometer reads 40 degrees but it will feel more like 30. we'll send things over to melissa now with the latest on the roads. a brand new crash here. i just spoke to police virginia 50 westbound at walner road one lane shut down with no injuries. it should be out of the way in the next lite bit. 270 at middlebrook road, no
5:32 am
problems there. and 270 away from the spur you're looking good near frederick. and a wider look of things on the inner loop and outer loop near st. barnabas moving along. and here in virginia we are a little slow through dale city with a little bit of volume. back with traffic in ten minutes. he was shot in the head but today 9-year-old jayden scantell is recovering at home. he took a huge step in his recovery to leave the hospital. as he left the hospital he was giggling a sight his mother never thought she would see again. he was playing on a playground in d.c. when a stray bullet hit him in the head. the doctors told him and his family he would die. >> i am just overwhelmed. my son has done a remarkable recovery thanks to children's hospital. >> the concern for jayden's mother is now returning to the
5:33 am
old neighborhood. jayden just wants to live somewhere safe. fmplts you live in sterling, virginia soon you'll be able to go to two brand new convenient stores. they plan to put a gas station at the corner of old dock and sh shaw road. we are not sure when you'll be able to use either of the stores though. a fire leaves one woman dead that broke out late monday afternoon. the first crews on the scene saw flames shooting from the roof and then found 70-year-old betty-ann davis on the floor. firefighters pulled her from the home but it was too late. and a dog and cat inside the house also died in the fire. it took 60 firefighters to put out the blaze. and there's still no word on what caused it. a virginia congressman now reacting to the news that the house majority group once addressed a white supremacist.
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steve scalis spoke to a white supremacist group back in 2000 and probably didn't know the group's extremist views. he's the third highest ranking republican in the house. and in response jerry connolly tweeted out, twotquot no politician should ever find himself/herself addressing a white supremac organization except to go to hell end quote. and this morning a couple is talking about their phone call they received from the commander in chief. >> theircere turned into a surprise. >> reporter: on the 16th tee of their base's golf course with sweeping views of the pacific, especially since the groom is an
5:35 am
avid golfer. >> once i felt the details were pretty set, then i got excited. >> reporter: but just 24 hours before the "i do's" a call saying you can't. president obama planned a golf outing at the same t and the nuptial would have to be moved. >> we knew there were two things to mess up the wedding and one was weather and the other was the president. >> reporter: the couple had, in fact invited the president to their wedding, tongue and cheek, and got a polite regret. the white house says no one including their advance team in hawaii knew the wedding would have to relocate and from the phone call the president made to the couple -- >> i feel terrible. nobody told us. >> reporter: this is not the first time the president's golf t admitted to making a mistake back in august after hitting the links after making a statement about the beheading of james foley by isis. >> i should have anticipated the optics. >> cal and critics pounced while he was on the course in martha's vip-yard while sending
5:36 am
his team to ferguson missouri after the protests. >> we actually got a better view so it was a blessing in disguise. >> repor you are not just saying this because he's the commander in chief. >> because he's our boss's boss no not at all. >> the president says anyone who uses that golf course is told their plans could change at any time. there's not a bad place to get married inmy. >> he wanted to be there to play but had no idea of them having to move their wedding because of it. most of us remember the first time we stayed up to watch the ball drop on new year's eve. remember that? but it can be late for the little ones.
5:37 am
we'll tell you how netflix is giving your kids new year's excitement even if they can't stay up until midnight. and a student says he was beaten while he was a pledge and now he's asking for millions of dollars in damages. and meal ya will give you
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today the rich tradition of the new year's eve crystal ball will be tested. the drop has to happen smoothly. it will sparkle with 270 waterford crystal triangles and 32,000 led lights. more than a million people will head to midtown manhattan to ring in 2015. and if you don't want your kids to stay up until midnight onear's eve, netflix may be able to help you out here. the company created and on-demand countdown to the new year hosted by king julian that you see right there. ♪ i like to move it move it ♪ with kids who watches "madagascar" knows that. >> you can watch netflix and ring in the new year toddler style. >> why does it have to be just for kids, that's my question? >> you can download it too. >> 34% of parents trick their kids into thinking it's new
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year's and celebrate early sending them off to bed. >> let's hope no kids are watching tv right now. as we get you up to speed at the forecast clouds are breaking up. it is 40 degrees outside the studio. >> a chilly day of 42 today. cloudy skies for most of us and rain for a few down in st. mary's county. back to the fredericksburg area some showers continue through the mid to late morning hours. and those same areas, they have a drive, but otherwise a cloudy start to the day. clouds break up near the midday hours. here with sky cast here is the sky cover. this is a new graphic. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. its not working so great. but around noon we'll show you partly sunny skies. then mostly sunny skies into the afternoon with a few clouds. i'm going to have a check of the rain for the weekend and the latest timing coming up in ten minutes. for now, melissa, good conditions for the most part on the roads? a wide look at the beltway,
5:42 am
no major problems. 50 westbound at walney road should be out of the way in a bit. 270 southbound is looking good. and in virginia 66 east to the beltway, no issues. 95 north quantico to the beltway, 20 minutes. only a couple minutes behind. i'll be back in ten minutes. melissa, thank you. changes proposed in the wake of the news4 i-team investigation on government-issued credit cards. we'll tell you why a local school board is the target. and we're tracking breaking news with body and debris found close to where an airasia plane dropped off from radar. kriste
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14 before the hour right now. and the u.s. and nato formally ended the war in afghanistan.
5:46 am
on thursday the u.s. will change its mission and provide training and support for afghanistan's military. the taliban says it defeated the u.s. and its allies. richard jordan is life on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: president obama calls it a responsible end to the war marked by a ceremony over the weekend, but now the taliban is claiming victory saying the u.s. and nato forces did not accomplish anything sustainable in the last 13 years there on the ground in afghanistan. the u.s. government officials dismissed the claim, but it is true that this was one of the most violent years in afghanistan sie the start of the war back in 2001. 4,000 afghan soldiers and police officers were killed and the number of civilians was high also for those killed. the u.s. troops are not leaving afghanistan after the first of the year with 13,000 of them most of them american that will stay there in the region to provide support and security to
5:47 am
afghanistan's new government. mostly training and advising those afghan troops. over the weekend senator john mccain was in afghanistan meeting with the afghanistan new president there, and he says even though this is the end of combat operations this should not be the end of the mission in afghanistan. mon 2,000 americans lost their lives and mccain says that that sacrifice should not be in vain. >> thank you, richard. right now d.c. police are looking for clues in two sexual assault cases. two men robbed her on sunday night and then took off. in a separate case a woman was assaulted early sunday morning in the area of 12th street and trenton place in southeast d.c. the suspect is said to have had a handgun and fled the scene in a four-door sedan.
5:48 am
the artificial turf war is heating up again as lawmakers are applying to bring artificial playing fields to all county schools. they hope to get the legislation passed during the next general assembly but there's stiff resistance from the environmental groups concerned about the material used to make that fake grass. lawmakers say the schools need it to keep athletes competitive with other school systems. we are seeing action following our i-team investigation. news4 learned maryland state legislators will consider a law stripping prince george's county school board members of their credit cards. now the decision comes on the heels of the investigation by scott mcfarland revealing controversial expenses by some board members. >> reporter: some board members swipe their government-issued credit cards for thousands of dollars in dinners and lunches including meals with each other, steak and seafood included. and our investigation found some board members using their cards for overnight stays at hotel rooms just minutes from home while attending meetings or
5:49 am
conferences. george county executives found the expenses quote, disturbing. and many say delegates from the county are supporting this new bill that would require the district cut up the cards starting july 1st 20rks 16. and instead use vouchers and a reimbursement system to cover expenses. one person can ruin it for the rest of them. and if in fact we are concerned, we have to look at our concerns and do something about it. and that's why there's no need to have credit cards. >> reporter: the school board's president recently told news4 there were no violations of law or district policy in the board's credit card expenses and also ordered a review of the credit card policies though he said it woule by the end of november the review has not yet been released. no one is saying the bill is likely to be passed into law necessarily, but we do know it is pre-filed, already drafted and submitted meaning the bill to strip the board of their credit cards could be among the
5:50 am
first bills to pass when the board reconvenes here next month. scott mcfarland news4. >> do you have something you want us to investigate? tell the news4 tip line at 202-885-4444 or send us an e-mail at and today we step onto the ice at national park. see how well our chief meteorologist can skate at media day. tickets to the game are more than $250 online right now, but we'll be airing it live right here on nbc4. the capitals and chicago blackhawks play at 1:00 p.m. pre-game begins at 11:00 a.m. new year's day. >> that's a hot ticket. i looked up standing room only $264 where they start. if you want to sit down you'll have to pay more than of the house is in your own house watching it right
5:51 am
here. >> you can get up close and amelia segal is going to play hockey. >> full gear today. we'll see how it goes. >> i have seen you play hockey you'll be fine. >> i'll be in for tom again tomorrow morning. so you'll see if i make it or not. i think watching the winter classic at home right here on nbc is a great idea. it will be chilly at the game. a little breezy as well to feel like 30 for the winter classic. here are the weather headlines. this morning light rein and snow showers in southern maryland. those come to an by mid to late morning hours. clouds are in place to break up working our way into the midday hours. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine and still chilly. the chill lasts throu new year's eve and day as well. looking to the upcome weekend, rain in the forecast saturday as well as sunday. storm team 4 radar right now showing rain favoring areas of st. mary's county down through
5:52 am
westmoreland county and then continuing down to the richmond area. this activity moving off to the east impacting the eastern shore. what do you need to wear today? a nice warm jacket maybe a scarf, but the sunglasses are needed as well with sunshine returning later in the day. for the most part the weather cooperates on this tuesday. travel weather is looking good. outdoor exercise just chilly conditions. th warm jacket is needed out and about running errands. temperatures right now are in the 30s. washington is the exception coming in at 40 degrees. 32 degrees up in gaithersburg. tomorrow a little bit cooler with a high of 39 degrees. mostly sunny skies. at midnight a temperature in washington around 30. 20 for those of you in the suburbs. bundle up out late tomorrow night. thursday january 1st, a high of 42. clouds increase throughout the day on friday. a high of 44. saturday sunday temperatures above average in the mid to upper 40s. rain is looking likely at some point for the upcoming weekend. the computer models are a little
5:53 am
over the place, saturday night into the morning hours on sunday we'll be dry but noticeably cooler. look at the high temperature, partly sunny skies with a high temperature next monday of 39 degrees. melissa, good news on the roads right now? overall we're looking good. no major problems as far as the roads go. we do have a little bit of volume here building this morning. we're talking about 95 in virginia headed northbound out of stafford. once you hit triangle and dale city it is very slow. we don't see anything happening there, just volume and slowdowns. no incidents or accidents there. taking a look at 66 into town and out of town we're looking quite good. no major issues looking at 66. 270 at shady grove road all the folks are headed southbound to the spur. a little bit of volume building with no major problems. maryland 95 and bw parkway all looking quite good as well. top of the beltway, overall, we're looking quite good here
5:54 am
for us this morning. the beltway at central avenue no issues there. then taking a look here we do have the one accident on 50 westbound at walney road with a lane blocked. it is not slowing police or anyone else down. i'll be back in ten minutes. 5:54. a fraternity at bowie university is not operating because of a new hazing lawsuit. alpha phi alpha says it strictly prohibits hazing and is investigating the school's chapter right now. kevin hayes, a sophomore, was beatsen and bruised trying to join the fraternity there last year. he spoke to our reporter darcy spencer. >> rep what did they do? >> paddling hitting with their fists, slapping with their hand body slamming. >> reporter: did they say why they were doing it? >> it makes you stronger. >> bowie state is not named in
5:55 am
the lawsuit. hayes is asking for $3 million in damages. workers in several states including maryland will get a little more in their paychecks starting on thursday. cnbc's landon dowdy is here with a look at the minimum wage increases happening january 1st. hi landon. >> reporter: the minimum wage is going up in 21 states on new year's day. this will pay for $2.4 million workers by another dollar average per hour. there's no change in virginia but both maryland and west virginia will see their minimum wage go from $7.25 an hour to $8 an hour and rise again later this year. d.c. has the highest minimum wage at $9.50 an hour. expect that to go up to $10.50 in july. u.p.s. and fed ix got back on time this year. they delivered 90% of the packages after struggling with the surge in last-minute orders
5:56 am
last year. fedex was out delivering items still on christmas day. thank you very much. a man is going to prison for transporting mar in the mail. prosecutors say she delivered more than 40 kilos worth as much as $70,000. she'll spend a year in prison followed by six months in detention at home. muriel bowser will fight homelessness in the district. she announced human services appointments while visiting miriam's kitchen in the foggy bottom neighborhood. she says we must do more to provide long and short-term homes in the area. >> we needed to have transitional housing where people are getting services. i'm not focusing on creating shelter but creating more housing opportunities. she wants to close the d.c.
5:57 am
general family shelter as quickly as possible if other housing can be found. she take office on friday at noon. a frederick county maryland deputy is recovering after being hurt in a crash. the deputy's marked car was hit from behind and she was taken to meredith medical center where she was treated and released for minor injuries. the driver of the other vehicle was arrested and charged with driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. breaking news right now involving the search for the missing airasia plane. in the last few hours, we have learned recovery teens found several bodies and debris around the java sea. investigators are trying to figure out exactly where the plane went down. what we're learning is coming up from the live desk next on "news4
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news overnight in the search for the missing airasia plane. while you were sleeping they found several bodies and a number pieces of debris. we'll tracking all this at the live desk. but first, grab your coat heading out the door this morning with chilly temperatures returning to the region. but you could see some sunshine return in the day ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal has the outdoor forecast. good morning, angie and aaron. definitely cooler today by 5 degrees. what you need as you step out
6:00 am
the door this morning, a jacket and scarf. plus the sunglasses as morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. the 24-hour temperature change shows temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than they were this time yesterday. so you're already noticing that chill when you step outside during these early morning hours. some light rain falling in extreme parts of southern maryland. back near fredericksburg even light snow. this activity continues in the same areas for the rest of the morning hours. elsewhere is dry. by 10:00 a.m. the d.c. metro area and areas to the north are partly to mostly cloudy skies, a temperature of 38. chilly with a temperature o


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