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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 30, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now a huge outpouring of support for a charles county patrolman being we're going to tell you about the beloved officer and how he's s morning. also right now, crews in the java sea working to recover more wreckage and victims of the airasia crash. this as the u.s. is sending help to the search sight. we'll have the latest on what is next in this tough mission and what may have brought that plane down. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm angie goffr barbara harrison. we h a lot of new information coming in on the the plane crash. our covera begins with kristen
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wright at the live desk. >> we now now airasia flight 8501 crashed into the java sea off the coast of asia. overnighs fou body and debris. a second u.s. navy ship the u.s.s. ft. worth will head to the search scene to help. the u.s.s. sampson is expected to arrive later today. 40 bodies have been pulled from the water so far. 162 people were on the plane. recovery efforts continue tomorrow. it's nighttime in indonesia right now. divers are planning to search investigators belie it's the bulk of the plane's wreckage and this is where they hope to find the the black boxes. loved ones are preparing to board charter flights to fly over the last known location of flight 8501 to pray tomorrow. the president of indonesia is meeting with the victims' families soon.
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at the live desk. >> thank you. and many of the families watched the developments unfold on live tv. and uncensored. ne jordan reports. >> reporter: these images aired on indonesian television show the latest discoveries that are evidence of a plane crash in the java sea. the relatives of the 162 people on board watched in horror as their worst fears played out before their eyes. airasia flight vanished after the pilot reported severe storms ahead. they have radar on the plane crash until they went into probably a very dense part of the thunderstorm. >> reporter: the flight from surabaya to singapore disappeared minutes after a request from the cockpit declined in altitude because of bad weather. this is the first crash for airasia. they have a good safety record.
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but we all know just because you have a good safety record doesn't mean you're immune to events like this. >> five resources have been asked to provide resources to tsearch. the u.s.s. sampson was sent to help locate the wreckage but may be used for recovery efforts now that debris reported from the rl you can see the plane in the energy slides were deployed. jeff tells nbc news there was turbulence, bu. he didn't realize they. there were no immediate reports of anyone hurt. the plane was on its way from manila. a water main break is causing traffic problems in northern virginia. we want to go back to kristen at the live desk.
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>> reporter: that's right. it's described as a large water main break. columbia park is shut down between gordon and malibu circle. police tweeted the picture this morning. they tell us the road he unstable and buckling. therefore traffic is being diverted. stay away from the area if you can. repairs, police tell us are expecteded to take at least 24 hours, a full day. we are following the situation carefully and we'll have updates later on. angie? >> kristen, thanks. so for a second day in many a row, we started things off with gray skies, but check it out. it looks like a little sunshine is breaking through. amelia is in for all. >> if you're still noticing cloudy skies in your area se don't worry. the clouds will continue to move out. here on storm team 4 radar tracking light rain and snow
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showers, especially in st. mary's county on the eastern shore. you can see most of the activity has come to an end, pushing out of the area. and with that the clouds push out as well. by 2:00 p.m. everybody seeing sunshine. clear skies tonight mean cold overnight lows. temperatures right now, we're in the 30s. 39 in washington. 36 in gaithersburg. 36 in culpeper. high temperatu s and low 40s. 42 for a high temperature in washington. tomorrow new year's eve day, cooler than today. i'll let you know how much cooler coming up in the full forecast at 11:30, angie. amelia, thanks. right now there's a big funeral for a charles county officer killed in a car crash. corporal clagget serveded for years. >> reporte the the funeral
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procession for corporal jamel clagett includes law enforcement officers from throughout our area and as far away as canada. chopper 4 followed the long line of patrol cars that drove in a procession at 8:00 a.m. traveling through waldorf. residents lined portions of the route to pay respects to the sheriff deputy who serveded the the community for ten years. a horse drawn carriage bringing the casket to the front of the church. taken inside for the the funeral service. corporal jamel clagett was 30 years old, known for his acts of kindness. on sunday morning, december 21st after working the midnight shift, he brought breakfast to the officers working in the comm unit and then drove home to king george virginia. he was killed in a single vehicle crash when his patrol car hit a tree. after the funeral service, the casket will be carried by the
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horse-drawn car to the cemetery nearby. helicopters will fly over in honor of clagett. reporting from maryland news 4. >> and clagett is one of 126 officers who died this year. the narmt law enforcement memorial fund came out with a new report this morning. 50% more gun deaths in 2014 than 2013 and two dozen more than last year. however, the n 40 fewer than three years ago. new at midday. d.c. police releasing ths of two people shot and killed in the district. just yesterday 27-year-old gregory brown was murdered on division avenue. 50-year-old killed on sherman avenue on christmas eve. and the district has averaged a murder a day. neighborhood commissioners say their constituents are
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concerned. they don't believe the police are advocates as they used to be in terms of getting out of their cars going to the bidses asking how they're doing. >> the commissioners say that you can engage with police. officers hold a meeting every month with their police service area which you can look up on your phone. new this morning, it is being called an honorable decision to step down by republican leaders. coming up the latest on congressman grimm's decision to leave office. and the difference local drivers will see in gas prices later this week that has nothing to d
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new york republican congressman michael grimm will resign. grimm pleaded guilty to tax evasion last week. a republican source says he will resign before congrs returns to washington next week. the staten island congressman was indicted on 20 counts on charges of filing false tax returns. he was reelected to his seat in november while under indictment. well you have only today and tomorrow to get the current price of gas in virginia. starting new year's day it's expected to go up five cents. right now the average price of gas in virginia is $2.18 a gallon. the new tax is going towards a
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$6 billion transportation funding bill in the commonwealth. well last-minute work today for mayor vincent grey who will be leaving office in days. plus a republican leader facing serious questions about a speaking engagement with a group of whi supremacists. beautif sunshine angie. how long does it last? i'll let you know in the full forecast at
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d.c. mayor vincent grey is staying busy in his final week in office. t right now he's in the middle of signing four bills into law. among them is a bill that allows public funds to help build a new soccer station. megan mcgrath is live. >> reporter: well, angie, bowser will be sworn in as the new mayor, but t slowed down the current mayor at all. this morning he signed four bills into law, including legislation paving the way for a new soccer stadium. quite a few d.c. united fans were on hand as he signed the legislation and they cheered. with just days left in office mayor gray is keeping a busy bill signing.
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i asked mim what bill he was most proud of. >> i'll tell you what i'm especially proud of, and that's the condition of our city. at this stage. you look at our education programs you look at our fiscal conditions you look at economic development. you look at unemployment. all of those areas which are fundamental to the functioning of the city are doing very well at this point. >> mayor grey also signed a bill furthering work on the memorial park for the victims of 2009 metro crash. he also signed a bill to protect incapacitateded people living with guardians. repomcgrath news 4. >> this morning one military couple l has an amazing story to tell. t was golfing where they wanted to get married. >> i'm s about your wedding. i feel terrible. nobody told us. but i hope the wedding went okay
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anyway. it did, thank you very much. it was a blessing in disguise. >> we went right above the 16th hole. so we were watching you golf. >> that must have been kind of painful. the president shot an 84 by the way. the newlyweds are both marines. they said the view was even better and the golf course they were married on said they warn everybody things could change last minute if the president showup. today new york's mayor and the police ult face to face as tensions remain high between them. the rift twreen the two has escalated since the ambush style killing of two new york police officers. and in recent days the mayor was booed at a police graduation. now one union head suggested the mayor's stance contributed to the officer's murder. politicians reacting to the news that the house majority whip
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once addressed a group of white supremacists. know the beliefs of the group when he spoke to them in 2002. in a statement bobby jindal says i'm confident he rejects racism in all forms. end quote. on twitter northern virginia democrat writing no politician shou herself addressing a white supremacist organization excepto tell them to go to hell. fo on the questions facing the house majority whip we are joined by carrie dann political writer for nbc news. good to see you. >> good morning. >> when steve scalise spoke back then he said he would go to anyone who called. is that a good enough explanation to get him through this? >> well his explanation is he as not a high ranking house member as he is now. he didn't have a lot of staff. and he says he wouk speak to
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anybody who invited him. w the the original founder of the organization he addressed was very well known at the time. another thing appears to be going against scalise is there were local news reports of other organizations w were scheduled to stay at the same hotel where who got wind of what was going on and decided to stay elsewhere. those are questions where the how did you not know? he says look i showed up where i was asked to go. >> i want to move forward and find out, is there going to be a ripple effect from this? on a broader scale. the republicans are looking to revamp their image. is there going to be backlash? >> this is a headache for scalise and republicans as a whole. thal really wanted to go into the the new congress with a clean slate. this story is taking up a lot of oxygen. it's a very negative story. house lawmakers are still on vacation. theye not around to speak
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about this in person. the second thing is it seems like a lot of organizations, not the big democratic organizations, but some are saying let's take time and see what the facts are here. if it comes to light that he didn't know what the organization was all about or past statements may seem forgiving or tolerant of these groups come to light, speaker boehner will be under a lot of pressure to dump scalise from the leadersht now it's early to tell. >> some democrats saying he should give up that post. not the last we're going to hear from it. check out first read on after last minute changes to the law, a look at whether the changes will delay you filing your taxes. and actress kimberly hill is so fine. she's from the comedy "marry me".
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well get this you can ring in 2015 with your kids any time. you don't have to stay up until midnight on new year's eve to celebrate. netflix created an on demand countdown with king julian. he's from the animated movie
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"madagascar." the three-minute countdown is available now on netflix. >> she tried to buy a horse with your credit card. >> no she didn't try, she succeeded. well, that is a scene from the nbc comedy "marry me." the show follows annie and ja long-time couple who gets engage and discovers happily ever after is harder than it looks. r. kimberly hill is joining us with more on the show and her connection to the area. >> thanks for having me. how does it feel to be back on the ea my mother is here and my . i brought the whole crew. >> and you enjoy it? >> yeah i come home every year for christmas. >> that is because you grew up in virginia beach. but got a lot of acting training graduate degree here the shakespeare theater company. that is classical theater. how did you make the shift to comedy?
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>> it's completely accidental. i went out there to do one-hour drama. and just by way of the citizens brigade and california found my way to comedy. next thing i knew that's what i was auditioning for. >> and "marry me" has become one of the top comedies. it's awesome. you read comedy is hard to do when you do it with people you don't know. how is this di s experience is different because casey rode the lead of the show everybody already knew each other. we've all worked with each other over the years and we all worked together at ucb. we started off as friends. casey and i had just come off doing another show together before we started this one. >> it's like working with family. it's exactly like working with family. we spend thanksgiving together. >> that's cool. do you have any other projects coming up we need to look out for? >> right now we're doing this? in may drunk history.
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and so that's what is on the lineup for now. >> well you're keeping yourself busy. enjoy your time with your family. we are going to be looking for you kimberly hill. you can catch "marry me" on nbc on tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. thanks. >> thank you. we have a warning from police on a phone scam victimizing local residents. plus t maryland man accused of hitting and killing a cycle list. and will the sunshine last the new year? amelia segal is back with a look at the forecast. and a water main break that could cause major traffic problems all day
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we're staying on top of breaking news that could affect your drive home in northern virginia. t a water main break has columbia pike shut down. this is in fairfax county. s where we find david culver who just arrived to the scene. david, what's it look like? >> reporter: yeah we're out here now, angie. it's quite a mess. they asked us to take a few steps back because they're not sure how unstable this roadway is. take a look at what you're seeing. this is columbia pike. the pavement buckled. you can hear that a little bit. you can
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it's been buckled like this for an hour and a half or so. let me show you the traffic now. they're diverting it down blare roid and further up they're doing the same thing on tyler street. so they have all of columbia pike shut down trying to fix what was a 16-inch water main break that we're told broke in the last hour and a half or so. we can show you other images we got a little bit earlier. this is the roadway now as we see it. it's supposed to stay like this for 24 hours or so. of course the concern midday not much traffic here. but the rush hour is when the concern will be. we're also going to check in with the neighbors and see what the affect will be on them through the evening and the big rush hour commute will be the
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focus. we'll keep you posted. for now, back to you. >> david, thank you for the update there. the chicago blackhawks are playing on new year's day. you'll have to watch news 4 later to see if doug kammerer can escape. he's hitting the ice. amelia segal be be there in the the expediti game. we're going to check in on her in a moment. tickets are more than $250 each online right now. we'll also air the game live here on nbc 4. pregame with diana begins at 11:00 a.m. on new year's day. the right weather conditions are important to keep the ice at nationals park in good shape. it's a chilly tuesday. we shouldn't have problems today. storm team 4 meteorologist and hockey player amelia joining us now. it's funny you're in the game. doug will be there hanging out.
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>> growing up in this area you've been to the range one or times. >> that's right. i have seen him on the ice. he's pretty good. >> it was funny trying to pull the the gear together. my brother said 1980 called and want their gear back. it's so old. i definitely will. temperatures today, sky covered today. it's very similar to wha be look for the winter classic. with that sunshine the glare off the ice could have an impact for the players. if you're going to the game it's not going to impact you, if you're still seeing clouds they continue to move out in the afternoon. beaul blue skies in the studios in the northwest. looking to tomorrow, new year's chilly. temperatures on the cool side. not the case for the weekend. rain moves in on saturday and sunday. temperatures 39 in washington. 38 for those of you in bowie.
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we'll continue to warm a few more degrees in the afternoon hour. our high today will be 42. and after ha the temperatures st and it's going to be very cold tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 20s. maybe teens in the most rural areas as you wake up tomorrow morning. but today for the most part driving the car, definitely need the sunglasses. just chilly if you're going for the walk or jog out and about. it's a warm jacket. keep that jacket handy. you'll need it tomorrow and january 1st as well. fretty much through the weekend. tomorrow it's 4 degrees cooler than today. but we start off with sunshine and keep that around throughout the day. a little breezy tomorrow but we'll add a windchill factor to the temperature.
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mid night on wednesday as you're out. mainly clear skies. temperatures around 30 in washington 20 in the suburbs. bundle up in a lot of layers. here's the official forecast. we're looking at mostly sunny skies for the the game. temperatures for the majority of the game will be in the the upper 30s. here's the hour by hour. noon a temperature of 39. puck drops at . breezy during . so although it will read the thermometer will read 39 42. it's going to feel about 30 degrees if y. temperature of 37. clouds and a high of 44. for the weekend it looks like ra moeshlly showers on sunday morning linger in. but the timing, we need to .
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and we're cold. a high temperature of 39 degrees. amelia thanks. on new year's day a group is planning a memorial bike ride for a bicyclist killed ine ride will begin on hopki. and we are learning more about the driver behind the wheel. mary cook. peter alexande >> it will be my special care to nurture all god's people. >> she's maryland's first female episcopal bishop. now on leave after involved in a deadly hit and run crash. this morning flowers mark the street where tom was killed riding his bike left mangled road. witnesses say church officials acknowledge cook was the driver. you can see the point of impact
11:36 am
on her car's windshield. but in a statement they say she returned 20 minutes later to responsibily for her acti riders say palermo died of the accident they all fear. >> that's terrible. maybe he could have been saved if the 911 call had been made right away. >> palermo's family said the father of two had a quick wit, quiet intelligence and kind heart. he was a passionate cyclist, they say, and advocate for bike access and bike safety. it's not cook's first brush with the law. in 2010 court records show she received probation before judgment for drinking and . those charges were dropped and she successfully completed her probation pe s >> she was a ver
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she is a wonderful priest and has a huge h. and i am deeply saddened by this event. cook's lawyer wouldn't discuss saturday's crash but told the "washington posk was distraught about the death of the cyclist and added she's praying for him and his family. >> and that was peter al sanlder reporting. no charges have been filed. baltimore police will not say whether alcohol was a factor in the crash. meanwhile church leaders say they will meet and discuss ways to move forward. news 4 is working to keep you safe and secure. be careful if you pick up the phone and do number. police say thieves are using deceptive technology in a recent spike in phone scams. they say the callers can make up a fake number and make it pop up on your caller i.d. when they pick it up they claim a family in trouble and want you to send money online or over the phone. montgomery county says even if you're affected by the waste collector strike you should keep taking out your trash.
11:38 am
workers for a unity disposal recycling are on y deserve better working conditions and higher pay. the strike affects more than 60,000 of you. however, montgomery county says it is still collecting trash, so your normal collection day. we have new informas that you should know heading into 2015 tax season. and the wild animal that attacked a little bo
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taxpayers, start filing returns on january 20th despite last-minute tax laws. earlier this month congress passed a bill extending more than 50 tax breaks that expired. the new law will allow them to claim the break on their 2014 returns. millions will the first few weeks of the year to get the quick refund. the irs says it issued most within 21 days if the returns were filed electronically. well you could face a fine in 2015 if you have no health care. unless you qualify for one of the 30 exemptions under the affordable care act. now next year that finel to $325 or 2% of your annual income. by 20162 average fine will be about $1,100 according to the government figure.
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turbo tax created a free online tool. it is called e for people to see if they may qualify for a waiver. you may have heard the best time to buy a car is at the theend of the month. now may be the best time all year. dealerships are offering clearance discounts. saying sales are expectedo 80% over an average week in december. they're warning you to feed the fine print and not get overly hyped by any savings. a 5-year-old boy bitten by a coyote on christmas day in california. the incident happened in fremont. he was bitten by the coyote and show. his father fought off the inmall which he thought at first was a dog. >> i thought it might be a dog.
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>> after a staredown with the animal the family made it safely inside the house. the alameda county public health says the coyote was tested and did not have rabies. good thing. we have the results of a new study on fat jeans and while people born after a certain year are more likely to have them. and the cosmetic procedures you may want to schedule soon to be ready for the.
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welcome back so this thing right here the apple iphone came on top this holiday season. saying apple had more than half of all devices activated on christmas day they tripled their holiday numbers. more people bought iphones than tablet this is year. if you were born after 1942 you may have a gene that influences obesity. about 20% of white people have a the gene that raises the risk of obesity. scientists believe lifestyle changes have spurred the gene to become more active. things like modern lifestyles television and fast food. a british study shows people who carry two copies weighed on average seven pounds more than people who lack it. well it is time to take action
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and plan ahead for the summer. dr. sheryl burgess is here with koz many etic procedures. treatment for the spider veins. how many types of treatments does this involve? is a series? >> it can be a series. there are three types of veins that a person can display. some are spider veins some bulge out a little bit. and most people are aware of vericose veins. a lot of time's mens legs. so we're talking about the spider veins that you see in the image there. it uses an agent injected into the vein and causes the vein to collapse and the body takes it away. so it's nothing really imagine call about it. we have to allow the body to take it away.
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that's why it takes more time. most patients come in my office in the summertime and are like i want my veins done. i'm like you should have thought about that last fall or winter. start out at least six months out. >> so winter is a great time to do this too. >> winter is great. you don't have to with the spider veins. there's no difference in your re. >> chemical peels. you hear about this. peeling off that layer of skin the weather is so dry. >> it is very good. and primarily because it's a type of burn it's an induced to cause you to exfoliate. so for the most part you don't want to do it in the summertime because you're getting more sunburns or incidental sunburns. you don't want compound and cause more damage. also we're trying to take away e damage.
11:49 am
you don't want to add photo damage on top of trying to peel it off. >> you do have less sunlight. that gives you more time to heal. >> it does. and those people with any type of skin that flares up this could be a they need to be evaluated to their position and share with the the doctor all your medical that does matter. real quick, body contouring. is there any specific? most people come what can i do about this jelly belly? or belly bulge? muffin top. al but we need to think about it six months out. you want to be ready for summer. you don't want to be going to the doctor's office and getting procedures done. but radio frequency is probably the most popular one that is
11:50 am
safe and effective. as far as diminishing the fat and inches around the waist. now devices come out that are specifically for the arms and the thighs that you can, you know, ha access to but really they work really well. it just takes a number of series. and as far as scarring and recovery. are these types of procedures where you go in and walk out? >> go in walk out. go to work. a lot of people want excuses why they can't go back to work. it doesn't work with that one. >> okay, dr. burgess, a lot of great advice. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. time is ten mi t or noon hour i should say. joy from a little change battling cancer. meet the family responsible for .
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amelia segal lets us know if it .
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we are following several developing stories now. airasia confirms bodies and debris found off the coast of indonesia are from the missing plane. tomorrow's drivers will head out to find more wreckage and the black box. the u.s. is sending two navy ships to help in the search. stay with news 4 for updates
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throughout the day. right now news 4 is at the funeral for corporal clagett in charles county. he was 30 years old and died in a car crash last week. watch news 4 later for a full report from st. peters church. crews are busy repairing a water main break in northern virginia. columbia pike is shut down between gordon and malibu circle. look at this video. this is in the daily crossroads area of fairfax county. and police telling us it could and you may think that your home is -- at all times, especially during the holidays m for one family in southern california they live among hundreds of exotic animals. halle jackson heads to a place where a family is nurtured by nature. the kangaroo if the the kitchen may seem strange until you meet the baby otters having breakfast
11:55 am
at the table. >> i kiss him. >> out back they're just hungry for face time. the 300 animals living at this house moved when the family made a life change after a wildfire destroyed everything they owned. >> in the end, that's just stuff. what really got to us emotionally and got us in our heart was how kind and generous our friends and our community were. we couldn't pay people back monetarily but we could pay it forward to oo themselves in a difficult situation. that's why they created a foundation to preserve and protect animals and to help kids like zane who is going blind. >> it's life changing words that come to you instantly. you don't expect your kid to have a tum zane is on chemotherapy every week but here there's so much to smell and touch.
11:56 am
and taste. >> i want to do it again. >> even though cuddles the porcupine seems scary, these swimmers made . aah! the otters like to naturally play in the water anyway. so coming into the pool helps both the animals and the kids feel really comfortable. >> you don't need perfect vision to see how much this means. >> to be able to give them something maybe not medicinal, but spirit lifting is a good feeling. skbl a small win. very small to nbc news california. >> love and companion shi event on snow in las vegas on christmas eve would normally
11:57 am
have terrible odds but it might . snow on the famous vegas strip out there. 340,000 people are expected to pack into the downtown fremont area this week. 11:57 now. time for a final check on the forecast. amelia segal is joining us. are you giggling over the snow or the otters? >> so adorable. i love them. and really nice weather out that way. and we're seeing a break in the crowds finally. >> yes, and we'll continue to see sunny skies. new year's eve day tomorrow. new year's day on thursday. sunshine gives way to clouds so it's chilly and breezy. chance of rain on saturday and sunday. best chance of rain looks to be saturday night. the latest information coming in i would not bet on the odds of a lot of snow in vegas. >> thanks for that.
11:58 am
>> you were going to. >> it doesn't matter. fun in vegas no matter. snow rain sunshine. that's going it for us at news 4 midday. thank u so much for joining us. remember to get all your breaking news and more weather on our newly updated nbc washington app. download it for free today. we do hope to see you again tomorrow. until then, get out the.
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>> hope: hey, rafe. i'm so glad i ran into you. did you run the interrogation on middleton? i have a witness that i think would be absolutely great. >> rafe: call roman. >> hope: yeah, i will. can you take a look at this? >> rafe: i'm not on the case anymore. >> hope: why? >> rafe: i'm off the force. >> chad: i'm not jordan's victim. >> kate: hmm. that's what she wants you to think. >> chad: see jordan doesn't have a manipulative bone in her body. >> kate: ha! men. >> chad: oh, that's right, see i forgot. you've been jerking around men for so many years that you think all women are man-eaters. well, first it was my father. then it was rafe. now it's this poor hillbilly clyde. >> kate: clyde is neither a hillbilly nor is he poor.


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