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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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winners there. especially around herndon, my hometown area. there's always winners around that area. this is disheartening. it's like a a ritual. i know people who go every single week on th. hopefully they ca figure someg out soon. >> stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. if you're going out to ring in the new year make sure you bring a coat. it is going to be very cold out there. temper in the 20s this morning. e going to tell you what it's going to be like when the ball drops tonight and the first storm chances for the new year. . w get brand-new information on a water main break in fairfax county. we have an update in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm off. welcome on this new year's eve, december 31st 2014. for the first time in a few days we're waking up skies. t a lot of clouds. boy, is it cold out there.
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let's check in with amelia siegel in for tomorrow. good morning, angie. good morning, richard. 20s in the 20s 30s and teens across the area. overall, it will be chilly throughout the day. washington 33 degrees. look at this temperature drop in some spots. on the eastern shore, temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than they we this time yesterday mornin culpepper, a good 20 degrees cooler. wh you need to wear jacket gloves sunglasses as well. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. hat, gloves scarf, the whole nine yards. make sure you dress warm. temperatures warm up this morning not impressively. 9:00 a.m. temperatures around freezing. 11:00 a.m. temperature of 35. high tem it stays chilly tomorrow for january 1st. i'll have more on what you can expect for 2015 coming up in 10 minutes. for now we will accepted things over to melissa.
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what's the latest on the roads? >> overall, we're actually looking quite good. as you head southbound down 270 out of frederick, no problems through clarksburg jermantown to the spur. same thing if you head northbound. taking a look at 66 into town out of town no problems. 55 miles per hour. we do have this in clinton. we have the southbound lanes blocked. one northbound lane is open. wires down. your alternate is callahan road. prince george's county overall looking quite good. one situation in waldorf and charles with with some down wires. 95 at cherry hill road looking good as well. no major problems there. weather and traffic always on . take a live look at 66. >> here's another issue for you right now. column pia pike in bailey's crossroads is reopening now. adam tufts is checking out the problem on the water main break.
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he called in and said everything is back to normal. take a look. you can see crews spent the night fixing a water main brea th when it happened water covered the road. most people did not lose service for very long though. prince george's county told us a man killed in capital heights was shot. the man was found dead on balsam tree drive at 1:00 a.m. we're working to learn more information rig now. we will bring you new details throughout the morning. i'm molette green at the live desk. two news conferences held just a short while ago about the airasia disaster. we have heard from the head of the airport in indonesia who said investigators set up an i.d. center where relatives can go and provide dna samples and pictures to help out in this process. in jakarta, eupbd niece that search and rescue chief said six bodies have been recovered, including that of a flight
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attendant. nbc work to go find out if the sonar detect it in the ja sea. investigators beginning this long process of trying to i.d. the victims as they are recovering some have recovered some debris and of course bodies in the water. uss sampson with search and rescue helicopters. uss forth worth on its way. the search had to be called because of the weather conditions that doomed a flight bound for singapore went missing with 162 passengers on board. that's the latest. back to you. molette, thank you. a popular foggy bottom bar will not be open tonight for s new year's celebration. mcfadden's lost its liquor license after five people were stabbed inside t bar on saturday. d.c. police shut it down that
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very day. mcfadden's had a big new year's eve party planned. the r posted t anyone with ticketsthem. 2014 is almost over. there are lots of things to do to ring in the new year in our area. in alexandria you can play annual first night. today local shops, restaurants, and buildings in old town will turn into performance venues. you' looking at video from last night's first night celebration. and falls church a free new year's bash. a lot of children's activities food all around town. the main stage to watch the ball drop is main street and washington street. if y plan to celebrate with champagne free rides as part of sober ride program to discourage drunk driving. call 800-200-taxi. they will pay for your ride up to $30.
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the free rides end at 6:00 a.m. stay up to date by checking out nbc washington facebook. sober ride metro, uber they all have plans to make sure you can get home safely. and make sure you share this with your friends and loved ones to start 2015 off safe. snow wind and rain all factors that shut down two southern california highways. so many vehicles got stuck in all of this mess. and the bone chilling cold as you can see going nowhere. firefighters had to use three snow cats to rescue 130 people trapped in their cars. that is the latest from the l. i'm molette green. back to you. >> thank you. the combination of caffeine and viagra may be saving lives. doctors are using it to treat
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premature babies. > salt wreaks havoc in chicago. and you're jacket all day today. and especially tonight. amelia
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caffeine and viagra to treat premature babies. surprisingly the medicine can save the lives of these tiny infants. it stimulates the diaphragms lungs of a baby. viagra is used as a treatment as it improves the blood flow to the lungs. the doses have to be handled ve. there is a new survey out this morni that could make you a little sick. scrubbing bubbles asked people about their bathroom habits. 20% said they do not wash their hands a after using the bathroom. 29% of women said that. and even more men admitted to going number one in the shower. you know what we're talking ab see being. >> you can say it.
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i would rather not. flushing with the toilet seat up can spread germs. >> it does if you do that. because any type of polluted water that erupts after a flash can sit there for hours in the air. if your toothbrush is nearby you bet it is catching it. >> this is getting worse and worse. >> i'm just saying. improving the bathroom behavior might be a good new year's resolution. wh your hands and put the toilet seat down. that's a great resolution if you don't already do that. it's cold. 33 degrees. 5-mir wind means we're dealing with windchill temperatures. it feels like 25. clear skies. a little bit breezy today and tomorrow. plenty of sunshine both days. your planner for today, mostly sunny skies. high we hit that at 3:00 this afternoon. 34 degrees. tomorrow high of 42. once again, melissa, a little bi breezy. what's the latest on the roads.
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looking quite good overall in the beltway, out of town. moving along nicely. 66 looking good. 95 in virginia earlier construction. work is now out of the way. 66 at prince william parkway, eastbound, west bound. a nice smooth commute. in maryland bw parkway looking good as is 95. the earlier road work on 29 and 32 south of the way as well. we do have this though. 66 west before vien ta metro. right lane still blocked. should be out of the way shortly. d.c.'s new street car system is going to have to wait until next year. what's next for this project and when the cars may start rolling organizer
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this morning prince george's county police are looking for
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whoever killed a man in hyattsville. raphael frazier was found in the home he was renting on woodhill court. he w 31 years old. news 4 crews were there when u.k police were found the cax andf miles away in d.c. we are working now to find out how that car is connected to the case. also d.c. police made an arrest in connectn to a murder in congress heights neighborhood. a 20-year-old has been arrested and charged with murder in connecti with the shooting. the incident happened in february. well you didn't get to use the d.c. street cars. before the end of the year fell short. still no official opening date. leaders say the project is close to carrying passengers. once it does open the ride could be free for passengers so that everyone can get used to the system.
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ddot has not commented on these delays. > d.c. police are apologizing to one district mother after misovering her son. on christmas day cold karen robinson her son was killed in a shoot-out with police. they said her son was involved in a robbery and then had shot at police. robinson was extremely devastatedd her family the news. and it turns that police had misidentified the building. christmas morning, karen robinson ended up getting a call from her son. d.c. police later apologized to robinson for the mistaken identity. 33-year-old gregory gray has now been identified as the one killed. and his family has been notified. a missing maryland toddler is presumed dead this morning. officers are looking for cameron beck ford near columbus, ohio. the mother said she left him on
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a porch in a house on friday. the father lived in frederick, maryland. so police found the girl. she is in the care of child pr a baltimore ravens employee could spend a year in prison after he was charged with fourth degree sex offense. according to th baltimore sun, ravens security director darren sanders was charged. the incident happened earlier this month. sanders will face a hearing in february. a massive cleanup effort is under way after a wall collapsed because of salt. yeah salt. this happened in north chicago at a storage company owned by morton salt company. the salt buried a row of cars at a township. some of the cars could be a total loss because the salt may have damaged the suspension. also a lot of the cars were for the customers at the adjoining
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car dealership. >> my goodness. >> police of are on leave this morning after they shot and killed a man they say tried to run r with his car. it happened outside philadelphia. say joseph posini posted a video online where he threatened to kill officers and fbi agents. wheny went to his house with a warrant, he drove through a blockade and slammed into the police chief's car. five officers opened fire and killed him. idaho police say a 2-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his mother in a walmart. this happened just northeast of spokane. po say she was shopping with her four children yesterday morning when the 2-year-old reached into her purse and the weapon fired. the store was evacuated as a precaution while police continue their investigation. police do say the woman did have a concealed weapons permit. battered utah blowing over a parked tractor trailer. you can see it in this video. the winds blowing snow there. wind gusts up to 78 miles per
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in davis county north of salt lake city. 7800 homes were without power. and you have to wait a little longer for the new year's eve celebration. austin texas leaders decided to postpone tonight's event because of freezing rain. nearly 10,000 people attended. it includes fireworks, food performance. les say their contacts allow them to reschedule the party. how can you reschedule new year's? >> you may want to hold off on betting for snow for the las vegas strip. it will be chilly there. the storm is expected to be less of a threat than expected. there is a chance of a few flakes. the heaviest will fall on the east of the area. the winter classic starts at 1:00 p.m. and we're told several military
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veterans are getting free tickets to the game. the 15 veterans will be honored before the game. very very cool. one of our own news 4 broadcaste had a chance to try out the ice. take a look. guess who it is? she played hockey in high school. >> that's evident from her performance here. >> you see her every 10 minutes on news 4 today. her name starts with an a. last name starts with an s. >> it's pretty outcomes. amelia looks tough in that face mask. amelia. you looked awesome. >> thanks guys. it was too fun. but it was rough. i was not the best out there. but it was amazing.
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the biggest concern still remains the sun. it could produce glare off the ice. so here's your winter classic. we will be be dealing with a windchill. it's actually going to feel like temperatures are in the 30s. if you a going to the game you do want to bundle up. puck drops at 1:00 p.m. it could be delayed up to an if sun glare is a problem. the latest is 2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. temperatures 42. that's our high for tomorrow january 1st. chilly and the temperature of 39 degrees. manassas and culpepper. the river at 26. washington 33. mainly clear skies. and chilly today. 39 for a high in washington. at least we will have plenty of sunshine.
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mainly clear skies across the area. tomorrow high of 42. friday 45. rain is likely on saturday by the afternoon and evening hours. rain is almost a for sure thing saturday night. a high of 52 sunday. mond cold and breezy. high of 39. so the temperature will feel cooler. pa. temperatures hour by hour as we pass the midnight hour into 2015. what's the latest on the roads? cancellations this morning? >> we do have cancellations on camden line north and south. no s on any of the lines on thursday new year's day, including cam ben. just a warning for you.
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mattawoman and beantown road still closed. alternate is crain highway after a crash with wires down. and southbound lanes blocked at parker lane. alternate is gallaghan. everything moving nicely. all the earlier construction is mostly out of the way. taking you to 270, jermantown road no problems there. . ifsmoke, your brain may react differently. it does so in different ways and different parts of the brain. women smoke to are alleviate negative moods. while men smoke to increase the drug effect of nicotine. it could lead to new treatments for addiction. a fast food chain is making
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room for veggie room. white castle. what? they are made with veggie pattys. they will be be on sale for a limited time in 12 states including pennsylvania. >> put some bacon on it. i'm sure it's delicious. bacon makes everything better. dietdetectivm releasing a survey of 13 major airline carriers. virgin america number one with healthy meal options. delta and jet blue in second place. on cross country flights jetblue offers a veggie platter and salad. hawaiian airs came in second. a hotel room is 25% more expensive tone than any other
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year. the most expensive are new york city and las vegas. hot destinations. > a new proposal to ease tension israel a why the move is being opposed by the u.s. >> the flu has killed a fifth grader in northern virginia. what hospitals are doing to stop the spread and why they are particular concerned about next week. take a live look at our city camera here. may be getting ready to head out tonight to celebrate the new year? well amelia has the details on what it is going to look like. you' have to bundle up. you can watch news 4 on the go with your smartphone or tablet any time. download the nbc washington' on
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breaking news. a man is found murdered in a cab in prince george's county. the man was shot to death on balsam tree in capitol heights. no word why the man was killed or who may have done it. we have a group headed to the scene and we'll bring you a live report a a. good morning. i'm richard goff. >> aaron and eun are off this
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mo welcome on this new year's eve, december 31st 2014. this next year is going to be our year. >> i'm feeling it. 2015 is wh >> the gus news is things are overall pretty quiet. we're not talking any crazy snow. >> i have to agree with you. as long as you dress accordingly to the temperatures it will be in the highs of 40s for most of us. travel looking good. dry roads. heading out for a run walking the dog, just be ready for the colder temperatures. gloves hat, scarf, all of that. here's your forecast. 2015 happy new year. hope you have a wonder those of you in the suburbs, temperatures in 20s with mainly clear skies. in midnight in washington a
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temperature of 30. suburbs, tempera in the low 20s at that point. so it's definitely cold. 1:00 a.m. temperatures around 30 degrees. tomorrow morning waking up a temperatur 26. temperatures only 20 degrees for he those of you in t. melissa, what's the latest on the roads? >> overall, we're actually looking pretty good right now. no major problems anywhere. taking a live look at 270 here headed southbound. so nice to see, right? 95 at 198, that is looking good as well. prince george's county moving along quite nicely. no major issues into our out of . north of triangle moving smoothly. taking a look at 66 inbound, you're good. outbou we do have t camden canceled today.
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no service on any lines tomorrow the, thursday new year's day. united nations has voted against the palestinian draft resolution calling for an end to israel's occupatio in palestinian territories. brian moar joining us. >> repor it reall means more of the same. the units offered its veto of this resolution. 8 votes, 5 4 and 5 abstentions. it would have been automatically defeated anyway. samantha power says this was a resolution that represented division not compromise. it was a bid for palestinian statehood submitted by the arab coalition. bu it also called for the removal of israeli forces occupation forces resolution said within two years. mahmoud abbas said if it was
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defeated as it was, the palestinian people would no longer deal with israel and will be forced to take necessary political and legal decisions. live on the hill back to you. police are investigating a mass murder spree. edmonton are connected. adults and two kids were found dead at three separate crime scenes yesterday. the suspects in the murders committed suicide. the kills were the result of a domestic dispute. doctors are warning cases of the flu could jump is next week when sagain. joshua justin a fifth grader died due to complications from the flu. the cdc says 36 states are reporting widespread flu cases. nova hospitals has changed their policy.
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in visitors under 16 will be allowed in. only two visitors are permitted at a time per patient. visiting hours for most of the hospitals last from 11:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. but in lessonon it has changed from 11:00 to 1:00 and 6:00 to 8:00. we're learning how the economy will affect you this year. a new report on jobs. in november falls church had the lowest unemployment rate in the state. just 3%. in fact, the whole northern virginia region had a jobless rate of 3.7%. the hi martinsvill with nearly 1 in 10 people unemployedw anne arundel county police are searching for this woman. she was last seen sunday leaving her job at anne arundel in annapolis. 44 years old, 135, 5'9". she may be driving her 2002 black nissan xter.
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it is ne eve. and metro will be running trains until 2:00 a.m. to get you home safe. that's two hours later than normal for a week night. and trains don't start running until 7:00 a.m. there will be extra trains on th accommodating crowds for the winter classic ovt nats park. and you can stay up to date with the latest news whatever traffic situation is going on today and tomorrow. check out our website and nbcwashingm for safe rides home on this new year's eve. use the term how to get home safely. sober ride metro and uber are making sure everyone gets home safe. you want to make sure you share that information with your friends and loved ones before the midnight hour to make sure you get home safe and start the year off right. a fun day to start 2015. while many places are closed some fun places are opening up for the new year.
5:36 am
smithsonian will be open for business. good day visit the monuments and. the national zoo will be open as will the movie theaters including amc and georgetown and avalon on of different things you can do. >> and we all make new year's resolutions. we don't keep them but we make them. >> do you have one? >> not yet. what's the point? i don't stick with it. >> let's hear what celebrities are hoping to do in the new year. you know what no more kids. >> okay. you're done. >> yeah. wonder if i can keep that? >> try and stay sane and not end up in rehab. >> what i do is i just make a decision throughout the year to try to be kinder to give more to be healthier. those are things you can start at any time of the year. it doesn have to be just january 1st. >> well you can let us know with what your resolution is on news 4 today.
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tweet us at the different hash tags. no more kids. >> i know. >> that might be popular. >> it might be. but mine is honestly something little. ju after you're done eating clean the dish right away instead of letting them stack up. just the little things. baby steps. i think that's the key to succeeding. well we've all heard the term a polar vortex. appare the queen of england doesn't like it too much. it made the list of banned words. and we will tell you what other words are on that list. >> the winter classic is in the nation's capital. jim sat down with the owner to talk about the game and what it means for the city. >> bundle up. it's cold out there.
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well there's a brand-new list released today about the words you use. the name is too long to say on tv. we put it at the bottom of your screen here. it's all about the most overused d misused words of t lake superior state university releases the list every day. cray-cray. wizards nation news 4 nation. polar vortex was also on the
5:41 am
list. we'll have to pass that along to chuck bell. he has a license plate that says vortex. swag nominated every year. finally made the list this year. >> good. let'. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> hi amelia. >> this one tornado on his license placement he has a whole plenty of sunshine. it is chilly. not just a cold start. a high today of 39 degrees. so jacket gloves. if you're going to be out tonight, make sure to layer. this morning, 33 right now. 10:00 a.m. still 33. by noon 36. high of 39. for tomo high t of 42. rain is in the melissa, wha
5:42 am
no real problems on the roadways. e been tweeting about it at first 4 traffic i north and south camden closed today. no service on any lines. the outer loop 95 and 270, 66 east you're on time. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway, one membership behind. it is the country's biggest new year's e party coming up. coming up how new york city is preparing for the big ball drop. we'll tell you about south korea's creat
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2015 has already arrived in some parts of the world, but we still have 18 hours and 14 o for the big countdown. mill will be watching the iconic ball watch from new york times square. sarah dollaf is more with the celebration to ring in 2015. good morning wemorning, angie. like you said it will be a big celebration. it also going to be a cold celebration wit with temperatur exp the good news is people will have a million brand-new best . an additional billi people watching it on tv. and of course a party of this size doesn't go without without with a lot of planning and preparation. tha including replacing some of the panels on the iconic waterford crystal
5:47 am
ball. and a confetti test drop. happy to say. taylor swift and florida georgia line expected to take the side with new york city mayor. and the interna rescue comme scheduled to push the button which will start the ball's dissent. a ton of confetti will rain down on the crowd here. all the responsibility believe itnot, that is a job. and security here is receiving no specific threats but they will be on high alert. that includes plainclothes offi mingling with the crowd to make sure everyone has a happy and safe 2015. next year an air show will return to maryland. the free show will happen saturday sep 19th. you can see the thunderbirds vintage airplanes and the u. s.
5:48 am
air e band. the base had to stop the air show because of budget cuts in the past. maryland governor elect larry hogan takes office next month. acg to the "washington post", cutting spending will be a big part of how he starts off the new year. taxes and spending were major parts of hogan's campaign. the post says hogan plans to focus on the budget first before rolling back taxes put in place under martin o'malley. hogan will face a deficit of a million dollars after he takes office. > there is a special election for the virginia house of delegates on january 6th. democrat kathleen murphy and republican craig porisot are run to go replace barbara couple stack. murphy has raised more than $438,000 twice as much as as parisot's $229,000. just learning that 33 people are dead after a suicide bombing
5:49 am
in central yemen. reuters is reporting that the bomber blew himself up at a cultural center where there were students celebrating the prophet mow ma'amphaplm muhammad's birthd. hundreds of dollars of mailed gifts disappeared a year ago. none of it was ever foun of gifts in the last place was the proc capital heig no one knows the package. the fbi says employee sto the box was lost this week >> it's not the gifts. but it wasn't put so much it to make s things that >> the same center that
5:50 am
is being invga potential la ring. the fbi looking into two workers suspected of opening envelopes and stealing $9,000 in gift cards. > a man in south korea says he will drop. >> dav:s of sony's movie "the interview in. >> repor "the interview" in new york. the fbi has accused north korea of cyber attacks against sony. the north denies it. the capitals will hold their final practice skate before the winter classic. live pictures from nationals park right now the the winter classic is tomorrow afternoon. by now you know the caps are playing the chicago blackhawks. an actuay wat it live here on nbc 4. and news 4's jim vance sat down
5:51 am
with ted lee own sis to talk abou. >> we work r to say we're hockey capit. and the two playing have teams. >> you can w on your nbc r nbc om watch news 4 at 6 to find out team will wi how he feels olympic bid. it's going to be an exciting game. >> he really wants thema what for 2024. he is leading the charg >> we know it won't help improve traffic. that's one thing. >> that's the thing. amelia got a run on the ice yesterday. she's been popping motrin all morning. >> i need to take one or two
5:52 am
more. anyway i learned yesterday the caps hadn't been on the rink yet. today will be the first time they're on the winter classic rink. you broke it in? >> yeah. >> that's pretty cool. >> it was so cool. if you're going, definitely bundle up. it will be chilly today, chilly tomorrow. tonight at midnight as we transition from 2014 to 2015 temperatur in th 30s in washington. winds not an issue. overnight tonight, nonetheless it will still be cold. as we look to the next seven days rain most likely saturday evening, into the overnight hours. temperat in the 20s and 30s. 22 in bowie. 25 at dulles. 18 degrees in manassas. clear skies in place. that spells a sunny day for us. 39 in washington. 36 gaithersburg. for tonight at midnight temperature around 30.e clear skies and very cold. multiple layers a good idea.
5:53 am
42 for a high temperature tomorrow. another cold start. 26 at 7:00 a.m. temperatures around 20 in the suburbs. some spots will be in the teens. a little bit breezy at times. at noon temperature of 40 degrees. more like 35 36 degrees. 5:00 p.m. still chilly clear, dry outside. as we look to friday clouds increase. a high of 45. saturday rain is likely mainly later in the day, especially into the overnight hours. a high temperature of saturday of 44 degrees. no snow for most of us. those of you well west of the area washington county and maryland panhandle of west virginia maybe wet snow mixes in. not looking at much in the way of accumulation. warmer temperatu sunday with a high of 52. chan showers espe early in the day. on monday it's cold breezy. high temperature of 39 degrees. for tuesday, melissa, a high temper 41. right now you're tracking a disabled vehicle. >> new area in the district.
5:54 am
the ramp to . things build here this morning. mattawoman beantown road shut down at poplar. not much traffic building there right now. wide look at things overall, no major problems into and out of town. g ae i loop and outer loop. 66 into and out of town. and 95. 95 still having a slowdown. day nord as we typically . 270 at montgomery village is flowing quite nicely. camden north and south, no service on any lines thursday. tomorrow cam and south are shut down as well. remember to follow us on firs4 c for all this stuff and more. i'm back in 10 minutes. a long-time grocery store is
5:55 am
loudoun coun leesburg sho will close i. it's been op the company store won't closing. the same com locations in and in maryl the purc center is for the shopping entirely lea out. a spokespers on the sale six single-f built. suntrust bank is also planning to build an office on that . big business for the world champagne producers. landon dowdy has a look at how much they're expect to go rake in. good morning. good g to you, angie. it's time. raise your glass. today is the day for some bubbly. about two-thirds of all chamd sparkling wine is bought for special occasions. 40% of sales come during the thanksgivingew year's holidays. 18 million cases were sold in the u.s. last year.
5:56 am
snap chat pls to show a global view of new year's eve. they added photos and video from users a at celebrations all over the world, creating a documentary style look how people are experiencing the occasions. items will only be included with user permission. it will be shown in the live section and also on screens in new york's times square. angie, happy new year. >> same to you. that's going to be pretty cool. in virginia flags will be lowered to half-staff next monday to honor former congressman herbert harris ii. 88-year-old died christmas eve. he served in congress from 1975 to 1980. he also served on fairfax county board of supervisors. and at one time he was the vice chair of t >> well you might just have a hard time trying to find one of those lottery scratch off tickets in th district.
5:57 am
>> a ticket shortage will cost the city millions of dollars. they sent out a letter warning of a loss of $15 million that in lott so now it could take two months before the tickets are back in stores. cus at king's cafe not happy about the wait. >>. i've been pl >> you have d.c. don't h. store owners loss too. the market u sales per da they receive sold. >> breaking news out of maryland. blocked off after a man is found shot to death in a cab. adam
5:58 am
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we are tracking breaking news on news 4 today. a street in capitol heights now a crime scene after a person is found shot to death in a cab overnight. going to have much more on that investigation in just a moment. first, good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. people in new zealand are moments away from ringing in the new year the start of 2015 here. you're looking live at auckland.
6:00 am
becoming one of the first to kick off 2015. there you see it. happy new year. >> happy new year to everyone. what a celebration. take it in for a second. australia also is the next big celebration. theyl celebrate the new year at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. and we will have much more on th celebrations happening worldwide. and the events that are taking place right here where we live. >> our chance is coming . are you going to have to have that winter coa


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