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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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prince george's police headquarters, e they continue to investigate being a cab driver is one of the most dangerous jobs. a cab driver said they operate on faith because they never know who's sitting behind them. >> we do things by faith. >> reporter: peter adams the iii sits in his cab at the metro station waiting for a fare, the same place where his fellow cabbie picked up a passenger tuesday nig and ultimately lost his life. he says crimes against cabbies are getting worse. >> i've had people get in my cab cuss me out, call me everything et the son of god and kick my cab and try to;/'kbreak my windows. you let them go. >> reporter: the silver cab company confirmed the murdered driver as yaya. he was 25 years old and worked for the company about a year and a half and from ethiopia and lived in an apartment in d.c. the last few months. >> he was nice and friendly.
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>> reportere picked up a passenger between 11:45 and midnight. his taxi was found on the street in kapcapitolheights. he had been shot. police brought a canine to the neighborhoodhos the killer left a trail to be tracked. he went in the yards and wooded area, but nothing was found. the crime happened just steps from the fair mount police department. >> it's terrible awful. >> reporter: janice queen has lived in the neighborhood for decades. she es pray for the cab drivers whke a living at one of the most dangerous professions in country. >> i appreciate them for doing their jobs. they do a great job. we need them. we all can't afford cars. i just feel sorry for them. my prayers go out to them. >> reporte frnds of a man who lived near the shooting scene actually thought he was the murder victim. more coming up. darcy spencer, news4.
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thatdeveloe the search for that missing toddler from maryland. police in ohio say they have found the little boy's body in a creek today. officers had been searching for 14-month-old beck fordrd from maryland, searching for him since yesterday. his mother too her children columbus, ohio, two weeks ago and originally staying with a friend. she told friends she left the toddler on a stranger's1(+zñ front porch when she couldn't care for him anymore. from columbus ohio, new details are emerging why stevens took her children the in the first place. a virginia boy who died from the flu will be laid to rest this weekend. joshua justin a fifth grader spent sevel days in the hospital with high fever and flu-like symptoms. visitation from 9:30 to 11:30
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saturday morning. josh attended creighton's corner elementary school. he will be remembered for his bright smile and caring attitude. the flu has claimed the lives of more than a dozen children this year. according tohe cdc, 15 deaths have been reported in nine states. they're spread across the country. the c announced this week the flu has reached an epidemic level in the u.s. local waiting+"t packed with sick patients looking for relief from the coughing and body aches. live in bethesda where one doctor is calling this an epidemic. spoke to that emergency room physician he surprised me the way he characterized this flu outbreak. flu is here earlier than expecting crowding emergency rooms in maryland and bethesda
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hospital. >> i think can characterize÷ it asz:ç an epidemic. >> reporter: i take itkd you don't use the word epidemic lightly? >> i don't. through the month we had about 43 admissions to the hospital about óh(13030% are positive and probably half have been vaccinated the scary part. >> reporter: has been a dramatic increase for people calling 911 for an ambulance to take them to the hospital. >> we've se an 80 to 100 call load increase for a normal call day. >> reporterbee the emergency room is so crowded with flu patients, emergency vehicles have to wait two hours or more before they can return to service. health experts say if you have a low grade temperatu stay at home and treat yourself with liquids and over the counter
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medi improve your fever. if you don'timprove, go to the hospital or call your private doctor. >> reporter: this doctor is saying he is seeing two or three[4io tpáients everyd complaining of1q--- symptoms. >> headaches. >> the flu vaccine was not as effective are seeing more cases the last two weeks. >> reportehe flu is hitting hard in montgomery county and prince george's and frederick county. coming sxf the health commissioners have to say what we need to do to stop spreading the/f6 flu. a search for a man who may have robbed a bank and people who may have picked up money he dropped whi71a getting away. the td bank wasd robbed just after 10 this5ci morning, a man walked in passed a note demanding money. as he was running away he
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dropped som o the money in the parking lot a picked up by other people. police are asking any who picked up money to turn it in or face a charge of theft. they are also still looking for that robber. we are less than seven hours from the start of the new year. we have you covered from that big bash in new york city. what is that place where people gather in new york? >> square. >> and the family of friendly tradition in alexandra. >> what you can expect. mrk >po tkxb shot of the capitol wheel going on and fireworks. and we wl be in the 30s, only the third time this season we didn't make it up to 40 degrees. windchill, not much of a wind 5-10 miles an hour enough to give us 22 in martinsburg, 28 in indianapoli a very chilly evening. that means it will be one cold
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night. any festivities you know it will be cold. how about first night alexandriat2 aa. c and cold. bundle up, you know it will be cold. take heavy coats and jackets and dress in layers. one guy i know always dresses in layers, at first night alexandria, david colburn. i see you have layers on. david culver. i have to shed some because i'm indoors. the 20th:j family fun and kids and grandparents started 20 years ago with just a few hundred participants. tonhtmo than 10,000 folks will be hitting the streets in old town alexandria.
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learned today. inside the torepedo factory this new year's eve there's coloring stapling and plotting. this familyl" drove into old town eager to bring home a prize in the fun hunt, up to $500. mom ever love has some suggestions help her kids live. live. we can look around. we don't have much to do on new year's. if we come here we can bond together looking for the answers. >> reporter: we found young raven here who wants to have fun but also wants to win. what are you looking forward to? >> not to be greedy, but the prizes, probably. >> reporter: you're in it for the end result. what prize are you looking at? >> first place, $500. >> reporter: caught up with them down king street making good progress. >> 141 years. >> 141 years. good job. >> happy new year.
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>> reporter alo the way, they and other visitors greeted by a tall order of entertainment. is it colder up there? >> not really. >> and this father and daughter duo will have a closer view of the fireworks for 2015. in 30s minutes or so, some of those fun hunt finalists will be arriving to cle their prizes. you heard raven. 500$ prize. we will bring you through the lineup when we see you all again new live at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you. happy new year. the party's already begun in time square. >> you're looking live as people continue to pack in there to wait and watch the ball>v ñ drop. more on the last minute preparationinhe apple. >> reporter: is one of the
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biggest celebrations in the world. tonight time sq is shut dowg andbiedrm ed into this massive stre party. more than a million people and another billion expected to watch on television. a party like this doesn't happen without a lot of planning and preparation we're vi performers do dress rehearsals for the star of the show, the ball drop. now, this crowd is ready for the real deal to get started. slated to tak the stage, florida-geoiline. taylor smith. and pushing the button that starts the ball's descent and then happy new year, more than a ton of
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page, you will find a way your friends can get home safely from sober ride to metro to uber. it is a busy day at nationals park where there is a flurry of activity as cats prepare for the winter classic. >> what's happening right now, guys. the ice is ready, a little chilly but perfect, less than 24 hours away. >> yes indeed. capitals players and coaches shared the ice this morning with those closest to their hearts. in a story you will see only on news4. drone dangers. we'll pinpoint where illegal flights are taking ofró>x and a growing safety concern. more lives saved and a video of a frantic ferry rescue and why this missi was such a challenge. moscow welcomes 2015 just
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about an hour ago, thousands lining red squarec4oñ toward the kremlin to watch fireworks over the kremlin. we will s
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her name is mali cia smith, just 20 years old.
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a second suspect is facing charges for the murder of this hagerstown woman found on a rural highway. maryland s plays have issued an arrest warrant for 19-year-old terry charging her with murder and assault. man already charged in this case told police smith and terry were passengers a car he was driving. he clai terry told him to pull over and she then shot the victim seve times. then he says he drove the suspect to new york city. xvs have new details on a story we brought you at the top of the hour, body of that missing maryl toddler has been found in ohio. >> tonight, we're learning more about why the boy's mother had taken her two children from frederick to columbus just two weeks ago. >> reporter: i just finished speaking wi sergeant rich weiner and he has confirmed police believe the body found out here is that of 14-month-old cameron beck.
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crews had been searching several hours. the search area was as wide as a mile. they foun his0m body partially submerged in a creek in the tote bag. they believe t body they discovered is that mold cameron beckford. miss stevens was in court today to be arraigned on charges of giving false information to police and also endangering a child. courcds sw that in an incident last week, officials say stevens allowed someone to spank her son so badly he lost skin. her attorney, mark colin says the second charge was for lying to police when she called 911 to report th cameron was missing. colin says maryland protective services helped stevens through a bad situation in maryland earlier this month giving her a bus pass and food stamps. she then came here to columbus and was staying with a friend she knew from her childhood.
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that friend as well as stevens, they were in negotiations earlier today with the franklin county prosecutor's office. that is how search crews were able to get information that led them to this area to find cameron's body today. for now, gósqnbc4. >> we're told cameron's father traveled from maryland to ohio to be with the couple's 6-year-old da who has been with child protective services since stevens arrest. there was a domestic dispute between the couple before stevens left town but didn't provide any other details. a popular bar will not be having a new year's eve party. mcfadden's bar lost its dañ liquor license after five people were stabbed. if you bought a ticket, you should check their facebook page
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for instructions. how's 2015 looking? >> it's starting off cold for sure. all in all, not too bad. if you want to go out tonight and know you will beóz" side it is the winter months. a lot of you wanted this for christmas and now new year's. this is how it will greet people in southern california, an area that normally does not see much snow. palm springs saw snow outside san diego. a lot of pele stranded on the roadways as the storm system moved in. las vegas, nevada saw snow temperatures i the 30s. they're dealing with the snow. our current tempeá pq 36 not much of a went, 5 to 10 miles an hour,8iny butxdp"n it will bite right through you. we are already below freezing. we will be in the 20s by 7:00
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8:00 in some areas. make sure you bundle up. storm team radar hour by hour in the city, you can take 5 degrees off in the suburbs. 20 in the bushes. 32 h!y at midnight, you're out and about make sure to wear the hats and gloves. i know it's hard for some of you. we're seeing clear skies. we will continue to see clear skies across our region. cloud cover tds the great lakes because of the cold aircñ across theéf& welltive lyly warm lakes and not affect us. 19 in gaithersburg, 19 in manassas, early tomorrow morning. the fir day of 2015 will be a cold one, at least the start. tomorrow afternoon, we get warmer as far as temperatures but get more wind.
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temperatures upper 30s to low 40s but windchill 30 to 35 all day. we'll be there at 11:00 and then live 4:00 5:00 6:00 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures a 39 degrees at noon. if you're goi down to catch a drink early before you might want to;, watch out for cold temperatures. 44 at 3:00.
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tomorrow. >> good call. >> d.c. major vincent gray is disappointed launch of the h street street car. he said this was a priority for his administration and hoped to see them running before he leaves office. but the system isn't quite ready. the mayor says he's still7fdç proud of this transit and looks forward to riding the street car with other residents. it will be a star-studded celebration for d.c.'s new mayor. who is the musical act to welcome muriel bowser to her new post. the airasia wreckage is found but here is a problem delaying other stage sh½rts. the stage is set for winter classics, coming up why this moment in winter hockey is special for two men in@ the military. and an eight minute fireworks=umou kj2ibextravaganza.z
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victoria harbor provided the backdrop for celebrat
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o-lds . >> right n we're getting dramatic video from the burning
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ferry and passengers. i can see smog and smoke. at least 10 people died in the fair sparked on sunday. more than 400 people were rescued. the finalom k few arriving on land today. they're tryl determine how the fire started. the search for bodies and wreckage fr airasia flight 8501 has become painfully slow today. >> bad weather)k5@w is keeping crews from flying over that se0 area. seven bodies have been recovered including al attendant dressed in her uniform. there are reports they picked up the fuselage but that is not so and operations will now run around the clock. the weather unfortunately not2hq6 looking good the next two or three days slowing it down. they did inform me the ship is
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looking to operate 24 hours. >> relatives are being asked to give dna samples to make it's easier to identify the dead. it's the case of mistaken identity. >> o mother is thankful they got it wrong when they misidentified shot and killed by an officer. another motrho says this mistake changed her life is telling herstory. whether you like it or not, drones are flying above us and some are=dr!o illegal. some of the most popular and dangerous places droens take flight. the ice gets tested for3nçl the nhl's winter classic and ice gets tested in the process. 2015 in dubai. the world's tallest building the centerpiece of this celebration. hundreds of thousandsñbeñ fireworks shells. fire as the laser light show danced on the massive
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now at 5:30 illegal activity near some very secure areas. news4, scott mcfarland learned local cops have stopped at least 20 people illegally flying drones near the most sensitive spaces in and around the
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district just in recent weeks. none of the cases reviewed let to arrests or flyers with bad intentions. the feds admit these cases are just some of a fast growing number of drones being spotted in the skies.9ç&dw scott mcfarland has our iteam report. >> reporter ju before kickoff of the monday night redskins-sea stadium, a drone was spotted near the stadium where all flights were restricted. the faa is considering charges against the man, just one of about 20 investigationed by local police in recent weeks. they also pulled a man out of a tree at freedom plaza where he had climbeduj to retrieve the drone he was flying that had gotten stuck. another had a drone near the lincoln memorial and capitol police found a person flying a
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drone on the u.s.xñ capitol grounds. drone flights at any level or height are illegal. >> your chances of getting hurt is next to zero. >> reporter: adam with one he flew over at 2012 says the rules are too strict. >> it's not reasonable to tell someone that they can't go in the backyard and fly a microquad copter 50 feet above the grounds. >> rorr: says they should continue to police the capitol grod facilities. two got in airspace within close range of airplanes. near reagan national airport. >> even one near miss a little left or right, could have created a larger problem. >> reporter: lee whotestifie fo congress4scyx that the drones pose an increasing threat. >> many don't realize they're flying in commercial airspace and could cause a significant
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hazardrqjìc% >>e also found drones in virginia and maryland. that part of our story at 6:00. >> thanks, scott. muriel bowserm will be sworn in as the new mayor of washington d.c kicking off the glamorous life, at least in song. ♪ >> we learned singer songwriter and rocking percussionist, sheila ed shea ede. she's known for the hit, "the glam glamorous an there is a 5k race for you two and the party. >> we will have that song in our head all night. now for more on the marquis game and the latest on the big announcement for the redskins
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today. >> yes. it's been a big day at the nationals par putting the finishing touches on this ballpark. it will be a lot of fun. before we get to capitals, very big news coming out of redskins park today. >> reporte it's the first change we've seen and they've fired -- excuse me mutually parted ways with jim haslett. they met this morning and discussed what w best for the team, to move on in separate directions. the struggle on defense one of the issues that led to the team's 4-12 season. today, the manager, jim allen said, the search to replace has let has begun. at today's press conference he was bombarded with questions from the media, how are things going to change? >> it either away at your core when you lose. but we$l will make sure everyone
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understands that's not é7wgbq1ñ i do think our charitable foundation doe a fantastic job. we're winning off the field but we've got to start winning on the field. >> reporter: and bruce allen says they expect to make more changes to the coaching staff front office and coaches down on-> the field.çl stay tuned for that. back here at nats park, they're going through testmyv4 runs for rehearsal. >> wi be a great event for the nation aes kap's capitol. the players did take the ice today for a session, a wonderful session. they also had a family skate with their close loved.íxp ones. this is a skate these players and coaches will not forget. >> it's special for me and special for the family. it's pretty cool. it will be a memory i will never
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forget,cûi especially, i put him on tbr8 ice and he tried walking on the ice. that hit me he's ready for skates. >> that was a unique experience. right after practice, simply,k when it ended instead of having fun going around and shooting i had to remind the players, this was an opportunity to share this experience with people they love and people they care about. >> i have family and friends and i have my girlfriend coming. we're very blessed and fortunate to have people who want to travel and experience this event with us. we will enjoy their company and time. >> the f8p'ate experience is this experien that's amplified so much and exponential when you win it. we want to have that feeling tomorrow and have those people with you when you win it the
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ultimate. >> talking to some of the guys, their faces lit up every time we!r mentioned the family skate having sons and daughters, r4ed wives, girlfriends on the ice with them. it was a special experience. >> the whole experience. >> absolutely. tc÷yñ everyone is talking about whether the winter classic could be delayed ñ4n j @r(t&há & dg, what do you think about the sun glare problem people are talking about this week? >> if park, what kind of polaroid shades do they need? >> it will be an issue the first part of the first period. what i want to show you is what's going on across that area with the sun. the sun will be behind nats park and the tallest portion. it is coming down at an angle like this where the rink is going to be. there will be some sun there. capitals have talked to
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blackhawks switching side mid-period to compensate for that. all in all, it should get under way without a hitch. should feelike temperatures in the mid-30s. if you're going 10 11:00 to get ready bundle up. we will have sunshine but just about all of you will be açñ in the shade by 3:00 tomorrow morning. and the high is 44 degrees. a mistaken identity of a man shot and killed by d.c. police. we spoke to the mother who got the wrong news on christmas day. ahead hear from the mother who didn't know her son was the real victim. liquor sales are big christmas eve and you how the district is planning to boost sales year-round. just about five minutes ago, thousands packing into the square to countdown 2015.
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a quick arrest in that murder we told you about 9péw+qsterday afternoon that began at woodville court. alex henderson is under charge for murder for stabbing rafael henderson to death. he took off in the victim's car and was still driving it when they tracked him down last night near the anacostia metro and will be extradited to prince george's county. there are no longer inmates
5:41 pm
in maryland's death row. in one of his final acts as governor, martin o'malley commuted their sentences to life in prison. the general assembly abolished the death penalty two years ago. general o'malley said he met and spoke with ma relatives while making his decision. check your virginia lottery ticket, folks. someone out there is about to have a very lucky new year. a winning ticket was bought in!u- woodbridge r last night's mega millions drin for 1 million big ones. it was sold on miniville road. if you missed out on the megar7nr millions, you get another shot. 3$3 million winners will be announced tomorr in theá1 new year's raffle. aí)iye lot of booze will be drunk tonight f new year's eve. coming up on news4 i will take you to a place in the northeast where they' making the booze.
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here's more new year's celebration around the world.o#c2 it wasn't fireworks, balloons being set off marking the start of 2015 in tokyo, hundreds gathering by the tokyo tower to give wishes for the new year. very cool.
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they said you dead. they got your boy being dead. >> d.c. police got the fact wrong, he was alive. now, we're hearing from another mother on the other end of this tragic mix-up. gregory marcus gray's mother said head be missing for days before she found out he had been killed. >> s ju spoke to pat collins and has a message for mothers out there. pat is live on naylor road with the christmas eve shooting. >> reporter: she came to d.c. today becau she wanted to see for herself. she wanted to see the place where her son died. >> i love my son, all right? i love my son.
5:46 pm
he haass a home. he has a family. he's got two kids. >> reporter: barbara thomas at the scene where it happened. this is where police say her son, gregory marcus shot and killed after was gunned down in a shootout with the cops. barbara thomas she'll spend her new year's making funeral arrangements. >> it's hahe you have the bury your child. i didn't think it was going to be this hard. but i have so much love and so much faith in that man upstairst that he's better off. >> reporterit happened on christmas eve. police say they cornered a robbery suspe between two apartment bdi nlm road. they st"2é the man pulled asvp1ñ gun and fired at police, that the cops returned fire and killed the suspect. that led to a bizarre case of mistaken identity. originally the police thought the deceased suspect was man, 29-year-old raymond robinson. in fact detectives went to his
5:47 pm
mother's hous at 2:00 a.m. christmas morng to tell her what happened, and that her son was dead. >> i asked them are you sure this is my son? that's the whole thing. they say, yes ma'am we're sure. >> repoer hou later, miss robinson said she got a call from her son. he wanted to wish her a merry christmas. >> i y, who is this? he said, mom, it's raymond. i said boy, they said you dead. >> reporter: e are pictures of the two men side by side. 29-year-olday robinson on the left and 33-year-old gregory marcus gray on the right. it tookwwj police days to figure out who was dead. eventually,h used fingerprints to identify gray as the suspect. >> in the meantime back at the shooting scene, barbara thomasóq%ñ has this messagexq for mothers everywhere. >> stt th the mother. grab the mothers, grab your kids and hug them and love them and8n
5:48 pm
shed them tears while they're living. >> reporter: pice say the proper protocol for identificati wt followed in this case. they say they're taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. live in southeast pat collins news4. news4 t, thank you. sad news out of warrington, virginia tonight. long time mayor george fitch has died after a battle with cancer. fitch just ended his term after serving 16 years as the town's leader. we learned earlier fitch was one of the men behind one of the first jamaican bobsled teams that inspired cool runnings from jamaica. they are deeply saddened by fitch's passing and more informatiowi be released in coming days. tonight i the biggest booze nights of the year and increasingly in the district, tt booze is being made here in the district.
5:49 pm
tom sherwood takes a look at 1-8, the biggest distillery about to open in northeast d.c. >> reporter: alcohol is big business in the district, bars and restaurants epidemiology everywhere. adding to the mix are district places like 1-8 a new distillerya itsñ% grand opening next week, january the 8th, in northeast washington off the redeveloping northeast avdka, vodka rock creek white whiskey to start and we begin aging rock creek rye whiskey and bourbon whiskey and make ivy city gin. >> reporter: alex lawford,÷ the owner showed us around the place one of severalky:n]&5m remaking the city's strict adding new jobs. the warehouse is just around the
5:50 pm
corner. sandy wood is ceo and co-founder of 1-8 will have tours and special events. >> there's a craft movement where people are interested in creating and participating in the things they consume. we're very much a part of that. >> reporter setting up is expensive and ti consuming. 1-8 has been it a more than a year before opening its doors next week why the ;9hname 1-8? >> it refers to article i section 8 of the constitution, the provision th allowed for the establishment of a district to serve as the nation aes kap's capitol. we're d.c. proud and wanted to be part of the city. there therfi a renaissance in this city as well as the city as a whole. >> reporter: the8i district, some sherwood news4. >> you will need some liquor to keep yourself warm tonight right, doug. it's my job to=s>pñ say you will need layers. you can say whatever you want. >> i want to show you a great
5:51 pm
shot toward national harbor tonight. earlier, i mentioned they are having fireworks. they are not having fireworks but you can see the fireworks in alexandria national harbor. got that? 36 degrees dropping to 32 degrees at midnight. many areas in the 20. 29 in the bowie area and already down to 28 in hunt gington. u can see where we will be the next re the evening. windchills the 20s. near 20 at d17y10:00. the windchill we're talking about. teens by midnight 1:00. a very cold night for sure. bundle up if you're outdoors. no problem as far as rain or snow is concerned. still cold 39 or 45 for our temperature. windchills, near 35. and will feel a little colder.
5:52 pm
could even feel colder tomorrow than it did today because of the winds. winds die on friday. 47 degrees. 43 degrees on we will see rain move in saturday. i think rain moves in on the afternoon saturday. high of 43. look at sunday. high of 60. a chance for showers early in the day. temperatur f during the day. 41 degrees on monday chance of snow coming up on tuesday. right now that chance looking like a very small chance, just like yesterday. >> thank it's a once in a lifetime experience, getting to see an outdoor hockey game in d.c. featuring our hometown team. for severalgiñv veterans, the day means a whole lot more. speaking to th heroes who will get a very special treat tomorrow. >> repor air force captain tristan fitzgerald is0ñúç a helicopter pilot.
5:53 pm
>> a chance to blow off and have fun. >> reporr:e gt to watch the capitals practice at the park. they'll be vip fans tomorrow. winter classic bridgestone is@9 honoring 15 military members of a nonprofit called hockey saves. >> tomorrow during the game,kla there's going to be a segment we honor them during the game. >> not a bad view at all. >> reporter: e troops say they found comfo from the sport, the instant get away from stresses and play on a club team at andrews. >> get your mind off the job or deployment whater you're going through somh in life. there for you and it's nice. >> awhen you're playing on a team hockey any sport it makes again. >> report: they will skate friday in e district. the service members who will be at the winter classic are all
5:54 pm
stationed in the chicago area or andrews. parking around the ballpark will be enforced. that means o people who live there will park for free. you can get all the information you need on our winter classic page on, check out the winter classic section. when we come back, part two of our interview with ted. nothing would unite this country more. >> tonight, more of hisco5qw candid conversation withq:d jim vance and the one thing he wants to do as he looks to the new year. how that 2-year-old shot his and if you're headed out tonight, don' forget our new mobile phone app and download it to stay on top
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a woman was accidentally shot and killedodg by herr 2 2-year-old son shot and killed inside a wal-mart. we have new details about the mother and how she had her gun secured in her purse. >> reporte police called to an idaho wal-mart tuesday morning say it was a tragic accident that ended the mother's life. >> the small child accessed
5:58 pm
female's secured weapon. >> reporte a picture showing veronica rutledge with her nieces and 2-year-old son. >> the son was sitting in the shopping cart with the purse where the female was shopping. >> reporter: sheö 29-year-old had aweaponse permit and the responsible gun owner had it'y tucked insidey1n and just received the bag for christmas. >> all the precautionary weapons were taken to ensure the safety of that weapon. >> reporterl- called the shooting a very sad incident and said they are working with the kootenai yv#6sheriff's department as to what happened. relatives who did not want to speak on camera called her a wonderful th d shining star taken too soon. >> around the holidays before christmas, right before the newñp!wi year, tragic accident.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: d jordan, news4. >> family members say rutledge's nieces with her at the time in that store are all under the age of 11 and unfortunately all witnessed the tragedy. the store is closed until further notice. now at 6:00 a family's worst fears confirmed. a toddler's body found in a creek hundred miles away from his home in maryland. searching for the victims of that doomed search jetliner whathubñ we're now leag about flight air say. >> >>cbkr -- airasia 8501. >> what that to be done to stop the spread of the flu. a taxi driver victim who picked up his3i3ñ last fare. he went from the addison road metro station to capitolñ heights. two hours later he was found
6:00 pm
dead in the cab. the crime has a lot of taxi drivers on edge. darcy spencer has reaction from other long-time drivers about the dangers of the job. >> reporter: spoke to a man who has been driving a taxi forcxgy 51 years. the shooting happened right down the streetsh from where he lives and some family members were concerned he had been shot. >> been doing this for 51 years? >> right. >> reporter: never get scared? >> no. >> reporter:e is 80 years old and driving a cab for decades. a cabbie shot and killed just down the street. >> i'm blessed it wasn't me. >> reporter: i fact he got calls from h


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