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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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e victims were young people. >> we had a rough week this week. since christmas eve. and we're just praying for a quiet night. the vigil was started two decades ago b jackson who wasn't feeling well this year. >> i feel a connection because i've also had -- while in the
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program,f s of louisiana.
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maybe mi delays there. 15 to 20 degrees between prince george's and fairfax counties by the chesapeake bay. under a clear sky. we'll stay clear. bright sunshine by 8:00 a.m. upper 20s by noon. hovering low 40s mid arch back to 40 by 5:00 p.m. with a a clear sky. coming up at 4:41, neighborho highs today.
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back to >> the bodies of the s in her flight attendant uniform. good visibility.g in the search for more victims and the wreckage. strong curre h moving the objects. singapore have flown in robotic equipment capable of searching the sea bed. we will stay on top of this developi story throughout the morning. back to you. prince george's county
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continue their search today for a taxi driver's killer. av. > a worker said darren sanders groped her last month. maryland and virginia gas is going to get a little bit mo expensive. new gas taxes took effect at
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midnight in virginia you'll pay five cents more per gallon. the increase is to help pay for a $6 billion transportation funding panel. in maryland a 3 cent hike is expected. in west virginia prices will decrease> today you can go to a 5k. a fresh start 5k this morning will be the first of several events to celebrate her leadersh. anyo can go. it starts at 9:00. bowser's other events including
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a ball tomorrow evening and a kids party this weekend. virginia's new year's
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r. according to mother jones you're likely to be killed walking new year's day than any other day. drunk pedestrians are eight times more likely to be killed first day of 2015. if you're heading out, you have family members in town. or you are headed out to the winter classic, bundle up. >> yeah. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with a look at our
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new ye forecast. good morning. good morning. when you away from your tv keep up with all the latest weather whether you a and look at our latest app cast. did you get a new tablet or phone for the holidays? you can download our app on tkpaog ey and itunes. virginia maryland eastern shore. nearby subur hovering in the upper 20s. neighbors all around the region by 8:00 or so th still below freezing. 20s most locations. by noon time above freezing upper 30s to 40 degrees. we'll have bright sunshine all around the region. 40 by noon time. by middle of the afternoon, just hovering in the low 40s most locatis midaften to late afternoo we'll have lots of sunshine throug the day and a mostly clear sky with a light breeze.
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a ngy it is such a growing concern a fire in queens new york. what we are learning about the numberf people involved in a live.
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i'm molette green at the live desk. new details into the newsroom about a deadly new year's fire on queens new york. three people lost their lives. several oths jur and in the hospital including a firefighter. take a look at this picture we just got in of a high rise in flames.
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we're working to get video of this two-alarm blaze in elmhurst. that's t latest. back to you. . ha molette. 35 people were killed in a stampede in chino during new year's celebrations in shanghai. another 42 people were hurt. it began a half an hour before midnight near the city's historic wate front. the cause of the stampede still under investigation. local media say people were running to catch money being thrown out. the ball dropped seamlessly at midnight. the revelers left the streets of midtown. how did the rest of the world celebrate the start of 2015? nbc's sarah dallof has that report. >> reporten first few minutes of 2015 the sights of new zealandi color and cheer. and in australia, 7 tons of
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fireworks se off over sydney harbor. in asia music, and fireworks. north koreans were treated to a fireworks sin capital city. and beijing's celebration centered arnd the bird's nest showcasing s bid to host the olympics. the city of lights, paris hosted a sctlhtho refusers braved the cold in berlin. thousands i new year with with a one of a kind display in dubai. but perhaps the best was new york city and drop of the iconic waterford crystal ball. many packed in times square to cheer it on. a new year with new wishes across the globe.
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sayrer dallof, nbc news. d.c. police almost ruined one mother's christmas by misidentifying n as being dead. now we are hearing from the mother of the man that was in fact, killed. his mother said he had been missing for days before she found out he was killed. he committed a robbery on christmas e. he was thenhokied police misidentified the body. they thought he was raymond robinson. detectives ev told his mother he had be killed. they eventually used fingerprints to identify the right man. we told you we were work to go find out how a car was connected to murder some hyattsville. lexus allen henderson was driving it after he stabbed raphael frazier to death. news 4 was there when they took
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the vehicle away. they found it six miles from frazier's he. henderson w connected and charged wi murder. the mother of a dead toddler is on suicide watch. he was only 14 months old. his mother told police she abandoned t boy on a porch. but her attorney now says that was a lie. stevens has not been charged in cameron's d but she is charged wh failure to protect her son bal a an individual to violently spank him numerous times on sever occasion >tgercoty police are hoping somepl do the right thin t new year's day. if you pick in the parking lot at this bank somebody, police hope you return it. some people picked the cash up. if it isn't returned they could
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face theft charges. and the state anticipates four remaining death row inmates will now serve life in death. the statesh the death penalty two ar >> illegal activity near some very secure areas. news 4 sct mcfarland learned they stopped people illegally flying drones in the most sensitive spac in and around d.c. in the laee. only on news 4, the feds admit theseas are just some of a fast growing number of drones being spotted in the sky. scott mcfarland has our i-team report. >> reporter: j before kickoff of the monday night redskins/sw game at fedex field, secuty workers spotted a guy with a drone, a night all
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were restricted. they called the faa, which is considering c against the man. that was one of 20 illegal unmanned flights investigated by police in recent weeks. another peon stoed with a drone near the lincoln memory morale. and one on e apit grounds. drone fligh at any height are illegal in d.c. >> your chances of getting hurt from one of these things are next to zero. >> adam captured these over adams morgan say they are too strict. >> they can't go in the backyard and fly a micro quad copter 50 feet from tro. >> the review of the drone
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animals reveal two of them got into close space of airplanes. >> even one near miss or a ride could have created a larger problem. >> the dres pose an increasing threat. >> many people don't realize they are flying them in commercial airspace. it could cause a significant hazard. >> scott mcfarland. >> there are more options for watching sony's movie "the interview." it mina tire on demand, on comcast, cox communications time warner cable, and a handful of other on demand providers. it will be a pay-per-view movie that costs $5.99. the film about the assassination of the lead w on playstation today. four people were hurt doing a freak wind event at the rose
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bowl in pasadena. a dust de sent a bounce house airborne. look at that. the wind set canopies flying through the air. all four that were hurt were hit by flying debris. fortunatelythough, nobody was seriously hur if u' excited for the winter class today and who isn't be glad you don't have to skate on the ice. the sun glare was so intense it's not a problem you usually have indoors. they say they are ready regardless. >> eryinmit idea so i'm definitely not complaining. it is a new challenge that might present itself. >> we're told if the sun glare is bad enough the game could be delayed up to an hour. >> we're always talking about rain, rain go away. now we're talk building a sun
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glare. tom kiere joining us this morning. if we're going out to this game, what do we need to be wearing? >> sunglasses. this is the e r lowest su angle. you can reayice. it acts as a mirror. if you're sit issing at the right angle in the stands there you could gea bstf sunlight in your face. as long as the temperatures hold steady in t low 40s though, it will be a comfortable games there at nationals park. not baseball, hockey for the winter classic. here's the forecast for today. folks will be gathering. gates up at 11:00. by noon time, 40 depress. game starts after 1:00. it should be just in the low 40s. but then ice should stay frozen even though i will be above freezing. it is feelin cold with the winds gusting to a 15 miles per hour. it will feel like all the 40s with a little bit of wind chill at nationals park.
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by 6:00 a.m. everything begins to clear out under a partly cloudy sky 40 degrees. winds should be diminishing by then as wel wear a scarf. have gloves. warm footwear as well. warm coat. have those sunglasses forred today. temperatures subfreezing in the 20s and teenthstayf 2015. afternoon highs low 40s with light breezes plenty of sunshine. thii favorite picture i took this year back last fall near jefferson, maryland. post your pics on twitter and facebook. best on facebook because you can put the high resolution photos on facebook. love seeing all your photos posted on 2014 and look forward to those in 2015 as well. tomorrow, athauful day. milder in the 40s. lots of sunshine. a few clouds out and about.
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weekends looking wet. sunday may be up near 60 degrees. and then as we get into next week, a littlt chillier. we'll have dry weather. afternoon highs around 40 degrees. that's e way it looks. back to you. >> thanks, tom. 4:55. coming up at 5:00 experts warn you to watch how you usher in the new year. if you plan o doing heavy drinking. why a hangover isn't the only physical damage you're
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happy w year, everyone. new changes go into effect today. maryland's minimum wage goes to 8:00 per hour. the minimum wage in maryland will in career every year until it reaches $10.10 in 2018. it is also rising for federal contractors. other changes in virginia drivers over 75 will have to renew their license in person at the dmv. and they will have to renew every five years.
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they will n be able to do it online. new rules go fe tomorro today you can get a leg up on the new year at a first day hike. in maryland, parks in brandy wine and frederick have hikes. in virginia, all 36 state parks are participating, including a few near us. montgomery county school system is launching a new website for the new year. you can use open data ncps to analyze diffe data. you can look at district schools, at a glance reports or capital budget. you can pull reports a that show student performances at different schools. it makes it easier for you to search and intpr that information. >> it is good for parents to know. >> of course >> stay with us everybody. news 4 conts 0 m. >> news 4 t sno
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it is finally here. the nhl winter classic taking over nats park today. and so will sp fans. we are ther live as businesses prepare for a boom. >> yeah. very cool day down there. good morning happy w ar happy 2015. kind of weio at. >> i know. i'm erika gonzalez. welcome on this new year's day. >> i'm adam tuss. starting o with a little bit of a chill. a nice picture of the washington monument rig there. tom tells us it's going to be a comfortable day today right, time? >> yeah. by this afternoon. but it is cold now. a view of the capital under a clear sky. we have very cold temperatures. our weather headlines the first headlines of 2015 cold morning. chilly afternoon. looking wet for this coming weekend. temperatures a all below
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freezing acros maryland virginia, west virginia and the bay. those are the warm spots. closer to washington, nearby suburbs into the upper teens, including montgomery, loudoun, fairfax and prince william and fauquier. manassas manass degrees. charles county, southern maryland, down into the low 20s. shenandoah valley in the 20s to 30 degrees. no travel problems around 95, the beltway. 66 west, dry pavement all around. a lot of traveling here on this new year's day. the only trouble spot in louisiana and texas where there will be cold rain and a wintry


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