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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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want to bundle up if you are headed out on this first day of the new year, janua 1, 2015. temps in the teens and 20s around the d.c. area. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> happy new year. this first day of january clear sky. your weatrdl this first day of the new year cold subfreezing a few more hours. chilly afternoon. right now the weekend is looking wet. and temper closer in to washington hovering in the low 20s nearby suburbs and prince george's county, eastern fairfax. a little fart west and southwest is in the teens. right now down to 16 in manassas and prince william. much of loudoun county, fauquier county, down to the teens 20 degrees. northern mometh teens.
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scanning our sky this first day of the new year, off to a good start. heading up 95 north or south, 66 west, 81, 270 out to 70 no travel problems. only travel is in texas getting a little wintry mix from forth worth to el paso. all rain there. no travel problems across the entire nation. traveling locally as well. drive time this morning, dry road. sunshine. near 30. during the arch, low 40s with lots of sunshine. coming up next weather and traffic on t 1s at 6:11, your hour by hour chilly temperatures through the day. back to you >> tom, thanks. we've been waiting, and the winter clsi is finally today.
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megan mcgrath joins us right now. what's be goi on out there? >> well, good morning. we're starting to see some of the workers here at nats park showing up ey this morning, making sure everything is ready for the winter classic. quite a transformation has taken place at nationals park. last night though, we caught them putting the final touches on the fairgrounds. that's where a lot of people will be showin up early this morning. that's because there is a big fan fest taking place at 9:00 a.m. lots going on. live music, food. entry is free. you can sti come down and participate a ents the festiv they're expecting a big and enthusiastic crowd. businesses t area expected
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to do a big business. they are expecting big crowds. >> and if you are going to be coming down for the winter classic, if u' going to be participatinin any of the activities today, keep in mind it is very chilly out here. and we are expecting it to be cold throughout the day. dress appropriately. dress warmly. it will be very sunny. we hope there's not going to be a delay because of the sun glare. a lot happe. we are expecting people to start showing up here in just a couple of hours from now. may gap mcgrath, news 4. right now you can still buy a ticket to the game. not cheap though. standing ro only tickets on stubhub starting at $336. standing rooonly. yes adam, what is correct.
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roads are closed. parking is restricted around nats park. the streets bordering the stadium are al shut down. for more on parking rules and all of our stories about the game, search "winter classic" on nbcwashington. you canch t whole thing right here on nbc 4. the game starts at 1:00. our coverage starts at 11:00. and we want to head to new developmentisng in the seven for the missing airasia flight 8501. the death toll is rising as searchers cont to search through the wreckage. let's get her report from the live desk. thank you. right now the search and rescue chief is holding a news conference. we have learned that a window of good conditions in the java sea now shut because of wind and heavy rain. trying to focus equipment on
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finding t main body of the plane. 30 minutes ago we told you another body was pulled from the java sea and taken to the main city for identification. now, that brings the total to eight crash victims. one of the first victims found has been identified using finger prints and surgery marks. we know why the baltimore ravens securi director is facing sex offense charges. according t baltore sun, a worker says darren sanders groped and tried to kiss her at the stadium last month. his attorney says he denies that claim. >> in maryland and virginia, gas will get a little more expensive. new gas taxes took effect at midnight, the first day of 2015 you will pay 5 cent more per
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gallon starting today. the increase is to pay for a $6 billion tror funding package. in maryland, 3 cent increase is expected. however, in west virginia gas tax rates will decrease. a reminder metro is on a sunday schedule today. the system won't open until 7:00 this morning. it clauses at midnight. no track work. trains running every 12 minutes. so factor that into your scheduling. t new year's raffle is sold out. three $1 million winners will be announced at 2 p.m. the last ticket at the fuel depo in berriville. six wi win $25,000. and an additial 300 tickets will win 500 bucks >> out with the old, in with the new. americans in 2015. it's a chilly start to the new year if yo heading
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outside. storm te helpi you plan for the day ahead with your hour-by-houre 6:11. first, your hangover suspect the worst thing to come from all that partying overnight. why you may have put yourself at risk for getting sick.
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binge drinking will cause more than just a a rough hangover. adults who take four to five shots in a 0-minute span are doing serious harm to their immune system. the effects aren't eni years later. researchersroe swiss school of medicine say a drop in the body's infection fighting power can be seen two hours, not years, two hours after binge drinking. bei the first baby born in 2015 may not get the attention
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et deserves because of growing safety precautions. community health systems recently ordered its 207 facilities to stop publicizing the first ba of the year. it cites the risk of potential for abductions and identity theft. you o on this first day of january it actually feels like january. we have hu a mild unseasonablyar winter. cold. >> i'll take the mild weather. >> we're rea for spring. >> i can get the flip-flops back. >> dream on. we have a very cold start. clear sky this morning. didn't even get above freezing. a live view from toweriendship heht there is tinley town. nebraska avenu here in northwest. dry pavement this morning. we'll have bright sunshine through the morning and during the afternoon. getting abo freezing by late
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morning. by noon time, upper 30s. below 40s by the middle of the afternoon. partly cloudy sky by late afternoon. 44 to low 40s much of the recently. saturday, w above average. temperature sunday. colder than average as we get into next week. a look at a wet weekend and the winter class feca next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. back to you >> 6:12. helping soldiers heal. the special moment for local war heroes on t ice at nats park. celebrating a fresh start. some of the celebrations across the country and the world as we ring in the ne
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seattle like many u.s. cities, brought in the new year with style. it was the iconic space needle
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that stole the show and tk center stage. it brought thousands to watch the fireworks and the light show. and the ball did drop in times square quite seamlessly at the stroke of midnight. and the revelers have left the streets of midtown looking for slices of pizza. >> people went to the nearby diner to get pancakes and french toast. how did the rest of the world celebrate 2015? >> reporter:n fir few minutes of 2015, the signs above new zealand th cheers. more than a million people gathered to watch 7 tons of fireworks over sydney harbor. for a balloon drop. north korea wa treated to a fireworksw in the country's capital city. and beijing's sell centered
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around the bidders nest in an effort to show the city's bid for the olympics. and paris, city of light, posted a spectacular light show. performers wowed the crowd in berlin. thousands rinew year with with a one of a kind fireworks display at the tallest building i dubai. perhaps the st famous belongs to new yo c and the drop of the iconic waterford crystal ball. a million people packed into times square to cheer it on. sarah dallof. . 35 people were killed during a stampede in shanghai. another 42 people were hurt. it began a half an hour before the historic waterfront.
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people were running to catch coupons that le ney being thrown out. >> a tragic new year's fire we're following in queens is now out after taking three lives. it broke out in a high rise. four peopleer taken to the hospital, ilu a firefighte the teeeo rescued died at the hospital. no word yet how the firefighter is doing. noorwt cse this. that's the latest. back to you. >> thanks molette. new york ci plans to honor the two nypd officers who died are naming streets a after them. new york ba bill de blasio said the streets the officers lived on will be named detective raphael ramos way and detective weijan liu way. a man made off with cash from this td bank yesterday morning.
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as he was running away he dropped some ofhe cash in the parking lot. the money was picked up by other people. police are asking anyone to turn it in or face a a charge of theft. . decemb was a tough month forfighters in maryland. 11 people were killed. marie gemmell and her two children werkilled. two adults were filled in fires on christmas eve. the state fire marshl is reminding everybody to install smoke detectors in their radioactiveer shut down a section of interstate in kansas yesterday. hazmat crews and ambulances were called to the scene after ape van carrying a load and mini van carrying ti radioactive placards we involved in a crash. two people injured, one remains in critical condition. the contents were not damaged but precautions are being taken. a new year means new jobs.
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this cooke the besteafo hiring si06 the report says more than one-third of jobs plan to add full time permane employees this year. that number was one quart wither at this time year. the report says more than 6 out of 10 will offer higher starting salaries th year. it was le than 50% last year. so good news there. 6:20 on this first day of 2015. incredible how time flies. >> maybe you're on your first cup of coffee. >> maybe you haven't gone to bed in thanks for joining us. if you're headed to the winter classic, excited about that. bum up. >> the conditions, clear skies. tom, it's going to be a little bit cold for the rest of the day right? >> happy ne year. starting off a new year.
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2015 already. halfway throh the teens. just got my driver's license renewed. it expires in 2020. here we are january 1st. here in the storm team 4 weather center, the temperatures just coming in as well as on your storm team 4 weather app. google play and the itunes store. you can ep up with the weather on your storm team 4 weather app. temperatureri now in the upper 20s and low teens in the nearby sur and metro area it's right in the upper 20s now. great weather. gates open at 11:00. the game starts at 1:00. by the middle of the game, low 40s. a littleit of a breeze.
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cold day at nationals park. but above freezing temperatures. the low sun angle getting a glare off the ice. not as cold. afternoon highs upper 40s. looking wet saturday evening and sunday. rain moving in. much milde with showers coming through sunday. 60 degrees sunday afternoon. after that, sunshine back. getting back to work and school on monday. suy rng. 0s. a little bit colder than that tuesday and wednesday. but remaining dry. no snow as we get into the first full week of 2015.
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next weather on the 1s at 6 krpb 31. a look at the hour by hour chilly temperature now back to you. four people were hurt during a freak wind event in pasadena. the wind sent canopies and umbrellas flying through the area. none of their injuries were serious. >> we are counting down the hours to the winter classic. right now it's 6.5 hours away. a live look outside nats park. when the sunrises we are going to be watching for glare, which could delay the game. whenever the game begins a group of veterans looking forward to going and having spectacular seats. . they' being treated to a special experience including the stadium seats. >> certainly a once in a
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lifetime experience. >> reporte aresve capital russ will be a vip at nationals park. they are aung 15 military members called hockey saves. >> it's not easy coming off active duty and going into civilian life. this is a great group of guys and women w a ge it. it is demanding. this is his outlet. >> playing hackie is a chance to blow off steam. >>. >> reportth troops say they found comfort in the sport. an instant getaway from the rigors and stresses of the military. >> gets your mind off the job, off deployment or whater you're goiou
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it's just there for you. >> in the district, chris tan wright news 4. >> you can w coverage. we're airing our winter classic preview show at 11:00. then a break from hockey. the puck drops at 1:00 here on nbc 4. pretty cool. >> that's right. >> a story many of us know all too well when it comes to paying rent. >> that's gh >> the cost of living is climbing ju skyrocketing, going throu the roof, especially in areas like d.c. if you will see any relief from high rents in the year ahead. we'll talk about that next. starting the new year off with chilly morning temperature thehaes next 24 hours at 6:31. later, a a story you will want to put your smartphone down for in order to hear the new year's resolution ♪ ♪ wow something
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sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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you're looking live outside nats park for the winter classic right here in d.c. caps taking on the chicago blackhawks. megan mcgrath is down there. she will sh yt u ed to know if'r headed to the game in 15 minutes. behind 19 in leesburg. in the teens this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here. it's going to be cold can all day? >> yeah. the puck drops after 1:00. subfreezing start this first day of 2015. good mornin happy new year. we're starting off with a clear sky this morning. as we look at temperatures around the region closer to washington it's just in the teens to near 20 degrees in prince george's montgomery. down in prince william, mid teens. much of t locations we have a very light wind right now.
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dry conditions all around here. maybe flight days and travel delays in louisiana texas. wintry mix forth worth and el paso. by 8:00 upper 20s. by noon time, 40s. by 5:00 p.m., down to near 40. hour by hour going forward the next 24 hours. partly cloudy. upper 30s through the evening. this time tomorrow starting off friday in the upper 20s under a partly cloudy sky. weather on th 1s at 6:41. back to you. >> the district remembers the young lives lost in 2014.
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since christmas, a rash of violence pushed homicide totals. nearly hal of them under the age of 25. >> i feel a connection because i've also had while in the program we havd a couple members who have also lost their lives through homicide. >> one police official stressed that the person continues to investigate t past year's murders, pointing out 15 homicides fm 13 were closed this year. a mother of a dead maryland toddler is o suicide watch. her son was discovered stuffed in a tote bag and stuffed in a creek outside columbus, ohio. his mother originally told police she abandoned him on a porch. but the attnesa tt was a lie. she has not been charged in cameron's death, but she is
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charged with failure to protect her son by allowing an individual to spank him numerous times on several occasions. . we'veot new pictures of two men who could be connected to a stabbing at a popular bar in foggy bottom. the bar's liquor license has been suspended. they had to cancel a new year's eve party bee gnize the individuals, lice hear about it. >> we have video to show you of a burglary on christmas. loudoun couy released this surveillanc it shows a man on berlin turnpike. he's hitting it with something. you can't see his face. pretty sure it's not santa claus here. the man got into the store and stole 120 car tops of
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cigarettes. today there is a 5k in the district. not for the new year but to usher in the new mayor. today there's a fresh starts 5k starting a ending at oyster adams bilingual school on calvert street northwest. representing s is closed, though. bowser's inauguration is at 9:30 at the washington convention center in northwest d.c. >> the housing market slowly recovering butenl rk is strongn . that doesn't mean cheaper. >> rent prices are here. at home they are sky high. >> the only thing soaring are apartment rents. that's san jose, california. renters paid a collective $20 billion more in rent this year
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than last yr according to zillow. it might not sound like a lot but some mre are far worse. renters paid 10% of the total rents paid in the entire country. why don't renters just buy a home? >> the rents are so high you can't save any money to buy a house. >> jenny wants to buy a house with her husband but the down payment would cost a full year salary. >> theyav ur utilized. all that means that people will probably be renters for a bit longer. >> in time, that should help ease these sky high rents. >> with rents still expected to rice next year renters will be
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forced to focus more on the math. >> i think they will think twice about should i spend all the money on rent or should i just buy something. >> despite everything that's happened in housing -- >> i don't want to throw my money away. i want toav something towards retirement is worth something. >> he ownership still seems to be the american dream. . the exte is building for the puck to drop for the winter classic. the gates are set to open in hours. what youee to if you're going to be in the area in the day ahead. we kick off 2015. the high temperatures you can expect in your neighborhood at 6:41. stkpwhra but first put down the cell phone, laptop andisten up. the steps you can help to take in the new
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canadian researchers studied a group of 100 people. half were allowed to check their e-mail as mus wld and the others three times a day. they did that for a week and then switched. the results were people were less stressed when they checked their in box less often. >> no way. >> imagine that. >> it may be good for your health and your relationship. one recent study found smartphones interview with marriages. the women said that extra tension causedtoeel depressed aes satfi with their life. . i bel it.
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>> darn that technology. >> these phones, i tell you. >> there is a time everybody needs to take a step back and unplug. >>&research o what is being done to our necks and backs. looking down the whole time. today y wobly be looking up. we are going to have gorgeous sunshine today. >> it is going to be chilly. skies will be mostly clear. a few high clouds drifting over. by noon time, mostly sunny. during the rest of the afternoon for this new year's day a few high clouds drifting into the evening hours by 8:00 p.m. a few high clouds coming through. by 8:00 a.m., in the 20s.
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by noon time neighborhoods north and west should be in the upper 30s. by midafternoon, hovering in the low 40s. in wainonh st near 40 by midafternoon. next weather on the 1s at 6:51. a wet weekend back to you. >> we count down to the puck drop at the winter classic. what you need to do before you head to the big game. unwelcod sight for drivers.
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the new year is here. which means e css is hapnin there's al ve special events outside the park. news 4 megan mcgrath is live this mornin good morning. happy new year to you. good morning. happy new year to you.ah there is a lot going on. we are expecting a huge and enthusiastic crd this morning. you can see behind me the gates to nationals park those gates will be opening at 11:00 this morning so people can start going in. the puck drops at 1:00 in the afternoon. but before all of that happens, many people are going to be
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coming here to the fairgrounds here on half street where they have transformed things into a spectator plaza. they're going to be having quite the fantastic 9:0hi morning. there's live music games. admission is free. you don't he tha a ticket to come here and take part in all the festivities. you can just walk on up and have some fun. a lot of events are geared towards family. there's a little something for everyone. if youreoibe coming to the winter classic, it's going to be crowded. a lot of parking restrictions, road closures. also somethi bear in mind it is very, very cold out here. very cold right now. even in the afternoon when the game gets under way we are expecting chilly temperatures. so dress appropriately. this is an outdoor game. so of course you'll want to make sure you are dressed for weather. megan mcgrath news 4. erika back to you.
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. well, if you're planning to go to fan fest for the game, parking restrictions are in effect. roads are closed around the stadium this morning. pretty much the streets bordering t stadium are shut down. take the green line to navy yard if you can. the game begins at 1:00. you can see tri and informatio need online. among those stories, jim vance sat down one on one with caps owner ted leonsis. here is some of part 2. >> are these the guys that soon are going tve u hoisting that cup. >> we're adding some young kids in the lineup. what we hope happens is now those in their late 20s that gets us over the hump.
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>> leonsis owns the wizards and mystics in the wnba. he said havi those makes him happy to be able to give back to the fans. don't forget you c watch the whole thing on nbc 4. our coverage starts at 11:00 with our preview show. between the preview and the game, we'll be showing the tournament roses ra a 11:30. . new developments this morning in th search for the missing airasia flight 8501. the death toll is rising this morning asea ce look for ec. the plane could have been intact when it hit the water. heavy wind and rain made it difficult the search crews to find wreckage.
6:48 am
eight bodies recovered so far. the first was turn theed over to relatives and tan to a village for burial. 150 people are still missing meant wh the plane bound for singapore went missing sunday >> we know why the baltimore ravens securit director is facing sex offense charges. according to ttire sun, m and t worker says darren sanders tri to grope and kiss her. his attorys he denies the claim. we told you we were work to go find out how i car was connected ta murder in hyattsvill now we know the answer. lexus allen henderson was driving it after he stabbed raphael frazier to death. the car was frazier's. they found it at the anacostia metro stati more than six
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miles from frazier's home. henderson was arrested and charged with murder in this case. 20ring changes affecting t minimum wages. it increases to $10.10. the higher wage applies to all new federal contracts and replacements existing contracts. obama administration wants to see it applied to businesses in the private sector as well. 15 hospitals in virginia will be penalized this year for having too nat complicati the hospitals will have their medicare pat cut by 1%. they includ the university of virginiad center and virginia commonwealth systems. it is an effort under the affordable car act and encourages people to report problems. six spits west virginia will also receive cuts. expect long waits if you have to go to the emergency room.
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a lot of hospitals are swamped with patien who have the flu. suburban in bethesda, one er doctor calls it a an epidemic. flu cases are spiking early this year. it usually doesn't peak until february or march. doctors sa il ur best den >> states all over the country are offering hikes. brandy wine and frederick have hikes today. in virginia, all 36 parks are participatin i a few year us in lorton and woodbridge. if i'm not mistaken you like to hike, don't y >> absolel from the bay all the way to the mountains, gre biking. >> and you love to snap pictures. >> i do. i do. >> we see your pictures on twitter and instagram. i posted on facebook and twitter
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yesterday. and instagram as well. look at ts . first light of 2015 spreading across the, the winter classic at nationals park. it's not baseball. it is hockey. the field is ready to go. the rink iseago we have tts subfreezing now. gates open at 11:00. near 40 degrees. hovering in t low 40s during much of the day clear sky. winds gusting 15 miles per hour. should be back to 40 degrees. across accordingly. you won't need an umbrella. dry skies. you'll need a scarf gloves, warm coat, sunglasses as well. quite a flair off the ice with the low sun angle. right now in the teens to 20 all
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across the region, climbing into the low 40s around the metro area. central virginia some locations ought to get to mid-40s with lots of sunshine. this was early in the fall before the col were changing. that was di the morning. posted thatn facebook yesterday, and all my other favorites. highs upper 40s tomorrow. rain is looking liesly on saturday afternoon. low 40s. off and on in saturday night. and sunday. in fact much milder. upper 50s to near 60 on sunday with the rain. back to work and school on monday with temperatures in the upper 30s, 40s. back to you. . thanks tom. want to remind you metro is on a
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sunday schedu today. the system is closed right now. maryland and virginia, gas is going to geten. in virginia you'll pay 5 cents per starting today. the increase is to pay for a $6 billion transportation package. in maryland 3 cents is expected. however, in west virginia, gas tax rates will decrease. >> new changes to the laws going into effect today. maryland's minum wage is expected to increase to $8 an hour today. 75 cent increase effective january 1. the minimum wage in maryland will increase every year until it reaches 0.20. maryland is 1 of 21 states to raise the minimum wage.
6:54 am
. in oth changes in virginia, drivers over 75 will have to renew their license in person at the dmv and renew every five years. they will not be able to do that online. the new rules go into effect tomorrow. virginia j 32 other states and the disth have special provisions for older drivers. d.c. street cars will start running in early january. they were supp to be ready to go by thend 2013 at least along t h street corridor. numerous del ke pushing that back. vincent gray announced the new target date of january 19th. today virginia's new year's millionaires raffle is officially so out. three $1 million winners are to be announced at 2:00 today. six particular the ets will each win $25,000. an additional 300 will win 500
6:55 am
bucks to stthye. coming up on the "today" show a positive move in the incredible chlge to cure analysis. jenna bush haeg sat down with the son of christopher reeve is who continuing the work his famous fath started. >> it is no longer a question of if there will be treatments for spinal cord injuries. more details on the treatment a t story of a man who regained mobility that he never thoug get again coming up next on "today". all right. let's leak at the 4 things you need to know on this first day of 2015. d.c. police need your help in identifying es men. they are thought to be connected to the stabbing of five people at mcfadden's restaurant a last weekend. >> three peop killed in a new year's fire in queens, new york. the fire iw and eight bodies pulled from a the java sea.
6:56 am
>> we are counting down to the winter classic now. the puck drops00. great weather today for the winter classic. here's your storm team 4 first seven-day outlook of 2015. teens and 20s. low 40s with lots of sunshine. a little bitf a breeze. tomorrow, partly cloudy. afternoon highs in the upper 40s. a bit chillier on saturday. a lot of clouds around. looks like rain moves in on saturday afternoon, saturday night. occasionain on sunday. but much milder. up around 60 degrees on sunday afternoon. then right back down to reality monday as we get back to work and school. highs near 40. a dry week coming up next week. thank you, tom. thank you fo joining is us on this first day of 2015. . let'sd out with a
6:57 am
live look at nats park as we get ready for the winter classic. maybe sun glasses on the hockey players as they skate around today. there was talk about sun glare possibly delayinthings. exciting d here in d.c. have a gre der
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good morning and happy new year! >> happy new year! [ cheers and applause ]
7:00 am
>> with fireworks, music and and the joy of family and friends the world is welcoming a new year today, thursday january 1 2015. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, a brand new year same old crew. good morning, everybody . happy new year. >> nice way to start the year. >> hey, i love you guys. >> don't talk about us. >> it's new year's a great time. it's a fresh outlook, new beginning, a new chance


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