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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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at man was. why he was here, and what may have lead up to the stabbing. the investigation in the early stages. reporting live this morning in alexandria. >> all right. jordan live for us there. it is 5:00 a.m. now. good morning. >> welcome to news 4 today for this tuesday january 20th 2015. let's go storm team 4 meteorologist for a look at your hour by hour forecast. tom good morning. >> good morning. off to a clear start. we get back to work and school on this tuesday morning. i'm happy to report we have dry pavement. there is nebraska avenue and northwest washington. there is friendship heights, bethesda bethesda, off in the distance in southern montgomery county. we have a cold morning. a milder afternoon. then tomorrow we have a likelihood of some wet snow moving in. right now cold, sub freezing temperatures. 20 shen done with a valley. montgomery fairfax, and parts of northern virginia low 20s.
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down in the low 20s this morning under the clear sky. and hour by hour for the rest of the day we'll have partly cloudy morning. temperatures will stay below freezing until 8:00 and then quickly steeply climbing. in fact, up to near 40s by around 10:00. mid 40s by noon. upper 40s around 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. quite a bit of cloudiness. a little bit of sunshine during the afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1's. your drive time forecast for the tuesday is coming up at 5:11. good morning. >> good morning. overall looking pretty good this morning. a couple of things i want to mention. sterling have the situation with construction. morton road closed there. in fairfax there. taking a look at 66. 55 miles per hour here as you're heading into town and outtown on 66 nice and smooth. wisconsin avenue the construction has moved to the center here. looks like you can get around on the left or the right. should be out of the way in the next couple of minutes. wider look at things overall
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everything is flowing pretty well here as you take a look at the beltway inner loop, and outer loop. no construction on the beltway at this point this morning. looking good as well. >> thank you. 5:02 now. you can help police in the district catch a suspected shooter if you recognize this man. take a look. two people are recovering today after they were shot on a metro bus in northwest. it happened around 10:30 p.m. on h-street not far from massachusetts avenue. police say one person was shot in the hand the other in the thigh. both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. three men boarded the bus in gallery place and road about seven blocks before getting into an argument. police are still looking for the shooter. this morning there's no sign of six missing family members missing since a massive fire destroyed a water front mansion. megan mcgrath outside the home. what is happening there now? >> reporter: well, you can see
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behind me that a police officer has been keeping watch over the scene all night long. people come and left flowers at the entrance to the gate. the 16,000 square foot mansion is down the driveway and there is nothing left of it. take a look at the video shot by our chopper. six people are missing all from the same family. they're feared to be victims of the massive fire. investigators will only say they're unaccounted for because they've not been able to search through the ashes thoroughly. an alarm system followed by a call from a neighbor alerted the fire department to trouble. but when they got here the fire was very far along. the roof and the floors they were collapsing and the fire department said it simply was not safe for them to go inside and look for anyone who may have been trapped. the home is owned by i.t. executive don pile. it's on a point of land on the south river. it's nicknamed "the castle" because of the architecture. it's unclear what started this massive fire and because of the sheer size of the structure and
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the extent of the damage, the a atf brought in their national response team. they have greater resources available to them. members of that team are expected to arrive here later on this afternoon. reporting live in annapolis. >> thank you. a d.c. woman is in jail accused of leaving her infant son alone in a car. metro transit police found the car illegally parked along michigan avenir the catholic university metro station just before 6:00 last night. they say the 1-year-old was strapped in a car seat alone. the boy's mother returned a short time later and tried to drive away. she's charged with child neglect neglect. we know the name of a man killed.?6 james burj wasch was killed. they believe the shooting was not random. there's up to a $25,000 reward
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in this case. today christopher barry, the son of the late marion barry could turn himself into d.c. police. barry faces several misdemeanor charges after an outburst inside the pnc bank. he threatened a bank teller and threw a trash can over security glass smashing a camera. police say he was upset when he was told his account was overdrawn. barry is currently running for his father's seat on the d.c. council. moments before he was shot, a husband lead the shooter outside away from his family. this man is accused in the fatal shooting of cory mattison, hiss ex-wife's new husband. he broke into the home and started shooting. two children were in the home at the time of the shooting. family members say that mattison may have saved their lives. >> he not only in my opinion saved this family, but they
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saved him too. >> he's aexpected to appear in court this morning. a fairfax county mother wants to change the state's child support laws. now the virginia senate is holding a hearing on the connor law. it would extend child support for mentally challenged adult children. it was started by sharon cummings. her son was diagnosed with autism when he was 18. she and her husband divorced when connor was 20 years old. law doesn't require the noncustodial parent. breaking news from the live desk. a new isis video surfaced online that reportedly shows two hostages in orange jump suits that mill assistants are threatening to kill. the men kneeling are believed to be japanese.
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the militant in the middle demanding a $200 million ransom be paid within 72-hours to spare the men's lives. nbc counter terrorism experts saying that the video appears authentic but they cannot identify or confirm the two hostages. the threat comes as japan's prime minister visits the middle east. >> all right. thank you. we're following overnight developments in a bridge collapse in cincinnati. what we're learning about the incident. >> a second city in maryland poised to lower the voting age. find out who can be eligible to vote in may. chuck bell will have your commuter forecast. and weather and traffic on the 1's.
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developing story in ohio. one person is dead. a section of interstate 75 will be closed for the next two days after a bridge collapse in cincinnati. crews were trying to take down the overpass when it collapsed about 10:30 last night. a construction worker die there had. a tractor trailer driver was hurt. tax season begins. they begin accepting your 2014 tax returns starting today. it's 11 days earlier than last year. most refunds will be delivered in 21 days if filed electronically. due to budget cuts the irs warned of delays of paper filings of at least one week.
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the average refund this year is expected to be about $2800. one thing that won't be taxing today is the weather. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell outside on the weather patio with your drive time commuter forecast. >> no tax from mother nature today. it's cold outside. our temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. the skies are clear and not expecting any travel troubles during the day today. that's good news. so your commuter forecast dry roads this morning. temperatures sub freezing. you'll need your coat, for sure, on your way out of the door and coming home later today temperatures mid to upper 40s. if you're coming home in the 3:00 range it's closer to 50. that will be nice. there's a chance for snow in the forecast and any time we have to mention the s-word it's a good time to remind you to download our storm team 4 google play app. you have the customize the
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forecast there done by time and myself in the morning and b.j. in the afternoon to keep it updated. a snow chance for tomorrow. tom is back with your seventy in-day forecast. >> the s-word making me nervous this morning. taking a wide look at things overall. we don't have any snow everything is fine. interlooper and outer loop looking good now. no major problems. take a look at beltway at saint barn bus. no issues. 95 is moving along as well. taking a look at 66. if you're hopping on in the area prince william parkway heading into town you're fine and out of town you're fine. no construction to be worried about this morning. i'm back at 5:21 with weather and traffic on the 1's. we'll take a live look at 66. >> see you in a little bit. new this morning a crime alert. what you need to watch out for when you fill up your gas tank.
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>> measles outbreak is spreading. what you need to know to you and your family.
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new this morning police in prince george es county are warning you to watch your valuables while pumping gas. a driver pumping gas is a prime target for women. police say especially women with handbags. police released the video showing you what can happen. thieves are opening car doors and snatching valuable items in plain sight. thieves are targeting cars left unattended as drives leave them to warm up in the colder months while theft from cars is down 30%, country wide county wide this year they want that number to be even lower. jury selection begins in the trial of the man accused of massacring movie goers in colorado. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. 9,000 potential jurors will be screened. it is one of the largest pools ever. it jurors find him guilty they have to decide whether or not he
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should be executed. >> these jurors have to be death qualified. what that means is you have to be open both a potential sentence of life in prison or a sentence of execution. >> legal analysts say the process could take months. holmes plead not guilty by reason of insanity. metro will meet with congress about the underground emergency last week. one woman died when smoke filled the l'enfant. a law firm said 30 people are suing over what happened. we learned radio encryption may have kept d.c. firefighters and metro officials from talking that day. on the west coast the bay area rapid transit system said it too, will adopt any urgent
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issues. our scott mcfor aland staged new smoke and fire training exercises for the train operators. the spokesman said it serves as reminder to treat seriously any report of smoke or brake smell. the the seattle seahawks are apologizing for a tweet they sent. it came out yesterday when many people were remembering martin luther king jr. day. it said "we shall overcome" with #mlkday. fans responded and the tweet deleted. they sent, quote we apologize. we did not mean to compare football to the legacy of dr. king. the patriots face the seahawks in less than two weeks at the super bowl. news 4 will be heading to phoenix, arizona to bring you live coverage leading up to the big game all next week.
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the super bowl airs here on nbc 4 on sunday, february 1st at 6:30 p.m. virginia governor said he's on his way to a speedy recovery after undergoing a serious medical procedure. they had to drain fluid from around his lungs. he broke seven ribs. he was thrown from a horse while vacationing in africa. doctors thought the injury would heal itself but it doesn't help he's busy right now. he delivered the state of the common wealth address last week. he expects to be back at work within days. big changes could be coming to prince george es county. schools and chief executive officers plo posed changes to boundaries, grade structures, and programs in several schools. you can let the board know what you think about the prospected changes at tonight's meeting. it starts at 7:00. today 16 and 17-year-olds could receive the right to vote. the hyattsville city council approved lowering the voting age. today there is a final vote. if passes the change would take
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effect in may. hay yatsville and tacoma park will be the only cities in the entire country to lower the voting age so far. >> there are some children who are very mature and who care about the process and who will do the research and the homework to be a part of it. >> there they want more people to vote on election day outside of presidential elections. they think lowering the age might help. >> all right. time to get a look at the forecast as we take a live look outside. 37 outside now. we're hoping for a warm up. storm team 4 meteorologist here with your forecast. >> you're not hoping for snow? >>? no. >> we're kind of overdue. it's mid january. haven't had much. here is the next chance for snow. it's a disturbance a fast moving clipper system we call these in the dakotas now. a little bit of light snow there. it's going to be identifying a bit as it gets farther to the south. doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. as it gets closer it'll tap a
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little bit of moisture coming off the atlanta and it moves in tomorrow. it's going to take awhile to get here. getting a little bit of maybe a few sprinkles or a little bit of light sleet or freezing rain scattered across north and west virginia. maybe a few flurries here in southern pennsylvania. a few clouds will be drifting over us as we get through the rest of the day. as the symptom moves in tomorrow ending up may be in the darker blue zone. a narrow zone from the pan handle of west virginia, northern shenandoah valley and into the metro area and east across the bay might get an inch or two. looks like mainly on grassy areas because we'll likely have temperatures a little bit above freezing as we get into the afternoon. it tampers and off maybe a little bit of rain. farther to the south maybe a little bit of a coating to as much as an inch on may bely grassy areas. that's about as far south as any
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snow gets. stay tuned during the afternoon. doug and veronica will be here updated look. cold morning we're in the 20s. much of northern virginia low to mid 20s. around the bay it's around 30. a rapid warming today. afternoon highs hitting upper 40s to near 50 degrees by mid afternoon. how can we go from 50 to snow the next day? it is january. we can get some cold air this time of year that will rapidly wrap into that the system as it moves in during the day on wednesday. then sun back on thursday. right back into the 40s as well as on friday and over the weekend they hit upper 40s with sunshine on saturday and sunday. great weather for outdoor activities. a few flurries on monday. next weather and traffic on the 1's at 5:31. >> you're making me nervous with the chance of atomorrow.
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traffic is fine. headed south. you see a back up here around this bend. but nothing but our normal commute here this morning there. taking a look at 95 is maryland southbound here at 32. everybody is rolling along nicely. no problems in that area. had an earlier crash 95 north near 100 but that seems to be clearing out of the way. overall looking good here this morning into and out of town. no major problems and no construction in the way even more importantly for you this morning. taking a look at 95 in virginia, little bit slower starting to get slow here. northbound here. southbound it's a little bit slow as well. it's just volume. nothing happening there. just construction expected in the area a little bit later this morning. 66 at lee highway is rolling along as well. i'm back in ten minutes with a live look at 270 once again. >> thank you. it is 5:24. later this morning an update from montgomery county fire
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about new initiative to keep seniors safe. initial results of the home safety check program found that more than 90% of smoke alarms checked were not working. the most common problem there wasn't one in the home. the alarm needed fresh batteries or the smoke alarm was older than the usual lifespan of ten years. changes may be coming to the local postal service. the postal regulatory commission usps will test out same-day delivery service in the metro d.c. area. it's called metro post. it will let you buy certain products in stores or online with delivery guaranteed for a few hours later. postal service is also proposing a price increase of a penny to 5 cents on postcards and international mail. the increases will go into effect in late april. right now no planned increases for the forever stamp. measles outbreak is spreading fast.
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it started last month in disney land in california. there have been at least 50 cases reported in california, colorado, utah, and washington state. the airborne virus is so contagious it can stick around after an infected person left the room. >> the virus can survive on dry surfaces for hours. that's most concerning. >> it can lead to blindness, it can lead to an infection of the brain. >> doctors say a decrease in vaccination rates is the main reason the country has seen an increase in measles outbreak. >> virginia governor is on the if you're trying to stick to healthier habits this new year. you mightn't to ask your spouse to join you. researchers looked at success rates for people working toward a healthier lifestyle and compared them to their partners. men and women were more likely to quit smoking, exercise more, and lose weight if their partner was trying to do the same. it nearly 50% of women smokers quit when their partners did. only 8% of women quit if their partner continued to smoke. for single people pairing up
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with a friend works. our time is 5:26. coming up staying on top of a massive fire in maryland. >> an mansion burns to the ground and six family members are still unaccounted for. i'm megan mcgrath. >> tonight president obama will lay out his plan for the state of the union. we gate look at what he'll say who his guest will be. >> it's cold out there. take a look at the temperatures. storm team 4 meteorologist will have your bus stop forecast and your weather and traffic on the 1's. >> if you can't be in front of your tv you can catch news 4 today on the go with your smartphone or tablet. download the
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right now police are on the scene of a multimillion dollar home in annapolis destroyed by flames. six family members are unaccounted for. >> reporter: we're expecting investigators to return here to the burned out home shortly after the sun comes up this morning to start looking for possible victims inside this mansion. we're also expecting later on this members of
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the atf national response team. they're expected to arrive in town and likely get their work underway sometime on wednesday. now take a look at the chopper video here. you can see just the complete destruction here. the large 16,000 square foot mansion just burned to the ground. six people are missing. all from the same family and they're feared to be victims of the massive fire. investigateors will only say they're unaccounted for at this point because they haven't been able to search through the ashes. it was alarm system followed by a call from the neighbor that alerted the fire department to trouble. when they got here the roof and floors were collapseing. the mansion was too far gone. too dangerous for them to go inside. the home is owned by i.t. executive don pile. it's located on the south river. it's nicknamed "the castle" because of the architecture.
5:31 am
it's unclear what started the fire. the atf national response team being brought in because of the size of the home. they have resources available in this situation. they're expected to get their work underway on wednesday. reporting live in annapolis megan mcgrath. >> thank you. and welcome back. 5:31. good morning to you. >> today is tuesday january 20th 2015. we want to go to storm team 4 meteorologist. we have the big yellow bus forecast. >> indeed. students get back to school this morning. it's going to be cold. we'll be below freezing between 7:00 and 8:00. mid and upper 20s much of the region just right around sunrise. temperatures jump up to near the freezing mark near 8:00 and 9:00. still sunshine and it's going to be cold. you need to layer up at the bus stop this morning. temperatures throughout most of maryland and virginia in the
5:32 am
20s. it's right around 30s right around the bay. out of the mountains most locations there in the 20s to near 30s. and we'll stay this way through about 8:00 or so this morning. hour by hour for the rest of the day quickly jumping into the 40s by noontime. ought to be mid 40s partly sunny. rather chilly but a light wind. around 2:00 we briefly touch 50 degrees. back down to the mid 40s by 5:00 p.m. next weather and traffic on the 1's is coming up at 5:41. your walk to work forecast. now melissa is looking at roads early on this tuesday. >> we're starting to see a bit of volume this morning. of course, it is 5:30 we expect it but still not the prettiest thing all the time. 95 northbound in virginia you're a little bit slow as you're heading out of stafford and the. opens up around the wood bridge area. east of 29 near gainesville is rolling along nicely.
5:33 am
taking look at 270. a little bit of a slow down through germantown. looking like the slow down southbound is coming out of frederick. no major problems on the beltway. you can see outer loop and inner loop getting a little bit of volume as folks are heading out this morning perhaps after long holiday weekend. i'm back in 10 minutes with travel times for you. >> thank you. 5:33 is the time now. the state of the union is today. president obama will address congress at 9:00 tonight. you can watch the whole thing here on nbc 4. nbc tracy spots as a preview from capitol hill. >> good morning. we already got a preview what the president will say tonight because he's been going around the country. a hallmark will be about taxes. democrats and republicans, the white house and congress talked
5:34 am
about tax reform. what the president wants to do is raise taxes for wealthier in americans and get rid of tax loopholes. also, expanding the child tax credit for mid class families. we expect he's going to talk about more money for infrastructure, paid sick leave for everyone. that would be about a week for workers who currently do not have that. and also this mortgage premiums i mentioned. the wall street journal poll said he's going with a bit of a bump. the approval rating is up the best he's seen in more than a year. >> thank you. we learned d.c. mayor will be at the address tonight. she's d.c. delegate to congresswoman eleanor holmes-norton guest. alan gross who returned to
5:35 am
montgomery after returned from cuba will be there in the first lady's box along with his wife. a global emergency health coordinator working to fight ebola in west africa, and katherine pugh majority state senate leader will be there. >> with all the attention on capitol hill you can imagine a lot of streets will be closed around there. take a look at your screen. d.c. police will shut down everything at 7:00 tonight. including part of pennsylvania, independence, and constitution avenue. parking on the streets and elsewhere downtown will be restricted. you want to make sure you read the signs before you walk away from your car tonight. we put the road closures on the nbc washington app. you can watch the president's address and the republican response on our app. our coverage on-air and online starts at 9:00 p.m.? we have an alert for pet owners. what you need to look out for northern virginia so your dog doesn't get sick. tuition hike at the university of maryland.
5:36 am
how much more you'll have to pay in the middle of the school year. taking a look outside we'll have the that to wear forecast with your weather and traffic on the 1's.
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. welcome back. if you're a dog owner in arlington beware. these signs were put up apparently someone left sausages stuffed with pills along lee highway. at least two dogs ate them and became test. they're now testing the sausages.
5:39 am
today we'll learn more about the impact of how learning the art help your child learn math and science. the wolf trap foundation and fairfax county schools will present the result of a four-year study later this morning. the group used a million dollar federal grant to develop a stem program and study pre-k and kirnd gardeners. they're calling the results promising. all right. how about that? i love the thought we're not going to forget about the arts. it's so important and valuable. >> even as we talk more and more about enhancing it there are pockets of educators and education watchers who are really trying to push to infuse the arts in there. i agree. it's good. >> we know one man that loves science and tech and engineering that good stuff. >> storm team 4 meteorologist outside on the weather deck with a look at what to wear. >>nrut's right. science and technology engineering, math important.
5:40 am
but most of the great scientists i know also enjoyed classic call music. there are a lot of studies that classic call music keeps the brain sharper. outside this morning temperatures are cold up. it's 29 degrees here in the storm team 4 weather deck this morning. if you're walking to work school, the bus stop, plan on it being below freezing this morning. partly cloudy skies. sun up around 7:00 a.m. later today temperatures in the 40s. kid coming home from school closer to 50s. what to wear today. you need your jacket to go outside first thing this morning. maybe sunglasses for lunchtime and outdoor recess activities later on today. outdoor recess today for sure. there's a chance for snow coming our way tomorrow. tom has more in ten minutes. for now first 4 traffic. >> good morning. taking a look at 4i89 into and out of town. same thing as you take a wider
5:41 am
look at things. no major problems. we're looking at the inner loop or outer loop. we have travel time the now. one of the slow spots here. we're about five minutes behind. quantity koe to the belt way. 270 south germantown inner and outer loop taking you 10 minutes. >> thank you. what the attorney general will to do to help prevent overdoses. >> a medical breakthrough that could help you hear. take a look at a new device. throughout the break you can take a look at theic is moving along the 14th street bridge.
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welcome back. virginia's attorney general will
5:45 am
to adapt a new bill to prevent drug overdose deaths. kevin is one victim of a surge of recent overdose deaths. among a 150% increase in overdoses in two years. we spoke to his father in fairfax county. >> i would like the public to understand that this recent surge in prescription drug abuse and heroin abuse is something that can affect all of us. >> the good samaritan bill would allow you to call police without fear of arrest if you are with someone who is overdosing. >> beginning today the virginia fbi agent charged with his wife's murder stand trial for a second time. arthur gonzalez is accused of killing his estranged wife in 2013. prosecutors say he staged the crime scene and faked his grief. gonzalez testified he shot his wife in self-defense after she attacked him. jurors failed to reach a verdict in the first trial.
5:46 am
the lawyers will start to pick a jury in the sex assault trial for a man from gaithersburg. prosecutors say joey attacked eded many as ten men in the area. he met him at beer pong tournaments and lured them into his home on plum creek drive. they say they found pictures of more victims on his phone. 14 before the hour. police in montgomery county are searching for a person who spray painted a racist message on a home. the family is only living in the glen more drive community for five days. the neighbor who helped the victims clean up the message said the timing of the act is sickening. >> it's horrifying. we've never seen anything like this in this neighborhood. to have it happen on martin luther king's birthday is just gross. >> montgomery county police are treating this as a hate crime.
5:47 am
a bomb threat phoned into jfk airport forced two passengers off their plane. one of the passengers recorded this video as the flight was evacuated. the other flight was leaving for tel-aviv israel. both were listed as delta flight 468. they search the the plane and found nothing and gave the all clear last night. federal authoritiers are investigating the threat. >> expect several military aircraft to take to the skies around d.c. this week. the operation called falconer have go is a chance for pielots to test their intercept. they'll conduct flights between midnight and 5:30. they start tonight and last until friday. they're working in coordination with other groups. since september 11th 2001 norad responded to 5,000 possible
5:48 am
threats in the region. get ready to stroke a bigger check for college. the hike takes effect for the spring semester which starts january 29th. the board is trying to make up $40 million in budget cuts. in-state students will pay about $75 more per year. out of statsten wla another $270. the lowest paid workers in virginia won't get a raise. an effort was killed to raise it to $10.10 an hour yesterday. maryland and the district raised their minimum wage last year. d.c. is now $9.50 an hour. the minimum is $8 on the way to $10.10 in 2018 in maryland. happening today learning state-of-the-art device that allow you to process sound through your tongue. when you press your tongue against the mouthpiece you'll
5:49 am
feel a series of electric impulses with training the brain will then process those impulse patterns as sound. scientists hope the device will be cheaper and more easily assessable than a cochlear implant. >> they can can be upwards of $40,000 and training and other thing it is can be even more expensive. we're hoping to shoot for something in the few thousand dollars that will basically perform as good or better than a cochlear implant. >> scientists want the final design to fit in the mouth easily and look like a retainer. it could still be two years before it's ready for the public. but just incredible research and finding ways to help the hearing impaired and using different senses. i wouldn't think those things could be connected. >> revolutionary. keep an eye on that. we want to turn to meteorologist tom as we come up on 5:50 this morning. we've had a little bit of a warm up the last couple of days. >> yep.
5:50 am
have you been enjoying it? >> sure. >> back by popular demand. we'll keep it going and tomorrow will be different. >> oh! focus on today. >> exactly. a look at the bright side. we'll have a milder temperatures. we do on radar have a little bit of maybe light freezing rain or sleet. those pink patches you see in west virginia but they're really quickly drying as they head to the east this morning. not likely to get anywhere close to the metro area. it's this area on the storm team 4 radar that is a disturbance. a little bit of snow in north dakota. it's a fast moving swirl in the atmosphere that is going to be zipping down over chicago and then come into our metro area during the morning tomorrow and into the afternoon. fast moving system quickly coming on through with some snow possible. possible snow tomorrow. 1 to 2 inches. mainly grassy areas in the dark blue zone. includes washington, fairfax
5:51 am
counties, and east across the bay toward the eastern shore and then west across the rest of northern virginia toward the northern shenandoah valley into the pan handle of west virginia. some of the higher elevations may gate couple of inches or more. mainly on grassy areas. farther to the south lighter blue zone there could be a light coating to as much as an inch in parts of southern maryland. and maybe around fredericksburg as well as north near the pennsylvania. there's one spot here where there may be a little bit more snow as the system taps a little bit of moisture coming off the atlantic. cold morning down to just 21 in prince william county. prince george county in the mid 20s. low to mid 20s in montgomery and fairfax. dull dullus at 22. some break in the clouds in the afternoon. partly sunny. highs reaching near 50 degrees this afternoon. that's going to play a role for
5:52 am
tomorrow. because likely our ground temperatures and our pavement temperatures will be above freezing as we get into the evening hours. yesterday i had a blast talking with the silver threads club in virginia. they're at the baptist church there and had a great time soaking up the wisdom of the senior citizens there. members of the silver threads club in virginia. it was a lot of fun really enjoyed talking with them all about my career and weather in general. they had a lot of great stories to tell as well. as we get through the light snow we'll be in the mid 30s throughout the afternoon. likely melting. and that remains freeze a bit on wednesday night. on thursday afternoon partly cloudy into the mid 40s. bright and sunny. mid 40s on friday and the january thaw wants to keep on going into the weekend. highs upper 40s on saturday and sunday with the sunshine. could get a few flurries and
5:53 am
turning cold as we get into next week. melissa is looking at tuesday morning commute. >> we have blue and silver line metro delays. we'll tweet about that and mention it again in the next ten minutes. road wise looking pretty good. 270 here no major issues. a wide look at things overall beltway no problems. d.c. 295 a little bit slow as you head into town there. that's pretty typical. look at 66 here. 66 if you're hopping on in the area of prince william parkway and headed inbound we have a bit of volume here through centerville. it opens up and it's not too bad after that. taking look now at 95 here in virginia. slow through dale city going about 15 miles per hour there. a little slow before dale city and a tad after. and volume here beltway at kennel worth avenue that's moving along. 95 and maryland the parkway looking pretty good. more on the metro delays coming up in ten minutes.
5:54 am
all right. thank you. it's 5:54 now. a construction worker is recovering this morning after falling from a roof of a building. that man fell on to a balcony on the fifth floor at the construction site. this is in the 1800 block of chatman avenue. it happened yesterday afternoon. you're looking at photographs from the site. montgomery fire and rescue rescued that man and took him to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. >> georgetown's letter grade could be going away if you live in virginia. there's a bipartisan effort in the commonwealth to leave the a, b, c, d, and f off the report cards and tests. it passed a key hurdle in the state senate. critics of the grade scale say f grades stigmatize students and make it harder for schools to recruit teachers. the number of people who diagnose died connected to gm faulty ignition switches has gone up. >> good morning. the number of deaths tied to gm's faulty ignition switches is
5:55 am
up to 49. victims or their families have until january 31st to submit claims. the switches can fail killing power to the engine and air bags. an amazon is moving from the small to the big screen. the company plans to acquire and produce about a dozen original movies a year starting this year. amazon will release the film first in theaters and then on demand an amazon prime about a month or two later. amazon recently won the golden globe for the tv series "transparent." back over to you. >> thank you. 5:55 now. today you can join a conversation about the relationship between law enforcement officers and the community in alexandria. the mayor is hosting a community forum today at the durant center. the city's sheriff and police chief will be on the panel. they'll discuss how their agencies can engage more with you and your neighbors. news 4's northern virginia bureau chief will moderate that conversation.
5:56 am
it will take place tonight between 7:00 and 8:30. it turns out the change in your couch, in your car anywhere in your house can addver 65 years. take a look at the buckets of pennies. there's a guy in texas that started collecting the pennies in 1950. it comes in about 500 pounds. he decided to cash out this week. he took it into the tellers. the poor ladies took the big buckets and bags and bags of pennies. they made it. they got through counting all that stuff. $810 in change he brought in. >> 65 years of penny collecting! that's dedication! where did you put it all? >> everywhere. >> exactly. >> and i don't -- i hate to have change in my pocket. pennies in particular end up sometimes in a corner and then in a bag and in a drawer. >> it's money though. >> it is. >> it is. >> it all adds up. good for him.
5:57 am
firefighters returning to a burned outfcz;z mansion this morning. in annapolis six people are missing after the fire. we'll look at the challenges firefighters are facing and what is next for the investigation. >> and the skies are quiet right now. but another blast of wintery weather is heading our way. tom will have a check on the forecast for you. that will include the latest timing on this storm that is coming our way and any impact it might have on our region. that's coming up on news 4 at 6:00.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now firefighters keeping an eye out for hot spots after a huge mansion fire in annapolis. this morning hope is sfading for six family members missing after the fire. all the eyes on the president for tonight's state of the union. we're getting a better idea what he'll say to you and congress. temperatures on the way up this morning. we're watching the next snow threat and the impact for tomorrow. >> welcome to news 4 today for this tuesday january, 20th fwift. a chilly start to the tuesday. it is 37 degrees outside of our studio. let's to storm team 4 meteorologist and your forecast. >> we're at the warm spot here in northwest washington.
6:00 am
we're into the 20s. here is a live view from the tower camera overlooking northwest washington and into southern montgomery county. a few clouds drifting over us. it will be a cold morning. your weather headlines as we get back to work and school this tuesday. another mild afternoon like yesterday. but then a change tomorrow. a snow chance looking more likely for wednesday. temperatures right now 20s nearb montgomery. much of fairfax in the low to mid 20s. prince william much of loudoun county in the mid to upper 20s as well.


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