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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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citing new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news tonight. a policeman shot and killed a man at a metro station. >> the officer opened fire inside the potomac avenue station. shomari stone is there tonight to describe what led up to this
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shooting. >> reporter: well that's right. first of all, d.c. firefighters are on the scene. and they are in the process of bringing the body above ground. you look right over here. metro police have arrived. you can see that man locking up. and if you move a little to the left they removed those containers right there. that is presumably part of the investigation as they gather evidence. let's move over to the left. metro transit police were the first to respond because their officer is involved and on the other side of this car, you look right over here that is where the escalators go down underground where this all happened. you can see the area is roped off at the entrance the potomac avenue station is closed right now. trains are bypassing, and there are delays on the orange, blue and silver line. let's roll some video. this all started around 8:50 tonight. a train operator noticed a man in the tunnel near the potomac avenue station and reported it to the rail krl center. the rail control center operator called police and metro police
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responded. they tell me the man was 400 feet into the tunnel from the platform. one officer fired killing the man in the tunnel. it's unclear why she fired. police are not telling us if the man was armed or if he was running or there was some type of strug well the officer. all the officers are okay. you can board the metro train at the station -- excuse me stadium armory or market station if you need to get on the metro. we'll now hear from spokesperson dan stetsle. >> there was a report of an unauthorized man in the tunnel outside potomac station where we are now. when police responded they began a search in the tunnels and that resulted in what is an officer-involved shooting. all officers are accounted for. the individual who is in the tunnel though was the individual who was shot. >> reporter: now, d.c. police are on scene. you can see those gentlemen with their containers. they're going to go underground
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right now and continue to investigate. a lot of unanswered questions tonight and i'm sure they'll be sorted out. i'm sure you're watching this and saying that's part of my commute tomorrow well metro spokesperson tells me that this station should reopen tomorrow so you will not have delays on the orange blue or silver line. we'll continue the update on our twitter account at nbcwashington and on facebook at nbcwashington. live in southwest d.c. i'm shomari stone. back to you in the studio. >> we'll be updating this throughout the night and pushing out any developments to you on the nbcwashington app. we are learning more tonight about man who was found dead in a car in northwest d.c. they tell us his name was chris adams. he's 20 years old. theyy found him on jefferson street about 2:00 this morning. somebody had shot him. we spoke with family members tonight who say adams was a wilson high school and he was an all-around good
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guy. >> i love the fact that he's my best friend. he's my best friend as well as being my son. he's my best friend my heart, my everything. and for this to happen is just like it's just unbelievable. >> police are investigating whether adam's death is related to another shooting today on ingram street northwest. an american health worker who contracted ebola while volunteers in africa will be admitted to the national institutes of health in bethesda tomorrow. that patient is being flown to the u.s. on a special charter flight from sierra leone. the patient's name age and gender have not been released. nih successfully treated a nurse from dallas texas, who contracted ebola back in october. there was a search tonight for someone who held up a bank in wheaton, maryland the
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capital one bank as police taped off the entrance. at one point officers did have one person in custody but we're told they let him go. tonight, a little boy from mclean who was critically hurt in a sledding accident is back home. 6-year-old bentsen was sledding when he slid into a passing car. he suffered a fractured skull. had to be put into a medically induced coma. his story quickly spread through social media when his family posted the # play4bman. right now a live look outside on another cool night. expect clear skies but a little bit of change on the way. doug? >> wendy, cool the operative word not cold. we've not seen too many cold days over the last couple of --
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a week ago today, we were dealing with low temperatures. 61 the high temperature in fredericksburg and 59 in martinsburg. we'll see changes as we move through the next 24 hours. 24 hours from now all of this rain will be right on top of us. take a look at the rain down to the south, atlanta, down towards new orleans, memphis, st. louis seeing a lot of rain. all of that moisture will be making its way our way for our friday night. if you have plans friday night and saturday i'll let you know when this rain moves in when it moves out and what's coming up next. guys? >> the business community in vienna is rallying around a store owner whose shop was wrecked by vandals. postnet has been closed since last month after almost everything was broken. the damage totaling more than $100,000. owner james cudney says he appreciates the encouraging messages that other business owners and customers painted on his windows. cudney plans to reopen possibly in may. no arrests have been made.
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tonight a northern virginia officer is being called a hero because he pull a man from his burning car in mclean. the smoke and flames are shooting several feet into the air after that car hit a tree last friday. that's when fairfax county officer sharif issa took action. >> i could feel the heat as i was approaching the vehicle. once i got there it got worse and worse. when i w dealing with him i was trying to position myself because it was burning me. >> he was not injured. the driver also is okay but he's later charged with dui. top congressional leaders are calling for secret service officials to be fired after hearing the latest on the two agents who are accused of crashing into a barricade at the white house. chris lawrence is at the live desk with the latest on that. >> yeah wendy, the top republicans and democrats say the agency's latest fiasco goes
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away beyond embarrassing. it was downright dangerous. in fact the head of the house judiciary committee says the secret service is tasked with protecting the white house, but once again another incident makes the agency looks more like it's partying in animal house. "the washington post" broke this story and it's only getting worse for the agency. two agents are accused of leaving a party in chinatown to respond to a bomb threat at the white house. sources say they'd been drinking and broke through a barricade and interrupted the bomb scene investigation coming close to the suspicious package in question. one is a top supervisor the other a high ranking member of president obama's security detail. they're being condemned from all sides. >> does it really need to be said that you can't show up drunk at work especially when you're in the secret service? >> there's absolutely no doubt that heads need to roll. >> well even worse, some say, is that law enforcement officials on the scene wanted to arrest the agents and give them a sobriety test but they were
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overruled by a supervisor. homeland security officials are now investigating that breach of protocol. at the live desk i'm chris lawrence. >> thanks chris. things remain tense tonight, but there's a peaceful vigil after the shooting of two officers in ferguson missouri. dozens of people got together tonight, not to protest, but to pray. less than 24 hours earlier, shots rang out as protester squared off with officers outside police headquarters there. two officers were hit. they were rushed to a hospital where they were treated and then released. >> we're lucky by god's grace we didn't lose two officers last night. >> a neighborhood locked down as heavily armed tactical officers searched for those responsible for the attack. investigators did question three people but at this point, nobody's been arrested. and the oklahoma university football team took a stand against racism. the players walking silently on to the field arm in arm to show
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their solidarity. this protest comes a few days after that video emerged showing members of the sae fraternity singing a racist chant. the football team released a statement saying the mission is to raise awareness and to end the culture of exclusivity on that an emergency landing for a plane in the florida everglades today. the pilot called air traffic control to say who he'd lost power. his plane ended up upside down. the sheriff's department was able to rescue him by way of a helicopter. despite the emergency landing, that pilot was okay. >> and a car slams through the front window of a pizza parlor in aurora colorado with a woman on the hood. she was hit just outside of that restaurant. and then carried inside by the car. they say she's going to be okay. police are still trying the figure out how this crash
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happened. one man is dead after a police-involved shooting inside the potomac avenue metro station. that shooting causing major delays. we'll bring you any new developments as they come in. a few years of marijuana could cause a lifetime of problems. what researchers say y. hot holes are expensive and annoyi ♪ ♪ ♪
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a common sight across the district. crews repairing major potholes.
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tonight montgomery county says its road crews have filled more than 2,000 potholes since january 1st. but it seems that every time they fill one up, another one opens up. jackie bensen reports that drivers are losing patience. >> reporter: we're on florida avenue just east of new york and take a look at this. the security guard in the building here got so tired of seeing people almost hit each other trying to avoid that he put the cone there. ouch. if you're one of the many motorists who have noticed the inside the beltway portion of your commute is taking a bit longer and is a bit bumpier this week you're not alone. even though the snow and ice is gone the seemingly endless winter is being followed by what maryland d.c. and virginia agree is the worst pothole season. take a look at this section of wisconsin avenue in beth es ka. a major commuter route with a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit.
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drivers have to slow way down to avoid bottoming out and damaging their cars in this series of deep potholes. a nearby business owner says he's lost count of how many times this same section of road has been patched since january only to crater up again. just up the street east-west highway, another major commuter route, traffic abruptly slows as drivers hit what looks like an obstacle course. have you noticed that traffic seems to be slowing down? >> well i think two things. one is that some people are caught off guard, especially if the potholes are filled with water. and people are swerving to miss them. >> reporter: most local municipalities have very active pothole filling programs. the problem is they're just appear to be so many more of them this year than there have ever been. in northeast washington jackie bensen news 4. the county says that it
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normally has four trucks out making daily repairs on those potholes but with the warmer weather, they have added an additional 20 trucks and crews in an effort to make the repairs. you can report a pothole online or by calling 311. a new study says that teenagers who spoke marijuana every day may have some lingering memory problems and some structural abnormalities in the brain even after they stop using the drug. researchers at northwestern university looked at 97 people finding that those who smoked marijuana every day for about three years performed worse on long-term memory assessments. and a region of the brain that's associated with long-term memory looked abnormal of an mri. researchers point out this study is premature and that sample size of 97 people is small, so more testing is needed. also a new report says that raising the legal smoking age for cigarettes is going to save
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lives. the report by the institute of medicine says that the national age for legal tobacco use was raised from 18 to 21 there would be about a quarter of a million fewer premature deaths. the report estimates that the number of smokers would drop by 12%. right now 99% of smokers light up before they reach the age of 19. hawaii washington state, vermont, they've all raised their legal smoking age to 21. and new york city has done that as well. a nationwide feder require approval by congress. we're very pleased that there's no snow in the forecast there's no sub-freezing temperatures in the forecast. it doesn't matter much if it rains. >> or even if it's a little cool. >> are you finally saying i'm welcome back up here? >> you've never not been welcome, bro. >> none of this has been your fault. >> you know what i mean? >> the looks that you give me when i come up here and you're telling me that we're in for more snow and cold -- >> we're done with that.
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>> i love the smiles. just fantastic. it's positive. that's the way we're looking as we move towards spring. it's been feeling more like spring. look at this shot. a gorgeous shot and a pretty nice night. temperature down to 47 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour under mostly clear skies. temperatures around the rest of the region 37 32 in leesburg and frederick. we'll get down to the lower 20s. so watch out back towards the west. there could be some icing, but really not that big of a concern as most of the snow in many areas is now gone, but we could still see some. storm team radar, don't worry about this just ground clutter. none of this hitting the ground here. you can see what's happening. skies are clearing continuing to do so. but look down to the southwest. there's our moistuu see it coming straight out of the gulf of mexico. any time you have a fetch like
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this it's a wet one. all seeing the rain including atlanta. all of that moisture moves our way tomorrow. but not early. 6:00 a.m. no problem. you'll get out the door a-okay. not impacted by the weather at all. afternoon, 4:00 lots of sunshine. nice mild day. temperatures back in the 50s. the rain starts to come our way around 8:00. still dry around the d.c. metro area. as you head in for dinner you're fine. just take the umbrella. but the time you get out of dinner there's the rain. most of this light, but then around midnight 1:00 it starts to get heavier. by early saturday morning, it will get heavier. we're not talking about tremendous downpours here. we'll see moderate to heavy rain. especially between 7:00 and 11:00. that's when we'll see the heaviest rain. if you have some plans, maybe you got a lacrosse practice or soccer practice for the kids you might want to call ahead to
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make sure that's going to go on. during the afternoon we get a break, scattered showers. then a rumble or two late in the evening as temperatures climb into the mid to upper 60s. a very warm day on saturday but also fairly rainy. tomorrow an average day, but we'll take average this time of year. 54 in d.c. 50 in frederick, 56 down towards fredericksburg and 49 back towards the winchester area. temperatures staying above average. 66 on saturday 56 on sunday 58 degrees coming up on monday. a couple of nice days there. it be rather breezy on sunday but the wind starts to really pick up on tuesday. we'll see winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. but hey, l i said not bad at all. every single one of those at least starts with a five. >> we like that. y with like you, too, buddy. >> you can stick around. tonight organizers kicked off the world police and fire games. about 12,000 athletes will compete at venues in d.c.
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maryland and much of northern virginia. there are about 61 different competitions involved. the event's also expected to bring in about 30,000 visitors. at least local fire ems and law enforcement leaders stressed the impact this would have on our area. >> this is a huge event. the way i characterize it david, is i'm not going to see this again in my lifetime here in this area and hopefully most likely we will in the united states but not here. >> our own aaron gilchrist participated in the events tonight. the opening ceremonies will be june 26th at rfk stadium. all of the events free to the ub pick lp nbc 4 is a proud sponsor of these games. we got sports coming up. near perfect night for the wiz.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to your home for the mo sports. wizards played some ball tonight. >> yes. >> pretty well as a matter of fact. >> are you enthusiastic about this or what? we had a good night. when the wizards found out before the game that memphis was going to rest their three best players, he had to make a decision. come out and play even harder or play to their level. you decide what choice they made. john wall and the wiz looking for their third straight home wiz. tied at 41. forcing the turnover here. gortat passed out to john wall. porter takes their first lead here and never look back.
11:26 pm
they get another turnover. this time wall going strong to the rim all alone. and the bucket. 11 steals on the night. pouring it on pierce with the long three. 17 tonight for him. wiz just running away. but guys this wasn't all just rent tonight. this was something. another turnover. wall to porter. alley-oop pass. and the rim. it's so embarrassing. paul pierce is getting like oh wiz beat them. you know what puke and rally means? >> no. >> when you drink a little too much and you get rid of it and you get back in the bar and continue. >> i've never done that. >> stick with me here. the georgia hoyas playing against creighton. the hoyas bulldogs mascot puked op the court at half time.
11:27 pm
but he did what a mascot should do puke and rally. >> in the outfit? >> no the real dog. not the mascot guy. rivera. that's disgusting. can you imagine what that would smell like if he puked in his costume there? here we go though creighton on the way back. georgetown keeping the lead. chapman, smallest guy on the court coming up big. creighton up six. but georgetown would begin a run. gets the defense in the air then gets the easy layup. hoyas up one. driving, puts it high off the glass. falling down. 25 points for him. hoyas with a 15-4 run to win the game. they win 60-55. >> good for them. >> the a-10 tournament. gw and duquesne. check out the gw passing here.
11:28 pm
every player touches the ball before he gets it. mcdonald, four points tonight. gw would never trail in this one. second half reverse layup. gw with the win. they will play rhode island in the a-10 quarterfinals. nfl news the redskins remaking their defensive line. defensive tackle he'll sign a deal potroast played in the last two years in denver. will play alongside newly acquired defensive tackle stephen pae'a.
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we've got paea potroast, we need hot sauce in th
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>> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vin diesel carl reiner kobe bryant


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