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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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clothing of the victim lying on the ground. the victim was walking with a friend when he was approached from behind and shot. >> we believe at this time it is random. we have a witness who is with the victim at the time he's been able to provide some information about the suspect and what occurred. >> now the injured man was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition this morning. later today a closer look at several ways the montgomery county council is trying to improve child care. when newly introduced a bill to develop universal prekindergarten. another would increase access to public space for vulnerable children. the d.c. mayor launching a new initiative to help you and your neighborhood. her community relations staff will walk through eight wards and identify issues that can be fixed quickly. community clean ups are planned
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for this saturday. the it is now time to take a look at the forecast. i really want to to cushion on today. i might put my handead in the sand for the rest of the week. >> don't do that! come on! anything that is coming up later this week will receive relatively mild. february finished off almost 9 degrees colder than average. let's focus on the positive. saint patrick's day! it is a mild one, for sure. temperatures in the 40s, 50s, even 60 this morning. the morning planner the hour by hour. 6:00 a.m. 46. mid 50s by 8:00. low 60s in the metro area today and down through the afternoon high today almost 70 degrees. many neighborhoods actually eclipse 70 later on this afternoon. the wind will increase and the temperatures will tumble by mid to late afternoon. by the time the evening hours
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blustery and chilly weather. temperatures in the 40s this evening and back down for many neighborhoods below freezing by tomorrow morning. metro highs today how about 70 in southern prince george's county. 66 in gaithersburg today. a very nice day to be outside. this is the last of the mild days. cold blustery windchill concerns coming back for tomorrow. and a chance for springtime snow flakes on friday. over to melissa. >> no at fan of the springtime snow flake thing. take a look at the crams. looking pretty good. beltway at coalkohlsville road. beltway at kenilworth avenue inner and outer loop everything rolling well. construction around the area. nothing major to be worried about. one more camera at this point. 66 at lee highway doesn't look
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so pretty. like a mone here this morning. eastbound and westbound erg looking good and rolling along. out of israel now polls are now open in an election that could impact u.s.-israeli relations. go ahead and take a look at the video we got earlier this morning. it shows israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu casting his ballot. as the country's parliament i are elections get underway. the focus has been the economy. netanyahu made an appeal to his base recently saying in the last minute that palestinian state would not be established on his clock. tracie potts will have more on what the election means when it comes to u.s.-israeli relations as well as the issue of a nuclear iran. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you.
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the 16-year-old target of the vicious attack is heading back to school today. he was attacked outside of a boys and girls club late saturday in prince william county. his mother tells news 4 the act could have been a act of retaliation over a high school rivalry. the person who first punched her son asked whether he played for the freedom basketball team. >> this has to stop. it has to stop. you can't go around randomly picking kids just because. >> her son suffered minor injury injuries. the attackers were gone by the time the police arrived. pennsylvania state police arrested a man from our area and charged him with murder. caleb barns stabbed a woman to death in their state. an unremitted charge of having sex with a 14-year-old girl. an investigation underway in a suspicious death in fairfax county.
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officers say they found a man's body in the woods. you can see fairfax county officers investigating this in this video. we're working to find out the victim's name. a virginia woman says she accidentally shot and killed her husband. that shooting happened at home on harrison road in the fredericksburg area. spotsylvania county police are questioning the woman. the couple's children were inside the home at the time. their staying with relatives. officials from three jurisdictions will get together for the regional fight against homelessness summit. d.c.'s mayor and representatives from prince george's and montgomery county will highlight their current and future plans to fight the homelessness issues between 10:00 a.m. and snoon at progress place in silver spring. d.c. is rolling out the red carpet for the royal visit. the prince and duchess have a
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packed schedule. they'll arrive later tonight and go to a reception at the british ambassador's resident. tomorrow they visit mount vernon. prince charles will stop by the national archives and. on thursday they'll meet with the president and vice president before wrapping up the visit in kentucky. it is saint patrick's day. there are a lot of events where you can celebrate. >> we put even more on nbc for those heading to church cardinal is holding mass at the saint patrick catholic church at 11: 30. fado irish pub is opening for breakfast and live music later today. if you're looking for something to do with your children. the natural history museum is hosting two irish dancing shows
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today. springtime is prime time for tornados. virginia is helping you get ready today. >> plus the controversy rounding today's saint patrick's day parade in new york city. and warm temperatures early today. much colder air is on the way. chuck bell takes a look at the timing coming up
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today if you live or work in virginia you can be a part of the statewide tornado drill. at 9:45 this morning the national weather service will send a test tornado warning. you can take part by having a plan and taking cover. the annual drill is a collaboration between virginia emergency management and the national weather service to be prepared for a tornado. celebrating saint patrick's day. it's the fourth most popular drinking day on the calendar. it falls behind new year's eve, christmas, and the fourth of july. it also says people around the world will drink 13 million pints of guinness today. you can call for a free ride home through the sober program. we put the information on our mobile app. shipments of cabbage will go up 70% this week. corned beef and cabbage. people will eat it at 8:00 this morning with their pint of beer.
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>> and noon and 2:00 and 4:00 and 7:00. >> 4:41 is the time now. if you plan to spend time outside today, you're going to love the weather! >> yeah. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with your forecast. i hope it stays warm all day, chuck. >> absolutely. i have my guinness here. maybe 4:00 a.m. is a little early for that. outside today a nice look at saint patrick's day to celebrate. nice and mild turning breezy later this afternoon. there could be a random rain drop or two, if you can't find the umbrella, don't worry about it. a passing sprinkle as the cold front comes by later this afternoon. temperature in the metro in the 40s and low 50s already. this is one of the cold spots down to 39 now. there's a little bit of a gusty wind out there. the winds will increase later on this afternoon. could gust over 30 miles per hour at times. check out the hourlyp and away we go! into the upper 60s and low 70s. highs today could be around 72.
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65 in southern maryland and pushing 70 around here. that's nice for sure. by tomorrow morning this time many neighborhoods below freeze. >> the last picture was odd. it looked a little pixlated. no major problems there. the folks heading south. take a look at beltway at indian head highway right now. no issues again, all of these folks heading on the outer loop. no major issues there. one more camera. stake a look here 95 at dale boulevard. looks a little crazy but i promise no problems northbound and southbound. back in ten minutes. >> see you then. two local athletes head to noops annapolis. how they can have a big impact on hazing at colleges. why mitt romney
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israeli elections officially underway at this hour. prime minister benjamin netanyahu cast his vote this morning despite the last ditch appeals it shows him trailing his opponent isaac herzog. tracie potts live with how it could impact israel's relationship with the u.s. >> the election results will start coming in here mid afternoon. one reason we're watching so closely is because of how these two opponents see the ongoing negotiations with iran. just two weeks ago today, netanyahu was hear on capitol hill against what the u.s. is trying to do against these negotiations. not so much with his opponent isaac herzog who said that
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netanyahu is causing unnecessary panic. they have two different views on what is happening in switzerland. the negotiations are resuming today. secretary of state kerry and foreign minister. we're told by at least one senior official they have brought up the republican letter at least twice over the last two days in the negotiations. the letter that was signed by 47 republicans here urging iran to back off these negotiations and take another look whether or not whatever deal they come up with is going to stick after president obama is out of office. >> all right tracyie potts on capitol hill. thank you. kurdish investigating two possible chemical weapons attacks by isis. the kurds also just released this footage, which they say is of soldier suffering after another chemical weapons attack by isis last december. a kurdish general said they waited to reveal the footage out of fears of causing panic. the claims haven't been vetted by international authorities. the more recent alleged attacks
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come as a major iraqi offensive is overway. crews are trying to retake saddam hussein's hometown from isis. joseph clancey will be in the hot seat on capitol hill. he's expected to testify at 10:00 this morning. congressional sources tell news 4 clancey is expected to ask the committee for an increase for next year's budget. he's expected to bring lawmakers on the house oversight and government reform committee about the latest. the agents were sent home and not arrested after drinking and driving. it followed the breach when a man jumped a fence and made it to the mansion. today president obama celebrates saint patrick's day. the irish prime minister will take part in the annual shamrock ceremony. tonight the president will be
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presented with a bowl of shamrocks marking the relationship between the u.s. and ireland. others will celebrate with green beer. in new york city saint the oldest parade hits the street. new york's mayor bill de blasio said he will not march for the second year in a row. he didn't march last year because of the limitations on gay groups. today the first ever gay group will march under a banner. he said it's not enough. two men expected to testify before maryland lawmakers about the state's hazing laws. the maryland house judiciary committee is considering a bill that would increase the penalties for hazing. johnny powell said he was hazed by this fraternity. he was beat within a cane and paddled. kevin hey said he was beaten body slammed, and beaten with a body paddle. both men are suing the fraternities. the university of baltimore
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suspended five play frers the women's lacrosse team for threatening teammates. investigators say the threats were made over a private chat room and were directed at freshman. one message said, quote, can we just kill them? steps have been taken to protect those involved. the suspended players apologized saying our hurtful and words are unexcusable. our stance was inappropriate. we're sorry to the many we negatively impacted. we have more celebrations to show you. now that the ncaa women's basketball bracket is set. [ cheers and applause ] look at that! celebration at the university of maryland. the women's team is a number one seed this year. they play new mexico state this saturday afternoon. [ cheers and applause ] the women's team celebrating as well at gwu. they are six seed after taking
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the championship this year. their first game is friday. for all of you following the march madness this year you can always double check your black wet a quick trip to indiana. this is a marriott hotel in indianapolis where the men's championship game will be played this year. you can see the shoettle track-- hotel is tracking the thrills and upset with the huge bracket broadcast on the side of the building. >> that's not a lego building. ♪ ♪ >> whoa! powerful performance earned a maryland singer a spot in the next round on the voice. tree that gibson won her battle round last night. the 17-year-old frederick native had her parents there cheering on. it wasn't a sweep for a d.c. man country crooner. he was sent home by adamly convene. we're looking at rings.
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mitt romney getting in the ring. not a presidential run. he's literally getting into a boxing ring to fight one of the greatest boxers for charity. romney will spar with five-time heavy champion holyfield. the light hearted fight -- >> yeah. >> okay. >> it's a fund-raiser for a utah-based charity vision. it helps restore vision for people with curable blindness. >> i don't care how long holyfield has been retired, i don't know if that's a wise choice. >> there are going to be hits. i don't want to be on the other end of his fist. >> if you think boxing is tough, try running for president. >> maybe he's trained in a different way and nothing is going to -- >> so how about the forecast today? we like what you're coming up with here. >> all right! >> can we just stop it today. stop it tuesday? >> okay. that sounds like an end of the
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world. i don't know if i care for that too much. >> we have many signs of spring out there today. here is another one for both of you. saint patrick's day check it out! e today we have 12 hours of daylight. sun up at 7:17 and down at 7:17 we're moving into plus daylight territory starting tomorrow. we keep 12 hours or more of daylight until the autumn exfox in september. 49 in washington now. almost 50 degrees and it's two hours before the sun comes up! temperatures will spike very very quickly. mid-morning to about lunchtime today expect a big rise in temperatures well up into the upper 60s to flirting with 70 degrees. your hometown forecast stafford virginia will make 70 today. blustery this afternoon and cold by tomorrow morning temperatures near freezing. temperature 70 here and
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windchills near 20 tomorrow and tomorrow's temperature staying in the 40s. old man winter continues across northern new york and northern new england. for us mostly dry. 99% dry. you might get a quick passing sprinkle that's about it as the cold front comes through. it will happen between noon and 3:00. you'll know because the wind will switch around to the northwest and it will be breezy later this afternoon. highs today upper 60s to low 70s. our #70 or bust. by tomorrow morning temperatures below freezing in most of the suburbs. here is a first check of the seven-day forecast. 69 at reagan national today. many neighborhoods touch 70. tomorrow barely making 50 degrees. same story on thursday. and yes, indeed everybody, a chance of wet snow flakes. not an accumulating snow but conversational wet snow flakes friday morning turning to cold rain friday afternoon. here is some upside news.
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the weekend we have taken the chance of rain out. melissa said i don't want anymore rain. >> i was upset. you're saying conversational snow? >> does that include bad words? >> no it doesn't! it's a conversation. people aren't going to be happy. take a look at the cameras now. beltway at new hampshire avenue everything looking good. outer loop no major problems. beltway at central avenue again, rolling along nicely not having any issues. overall looking quite good right now. everything pretty open. one more camera this morning. here it comes. there we go. 66 at germantown road. not the best shot but eastbound and westbound everything rolling nicely. some construction around town. nothing to be worried about as everything should be wrapped up in the next couple of minutes. thank you. stopping crime together. what police say you can do to help the fight.
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$15 flights to europe. it could be a reality in the future. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in
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the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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welcome back. you can help d.c. police if you recognize the people in this video. take a close look here. they ran into a store pointing their guns on saturday about 5:00 a.m. this happened on martin luther
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king jr. avenue southwest. if you have any information, d.c. police would like to hear from you. there's a reward up to $10,000. you can keep crime out of your neighborhood by knowing your neighbors. that was the message at a neighborhood watch crime prevention training session at the fourth district station on george avenue northwest last night. organizers say a vast majority of the crime in the district is preventable. if you know the people in your neighborhood you're more likely to stop a crime before it happens. >> oil80% of d.c. crime is preventable. it's called a crime of opportunity. and that means that we through our behavior create an opportunity for a crime to happen. >> now those who attended were shown pictures of preventable crimes. limiting prevechbtble crimes helps officer focus on violent cases. you can sell your truck or car on the street of alexandria.
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they unanimously repealed a ban. it was followed by a man being fined for $40. following the lawsuit the city reviewed the law and suspended the enforcement. more than 700 people were fined for a similar evaluation between january 1st of 2010 and october 1st of 2014. the local police department asking for your help. name a puppy. this is the newest member of the carol county sheriff's department. it's a 4-month-old blood hound. he's going to help search for missing people help with investigators looking for leads in criminal cases, too. if you want to name him, you can e-mail i'm going work on tweeting out the e-mail address for you. >> very cute!
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>> the hounds have ears. those ears. better to hear you with. stay with us. news 4 today continues at 5:00 a.m. from 70 to snow. we're in for a wild weather ride over the next few days. a warm ride now. take a look. it is 56 degrees outside of our studios in northwest. chuck bell has a timing of a major temperature drop. and 10 inch water main continues to cause problems this morning in prince george's county. when repairs could be finished and whether it will impact your commute. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning everybody. >> welcome to news 4 today for this march 17 2015 saint patrick's day. the weather will be perfect for a stroll along the water early today, but winter trying to make a comeback. chuck bell is here with another check of the forecast. chuck, i hope you


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