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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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breaking news, an attempted shooting. i'm barbara harrison you're watching news 4 midday. a flight headed from washington to denver returns to dulles airport when a passenger turns violent. we have passenger video of the chaos and what pilots told air traffic controllers. it is st. patrick's day and we have you covered from the most popular beer to events at the white house. you'll want hot coffee before the week is over. seven-day forecast coming up. i'm megan mcgrath following
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breaking news in the alexandria section of fairfax county. police are still on the shooting that happened shortly after 8:30 this morning. police believes it stems from a burglary attempt at this home on le noer lane. the gun involved belongs to a resident of the home. police say they now have that weapon. the man who was shot ran from the house where he tried to get on a bus. a police officer responding to the burglary calls spotted the blood and stopped the man from boarding that bus. he is in custody with nonlife threatening injuries. at this point, no charges have been filed. the investigation continues. reporting in fairfax county megan mcgrath news 4. a big story developing this morning, a d.c. police officer who also is a pastor is facing charges he sexually abused a 16-year-old girl. daryl best was off duty at the time the girl claims he attacked
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her. the girl told police he abused her multiple times in the last few months. right now, the director of the secret service joseph clancy is in the hot seat testifying before a house committee. he's expected to ask lawmakers for an increase in next year's budget. news 4 i-team reporter scott mcfarland broke the story. >> he's getting hit from both sides from democrats and republicans not about his budget which is the point of today's hearing. he's getting hit because of the dui incident involving two special agents that was march 4th. he says he's turned it over to an independent investigator. but he's taking heat for that. they are saying he's not being accountable enough and agents should have been fired and the culture of the agency which has been troubled recently that should have changed. >> now he's asking for money. what's the money for? >> more than they got last year.
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it's up to $1.9 billion total. he's going to say the money is for protecting the 2016 presidential candidates, which the secret service does, but also to reenforce training and potentially to reenforce the security apparatus at the white house itself. >> you're watching that briefing. we'll have more on news 4 and on we are learning more about the situation that forced a united airlines plane to return back to dulles just after takeoff. the plane was on its way to denver last night when it had it make the turn around. listen to the recording between the jet and air traffic control. >> declaring an emergency due to a passenger -- disturbance he is restrained. we need to return to the airport. >> united 1074 do you have the cockpit secure? >> dockcockpit is secure. >> check out this cell phone video. that's the passenger in question being tackled to the ground. ewe
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united did not release details about the nature of the disturbance, but one passenger told nbc news that man right there tried to storm the cockpit and said he had a bomb. he didn't. another passenger said the manmade references to jihad. once the plane landed police took the man to the hospital where he was evaluated. i looked outside. things were looking bright. >> still a little cloud cover over washington, but there's a bright picture. more sunshine out to the west where temperatures are noticeably milder. we have now made 71 degrees in washington. that's more than a 12-degree jump in the last hour alone. more prntly, it's the first time we've been over 70 degrees since december 1st. it has been a long time coming. unfortunately, it's not going to be a long time sticking around. temperatures will be back into the 50s before you get home from work and school later on this afternoon. then the bottom really falls out. sub freezing temperatures are just around the corner.
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georgetown men's basketball team getting set to make their cross country trip to portland, oregon. they start their ncaa tournament this friday night against eastern washington. it's been three years since they won a game in the big dance. john had a simple message for his players as they boarded the bus. >> just stay focused. the message has been pretty consistent since the pairings came out. stay focused on eastern washington and nothing else. >> it's business time. this time it's either win or go home. we don't play again if we don't win. it's all business, no fun at this point. >> reporter: now coming up later on news 4 at 5:00 we'll tell you what they need to do to avoid an early exit. from georgetown, i'm jason pugh news 4 sports. the maryland terps are the
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number 1 seed. they are now getting ready to face new mexico state in college park this saturday. and a lot to celebrate at george washington as well. the women's team is on the 6 seed of the tournament. they are in the same region as the terps, which mean they could play each other if they both win their first three games. if you don't want to follow on your phone, there's a building you can check out right now. take a look at this. this is the hotel in indianapolis where the men's championship game will be played this year. the hotel plastered this 44,000 square foot bracket on the side of the building to keep up with all the march upsets ups and downs and
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now for a look at the stories picking up speed right now as the morning continues. . on buzzfeed, san francisco 4949ers linebacker retired because he's worried about his health and brain trauma. chris borland telling espn he doesn't believe staying in the game is worth the risk. a lot of ladies loving this next story. you can find it at it's all about oprah and her announcement she will soon auction off more than 500 of her personal things. things are things she had had in her condo. we did post a gallery with some of those items. right now we want to check in with social media editor brittany johnson. what you got? >> that's right, what's trending today is what's trending across the u.s. that's st. patrick's day. happy st. patrick's day, everybody. happy birthday to you, angie. what's trending on our website is definitely st. patrick's day
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relate ed related. if you're planning to celebrate, they are offering free rides at 4:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. wednesday wednesday. and they are free up to a $30 fair. that's a great deal. also prince charles is here for three days in d.c. if you are lucky enough to see them in the city, tweet us a picture. st. patrick's day parade getting some negative
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right now, the st. patrick's day parade is under way in new york city. here's a look at what happened last year. the parade stepped off just a few minutes ago. now we won't see new york mayor bill de blasio. he's not marching in the parade for a second year in a row. he didn't march because gay groups were not allowed in the march. one gay and lesbian group is
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walking the route this year. the parade is a tradition that began back in 1762. we want to check in with barbara harrison to see how the president is spending his st. patrick's day. >> president obama is celebrating with irish prime minister. he's taking part in the annual shamrock ceremony started by president truman back in 195237. the president will be presented with a bowl of shamrocks marking the relationship between the two. former florida governor jeb bush speaking in south carolina this morning. you guessed it south carolina a crucial early primary state. this is bush's first big pitch there. it's all part of what they are calling this invisible primary. the idea is this. the 2016 presidential primary has essentially already started a full rosster of potential republican candidates jockeying
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before any of them officially announce. mark murray is here to explain. how telling are these early moves during the so-called invisible primaryies? >> this is all about going for. the endorsements and trying to raise money to really jockey for position to kind of see who is in stature, who is in first in the little horse race. the most important thing is kind of see if someone is going to be able to lock down their party is all the endorsements. watch the endorsements from members of congress sitting senators and governors, those are the best predictor if they can get the party on their side or is this going to be a competitive primary. >> it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get the nomination. >> absolutely. the person who is usually leading the polls doesn't always win. that's why in some ways these endorsements are so important. we have seen george w. bush in 2000 when he got 80% of all republicans, you knew how that
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primary was going to break. so things to pay attention to is this invisible primary stage. >> mark murray thank you so much. on the other side of the political spectrum, people are lining up to work for presumed candidate hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. but one caveat they can't be paid yet due to federal election commission rules. all those strategists and advisers are essentially working for free until she officially declares she's running. we don't know whether she's going to do that. chuck, how about our weather? >> we can talk about spring and for about the next six hours or so we can enjoy a taste of warmth out there. mild weather for sure clouds in and out for much of the afternoon. but it's going to turn more breezy as the afternoon goes along. winds could gust over 40 miles per hour at times. mainly clear skies, but remaining breezy and turning colder overnight tonight. low temperatures dropping down
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to near the freezing mark by tomorrow morning. so out and about this afternoon, temperatures mid-60s between 3:00 and 4:00. into the upper 50s by 5:00 this evening. it's going to be a cold evening for sure. this is the last of the mild days. our cold patterns here the rest of the week may add snow flakes to worry about on friday. he always comes with a bag of tricks. steve greenburg is joining us with a look at gadgets perfect for the start of spring. >> great to be here. >> what did you bring us? >> great stuff for home tech. this is a free app to put on to pictures of devices and put an image of them on to your mobile devices. i can look at my pictures and organizes them by date chrks is cool. it can be on your tablet. plus if you want to back it up, you can put the images on to this live home from lyve.
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these are smart l.e.d. bulbs. you can control the bulbs, dim them with your tablet or smart phone. but they have built-in speakers to actually play music right through them. >> that's coming from the light? >> you screw them into a light bull b and you have wireless speakers through your home. cool huh? >> after the break, m
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right now, israeli elections are underway. they could have huge repercussions in the u.s. prime minister benjamin netanyahu cast his vote this morning. yesterday he made the stunning announcement that he will will oppose a palestinian state if he's reelected. it runs counter to u.s. policy. despite his hard line appeal benjamin netanyahu trails in the polls. who is the man that could beat him? meet one of two union leaders. herzog is come paining on better relations with allies. those have been tested by benjamin netanyahu's speech on iran. and like benjamin netanyahu, herzog has a popular nickname. it's boujie a name his mother gave him. later we'll have a look at the
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impacts of the elections coming up. a d.c. rolling out the red carpet for the royals today. the prince of wales arrived at andrews air force base and go straight to reception at the british ambassador's residence. they will visit mount vernon tomorrow. camilla will visit the shakespeare theater company. then thursday the couple will meet with the president and vice president before they wrap up their u.s. visit in kentucky. and i know one thing they are probably going to like when they arrive is the weather. it's been freezing there across the pond. >> that's for sure. the weather the last two days has been glorious. finally spring. i feel like you're toying with our emotions. >> they better get here fast. if they want the warm weather, time is running short. we were 54 degrees an hour ago. the temperature jumped 15 degrees in the last hour at reagan national. we're now at 71.
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still 63 at andrews. almost 70 in warrenton. 64 in winchester. so the week ahead, today, near 70. green light conditions for sure. windchills down near the freezing mark or below by tonight and tomorrow morning. and a chance for wet snow flakes coming on friday. doesn't look like accumulating snow but snow after 70 that gets people excited. seven-day forecast is coming up next. he's not going to run for president for a third time but mitt romney is still in for a big fight. this time it could actually hurt. the former gom presidential nominee is set to box evander holyfield. they are getting into the ring to raise money for the charity vision. the organization helps restore vision in people with curable blindness. the match is scheduled for may 15th in salt lake city. and we're back in one minute
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a virginia sixth grader is back in school following a controversial suspension. bedford middle school suspended the 11-year-old back in september for the whole year. school leaders say they found a leaf that looked like marijuana in his backpack. he was also charged in juvenile court for that. it was reported three tests found no trace of marijuana in that leaf. the charges were dropped. his parents are now suing bedford county schools and the sheriffs office. they say their son is having panic attacks. ♪ a powerful performance has earned a singer a spot in the next round on "the voice." she was the one on the right won her battle round last night. the 17-year-old frederick native had her parents, who are deaf
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cheering her on. the news wasn't as sweet for a d.c. man, though. lawyer and country crooner jack gregory was sent home by adam levine. loving "the voice" this year. >> it's great. i was sorry to see gregory have to leave. he was good. they were both good. it was a hard decision to have to make. i thought somebody would have snatched him. >> stolen him. but 17 years old and as christina her coach said she's so sweet and innocent. then this monster erupts out of her. >> a lot of great voice this is year. the name red
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apple has a new way to try to get everyone to switch to an iphone. the company is launching a recycling and trade-in program. it will accept nonapple phones including android and blackberry devices in exchange for a gift card used to buy a new iphone.
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employees will determine the trade-in value based on the functional and cosmetic condition of the phone. that's your business report. a story making national headlines right now, a school district in new york says it's removing the name redskins from its teams. >> the lancaster community cannot deny that the school nickname is a racial slur to the native americans. >> what was acceptable 70 years ago is not acceptable today. >> the decision to change the name came after several other schools in lancaster's area said they would boycott the games. the school board voted unanimously for the change. good morning, once again. it sure is a nice day outside today. especially in stafford virginia. up to 70 degrees today. it is a little on the breezy side and more and more blustery as the afternoon wears along. notice the huge drop in temperatures. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, a 40-degree drop in
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temperatures. here's your seven-day forecast. 73 today, 50 tomorrow that's it. 49 on thursday with increasing clouds. a risk of some wet snow flakes that will become all rain by friday afternoon. even friday morning temperatures not all that cold. so not looking for an accumulating snow. that's the good news. we're back with steve greenberg with gadgets perfect for the start of spring. what's next? >> next is free phone service. this is ooma telo. you have free phone service. the only thing you pay for is taxes, which here in this area is about $4 a month. >> it works everywhere? >> you can keep your same phone number and has caller i.d. voice mail 911, all available. and right over here, this is called trackimo. you can put into your child's book bag or teen's car and track
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where they are all their travels, plus if they leave a geofence you can get a text message warning. if the car pool goes too fast you can get a message for that as well. >> some cool stuff. we're going to come back in a few minutes with more from steve. looking forward to that. ladies ladies, breathe in for this next story. a new movie is helping to drive up those korset sales. >> you shall go o to the ball. >> disney's cinderella hit theaters and everybody is talking about how very tiny the actress waist is. it's barely there. she wore a korset and described it as torture. all of the kardashians sparked this trend. the girls have been posting pictures on instagram of what's called waist kror set
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to help slim down. it looks painful. between waist training and cinderella korset sales from gone up in just the last three months. we are looking at the odds of
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i'm megan mcgrath. following breaking news in the alexandria section of fairfax county. if you look behind me police are still on the scene of a
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shooting that happened shortly after 8:30 this morning. police believe it stems from a burglary attempt at this home. the gun involved belongs to a resident of the home and police now have that weapon. the man who was shot ran from the house, went down to telegraph road where he tried to get on a bus. a police officer responding to the burglary spotted the blood and stopped the man from boarding the bus. he is now in police custody and is said to have nonlife threatening injuries. no charges have been filed as of yet. megan mcgrath, news 4. i'm richard jordan at the live desk following a developing story. robert durst is in a new orleans courtroom to face gun charges. this is unrelated to the murder charge he's facing out in los angeles. police say when they arrested durst on sunday he had a .38 caliber and small amount of
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marijuana. he has to face those charges girs before he can be extra indicted to face the murder charge. his neighbor who authorities say was a witness in the disappearance of his wife in 1982. durst has waived his extradition and expected toad not guilty to that murder charge. we have another developing story. a d.c. police officer who is also a pastor is facing charges that he sexually abused a 16-year-old girl. police say daryl best was off duty at the time. he was her pastor at the god of second chance ministry church on southern avenue. the girl told police he abused her multiple times in. the last few months. the director of the secret service is testifying at a house budget committee. before he presented his budget proposal he addressed the latest misconduct scandal involving his agency. two agents crashed into a security barrier at the white house after allegedly drinking at a bar. the agents were sent home and not arrested.
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>> despite the allegations of misconduct involving two senior level agents at the complex on march 4th i have been impressed by the selfless dedication as a whole and our people's willingness to take on the necessary reforms in the betterment of the mission. >> clancy says his agency is cooperating with the homeland security office of inspector general, which is now looking into the incident. we are learning more now about the situation that forced a united airlines plane to return back to dulles just after takeoff. take a look at this cell phone video taken on board. >> you're hearing the man in question there. united did not release details about the nature of the disturbance. one passenger told nbc news that that man right there tried to reach the cockpit and said he had a bomb. he didn't. another passenger on the flight said the manmade references to jihad. once the plane landed, the man
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was take on to the hospital for evaluation. beautiful day outside today. here's the view from our rockville camera. plenty of sunshine and it is nice to be outside. it's an outdoor lunch hour kind of afternoon. the radar is absolutely clear. looks like it's going to stay that way the rest of the day. temperatures are in the upper 60s and low 70s now. that's where we're going to stay for the next couple hours. temperatures will begin that downward trend by 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. back to the mid-50s by early this evening and back into upper 40s by mid-to late evening tonight. cold air is coming. >> enjoy this day. five women no longer play on the university of maryland baltimore county lacrosse team. the school suspended them indefinitely for threatening their teammates. investigators say the threats were made over a private chat room and were directed at
11:35 am
freshmen. the athletic director said steps have been take on to protect those involved. the suspended players apologized saying our hurtful, destructful words and tone are inexcusable. our stance was utterly inappropriate and we're deeply sorry to the many we negatively impacted. >> we have new video of basketball players leaving for the big dance. they are flying to portland for the first round game against eastern washington which you can watch this thursday. georgetown missed out on the tournament last year and lost in the first round two years ago. so exciting news for them. georgetown is a 4 seed this year. you have two days left to decide how far the team is going to go. so if you're hope inging for a perfect bracket, good luck. a math professor crunched the
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numbers. he said even with a good understanding of how all of this works, your odds of picking a perfect bracket are 128 billion. if you have no clue what you're doing but just trying to be cool, if you're taking part in that, your odds dropped to 9 1 in 9 quintillion. we couldn't even fit that on this page. but if you are the lucky one, there are some big prizes to win if it is perfect. the green turtle here is giving away one of its restaurants. and according to the green turtle it's worth $1 million to win one. and yahoo! a big part of march madness doing a billion dollar bracket. you can win $50,000. that is if you decide to get as close as you can to the best bracket. the person who get. s the best bracket based on the formula on the web page. we're going to take it from
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basketball over to the brews.
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we have a look at what's rising online. airliner fly mojo is expected to fly planes next year. new competition for struggling malaysia airlines reeling from recent catastrophes including the disappearance of mh-370. names on the verge of extinction. we have to keep barbara though. ours is definitely one of a kind. and finally happy st. patrick's day. if you're ready to party, they have mapped out a way to do it. take a look at that.
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the u.s. is all about the bud light. cracking open the coronas down in mexico. and all the way down all parts of different continents there. in china, they are all about drinking the snow. pretty cool. whatever you're drinking, cr
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the parade is underway in new york city. the parade started at the top of the hour. you're taking a look at video from last year. for a second year in a row, new york mayor bill de blasio is not marching. he didn't march last year because gay groups were not allow ed allowed to march. for the first time one group is taking the route this year. the parade is a tradition that began back in 1762. how is the president spending st. patrick's day? >> the president is celebrating
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with irish prime minister. he's taking part in the annual shamrock ceremony that was started by president truman in 1952. tonight the president will be presented with a bowl of shamrocks marking the relationship between the u.s. and ireland. hello, our spring fling here, which started kind of yesterday is beginning to be coming to an end after today. . don't turn your back on snow chances. we had snow march 25th last year. temperatures tomorrow morning. back to the 20s and 30s. a cold start for sure. enjoy these mild temperatures today while they are around. he's back with all kinds of new stuff. steve is back with gadgets perfect for the start of spring. >> cutting your lawn, a big deal coming up soon. the folks at cub cadet have a free app to monitor the lawn mower. it tells you when you need an
11:42 am
oil change gives you a warning and tells you a video on how to do the oil change. free app, it is coordinates with their tractors. to clean your home, this is the ex 500 robotic vacuum. it's going to clean our stage here. it's got 15 sensors. it has camera vision. it's looking at the ceiling, mapping the ceiling. it does scheduled cleanings so it's set up. he has the longest battery. and it's 20% faster. brand new. a whole new technology. it's doing a pretty amazing job right over there. >> watch out. it has sensors. thank you so much. it's great to see you. >> it's always a pleasure.
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apparently some of us are sharing way too much on social media. a new university of michi poll says three quarters of people know someone who shares too much about their children online. more than half of moms and a quarter of dads say they have posted something about their kids health and behavior problems. get some good advice from experienced parents. think twice before posting about your kids to be sure it doesn't threaten their safety or invade their privacy. do you think this is a problem? we want to know if you know someone who is guilty of the term is sharing. you're watching news 4 midday. we'll be right back.
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right now israeli voters are heading to the polls in an election with huge potential impacts here in the u.s. tensions between the white house and bnenjamin netanyahu have simmered for years. benjamin netanyahu has slammed obama's efforts to reach a nuclear deal with iran saying it risks security and in a stunner yesterday benjamin netanyahu announced that he'll oppose a palestinian state if he is reelected. that runs counter to stated u.s. policy. it's seen by some as a last ditch effort to rally his base of hard line voters. he trails his opponent who has
11:47 am
campaigned for better relations with the allies. polls close today at 4:00 p.m. our time. stay up with the latest as the election unfolds today. download our app and search election. a woman has been arrested and charged in her husband's murder but she says it was all an accident. the 37-year-old now in custody. she called 911 saying she accidentally shot her husband when officers went to the house on the 6,000 block of harrison road. they found the man dead shot in the head. the wife facing second-degree murder charges. we'll be following this it throughout the day. ashley judd is makeing head lines for taking on online harassment. after attending the university of kentucky basketball game sunday and tweeting about the other team she received vulgar and sexually explicit tweets.
11:48 am
craig melvin has more on those tweets. >> ashley judd most people associate with red carpet appearances. now the actress is gaining internet trolls. a university of kentucky wildcat super fan judd attended her alma mater mater's championship win decked out in white and blue. but it was an impassioned moment she told thomas roberts that prompted explicit tweets and response. >> if i were in a more calm state of mind, i would phrase different lip i would feel i'm disappointed with aggressive play. instead what i arkansas is playing dirty. >> she responded to the hateful comments on twitter by reposting them. the remarks contain language so vulgar we could not show itten o our broadcast. >> everyone needs to take personal responsibility for what
11:49 am
they write and not allow inging this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to persist. and by the way, i'm pressing charges. >> i sat down with the actress ahead of her film. she talked candidly about social media. >> the amount of gender violence that i experience is absolutely extraordinary. a significant part of my day today will be spent filing police reports at home about gender violence that's directed at me on social media. >> that many people? >> that many people, that explicit, that over overt. >> judd's strong stance comes a a few weeks after former baseball player kurt schilling went after cyber bullies for targeting his 17-year-old daughter. last month iggy quit twitter altogether writing my management will tweet my accounts from today onwards with updates unless any message is signed. and from hbo's "girls", lenah
11:50 am
dunham says i'm trying to create a safer space for m emotionally. twitter's ceo addressed harassment in an internal memo last month saying he was embarrassed and admitting we suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform. >> that was craig report inging. it now reviews five times as many user reports as it pooefsly did and the company has tripled the size of the support team that handles abuse reports. temperatures have really responded now. the temperature jumped 15 degrees in an hour's time between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. this morning. we have already been to 71. trimmed back to 70. but a gusty wind is setting up shop across the area. highs may have already been realized in our northern and western suburbs. down in southern maryland another couple hours to get the temperatures up. but that's going to be it. temperatures will start there
11:51 am
and trend downward this afternoon. a chilly evening tonight. and tomorrow much better, no more 60s and 70s. tomorrow's highs, 40s and 50s. so you're a car guy. dodge stopped customer orders of the challenger srt. they said they did this for now. it seems demand is outweighing the supply. they are just simply too popular. the company may reopen the ordering books in august. chrysler warning the car lovers that some deal rs were accepting orders and taking deposits but they may not be able to deliver. you may not have noticed but there are some big changes hitting facebook this week. take a look here. they have rolled out this updated community standards and we're going to break it down for you and give you the highlights.
11:52 am
the first thing, which matters to a lot of parents, is their stance on bullying and harassment. they really try to clarify this. it's not going to be tolerated. they shame private images of physical bullying. those will not be allowed. another big topic we have heard about. sexual violence. facebook saying they have removed so-called revenge porn. and finally, this is one that's a broad topic. it affects a lot of mothers out there. ones who choose to post pictures of them breast-feeding. facebook is giving you a little wiggle room here but nudity is heavily restricted. can facebook have a single unified set of standards when when it has so many user. that remains to be the big question.
11:53 am
breaking news right now into the live desk from northwest washington. a natural gas leak on m and 17th. we have live pictures of the area to show you. you can see the police activity
11:54 am
there. washington gas crews are also there trying to cap this leak. it's not clear how big the break is right now. there are some evacuations. people have been told to get out and clear the area. also traffic is being affected. m is closed between 17th and 18th. it's an area to avoid. back to o you guys. the next time you go. to starbucks, you might see race together written on your cup. what does that mean? the ceo wants to open up to discussions about race in the u.s. he says the company is organizing open forums about race across the country and that 200
11:55 am
new today disney's beauty
11:56 am
and the beast has a release date. but don't get too excited if you have children at home it's still a long ways off. march 17th 2017. two years. we are also learning today that dan stevens will play the beast and prince. and emma watson will play belle. emma thompson has also joined the cast as mrs. pots. chuck is with us in the weather center. a reprieve out here before cold weather returns. temperatures will be at or below average for six out of the next seven days. might even be eight or naigt nine out of the next ten. be ready for a return to the cold. >> i'm not ready. that's news 4 midday. thank you for being with us. we'll be back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. with news 4
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skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ ♪ yippee!! ♪ i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!!
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look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
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>> kate: you son of a bitch. you set me up. he set me up! >> stefano: how did i force you to make this blunder? >> kate: you used victor to play me. >> stefano: [chuckles] victor kiriakis? >> you were in contact with... taking cues from a sworn enemy of this company? >> gordon: is th true? >> stefano: tell us, katerina... were you conspiring with victor? [chuckles] >> cole: so, for tonight i made a reservation... at a restaurant. >> paige: okay. >> cole: after that, we can go to a movie or a club if you want to hear some music. >> jj: [playing guitar] ♪ ♪


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