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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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icized sexual assault scandal. no you really will need a warmer coat this morning especially if you live outside the beltway as we geteady for yet another taste of winter weather. tom kierein has your april cool's day forecast. >> that is the hash tag for today. this is growing tiresome with these cold mornings. we have another one under way under a clear sky, live view from tower camera. chilly morning your headlines for this first day of april, cool afternoon. a little cooler than average. but then warmer than average weather moves in will tomorrow and friday. right now storm team 4 radar scanning our sky, we have no more rain that rain from yesterday afternoon and evening, that is now long gone and since then we have dried out. and it has cooled down. prince george's county now near freeze. bowie down to just 31. gaithersburg down to just 30. fairfax county it's near freezing. 32 at ft. belvoir, reston at 35.
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loudoun county stafford spotsylvania down to the low 30s. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up a at 6:11 a look at your bus stop forecast what to wear for the day ahead. melissa has an update. p. an update on this crash georgetown pike at river bend chopper 4 just got over the scene. so you can see the road there completely shut down. so we have traffic on both ends here trying to get in to and out of oun. we understand tow truck we just spoke with police tow truck on the way. so should be cleared out probably in the next 30 minutes or so, but if you normally take georgetown pike, might want to to your alternate. 270 south at buckeystown pike, still have that crash. volume building headed into hyattsville. outer loop at colesville, also report of a crash there. not seeing it on camera, doesn't mean it's not there. 66 no problems 95 slow through dale city here this morning. wide look at things overall inner loop and outer loop
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actually looking pretty good. 295 just a little slow passing 50. i'll be back with travel times. your time is 6:02. this morning the university of virginia high school a new interim policy on sexual assault. the 18 page document spells out the school's expectations for all employees and students when it comes to reporting sexual assault and harassment. it clearly states a zero tolerance policy and urges everyone to notify police immediately after an assault. the skoom started to craft the new policy before that rolling stone article about an alleged rape at a fraternity house was published. the magazine has since backtracked on some of its claims citing discrepancies in a student's story. an escaped prisoner who caused more than an eight hour manhunt is now waking up in custody. we first brought you this will breaking news as it unfolded yesterday. wossen assaye appeared in federal court in alexandria. he was wearing a plastic
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protective suit, was bare foot and surrounded by guards. he is charged with escaping from federal custody and bank ropry ry robbery. this followed the more than eight our search. it started at inova fairfax hospital. investigators say assaye overpowered a private security officer while her partner was using the restroom. he used the officer as a human shield to make his escape. he also carjacked two cars. everything is back to normal at reagan national. a possible lightning strike forced an emergency landing last night. according to us airways, the pilot declared an emergency around 6:30 could you to mechanical issues. the plane landed safely and is now out of service for an inspection. that flight was from toronto. new concerns over enrollment numbers at an elite magnet school. some say it's fuelling a racial divide. zachary kiesch is live outside fairfax county with new numbers.
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>> reporter: good morning. we are learning a little bit more thousand about the incoming class, incoming freshman class here next year. and it reflects a change that has been happening for a number of years. fewer black students latinos and white and fueler low income. we're also seeing more asian students. if you walk through these halls today, you'll see six out of ten happen to be asian. if you look at the students who are being admitted in the future seven out of ten students 70%, are asian. now, people in the community are interesting why this is. interested in learning a little bit more about the admissions process and how to widen and extend the diversity here. this isn't the first time this has been a point of contention. if you look back to 2013, a group representing black and latino students brought this issue up with the board and that case is still ongoing.
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they're also interested in trying to figure out more about what do with the earlier stages of education, whether primary or middle school to prepare some of these minority students to get into this school that is known for attracting the cream of the crop. reporting live, i'm zachary kiesch news 4. developing this morning, arkansas governor asa hutchison is expected to talk about his state's newly passed religious freedom bill. critics say it's a lot like the law generating huge backlash in indiana and could effect lively lyeffectively legalize discrimination. the mayor of little rock says the bill is bad for business. walmart which is headquartered in arkansas released a statement saying every day in our store, we see first hand the benefits diversity and inclusion. it gees on to say the bill
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threatens to, quote, undermine the spirit of in-krugsclusion and does not reflect you'reour values. and d.c. mayor bowser issued an executive order preventing d.c. workers from going there while on the job. the district joins seattle, port land denver san francisco, connecticut and washington with that ban. the governor of indiana is now reacting to the backlash over all of this. we'll go live to indiana in just 20 minutes. a doichling story right now. will this one out of california after one of america's richest men is found dead. what we're learning about the investigation and if they are considering the case suspicious. a live look from national harbor as we kick off the month of april with a cruel joke from mother nature. temperatures in the 30s right now. tom has your colder what to wear
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forecast. plus payback for those unexpected days off. how many days students in d.c. public schools will have to make up because of all of the snow days. if
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. take a look. a plane makes an emergency landing on a highway and then clips a car. the pilot says he stalled in midair over minnesota. he landed on the highway. at that point the driver of the car says she saw the plane catching up to her in her mirror. a propeller hit her car before she drove in a ditch. everyone is okay. wells your kids in d.c. public school will have to go to school for three full days to make up for all the snow days.
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may 18, june 18 and 19, those were scheduled to be half day. now those days have turned in too full days of class. the district is just one of several school systems changing their calendar are to make up all the school days that you got it stay home and we had to come to work. >> that's right. they were celebrateing, and then reality hits in june. this morning a lot of people waking up in the 30s. i'm hoping the sun will do its work. >> what do you say, tom? >> already beginning to see early sunlight sits the stratosphere. layer up it will be cold. jrs in just in the mid-30s with bright sunshine. so dress accordingly. you'll need a fleece jacket. don't really need hat or gloves for very long. you'll need sunglasses later
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today. a look at warmer weather coming in at 6:21. breaking news on the roads. in great falls, george town pike at river bend road is completely shut down because of a crash in the middle of the two lane road here. so right now it is going to be a while before this reopens. you'll want to take another way into or out of town if you typically do take georgetown pike. blue line delays in both directions there single tracking between franconia and van doren because of a disabled train. travel time 270 south looks good. outer loop to 270, no major problems there. a local boy being hailed a hero this morning after saving his father's life. the simple life saving move he learned thanks to the boy scouts. plus a potential breakthrough for airline
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welcome back. developing right now in los angeles, the death of an oil heir andrew getty is tent differencely being ruled and accident and not a crime.
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his body was found in the bathroom at his hollywood hills home yesterday. the coroner is waiting on the results of lab testing to confirm whether drugs played a role. the 47-year-old is the son of gordon p. getty who was reported by forbes in 2011 to have a threat worth of $2 billion. we now know the name of the man killed outside the national security agency so monday. investigators say 27-year-old ricky hall was driving the suv that entered a restricted area that rammed an nsa police car. the fbi says both men were dressed in women's clothing but it was not an attempt at a disguise. agents also did not the do not believe will was a terrorism case. two secrets service agents will be subpoenaed. the chairman of the house oversight committee is issuing the subpoenas to the witnesses. he says he wants answers on why
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the secret service appears to be systemically broken. the former fbi agent who was caught stealing and using drug evidence is saying he hopes he is setting an example. >> i hope that people from this see how addictive -- might be can get addicted to this medication and how to seek help as soon as possible. >> matthew lowry says anned a difficult to prescription drugs led him to take nearly 2,000 grams of heroin evidence while he was an agent. he pled guilty to 64 counts in this case because he tampered with evidence,s from cute tors dismissed charges against 26 people when the news came out last year. virginia delegate joe morrissey says he will challenge his party's decision on block his senate bid. that is according to the richmond times dispatch. a democratic committee ruled yesterday many of the signatures he submitted aren't valid. morrissey is already in trouble for moving outside of his own district to run for the senate
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seat. he currently faces felony charges related to a sex scandal involving a minor last year. right now police are searching for a missing man in prince george's county. here is 58-year-old nathaniel lockly. he was last seen on sunday on monday mouth drive. he may be if need of his medication. he was last seen wearing a gray jacket with black leather stripe and navy blue sweat pants. call police if you have any information. today the loudoun county board of supervisors is expected to adopt a budget that fully funds the public school system's request. according to the loudoun times mirror, this is the first time in more than ten years the county has enough funds to do so. the county's 2016 budget also includes a small increase for the sheriff's office. it's been long on promises and short on results. but tonight, we pledge that that changes now. i promise you that we will get the streetcar along h street and benning road up and running.
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>> that is d.c. mayor bowser promising in a we'll see the h street street khar in action. last night wall her first ever state of the district address. bowser also touched on initiatives to improve public safety housing, education and economic opportunity. she promised body cameras for police and said she'll work to provide free rides on metro for d.c. schoolchildren. you may get a big pay raise if you are a good performer in spotsylvania county. the county is proposing a pay for performance pay raise. if p approved it would take effect next year. this year the county will give a 2% increase. that will be begin to employees who receive satisfactory performance kree valuations which likely means most will receive a raise. last year a merit based bonus system was proposed but it was shot down. it is 6:19. right now joni mitchell is in the hospital in los angeles yesterday afternoon after she was found unconscious on her
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bathroom floor. a statement on her website says the 71-year-old is awake and in intensive care undergoing tests. the nature of her illness is not clear. back in december mitchell told billboard magazine that she has a debilitating skin condition that has left her unable to perform. this next story is about a local boycott who is being hailed a hero for saving his father from choke to going to death. the scout's honored brandon. last summer his father was choking on his hamburger. thanks to his scouting skills brandon knew just what to do. >> this is called the heimlich maneuver and i learned it during my first day as scouts. might as well be a good person. >> good for him. brandon says he wants to be a firefighter so he can continue to save lives. >> i bet you he'll reach his goal. what fire didn't wouldn't want to have him. >> he has all the skills. >> remain calm and go into as
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like that. good job, brandon. we want to talk about the weather because there is quite the chill early on this wednesday morning. >> let's check in with tom kierein now. weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. tom, will it be warm today? >> we need it too, because it is very cold. calendar says april 1. but it's feeling more like february. we're down to near freezing that includes prince george's county montgomery fairfax counties right in the district upper 30s near 40. calvert county down to just 30. so is manassas and prince william, leesburg at 32. only 28 now in gaithersburg. so quite a cold start. a little bit of a breeze this morning, too. live view from capitol camera overlooking up lookinglooking union station at dawn. mid morning, in the low 40s. and then by the afternoon, climbing into the upper 50s.
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lots of bright sunshine. have the sunglasses handy. then overnight tonight, clear sky, down to near 40 by dawn on thursday. southerly breeze warming us to near 70 tomorrow afternoon. gorgeous day. and just a few high clouds coming in. and then as we get in to friday clouds close in might get a light shower. we should be in the low to mid-70s. right now it does not look like any severe weather from storms on friday. but just some showers and maybe some rumbles of thunder. that will be mainly in the afternoon and evening. then it clears out just in time for the weekend for weekend outdoor yard work and recreation on saturday looking good with highs reaching the upper 50s. then sunday the low 60s and partly sunny. home opener for the nationals taking on the mets, nats park, first pitch 4:05. by then should be in the low 60s. maybe showers around for the game on tuesday. for you let check our traffic this morning, an update on the one crash. breaking news again, great falls, talking about georgetown
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pike shut down at river bend road. chopper 4 over the scene here. this crash is right in the middle of the roadway. tow truck there on the scene. it will be probably some time before this is out of the way. if you can take an alternate, you'll want to do it. blue line delays in both directions no longer single tracking there at van doren. also marc delay, camden south 843, 25 minutes behind. 270 south at buckeystown pike you can see we're a little slow there, a crash takes lane. wide look at things looking pretty typical. in-bound 395 a little slow top of the beltwaying passing colesville and 295 passing 50. 66 head flded in to town, looking pretty good. listen to 103.5 for traffic updates when you hop p in your car. if you are one of the 31 million americans suffering with back pain grabbing a pain reliever may not be the solution. a study by the british medical
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journal says that many pain medications may not be effective. it seems that exercising may be the key to easing your back pain stretching and even planking for a minute a day, they say this can relieve your symptoms more effectively. a new blood test may be able to safely predict the severity of food allergies. right now you have to ingest a food under a doctor's supervision to diagnose that allergy. and that can trigger a severe reaction. researchers in new york developed a blood test that counts the immune cells agentity straighted by exposure to food. so far it's as accurate as the oral testing. developing this morning, we've learned a prominent college basketball coach will not be heading to the final four this year. kevin ollie coaches the university of connecticut huskies who won last year. he says he's byboycotting the games because they're in indiana, home of the religious freedom law.
6:25 am
a security guard at the center of controversy after a video is caught by a student's smartphone. what parents are saying about the altercation and the action the school is taking this morning. hope you didn't put away the winter jacket just yet. we're flirting with the freezing mark on this april cool's day. 38 degrees outside of our studios. tom will show us when it will warm up in your community. we're also watching new developments involving that plane crash in france. in the last hour the ceo of lufthansa met with families of the crash victims 37. what h people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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shear proof we're not playing a joke on you. it is cold out there on this first day of april. even though we are kicking off spring. 37 degrees outside our studios. some of you are flirting with the freezing mark right now. just 38 degrees in gaithersburg.
6:29 am
>> tom kierein is here with what we're stepping outside to. >> daffodils are shivering with temperatures at or a little below freezing throughout much of the region coldest temperatures i'm seeing parts of northern have a are a. manassas hovering in the low to mid-30s there. and all the communities in thorn virginia neighborhoods there, most will be reach position the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. south of washington. and in wheaton, now 35 in southern montgomery county. should be reaching mid to upper 50s during the afternoon. and then neighborhoods in sterling as well allow tonloudoun county should be reaching the upper 50s there. just a few clouds coming in by later this afternoon. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the hour by hour cooler temperatures through the morning.
6:30 am
and now let's check the traffic again with that breaking news. breaking news once again, we're talking about great falls virginia. take a look chopper 4 over the scene. georgetown pike shut down at river bend road. a serious crash in the middle of the road. you'll want to take an alternate because the road is shut down there. 395 north at king street, left lane blocked. p we do have a brand new crash that just showed up here. not seeing it on camera but we know that it is there this morning. blue line delays remain in both directions. just those residual delays. and camden south 843 525 minutes behind. 66 looking good 95 north looking good everywhere. except through dale city specifically we're a little slow here northbound through dale city this morning. prince george's county overall no major problems. just slow typically headed inbound on indian head highway and branch avenue. back with travel times in ten
6:31 am
minutes. a developing story right now playing out in northern virginia. there is a political battle over a new road which is expected to make your commute easier p. p some now say that the bi county parkway which would connect prince william and loudoun county is dead. derrick ward is live along the planned route in manassas battlefield park with more. >> reporter: good morning. we could learn today whether that is the case and take a look behind me this, is sudley road as it cuts through battlefield park. and this would go away and be replaced by that new connector that you talked about. take a look,s's a 10 mile stretch, skirts the western end of the park connecting prince william and allow tonloudoun counties. local officials have stepped back on some of the processes that need to happen for this to go ahead. and people are saying that means that this isn't going to happen. or about it is it will take $400 million of local money, money they just don't have. what we will know later today as
6:32 am
lawmakers get together and announce what they are calling a major road block in this project. now, of course people say that this would alleviate traffic and make that commute a lot easier but the worry is that it would also create more urban sprawl. that battle will be fought on the later today. we hope to find out what it means. we are live here at manassas battlefield park derrick ward news 4. excessive force or necessary protection? take a look at this video. it's of a teenaged girl being body slammed by a school security officer and it is raising the question among parents this morning. will happened monday at laurel high school. in the video you see the student get picked up slammed to the ground and then forcibly taken to the principal's office. the student was reportedly being belligerent and not following orders after an altercation. school officials say the incident is under investigation to ensure proper protocol was taken. >> i don't think that much
6:33 am
portion is necessary for a high school student. >> meanwhile local parents reacting to the video that does show the teen girl being slammed by a school security officer. a fire that left almost 50 people out of their homes is now being blamed on a 10-year-old. the fire started around 6:00 last night. it's at garden style apartment right off of southern avenue in suitland. 22 apartments were evacuated but no one was hurt. damage. we're working to find out more details on how it started. firefighters have not released that information. p. just minutes ago, the prime minister of israel took to the podium to slam nuclear negotiations. benjamin netanyahu called for global powers to insist on a better deal. his remarks come as negotiations continue into an extra day. negotiators are trying to bridge significant gaps and hammer out a framework so they can advance talks. a virginia senator has been singled out as an enemy of isis. senator richard black was
6:34 am
labeled a crusader. black was told by virginia capitol police on monday that his name and picture appeared in an islamic state magazine. he told leesburg today newspaper it does not make him nervous. we're learning hughnew developments about the co-pilot who crashed the plane in the french alps. lufthansa says it knew six years ago that andreas lubitz suffered from severe depression. the company says lubitz wrote this e-mail back in 2009 to the flight training school in order to resume training after dropping out. the statement does not address how the company followed up with lubitz. french police are now disputing a report that cell phone video also of the final moments of the flight was found in the debris. all 150 people on board that plane died in the crash. 6:35. new this morning, top executives from lufthansa airlines are meeting with the families of the victims in that crash.
6:35 am
katy tur is live with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you were just talking about, those e-mails, we're trying to find out exactly when lufthansa knew about the e-mails and when they decided to disclose them. we rustjust got word of them yesterday. they showed apparently lubitz did disclose a battle with severe depression to his flight school. lufthansa has always told us they had no record of any medical issues during his employment. we take that to mean they believe his employment started after he got his pilot's license and started flying for lufthansa and germanwings. as you said the ceo is in the alps meeting with the family members. he visited the memorial spoke to reporters briefly, expressed his condolences to the victims and their families. and also expressed thanks to all the recovery workers out there. but he gn take any questions. and refused to answer exactly when they knew about that e-mail
6:36 am
chain. also a little bit later for you, we'll talk to the guy one of the men who says he saw a video from the final moments of that plane, video that was allegedly on a passenger's cell phone camera that they have recovered from the scene. more for you coming up on the "today" show in just a little bit. back to you. >> katy tur live in colon, thanks. tune into the "today" show for he temperatures you want to see. we're flirting with the freeze mark on this april cool's day. 30 in manassas. 29 in warren topton. your hour by hour forecast at 6:41. nd at and the money raiseded by people using the express lanes. and forget one click ordering. on you amazon is making it even easier for you to buy things you use the most.
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several virginia fire and rescue departments will receive thousands of dollars from express lane tolls. the one day donation program from the operators of the express lanes on i-95 and the beltway raised nearly $80,000. those donations will be shared between fairfax, stafford and prince william county. more than 20,000 cars used the express lanes on donation day. national fans while you're at lunch, tom sherwood will be out sampling the new food you can try at nats park this year. how did he get this assignment? >> he always gets the good assignments. >> he's the one that asks the hard questions and he gets to try the hot dogs. you can follow him on twitter to see what they're showing off. the team says the field is just
6:41 am
a little bit different and you can see everything firsthand next week the deal opens the season against the mets on monday afternoon, a lot of people really psyched about the season. >> knowing tom he'll ask the tough questions about the concessions, as well. >> what's in this hot dog? and i love the vegetarian chili, too, i got last year. half of the fun going to baseball games. and as we take a look at the sky, a pristine clear sky at dawn, live view from our tower camera hour by hour you through the morning. it will be cold, we'll stay in the 30s to near 40 through 8:00. and then by noon should be around 50 degrees. then during the afternoon gradually climbing mid-50s by midafternoon. late afternoon, should be in the upper 50s by then. a look at our next rain chance that's next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51. melissa has another update. breaking news again in great fall. remember george town pike at river bend road is still shut
6:42 am
down by of this crash. your alternate route 7 to get around this. outer loop at 50 report of a new crash here sounds like it's on the shoulder. would still start slowing things down. travel times 66 inbound no be rob. 95 north quantico to the beltway, about ten minutes behind. 270 south germantown on the beltway, a little slow there. outer loop slow at 21 minutes. require to listen to our friends wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car for traffic updates. if you don't get a whole lot of work done today you can blame this, the '80s classic game that can bring back -- brought back to life today. but first, taking steps to better protect its students. the new policy that is in place this morning at the university of virginia in the wake of that sexual assault scandal.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
trying to move past a sexual assault scandal triggered by a "rolling stone" arm. a article. a new policy now in place. what has changed after your weather and traffic. good morning. live view of capitol hill under a lilac sky on this first day of april by 8:00 it will be upper 30s near 40. by noon bright sunshine near 50. afternoon temperatures reaching upper 50s.
6:46 am
bright and sunny. still have the biggest problem in great falls. georgetown pike shut down at river bend. you can see the car involved on the toe struck still traffic stopped. we'll keep you updated. this morning the university of virginia has a new interim policy on sexual assault. the 18 page document spells out the school's expectations for all employees and students when it comes to reporting sexual assault and harassment. it clearly states a zero tolerance policy and ermgs everyone to notify police immediately after an assault. the school also started to craft the ny before the "rolling stone" article. that article was about an alleged rape at a frat house and after it was published, the magazine has backtracked citing discrepancies discrepancies in the student's story. the review of that rolling stone article will be released to the public next wednesday. crumb bee a journalism review
6:47 am
submitted to the magazine earlier this week. columbia and "rolling stone" have not commented. it's reportedly blunt and slams the magazine for violating journalism ethics. 6:47 p. enrollment numbers rpts quite adding up at a northern virginia school. community leaders say it is fueling a racial divide at thomas jefferson high school. zachary kiesch is live outside fairfax county headquarters with what the numbers reveal. >> reporter: yes, good morning. i don't think that these community leaders are saying that the students that get in here aren't deserving or that they want to see the requirements lowered. but they would like to see it diversified a bit. if you walk through the halls, six out of ten students are asian and the students that have been accepted for the incoming freshman class, we know that that only increases. 70% of the students that have been accepted are asian. that's the highest number that
6:48 am
they have ever seen here. # 493 students accepted 342 asian, 102 white 12 hispanic and just eight blacks. the fifth year in a row that fewer than ten black students have been accepted. the numbers are even more stark when you look at income level. now, some in the community want to know why we're seeing such a lack of black and latino students. it's also again pertains to white students. just about a decade ago, white students represented by 50% of the student population. now it's down to about 29%. much much lower. a 2012 complaint was filed on behalf of black latino and low income students with the board of education. that is still ongoing. but here's the deal. this is a tough school to get into. people are talking about it because they know the benefits that this type of school can
6:49 am
provide. just 17% of the students that apply get in. so it's a good place to be. reporting live here in alexandria, zachary kiesch news 4. a developing story out of arkansas right now where today the governor will be talking about a new religious freedom bill there. state house of representatives passed the religious freedom restoration act yesterday. and critics say it's a lot like the law generating huge backlash in indiana and could effectively legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians there. the governor has said he plans to sign the bill in to law but already some big players are saying it should be vetoedmart says the bill threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion present throughout the state of arkansas and does not reflect the values that we proudly uphold. and as for the law in indiana, a
6:50 am
new city d.c. is now banning official travel there. d.c. mayor bowser issued an executive order preventing district workers from going there while on the job. the district joins four other cities and three states with a ban right now. i'm molette green at the live desk. israel's prime minister moments ago urged the international community to insist on a better deal from iran. benjamin netanyahu spoke just a few moments ago saying iran must stop itsing a aggression against israel. today d.c. police officer will receive a congressional medal for taking down the washington navy yard shooter. officer dorian desantis will be awarded the congressional badge of bravery. desantis took a bullet in his vest and helped secure the
6:51 am
safety of others before firing that fatal shot to aaron alexis. alexis killed 12 people and wounded four others at the navy yard. amazon wants to make it even easier to order all those things you use the most around your home. landon dowdy is here with how it works. we thought prime was good. how what is this all about? >> it gets even better. amazon wants to make sure that you never have to run out of coffee or razors ever again. it's launching a device called the dash button and it lets amazon prime members restock products such as detergent, bags and razors. the button is connected by the app and it's free but only available by request. and you're limited to just three. you may be worried about the little ones running around, are they pressing these buttons. that's not the case. it has a notification button so that you know what you've hit in case you need to cancel it. so you're good. >> good. they put those things in place just in case. >> they must have kids. >> right.
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>> boxes of chocolate showing up at the my doorstep. >> it's bad because my 4-year-old already telling me she wants coffee. >> stop it. oh my goodness. >> so that would be bad. but can that make us any lazier? >> making everything so convenient. almost too good. >> just push a button and have it turn summer. >> exactly. 75 degrees right now tom. >> we do have a dash button on the eastern horizon right now. there it is. >> beautiful. >> revealing the sun. live view from the storm team 4 tour capital are a, dry machlt, pavement, but a chill in the air. hovering around 40. but during the afternoon, warming to the upper 50s bright sunshine through the day. have those sun grassglasses handy. right now radar scanning the sky, no more rain. did have a little bit of thunder and lightning right in the metro area around 7:00 last night. but right now it's near
6:53 am
freezing frosty start. north and west of the metro area where it's in the upper 20s and low 30s. and south and east, many locations there, too, are near freezing. bowie just around 30 degrees now. track all this spring weather with the storm team 4 weather app. get it at google play and itunes store. look at these crocuses flat out showing off. this was taken yesterday afternoon by eva pittman. partly sunny post your pics. of a tomorrow afternoon highs reaching 70. friday low to mid-70s. maybe a shower in the morning. thundershower may linger into friday evening. after that looking dry for the weekend. nationals play an expedition game against the yankees on saturday. should be good weather for that. sunday into the low 60s, partly
6:54 am
sunny. then the home opener against the mets on monday afternoon. first pitch 4:05. should be in the low 60s by then. tuesday maybe some showers around. breaking good news again here northern virginia looking at georgetown pike this morning, had pain shut down. now at river bend road, we have reopened. no problems there. chopper 4 # stillstill over the scene. outer loop at 50 two right lanes blocked because of a crash there. that will be a slow spot here for probably the next hour or so. wide look at things, slow top of the beltway, outer loop passing colesville. 66 at 123 looking good. 95 north through dale city a little slow at 23 miles an hour. again, nothing happening there. just your normal slowdown. prince george's county overall looking pretty good. indian head highway inbound is a little slow approaching the beltway. taking a look at 95 in maryland and bw parkway in and out of town really not so bad. everything back to normal at
6:55 am
reagan national airport this morning. a possible light thing strike forced an emergency landing last night and according to us airways, the pilot declared an emergency around 6:30. this was due to mechanical issues. the plane landed safely and is now out of service for inspection. the flight was from toronto. so imagine this a massive construction project coming in under budget. how often does that happen? how often do we report that? well that's exactly what is going on with the woodrow wilson bridge proproject. according to the "washington post," the project has cost $86 million less than the 2010 estimate. the final tab for the 13 year project was just under $2.4 money? project manager says he met regularly with agency officials to avoid surprises. we want to show you something that is a whole lot of fun, but it might make you less productive at work today. take a look at this. we've shared will on facebook with you, as well, and on
6:56 am
twitter. this is google maps with a special button that allows you to play the classic pacman game which i am terrible at playing. we pulled up the dupont circle. see, i'm already dead. this is a dupont circle map, but you can pull up any map you want and play this game. whole lot of fun. >> we were yelling at our computers early this morning. doesn't it just make you so mad? all right. two secret service agents who witnessed a high profile security breach at the white house will be subpoenaed. the chairman of the house oversight committee says he wants answers on why the secret service appears to be systemically broken. the governor of arkansas is expected to talk about his state's newly passed religious freedom act. critics say it could effectively legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians there. top executives from lufthansa met with families of the victims killed when a plane crashed in to the french alps.
6:57 am
the companykoecompany now says it knew six years ago that lubitz igandreas lubitz suffer president depression. . university of virginia has a new policy on sexual assault. it spells out expectations for all employees and students when it comes to reporting assault and harassment. >> thanks for j here at metro, our first priority is your safety, so let's discuss what you should do if there's an emergency
6:58 am
involving fire or smoke. if you're in a station, move away from the platform and begin walking to the nearest exit. if you're on a train, notify the operator using the intercom located at either end of the railcar. follow the operator's instructions and remain calm. unless you are in immediate danger you are safest staying inside the train. if necessary, when the train is stopped, you can use the end doors to move to another car in the train. if you must evacuate, emergency exits are located in the center of each railcar. lift the release cover - a wire will break away, pull down the red handle and slide the left door panel open. watch your step on the emergency walkway, and never touch the lower part of the railcar, which could be electrified. and for your safety, never cross over to the other track. on behalf of everyone at metro thank you for paying attention to our safety presentation. welcome aboard.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. tough questions, no answers. lufthansa's ceo refuses to address the fact that they knew the copilot of the doomed flight had been severely depressed and conflicting reports of cell phone video taken inside that plane ast crashed. hail on earth. powerful storms hammering the south with hail the size of baseballs in some cities. the threat of more severe weather is ramping up from minnesota to florida today. tirade the police detective pulls a driver over and his rapt caught on tape. >> how long have you been in this country. >> the officer's


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