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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 3, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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5:00 a.m.. good morning. it is 5:00. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 "today". p we made to friday april 3 2015. and we're starting off with a mild day, but a little rain is heading our way. tom kierein here with our weather headlines. >> strangely balmy and humid this morning with the blustery winds ahead of some showers now rolling this to west virginia with thunder and lights thing. that's way west of us. right now northern suburbs getting a few sprinkles. patches of green in howard montgomery loudoun, pap ham of west virginia, northern shenandoah valley. a few scattered sprinkles, the pavement a little bit damp there. temperatures are balmy. reagan national is at 66 degrees. this is our were with aarmest morning we've had in a long time. so have an umbrella ready and later today you'll be needing it in addition blustery winds.
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umbrella may come unhooked for a time. and showers and thundershowers looking likely this afternoon into early this evening. next weather and traffic on the 1s your bus stop forecast for this friday. now how is the commute? overall looking pretty good. have a little bit of construction hanging around. it will get out of the way here soon. bethesda southbound 355 at woodmont a couple lanes blocked there. 95 here in maryland, in and out of town just fine. bw parkway, also rolling along nicelily. we still have good hope near suitland parkway shut down completely because of that road work that's been kind of hanging around for the past couple of weeks. 95 in virginia as you're headed out of stafford not having any major issues right now. northbound same thing if you're headed down south, southbound there is also looking quite good. and then right now 66 at west ox road no major issues. i'm back at 5:11. i was afraid that you guys
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were crying an sad that i was dead and i wasn't dead. >> lost at sea for more than two months. and now a man is finally reunited with his family. this incredible rescue story is like something out of the movies. overnight louis jordan was released from a hospital and is said to be doing just fine. a german cargo ship found his capsized boat 200 miles off the coast of north carolina yesterday. jordan disappeared in january. crews searched and then gave up. but after 66 days at sea, he is bhak on back on delay land and was able to walk off the helicopter that flu him to a hospital in nor following. something his sister has been alleging this entire time. >> i've dreamt of this. every time you wake oh, you know, he was alive in my dream and now for this to happen it's like -- it's like my dream. it's real! >> jordan's 35 foot sailboat had lost its mast and capsized. he says he ate raw fish and drank rainwater to survive.
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now to a different rescue in are arlington. this happened near one of the scenic overlooks. two hikers are safe this morning after being strapped on some rocks above the potomac. no one was hurt. that massive response by arlington rescue crews caused major backups on the northbound side of the parkway. right now montgomery county police are questioning suspects in connection with a sexual assault and popular park. this happened along the long branch-arliss park, or in the park i should say, in silver spring in broad daylight. zachary kiesch live with more on how police tracked the suspects down. >> reporter: first of all, it's not unusual to see people out here having a good time. playing basketball running around family oriented. and that's really the way a park is supposed to be. yesterday it turned into a crime scene, though. about 9:00 a.m. police got a call of an alleged sexual assault. the focus is just beyond the basketball courts here a wooded
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area back there. when police showed up what they found was a homeless camp. there were three men there, those three men were taken into custody. you can see the video here. there is evidence markers and police taking things like blankets and clothing also some beer cans there, as well. the victim was taken to the hospital. it appears that she knew the people poe owetentially involved. this area has been the focus of some development, as well. montgomery county is working on a new pedestrian bridge not far from me here just yards in the distance. there is a new library and community center that connects these apartments. people like to hang out and people on high alert again after this sexual assault was reported yesterday morning. reporting live here in silver spring, i'm zachary kiesch news 4. i'm molette green at the live desk following a developing story. grim task for parents in kenya as family members now have started to arrive to identify
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their loved ones killed in that campus massacre. 147 died. most of them students. when masked gunmen stormed the university near the somali border. christians were singled out and shot on the spot. police killed the four gunmen. it is possible others got away. the country is bracing for more possible violence from the somalia based muslim extremist group. back to you. 5:05. today family an friends will remember a spotsylvania county teen who died in a plane crash. this is ryan mccall. he'll be buried today at oak hill cemetery in fredericksburg. he was at the controlling of the plane when it crashed last weekend. he was 16 years old and attended river bend high school. it has been a tough week at the school. refer bend students attended a varsity soccer game dedicated to a student who was critically injured. solve more jake gallello suffer
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r suffered a burst blood vessel and serious concussion. they have using #jakestrong. >> you just don't hear of something like this drastic happening this soccer. >> david culver spoke with jake's mother yesterday. she says he is showing signs of improvement. today d.c. officials will announce they plan to end a policy of routinely shack link juveniles appearing in court. starting monday, individual judges will decide whether a skruf nile juvenile defendant should be shackled. developing this morning, vcu will soon be searching a new head basketball coach. shaka smart has decided to leave for the university of texas. he met with officials from ut yesterday and broke the news to his team late last night. smart led the rams to their fifth ncaa tournament this season. he coached at vcu for six
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seasons. a statement from the school expected later on today. investigators continue to look into the life of the co-pie will the the who downed a germanwings plane the disturbing information they found when they searched his tablet. p. the family of robert schuller is speaking out, what they have to say about his death. and pretty clear out there now, but we could see some sprinkles today. will it impact your ride to work?
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we soocould see know a lot more about how the co-pilot crashed the plain in then plane in the alps. they have located the second black box and several cell phones and did disturbing internet searches on the tablet belonging to the co-pilot about suicide methods and cockpit doors. emotional words from the family of reverend robert schulershul schuler who died yesterday. they say he's now in a better place. >> as i imagine him celebrating with joyce his home coming in heaven i also feel a big void that this amazing man of god used to fill. >> reverend schuler was best known for the hour of power. he inspired a generation of preachers, as well. eventually the church filed for bankruptcy. he was diagnosed with cancer,
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esophageal cancer two years ago. and it's time to take a look at our forecast. we're talking about a beautiful spring like start to our day, but grab your umbrella. >> always that rain thing out there. but we'll take it. 5:11 our time. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> light rain moving in over the last couple of hours. storm team 4 radar showing some rain south of us. a few sprinkles in montgomery loudoun, northern shenandoah valley. a few washington frederick, montgomery northern part there and into howard county. bus stop this morning, have an umbrella ready. a few scattered showers around in the low 60s, blustery winds. pay try to open up that umbrella. temperatures will be in the mid-60s between 8:00 and 9:00 at the bus stop and metro stop this morning. so have an umbrella handy. it will be a wet day today. in addition might have a rain coat. make sure you have some boots, 00. you might have to jump over
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puddles heading back home by later this afternoon. new updated storm timing for the day ahead just coming in. we'll look at that hour by hour that's coming up at 5:21. now melissa is looking at -- what is going on with the street there, is that a water main break? >> it is. brand new water main break we want to mention. zachary kiesch is on his way to this. but this is in northea at 22nd. randolph not a huge street but the intersection is kind of blocked. prince george's county no major issues. 66 into town 95 in and out of town everything looking quite good there. 270 at old hundred flowing nicely. and a wide look at thing, overall nice and green. back at 5:21, live picture of 66. we just found out the victims of a terror attack on a cafe in paris plan to sue. molette green is gathering details at the live desk and we'll bring you in a in a
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minute. >> and he walked into a store and tow truck driver almost walked away with his car. but wait u
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doesn't appear to be a random event. >> man's death is being called suspicious. fairfax county police found his body inside an apartment. sources told news 4 the man showed signs of being ing into the relationship between the suspect and victim. they say it doesn't appear to be a threat to the public. an arlington father says a tow truck waited for him to go inside a store and then almost drove away with his kids. max daout claims he was the victim of predatory towing. daout says he parked in the cvs lot and went into ask about medicine for his sick son. his 17-year-old daughter stayed in the car to watch her little brother. that's when the kids say they
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felt a jolt. >> the car started to lift up and i was like scared. and then i looked out the back and then i saw the tow driver and i opened the door a little bit and i said wait wait wait. >> daout says he wants an apology from advanced towing. the company owner tells us he was illegally parked and the weapon doughs stinted making it hard to see inside and the driver stopped as soon as he realized there were children in the car. we're learning more about former hostages who are now suing the press claiming live media coverage put their lives at greater risk. six people brought this suit and singled out a french 24 hour news channel accusing the outlet of deliberately ignoring security protocols. their images and location were broadcast from the scene as the hostages hid inside a supermarket refrigerator during
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this attack in paris three months being a go. if found guilty, the maximum penalty is a year in prison and a hefty fine. back to you. two new york women are facing federal terrorism charges. investigators say they were conspiring to detonate an explosive device in the u.s. but there was no specific plot. they appeared this federal court yesterday. federal authorities say one of them had propane tanks and instructions to turn the tanks in to bombs. investigators believer the women were inspired if part by isis. massive uproar and now governors signing modified religious freedom laws after businesses threatened boycotts. many had charged the original versions of the laws were anti-gay. however, one supporter of the original laws says the changes harm people of faith. >> you're going to jeopardize the freedom for christian businessman or another faith to be forced into doing something
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against their religious believes. >> several other states are considering their own proposals. west virginia and 14 other states are askin the supreme court to uphold bans on same-sex marriage. same-sex couples can wed in eight of the states because lower courts have struck down their bans. the justices are scheduled to hear arguments on april 28. right now same sex marriage is legal in 37 states. in case you missed it, the first lady stopped by "the tonight show". they reminisced about the first time they met. here's a look. >> fourth of july. >> and you swore a suit and it was so hot. >> a three piece suit. >> and barack was like where you gone man? >> i was sweaty and he goes didn't you get the memo? it's a barbecue. >> that was your barack obama? >> was it good?
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>> no. >> sorry. laughed too hard. the duo didn't just sit around either. they got out of their seats to perform part two of the evolution of mom dancing. fallon and the first lady shook it to the classic mom movies like trying to start a con dwchlt a line, the one move behind in zuchlt chltmba class and the barack obama. waiting to see what this looks like. >> that's a co this. ochltconga line. they're so fun together. you know how i feel about jimmy fallon. so fun. 5:21. and here is a live look over the district for you. 65 degrees for you in tenleytown. >> nice start. let's check in with tom kierein. good morning, tom. >> kroni don't know how you feel about jimmy fallon.
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i guess you like him. >> just a little bitten about that. >> if you don't like rain you won't like it today. we'll have showers likely moving in later today. a little thunder and lightninger therein charleston. down through martinsburg and winchester and loudoun county getting a new sprinkles, as well. and so have an umbrella handy. mild and balmy this morning with a blustery wind. we're in the low and mid-60s all around the region. by 8:00 here is the hour by hour timing on showers coming on through. one line of showers coming through through the morning hours. this is brand new timing. lingering showers maybe early afternoon. a line of showers and thundershowers starts to develop in the mountains around 4:00. after that 6:00 7:00 p.m. it
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does move right through the metro area with some down pours, thunder and lightning then it drifts off to the east. most of it is over by then, maybe a lingering light shower. by dawn on saturday the sky begins to clear out, sunshine breaks out and a little bit of snow shower activity out of the mountains as chiller air moves in on saturday. highs today, a balmy mid-70s by mid to late afternoon, then we get down into the 50s tomorrow morning, near 60 in the afternoon with a blustery wind. dropping to the 40s late on saturday night to mere 40 by dawn on sunday. and a school day sunday, great weather for the matts home ownnats home opener. so saturday is the storm team 4 tracking spring weather special on nbc 4, 9:30 saturday morning. next week looking wet after we get through monday.
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we have randolph at 22nd that intersection shut down. a lot of folks not headed that way today. northbound great send made came at the clopper, still have that road work in the way. wide look at things, everything looking pretty good. lots of green. 66 east of sudley road, you're fine. and then earlier road work is out of way. same thing looking at virginia 95 here no major problems headed northbound. of course we know this whole area it will start going yellow on us because that's what does. back in ten. molette green at the live desk. just got this video in to the newsroom. want to show you the flooding situation going on in louisville, kentucky. you can see the emergency crew there at the scene.
5:24 am
this happened after a cluster of strong storms dumped heavy rain in that area and there is more heavy rain expected throughout the day and into the night there. look at that car, a vehicle there nearly buried in the water. that is the latest. back to you. molette green, thank you. right now in news 4 your health oig, a new report says a lot of the food at the grocery store has too much sodium. less than half of the products on shelves meet the fda's sodium standards for what is considered a healthy food product. the worst offenders were boxed pizza, pastas and meat dishes. majorities of breads and cheeses met the standards. a nasty stomach bug is in the u.s.. it's caused horn 200 illnesses since may. some of the cases were traced to people who had traveled to the dominican republic or india. the bacteria is not unusual, but doctors at the centers for disease control say the strain
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is resistant to most antibiotics. john kerry is speaking out about his intense talks with iran. >> what he says is the only way the country will get what it wants when
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looking at the stories making headlines missing at sea, but this morning a sailor plucked to safety. we just received sound in from will his sister and we'll bring you that in just a minute. friends and family say good-bye to a spotsylvania teen killed in a plane crash earlier this week. ryan mccall whether bekaulcall will be buryiedburied. he was 16. take a look outside, there is your radar. we are waking up to some sprinkles in some spots. will it rain all day? let's hope not. >> let's ask tom kierein. >> not all day. just off and on sprinkles this morning. then some steadier rain may move in a little later today. right now we're getting that out in west virginia. a little thunder and lightning east of charleston. locally, north and west these patches of green just a little bit of very light rain just
5:29 am
enough maybe to make some of the pavement wet. nofrn monday northern montgomery county getting a little wet. sprinkles stretch into howard county. so morning commute, damp pavement north and west. for the afternoon commute, likely wet road, 24u7bthunder and lightning, temperatures in the mid-70s. a look at the hour by hour warming at 5:41. 270 at father hurley boulevard, you can see here all the southbound lanes nice and open. volume but not a problem right now. same thing if you're headed northbound for some reason no major issues. beltway at kenilworth avenue, inner loop and outer loop everything looking quite good for us this morning. prince george's county overall is actually looking pretty good. nice and green. we know it will get slow at indian head highway in the next 40 minute ins or so probably. but right now looking good.
5:30 am
branch avenue, no problems. same thing when you're looking at 4 pennsylvania right there. 66 and 95 everything flowing nicely. had earlier road work and that is of course now out of the way. no major problem on the beltway. but remember in northeast, randolph street at 22nd have a water main break. travel times in ten minutes. i'm molette green at the live desk. 500 plus cars go up in flames. we want you to see what is going on right now this morning in south korea. this massive fiery scene at a used car complex in the port city in the southeastern part of the country. cars just burning there. smoke everywhere. near by residents had to be evacuated because of toxic gases. police are looking in to possible arson in this investigation. that is the latest. back to you.
5:31 am
new this morning, john kerry left switzerland after announcing huge progress for a final nuclear deal with iran. but the work is parfar from over. world powers are now on the clock, they have three months to turn it into a formal agreement that curbs iran's nuclear program in exchange for relief from sanctions. we're standing by for comments from benjamin netanyahu who has slammed the negotiations. the president and secretary kerry must now also sell the framework to a skeptical public. this morning kerry has an op-ed promising close scrutiny. he writes only in iran lives up to its obligations as verified by the iaea and by our own eyes and ears will it receive the relief from sanctions. but can the white house bring the bitterly divided congress on board with the plan? tracie potts is live on capitol hill with reaction. >> reporter: good morning. you might think it's republicans, but it's not. there are some democrats still
5:32 am
very skeptical about this dweel. steve israel, who is the new york democrat in charge of messaging for the democrats says that he is in the highly skeptical column here in maryland, ben cardin says rachb complaint conditions iran complaint ban't be trusted. john boehner says what they came up with is an alarming depar chur from what the u.s. wanted. john mccain says he has serious concerns it will stop iran from creating a nuclear bomb. and this is spilling over in for the 2016 presidential campaign with some lyingly candidates like jeb bush calling it flawed, but hillary clinton former secretary of state herself saying we need to give diplomacy a chance. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. montgomery county police say they have arrested a man who has been exposing himself to women and young girls.
5:33 am
kevin mchale would get out of his minivan to make lewd gestures. the most recent incident happened on wednesday. you will learn more this week about a lingering controversy at uva. columbia journalism school will release a report on a "rolling stone" magazine article about an alleged gang rape at uva. rolling phone oig asked columbia journalism school to on dugt and independent review. that report will be released sunday night at 8:00 on both and cjr got organize. a news conference on the report is scheduled for noon on monday as well. a four month police investigation found no evidence of the attack. later today, virginia governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign an executive order banning state agencies from requiring people to indicate criminal history on employment applications. instead, applicants would have to disclose after a conditional offer is made. that offer can be withdrawn if the nature of the crime could impact the job. the order will not apply to applications for first responder
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welcome back. . the 2016 summer olympics are in rio and the city's mayor is dismissing reports that things won't be ready in time. the company building the complex where 11 olympic sports will be staged recently laid off workers and 1,000 others were notified they could be let go, as well. but the mayor says construction work is on track. pool owners are under new restrictions this morning because of california's drought. a number of cities are no longer issue permits to build new pools. others are keeping people from
5:38 am
filling them. we some rain in our area. >> come being up on 5:39. a live look outside for you as we take a look at your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> i wish we could accepted somesend some of our rain for california. it is in serious trouble. here we have had a few sprinkles north and west. thunder way out in west virginia. in the north, northern montgomery frederick, howard panhandle of west virginia, just a few scattered sprinkles there. winds gusting to around 25-mile-per-hour. it will stay with us through the day. temperatures by 8:00 a.m. mid-60s with a light to moderate shower. maybe a few sprinkles around noontime. by then, should be around 70 degrees. then hitting the mid 70s we'll likely get thundershowers rolling true. there is only a very small
5:39 am
chance one of those thundershowers would produce any wind damage. but there is a row risk of wind damage as some of the thundershowers roll through late this afternoon into early this evening. a look at the new hour by hour rain timing and storm timing coming up at 5:51. somebody hit a deer? >> maryland 95 south as you're approaching 32 and because of that, we have two lanes blocked. at 175, not seeing a problem, at 32 not the seeing a problem, so it is right in with those two. hopefully out of the way here shortly. taking a look at travel time, 66 east to the beltway, no problems. 95 north quantico to the beltway, pretty much on time for us. 270 south no problem from german up to town down to the spur. and outer loop, only taking you ten minutes. listen to wtop for the latest on traffic 103.5. it is now 5:40. what vdot is how testing that
5:40 am
will make your ride it work a little bumpier and louder but also safer. and the $22,000 mistake that
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5:43 am
this just in, new video of a funnel cloud caught on tape in the midwest. take a look at it. this was captured late last night in kansas where wichita near the oklahoma border. not confirming that it's a tornado just yet. there were strong storms that also brought pea sized hail raining down on the folks there. not hearing about damage or injuries. and that area bracing for more bad weather bringing wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour to that community today. back to you. 5:43 right now. taking a look at storm team 4 radar here, those storms are moving this way. and starting to weaken. tom says there is still a possibility of some severe storms later today. he'll break down the timing of it all coming up in a couple
5:44 am
minutes with your weather and traffic on the 1s. police want to track the online activity of a woman they say killed an attorney and they need your help. police want to speak with anyone who had contact with the e-mail address chris sanchez we've posted that e-mail in the nbc washington app for you to take a look at closely. according to court document david messerschmitt communicated with someone on craigslist using that e-mail and handle. police say the e-mail is linked to jamyra gallmon's cell phone and police believe she stabbed messerschmitt to death at the donovan hotel. ahe parents of a 5-year-old facing neglect and abuse charges. p noah thomas' mother and father are in jail this morning. noah was found dead inside a septic tank last week. he'd been missing for five days. the pulaski sheriff's office doesn't know exactly how noah
5:45 am
died. in february as moveie goers were flocking to see "american sniper," the real parents were watching the man who killed their son stand twrilrial and how kyle's father is speaking out. >> surviving. it's been the toughest two plus years of our lives. >> wayne kyle and his wife debbie say they are moved by the tributes for chris. texas congressman introduced a bill to posthumously award him the medal of honor, but wayne says his son wouldn't want that says his son never saw himself as a hero. police released this video of an armed robbery. suspect walks in to the store on march 13 around 8:00 p.m.. the cashier opens the cash register suspected robber reaches over the counter and pulls out the money and puts it
5:46 am
into plastic bag and runs out. you can take another look at the video on the nbc washington facebook page. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. a huge heroin bust started with a simple police stop on interstate 95. maryland state police stopped a man north of baltimore to having expired license plates. troopers found 750 packages of heroin in the suv after a drug sniffing dog gave a positive hit. the street value is estimated at $15,000. the national institutes of health will not get the okay to add 1,000 extra parking spaces to its main campus on rockville pike. . the national planning commission rejected the master plan. parking is a big concern at nih since more spaces would put more traffic on rockville pike. the commission says until nih fixes its master plan to meet parking standards, it will not the approve any future projects. it is now 5:47. victims of sexual assault in
5:47 am
arlington have a new number to call for support when they are most vulnerable. doorways for women and families launched the hotline yesterday. the hotline's number is just over my shoulder there. 703-237-0881. the nonprofit also has a 24 hour domestic violence hotline. a former george mason university student is heading to federal court to clear his name. the student was expelled from the university for violating its sexual misconduct policy. he says the incident reported by a girlfriend was rough sex and role play not sexual assault. he says he was in a long term relationship with the woman and that they had a safe word. today a court in alexandria will decide whether the student can file anonymously. the university is demanding that the ex-student identify himself publicly if he wants to pursue his claims. public safety officers in arrest link pton county are being honored for handling mental health crises.
5:48 am
awards took place last night. these officers are rained for ed forhe trained to deal with mental health crises. >> we don't tend to understand people with mental illness like we to if you have cancer. it's easy for us to see a physical illness. it's hard for us to understand a mental illness. >> arlington county says it will continue to add to the number of officers who are trained to deal with mental health cases. you can check resources about mental health head to the nbc washington app and search changing minds. well, this weekend is shaping up to be a great one to check out the cherry blossom festival. >> finally starting to see some action on the branchs. and this weekend there will be many more sights to see. >> derrick ward is live along the southwest waterfront to see what is going on out there. what are you seeing derrick? >> reporter: well, all is quiet on the southwestern water front
5:49 am
now, but come tomorrow there will be a lot of activity down here. of course the highlight of that activity will be fireworks. there will be the fireworks festival it gets under way at about 8:30. we're told rain or shine. may actually be rain. but it's still going to do it anyway. but that will be the culmination of a day of events here on the southwest water front. it will feature bands of all kind military blue jazz blue grass, some japanese drumming and dancing of course keeping with the theme of the festival lots of food. got to have the food. and dragon boat excursions. lots of things to do. and they are asking you to take public transportation if you're going to come down to the events here on the southwest waterfront. a good idea would be to take the green line to the water front station or orange or blue lines to l'enfant plaza and washington done. walk down. and taking advantage of the
5:50 am
magnificent water front. so big activities come rain or shine. back to you. and speaking of rain or shine, rain today. >> yeah, not much shine, that's for sure. a lot of clouds around and just a few scattered sprinkles early on. later today when you're heading back home you'll likely be battling some rain, maybe even seeing flashes of lightning and hearing thunder. right now we're getting some of that in west virginia and down into kentucky where they have had really heavy rain causing some flooding there. locally, just a few scattered sprinkles north of the met row area western howard northern montgomery, this patch of green that stretches into carroll, frederick, washington panhandle of west virginia. a few sprinkles to northern loudoun county that breaks up quite a bit as it gets into northern fauquier county. shenandoah valley getting a few sprinkles. keep up with the radar, find out where the rain is when you're away are your tv with the storm
5:51 am
team 4 app. temperatures are balmy. we're in the low to mid-60s from the valley all the way to the bay. in the mountains, it's in the 50s. here is the new hour by hour timing of rain. a line of some showers coming through around 8:00 to 9:00 this morning. then a few lingering sprinkles after that may actually settle down around midday, not much p happening. then another round of some showers begins to move in by 2:00 or 3:00 coming this out of the mountains with thunder and lightning. that will be into the shenandoah valley by 4:00 p.m.. after that between 5:00 6:00, that's when it moves right through the metro area. some brief heavy down pours. could get strong gusts of wind from these. there is only a very small risk of any kind of wind damage. after that you can maybe a lingering sprinkle. all of it gone by dawn on saturday. some storms late afternoon early evening, there is a very low risk of any wind damage as they do come on through.
5:52 am
hour by hour, we'll have the temperatures rapidly warming to the mid-70s by midafternoon. winds will be a bit blustery too. despite the storm, winds gusting around 25 miles an hour. blustery winds tomorrow gusts to 40 on saturday with sunshine with highs in the 50s. then the 60s with a lighter wind on sunday. great weather for the nats home opener on honest.monday. could get showers mid week. metro delays here. green line right now single tracking between naylor road and branch avenue. so you can expect probably some potential delays. 95 south at 32 chopper, where did you go? we had volume there. but they went into black of course. 95 north in virginia prince william parkway, also have report of a crash here in the center lane. we know it's there. just not seeing it in this particular camera. so a warning there. wide look at things overall no major problems here. taking a big look at the beltway, nice and green, everything rolling along pretty
5:53 am
well. again only real slowdown is 95 in maryland as you're headed southbound just approaching 32 because of a deer that was hit. it's out of the way. still a little slow. 270 south no problems if you're headed down for the airport today perhaps going on the outer loop, no issues over to gw parkway either. back at 6:01. two local computer whizzes who graduated there george hey son the mason at 19 are facing fraud charges, charged with stealing credit card numbers and spending $25,000. it started last summer when police began looking into whether one was using illegal gift cards. at the time he claimed he had found a loophole that could have cost big companies millions. now investigators think that claim was a hoax fp if. if convicted they face up to five years. children across frederick county maryland will have access to 3d printers at public
5:54 am
libraries. urbana, thurmont and brunswick each get one and frederick is getting a second one. they did be used free of charge and classes on 3d printing will begin in june. many of you have commented on vdot's facebook page as they begin testing of rumble strips. they sayinexpensive way to slow down driver as they approach work zones and also the noise acts as audible warnings to the workers. apparently the most elite credit cards are the biggest are targets for fraud scams. the software company forter says the so-called elite credit cards like the american express black card or visa infinite have nearly twice the fraud rates as other types of regular plas tig. elite cards usually carry hefty fees and require card holders to
5:55 am
charge at least six figures a year. the company says that is why some large fraudulent charges are overlooked. at a time when it seems that we're warning you about a new scam every week we want to show you something that is not. it's called the american community survey and it is a part of the census but instead of every ten years, this goes out every year. later today, consumer reporter erika gonzalez will show you the form that might show up in your mail box and what the government says to look for to confirm it's really them. 5:55. a high school senior is turning the tables and sending out a rejection letter of her own to duke university. the 17-year-old penned a rejection letter to duke after she wasn't accepted. so this story went viral. she says despite duke's outstanding success in rejecting previous applicationlick applicants, you did not meet my expectations.
5:56 am
she can repeal the rejection if she wishes. >> she probably won't. the next story proves everyone makes mistakes and sometimes that can work in your favor. >> windchill what watch what happens when a price is right contestant is given three chances. >> 19,849. go ahead. no. oh! >> i won it! >> congratulations. we just gave you a car. >> after one guess, the model accidently revealed the real price. maybe she felt bad for the contestant. >> no. you saw the look on the model. that says it all. she's even hiding behind the props there. she did take it in stride, though. shortly after the episode aired yesterday morning, she posted on twitter i don't usually give expensive gifts but when i do it's a $21,960 car #woke up
5:57 am
feeling generous. wonder if that does can out her pocket though. >> probably not. probably not. well, a sailor rescued after he was stranded for two months at sea. this morning we have new information on that sailor's condition and reaction from his family. and a mild start 64 degrees outside our studios right now on this friday morning. but grab an umbrella we're expecting rain. when and how much, much more when "news 4 today" continues. if
5:58 am
5:59 am
. take a look at radar. it is an umbrella today. spotty showers moving threw, heavier rain and maybe thunder on the way. micenice to hear your voice. how are you feeling? >> i'm doing great now. i couldn't fix it. i couldn't sail back my boat. i'm so sorry. >> missing for more than 60 days, this morning a sailor has been rescued. we'll show you how the coast guard saved him and new reaction from family members. and we've arrived on the
6:00 am
scene of a water main break in northeast d.c.. we'll check in with zachary kiesch with the impact this may be having on the commute. good morning, it's 6:00 a.m.. >> welcome to "news 4 today" for this friday april 3, 2015. let's a a live look outside our studios. a pretty warm start to our day. 64 degrees. but guess what? rain is on the way. there it is. and look the flag is blowing in the wind too. #umbrella day. >> tom, when will we need it? >> that will be always later. a few clouds, the moon showing through. a balmy freeze this morning ahead of rain falling all across most of west virginia. a little thunder and lightning there. locally just a few


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