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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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way through the end of the week. next weather and traffic on 1's coming up at 6:11. your bus stop forecast and what to wear today. melissa has a look at breaking news. >> breaking news. a problem in alexandria route 1 at forest place. all lanes blocked there because of a water main break. remember that when you head out this morning. branch avenue and silver hill road. still have a crash there. oxen hill road and kirby hill road a crash there as well. take a look at 270 northbound southbound into town and out of town. no problem also looking quite good here. this is the biggest issue. alexandria we're sending chopper four there now. hope to have a picture from them. route 4 closed there. all lanes blocked. you center to take high land lane to pole road and frye road. i checked on the national chocolate cake day.
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there is. the 27th of january. >> tweet me! >> for you, aaron, national flip-flop day june 19th. >> looking toward to it. thank you. new this morning the loudoun county sheriff's department is trying to figure out why a man and woman were found dead inside an ash burn home. saying there was a shooting in the 43,000 block of rockfield court. deputies responded. they treated it as a barricade situation for awhile. when they went inside the home, that's when they found the bodies of a man and woman. they believe this is a domestic-related murder/suicide. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. we are following tragic developments. a father and his seven children found dead inside their home in princess and maryland. we're working to learn what the
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official cause of death here is for rodney todd and his children. todd worked for dining services a the university of maryland eastern shore. his supervisor tells us todd was a single dad raising his five girls and two boys in that home. family telgtls us that they died of carbon dioxide poisoning. police not releasing a official cause of death until the coroner releases his report. today a jury will likely begin deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors have heard weeks of dramatic testimony. and closing arguments -- prosecutors say that accused bomber dzhokar tsarnaev committed a, quote, cold, calculated terrorist act. defense attorney told the jury that dzhokar was involved but heavily influenced by his older brother. we're working to find details what lead to a deadly motorcycle crash in maryland. one man was killed in the crash. it happened last night around 7:30 on allentown road.
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the road was closed for some time. today students and d.c. officials will rally against budget cuts at wilson high school. the rally set for 3:45 this afternoon at the flag pole in the front of the school in northwest d.c. the public school system wants to cut wilson high school's budget next year by 10% or 1.8 million. in the day ahead, you can buy capitals playoffs ticket. they go on sale at 11:00 this morning. no game daytimes or opponents yet. the nhl will announce later today. we'll post everything you need to know on the nbc washington app. i hope i can get my hands on some tickets. you can step outside to rain today as the line of showers rolling through the area this morning. tom is helping you plan with what to wear forecast at 6:11. >> a night of celebration a look at the destruction left behind as duke students take to the streets.
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breaking news. this is the alexandria section of fairfax county here. route 1 at forest place. we have a water main break with all lanes blocked. so police are going to be pushing you on to highland pole and frye or frye, pole hyland. it is going to be a little slow getting around this. route 1 at forest place both directions blocked right now. wide look at things overall no major problems. as you take a look at the beltway. 295 is a little slow past 50 and the top of the beltway outer loop. slows a little as well. as does inbound 295. 66 not so bad 95 here virginia northbound through dale city is going to be the slowest
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spot. as for travel times 66 inbound no problem here from fairfax county to the beltway. about ten minutes behind. listen to wtop when you head to your car this morning for the latest on the water main break fairfax. 270 southbound germantown to the beltway no problems. top of the beltway 95 and 270 no problems. we're now learning which business will take over the old rhino bar space in georgetown. the washington business journal reporting club monaco plans to open a store in the space on m street pretty soon. the retailer said it's revamping the overall style aiming for younger shoppers. rhino bar closed in february after 18 years in business. you can finally see some of the cherry blossoms! they are starting to boom. the peak bloom is a few days away probably between april 11th and 14th. we're getting close. we have some of the best cherry
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blossom drinking and dishes on our app. the national cherlyry blossom festival continues. i never tire of seeing them. they're gorgeous. >> if you can't wait for them to come out, you have one of the cherry blossom inspired drinks. who knows what you'll see! lots of pink. >> maybe other colors. you know. the coming up 10 minutes after 6:00. here is a live look outside. nothing to see but clouds on the tuesday morning. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here. i don't want the rain to blow the blossoms away. >> they won't. the winds will not blow the blossoms wade. yesterday 70 and sunshine coaxed a lot to come out. they're holding the tiny umbrellas as we had a little bit of light rain coming through. there's a larger area from steady rain but it's to the
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south of us. right now just a few sprinkles in prince george's charles. one moderate shower around leonardtown that's passing to the east. leaving in the wake damp pavement might get a few more sprinkles today. what to wear? you won't need a jacket sunglasses or a hat. it will be fairly warm. have the umbrella handy. not steady rain but off and on light showers moving through from time to time for the rest of the day. and the bus stop this morning some of the sidewalks are wet. we'll but be in the low 60s. maybe a few more sprinkles coming through. by then ought to be in the low to mid 60s. next weather and traffic on the 1's a look at the hour by hour timing ahead with the rain at of 21. back to you. closing in on a cause. who police are talking to as they search for answers after this building explosion in new york city. plus helping you lose the weight and keep it off.
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today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. right now we're keeping an
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eye on a water main break affecting traffic on route 1 in fairfax county. megan mcgrath is loveive with more. >> reporter: it's going to be a bad situation for the morning rush hour. you take a look behind me here you can see the detour. route 1 is closed here at hyland lane. closed in both directions. you can see the officer who is turning people away here. they have to take the left-hand turn down on hyland lane. the detour on the other end, i'm told is frye road. we have a water main break. i believe it's just a little bit down the road here where you see the second set of lights. i think that's the area where the pipe is broken. they're working on it. you can see the crews on the scene. we have no information in terms of how long it will take to get things under control so they can reopen lanes. for the time being, we have route 1 closed not far from fort bell closed in both directions northbound and southbound. we're not seeing any major back
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ups at this point. you can see we're seeing light volume of traffic here. they are detouring you. if this goes into the rush hour much longer we're going start to see the delays. plan accordingly. i'm going to try get information about how long the detours will be in place. back to you. >> thank you. 6:15 new this morning students at duke university might be just going to bed. they were up all night celebratingcelebrate ing the school's fifth ncaa basketball championship. for what the university called a control school-sanction the bonfire. social media shows four benches were thrown into the flames. no word of any arrest or anyone getting hurt. police are trying to figure out why a teen boy was shot in southeast d.c. happened last night around 8:00 on 37th street. he was unconscious and not breathing. he was taken to a hospital.
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we're working to get an update on his condition. police are searching for two people who robbed a convenience store at gunpoint. you see the video here. if you have any information d.c. police want to hear from you. closing arguments begin today in the trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. the defense rested the case yesterday. they only called three witnesses. he pleaded not guilty to murdering owen lloyd. a maryland mother heading to court after fatally abusing a 21-month-old baby. she's charged with first degree child abuse after failing to stop her husband, frankie williams from beating the be i recall in frederick county.
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anayah williams died after she was return talked to her family despite a history of abuse. larry hogan will sign a passed bill giving more protection for children being returned to abusive homes. a maryland mother wants the sheriff deputy who shot her son to face criminal charges. michelle minor filed a $10 million lawsuit against prince george's county. a deputy shot ricardo after an argument with his girlfriend. minor was unarmed but deputies say he ignored their commands and made hand movements. we reached out to the county to get its response but we have not heard back. a 26-year-old man is dead after his motorized bicycle ran into the side of a trash truck. it happened yesterday afternoon in montgomery county. police have not publicly identified the victim. federal regulators are looking into the nissaner have is and versa note for safety concerns.
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the ntsb looking into an issue that can cause the driver's foot to get caught in the trim handle that holds the carpet. investigators are taking closer look at the 2014 and 2015 model years. there has been one report of a crash here where the driver couldn't hit the brake fast enough. nissan said it is cooperating with the investigation. we're following a developing story out of china right now. hundreds of firefighters battling this massive fire after an explosion after an explosion at the petro chemical plant. it was an explosion that makes a toxic chemical used in making plastics. this was the second explosion at the plant in 20 months. no one was killed. investigators are looking to question a building owner's son.
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this building explosion in new york city. there were signs that the gas lines were tampered with. it exploded last week killing two people. a plumber told investigators he been instructed to alter the gas lines that day. it's not clear who told him to do it. the owner's son and the plumber were among the two dozen people burned. a new tennis performance center opens day. fresh off the miami open win serena williams will be there for the grand opening. the new center will be at the turn national golf club. that ceremony begins at noon. >> very cool. it brought a lot of attention to the game of tennis. a lot of little girls want to emulate her. today may not be a good day to play tennis or anything outside. >> yeah. a dreary cloudy day out there. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 weather center. >> the bright side of that is pollen sufferers are rejoicing as this rain is washing some of that tree pollen out of the area. the tree pollen count has been high the last couple of days. it will be improved today with the pollen getting washed up.
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we had a little bit of light rain pass through over the last hour. the area of rain is east of washington. there's a broader area of some light rain that stretches across southern virginia. most of this is 35szpassing well south of fredericksburg. we're getting a little bit of light rain in prince george's county, saint mary's northern neck. that wave will don't cross the bay and move away. behind that clouds around maybe a little bit of drizzle between now and 8:00. between 8:00 9:00 10:00 the next wave of rain in southern virginia may take a bit of a turn to the northeast. come into fredericksburg leonardstown by around 10:00 this morning. by noontime a few spotty light sprinkles in southern maryland and fredericksburg and the northern neck and the eastern shore. the metro area a few sprinkles or drizzle. the rest of the afternoon a few spotty showers will be popping up. might get an isolated thunder shower in the mountains late afternoon and passing north of
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the metro area. just a little rumble of thunder there. you can track the radar on your mobile device. temperatures are mild now. in the 50s to around 60 degrees. we'll hold steady through about 8:00 this morning and jump into the 70s this afternoon with the chance of a few more scattered sprinkles. then a smaller chance of any sprinkles tomorrow. a lot cooler about 20 degrees cooler temperatures in the 50s throughout much of the day on wednesday. again, thursday could have fog and drizzle thursday too, mid 50s. we jump into the 70s on friday. could get thunder showers and thunderstorms fridayon and friday evening. after that it goes by just in time for the weekend. we dry out with sunshine back on saturday sunday, and monday. high 60s each day. your drive time commuter forecast for the day ahead is coming up next weather and traffic on the 1's at 6:31. >> breaking news the alexandria section of fairfax county. megan mcgrath is on the scene. going to be a mess here. route 1 closed there at forest
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place. you can see chopper 4 over the scene as well. and magnificentthe live truck on the corner. all lanes blocked now. you'll have to take pole road to frye. shut down probably for much of the morning because of the water main break. wide look at things overall it's actually looking pretty good. inbound 395 starting to slow a tad. top of the beltway starting to slow. all normal for the time of day. 66 and 123 eastbound and westbound everything rolling along nicely. good luck seeing volume on the inner and outer loop. beltway and river no problem here on the outer loop. back at 6:31 with more. >> thank you. and today opponents of the natural gas pipeline through virginia are expected to demand that governor change the support for the project. opponents say they'll deliver
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more than 5,000 signatures. west virginia governor support that 550-mile atlantic coast pipeline. they call it a game-changer that will bring cheap natural gas and create jobs. it will run from twovd north carolina. if you're thinking about starting a new indict, check out the new study. researchers at johns hopkins university took a look at which commercial diet plans are most effective. weight watchers and jenny craig came out on top. both had the most sustained weight loss after 12 months on use. those on weight watchers lost nearly 3% of their weight and people on jenny craig lost almost 5%. false positive mammograms are costing women billions of dollars a year. between 2011 and 2013 more than 70,000 women received a false positive for breast cancer diagnosis and the false reports lead to other procedures costing
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about $852 per patient. false positives are common because what looks like a tumor on an x-ray could be assistcyst. as we near the end of the school year police in the city of frederick, maryland are remining teens to stay away from alcohol. acting police chief patrick grossman, liquor board officials, and members of the alcohol prevention initiative will hold a press conference. they will share measures that helped curb underage drinking. they'll discuss their own community outreach campaign. as we enter prom and graduation season virginia state police are launching a new safe driving campaign aimed at your teen. they're teaming up with youth of virginia speak out and the campaign is called arrive alive. students from nearly 60 high schools and mooddles are working together to get the message out on social media to promote safe driving. especially this time of the year. it was a fire that could be seen across the region. it destroyed more than just a
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building in capital heights. we'll take you live to the scene where work is still under way to mop up the fire. a live look outside of the storm team 4 weather deck where we're not seeing rain now. that might not be the case in your neighborhood. the conditions you'll be dealing with as you try to get to work at 6:31. >> we're helping you avoid a major headache on your way to work. take a live look at the scene.
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right now we're watching a major mess that could have you looking for a new way to work. we're looking live at the scene on route 1 in the alexandria section of fairfax county where the water main break has the road shut down in both directions. melissa has been tracking the problem. >> major issue here this morning. seeing a lot of back up. this is chopper 4 over the scene. route 1 closed at forest place. you can see we have megan mcgrath on the scene. you can see it is a large section here. that is closed.
6:29 am
a lot of folks having to turn around. police directing people around. what they're going to be doing is pushing on tohyland pole and frye. all lanes blocked route 1 at forest place. prince george's county overall looking pretty good. a little slow inbound and outbound. indian head highway a little slow before you hit the beltway this morning. 95 this just started to slow down a couple of minutes ago. nothing happening but a little bit of volume at the top of the beltway. probably slowing down because of a little bit of a slow down here outer loop at colesville. bw parkway into and out of town looking fine. no major problem there. 66 and 95 virginia looking typical for this time of morning. going to have more including travel times coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you. it is an umbrella kind of day today. take a look right now we're dealing with rain on what we're calling hashtag spotty showers day. the chances you get wet depend
6:30 am
on where you live. >> that's an awful name. spotty showers day. tom kierein is here to help you get out of the door. >> it tells the story that will have not constant rain showers coming through and a little bit of light rain. here we're tracking the showers coming through with the storm team 4 radar and they're moving to the east. there's a big batch of steady rain from southern west virginia across southern virginia. had is passing through the northern neck and southern maryland. that's a metro area now it's just a little bit of lingering sprichk spring sprinkles. this area passing over the next half hour or so. damp roads this morning maybe a sprinkle. even where the rain stopped. some of that dampness is going to linger. we have a lot of humanity in the
6:31 am
air -- humidity in the air. the afternoon commute milder air moves through but wet roads through passing showers and a rumble of thunder maybe as it moves through. next weather and traffic on the 1's coming around 6:11. a -- 6:41. >> thank you. 6:31 right now and firefighters are still working to put out a fire that started at a roofing company in prince george's county. more than 13 hours ago this fire cost more than $1 million in damage and destroyed two fire engines. zachary kiesch is on the scene where firefighters are working on hot spots out there. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. looks like it's wrapping up for the most part now. this started with styrofoam containers. this commercial roofing billing was up in flames.
6:32 am
it was a scene out here. i would like you to take a peek at the video. it's one of the fire trucks. major losses here. those two fire trucks were $1.5 million. you can see what happened here as i mentioned it started with these this styrofoam that started on fire. it spread as a propane tank caught on fire. the wind played a role in this out here. it was not a pretty scene. you can see the huge clouds of smoke now this morning. there is a fire truck out here. there's a couple of police cruisers out here. for the most part it rapped up. there were no injuries out here. reporting live. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. a university of virginia fraternity is ready to launch legal a over a discredited rolling stone article. the magazine accused the members of gang raping a girl named
6:33 am
jackie. a review found that the author failed to review facts and speak to the accused. rolling stone retracted the report but said no one will lose their job over the fallout. and today a woman is in custody accused of stabbing a metro station manager. detectives arrested 20-year-old melissa langley yesterday. it happened about three weeks ago at the stadium armory station. she stabbed the station manager after a fare dispute. the manager was not seriously hurt. a car almost went all the way inside someone's home. a 91-year-old man was backing out of his driveway. he accidentally hit the gas a little too hard. he slammed into his neighbor's house across the street. you can see the crash did a lot of damage to the basement here. no one was seriously hurt.
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federal investigators are looking for similarities in two incidents where smoke was found in metro tunnels. the ntsb is taking closer look at the track fire that forced the evacuation of the metro concentration in february. a train operator spotted a small fire in the tunnel between that station and rosland. one woman died in that incident back in june at the l'enfant plaza. fairfax county officials will meet to discuss property taxes. afternoon. the board of supervisors has a public hearing at 3:00 p.m. today. the 2016 rate has been advertised as the 2015 rate. the board can approve a lower rate but not a higher rate. maryland governor larry hogan will give negotiators extra time to iron out differences over next year's budget. negotiateors are set to meet this afternoon. one delegate said there's a
6:35 am
comprise that is close. democrats are seeking assurances from the governor he'll approve their planned increased education spending and give state employees a cost of living raise. the governor wants to see more tax relief. it's 6:35 now. starbucks said it will pay four-year college tuition for employees. the coffee chain announced the expansion of the current tuition reimbursement program for two-year colleges. employees will be reimbursed every semester. starbucks is teaming up with arizona state university. it will offer full and part-time employees a chance to take classes online. the average cost is $60,000. the race to be our next president getting a little more crowded this morning. what we can expect in the hours ahead as rand paul prepares to throw his hat in the ring. take a look at radar. a lot of showers rolling through our area now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is watching temperatures in your neighborhood.
6:36 am
>> plus helping you avoid an unwanted fine. the potential new noise restrictions coming for people who live in fairfax county. >> helping you avoid a major headache on your way to work as crews work to repair a water main that is part of route 1 closed. take a look at the live pictures. what you need to know to get around the mess.
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breaking news again. the alexandria section of fairfax county. we have route 1 closed at forest place. it's a major water main break. both sides of route one shut down now. we have megan mcgrath on the scene. she'll be live in a couple of minutes with all lanes blocked. police will be pushing you to high land pole and frye.
6:40 am
270 south german town to the beltway 20 minutes. 395 inbound about 10 minutes behind from 495 to the 14th street bridge. going to take you an extra ten there. 95 north quantico to the beltway ten minutes behind. we're starting to slow down. we'll have more on the situation and the alexandria section of fairfax coming up in your car. you can voice your concerns about metro's budget proposal. it does not include a fare hike or cuts in service, but it will impact what you pay to park. metro wants to extend parking fee hours by two hours a day at all locations. the information session begins at 6:00 p.m. followed by a public hearing. that is happening at metro headquarters on fifth street in northwest. if you live in fairfax county you can could face new
6:41 am
noise restrictions. our news partners at wtop report proposed changes would limit noise from schools and recreational noise. people noise would be prohibited after 11:00 p.m. on weekends and before holidays. dog park hours would start at 8:00 a.m. on weekends and holidayhole holiday holidays. if your pets are loud in your home you can be fined. the board of supervisors will vote on whether or not they'll hold a hearing in may. you'll need an umbrella as you head out the door. 6:41 now the weather and traffic on the 1's. we turn to tom kierein. >> is mooning considered a people noise? >> yes, it is. >> a big fine for that one. >> people will be whining and moaning about the weather. a few breaks in the clouds. live view from the city camera. the storm team 4 radar is showing a few sprinkles that passed through the metro area. there's a broad are area of some
6:42 am
rain that stretches from richmond to roanoke. a few sprinkles. this is all tracking off to the east. few breaks in the clouds now and we'll have perhaps a little sunshine through 8:00 this morning and hovering around 60 degrees. clouds return and slight chance of a sprinkle. passing showers are possible later in the afternoon a small chance any thunder. look at rain chances for the rest of the week. next weather and traffic on the 1's at 6:51. a health alert this morning. what students are being instructed to do after multiple confirmed cases of turk low sis. right now we're walking a major traffic problem in fairfax county as crews work to prepare a water main. megan mcgrath is on the scene. live with more on the repairs and what you need to know to get around the mess.
6:43 am
here at metro, our first priority is your safety, so let's discuss what you should do if there's an emergency involving fire or smoke. if you're in a station, move away from the platform and begin walking to the nearest exit. if you're on a train, notify the operator using the intercom located at either end of the railcar. follow the operator's instructions and remain calm. unless you are in immediate danger you are safest staying inside the train. if necessary, when the train is stopped, you can use the end doors to move to another car in the train. if you must evacuate, emergency exits are located in the center of each railcar. lift the release cover - a wire will break away, pull down the red handle and slide the left door panel open. watch your step on the emergency walkway, and never touch the lower part of the railcar, which could be electrified. and for your safety, never cross over to the other track. on behalf of everyone at metro thank you for paying attention
6:44 am
to our safety presentation. welcome aboard.
6:45 am
right now we're tracking a major traffic problem in fairfax county. one section of route one closed in both directions after a water main break overnight. melissa is here with how you can get around the mess. >> alexandria section of fairfax county. route 1 shut down. chopper 4 is over the scene. police will push you to hyland pole and frye.
6:46 am
>> pavement is damp in the wake of light rain that moved through. it's passing to the east of the metro area. beginning across the bay and pulling out of southern maryland getting few areas of light rain now. we could get another round of some rain moving in a little bit later today. temperatures right now are on the mild side. we're hovering in the 50s to around 60s. >> tom, thank you. right now we're working for you this morning as we keep a close eye on a water main break in the alexandria section of fairfax county. this is affecting folks trying to use route 1 this morning. news 4 megan mcgrath is there live.
6:47 am
what is the latest? >> reporter: route 1 closed in both directions. if you look behind me you can see one of the detours. the highland end of things. there's a police officer directing everyone to take a left on to hiland lane. we're starting to see the traffic slow down as people make their way through the neighborhood streets to try to get around the broken water main. we're starting to see the traffic impact starting to increase here. just got an update from fairfax county water. here is what i'm being told. they are hoping to get at least one lane in each direction opened on the southbound side of things. so they have a big hole on the northbound lanes. that's where the actual 14-inch pipe broke. they have debris and mud on the southbound side. they're waiting for a backhoe to arrive on the scene. as soon as they can get the mud and debris up the hope they'll be able to open one lane in each direction to help people get through the area. as for those northbound lanes, though that's a big hole in the road. they have to get in some heavy
6:48 am
equipment and certainly it's going take hours to repair that. that's going a problem for awhile. if you travel along route 1 this is the fort bell area nearby. it you're familiar with the area the knights of columbus is right here. you'll at least for the next hour or even perhaps longer than that think about an alternate route. the loudoun county sheriff's department are trying to figure out why a man and woman were found dead inside a home. deputies went to the home around 9:00 last night after a disturbing 9-1-1 call. deputies found a man and woman dead inside. we're working to find out what police are calling a murder/suicide investigation. alexandria police tell us
6:49 am
the victim of a shooting is not cooperating with their information. a man was shot in the leg around 2:30 this morning between north pit and north roil streets. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. we're following a tragic developing story in maryland this morning. a father and his seven children found dead inside their home in princess. rodney todd worked for dining services. his supervisor telling us todd was a single dad raising his five girls and two boys. those close to the family say that todd and his children died from carbon dioxide poisoning. princess anne police are waiting for the official cause of death from the medical examiner. a jury will likely begin deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. juries heard weeks of dramatic testimony. prosecutors say that accused bomber dzhokar tsarnaev committed a, quote, cold, calculated terrorist act. defense attorney told the jury that dzhokar was involved but
6:50 am
heavily influenced by his older brother. today students and d.c. officials will rally against budget cuts at wilson high school. the rally set for 3:45 this afternoon at the flag pole in the front of the school in northwest d.c. the public school system wants to cut wilson high school's budget next year by 10% or 1.8 million. more developments todayed in the 2016 presidential race. kentucky senator rand paul will announce his candidacy. nbc kelly o'donnell joins us live from louisville with more. good morning. what do you expect to hear today from the senator? >> well, good morning. this is a big day for rand paul and he's been preparing for it for a few years trying to make himself look like a different kind of republican. he doesn't want to be the sort of old school way of doing things. you know he's a libertarian. he's not the kind of hawk in the gop party. trying to reach out to different groups as well. to younger voters minority
6:51 am
communities, trying to say it's time for a new kind of republican leader. that hasn't always made him popular within the larger republican party. today he's trying to expand what could attract voters to the republican party. he becomes the second official candidate to jump in. we saw ted cruz is already in the race. we expect marco rubio, his senate colleague from florida, to jump in next week. we're here in louisville where we expect rand paul will lay out his vision for the kind of candidate he would like to be. i'll have more on "today." >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. once again make sure you watch the "today" show after news 4 today for kelly's full report. did google scam you and your kids? landon dowdy joins us with more how starbucks is expanding the college program. >> good morning. consumer groups are urging the federal trade commission to investigator youtube's new kids mobile app. they launched the app in february as a super place for
6:52 am
kids to watch videos. consumer advocates say the ad is stuffed with ads and product placement it's hard to tell the difference between content and commercials. back over to you. >> thank you. we turn to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein now. ready for a couple of days of rain. >> first thing i noticed was the earthy smell in the air. we get the rain falling in the springtime. the air filled with that pungent aroma. maybe it's all the mulch. we've got -- >> yeah. >> some pollen in the air, too. and we've had this very light rain coming through over the last half hour hour or so. it moved east of the metro area. look at the radar the moving green and light rain across southern virginia. that will stay south of the metro area here for the next several hours. but still a bit of arain. and later today here is new timing just coming in by 10:00 this morning. maybe a little bit of that rain
6:53 am
to the south. later this afternoon we'll get showers coming through around 3:00 maybe a few thunderstorms here in the shenandoah valley and pan handle of west virginia. these tracking off to the east later into the evening hours. temperatures right now in the 50s to around 60s degrees. and we'll hold steady here a few breaks in the clouds. a little sunshine breaking out. occasional light rain later in the afternoon we reach the low to mid 70s. certainly looking like spring. tomorrow cooler 120 degrees cooler. in the mid 50s.
6:54 am
jumping into the 70s on friday. might get thunder showers friday. just in time for the weekend drying out. great weather for outdoor fun. melissa has break news. >> the alexandria section of fairfax. we have chopper 4 over the scene. route one shut down at forest place. part of the road there collapsed. you see the vehicle sideways here. we're getting by to the left. it's a big backup that will start to build here. 66 heading into town no major problems here. you little a little bit red as you head out of lees burg. 95 in virginia no major problems about 45 miles per hour. 270 and montrose heading south
6:55 am
no issue there. prince george's looking pretty typically. >> thank you. there are three confirmed cases of tush low sis in maryland. the washington post reports the school is asking students and staff members to interacted with the infected students to get tested. the cases were diagnosed in october. march 21st and last week. the health leaders are looking into whether the three cases are linked. >> today we're learning that a quote featured on the new maya angelou stamp may not be hers. the former editor for the book world did a research on the quote only to find it may have been written by joan walsh first. the quote came up in several interviews angelou did it. features the late author actress, and civil rights act
6:56 am
vis. -- activist. maya angelou died last may. in a few hours you can buy capitals playoffs tickets. they go on sale at 11:00 this morning. the nhl hasn't announced any games, dates, or times. they'll do it later today. they go fast. 6:56 four things to know this morning. republican senator rand paul expected to announce he'll run for president. he's speaking to crowds today in kentucky. a university of virginia fraternity is ready to launch legal action over a discredited rolling stone article. the magazine accused the fraternity of gang raping a girl named jackie. the firefighters are working to put out a fire that spark at the roofing company in prince george's county. more than 13 hours ago. the fire caused more than a million dollars in damage and destroyed two fire engines. traffic alert this morning as we keep a close eye on a
6:57 am
water main break on route 1 in fairfax county. that road closed in both directions. >> take a look now. you can see from chopper 4 route one shut down at forest place. another big problem inner loop at braddock. big crash there. only by to the left this morning. >> thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking up with us. the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
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you . good morning. ready for rand? the republican senator from kentucky making it official today. >> it's time for a new president. >> can one of the most controversial figures in washington win the nomination or just kick it up? >> going to work on the boston marathon bombing trial. will we see a verdict as early as today? >>. >> >> volatile and violent, one of the worst severe outbreaks of the year. al is here to tell us when it's coming and where it's headed. duke is king. the blue devils knock off wisconsin in


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