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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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officer charged with murder in south carolina. we have graphic video that shows him shooting a black man in the back. the mapn was unarmed and running away. this video led to the officer's arrest. in 15 minutes, tracie potts will join us live. that is not the right individualtght video. today police are looking for a man who hit a police officer working security around the high end shops around chevy chase. the officer approached a suspicious car and the drive are took off dragging him a short way. he was not badly hurt. investigators are not sure why the driver sped off. your support is pouring in to replace a fire engine destroyed destroyed in a massive fire while fighting a fire at a warehouse. the separation has set up a go fund me account and it's already
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raised more than $1001 oo$1800. they would like to raise $250,000. so you can go to the nbc washington app and search fire engine. the engine was insured, but the price to replace is more than the insurance will pay. today we expect maryland congressman chris van hollen to bring in another endorsement in his bid for the senate. baker will announce his support. van hollen is running for barbara mikulski's senate seat who is retiring. he's already raised more than $1 million for his campaign. to the second city that voted for a second term and a second chance. >> that is chicago mayor rahm emanuel after winning a second term after an up expectedly tough campaign. he has faced several opposition from several unions and criticism over high school brash style. in the end, he brought in 55% of
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the vote p. 4:31 our time. and a few sprinkles to deal with out there this morning. >> let's check in with chuck bell to find out if we'll have rain all day. chuck, good morning. >> won't be an all day rain event, but it will be an all day clouds and moisture kind of a thing. most of the rain has really stacked up here in the front part of the day between now and 9:00 this morning. that doesn't mean we'll have much improvement this morning. this little area of moderate rain this is the soggy wednesday morning commute that we'll be facing. already some briefly moderate rain out here new bluemont moving into far western loudoun county that is headed toward leesburg in the next 30 minutes or so. and light rain down across culpeper warrenton, headed to the i-95 corridor. temperatures are stuck in the upper 40s to low 50s and cool wedge of air means that is where we'll stay. lorton virginia 50 at 7:00 a.m. 51 by 6:00 this evening.
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so not a very pleasant day. later on today, highs low to mid-50s that's it. we'll be talking about the hour by hour planner and kruryour bus stop weather in ten minutes. taking a look at the beltway, looking good inner and outer loops. no incidents being reported. we're seeing wet roads, so be careful. southbound 187 between executive boulevard and tuckerman lane there is emergency road work there blocking that right lane. also westbound route 50 at route 197, reports of high water in that area. 95 at temple hill, seeing volume. 27 on 270 at father hurley wet roads. the sudden death of a loudoun county high school student is being investigated
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temperatureinvestigated. madison small got sick at school and died. they say if the illness is a threat it will inform the community. d.c. police arrested a man in connection to a murder last month. the morning of march 30 an own i don't was found shot at the intercession of 13th and van buren streets northwest. police say 23-year-old her man odom gunned him down and is charged with murder. police are still trying to figure out why a teenage boy was killed in the district. luke holt was shot in southeast washington on monday night. a friend of holt's told news 4 he was sitting on the steps of an apartment building on 37th street when someone just came up and started shooting. >> when i came to him, he grabbed my leg and he was gasping for air and then he just slumped over. everyone was trying to help him, but they got to him too late. >> holt grew up in that neighborhood but had since
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moved to northeast. police are working to track down a motive. in the day ahead the map charged in the death of his wife is expected to be in a northern virginia courtroom. prosecutors say castillo kill his wife michelle and tried to make it look like a suicide. they say the couple was in the middle of a bitter divorce. michelle had a protective order against her husband. the victim was found hanging in a basement bathroom of her home. castillo denies the charmgsges. today a rookie d.c. firefighter will be in court to face a gun charge. andre wonson was are arrested last month. he could be fired because he is still on rookie probation. a $5 billion proposed natural gas pipeline in virginia is facing a small setback. according to the richmond times dispatch dominion transmission is withdrawing lawsuits against more than 100 property owners. the property owners refused to let the company survey their
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property. companies involved with the pipeline plan set to restart the legal process all over which probably means another faceoff with the land owners. the planned 55 pile pipeline would threat through west virginia virginia and into north carolina. a developing story out of los angeles, we know a husband and wife are recovering after being rescued from a burning building. let's go to the video. you can take a look and see the top floor of this five story structure. many were able to escape. it took more than 170 firefighters to get the flames under control. the cause is still being looked into this morning as well as why the building didn't have sprinklers. back to you. the uconn women's basketball team waking up with their third straight national championship. this is also their tenth overall win for the huskies after
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knocking off notre dame 63-53 last night. uconn had just one loss this year and is 78-1 over the last two years. >> that is incredible women's basketball program at uconn. they beat hear land in themaryland in the final four. we just learned an update on an ebola patient. we'll share the good news. and hurt on the highway after a man threatens a family with a chain saw in a fit of road rage. how the confrontation started. >> wow. and a live look outside here now where a lot of people are waking up to some raindrops. chuck bell will tell you if your kids will need an umbrella at if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in
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the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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intense individual doctor out of hex company after an attack that killed 15 police officers. take a look at the scene. five others were hurt when a convoy was ambushed yesterday. you can see there the police cars were set on fire and covered in investigators are working to find out who is responsible. p. in kenya, 14 are in police custody for an attack on a university where 148 students were killed. they're accused of being part of the al shabaab terrorist group aligned with al qaeda and
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responsible for killing 400 people in kenya over the last between years two years. a man facing charges innen canada accused of using a chain saw in a fit of road rage. it was all caught on camera. a family on vacation recorded about this bizarre outburst after being cut off by an erratic driver. they followed that driver to take down his license plate number and that's a move they probably regret. >> he came out and put the blade straight in the front of me at the win did he there. child was screaming and it was terrifying situation. >> here you are with the video. >> oh, highmy gosh. >> you can hear the kids screaming in the back seat. the video of course has gone viral and already had more than 600,000 views. >> i cannot imagine how terrifying that would be with your children in the quarter.
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sbl sbl sbl. >> how nuts do you have to be to do something like that? way over the top. 4:41 our time right now. calmer around here but very, very cloudy out there this morning. a little rain too. >> let's check in with chuck bell with your weather and traffic on the 1s. outside this morning, always bits of rain across the area. this is going to continue for the remainder of the morning commute. so umbrellas and rain slickers at the ready. temperatures now only in the upper 40s and low 50s. bus stop weather 7:00 8:00. wet sidewalks and raindrops around that will continue this morning and even later on today waiting for the bus or can coming off, chance for drizzle through much of the day. "7-day forecast" whichnd which includes more sunshine that's coming up. we have an accident
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westbound route 50 at the off-ramp to route 301. elsewhere, eastbound i-70 at u.s. 40 the right lane and shoulder are blocked due to an accident accident. so be careful. southbound 187 between executive boulevard and tuckerman lane, we have emergency road work there blocking the right lane. taking a look at i-66 traveling east toward the beltway the at 123, looking good as well. back to you. alexis thank you. we just received new video in of defense secretary ashton carter in japan this morning. angie goff is at the live desk gathering the latest on this trip and will bring us an update. and new information in the tragic carbon monoxide deaths of a maryland man and his seven children. why the power company says it turned the power off. and talk about being in the right place at the right time. the tourist who took down a
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14 before the hour. and we're learning more about the deaths of a man and his seven children on the eastern shore. they all died in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning coming from a power generator in their home. we now know a power company removed an illegal meter from that home. rodney todd had a generator running in the kitchen. delmarva power tells news 4 electric service was disconnected last october and there was no request to connect the service again. the power company sfofr discovered a stolen electric meter and removed it last month a week before the family was found dead. friends and relatives last saw them alive on march 28. >> some people might not understand why he made the decision too put a generator on the inside but when you kids, nothing runs through your
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mind of what is supposed to be in order or -- you just think about your kids. p. >> todd started renting the home back in november a month after the power was shut off. we are learning this morning a loudoun county man accused of murdering three people in alexandria will stand trial. news 4 confirmed that a judge found charles severance competent to take the stand. his attorneys now want a change of venue away from alexandria. police arrested severance months after the shooting death of ruthanne lodato. he was then linked to two other mu decade. lawyers for a former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted in his girlfriend's death will appear to the u.s. supreme court. lawyers were given one month to file the petition. he was convicted in the death of yeardley love. he is now serving a 23 year send teches. the supreme court of virginia denied hughley's appeal twice.
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right now defense secretary ash carter is preparing to meet with japan's prime minister. we have new video in. this is of carter visiting the country. this is part of a trip to improve u.s. far east relations. on the table defense guidelines carter and leaders already agreeing on relocating a military base. this has been a controversial issue with a lot of locals there. carter heads to south korea next. a patient being treated for ebola at the national institutes of health's clinical center in bethesda is improving and upgraded from fair to good condition. the worker contracted the disease while volunteering in an ebola treatment unit in sierra leone. the patient arrived at nih last month. a developing story now in if south carolina where a police officer is in jail for shooting an unarmed black map whon who was running away from him.
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video of the attack led to the arrest. tracie potts is "life" onon live on capitol hill to tell us how the family is reacting. >> reporter: in it is beliefdisbelief. and we'll show you video that some might find disturbing. it appears to show an unarmed man being shot by a police officer. you can hear the officer firing eight times at his back as the man is running away. authorities say he has now been charged with murder that police officer has been charged with murder. officer michael slager said in the 911 tape that the person that he was shooting at walter scott, had grabbed his taser. the individual why shows after the man went down the officer went back to the spot where he originally was, picked up something, and then dropped it at the man's feet after the fact. the family is now looking at filing a civil rights lawsuit an attorney for the family says
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that if not for this cell phone video, they may not have known all of the facts of what happened. >> tracyie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. the killing of michael brown in ferguson sparked a national conversation of police shootings of black men. ferguson chose two new black members to its city council. vote are turnout more than doubled from last year from 12 to 29%. about two-thirds of the city's population is black, the new council members take office half of the council will be black. in the day ahead, mayor bowser is announcing a new program to give d.c. high schoolers credit from howard university. if your child goes to mckinley tech or bannicer high schools, they can take art. the program will then expand to all d.c. public high schools by 2018. police in montgomery county are trying to get to the bottom of a hate crime at a synagogue.
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two men seen on camera running around the congregation in gaithersburg. pretty say yesterday morning they spray painted 11 swastikas on the building. the word hitler and kkk are also splattered on there. members spent the day trying to power wash the graffiti. the rabbi wants w4078 ever did this to be held accountable. take a look at this video. this is surveillance video. a tourist stopped a robbery at a gas station in los angeles. you can see there the robber lunged over the counter to grab a cash from an open register another man grabbed him putting him in a chokehold until police arrived. the tourist is a former officer. he was on his way back to mexico following a weekend in l.a.. the station manager says he's grateful for the customer's help. see, you just never know. he was in the right place at the right time. 4:51. a live look outside. gloomy day this wednesday morning. lots of clouds and rain.
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and yet -- >> and yet -- >> your presence is cheering us up. >> well, good. if you have the covers, maybe this is one of those little snooze mornings. just ten more minutes. >> can you get two hours? >> maybe so. not the pretty crest day outside. yesterday wasn't bad, though. so we've had some good weather already this week. and great weather will be coming back. more importantly, just in time for the weekend. in the meantime, think of it -- don't think of it as raindrops, think of it as pollen removal systems. that's the way it will be for the remainder of the day. temperatures for the most part really aren't going to be budging a whole heck of a lot. right now it is still a mostly cloudy sky outside. temperatures really not budging a heck of a lot and that wouldn't be helping the situation over the next couple of hours. so there is the view over washington. temperatures remain mostly in the 50s here. my remote control is not doing it for me, man. come on. any button at all, any button at all going to help?
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nothing. so let me walk you through the forecast. there is it rain outside first thing this morning and it will be here primarily between now and about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. then we get into a cloudy stretch for the remainder of the day. again, temperatures upper 40s to low 50s all we'll get through the course of the day. off and on drizzle chances for tonight and the pattern continues on into tomorrow, as well. eventually we'll start to break things out. a worm front goes through thursday night into friday morning, so as a result friday will be a whole other weather picture. temperatures near 80 friday afternoon, that will come for a chance with stronger thunderstorms friday afternoon into friday evening and then more importantly as we get in to the weekend, things will improve. both saturday and sunday will be dry. now it decides to go. of course it does. sitting here pushing that button like a mad man this whole time. here is your "7-day forecast". 50s today and tomorrow rain this morning. drizzle chances for this
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afternoon and tomorrow. there is that thunderstorm chance on friday with a high near 79. and there is your weekend, both saturday and sunday, highs in the upper 60s to near 70. most of the weekend looks great for the peak of the comparery ridhar cherry blos blos so many festival. southbound 270 at montrose looking good. seeing volume. 95 at 216 in maryland also looking good. watch the wet pavement. 95 in virginia at lorton road looking good up toward the beltway. taking a look traveling 66 out of centreville, you'll find all lanes open. no incidents or delays at this hour. and when you get in your car, tune your car to 103.5 wtop. buy me shall peanuts and cracker jacks. and a parking space.
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how about that? why don't you get a -- why you could get a parking ticket the next time you head to a nats game if you don't pay close attention.
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new information now on a news 4 iteam investigation p. a federal judge is refusing to grant an injunction to stop work on the csx railroad tunnel in southeast washington.
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csx says the 100-year-old tunnel is starting to decay. the train company wants to double its size. a city watch dog group is worried about noise, vibrations, air ploougs andollution and risk of an accident. csx says it's committed to doing the project the right way, safely respecting our maybes and working closely with residents and businesses to minimize impacts and to ensure that they're informed about construction plans. $675,000 that's how much airline passengers left behind last year at security check points. it's mostly loose change we take out of our pockets. the tsa keeps the unclaimed money for security operations. flyer at dulles led more than $22,000, nearly $10,000 left at reagan national and about $8500 unclaimed at bwi har wchltw marshall. >> i wouldn't leave behind a flick he will
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nickel. >> and at nats parking rules are strictly enforced. used to live there and i know it all too well p. this includes sundays and home games that happened on holidays. last season new 4/raised questions about confusing parking signs. we accepts them to d.c. transportation officials and it led them to stop enforcing the marking rules parking rules for the rest of that season. the first holiday game is on april 16th that is emancipation day here in the district. it is almost 5:00 a.m.. there is something that could help you in the future scientists at stanford university developed a phone battery that charges in one minute. you can imagine that? how much time you'd save. they are still testing the row toe type row toe prototype. you will have to wait a little longer before the new technology is available. sign me up now. you will soon able to shop at uniglo p.
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it's known as the japanese gap. last year the uniquo low go could be seen at the springfield up to center at fairfax county. it's not known whether the 120r will store will also make its way to springfield. it really has nice simple and relatively affordable pieces. utilitarian, simple. >> for everybody? >> kid, mom, dad air are not. >> i'll check it out. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.. welcome to what is starting out as a wet weather. a live look from right outside the nbc 4 studios this morning. we're hash tagging today drops and drizzle, but it could get worse. >> sounds like a song. drops and drizzle. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang


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