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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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first, keep your umbrella ready today as you step outside to another day of rainy conditions. we're watching another line of showers move through right now and the chances are pretty good that you'll see more rain in the day ahead. tom kierein is here now with your weather headlines. good morning. starting off on this thursday morning, we have just a very light rain coming through over the last couple of hours across northern virginia and now into maryland. storm team 4 radar showing patches of green here. light rain in mondayly county. northeast washington, northern prince george's county. that's tracking off to the east. a little bit more now crossing the bay into far southern maryland. another batch in the mountains is breaking come up but just a few sprinkles, a little drizzle moving in to the shenandoah valley about another half hour. after that toward the metro area between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning, might get another round of shall very light rain. chilly morning. only around 40 in montgomery county. low 40s prince george's county.
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the district fairfax county rest of northern virginia most locations there low to mid-40s. a little bit of fog in the air. live view from our tower camera. we'll have a cool afternoon. storms likely tomorrow afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s, your commuter forecast for the day ahead. good morning. accident activity remains east bound route 50 in maryland at route 202. not causing any delays. it is off on the shoulder but the off-ramp is closed as well. northbound bw parkway approaching route 198, we have reports of an accident there. we'll give you more details as they become available. d.c. 295, you're running at speed after the beltway and as you approach the 11th street bridge you are slow in this area there. beltway near braddock road looking good. more problems for the secret service this morning. a senior supervisor is on administrative leave accused of
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assaulting a female employee. megan mcgrath is live at secret service headquarters thousand with more now with more on the latest scandal. >> reporter: good morning. the incident allegedly happened at secret service headquarters on march 31. sources tell nbc news that a senior supervisor xavier morales, is now on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. they say that he made unwanted sexual advances toward a female co-worker. it allegedly happened after hours, after the two returned to headquarters following a party at a restaurant in d.c.. now, nbc news confirms that morales' security clearance has been suspend and will remainhe investigation. sources say morales is accused of trying to kiss the woman and grabs her hands when she resisted. this of course is just the latest in a string of incidents that has focused negative
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attention on the secret service. back to you. >> thank you, megan. 6:03. today a second woman connected to the murder of a d.c. lawyer will be in court p. police arrested 19-year-old dominique general sonjohnson shared the apartment with jamyra gallmon, who is charged with murdering david messerschmitt during a robbery in february. police say johnson knew about the robbery and was with goal man gallmon before and after the alleged crime. bob mcdonnell has made his final written plea to a federal appeals court. in a 54 page brief, he says favors for a wealthy businessman were routine courtesies, not a bribery scheme. mcdonnell and his wife were convicted in september on a public corruption charge. a three judge panel will conduct a hearing on his appeal on may 12. protests and vigils now taking place to remember the man who was shot and killed by a police officer this weekend. you're looking at a gathering in
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north charleston south carolina where the shooting happened. video led to officer michael slager's murder arrest. if you have not seen this, a warning for you the video may be a bit graphic. as early as today, police could release new video from the dash cam of slager's police car. in the video, you can see walter scott running away when he's shot at at least eight times. the man who recorded the video turned it over to scott's family. he spoke exclusively to nbc news. >> i feel i thought about their situation, if i would have had a family member that would happen i would like to know the truth. >> we've learned slager has now been fired from the police department. he's in jail this morning and could face 30 years in prison if convicted. because of the shooting, d.c. delegate norton is now calling on congress it take action. she says lawmakers should pass a bill that would create local
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task forces on policing. it would also put more police officers with bed cameras. norton introduced the bill last month. right now a french television network is working to regain control after being hacked by a group claiming intelligence oral allegiance to hackers. they cut transmission of 11 channels and took over its websites and social media accounts. the channel's director says the attack is still ongoing. the network has restored its signal but with can himcan only broadcast recorded programs. they are making every effort to return to normal. today marks exactly 150 years since a major moment in american history. in 1865 general robert e. lee surrendered to the north at the bottle of appomattox courthouse in the civil war. this afternoon the federal city brass band will perform at a
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special ceremony at the arlington courthouse -- rather the arlington house in arlington national cemetery. lee lived there before the government took that land. and in appomattox, virginia lots of people will re-enact the battle this morning. they're starting at close as they can to the actual time of the battle which will be just about an hour and a half from now. download the nbc washington app to watch a special commemoration ceremony there that starts at 11:00 a.m.. right now we're watching for signs of more severe weather across the midwest as that region braces for a rough day ahead. the damage already left behind and what we're learning about the conditions there right now. and no severe storms for us in the day ahead but chances are pretty good that you'll end up getting wet if for you get your umbrella. the conditions you can expect on your way to and from work. plus a new recall involving a popular food you may have. what you need to be looking for.
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welcome back. engineers are taking a close look at the piece of equipment that caused a widespread power outage on tuesday. the electric insulate tore broke and fell to the ground sending thousands in the area into the dark.ore broke and fell to the ground sending thousands in the area into the dark.ore broke and fell to the ground sending thousands in the area into the dark. mayor bowser is expecting a report there pepco and some are asking for an independent investigation. the blackout shut down the university of maryland impacting several metro stations and effects the pentagon among many other spots. you'll want to check the bridge for sabra hummus. the company is recalling 30,000 cases of hummusto listeria concerns. is this classic only. the packaging information is on
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our facebook page. the listeria was uncovered during a random test at a store in michigan on march 30. i eat sabra, so you have to check. >> got it look for it. not a hummus eater, but i understand your concern. 6:11 your time. a live look outside this morning from virginia into the district where we are seeing a lot of clouds. >> let's check in with tom kierein, weather and traffic on the 1s. >> those are shevery low clouds producing some sprinkles and light mist falling. in the area of green, montgomery prince george's county anne arundel, now crossing the bay heading east. this other batch of light rain in the mountains going to be getting closer to the metro area later on this morning. but that is weakening, as well. you canrm team 4 weather app radar. so some wet pavement for the morning commute. and in the 40s. our temperatures in the 50s it afternoon. roads drying just a small chance
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of an additional sprinkle or drizzle during the afternoon. next a look at updated storm timing for tomorrow. that's at 6:21. how are the roads now alexis? we have an accident northbound bw parkway after route 197. it has been moved to the shoulder. you're seeing minor delays in that area. travel times for you northbound 95 from the prince william parkway to the beltway, it will take you 20 minutes. eastbound 66 between fairfax county parkway and beltway is running about 12 minutes. and then inside the beltway between the beltway and gw parkway is 14 minutes. pushing for change at the ballpark. the thing that many women who go to nats games is missing at the park and the petition they're signing in hopes the team will make a change. and new this morning, virginia voters weighing this on the race for president, a new poll released showing what they think about the potential contenders as candidates begin to throw their names in to the hat.
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i'm molette green at the live desk. this just in, new just released poll numbers on the presidential race showing hillary clinton in
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the lead over republicans in three critical states including virginia. the quinnipiac university poll shows voters in virginia picking clinton over all of the republicans in the race. so far virginia voters have clinton ahead offof rand paul. we'll bring more updates on it's 6:16. marco rubio could be the next to throw his hat into the race for the white house. the republican could announce his presidential plans as early as monday. a super pac will officially kick off fund raising efforts for him today. take a good look at the man in the photo right here. he's from prince george's county. his name is russell savoie. police say he's missing and they're hoping you can help find him. he was last seen yesterday morning on martin road in brandywine wearing a red, white and blue sweater with a light
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blue winter coat and dark blue pants. right now 95 million people across the midwest are bracing for more severe weather. take a live look at the current conditions in st. louis. this is the calm before the storm. eight tornadoes were reported yesterday in oklahoma kansas and missouri. and take a look at this hail from farming ton, missouri. baseball-sized hail damaged several cars breaking windows and leaving massive departments. strong winds ripped off roofs and knocked down trees. no severe injuries reported so far. 6:17. today into per land emts are back on the job for the first time since they were seriously injured. responding to a crash on the beltway. this is the aftermath of the crash back in february. last night sydney marshall and tom describeschrieber returned to work after recovering from injuries. they were helping victims in the
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toyota when a pickup truck lost control and hit the toyota and injured the emts. two other technicians from glenn echo junchmped in to action and they say they have forged a new bond. >> i didn't want to be sydney college student. that's boring. i have a passion for helping people and i wanted to do that it for the glen echo community. >> i was originally going to medical school and i actually -- i like this so much that i'm trying to go career right now in a fire department around here. >> marshall and schrieber were recognized at a ceremony earlier this month. many of are you welcoming a crackdown on the sale of illegal drugs. the d.c. attorney says he's cracking down on convenience stores illegally selling those synthetic drugs. half a dozen complaints have already been filed against stores in the petworth area. city officials told news 4 the stores are only selling synthetic drugs and marketing them to young people, as well. they have been illegal since
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2012. soon you won't be able to rye cycle plastic bags in rouk. the prince george's county. the county will start trashing them on july 1. a spokesman told the gazette the bags slow down the process by getting caught in machinery. you can still bring your bags back to most grocery stores to be reused. also in maryland we've learned that movies and tv shows will keep getting tax credits to film there. house of cards the most notable example. that show and veep have received tens of millions of dollars in credits over the last four years. under a new amendment, the governor and business department will be in charge of how much is spent on tax credits going forward. veteran cbs news man and face the nation moderator bob schieffer announcing that he will retire this summer. he made that announcement yesterday at a forum at his alma mater, texas christian university. he's been at cbs to 46 years. he also tweeted his thanks, quote, great talking journalism the a tcu tonight. also really happy to be in my
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hometown where it all started. you might think that every teen you meet has a cell phone, well it's a close call. 73% of teens in the u.s. have access to a smartphone. is this according to a new study from pew research center. 15% of teens have a basic phone. and 88% have access to a mobile phone of some sort which means only 12% of teens nationwide have no cell phone. the masters is back today. golfers will start teeing off in a little under 90 minutes and all eyes will be on tiger woods return for the gflolf course for the first time in months. jack nicholas stole the show yesterday after this shot. go go go. yes. hole in one during a par three contest. he still has it. if anyone had any doubt, you can see that ball right in the hole. do you know how hard that is?
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just 00amazing. >> pro of pros. good for him. >> showing the young guys how it's done. 6:21 your time. and the weather is not being so nice to us lately. lots of clouds a little rain. >> yep, all that. >> thanks for doe sign foss for co-signing on kierein. >> it looks like spring everything is turning green. augusta, best part about the masters is just looking at the landscaping there. so gorgeous. and we have the increasing spring colors around here too and the colors of green on my radar, areas where we're getting a few scattered sprinkles. a little drizzle here north of washington in montgomery, prince george's county anne arundel county moving off to the east. a few showers coming out of the ohio valley into west virginia, but they're breaking down as they head east and weakening. so just a few scattered sprinkles moving into the shenandoah valley over the next half hour or so.
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and here maybe around 8:00. just in the low to mid-40s. here is timing on tomorrow's likely thunderstorms. our first storms of the season coming into the mountains. that will be around 2:00 3:00 in the afternoon. move manage to the shenandoah valley bay then. after that, it's between around 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. -- eastern shore between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.. there is a risk of some damaging winds and hail as those storms roll on through tomorrow. and tomorrow's temperatures before the storm, feeling almost summer like. upper 70s to around 80 degrees. after they go by, beautiful weather moving in as we dry out. sunshine saturday and sunday mid to upper 60s both days. breezy on saturday, but gorgeous
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weekend for outdoor yard work or recreation. as we get into next week, still nice day on monday increasing clouds near 70. monday night and into tuesday, might get a few passing showers. highs 60s after that. your bus stop forecast what to wear weather, that's all coming up at 6:31. how is our traffic? we still have the accident northbound bw parkway after 1987. we're seeing delays. 95 looking good traveling out of newington. 95 south traveling from baltimore toward the beltway, seeing a little bit of slowing as you approach montgomery county beltway. but no incidents being reported. 270 slow a little bit out of frederick, maryland at old hundred road. and then 66 is also running a little slow. back to you. stop what you're doing. take a look at this. that is a huge hole in the nose of an airplane.
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and it still flew 4,000 miles in that condition. aviation experts even said the plane struck by lightning on its way to denver should have turned around. lightning hit that iceland air flight 671 just after takeoff in iceland leaving that hole in the nose of the plane. the plane made to denver though without any problems. you need to wash your car. p that's the message from safety regulators. salt used on the roads to melt snow and ice can rust the pipes that carry brake fluid under your car. there was a five year investigation and they looked at rusting pipes blamed salt and a lack of washing for those pipes. you need to washt the underside of your car no matter the make or model. >> totally guilty. my car is filthy. you're starting your day now, but this a while you'll get get from work exhausted and you have to make dinner. whether you didn't get a chance to get to the store or you're just not creative, there are
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meal services an subscription plans just for this kind of situation. are they worth the money and can they cut donewn on how long you spend in the kitchen? today erika gonzalez take looks at a company that sends fresh ingredients right to your door. everything is pre-chopped, pre-packaged all you have to do is assemble. >> they don't cook it for you? >> no, that's called delivery, takeout. >> oh, yeah. >> there is a balance there. >> i like fresh stuff somebody else cooks it. ift seems a lot of your pets are enjoying takeout, too. a new survey says one out of six u.s. families orders food for the dog at places like mcdonald's and burger king. survey received answers -- >> big macs happy meals? >> they like the fries. they received answers from about 1500 people and about a third
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said they take their pet with them to the drive through. >> pets get better treatment than humans in some houses. hundreds of you are signing a petition to add a mother's room at nats park. so far the petition has nearly 600 supporters. the ballpark offers nursing mothers the reagan conference room and if that's not available, they did use a family restroom. the reds just opened a special nursing mother's suite inside great american ballpark. take a look. it features gliders, flat screen, toys for toddlers, rebridgere refrigerators and lockers. so that sets the bar up here. nationals spokeswoman says the team is in the process of creating a state-of-the-art space to accommodate nursing mothers about sflp mothers mothers mothers. >> did you pay extra if it's all tricked out like that? >> i don't think the customer does or the person who is attending the ballpark but i'm sure the nats have to put in -- but if you create that kind of
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environment, you have loyalty and those fans will keep coming back and spending money. >> there you go. >> soggy nurse morning for us right now. #umbrella ready. the empaektimpact on the commute p. and also asking for your opinion. how you can give metro advice on who the transit agency should be looking for to be their next general manager. and are you
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here at metro, our first priority is your safety, so let's discuss what you should do if there's an emergency involving fire or smoke. if you're in a station, move away from the platform and begin walking to the nearest exit. if you're on a train, notify the operator using the intercom located at either end of the railcar. follow the operator's instructions and remain calm. unless you are in immediate danger you are safest staying inside the train. if necessary, when the train is stopped, you can use the end doors to move to another car in the train. if you must evacuate, emergency exits are located in the center of each railcar. lift the release cover - a wire will break away, pull down the red handle and slide the left door panel open.
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watch your step on the emergency walkway, and never touch the lower part of the railcar, which could be electrified. and for your safety, never cross over to the other track. on behalf of everyone at metro thank you for paying attention to our safety presentation. welcome aboard.
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you may need extra time to get to work this morning as we deal with morning showers. this system is bringing scattered rain to the area. rain generally means a slower commute. we are already dealing with the problem you see here in landover. tom kierein here with your what to wear forecast this morning. >> the air filled with the earthy spring aromas. everything is wet from shall overnight light rain that came right through the metro area.
6:31 am
and that band pretty much breaking up now just a few scattered sprinkles in montgomery county, prince george's county, anne arundel and howard moving off to the east. a few showers coming into west virginia, that too will be breaking down to just maybe some scattered sprinkles and drizzle over the next couple of hours as it approaches. so wet sidewalks, chill in the air. low to mid-40s. most of the drizzle and sprinkles should be over between 8:00 and 9:00. have an umbrella handy for the day ahead. you might need a light jacket this morning. won't be using the sunglasses or hat, but maybe a slicker later today. mainly the morning is when you'll be needing an umbrella. and then drying out a bit during the afternoon. a look at our hour by hour cool temperatures for the today i ahead next weather and traffic on the 1s. we are seeing volume building on the top side of the belt fwha mondayway in montgomery
6:32 am
county. accident b with him parkway after route 197, we're hearing reports that just the left lane is getting by. elsewhere beltway at temple hills looking good. volume building. at new hampshire avenue, you're seeing the heaviest of traffic. 66 is slow out of centreville headed toward the beltway. >> 6:32 now. new details on a 4-year-old virginia girl reported missing by her grandmother. we are now learning it was her father who took her from her grandmother's house in virginia without con sent. phillip ketter was pulled over for speeding. police say kaleya ketter is now safe up harmed and back with her family. police are asking you to keep your eye out for a man accused of exposibngsx poesexposibng himself on metro.
6:33 am
it happened last thursday. if you have information call police. p. the hand shake that stunned the globe. this is president obama and raul castro shaking hands at nelson mandel what's funeral in 2013. both leaders are heading to panama today where they could meet again. tracie potts joining us live now. the question president obama gets a one-on-one with raul castro at this summit, are they going to talk about what is holding up the opening of an embassy? >> reporter: probably so and the state sponsored terror list here is holding if up. cuba wants off. it's not as easy as hitting the delete button though. the u.s. needs assurances made congress wants its hand in it. the other issue is that there are still restrictions on u.s. dip low matts moving around, who they can talk to and where they can go in havana.matts moving around, who they can talk to and where they can go in havana. >> we're looking at video of the president landing in jamaica yesterday. what is the focus of his
6:34 am
meetings there today? >> reporter: a number of things. the white house says they want to talk about energy security that is a big deal in the caribbean. jamaica wants to talk about its trade deficit with the krupd.united states. today the president will sit down with the prime minister, a woman by the way. and also other leaders to talk about some of the issues that the u.s. and jamaica may have in common. >> tracy pots on capitol hill for us. thank you. 6:34. for the first time, president obama is calling forus. thank you. 6:34. for the first time, president obama is calling for a ban on so-called conversion therapy for minors. it attempts to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of gay, lesbian and transgender people. in a statement the white house senior adviser valerie jarrett wrote that this therapy for young people is quote, neither medically nor ethically appropriate and can cause substantial harm. will comes this response to a white house petition after the suicide of a transgender teen. we're now learning that a man shot by police in afternoon
6:35 am
arundel county last weekend was holding an air rifle. police say it looked like the real thing. take a look at this on top there of this that is an air rifle similar to what police say dallas ruff pointed at them. below the picture is a real rifle and you can tell very similar. ruff was shot once in the stomach. he's in the hospital and is charged with assault. the officer is on administrative leave. the widow of marian barry has filed a lawsuit against the woman who donated a kidney to barry in 2008. in the lawsuit, cora masters barry says dickens is improperly using barry's name to raise money for her nonprofit. a lawyer for dickens told news 4 barry approved the barry kim dickens kidney foundation before he died. nationals now facing a lawsuit from three former you everers for the team. those ushers are 7th day
6:36 am
adventists and say they were fired because they cooperate work on the sabbath between friday and saturday sunset. nationals have not yet commented on the lawsuit. metro wants you to raise in on how leadership can make the system better. wmata is having a committee meeting and asking for input as they continue to search for a new general manager and ceo. that meeting is this morning at 10:00 at metro headquarters on fifth street in northwest. right now a mess on the roads that could impact your commute. this is a live look at some emergency road work in loudoun county. the problem that could have this busy stretch of road shut down for days. and you'll want to keep your umbrella ready as we deal with more showers. tom is tracking the complainsnditions in your neighborhood. plus cutting the price you pay for a place to live. the solution that could help you save some money.
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high honor for five virginia veterans for what they did when they were beararely out of their teens. the french ambassador presented them the men with french legion of honor. they all landed on the beaches of normandy in june 1944. john burke is originally from d.c.. he's standing next to governor mcauliffe. he says he thanks god for a wonderful family and a good life. if you feel like apartment rent is worse than a mortgage payment, you could be right. realty trac took a look at housing payments and they found mocht monthly mortgages on average are more affordable than apartment rents in most of the country.
6:41 am
in our area the study found that it's better buying in prince george's county. for a look at other areas, just head to nbc washington app. the rental market in our area is so crazy. it's a one bedroom with no parking and still paying over $2,000. >> but i've had people tell me i should buy something. i prefer renting. i like the perks, i don't have to call a plumber when something breaks. i just put in a request and they come fix it. >> but you don't get a tax write-off. >> but i don't get wet either when it's raining. so i'm happy. speaking of rain, a live look outside. cloudy for certain. >> those low clouds hanging right over the washington monument a live view from our city camera. they have been producing a few sprinkle but most are passing to the north and east of the metro area. another batch of light showers heading into the shenandoah valley. a few sprinkles from that will be moving in later this morning.
6:42 am
temperatures low and mitt 40sed 40s. by noon climbing into the low 50s. and then by late afternoon, hitting upper 50s metro area. mountains begin to goning to climb into the 60s. we'll have a look at the storm timing for friday coming up at 6:51. alexis how is traffic now? we're seeing normal slowing top side of the beltway. volume is building. northbound bw parkway, accident after route 197, it has cleared but still delays. outer loop in maryland, 95 to 270, 24 minutes. and northbound 395 between the beltway and 14th street bridge will take you about 18 minutes. southbound 295 to bw parkway, 14 minutes. right now we're watching a developing situation in france where a television net swork dealing with major problems after a cyber attack by people claiming to support isis.
6:43 am
what the hackers did and the he will impact it's having. plus the story that could have you checking shall label people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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's kret service is making headlines again and not the sub policity the agency wants. a new scandal has left a supervisor off the job. what we're learning about the incident after your weather and
6:46 am
traffic. and our traffic cameras showing wet pavement, our capitol camera showing low clouds over capitol hill. temperatures are in the 40s. later today, climb to go the low 50s by noontime. clouds tlou the ss throughout the day. chance of a sprinkle during the afternoon. northbound bw parkway, we have an accident that just cleared after 197, but we have significant claysdelays approaching the area. 14 before the hour. and right now a french television network is working to regain control after being hacked by a group claiming allegiance to isis. the hackers briefly cut transmissions of 11 channels belonging to tv 5 monmonde and took over its websites. the attack is still ongoing. the network has restored its signal but can only broadcast recorded plan s recorded programs. they are making effort to return
6:47 am
to normal. jurors in the boston bombing trial may return to court as early as next week to decide what is next for dzhokhar tsarnaev. he will either spend life in jail without parole or be put to death. he was found guilty of all 30 counts against him. 17 of those are punishable by death. tsarnaev's lawyers are focussed on sparing him the death penalty. they portray him as impregsable and and under the influence of his brother. police arrested dominique johnson yesterday. they say johnson shared the apartment with jamyra gallmon who is charged with murdering david messerschmitt at the donovan hotel during a robbery in february. police say johnson knew about the robbery and was with gallmon before and after the alleged crime. she's charged with conspiracy. 6:48. bob mcdonnell has made his final written plea to a federal
6:48 am
appeals court. in a 54 page brief, he says favors for a wealthy businessman were routine courtesies into the bribery scheme. mcdonnell and his wife were convicted on public corruption. a three judge panel will conduct a hearing on may 12. a developing story, new questions about the leadership at the secret service after a senior supervisor is accused of assaulting a female employee. megan mcgrath is at secret service headquarters. >> reporter: #the incident allegedly happened march 31 and sources say xavier morales has been placed on leave, his security clearance suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. morales is accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward a female co-worker. "washington post" reports the two were at a party at a sdooesd.c.
6:49 am
restaurant and he told her he loved her and wanted a sexual relationship. they returned to headquarters and morales tried to kiss the woman and grabbed her arms when she resisted. he's off the job indefinitely pending the outcome of the investigation. this of course just the latest in a string of incidents that has focused negative attention on the secret service. back to you. i'm molette green at the live desk with breaking news. details just coming in on a deadly shooting inside a courthouse in milan. we've just learned that a bankruptcy judge was killed when a gunman opened fire inside the courthouse. italy's biggest newspaper is reporting two dead in the chaos there. the gunman is now in custody. that is the latest from the live desk. protests and vigils are now taking place to remember the man who was shot and killed by a
6:50 am
police officer this weekend. you're looking at a gathering in north charleston where the shooting happened. video of the shooting led to officer michael slager's murder arrest. if you've not seen it a warning again this video is graphic. you may want for turn around. we learned that slager has been fired from the department after smoothing eight times at walter scott as he ran away. the man who recorded the video turned it over to scott's family. >> i think he made a bad decision and you pay for your decisions in this life. >> police say they could release new video from officer slager's dash cam. if convicted, he could face as many as 30 years in prison. georgetown is trying to make more room for the thousands of tourists expected to come into town for the cherry blossom festival. the washington business journal reporting the sidewalks along m street between 29th and 31st
6:51 am
will be wider. several garages will offer discountedlateor will offer free northbound rides up wisconsin avenue. p. we're hoping that the cherry blossoms hang tough because we have rain headed our way. >> and they're coming out now despite the clouds. despite the chilly temperatures. they're going with the calendar. and popping on out. and looking beautiful around the tidal basin. we've had light rain passing through, so the streets are wet. a little bit of mist falling as you step out the door. getting a few scattered showers thousand way out in west virginia. those may hold together come into the shenandoah valley about another hour and then into the metro area after that. a little later this morning. dwight a chill in the air now just in the low to mid-40s. metro area nearby suburbs. and that as well around the bay and eastern shore. just might be a light shower or a sprinkle. and then during the afternoon, a smaller chance of any more
6:52 am
sprinkles by noontime the low 50s. by late afternoon, upper 50s. a few scattered sprinkles around. our sky will look a lot like this sky. i took this photo yesterday from the east view. you can see spring greenfields showing, yes rks spring is on the way. post your pictures 00 facebook instragram, twitter. here is timing on the storms tomorrow. it's after noon hours that we'll likely have thunderstorms coming into the shenandoah valley around 2:00. after that, between 3:00 and 6:00 coming right through the metro area. northern virginia and maryland as they track east, they may actually increase in intensity and become strong storms just east of washington around the bay and on the eastern shore by 6:00 p.m. most will be pulling around the bay and then east of there and could be quite strong as they move across the eastern shore. so in the morning, no problem. later in the day we could have
6:53 am
damaging winds and hail from those storms mainly just east of the metro area as they track on through. before then a mild day up near 80 degrees tomorrow. and then beautiful weekend coming up saturday and sunday nice, 60s with sunshine each day. another chance of rain monday night into tuesday. here is a look at our thursday morning commute with alexis. again still seeing normal volume on the top side of the beltway. however, we have a an accident northbound bw parkway that is after 197, it's been cleared, but seeing delays northbound there. elsewhere 95 in maryland heading toward the pemt way very slow on the southbound side at 216. and it continues on to the beltway. 270 at shady grove road seeing volume no incidents. slowing there. 66 at route 50 again volume here. no incidents. pavement is looking dry in this area. and then out of woodbridge north on 95 slowing through lorton all the way to the beltway. back to you. it's now 6:54. we have a first 4 traffic alert
6:54 am
to tell you about that could give you a headache on your drive to work in loudoun county. harmony church road looks like the picture you're seeing. that road is closed. and zachary kiesch is live there to tell us what is going on. >> reporter: good morning. if harmony church road is part of your commute, not going it happen today. already seeing a dozen or so cars with u turns here. check out the road closure signs. just down this way, there is a pipe that needs to be replaced. it won't happen until about monday. check out this map and see what your options might be. woodburn dry mill, route 15 might be some alternative options. we're talking about this part happens right here at james monroe highway. so this will be closed until monday about $500,000 to get this guy replaced. but plan accordingly. reporting live zachary kiesch back to you.
6:55 am
6:55 thousand. 55 now. today marks 150 years since a major moment in american history. in 1865 general robert e. lee sun remember surrendered to the north at the battle of appomattox. there will be a ceremony at the arlington house this afternoon. lee lived there before the government took the what happened. and in appomattox actors will recreate the battle starting just half an hour from now. they will hold a re-enactment of the surrender at 10:00 and special commemoration ceremony starting at 11:00. new this morning, listen to this before taking that hummus to work. sabra is recalling 30,000 cases of hummus due to listeria concerns. it only affects the classingicc variety. we've posted the packaging information on the nbc washington facebook page. i posted it on my page, as well.
6:56 am
list tear i can'ter list tear list tear i can't was uncovered on march 30. four things to know, president obama heads to panama today where he could interact with raul castro. they're taking part in the summit of the americas. sfwla a sfwla sfwla. a new poll shows hillary clinton has a narrow lead over rand paul. a secret service supervisor is on paid leave for allegedly assaulting a female employee. sources tell nbc news the employee is accusing the supervisor of making unwanted sexual advances. >> today a second woman arrested in the murder of a d.c. lawyer will be this court. police charged dominique johnson will conspiracy they say she lived with jamyra gallmon who is charged with murdering david messerschmitt. grab an umbrella. you may need it with a little bit of mist or drizzle. mainly this morning coming on through. and then later today, there is a
6:57 am
chance for some sprinkles or drizzle in the afternoon, but a small chance. highs upper 50s. how is traffic? heavy delays northbound after route 197 due to an earlier accident. and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
6:58 am
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good morning, outbreak. up to ten tornadoes touched down in the heartland, heavy rain damaging hail in a dozen states. nearly 60 million people facing yet another severe weather threat today. "today" exclusive, behind the lens. we'll talk live to the man that reported the moment that a south carolina police officer opened fire on walter scott. this morning, we are learning video from the officer's own car could be released as early as today. spying for skienttology. did the leader of the church hire a private detective to spy on his own


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