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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. is back to full service on the camden line. however, you may see some minor delays they say between college park and greenbelt as they may have to slow down as they pass through the area as the bridge collapsed but they're offering full service on the camden lines. so it is going to be a problem for folks, think ahead and think about what you want to do to avoid being late for work. back to you in the studio. >> all right, thanks megan. well what a difference a day make on the left-hand of your screen after a man flies a gyrocopter into highly restricted air space as he lands in the capitol. a much calmer scene, no police lights to be found. a lot of people took video as the helicopter flew across the mall this morning, that plan -- that man flying the device doug hughes goes to court. he said he wanted to deliver a strong message about campaign finance reform.
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hughes said he had no malicious motives or no plans to kill himself or others. he wanted to deliver letters personally to every member of congress. >> i'm not suicidal. i'm noting to commit suicide. i'm not going to fly into any monument monuments. no sane person would do what i'm doing. >> hughes towed his copter to there. the postal worker faces charges connected to violating protected air space. new security changes at the white house could be approved today. the news4 iteam scott macfarlane broke this story on twitter. the security plan calls for half inch steel spikes to be added to the fence outside the white house. it's in response to the frightening incident where a man-made it over the fence and through the front door.
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a planning commission is expected to approve the plan next month. all right. talking about the forecast now. pretty mild start to your day. i would call it chilly a little bit. >> as long as we're past snow i'm fine with that. >> right. >> no chance of that, right, tom? >> i would never say no. >> stop it, tom, come on. >> but not today. >> good. >> or in the foreseeable future. hopefully that makes you feel better. starting off with dry pavement. a live view from our tower camera looking down on nebraska avenue here in northwest washington. all around the region dry pavement. it is cool. definitely going to be light jacket for the morning but mild afternoon again. very similar to yesterday. a lot of clouds around. maybe a little sun coming and going. we have an increased chance for some rain moving in late tonight as the way it looks right now. the hour by hour forecast we'll have our temperatures that are
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hovering in the 40s to near 50 now. staying this way through 8:00. a little sunshine through noontime. then hitting upper 60s by late afternoon. a lot of clouds are rolling back in then. what to wear for the day, that's coming up at 4:41. melissa has a new crash. >> this is in arlington. happened about 40 minutes ago. lee highway at north ft. meyer drive. the intersection is closed down because of a serious crash. greenbelt station is shut down today. metrobuss are running between there to get you down to college park. taking a look at the roads now, 95 here maryland no problems. the parkway is looking quite good as well. beltway at colesville is looking good right now. back at 4:41. i'm molette green at the live desk. details coming in to the live desk about a police involved shooting at the university of missouri. now, the suspect is dead this morning.
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there he is. the 51-year-old registered sex offender had a long rap sheet police tell us and they say he's struggled with them after a chase until he was shot and killed in a mizzou parking garage. now, police tell us a string of events started with an armed robbery and that suspect hiding out in a woman's car until she returned to find him inside with a gun. now, one of the officers was injured in the scuffle. and i just checked the school's website, just moments ago. m.u. is going to be operating normally this morning that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> molette green, thanks. we're working to learn why a man was shot to death in seat pleasant. he was found shot to death last night. police is are trying to identify the suspects. well, today the public information officer will make his first court appearance as an accused criminal. walker is charged with
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possessing with intent to distribute child porn. investigators were led to walker by a tip from an online blog. now, according to police they traced uploads on the website to walker's home in fairfax county. >> at this time our investigation has not yielded any information of criminal activity committed by mr. walker. involving children from our community. >> walker was a school resource officer from 2006 to 2009. as the chief said no one has come forward accusing walker of abuse. police are asking anyone with information about any potential victims to come forward. a lawsuit now claims the fbi covered up evidence about the anthrax attacks that killed five people in 2001. richard land berg was one of the people in charge of the investigation. he says the agency held back evidence that questioned whether army scientist bruce ivins was actually responsible for what
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happened. ivins killed himself seven years ago and the fbi says it doesn't comment on pending litigation. it is now 4:36. today members of congress and holocaust survivors will meet in the capitol to remember the holocaust. it's holocaust remembrance day today, it's observed on the same day as the warsaw ghetto uprising in 1943. 6 million jews were killed by the nazis. and maryland communities met this past sunday. today virginia will observe a moment of silence, the statewide silence will take place at 9:43 this morning. it marks eight years since the deadly shootings at virginia tech. there will be remembrance events on campus including tributes and exhibits. it will include a 3.2 mile run to honor each life lost. an ethics reform vote delayed. virginia lawmakers will meet tomorrow to rework a bill that limits gifts they can receive from lobbyists. they say the bill as it's
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written now could mean a $100 lifetime limit in gifts. i hope you followed that. a judge is refusing to stop a woman's college from closing the doors. sweet briar college said it was closing last month. yesterday, a circuit judge did issue an injunction and it forbids the college from spending any charitable contributions for 60 days. an appeal is expected by opponents. a possible presidential contender is heading to virginia for commencement remarks. former florida governor jeb bush will speak at liberty university in lynchburg. it was found by pastor jerry falwell who touted bush's education work. bush had faced criticism for his support of common core education standards. liberty is where republican candidate ted cruz announced his bid for president. you want to give yourself extra time if you're headed into
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downtown d.c. as the district celebrates emancipation day. there will be road closures. today honors the day slavery became illegal in d.c. thousands of people are expected to celebrate with a parade down pennsylvania avenue. that parade kicks off at 4th street at 11:00 this morning. the festivities continue with a concert at freedom plaza. you can head to the nbc washington app for a list of complete closures and a fireworks display will cap it off at 8:45 tonight. we hope the caps can bounce back tomorrow after a rough start to the quest for the cup. the islanders big star tavares won a face-off. that led to the goal right there. that means the caps lose home ice advantage with the islanders. game 2 is tomorrow night at 7:00 at verizon center. got to come back.
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go caps. >> playoff hockey is unpredictable. as long as you get in the tournament you can win it. coming up this morning we're hearing from the teen who admits to vandalizing a local synagogue. he said he's not sorry he got caught, but for his actions. a high speed chase turns into a deadly shooting. why police had no choice but to open fire. loo
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a deadly end to a high speed chase on the streets of houston, texas, is all caught on video. it started yesterday afternoon when the driver of a blue chrysler sped off from a traffic stop. that driver crashed into other cars, forcing him to surrender. he then got out of the car and appeared to reach back inside and that's when an officer shot him. the driver was killed. well we are waking up to a little bit of a cool temperature. it says 52 degrees. but i think the sun is going to come out later on today. >> i hope things will warm up. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is telling us what we can expect for the day ahead. weather and traffic on the ones. >> hey, a very similar day from yesterday. a lot of clouds this morning but under the clouds it's gotten rather chilly. we are down into the 40s, nearby suburbs and rural areas. in the low to mid 50s near the
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bay, but southern maryland down into the 40s. so you need a light jacket, but you won't need the umbrella slicker or rain boots. sunglasses this morning and then the clouds come in today. a chill in the air between 7:00 and 8:00 in the upper 40s to around 50s. low 50s, 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. a little sunshine breaking out this morning. a look at the weekend rain chances, next weather and traffic on the ones at 4:51. melissa, still looking at problems on the metro. >> going to have it likely through the morning and the afternoon here. greenbelt station, the buses will be running because of that closure. lee highway at north fort myer drive. and pennsylvania avenue is closed because of emancipation day today. well, if it seems like airplane seats are getting smaller and smaller you're right. but do they pose a safety
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threat? why flight attendants are demanding change.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> the rabbi at montgomery county wants to meet with the teenager who vandalized it. the teen was arrested, and he said it was a stupid joke and he regrets what he did. >> i want to really apologize to the jewish community and to everybody. because probably even my problems. >> espinoza was charged with property damage to a religious
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institution. a deaf man who was held in prison for six weeks without a interpreter is headed to court today. the man is suing the arlington county sheriff and department of corrections. he was accused of stealing an ipad at the reagan national airport. for two days he did not know why he had been arrested. he said he repeatedly wrote the word interpreter and was denied one. >> people throw coffee on each other. children start crying. flight attendants get upset. >> and new concerns about extra close seating on airplanes today. some say it's leading to more air rage incidents. others are worried it could impact your family's safety in an emergency. nbc's richard jordan live on capitol hill to tell us why flight attendants are calling for a federal review. good morning, richard. >> reporter: hi adam. this has to do with how fast you can get to the exit when there isn't a lot of space between you and the seat directly in front
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of you. that space is actually shrinking. the faa demands that in 90 seconds that everyone can get to the exits safely. now the flight attendants association is wondering if that's even possible because when the standard was set, the space between seats was about 31 inches. in some cases it's now down to 28 inches. that's also more people on these planes they're older and larger and carrying on more luggage with them. sometimes they don't want to leave the plane out who the luggage. 10 the -- so the airline association wants the federal government to step in here and set some standards when it comes to the space between seats. but the airlines say that the government needs to stay out of this. that it's up to individual airlines to determine what is best for those air travelers. adam? >> richard jordan thanks. if you fly on southwest the airline says it's putting in bigger seats. take a look. you won't be able to sit in the
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seats until summer of 2016. southwest said they're under 18 inches wide. about an inch wider than any other seats. aaron hernandez is gearing up for another legal battle fresh off his conviction for murder. he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for murdering odin lloyd. this morning we're hearing directly from the jurors about which pieces of evidence convinced them that he was guilty. >> the .22 being found linked with the same serial number from the one down in florida, s the serial numbers matching. that was kind of -- that was a shocker for us. >> hernandez faces two more first degree murder charges for a drive by shooting in 2012. a trial date has not been set. if you haven't seen this you have to check this out. a marine chopper is back on base today after an emergency landing on a beach in california. a low pressure warning forced it
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to make the landing during routine training. now, witnesses say they saw smoke and fluid coming from the chopper before it landed. marine officials are calling it a precautionary landing. no one was hurt in the chopper or on the ground. d.c. is leading the way in growing our own. the district is number one for community gardens per capita. the trust for public land said there's nearly 2,600 individual gardens spread across all eight wards, many of which owned by the district or national park services. the district parks services said there's a long waiting list for people who want a small piece of garden. i live in a row house and we don't have any space for gardens so if you have the community spaces, it's hard to come by. >> it's cool. and my garden is being overgrown. >> the weeds are growing faster than any vegetables. >> definitely. time to break out the lawn mower. >> the grass is growing like crazy after the rain we had
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yesterday. did wash some of the pollen out though. so pollen and allergy sufferers you may be feeling a bit of relief today. right now, looking at the sky cast 4 going forward for the rest of the morning, a bit of cloudiness. similar to yesterday morning. we might have a little sunshine breaking through. but a lot of clouds through noontime and into the afternoon. temperatures right now are hovering in the 40s near 50 degrees. parts of virginia dipped down into 40 degrees. including spotsylvania and fauquier and culpepper, and the panhandle of west virginia in the 40s as well. most locations, mid 40s. there's the washington monument now. mostly cloudy sky by 8:00 we'll be hovering around 50 degrees. by noontime, mid 60s. ought to hit the mid 60s with a lot of clouds coming in with some rain moving in tonight. but the nationals as they return off a big win in boston yesterday, they're playing the phillies tonight. first pitch is at 7:05.
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and it's going to be cool. so wear a jacket. we'll be back down into the 60s through the game by the last cloudy sky near 60. looks like the rain will stay away. look at this carpet of pink blossoms. knocked down by tuesday's rain. this was taken by one of our nbc4 interns. what a great eye, what a wonderful photo there. you can post your photos on facebook and twitter. on instagram as well. then tomorrow, we'll have maybe a morning shower coming through. leading edge of the rain may not come in until around dawn tomorrow. so looks like it will come in later than yesterday. a passing shower in the morning, partly sunny, mid 70s on friday afternoon. tomorrow, a small chance of a sprinkle tomorrow afternoon. warm up around 80 on saturday afternoon. sunday clouds close in. next chance of rain looks to be sunday late after the afternoon. so maybe after 6:00 or 7:00 into sunday evening and then a rainy
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monday. drying out tuesday and wednesday next week. melissa has an update on the one crash. i just got off the phone with police here. this is the crash in arlington. lee highway at north fort myer drive. north fort meyer is closed because of the single car crash. they got the person out of there and into the hospital. still, the investigation continues there because it was serious. greenbelt station shut down today. buses will be running between green belt and college park for you this morning. indian head we have some road work still sticking around there. we have two lanes closed again northbound there. taking a look at 95 in virginia. no problems as you're headed into town or out of town. wtop will have the latest on the greenbelt situation and beltway at river road inner and outer loop running okay here. be prepared for your water and sewer bill to go up if you
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live in a certain virginia county. and how would you like to wash down that hot dog with a
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if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> well, drones may become an every day sight. law enforcement officials from across the country visited
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d.c.'s forensics office and they watched a drone that can create 3-d 360 degree images and it comes at a cost -- it costs 365,000 bucks. >> if you screw up the scene anything after that might be compromised. >> now, the drone could also be used to map out routes like inaugural parades and find the weak spots in security. if you live in king george county your water and sewer bills are going up. the county's rates were among the highest in the state. and they are about to get even higher. we're learning the increases are needed to cover nearly $10 million in upgrades including sewer replacements. it seems you're no stranger to rate hikes either. rates have gone up every year for five years. it's not known how much they'll change. safety improvements coming to the way you get to work. in the next few months metro will repair ventilation fans and adding emergency exit signs. within the next year metro says
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it will upgrade the radio and cell phone systems inside tunnels. that should be done by 2016. now, these upgrades are a result of that deadly smoke incident at the plaza back in january. you might be able to buy a beer at a maryland football game this fall. they're considering selling alcohol starting with the fall sports season. it stemmed from the student proposal. under the plan only a certain amount of drinks could be bought at one time. the university president has the final say on whether or not to allow that plan. "news4 today" starts now. >> now at 5:00 a major mess for metro riders. we'll have you -- help you navigate the closure on the green line. a fairfax county police officer behind bars. the i-team uncovers major changes to security at the white
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house today. it's thursday april 16 2015. but first, let's get a check of your forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here this morning. what are we looking at today? >> deja vu all over again. clouds around still, storm team 4 radar is scanning the clouds. don't have any rain anywhere in the vicinity. nearby washington eastern shore. in the mountains now. off to a dry start and might get a few breaks in the clouds. that's the cloud cover over washington. now a live view. we'll have a cool morning and a very mild afternoon. very much like yesterday. then rain chances later tonight. that's going to be coming in well late in the evening hours. right now in the nearby suburbs montgomery and prince george's county it's dipped down into the 40s in fairfax county. leesburg at 52. one of the milder spots.
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next weather and traffic on the ones and looking at the commute this morning, got a problem at arlington. what's going on, melissa? >> -- after a pedestrian bridge collapsed between greenbelt and college park metro. >> crews are working to repair the tracks. news4's megan mcgrath with alternative ways to get to work this morning. >> reporter: yeah this is going to be a mess for folks. and they're running shuttle buses, but you have to add some time on to your commute if you choose to take the shuttle buses. now, this morning, we have noticed in fact here's someone walking into the opening of the metro station here right now. we're finding that a lot of people didn't get the word that the green


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