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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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boundless that it sweeps every politician and their spouse into its grasp. her husband made similar arguments in his recent court filings. a developing story this morning, we are now learning that blue bell ice cream products may contain listeria. the company recalling all of its ice cream products. it started recalling products last month after three deaths in kansas were connected to contaminated ice cream. it covers outlets in 23 states including virginia. if you bought them the company is urging you to return them for a full refund. we had a wild night. >> hail. first time i've actually been able to pick some up and take a picture of it. things are much calmer this morning. >> all that rain severe weather was with a cold front. that front has now cleared the area and today for the most part
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a really nice spring day. 63 degrees is the temperature right now. winds at about 13 miles an hour. it is going to be a bit breezy on and off throughout the day so you might want to grab that light jacket for your commute between can 6:00 and k8, roads will be drying out. temperatures in the upper 50s. still upper 50s from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. planet -- plenty of sunshine you'll definitely need your sunglasses. yesterday, it was feeling a little bit humid. that does not going to be the case today and if you are heading to the nats game tonight as they take on the cardinals, might want to grab the jacket. by last out, temperatures will be in the low 60s. more rain tomorrow i'll have the timing on that coming up in ten minutes. overall looking pretty good. we have some construction here and there, but no real incidents we need to tell you about now. 95 looking good north and
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south, same thing when you are being looking over the many parkway. we did have some flooding in d.c. yesterday. that for the most part has subsided. we had a few reports overnight but it looks like most of that has cleared. 270 here at falls road all these folks headed southbound don't have any issues there. northbound also looking quite good. do have this 395 soith at the beltway, do have that right lane blocked until 5:00 this morning. just a little reminder here. back with a live look at 66 in a couple of minutes. right now, an officer is recovering after a gunman shot outside of a prison gate this is out in california. it happened at the north kern state prison. all inmates and staff are accounted for. we are told the shooter is still at large. today a white volunteer sheriff's deputy who shot and killed an unarmed black man will be in court.
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73-year-old robert bates faces second degree manslaughter charges. he said he used his gun when he thought he was using his taser. the fbi does not plant to raise a civil rights investigation at this point. we're also talking about a 25-year-old man's death. freddie gray was placed in a police van in a few seconds, sometime between that moment and the police station, his spine became severed. he asked for an inhaler. police still can't say how gray was hurt. >> he was a nice person a good
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person person. to see that he had to go out like that. >> six officers involved are now on paid leave. it is now 4:34 a 13-year-old girl in spotsylvania county was accidentally shot by her father who is a part-time sheriff's deputy. he also works at the jail. it happened around 8:00 p.m. sunday when he was cleaning the gun. the girl suffered a flesh wound. a woman accused of dumping her disabled son in the woods is in court today. she's accused of leaving her 21-year-old son in the woods in philadelphia for several days so she could visit her boyfriend in silver spring. he remains in the hospital but
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is expected to be okay. coming up on 4:35 now, today, a prince george's county boy who called 911 for help will meet the 911 operator who helped save his life. >> okay. exactly where are you located? >> in the top room in the right. >> 13-year-old marcus mccoy and his nine-year-old sister were trapped in a second home bedroom as their home caught fire sunday morning. they called 911 and dispatch kristen ritter remained on the line until help arrived. the children are doing okay today. fire investigators say the fire appears to have started near a computer desk. two big playoff games are happening for our teams. tonight at 8:00 the wizards will take on the toronto raptors looking to take a 2-0 series
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lead before they return home friday night and the capitals will face off against the new york islanders. the caps are down a game in the series and are happening to tie it up tonight. we learned that eric fehr will not play tonight. move over tender and eharmony how one match maker is looking at your refrigerator when it comes to finding true love. caught on camera this morning, a man is alive after a pair of officers pull him to safety from his burning car. why the driver couldn't get himself out. looking live across our area right now, some people are waking up with a few sprinkles.
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a 14-year-old is under arrest in bring tan accused of plotting a terror attack. police say the boy planned to attack a war memorial in australia. police say communication between the boy and a man in australia indicated a credible threat. last week five australian teenagers were arrested for plotting isis-inspired attacks. two police officers in texas had to rescue a man from a burning suv. all the flame still coming from
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that vehicle as those two officers and another man helped the driver to safety. the car was actually involved in a crash. the driver was unconscious when these officers got there. you can see them dragging him across the street there. he is expected to be okay. apparently he hit one of those steel sign poles for the highway sign there and the car burst into flame. >> glad the police were able to rescue him at the time. >> pretty significant burns and broken bones, but he's stable and fortunate. time now to take a look at our forecast. weather and traffic on the 1s. it was the oddest thing, torrential pours for five minutes and i saw the sun and lightning and thunder and then hail. >> none of that today, right, amelia? just maybe sun. >> plenty of sundae. it will be a little bit breezy. a really nice day. storm teem radar tracking rain
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in the area that should be gone soon. right now, most of us under mainly cloudy skies, temperature in washington around 63. elsewhere temps in the 50s. 10:00 m a, we're not going to be as warm as we were yesterday, but we will have plenty of sunshine. for the most part low 60s at that point. breezy at noon and temperature around 64. this is future weather tomorrow and isolated morning shower is possible but as we get into the midday and afternoon hours when we'll be tracking a few showers maybe an isolated thunderstorm but no severe weather in the forecast tomorrow. just a day to keep the umbrella handy. temperatures will be in the low 60s. >> i'll take the 60s as long as there's no insane down pour like there was yesterday. speaking of insane down power, i do have an issue in clifton a downed tree. near yates, the road is closed because of a tree that fell overnight.
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construction 3995 south, we have the right lane blocked until 5:00 this morning. and same thing, north and south, near alban road. taking a look at 66 no major problems here. eastbound, westbound looking quite good. no major issues as you are taking a live look at the beltway. new developments after the bloody arrest of a university of virginia student who is now in charge of virginia alcoholic beverage control officers. >> it's what some might call a full circle moment. what's expected to happen today to one of the men the answer to treating
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the osuted egyptian president, a court sentenced him to 20 years in prison. morsi faces several other trials. he has been held at a high security prison ever since. aaron. angie, thank you. law enforcement at the virginia department of alcoholic beverage control facing a big leadership change this comes after several high profile incidents involving university of virginia students. according to the richmond times dispatch the most recent incident in charlottesville led to numerous protests and it remains under investigation. 24 hours after runners cross the finish line at the boston marathon the penalty phase
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begins in boston for the man convicted in the attack. >> expect to see survivors on the stand talking about what happened that day two years ago, there are split opinions in boston as to whether dzhokhar tsarnaev should get the death penalty. some say yes, some say no. the parents of eight-year-old martin richard was killed say they don't want to see the death penalty here. they say it could lead to years of appeals and a prolonged reliving of the most painful day of their lives. and others say that only the death penalty is the only punishment for that. thank you. two men now facing charges in
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the shipwreck in which potentially hundreds of people died. this happened sunday night off the coast of italy. hundreds of african refugees trying to get to europe were locked in a cargo hold in the ship. the captain and a crew member are charged with illegal immigration as well. 27 survivors have been found. a state employee accused of secretly recording women in their own homes. daniel rosen recorded women as they undressed. the 44-year-old pled not guilty to charges of voyeurism and stalking. the recordings were discovered when he was charged with soliciting sex with a minor. a man accuse of of killing a
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corrections officer, the jury is deliberating. is if he is found guilty he faces life in prison. we now know a northern virginia mother was found stabbed to death inside a house. dr. bonnie black was found dead in the aurora highlands section in arlington. on friday neighbors spotted her five and three-year-old upset and wandering outside in their pajamas. this morning, montgomery county is down one bus after a fire broke out on a ride on bus in takoma park. flames shot out of the back of the bus around flower avenue last night. it was tweeted it was a fuel fire. neighbors say it was a scary scene. >> you couldn't see anything because initially you couldn't see the sky. everything was gray. you know it's black smoke.
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i immediately wondered whether or not there were other people on the bus. >> all of the passengers were safely evacuated. in the day ahead, montgomery county executive ike leggett will ask for money for school funding. the group says hogan has not kept his promises. in the day ahead, the prince county board of supervisors is expected to pass a school budget that will result in smaller class sizes for the kids. it will $1 million to cut class sizes. the city planned to cut math classes next year. it will save several programs that were on the chopping block. 4:49 now, theft on a
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government credit card uncovered by the news 4 i-team. bobby harris pled guilty for criminal theft for using a government fuel card to gas up his suv. he drove away in his lincoln navigator without comment. he was accused of spending more than $3,500 on that credit card. as a blind date with a twist cht the set up is based on your refrigerator. there's actually a refrigerator dating expert. >> oh, come on. >> there's somebody for everything. he says finding love is all about your fridge. what's inside and how you pack it. the brand is even a hint here. if they are renting, they may be more mobile. if it's an older model, perhaps you are a saver. >> when you look at somebody's fridge you can learn about their health lifestyle, income
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to the kind of romantic partner they will be. >> he says checking out a potential date's fridge make perfect sense, because 99% of dating revolves around eating and drinking. >> if you are getting to know someone and you go over to his house and let me check out your fridge for a minute and you are rifling through there, wouldn't you think something is off. right? >> it seems odd to me. >> sometimes it could be busy and you don't have a whole lot in there. what that mean? >> there's nothing fresh in my refrigerator. it's all rotten. >> what's that mean? >> let's talk to amelia. we're happy that we've cleared out the rain and the craziness from yesterday. >> yeah we talked about severe weather yesterday. it took a little bit to get going but then we had absolute downpours moving through the area. including the district today, total 180. spring is back. that's why we're using #spring
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returns. i think today is going to be the perfect spring day. a bit of a breeze throughout the day, sunshine temperatures near 70 degrees. traveling, you'll need the sunglasses after these early morning clouds break up. driving range. nearly perfect weather, just contending with that breeze heading out and about. you might want to grab the light jacket but for the most part long sleeves going to be just fine today with temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. 63 in washington. 57 in leesburg a high today near 70. by noon temperatures in the mid 60s, a bit of a breeze not bad to head out and grab your lunch. 7:00 temperature around 66 plenty of sunshine at that point. perfect weather. tonight, to grill outside, not necessarily the case tomorrow night. with showers in the forecast. good chance that we're going to be dealing with at least a few showers, one or two showers throughout your day tomorrow especially as we get into the after and evening hours. maybe an isolated thunderstorm
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but no severe weather. temperatures tomorrow evening will be in the low 60s. here's a look at the high temperatures tomorrow. 68 in washington. 61 officer those of you in gaithersburg. now, for thursday temperatures dip. low 60s for high temperatures on thursday but we will have partly sunny skies, a little bit breezy thursday afternoon as well. friday still low 60s, the chance of showers on saturday. it's a chilly weekend, melissa notice. the high is 70 degrees. how are the roads looking this morning. >> weaver looking pretty good overall. we have some construction that should be wrapping up around the 5:00 a.m. hour. seminary road nb near 395 we have some road work that's supposed to wrap up near 5:00. 95 northbound and southbound you don't have any issues there. taking a look at 66 out of town you are not having
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anything in the way there. the earlier road work we saw on 66 is also out of the way. we do have this clifton roads near yates ford shut down both ways because of a tree that's down and 270 just after buckeyestown pike southbound lane there, we have road work there that's supposed to wrap up in just a little while. beltway, inner and outer loop moving along nicely. back at 5:01 weather and traffic always on the 1s. the most recent person accused of jumping the fence at the white house speaks out. >> the lengths he went to in order to pull that
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the police chief in virginia beach says one of his officers broke policy when he used a taser during a traffic stop. we should warn you the video you are about to see may be tough to watch. >> it's on video. >> stop! stop it now. >> it's a taser. >> ah! >> we showed you this video before. this incident was shared on social media earlier this month. the video shows a 17-year-old boy in the backseat of a car being repeatedly pepper sprayed and tasered by police. the chief has not said what
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punish many the officer will face. 54-year-old jerome hunt says he took a bus from california to washington and used a bike rack to climb over the fence. it happened late sunday night. he says he had a reason for jumping the fence, but he won't tell anyone yet. >> they have a good protective system for the president. they reacted real fast. that's all i'll say. >> hunt has been ordered to stay away from the white house and to wear a gps device. he will also undergo a mental health evaluation. there's a send-off ceremony today for soldiers on their way heading overseas. d.c. national guardsmen are heading to kuwait. they will be sent off near rfk
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stadium. democrat ken plum will kick off his re-election bid today in the restton plaza. as of this morning, he's running unopposed. stay with us. news 4 today continues now at 5:00 a.m. good morning. everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> we want to go to storm team 4 meteorologist amelia seeing gall. >> yes, yesterday we were tracking thunderstorms and they did did materialize in the afternoon and evening hours. just a few lone showers exiting the area. it will be out of here by 5:30
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within the next 30 minutes. you don't need the umbrella today. most if not all of your day is looking dry with plenty of sunshine across the area. a little bit breezy and temperatures today will be cooler than yesterday. right now, we're in the upper 50s and low 60s. 60 for those of you in washington. temperatures aren't going to warm very much over the morning hours right into the midday hours. by moon we're only in the mid 60s at that point. our high yesterday was 82. today is going to be cooler than it was yesterday. i'll let you know by how much, melissa in ten minutes. any issues this morning. >> most of the construction is starting to wrap up. live pictures here beltway at colesville yesterday we had a lot of rain yesterday. it might be wet in some spots. roadwise drying out pretty well.


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