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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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of here by 5:30 within the next 30 minutes. you don't need the umbrella today. most if not all of your day is looking dry with plenty of sunshine across the area. a little bit breezy and temperatures today will be cooler than yesterday. right now, we're in the upper 50s and low 60s. 60 for those of you in washington. temperatures aren't going to warm very much over the morning hours right into the midday hours. by moon we're only in the mid 60s at that point. our high yesterday was 82. today is going to be cooler than it was yesterday. i'll let you know by how much, melissa in ten minutes. any issues this morning. >> most of the construction is starting to wrap up. live pictures here beltway at colesville yesterday we had a lot of rain yesterday. it might be wet in some spots. roadwise drying out pretty well.
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everything nice and green, you are not having any issues there. taking a look at 66 and then 95 in virginia 66 is nice and green. 95 in virginia i'm noticing here as you are approaching the beltway, something happening northbound a little bit of a slowdown there. we'll check that out for you when i come back at 5:11. 270, northbound southbound no major issues. we do have some construction still up near buckeystown pike. the wild weather has moved on. the lightning, the rain hail caused damage to parts of our region. people lost power overnight as well. we're live in arlington with a look at the damage there. megan, good morning. >> well, good morning. we have some p power outages in the area, 400 or so in northern virginia and some of those outages caused larger problems like you can see here. we're on nelson street on arlington and you can see the
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mess that a downed power line made overnight here. this car a police loss. it delongs -- belongs to dan here. tell us what happened. >> about 9:30 we heard a big crack and the power line came down that way and it started burn from one end to another. it was geysering, it was like a slow burn fuse and unfortunately it ended up right at the front of my car, the car caught fire. >> mercedes convertible. >> it was burned to the floor. >> you are still without power. it looks like your neighbors got your power back but you guys are still out. >> no car, no power. i do have a rental coming. but that's it. >> talk about that storm last night pretty ferocious. >> it was absolutely intense. our dogs were running down howling, running around. we were thinking about trees coming down. didn't think about the power line coming down. >> thank for joining us.
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story about your car. we're seeing some outages and some problems here and there. you may enter counter -- encounter some stoplights that aren't working properly. the crews are out trying to fix it but it's going to take a little while. all right. thank you. it is now 5:30 and the day ahead, the man suspected of killing a northern virginia college student. police say stephen vanderbrill killed grace mann. a 16-year-old in tennessee facing charges this morning after threatening schools across the country, including one in fairfax county. lake braddock secondary school in burke was one of the schools targeted. that teenager made threats of extreme violence to 16 schools
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indicating back in early march. a woman accused of dumping her disabled son in the woods is in court daddy. nie i can't parlor is accused of leaving her 21-year-old son in the woods in philadelphia for several days so she could visit her boyfriend in silver spring. this happened earlier this month. a part-time spotsylvania sheriffs deputy is under investigation this morning after he accidentally shot his 13-year-old daughter. the deputy has not been named. it happened around 8:00 p.m. saturday when he was cleaning a gun. the girl suffered a flesh wound and was released sunday after treatment. a developing story this morning. we're learning that blue bell ice cream may contain listeria. the company now recalling all of
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its ice cream products. it started recalling the products last month after three deaths in kansas were connected to contaminated ice cream. if you want to learn more about the symptoms of listeria you can head to the nbc washington app, search the word listster i can't. if you've bought any of those products blue bell is urging you to return them for a full refund. maw rene mcdonne she didn't receive a fair trial. in a 101-page brief, her legal team says the brie bearry law is so vague and boundless that it sweeps every politician and their spouse in its grasp. her husband and she were both convicted of public corruption. five minutes after the hour. in the day ahead, two kids trapped inside a burning house are going to meet the 911 operator who helped to save
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their lives. >> okay. exactly, where are you located? >> in the top room in the right. >> 13-year-old marcus mccoy and his nine-year-old sister were trapped inside the second floor bedroom as their home in small drive in clinton burned on sunday morning. the boy called 911. dispatcher kristen ritter stayed on the line until firefighters got there. >> i don't know where he learned it but whoever taught him to do that and stay calm that helped save him and his little sister's life. >> fire investigators say the fire appears to have started near a computer desk. your remote control will be getting a workout tonight. two big playoff games are happening at 8:00 the wizards will take on the toronto raptors looking to take a 2-0 series lead before they return home friday night and at 7:30 the caps will take on the new york islanders in new york. the caps are down a game right now in the series and are hoping to tie it up tonight. we learn that caps player eric
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ferh will not play after he was injured over this weekend's game. >> go caps go wiz. major warning if you have an iphone or an ipad, yes, and yes. the bug that could put your information at risk. >> and some thought she may have something to do with the death of a prosecutor who showed up -- who was found dead before he was supposed to testify against her. this morning, though argentina's president is cleared. why she's now off the hook. temperatures waking up to this morning, it wasn't this long ago these lows were our highs. amelia
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welcome back. four members of the british navy charged with a sex assault in canada are out on bail right now. prosecutors say these military members were in nova soesh i can't taking part in a hockey tournament with local armed forces. they also took part in a group sex assault in army barracks there. allegations that argentina's president meddled into the investigation of a jewish center bombing. the allegations were first made by a prosecutor who was found dead in his home the day before he was supposed to present them to the court.
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prosecutors say there was a lack of evidence that fernandez did anything wrong. it's 11 minutes after 5:00. we've cleared out the rain and lightning and hail and all that madness that happened late last night. >> i think we might be in for a spring day. a pretty one too. we have your weather and traffic here. what do you say, amelia? >> plenty of sunshine throughout the day today and it is going to be a little bit breezy at times for the entire day. winds at about 18 miles an hour. the temperature 60 degrees. so a bit of a chill as you step out the door this morning and today will be cooler than it was yesterday. your drive time forecast 6:00 to k8 temperatures in the upper 50s. 69 for a high in washington. tomorrow it's going to be a little bit cooler especially for folks in the suburbs. i'll have that forecast coming
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in 10 minutes. a little bit of volume headed northbound on 95. it it there might be a late clearing road work. this is what i was worried about, it's a little early to see that this morning, just a little bit of road work still kind of sticking around for us here. wide look at things inner loop and outer look looking quite good for us. 270 southbound here, out of frederick , no issues. we did have that earlier road work cleared here. 355, wisconsin avenue at east west highway, you can see of that sheen and wetness on the roads that will drive throughout the day. we're going to get some nice sunshine. i'll be back in ten minutes with more. new developments in the case against a reserve deputy charged
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in the death of a tulsa man. hundreds of migrants die when their ship capsized. who is now facing charges in
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your time is 5:16. a man accused of murdering a northern virginia college student will be in court today at the same time as the service for his alleged victim. police say stephen vander bril and grace mann were roommates. >> reporter: good morning. the funeral will take place here a little bit later this morning for this remarkable young woman. i was able to go on the campus this past weekend and speak to students about her. they were truly stunned and such remorse they weren't able to talk about what had happened trying to make sense of it. two buses of students will be
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brought here today for the funeral to the temple rodef shalom. she was only 20 years old. she was part of the student government association, part of the feminist group on campus and also had been appointed to a task force and fighting sexual assault. she was allegedly killed at the hands of her own roommate in their off campus house. the suspect will be in court today, but the focus will be on grace, her life her accomplishments. let's hear now from the dean of students who knew her personally. >> grace was someone who was very much motivated in helping other people and reaching out and being visible and making sure that others voices were heard. >> reporter: those services will get under way at 10:00 here this morning at the temple. cameras are not allowed inside but the synagogue does plan to live stream those services.
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18 after the hour and in the day ahead a white volunteer deputy who shot and killed an armed black man is expected in court. 73-year-old robert bates faces second degree manslaughter charges in oklahoma. bates said he meant to his taser but he fired his begun instead. the fbi referred the case and at this point they do not plan to open a civil rights investigation. we now know more that led to the death of a 25-year-old arrested in baltimore. freddie gray died from a spinal cord injury on sunday. you can see him being placed in a police van here. sometime between that moment and his arrival at the police station, his spine was nearly severed. while he was in the van, the driver said he became irate. he asked for an inhaler several
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times. 40 minutes past before he was rushed to the hospital and police still can't say how he was hurt. >> he was a nice person a good person. >> six officers involved in the arrest now on paid leave. police still have to have their investigation wrapped up sometime next week. today, vice president joe biden heads to philadelphia. he is talking energy policy at pepco. he will be joined by the energy secretary. he is the first american governor to set foot in cuba since president obama initiated a thaw in relations today. new york governor cuomo met with officials to discuss trade and he also visited the catholic church's office. he's hoping to foster good relations between cuba and new york. two men are now facing
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charges in the shipwreck in which potentially hundreds of people died. this happened sunday night off the coast of italy. hundreds of african refugees trying to migrate were europe were lock in a cargo hold on board. the ship's captain was arrested and charged with homicide. he and a crew member are both facing an illegal immigration charge as well. a new poll shows most people do not believe medical marijuana should be available for kids. researchers at the university of michigan found 2/3 of americans support the use of medical marijuana but only half of those people believe it should be allowed for children. 80% of people surveyed said adults also should not use marijuana in front of kids. another reason to lows those -- lose those inhibitions and hit the dance floor. tanko dancing may help patients with parkinson's disease. they found the classes improved their balance, mobility and
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their brain function. researchers believe the dancing helped sharpen rhythmic ability and memory as well. ♪ ♪ cool. new this morning, i'm angie goff. these new photos in from two pilots who are trying to fly around the world. the first flight in fact around the world in this solar powered plain. these shots were posted within the hour. it took off from china. it's on its sixth leth of this voyage. a flight trying to draw attention to the importance of sustainable energy. and this is pretty impressive. that plane is only as heavy as a family car, but they say the wingspan is as wide as the largest passenger airliner. back to you. it's like dumbo. small elephant with big ears. 5:21 is our time right now cht i want to get you caught up on the forecast if you are joining us.
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>> for the remainder of the workweek no severe weather in the forecast however you do want to have the umbrella handy for tomorrow. we will be dealing with a few showers moving through the area mainly around the midday and afternoon hours and maybe a rumble of thunder. for today, quiet weather, cooler than it was yesterday by a good ten degrees and a bit breezy at times for the entire day. some showers are in the forecast for tomorrow and as we look to the end of the workweek and weekend, chilly air makes its way into the region. wait until you see the temperatures tomorrow morning. here's the latest. some very light showers pushing through the area. these now east of i-95 leaving quantico. your day is going to be dry. you don't need the umbrella. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s. 60 is the temperature in washington and a high today of 69. by noon temperatures will be in the mid 60s. so you might want to grab a light jacket today, but really you won't need it.
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i think long sleeves will be just fine for the kids. 7:00 p.m. this evening, temperatures in the mid 60s still with plenty of sunshine. really nice night tonight for walking the dog, doing some grilling or just having the kids get out doors and play. this is tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. temperatures from the suburbs and away from the water are going to be in the 40s. a jacket tomorrow morning, 53 in washington and we're tracking showers tomorrow. mainly around the midday and afternoon hours, but an isolated morning shower is possible. here we are with future weather at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow and a high of 68 in washington. low 60s north of town. near 70 south of town. for thursday our temperatures tumble. a high of only 61. 63 on friday and this weekend, the chance of some rain on saturday. you are already tracking some metro delays at 5:23? >> brand new metro delays. these are just popping up. orange and silver lines are single tracking between clairen
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done and foggy bottom and the blue line is also tracking between fogy bottom and arlington cemetery. we first had a report of a crash in georgia avenue. just a warning in case you see anything. wide look at things overall. no major issues there on the beltway at least, prince george's county rolling along pretty nicely as well. tabling a look at 66 into and out of town you are just fine. 95 we just got slow here as we approach in dell city. it might be a little bit slow northbound there as you are headed to the beltway. i'm back at 5:31 with a live look at 270. thanks melissa. american warships are preparing for a high seas stand-off as they block i rannian shipments off the coast of yemen. a convoy of eight iranian ships carrying weapons.
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a u.s. aircraft carrier is now beefing up efforts. a military confrontation between the u.s. and iran could not come at a worse time as the u.s. is preparing to lift sanctions against iran if iran halts its nuclear program. an iowa farm needs to kill more than 5 million hens because of a bird flu outbreak. the u.s. department of agriculture says the highly infectious virus was held at a farm in osceola county. they lay nearly one in every five eggs we eat in this country. we learn a mother found stabbed to death in northern virginia dr. bonnie black was found dead in the aurora highlands area of arlington. neighbors spotted her three and five-year-old children upset and
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wandering? their pajamas. a trial accusing a woman pretending to be the woman's relative. the you don't know. if you own an iphone or ipad, your apps could be carrying a virus right now. a cyber security firm says about 1,000 apps were exposed to a bug that could allow hackers access to your information. we just tweeted a link to a page where you can search your apps to find out if they were affected. we're told the developers are already working on a solution to this problem. mac and cheese lovers say good-bye to that orange cheese powder in that blue box that we so fondly remember. remember the mac and cheese. >> what color is it going to be? >> kraft foods is nixing those
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artificial dyes. it will be colored using natural flavors, spices like paprika and tumeric. it's been working for some time on making that change but wanted to make sure that customers didn't notice a change in the taste. >> it still needs to be the same color. >> it's so much better than die number two. if you mix with the tumeric you are going to get the right color. what's expected to happen today in the penalty phase of dzhokhar tsarnaev's trial. imagine sitting on the bus on the way to work when flames erupt. that is exactly what happened to a group of passengers in takoma park.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30. a man suspected of killing a northern virginia college student will be in court. police say stephen vander brill killed grace mann last week. she's being laid to rest today. folk are cleaning up this
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morning after a wild night and early morning filled with storms. lightning, rain and hail did damage to parts of our region and some people lost power overnight. we'll have much more on those stories. good morning to you. your weather and traffic on the ones. we start with amelia. >> kids might want to grab a jacket or sweat swirt as sher getting on the bus this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s. recess in the low 60s. dismissal only improving. high temperatures near 70 degrees. still keeping that sun around. if you are going to the nationals game tonight, as they take on the cardinals, first pitch just after 7:00 p.m. you might want to bring a jacket to the game because it will be chilly especially by the 7th inning stretch and the last out as temperatures go from the mid 60s to the low 60s. but dry conditions and winds will be dying down. now, tomorrow some rain is in the forecast.
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i'm going to have more on the timing of that rain coming up in a little bit. melissa, you are still tracking metro delays right now? >> we still have those metro delays. we'll keep reminding you here throughout the evening. orange and silver line single-tracking between clarendon and foggy bottom. 270 at old hundred road looking quite good. looking pretty good. 66 east of suddenley road eastbound, westbound, don't have any issues right now. we're nice and green. 95 still a little slow in that del city area. we're seeing some slowdowns even before del city. a little bit slower than we typically see for this time of morning. i'm back at 5:41 with travel times for you. police are asking for your help to find a missing man. i want to show you his picture cht.
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this is 39-year-old richard brown. montgomery county police say he was being treated at shady grove medical center in rockville. he left against the advice of doctors. police and family are concern for his emotional well-being and his physical welfare. today, less than 24 hours after runners cross the finish line in the boston marathon a penalty phase in the trial of the man convicted in the 2013 attack. >> expect attorneys on both sides, the defense arguing that dzhokhar tsarnaev was following his older brother who was the mastermind of this bombing. the prosecutors, federal prosecutors saying that he was an equal executer and planner of this attack and as such deserves the ultimate punishment the death penalty but people in boston are split over that. public opinion polls show a slight majority against the
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death penalty. they include the parent of eight-year-old martin richard. they are urging federal prosecutors to take that off the table, saying that it would just prolong reliving the painful day of their lives. on the other hand you have people like liz norton whose two sons were injured. she says absolutely she is in favor of the death penalty here. that it was a callous crime. it's expected to take about four weeks. ♪ ♪ right now, investigators are looking into what started a series of explosions at a police department in bryan texas, after a dozen blasts. take a look at this. several vehicles outside the building were in flames we're
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told. people said that this fire spread real quickly. police say no one was hurt so that's the good news. in the day ahead, a state department employee accused of secretly recording women in their own homes is expected in court in the district. prosecutors say that daniel rosen recorded women without their knowledge as they undressed. the 44-year-old pleaded not guilty to charges of voyeurism and stalking. investigators discovered the cell phone recordings when fairfax coin police arrested him and charged him with soliciting sex from a minor. the fate of a man accused of killing a d.c. corrections officer. he's being tried for the murder of d.c. corrections official carolyn cross. this happened back in september in al zan dree i can't. he faces life in prison if he's found guilty. montgomery county is down one bus after a fire broke out on a ride-on bus in takoma
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park. the back of the bus caught fire. flames shot through the back of the bus around 5:45 last night. it was tweeted that it was a fuel fire. be neighbors say it was a scary scene at first. >> you couldn't see anything because initially you couldn't see the sky. everything was gray. you know to black smoke. i immediately wondered whether or not there were only people on the bus. >> all of the passengers were safely evacuated. police call it a perpetual crime hot spot. new security measures are in place at a northwest washington housing complex. new lights and security cameras have been installed at sursum corda. the change stem from a lawsuit settlement. d.c.'s attorney general brought the suit because the complex has seen hundreds of arrests over the last decade. 5:37 your time now and today a push to get school funding in
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classrooms in maryland. montgomery county executive ike leggett says more than 300 staff positions could be cut next year if the governor doesn't release the school funding. they are asking hogan to release $60 million that was included in the budget by the general assembly. today, the prince william board of supervisors are expected to pass a budget that will result in smaller school class sizes for kids. it will include $1 million to cut class sizes. it plans to cut the size of 9th grade math classes next year. full day kindergarten, and school security could have been cut. this morning, a driver is alive thanks to two daring police officers. why the man couldn't get himself
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out of his car new details about the latest person accused of jumping the fence at the white house. what the suspect is expected to do before his next court day date. and a live look at the capitol for you this morning. things are drying out right now, but maybe not for long. amelia is
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a 14-year-old is under arrest in britain accused in a terror plot. police say a plan to attack a war memorial ceremony in australia. they won't release his name but they are working with his family. pleats say communication between the man and the boy indicated a credible threat. last week five australian teenagers were arrested on suspicion of plotting isis inspired attacks. i want to show you video from a dramatic rescue caught on camera. two police officers in texas rescued a man from a burning suv. you can still see the flames coming from that car there as those two officers and another man try to help the driver to safety. that car was actually involved in a crash and the driver was left unconscious. he is expected to be okay, although he had some burns and some fractured bones as well. but he will survive. and taking a look at the flames so lucky he escaped when he did. let's take a look at the
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forecast now. hoping things have settled down. it is 56 degrees outside of our studios. it looks pretty nice so far. >> amelia is here and your weather and traffic on the ones. >> a complete 180 from yesterday. spring has returned. if you want to walk the dog, perfect for that longer walk. comfortable for outdoor exercise. low humidity yardwork, you'll be dealing with wet ground from all of the rain we received yesterday. a bit breeze where for the entire day today with plenty of sunshine and highs near 60. tomorrow grab the umbrella. showers are back in the forecast maybe an isolated thunderstorm but no severe weather. limited sunshine during the morning hours, maybe an isolated shower north of washington. it's a chilly start. 50 inside the beltway, 40s in the suburbs. high tomorrow of 68. chilly for the upcoming week. how are the roads looking right now? >> right now i have a brand new crash. 95 northbound at dale city. been seeing some slowdowns heading to dale
5:43 am
city. now we have a crash. we tweeted about that one. travel times, 95 north quantico to the beltway taking extra 10 minutes from now. 66 in town 11 minutes, you are on time there. you have to go through tight security and now so will airline and airport workers. >> the major changes they can expect all in
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just in out of bali an american just sentenced to 18 years in jail for murdering his girlfriend's mom. an indonesian court just came down with that sentence. he was found guilty of beating her death on the island. the daughter was also charged with that murder. her body was found in a suitcase
5:47 am
at the resort. this was last august. thank you. 13 before the hour and the police chief in virginia beach says one of his officers broke policy when he used a taser during a traffic stop. we should warrant you the video may be tough to watch. >> it's on video. >> stop stop stop it now. >> it's a taser. >> ow! >> the video was shared on social media earlier this month. it shows a 17-year-old boy in the backseat of a car being repeatedly pepper sprayed and tasered by police. the chief will not say what punishment his officer will face. he's accused of jumping over the white house fence and now he is out of jail this morning. 54-year-old jerome hunt says he took a bus from california to washington and used a bike rack to climb over the fence sunday night. he appeared in a d.c. court yesterday. he told reporters that he jumped the fence for a reason but we won't tell anyone what that
5:48 am
reason is yet. >> they they they have a good protective system for the president. they reacted real fast. that's all i'll say. >> hunt will undergo a mental health evaluation. he is under orders to stay away from the white house and to wear a monitoring device. there's a send-off ceremony today for soldiers on their way overseas. the d.c. national guardsmen headed to kuwait there to coordinate prisoner care and transportation there. they would be sent off from the d.c. armory are at rfk stadium. seven veterans are suing the department of veterans affairs. the lawsuit was filed in d.c. yesterday and one suing is from virginia. the veterans are asking the va
5:49 am
to send the records in the next 20 days. ken plum has held his seat continuously since 1982. he will kick off his campaign tonight at the restton station plaza. new numbers may be coming to a close according to the washington post new census numbers say only 12,000 people moved to washington and the neighboring counties in 2014. compared to an influx of 40,000 people in 2013. prince george's county was the only area with an increase in the number of people who moved there. and alexandria and fairfax counties more people moved away than moved in. a begun good-bye books -- the department of homeland security ordered a full security
5:50 am
review. new rules include realtime background checks for airport employees. workers will have to go through screening before boarding a plane and fewer access points to secure areas. we want to know would you go on a borderline date on someone not based on their looks or what you like about them but their refrigerator. there's actually a refrigerator dating expert and he says finding love is all about what's in your fridge and how you pack it. >> hmm. >> the brand of stuff that you buy, even a hint maybe. if they are renting, maybe they are more mobile if ans older model refrigerator perhaps you are a saver. >> when you look at somebody's fridge, you can learn so much about their health lifestyle, income to the kind of romantic partner they will be. stonehill says schek checking out the fridge makes perfect sense because 99% of
5:51 am
dating involves eating and drinking. >> dare i ask what you would want your potential date to have in their fridge? >> he says -- he says you want like an appetizer to share. you want him to have hummus. if you are a drinker, maybe some nice champagne, a shareable who durves. >> this is how you rope in that date. >> in reality, in reality, it's like gatorade. >> and a jar of mustard. let's be real. >> thank you. 5:51. let's go to amelia and talk about today's forecast. a better one today. >> more spring like today, which is nice. we all know 90-degree days are just around the corner. >> i know. >> it's breezy out there right now and it's going to be a little bit breezy throughout the entire day today. a good ten degrees cooler than it was yesterday and plenty of sunshine. all of those factors, weather
5:52 am
having a pretty low impact on your day today. storm team radar tracking some showers mainly in charles county. these continue to push out of the area. all of this activity now east of i-95 and will be over the water and the eastern shore in about 30 minutes. you don't need the umbrella today. plenty of sunshine breaks out after these early morning clouds leave us. 60 degrees right now in washington. elsewhere, temperatures mainly in the 50s. manassas coming up at 57. 9:00 a.m. temperatures around 60 for everybody. noon temperatures will be in the mid 60s. highs today near 70 degrees. really nice this afternoon. you can have your lunch outdoors. you might want to grab the light jacket. a little bit of chill in the area. very spring like. this is your grilling forecast for tonight. really nice grilling weather tonight with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. just a bit of a breeze. that would be weather factor that's not making it absolutely perfect. tomorrow morning, it's a chilly
5:53 am
even cold start. temperatures in the suburbs away from the water will be in the 40s. areas by the water and inside of the beltway? the low to mid 50s. keep the umbrella handy. there's a chance of april isolated morning shower. it's really into the afternoon hours. may be a rumble of thunder. no severe weather. highs tomorrow in the upper 60s for the most part. then it gets cool. thursday friday and saturday the chance of showers saturday. how are the roads? i actually have a brand new problem here. this is as you are on the outer loop of the beltway headed on to gw parkway southbound. we're getting a report of a tree that is down and lanes blocked. you can see lots of red there. 95 northbound at dale city still have that crash and slowdowns there. 95 north.
5:54 am
270 at old hundred this started getting slow. kind of through the hyattstown area. through indian head highway, everything looking good. moving along nicely. i'm back at 6:01. it is now a new study finds more and more are spending less money on vacation. 80% of americans will take little r and r. more than 58% of americans will spend less than $1,500 for their get away. 42% will spend more than $1,500 that's down from 46% last year. one insurance company says you can step right into saving some money on your policy. john hancock will start offering life insurance discounts if you wear those fitness trackers.
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you'll need to opt into a new program and then you will get a free fit bit, the program also tracks other activities including doctors visits and vital testing. you may be asking about privacy. the fit bit is collect less information than is normally required to open a policy. the chicken in your fridge will be soon be different. we're joined with more on that. what's this all about? >> you are thinking about dating on chicken, aren't you? >> i'm trying to figure it out. >> one of the nation's largest poultry producers says it will eliminate antibiotics from a quarter of its chicken production. the company is responding to mounting worries that overuse of antibiotics is leading to the rise of drug resistant germs. tyson has also reduced the use of antibiotics in their chicken. and using direct messages to
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someone else without having to follow them first, fs not automatic, you have to opt into the service. twitter is filing for a trademark on the term "tweet storm" or a linked series of tweets. thank you. today, a prince george's county teen and his little sister are going to meet the 911 operator who helped save their lives during a house fire. >> i'm not sure. >> okay. exactly where are you located? >> in the top room in the right. all the way upstairs. >> 13-year-old marcus mccoy and his nine-year-old sister ali i can't were drapd inside a second floor bedroom as their home burned on sunday morning. the boy called 911 and dispatcher kristen ritter stayed on the line until help got there. >> you know there's a dire situation and little kids they are smaller lung there's not a
5:57 am
lot of time. >> the children are doing okay. fire investigators say that fire appears to have started near a computer desk. two virginia college students lives thrust into the spotlight in the day ahead. how friends and family plan to honor the life of a young woman from northern virginia in the hours ahead as her roommate prepares for his day in court to face charges in her murder. that's next on news 4 today.
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stepping outside to clearing skies, but not before a night of strong storms heavy rain lightning, even some hail. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia seagal is live. >> i'm tracking the last of the showers in the area. all of this east to the i-95. especially those in charles county this activity pushing toward calvert coin it will be out of southern maryland in the
6:00 am
next 30 minutes or so. it's dry today and plenty of sunshine and temperatures will be cool are than they were yesterday. right now, they were in the fixts and 60s. 60 in washington right now, 61 in cull pepper. mid 60s as we work our way toward noon. our high temperature yesterday was 82. today, noticeably cooler with a breeze at times throughout the entire day. i'll let you know what you can expect in your neighborhood for your high today coming up in ten minutes. we're going to send things over to melissa who has breaking news. >> breaking news right now. this is a big problem and going to start building here. this is a report of a tree down here. this is the outer loop ramp to southbound gw parkway. it's about a one-mile backup right now. if you can avoid


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