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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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heavily armed and prepared for anything. but no sign of trouble this morning. as we have driven through the city. last night, police had to use pepper balls to try to clear the area and get the protesters that were out and about to go home and abide by this new citywide curfew. for the most part right now it is a ghost town with the presence of the guard and police still here. very much visible. again, this curfew lifts at 5:00. i'm molette green. back to you. >> all right, thank you. 4:30 now. one result of all of this, the inner harbor is a ghost town right now as well. the curfew is keeping people away. the national guard also took over the area to set up a makeshift headquarters. you can see bars and restaurants, they're closed. perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the story, the orioles will play in front of an empty stadium today.
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>> on behalf of every oriole fan out there, we'll have the game on the sound on. food specials. drink specials and we'll try to make it as fun as possible. >> this will be the first ever major league baseball game with no fans in the stands. before now the record for the lowest attendance was six people. that was back in 1882. i hope the fans are in solidarity with the orioles. it's not their fault this is happening, but as a result of what's going on around this city they thought this was the best practice for that game. >> a lot of politicians have been speaking out, saying bad idea on the part of major league baseball. but safety first. well it's 4:31 right now. 53 degrees outside our studios. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with more on the day that we can expect. the moon is really pretty righttom. >> yeah gorgeous off to our west. getting low in the western sky. we have a clear sky this morning at the bus stop or waiting for
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the metro. stay in the 40s between now through 8:00 and lots of sunshine. sunrise is at 6:13. then the temperatures will jump into the 50s between 8:00 and 9:00 as a rapid warm-up will commence with bright sunshine. rather chilly into the mid and upper 40s. prince george's county and montgomery and fairfax county. and leesburg is now at 50. elsewhere across northern virginia temperatures are down into the 40s. chilly spot, warrenton down to 41 degrees. we'll look at your drive time forecast and melissa is looking at construction problems this morning. >> more road work here. this one 66 westbound at leesburg pike. this is supposed to be until 5:00. we are only talking one right lane block. nothing to worry about too much. a little mention this morning. taking a live look on 95 in virginia. dale city here northbound and southbound no issues over to
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prince george's county. branch avenue pennsylvania avenue and indian head highway, everything rolling along quite nicely there. b.w. parkway, 29, everything into and out of town just fine. we have this construction as well. talking about the inner loop between georgetown pike and the toll road. that right lane is blocked until 5 clock. we're staying on top of the developing story in baltimore. the public schools are planning to open as scheduled. the school system will make the final decision at 5:30 this morning. we'll pass along that information to you as soon as we receive it. teachers and counselors are planning special activities to help students learn from what happened in the city. the top administrator said they're working to identify those students who were looting on monday and that violators will be punished. you can help marylanders rebuild. larry hogan launched maryland the website is a one stop shop
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for information and resources on how you can donate and volunteer. an architecture firm from indiana is offering to help start the process to help rebuild a senior center that was burned down. it was still under construction at the time and police aren't sure if the fires were connected to the riots. rally and march. they'll rally in support of freddie gray. he was the 25-year-old man who died in baltimore police custody. that rally starts at 7:00 tonight at the metro station. the group will march to the white house. and there was a peaceful protest in that same area. last night a small group of demonstrators shut down traffic northwest right in front of the horizon center. they were in solidarity with the protesters in baltimore, they said. they marched to the white house. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. the death toll in nepal is still
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surprising it has surpassed 5,000. they're struggling with the devastating aftermath. the first shipments of aid have arrived. the distribution of food and medicine starts today, but help will not get to everyone quickly. it will take time to reach people in those remote areas. aid workers are scrambling to provide enough tents and tarps. as you can see there, many people are sleeping outside because there are no homes and buildings left and now in addition to all of that some quake survivors are dealing with landslides and avalanches. eun, back to you. >> kristin wright, thank you. it's 4:36. right now, d.c. police are looking for a hit and run driver. they say the person struck a woman on southern avenue southeast. this happened right outside of the united medical center. we don't know the woman's condition right now. we're also working to find out whether the road is still shut down. d.c. police are investigating a double shooting between the congress heights and southern avenue metro stops.
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this happened just after 8:00 p.m. in the 3500 block of stanton road southeast. both victims were conscious and breathing on their way to the hospital. 4:36, your time right now. and the news4 i-team uncovered new details about how the capitol responded when a gyrocopter landed on the grounds there. police -- capitol police were warned about a possible drone about 24 minutes before that landing. they saw the gyrocopter two minutes before it hit the ground. police told senate members about a brief lock down but they didn't tell house members and that is according to testimony expected today from the capitol police chief and the house sergeant-at-arms. secret service director jim clancy will testify and he's expected to say callers to the secret service the day of the landing did not say the gyrocopter was already in flight. clancy's is expected to say that they saw it near the white house and they were telling their superiors as it landed. we know some of you can't
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wait to watch the caps in the round two of the stanley cup playoffs. we know now when they'll play. you can watch them 7:30 tomorrow night. game two is saturday at 12:30. you can watch that one right here on nbc4. the teams will play at the verizon center monday and wednesday nights. center eric phair will be back on the ice. the whole team will practice in arlington this later this morning. the rangers are a nemesis. they have been a problem. so we're hoping now that we have advanced through round one, you know what i mean? go caps. yes. well the race to the white house is expected to get bigger today. who can throw their name into the ring. and the protesters clash with police in mexico. what demonstrators say was behind the violent clashes. she died after being tased while wearing handcuffs so why
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is her death being ruled an accident? new information after an inmate died in custody. some cool temperatures greeting you this morning. tom has your drive time forecast at 4:41.
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take a look at the scene here. protesters in mexico hurled firebombs at the education
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department building yesterday and they broke inside and set fire to documents. most of the demonstrators were students from the same college where 43 students went missing last year. protesters want the president to step down. they're upset over education reforms. an indonesian fire squad executed eight convicts from several countries. at the last minute the authorities granted a stay of execution for the filipino woman who was on death row with them. people watched as ambulances believed to be carrying the bodies arrived from that prison. last week jakarta announced it would execute nine inmates despite an international outcry. time for weather and traffic on the ones. looks like a nice day. >> yeah. >> 53 degrees outside. >> live picture looking into the district for you this morning. your weather and traffic on the ones. here's tom kierein. >> #outdoor lunch. beautiful day underway. this morning rather cool. but we have dry pavement so all green lights for your morning.
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midday and afternoon commuting around. we'll have dry pavement and later today with that bright sunshine for the morning commute we'll be climbing into the 50s. bright sunshine. you need the sunglasses. using that sun visor too and then during the afternoon partly cloudy. still dry roads. temperatures should be making its into the mid 70s. look at the hour by hour rain timing for tomorrow. that's next weather and traffic on the ones. so no problems with the dry roads this morning, right, melissa? >> can i give you a big hug for that, tom kierein? come over here actually. thank you for my dry roads this morning. overall looking quite good. a little bit of construction here and there and that's typical of course until 5:00 this morning. taking a wide look at things no major problems right now. we have this road work and this is the road work that we have been seeing for the past couple of weeks. this is naylor road between good hope and branch. closed for that long-term construction project.
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66, 95 also moving along quite nicely. the beltway at new hampshire, no problems at all. back at 4:51. thanks melissa, and happy birthday to you. >> thank you. a special election in wards, and who's vying for a seat. and the controversial decision not to show
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15 before the hour right now. new developments in baltimore this morning to tell you about. the curfew ends in just about 15 minutes there. that's going to happen at 5:00 this morning. the protests were a bit quieter overnight in that city. national guardsmen set up across baltimore right now. police have arrested at least 14 people overnight including four
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in just the last half hour. you see their pictures here. we expect updated numbers around noon. the fairfax county urban search and rescue team is now on the ground in nepal pulling victims from the rubble. that's the main focus for the team. a magnitude 7.8 quake and strong aftershocks killed more than 5,000 people on saturday. according to the u.s. geological survey the estimated damage may be up to $10 billion. rescue teams are working around the clock this morning, a man is recovering after being rescued from under the rubble after 82 hours. he survived under a collapsed apartment building in a room with three dead bodies. he was pulled to safety last night. the united nations says the earthquake is affecting 8 million people. a lawsuit filed against the arlington county sheriff by a deaf man will move forward. that's the decision from a federal judge in alexandria. he sued after being held for six weeks without the ability to
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communicate and he was jailed just after he was accused of stealing an ipad that was later found by the owner. both the state department of corrections asked to be dismissed from the lawsuit. the judge ruled the state is off the hook but the suit will proceed against the sheriff. a mentally ill woman died accidentally while in fairfax county police custody. that is the ruling from the state medical examiner's office. natasha mckenna died in the fairfax county jail in past february. officials say her death was caused by excited delirium associated with physical restraint and the use of a stun gun. a report of the incident reveals deputies shot mckenna four times while restrained. she died five days later. hillary clinton will soon have some competition. bernie bernie sanders will announce tomorrow he'll run for the
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nomination. he's from vermont. he wants tob a voice for work -- he wants to be a voice for working families. he is likely to appeal to voters who don't see clinton as progressive enough. 150 votes separate two people for the d.c. council seat. >> they were talking, we were working. >> most of the attention is on ward 8 and who will replace the late marion barry. right now, laruby may is ahead of trayon white. white urged supporters to stay strong. >> half a million dollars has been invested into their campaign. we had no money. but we had the people. >> marion barry's son christopher barry known as marion c. barry picked up 7% of the vote. brandon todd won the seat for ward 4.
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he replaces muriel bowser who left her seat when she was elected mayor. today a now suspended staffer appears in court. fred pagan was serving as an aide to thad cochran. border officers intercepted a package that contained a date rape drug. federal agents then raided his home. students at the university of maryland college park will see the movie "american sniper." the screening was cancelled last week because the muslim student association said the movie was anti-muslim. students who were not happy posted hateful and racist messages on social media. after a long discussion about the first amendment, they'll show that movie on monday. 4:49 now. metro just took a big hit in funding. the house committee that oversees the agency released a plan yesterday to cut its federal funding in half.
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to $75 million. metro has to demonstrate what it's doing to fix problems before getting that money. now a committee spokesperson says that the goal is to force metro to make improvements. metro says they need full funding to improve safety and reliability reliability. eleanor holmes norton is threatening to go against any funding cuts. some of you living in the best cities for young families gainesville tops the list at number one. seven of the top ten family friendly locations to live are in northern virginia. now, these rankings are based on the cost of homes, prosperity and growth. quality of education and family friendliness. in gainesville, 40% of the households are families with children. the highest in the state rounding out the top five, best places in virginia burke, centerville, vienna and bonn
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air. bonn air is outside of richmond. >> good schools, nice neighborhoods. >> that'll do it. there you go. 4:51 is our time right now. tom kierein is here. you say we might get out to explore some neighborhoods. >> don't breathe too deeply, the pollen is -- >> it's insane. my kids are being affected. the car is covered in the green, yucky powder. >> there's the only downside. here's the storm team 4 skycast. bright sunshine through the morning. sunrise is at 6:13. a few high clouds will drift in around noontime. during the rest of the afternoon, a few high clouds. gorgeous day today. might be getting a few sprinkles out of the mountains by early this evening. temperatures are hovering in the 40s to near 50. near 50 around the bay. 56 at reagan national. nearby suburbs, prince georges, fairfax, in the 40s. dipped down into the 30s that
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includes manassas down into warrenton out in the panhandle of west virginia. right now, storm team 4 radar not showing any rain anywhere in the vicinity. off to a great start and hour by hour through the day into the low 50s by 8:00. it will be around 70 degrees at noon and then hitting mid 70s by mid to late afternoon with a few of the clouds beginning to build in. here's the timing on some rain arriving here tomorrow. some showers moving in to the mountains around noontime. then during the afternoon, those showers creep closer to the metro area. might get a rumble of thunder. especially out of the thunders as the showers roll on through. most of those will be north and west of the metro area down into thursday evening. so cooler weather will move in with those showers tomorrow and the upper 60s during the afternoon. might get a passing sprinkle or light shower but much cooler
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with the northeast wind. only in the 50s much of the day. kind of a damp and dreary day. sun back on saturday. a high around 70. then it really ramps up temperature wise. mid 70s sunday. warm near 80 degrees monday and tuesday next week. how are we looking on the commute now, melissa? >> overall looking pretty good. now something popped up that i actually just got my eyes on here. this is the outer loop ramp to new hampshire avenue. off to the right side there, you can see some police activity. right now, we're getting reports that the outer loop is blocked because of a crash. i'll keep an eye on that see what's going on. 270 southbound don't have any problems. everything nice and clear. nice and green. same thing as you head northbound. listen to our friends on wtop when you hit the road this morning. 66 west of ox road into town out of town looking good. same thing when looking at 95 here going 65 miles per hour as you're heading through quantico. looking good there.
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overall, prince george's county also looking good. we have indian head highway, no problems there. 95 in maryland at 198 that is moving along nicely as well. again, going to keep an eye on this one for you. try to get some more information. right now, looks like we have a larger police presence and some folks that are trying to get off of the outer loop to new hampshire avenue. they're not able to do so. eun? >> melissa, thank you. 4:54 now. more than a year after authorities say someone intentionally set it on fire an arrest in the virginia arson. how they solved the case. police arrest a fairfax county woman for prostitution and you won't believe who they sa
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you're watching "news4 today." >> you may remember this inferno in colonial beach, virginia. a 100-year-old vacant elementary school burned down last january. 16 months later, police arrested three men on charges related to that 2014 arson. state police arrested all three men yesterday. they range in age from 19 to 24.t fire. investigators said tips from area residents helped to solve that case. police arrested a fairfax county mother accused of human trafficking and prostitution. and her 3-year-old son was right there when police arrived. the investigators got an anonymous tip that someone was advertising juveniles for sex online. officials tracked the ad to
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deirdre riscoti and they found cash pot cell phones and a 3-year-old. >> it's extremely worrisome. not only is that child at risk just being in that environment but what the child is being exposed to as well. >> now police say that she was not trafficking her son. that woman faces multiple charges in fairfax county. she's in trouble with the feds accused of prostituting a 15-year-old girl out of northern virginia hotels. food trucks could be rolling through leesburg but not before local businesses chime in first. right now, food trucks and carts are not permitted within town limits. according to leesburg today, some council members worry the carts will hog up space on the sidewalks. others think food trucks would be helpful at special outdoor events. in a couple of months the town manager will report back to the council with research and feedback from businesses. it's time to get out the old bay as this year you can enjoy
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more blue crabs as the population is on the rise. that is good news for this crab lover. the blue crab population is rebounding after the fall from 2011. one of the reasons is allowing the crabs to grow to more maturity. today's japanese prime minister is waking up probably pretty full after his dinner last night. the dinner in honor of japan featured some japanese dishes and sake. prime minister abe was toasted. the first lady wore an elegant purple dress designed by a japanese designer. always gorgeous. stay with us, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> right now at 5:00 a.m. the first night of the new curfew
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just ended or is about to in baltimore. we were there as four people were arrested. otherwise, it was a mostly quiet and peaceful night. get you caught up on all of the overnight developments. first, it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's check our forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is telling us about a mild day ahead. we're looking forward to the sunshine too. >> absolutely beautiful morning. the moon gets low in the western sky. live view overlooking, and a cool morning though. afternoon temperatures will be mild into the 70s and then rain likely moving in during the day on thursday. and temperatures right now though certainly on the cool side. right now in prince george's county it's hovering around 50 degrees. much of fairfax county low to mid 40s. farther west, kind of chilly. fredericks down to 41.


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