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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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ith us, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> right now at 5:00 a.m. the first night of the new curfew just ended or is about to in baltimore. we were there as four people were arrested. otherwise, it was a mostly quiet and peaceful night. get you caught up on all of the overnight developments. first, it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's check our forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is telling us about a mild day ahead. we're looking forward to the sunshine too. >> absolutely beautiful morning. the moon gets low in the western sky. live view overlooking, and a cool morning though. afternoon temperatures will be mild into the 70s and then rain likely moving in during the day on thursday. and temperatures right now though certainly on the cool side. right now in prince george's county it's hovering around 50 degrees. much of fairfax county low to mid 40s. farther west, kind of chilly. fredericks down to 41.
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and the cold spots though dipping into the upper 30s manassas down to warrenton, much of fauquier and prince william and into culpepper county, only around 40 degrees. we're starting off with no rain on the radar. storm team 4 radar all clear now. a look at your bus stop forecast, what to wear today. amelia segal will join us. this is the outer loop to new hampshire avenue. right now it's blocked. police are on the scene. looks like it could be cleared out of here in the next couple of minutes because we had a larger police presence a while ago. we'll check on that for you. b.w. parkway, no problems there. nice and green. do have this construction this on going construction in prince george's county. naylor road between good hope and branch. the road there closed both directions. that's been happening for the past couple of weeks there. 95 in virginia.
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newington, all those folks headed northbound nothing abnormal for this time of the day. looking at 66 headed into town you are fine. same thing if you're headed westbound on 66 this morning. back at 5:11. we are watching the developments, all of them in baltimore today. the city's first night of curfew is now over on the left side of your screen. you can see what it took for police to enforce that curfew when it took effect last night. the image on the right is how it looks right now. we don't know what the protest over freddie gray's death will look like today. >> the city is stable. we hope to maintain it that way. we are going to place the national guard out at north -- >> baltimore police say that the curfew did work. this is the latest update from the commissioner about the protests there. he delivered that around midnight. we are expecting another update at noon today. police arrested at least 14 people overnight. some were looting.
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others violated the curfew order which ended a few moments ago. now, it doesn't sound like there were any serious -- there was any serious violence with national guardsmen and police officers on the streets there. news4's molette green is at one area where several soldiers at the intersection of pennsylvania and west north avenues. good morning the to you. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. police arrested anyone who broke this curfew, had no valid reason to be out on the street. about 45 minutes ago we watched police take four people away. they appeared to be very young in their early 20s. we found them handcuffed at this intersection. one of the people arrested was found with a small ax. i was able to speak with one of them and they told me that they were out in this area, did not know about the curfew. not really from this community. so they were still arrested and
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taken away in a police van a short while ago. one baltimore sun reporter tweeted out that the police arrested 100 people during the first night of this curfew. again, police did have to -- police and the guard troops did have to use their pepper balls to disperse the crowds shortly after the curfew took effect around 10:15 last night. but for the most part, when we came through the city this morning, it appeared to be a ghost town. there are more signs of life now that this curfew ended just a few moments ago. we have seen people walking through this neighborhood with what appeared to be their lunch bags in hand, assuming -- we assume they're on their way to work this morning. more signs of life, first night of this curfew just ended a few moments ago. i want to step out of the shot and see that there still is a visible presence of police and the national guard troops here at this intersection. this is where the main rioting
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and violence took place on monday night. but throughout the night here it appears to be a pretty quiet night during this first citywide curfew. i'm molette green in west baltimore. back to you. >> 5:05 now. one of the results of the situation in baltimore, the inner harbor sits empty. the national guard took over the area and set up a makeshift headquarters. normally video would show a lot of tourists people going to restaurants and bars and seeing the sights. instead, many of those stores are closed in response to the situation there. the orioles will play without a crowd today. >> on behalf of every oriole fan out there, we'll have the game on, the sound on. food specials, drink specials. and we'll try to make it as fun as possible. >> and they'll play their next series in tampa bay instead of at home. today's game will be the first ever major league baseball game
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with no fans in the stands. baltimore city public schools are preparing to reopen schools as planned today. the school system will make the final decision in about 30 minutes and we'll pass along that information as soon as it comes in. school leaders say principals teachers and counselors are planning special activities to help students learn from what happened in the city. the top administrator of the school system says they're working to identify students who were looting on monday and violators will be punished. right now, d.c. police are looking for a hit and run driver. they say the person hit a woman on southern avenue southeast. this happened right outside united medical center. we don't know the woman's condition right now. we're also working to find out whether that road is still closed. alcohol apparently a factor in a crash that killed a volunteer firefighter in charles county. last night, maryland state police said a driver crossed the center line on 425 and that driver hit 20-year-old autumn
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jenkins head on. she died at the scene. jenkins was a five-year firefighter and emt member of the volunteer fire department. police say alcohol did play a role in the crash. anyone who witnessed it is asked to come forward. d.c. police are investigating a double shooting in southeast washington. this happened after 8:00 p.m. in the 3500 block of stanton road. that's between the congress heights and southern avenue metro stops. both victims were conscious and breathing on their way to the hospital. 5:07. the news4 i-team uncovered new details about how capitol police responded to the gyrocopter landing at the capitol. they were warned about a possible -- about a possible drone 24 minutes before that landing. they saw the gyrocopter two minutes before it hit the ground. police told senate members about a brief lock down, but didn't tell house members about it.
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that's from the testimony expected today from the house sergeant-at-arms. jim clancy is going to testify. he is expected to say that secret service did not say that the gyrocopter was already in flight. clancy is expected to say secret service agents saw the gyrocopter near the white house. they were telling their superiors just as it landed. coming up at 5:45 news4's zachary kiesch has a look at some tough questions they'll face today. we know that caps fans cannot wait to watch round two of the stanley cup playoffs. we now know when they'll play. you can watch them 7:30 tomorrow night. game two saturday at 12:30. watch that here on nbc4. the teams will play at the verizon center on monday and wednesday nights. go caps. the rangers our nemesis.
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but -- >> no pressure. >> no pressure. but we made it through round one. momentum, exciting. caught on camera, a man slams his car into a senior but just when you thought he was about to get out and help think about. the search underway for a hit and run driver. and a devastating earthquake in nepal, how crews from our area are trying to help. taking a look outside, a little chilly out there right now. but that's a
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you're watching "news4 today." >> police in california searching for the driver behind a hit and run crash that hurt an 85-year-old woman. we should warn you, this video may be tough to watch. this is surveillance video taken about a week ago. you can watch as a dark gray dodge challenge earn backs up and hits an 85-year-old woman and knocks her to the ground. the driver and passenger got out for a few minutes and then the pair jumped back into the car and took off. fortunately, the victim was treated and released from the hospital. we expect she'll be okay. we're talking about a return to nice weather today. and yesterday wasn't bad. it was a nice day too. >> warmed up pretty nicely once things got going. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal outside on the weather deck testing out the air there. what's it like? >> well right now, aaron, the birds are chirping. there's absolutely no wind and there's a bit of a chill in the air. so at the bus stop this morning
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it will be cool. temperatures between 7:00 and 8:00 generally in the upper 40s across the area. right around 49 degrees. it's dry the entire day today. sunrise time now at 6:13. so again, talking about the bus stop this morning, temperatures across the area. hey, tom, can you hear me, there we go with the graphics. 8:00 to 9:00 temperature around 53 degrees. plenty of sunshine. so what to wear today, you might want to grab the light jacket as you step out this morning. by this afternoon you're not going to need it. what you will need the entire day -- sunglasses. plin plenty of sunshine. there's rain in the forecast for tomorrow. coming up in ten minutes tom will have the timing and the best chances to who could see an afternoon thundershower. but for now, over to melissa who has an update on the beltway. what's the latest? >> just got off the phone with the police the outer loop to new hampshire avenue has reopen. that's great news because we had
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a little bit of a backup a little while ago because of the crash on the ramp. but it's now reopen. right now, driving on the inner loop live here as you're passing 66 not having any problems there. 95 into and out of town, looking quite good. same thing as you look at a picture of the beltway at kenilworth avenue. survived underneath the rubble in nepal for 82 hours. what this man did to keep him alive for so long. don't know much about history. the new numbers that show american history is taking a back seat
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17 after the hour now to the developing story in baltimore this morning. the curfew there is now over. we know at least 14 people were arrested overnight and we're working to find out the full numbers on the night. national guardsmen are in place across the city especially in west baltimore and the inner harbor right now. police are expected to give us
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another update around noon today. also morning we're learning about how a man survived underneath the rubble in nepal for 82 hours. that's three days and ten hours. he said he kept banging on the rubble hoping somebody would hear him and somebody did hear him last night. he survived under a collapsed hotel surrounded by dead bodies. the man said he started to give up hope when his nails turned white and his lips started cracking. he says he had to drink his own urine to survive. the fairfax county urban search and rescue team is now on the ground in nepal. victims are being pulled from the rubble and that is the main focus this team has there. a magnitude 7.8 quake and strong aftershocks killed more than 5,000 people between saturday and today. according to the u.s. geological survey estimates -- they estimated the damage may cost up to $10 billion. it is 5:19. right now a special election is
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too close to call about 150 votes separate two candidates for d.c.'s ward 8 council seat. >> when they were negative we were positive. when they were talking we were working. >> the special election for two council seats yesterday, most of the attention is on ward 8 and who will replace the late marion barry. laruby may is 2% ahead of the former school board member trayon white. it could come down to uncounted absentee ballots. white urged supporters to stay strong. marion barry's son christopher known as marion c. barry picked up 7% of the vote in ward 8. brandon todd won ward 4. he replaces muriel bowser who left her seat when she was elected mayor. hillary clinton will soon have some competition. nbc news confirming senator bernie sanders will announce tomorrow that he's running for the democratic nomination. he's an outspoken independent
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from vermont. he says he wants to be a voice for working families as president. he is likely to appeal to voters who don't see clinton as progressive enough. a new study reveals the hpv vaccine may provide important health benefits for girls as young as 14. girls vaccinated at 14 years old were 44% less likely to get cervical dysplasia. and here's something to consider before going on a run on a smoggy day. more than half are living in communities where the air can be dangerous to breath. that's a according to the american lung association. we checked and eenhave eto the d.c. -- even though the d.c. area didn't make the top ten ozone cities we didn't do that well either. d.c. received an "f." well we have so many cars on the road. that cannot be helpful at all. >> yeah. 21 after 5:00.
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at least we have clear skies to kick things off today. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with your weather and traffic on the ones. >> live view there from the city camera seeing the first faint light of this #wonderful wednesday. beautiful day later this afternoon. warming nicely. right now it's rather cool. and as we take a look at the temperatures around the region and the sky conditions for the morning we'll have it mostly sunny through the morning. a few high clouds will be drifting in. your skycast 4 showing that around noontime and into the afternoon. right now just in the 40s. most of virginia and around 50. it will be near 70, near 50 around the bay. and shenandoah valley and mountains most locations are in the 40s. a couple of spots out of the mountains have dipped down into the upper 30s right now. storm team 4 radar, all clear. there's another view of the sky from the tower camera. sunrise at 6:13. we'll have it climbing into the
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50s and then jumping into the 60s to near 70 by noon. then hitting the mid 70s by mid to late afternoon. the only problem is that pollen count, it will be even higher. the tree pollen will continue to climb. here's the hour by hour timing on rain arriving tomorrow. nothing really much in the morning by noontime though a few scattered showers out of the mountains of west virginia. then by the time we get into mid to late afternoon, a few of those showers, maybe some rumbles of thunder into the shenandoah valley. most of this rain going to stay west of the metro area through much of the day. then the showers creep closer as we get into the evening hours on thursday evening. that'll be continuing into friday. cooler weather tomorrow in the 60s. and maybe only in the 50s with a sprinkle or passing shower on friday. then sun back on saturday. nice warming up around 70 degrees. and much warmer on sunday and into next week. in fact monday and tuesday right around 80 degrees both days. maybe a passing shower on tuesday.
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next week and traffic on the ones your county by county highs for the day ahead. melissa? good morning. we still have destruction, this one in brandywine. crane highway northbound at brandywine road. we have the road shut down in the northbound directions for some road work. i wanted to remind you of that. beltway, good look, no major problems. wide look of things beltway looks pretty good. no major problems. let's keep it this way. it will be a nice day today. let's keep it nice on the roads as well. beltway at braddock everything moving along just fine. don't have any issues and then the top of the beltway here at new hampshire, still have you can see police on the scene there. because we had the outer loop ramp shut down for a little bit this morning. it is now open but still we do have a little bit of a police presence. a warning if you're headed that way any time soon. back at 5:31 with a live look at 66. >> thank you, melissa. 5:24 right now. happening today, a case before the supreme court could change
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the way several states put inmates to death. lawyers for oklahoma death row inmates are calling for a ban on a controversial lethal injection drug. the arguments are exactly one year after a botched lethal injection left an inmate writhing and clenching his teeth on a gurney. his death took 43 minutes. the oklahoma attorney general says the drug is constitutional. new this morning, you can hear the first interview from the man hit by an arizona police cruiser. this video shows the police hitting that man. they say they needed to end a day-long crime spree. mario valencia spent two days in the hospital and he says he doesn't remember the events leading to takedown. >> do you remember anything that happened to you on thursday? >> honestly i don't even know how i ended up in here. >> now the officer driving the car said he hit him to stop him from going into nearby
5:25 am
businesses. he says shooting him was the only other option. you witness see the styrofoam -- you won't see the styrofoam anymore. it bans certain food service products as well as packing peanuts. there have been some growing concerns about the environmental impact of that plastic foam that can break into small pieces and pollute waterways. the foam is very difficult to recycle. a new study shows less than a quarter of eighth graders know u.s. history. results from the national assessment of education progress showed 18% of students scored at or above proficiency. just 18%. scores for civics and geography were also low. the president of the national council for social studies says the focus on standardized testing may be partially to blame. others say national emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math s.t.e.m. has taken away from other important subjects.
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the latest on the developing story out of baltimore this morning where the curfew was lifted about half an hour ago. will schools be open today and will fans get to watch the o's game? the latest out of charm city.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30 the curfew has been lifted in baltimore. the first night of the new curfew just ended and we were there as four people were arrested. molette green will join us with more on that situation in just a moment. as of right now, baltimore city schools will be opened today. school officials were going to decide by 5:30, if they'd change that. so far we have heard nothing otherwise. if you have tickets to tonight's orioles game, you have to make some other plans. for first time in major league baseball history, the o's will take on the sox without any fans. too bad for baseball. >> yeah, just media and the teams. see what it looks like. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:30 right now, you are going to love today's warm-up. a little chilly right now. but it will get better. >> storm team 4 meteorologist
5:30 am
tom kierein with the good news. >> you can sniff the air, you can kind of tell it will be a wonderful day coming. we have a clear sky now, look at the afternoon highs around all the metro area. we should make it into the low and mid 70s. a few high clouds drifting through. across northern virginia, all the counties from loudoun and fairfax, fauquier, culpepper into the mid 70s. cooler by the bay, especially around anne arundel. counties up near the pennsylvania border beautiful there. low to mid 70s this afternoon. shenandoah valley into the mountains today will be into the low 70s. shenandoah valley mountain temperatures reaching the upper 60s. that's going to be by late this afternoon. amelia segal will join us out on the deck coming up.
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>> pretty good traffic. taking a look at the woodrow wilson bridge we look going into maryland an into virginia. no major issues at this point. it would be nice to keep it this way since the weather is nice. i think the traffic should be perfect for everybody today. wide look at things no major issues as you take a big look at the beltway there. 95 in virginia as you're headed northbound and southbound through stafford, you are fine. nothing in your way there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. westbound flowing quite well beltway at new hampshire no major issues there. i'm back at 5:41 with some travel times. see you then. melissa, thank you. 5:31. we are following the developing story in baltimore today. that city under a state of emergency but it was calm overnight. we'll be watching to see what protests over the death of freddie gray may bring today. the first night of the curfew now over. news4's molette green at the intersection of west north and pennsylvania avenues where we were yesterday. people allowed back on to the streets this morning. molette, what's the latest?
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>> reporter: aaron, people are really trying to get back to their normal routine this morning. we see people walking to work. waiting at bus stops, loading buses. i talked to a young woman who says she now has to ride the bus to work instead of the train because the subway is not stopping in this neighborhood this morning. we'll have more on her story coming up in about a half an hour in the 6:00 hour. but overnight police arrested anyone who broke this curfew. when we got here, about an hour before the curfew lifted we found four young people sitting on the ground in handcuffs. they were telling police that they didn't know about this curfew they didn't know it was in place. but one of the officers questioned one of them about why he was carrying a small ax with him. those four people were taken away in a police van. again, that happened in the last hour of this curfew.
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now, when the curfew took effect last night, police had to use pepper balls to break up the crowds and get them to go home. and abide by this curfew. so overnight, pretty quiet scene here in baltimore. as police and national guard troops patrol the area during this first night of the citywide curfew. a little later this morning we are expecting to hear from the police commissioner about how this first night went and what is to come. of course this curfew will come again throughout the rest of the week. again, this evening at 10:00 tonight. but the curfew now over. people are getting back to their normal lives. let me step out of the way. that does not mean that the police and the national guard troops have gone away. they're still here, they're present on the scene. making sure things stay calm and quiet throughout the day. we are live this morning in west baltimore. i'm molette green. back to you.
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maryland representative elijah cummings is speaking about the protests. he spoke to news4's shomari stone. >> i just feel pain. i live in this neighborhood. i have lived here for 33 years. and i have seen a lot of these young people grow up. a lot of them in real pain. they feel as if they don't have the kind of education that they need to function properly in life. >> cummings encouraged peaceful protests and asked them to go home once the curfew started. we don't know if he'll be back out in baltimore today. you have an opportunity to help marylanders rebuild. the governor launched maryland you can donate and volunteer and an architecture firm is offering to rebuild that senior center that was burned down. police aren't sure what the fire was connected to the riots. members of the group d.c.
5:35 am
ferguson are holding a rally and march. it is in support of freddie gray. he was the 25-year-old man who died while in baltimore police custody. that rally set to start at 7:00 tonight at the chinatown metro station. the group will march to the white house and that same area was the site of a peaceful protest. last night, a small group of people shut down the traffic in front of the verizon center during the evening rush. organizers were showing their solidarity with the protesters in baltimore. the group marched to the white house. a man accused of killing his wife at a dunkin' donuts may have left the u.s. he asked the fbi and interpol for help yesterday. patel killed his wife inside the kitchen of the dunkin' donuts in hanover. a deaf man's lawsuit against
5:36 am
arlington county sheriff can move forward. abreham zemedagegehu says that he sued because he was in jail for six weeks without the ability to communicate. he was arrested and accused of stealing an ipad. the owner of that ipad later found it. both the sheriff's department and the state department of corrections asked that they be dismissed from that suit. the judge ruled the state is off the hook but the suit will proceed against the sheriff. a mentally ill woman died accidentally while in fairfax county police custody. that's the ruling from the state medical examiner. natasha mckenna died this past february in the jail. officials say her death was caused by excited delirium associated with physical restraint and the use of a stun gun. schizophrenia was a contributing factor. a report of the incident reports that deputies shocked her four times. she died five days later. 5:37 today. now a suspended senate staffer appears in court.
5:37 am
49-year-old fred pagan was serving as and aide to thad cochran of mississippi. border officers intercepted the package that contained the so-called date rape drug. federal agents then raided his home. well, many of you are living in some of the best cities for young families in virginia. according to the financial planning site nerd wallet, gainesville tops the list. and these rankings are based on the cost of homes, prosperity and growth quality of education and family friendliness. in gainesville, 40% of households are families with children. that's the highest in the state. for the complete list head to nbc washington's app. rounding out the top five burke, centerville and vienna
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and bonn air. protesters calling for the resignation of mexico's president this morning. new details are emerging about the day a man landed his gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol. what news4 has uncovered as a security hearing gets under way today. the sun comes up that's beautiful, look at that. amelia s people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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take a look at this scene here. protesters in mexico hurled firebombs at the education department building yesterday and then they broke inside smashed windows and set fires. most of the demonstrators were students from the same college where 43 students went missing last year. protesters want president enrique pena nieto to step down and they're upset over education reforms. a firing squad executed eight convicted drug traffickers in indonesia last night, but a stay of execution was called at the last minute for a woman. last week jakarta announced it would execute nine inmates despite the pleas for mercy. we're talking about a lovely day. i love the spring weather because you know it's short
5:42 am
lived, right? >> but it's finally here. taken so long to get consistent, good stuff outside. meteorologist amelia segal -- >> speaking of consistent good stuff, amelia segal. >> yeah i was thinking that. i wasn't sure if i was the appropriate to say it. >> i'll say it. >> thank you, guys. it is nice out here, just a little bit of a chill in the air but the winds are calm. you can hear the birds and in fact somebody out here mowing their lawn here in northwest. temperatures in the 40s and 50s for the most part. 54 in washington, but manassas and warrenton in the upper 30s. we are in for a beautiful day, no rain in the forecast, plenty of sunshine. highs in the mid 70s. so drive time looking good. morning, midday and afternoon, you just need the sunglasses. today is going to be the warmest day for the remainder of the workweek. temperatures will cool through friday. coming up in ten minutes, tom will have more on that when the warmer weather returns. for now we send it over to melissa.
5:43 am
how are the roads looking on this wednesday morning? >> overall pretty good. we have this problem outer loop of the beltway at forrestville road. a two-car crash on the shoulder right now. still though may see a bit of a slow down because of the police presence. as far as travel times, 270 south, outer loop no problems. 66 inbound and 95 north quantico to the beltway only a few minutes behind. not too bad. see you at 5:51. >> thank you, melissa. in a matter of hours congress will be holding a hearing on the gyrocopter landing at the capitol. this morning, we are getting our hands on some of the information congress will learn today when police first heard about that security scare. and just when you think you heard about everything that could explain a flight delay here comes another
5:44 am
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coming up on 5:47 and
5:47 am
people are back outside now in baltimore. here though you're looking at some video from last night. the curfew ended an hour ago. it goes into effect at 10:00. national guardsmen and police still have a major presence on the streets there. the police arrested 14 people overnight. we do expect an update from the protests from police at noon today. in just a few hours we expect new details from security officials about how a man was able to land a gyrocopter at the u.s. capitol. the officials are speaking to congress at a hearing. and it could get tough. news4's zachary kiesch has been digging into the testimony. what have you learned? >> reporter: i have learned that we should get some answers to the questions that so many of us have about how a gyrocopter landed back on april 15th. a number of people are expected to testify in front of the u.s. house oversight committee today.
5:48 am
amongst those, secret service as well as the chief of the u.s. capitol police and the sergeant of arms. we have advanced testimony posted and we learned that the capitol police failed to alert the u.s. house about the brief lock dock only alerting the u.s. senate. we learned that the u.s. capitol police officers spotted the gyrocopter two minutes before it landed at the u.s. capitol. and 24 minutes before the gyrocopter landed, capitol police were warned about the possible -- about a possible drone. again, we pulled this information from advanced copies of the testimony posted by the oversight committee. agencies are now working together to try to devise a short term and long term plan about how to deal with these low-flying slow moving aircraft. we should have some more details about that later today. reporting live at the u.s. capitol, zachary kiesch news4. 16 months now since someone
5:49 am
set fire to what this vacant building in colonial beach, virginia. yesterday, police arrested three men on charges related to that 2014 arson. they range from able from 19 to 24. no one was hurt but it did completely destroy this school. investigators said tips from people who live in the area helped solve the case. abortion rights activists are fighting to change the zoning. a new rule was passed in a preliminary vote on monday and some say it can threaten the only abortion clinic in the city. any care facility bigger than a doctor or dentist office but smaller that up a hospital, should be required to get a special use permit because of the impact on factors like traffic and parking. the council will take a final vote next month. police arrested a fairfax county mother accused of human trafficking and prostitution. her 3-year-old son was there
5:50 am
when the police arrived. the police got an anonymous tip that someone was advertising juveniles for sex online. they tracked that ad to this woman and they found cash, pot, cell phones and a 3-year-old. >> but it's extremely worrisome. not only is that child at risk being in that environment, but what the child is being exposed to as well is extremely concerning to us. >> now, police say she was not trafficking her son. she faces multiple charges in fairfax county. she's also in trouble with the feds accused of prostituting a 15-year-old girl out of northern virginia hotels. food trucks could be going through leesburg but not before the local businesses can chime in. some worry that it will hog up space on the sidewalks and others think food trucks would be helpful, especially at special outdoor events. in a couple of months the town manager will report back to the council with research and
5:51 am
feedback from businesses. well, it's time to get out the old bay as you -- >> yay. >> as you can enjoy more blue crabs in the population -- and the population is growing, on the rise right now. the blue crab population rebounding after falling from the peak in 2011. now, one of the reasons for the increase apparently regulations aimed at allowing more crabs to grow to maturity. it's not summer until i have my blue crabs. i can sit for hours. we'll get you on board. >> i have nothing against blue crabs. >> do you eat them? >> why would you put me on the spot like that? i'm curious. >> in maryland, yes, i eat crabs. >> do you eat crab cakes? >> yes. >> aren't they delicious? >> crab cakes. now i'm fixated on that. what am i supposed to do? weather. oh okay. about time of the morning we get hungry too. >> true. >> starting off with your skycast 4 this morning, sun is coming up in about 20 minutes. it will be rising in a clear sky
5:52 am
and great for outdoor lunch having crab cakes by noontime today. a few high clouds drifting over a #wonderful wednesday on the way with temperatures climbing beautifully. a bit of a chill in the air. only near 40s in parts of the shenandoah valley. nearby suburbs montgomery fairfax, near 50 degrees. we'll stay this way through 8:00 and then by noontime, upper 60s to near 70 degrees. by 5:00 p.m. mid 70s. absolutely gorgeous day coming up. except for the pollen. and all the beauty of the azaleas coming out. this photo taken yesterday afternoon at arlington by sue cromer. post your pics too on facebook instagram and twitter. sue posted that on my twitter page. absolutely gorgeous. but the pollen count is up. the tree pollen will continue to climb today. the grass and the weed pollen is pretty much gone. later tomorrow as the clouds
5:53 am
close in we'll have cooler weather. highs in the 60s. and some showers looking likely. now earlier in the day it will be probably off to our west and the mountains of shenandoah valley. late afternoon and evening looks like the timing for that looks like lingering showers on friday and a cool day, a few sprinkles. only in the 50s on friday. then much warmer sunday back to up around 70 and partly sunny. sunday mid 70s. warmer weather moves in next week. highs near 80 monday and tuesday. melissa here now with a look at our wednesday commute. everything okay? >> everything look pretty good. i have a couple of issues here and there. i want to ban food talk in the morning because i get really hungry and then i have to change my dinner plans and i have to go to the store. now i need crab cakes, thank you very much aaron and eun. >> we're coming over. >> inner loop at the dulles toll road we have a report of an accident. not seeing it on camera as we know it doesn't mean it's there.
5:54 am
it's blocking the center lane. outer loop at forestville road a crash off to the right shoulder. nothing to worry about too much there. old branch at kirby avenue a crash there as well. wide look at things overall, no major problems as you look at the beltway. 66 looking pretty good through manassas. 95 slowest spot northbound dale city because it's that time of the day and because it's dale city. 270 headed southbound a little slow. not bad northbound at all. listen to our friends at wtop when you hop in your car. thanks, melissa. fairfax county has a new budget this morning. they adopted a new spending plan yesterday and it does not raise property taxes but gives the school system $14 million less than they were looking for. the board already approved the spending plan last week. yesterday's vote was a formality. it ends a long process that began in february. well apparently a software glitch on ipads used by american
5:55 am
airlines pilots delayed several flights. these airlines released a statement or this airline released a statement saying some planes returned to the gates last night. pilots were able to access a wi-fi connection to fix the issue. three years ago, americans started to use ipads for flight plans and for navigation. the next time you swing by mcdonald's, you might notice a few items are missing from the menus. cnbc's kate rodgers will explain how mcdonald's wants to simplify things. good morning, kate. >> good morning, eun. well mcdonald's menu is getting leaner. the fast food giant has dropped several items including some chicken sandwiches and the deluxe quarter pounder. it's part of an effort to simplify the menu as mcdonald's faces increasing competition from the likes of chipotle and five guys. aol and nbcuniversal are sharing content. they'll get access to the channels including nbc, cnbc and telemundo. they're in talks to create and
5:56 am
produce programming that could appear on both companies' platforms. so for consumers for example, they could be able to watch episodes of the black list on the distribution website of aol. >> thank you. looks like google may soon become your favorite fashionista. google can give you some data to help you figure things out. it plans to compile data from fashion related searches to provide fashion reports. google says for spring -- eun, what is this word? >> palazzo. >> no -- >> miniskirts pants. i can't wear them. that's a tulle skirt. none of those work for me. all right. mother's day is just around the corner and men have their finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing what you want.
5:57 am
a new survey by e says spending quality time with your family. sorry, i have to laugh out loud. >> are you saying that's a cop out? >> laughing out loud. a clean house came in second, followed by a day at the spa. i love spending time with my family and then i want them to leave me alone. >> oh boy. some new developments to tell you about out of baltimore overnight. that city starting to wake up this morning after an overnight curfew was put in place. live pictures here near that cvs that burned the first night of the riots here. it was not all calm overnight though. the arrests that were made and the impact the unrest is having on events in the city of baltimore. that's next on "news4 today." in northwest washington, a beautiful warm-up on the day. meteorologist tom kierein will tell us when we can expect the
5:58 am
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," the curfew is over for the night but we're seeing a heavy police presence this morning in baltimore. look at the scene here at that cvs that burned down. despite fears of a repeat of monday things were relatively
6:00 am
calm overnight. the night didn't start that way though. police argued at least 14 people for looting and curfew violations. now, it took tear gas and pepper balls to get many people inside. now citizens are outside again. some of them continuing their work to fix up the city. people heading back to work. kids going back to school today. baltimore police expected to give us an update on the city's protests at noon. we'll be watching what happens before that curfew starts up again at 10:00 tonight. we are watching the weather for you as well before you leave for work. it's a forecast you are going to want to hear as you look live at the national harbor. we're starting off with fairly mild conditions and it's only getting better. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has your weather headlines. good morning, tom. >> #wonderful wednesday, beautiful day underway. cantaloupe sky. the eastern horizon, live view, storm team 4 tower camera. temp


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