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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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hearing before the it's called flying under the radar. securing washington, d.c. airspace. the hearing is in recess at the moment. secret service director jim clancy testified this morning reiterated that calls to the secret service placed on that
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very day never actually said that doug hughes was on his way about to land. >> i want to be clear. at no time did the secret service receive notice this event was taking place. while the secret service received telephone calls on the date of the incident at no time was information provided in the calls that would have alerted our person knoll the fact that hughes was piloting to the capitol capitol. >> reporter: today agencies are laying out timelines of the day. the administrator of the faa testified hugh's gyrocopter showed up on radar but as non-aircraft and appeared intermittently. temperatures right now in the 60s. we're at 69 in washington 64 in haggerstown and 66 in leesburg. beautiful sunshine and today simply spectacular. low humidity highs for the most part will warm into the mid to upper 70s. warmer than yesterday and we'll keep plenty of sunshine around.
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high temperature in washington 76. cooler for areas by the water. temperatures there only around 70 degrees. winchester warms to 73. talking about today's weather, simply beautiful. of course we're also on facebook instagram, and twitter so you can head there. join the weather conversation on line. rain in the forecast for tomorrow. i'm going to be showing you the timing and location coming up with future weather. now a live picture of what will be a historic moment. japanese prime minister shinzo abe, the first leader of japan, is to speak to a joint meeting of congress. abe is looking for support for a proposed pacific trade pact. he's walking in now. also expected -- there's also expected to be some scrutiny over his speech over past non-apologetic statements he's made concerning japan's world war ii era aggression. president obama and the first lady hosted abe for a state dinner yesterday. barbara, back to you.
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>> thank you. lots of people watched this stunt this morning on the "today" show. it had the hashtag "walk the wheel" trending but not for the reason you may
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here are a couple big stories making news online. frirs the "washington post" a new study claims to point out what the most racist places in america are. take a look at this map. the red areas are supacist than average, the blue ones are less racist. researchers based the map on google searches that contained the "n" word. you can see our area maryland d.c. and northern virginia are all pretty much totally blue. another topic today, the hashtag "walk the wheel." if you missed it. nik wallenda walked across the 400 foot tall ferris wheel on the "today" show. lots of people on twitter are talking about that walk right now. we read as many tweets as we
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could. lots said "congratulations." many others were underwhelm
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. competition for clinton. vermont senator expected to announce tomorrow he will run for president. clinton still dominates the polls but sanders could draw some attention. the attention of voters who don't think hillary clinton will be progressive enough. this morning, sanders was in in an op-ed in an iowa newspaper calling for an exespansion of social security. sanders is a colorful character by washington standards. he calls himself a democrat socialist, a fact not lost on president obama. here is president obama's one liner from sanders at saturday's white house correspondents' dinner. >> bernie is an interesting guy. apparently some folks really want to see a pot-smoking socialist in the white house. we could get a third obama term
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after all. >> sanders currently polling at about 8% right now. in the next half hour we will tell you more about sanders' life and career. right now we want to know how closely you are following the horse race here. we have a poll up asking you if you're following the race for president as more candidates announce they plan to run. voting is pretty easy, there's the phone number. ing shoot us a text at 202-601-3444 or vote on facebook or twitter. we'll have the results in about 30 minutes. right now, let's talk to amelia. aaron, here's your afternoon planner as we work our way toward 2:00 4:00 p.m. temperatures will warm to a high of 76 clouds increase a little bit but all in all plenty of sunshine really beautiful, spectacular evening. 6:00 p.m. temperature around 75 degrees, 8:00 we're still in the 70s. great night tonight to go for a run, walk the dog, future weather tomorrow morning, 7:30 mainly dry but some clouds already in place. notice by 11:00 a.m. some showers start to pop up mainly
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back over the mountains. 2:00 this activity starts to push toward the east as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, some thunderstorms are possible mainly well west of washington. cooler tomorrow as well barbara. a look at the temperatures in about 10 minutes. just a few minutes ago we were talking about japan's prime minister addressing a joint session of congress. there was more glitz and glamour at last night's white house state dinner. president obama hosted prime minister shinzo abe and his wife last night. the dinner honor of japan featured japanese dishes and sake. the first lady paid tribute to japan by wearing an elegant purple dress designed by a japanese designer. steeling the show at the state dinner may have been seattle seahawks qb russell wilson and his date. he walked in with r&b singer ciara on his arm and she looked stunning. tmz's headline says "you're welcome barack." he was supposed to tyke ciara to
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the washington correspondents dinner but he took his grandma instead. the pope takes on a women's rights issue. we'll tell you about that after the break.
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the story continuing to develop this morning, the death toll from the earthquake in nepal stands at more than 5,000 people. we are learning more about a man
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who survived under the rubble in nepal for more than three days. he says he kept banging on the rubble hoping someone would hear him. rescuers heard him last night, he survived under a collapsed hotel surrounded by bodies. he says he had to drink his own urine to survive. even pilots apparently can't escape problems with their ipads. american airlines delayed several flights because of a software glitch on the ipads they use. the airline released a statement saying some planes returned to the gates last night. pilots were able to access a wi-fi connection to fix the issue. three years, a american switched to ipads for flight plans and navigation instead of using paper. pretty soon you won't see styrofoam food containers in prince george's county. the county just approved a ban on styrofoam products. zachary keach is live in college park. zach when does this ban take effect? >> well, the effect comes into play on july 1, 2016. i got some of the old and some of the new here.
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this is gold old-fashioned zier foam. if you come to the diner here off of baltimore avenue and get eggs and bacon it will come in something like this. in the months to come it goes to biodegradable. the answer is clear, it's about what's best for the environment. this is something business owners have wrestled with for quite some time and most say it hinges on cost but the you talk to people in the sustainability world, if you talk to people concerned about the environment, they say we will suffer we will pay a cost in the long run if we don't do something about it. i had a chance to talk to a young man on the leading edge of this from the university of maryland. >> something like pollyystyrene when it gets into the waterways takes thousands of years to break down and when it breaks down it releases carcinogens into the water that impact the animals and species in the water and then eventually impact us because we eat those animals. it can take hundreds of
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years. this could take weeks if not months still not ideal to throw it on the ground. they recommend throwing this in the trash can and getting it recycled. i got this in washington, d.c. both washington, d.c. and montgomery county are on the front end of this now prince george's county will follow suit. they'll have an introduction practice session on the first of the year in 2016 and it goes in full effect july 1. reporting live in prince george's county, zachary quiche back to you guys in the studio. >> police in california searching for the driver behind the hit-and-run that hurt an 81 5-year-old woman. this video may be tough for some. it's surveillance video taken at a mcdonald's. you can watch as a dark gray dodge challenger backs up and hits an 85-year-old woman, she was knocked to the ground here. the driver and passenger did get out of the car for just a few minutes. the pair eventually jumped back into that car and took off. you can see that happening here.
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fortunately, that woman was not badly hurt. she was treated at the hospital and then released. a case before the u.s. supreme court could change the way several states put inmates to death. lawyers for death row inmates argued this morning for a ban on a the arguments are exactly one year after a botched lethal injection left an inmate writhing and clenching his teeth on a gurney. his death took 43 minutes. pope francis is backing a call for women and men to earn equal pay. the head of the catholic church says the disparity between the salaries is pure scandal. thousands gathered to hear him speak at his weekly audience. the crowd cheered as he told them the men should not be sexist. amelia we had a beautiful start to this day out there, wasn't it? >> it was spectacular, so nice today. a high temperature of 76. here's the planner for tomorrow. it will be cooler, high around 70 plenty of clouds.
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7:00 a.m. dry start, temperatures near 60. by noon temperature near 70. that's when we'll hit our high temperature around the midday. at that point rain and storms west of the d.c. metro area. 6:00 showers and a few thunderstorms inside of the beltway and areas to the east. otherwise a temperature of 68. now, looking at future weather, this is tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. notice storms especially back around the i-81 corridor mainly just scattered showers in the d.c. metro area. 7:00 most of the same with much of the activity concentrated west of the beltway. as we work our way into the overnight hours, we dry out but more showers in the forecast on friday. i'll have a look at the seven day in about 10 minutes. >> see you then amelia thank you. the nats are riding high after the biggest comeback win in franchise history. former atlanta brave danny uggla made his former team pay with a triple and this home run, the nats came all the way back from a 9-1 deficit.
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they won the game 13-12. during the post-game interview, uggla got a chocolate sauce shower courtesy of pitcher max scherzer. the nats didn't waste the opportunity to turn it into a vine video, posted it to twitter, of course. the nats play atlanta again tonight at 7:10. they are two things that go together like ice cream and apple pie. we're talking about peanuts and baseball. tonight, though an indianapolis minor league baseball team is banning peanuts to allow people with allergies to enjoy the game. they also won't sell cracker jacks, peanut m&ms or any other products. the indianapolis indians are not the first team to make a move like this. the boston red sox, milwaukee brewers and the new york yankees are including peanut allergy friendly games this year. i wonder what they'll enjoy instead. out of a job, the cell phone executive facing a
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an at&t president is out of a job due in part to the a racist people. aaron slater was fired over a is $100 million discrimination lawsuit, a story that picked up on line. lawyers say he mistreated an employee and used his work phone to send a racially offensive meme. it was captured "it's friday." followed by a term offensive to african-americans. an assistant reportedly discovered the images on his phone. . >> you remember that music. soon you'll be able to listen to that music a lot more often. hulu picking up every episode of "seinfeld" for you to watch online. that's according to "variety" magazine. the magazine says hulu paid $180 million for the rights. that's about a million bucks per episode. the show will start streaming in june. good news on a tasty summer favori
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this just in, philanthropist david rubinstein will give the national park foundation money to repair the iwo jima memorial. it's beginning to turn green with age. this $5.4 million gift will help restore it. rubinstein says he wants to honor the country, the marine corps and his father who was a marine in the pacific during world war ii. students at the university of maryland college park will see the movie "american sniper." a screening was canceled last week because the muslim student association said the movie is anti-muslim. well students who weren't happy with that decision posted hateful and racist messages on social media. after a long discussion on the first amendment, the student events group will show the movie on monday. aaron? barbara, new this morning we're learning who will headline the annual memorial day concert on the national mall. gloria estefan will be the performers gary sinise and
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joe montegna will host for the seventh year in row. the winner of "the voice" in 2013 will also perform. the concert will air on pbs at 8:00 p.m. on sunday may 24. d.c. is getting a new music festival to help raise money to restore the national mall. the landmark music festival will feature more than 40 artists on five stage, drake, the strokes, british rock band alt j will headline the two-day event. passes went on sale for $150. single-day tickets will be released this summer. you can attend the festival at west potomac park the last day of amelia? tomorrow if it's going to be cooler a high of 70 and you'll need to have your umbrella handy. here's what you can expect. for those of you around the i-81
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corridor you're definitely going to be dealing with rain and possibly a few thunderstorms as well. there's a chance of rain around the i-81 corridor beginning around the mid-morning hours tomorrow. now, the d.c. metro area and areas to the east only the chance of showers mainly during the late afternoon and evening hours, otherwise tomorrow cooler with more clouds. i'm going to have a closer look at the week end in less than ten minutes, bash ranchts thank you, amelia. time to get out the old bay. this year's blue crab population is on the rise. the number of crabs is rebounding in the chesapeake after falling from its peak in 2011. one of the reasons, regulations that allow more crabs to grow to maturity. today a presidential candidate is calling for body cameras for all police officers. plus damage control. a look at how big a hit lumber liquidators has taken since a report on toxic flooring. and the prom proposal reaching the highest levels of government. we'll be back.
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i'm molette green in downtown baltimore, just 30 minutes away from a prayer vigil expected to start outside the state prosecutor's office behind me looking in to freddie gray's death. people here still want answers just hours after a city-wide curfew ends with workers out early boarding up looted and
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burned buildings while still under heavy police watch. didn't take long for people to come out, get on buses to go back to work and return to school. and just before the first night of this city wide curfew ended, we found four people cuffed and taken away at the intersection that was the center of the riots. overnight, though mostly a peaceful night that leads to a calm but very busy day for people who really want their neighborhood to return to normal as they work to have a better neighborhood in this community in this city. we are live in baltimore, back to you. >> molette, thank you. in just about 30 minutes, gates would open at orioles park in camden yards -- that's if today were a typical game day. instead, because of the protests, the orioles will play the white sox without any fans in the stands. it will be the first mlb game played at an empty ballpark ever. orioles vice president says the national anthem seventh-inning
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stretch and all the games and videos in innings will be the same today. i guess you can watch it on tv. it will be a little odd, though. well there is a new campaign to help rebuild the city of baltimore damaged after the rioting. maryland governor larry hogan launched the web site is a one stop shop for information and resources on how you can donate and volunteer. an architecture firm from indiana is offering to help start the rebuilding process for a senior center that was burned. you can see that video here. the center was still under construction at the time. at this point, police aren't sure if that fire was connected to the riots, though. you can find out the newest information on the state of emergency in baltimore any time go. to the nbc washington app on your phone and search "baltimore riots." you'll find a timeline of events there as well. new on news 4 midday hillary clinton calling for the u.s. of body cameras for every police department in the country.
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clinton made this announcement at columbia university about an hour ago. she laid out policy proposals that she says would end an era of mass incarceration. take a listen. >> it will help protect good people on both sides of the lens. >> the democratic presidential candidate says the unrest in baltimore underscores the need to reform the entire criminal justice system. thank you, kristen. you can hear from a man hit by an arizona police cruiser. police defended the move saying they needed to end his day-long crime spree. mario valencia spent two days in the hospital after being hit by the car. valencia says he doesn't remember a thing. >> do you remember anything that happened to you on thursday. >> honestly i don't even know how i ended up in here. >> the officer driving the car
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says he hit valencia to stop him going into a nearby business. he says shooting him was the only other option. we've moved into the newsroom with news 4 east tom sherwood. we're waiting for results from a special election in d.c. the ward 8 race still too close to call. >> it is. this is the race marion berry held. when he he died, the seat came open special election. la ruby may was supposed. she's got 27% of the votes but trayon white, he's gotten 25%. there's some absentee ballots and challenge ballots so there will be a day or so where we won't know who the winner is. >> odd for it to be this close in this particular race? >> not really. laruby mays outspent trayon from 17-1 because she had support from the mayor. and you mentioned ward 4, the
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bowser candidate won in that special election and mayor boweser is trying to consolidate her power on the council. she needs more votes. >> looking at video of brandon todd who won the ward seat that mayor bowser became vacant. >> he was a big fund-raiser for mayor bowser's campaign and she hand picked him to succeed her in ward four. >> tom, thanks. and this afternoon and evening going to be spectacular outside with plenty of sunshine clouds increase a little bit as we get into the evening hours but temperatures nice, in the mid-70s, 6:00 7:00 p.m. low 70s by 8:00. great night. fire up the grill. looking ahead to the weekend, on saturday plenty of clouds can't rule out an isolated shower otherwise the temperature near 70 degrees. sunday is looking like the better of the two weekend days. more sunshine and warmer a high temperature on sunday of 76. now there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow and friday. more on that barbara, in less than 10 minutes.
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>> amelia, thank you. right now top security officials are explaining to lawmakers how they determined that a small gyrocopter was not a threat to the nation's capitol when it landed on the lawn of the capitol. the hearing is taking a short break right now but secret service director jim clancy is there. the news 4 i team uncovered several startling details about the response that day. you can find them on nbc washington's app. now we go bang to shinzo abe giving an historic speech to congress. abe looking for support for a pacific trade pact. he's trying to convince skeptical u.s. lawmakers of the need to break down barriers with japan and other pacific nations. before he went to capitol hill abe stopped by the world war ii memorial. he spoke about the more than 4,000 gold stars on the freedom wall. each star represents 100 american fallen troops. >> it was a place and
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calm that struck me as a sanctuary. i believe those gold stars are a proud symbol of the sacrifices in defending freedom. [ applause ] >> now abe can expect scrutiny over past nonapologetic statements concerning japan's world war ii era aggression. aaron? >> kristen, thank you. a loudon county high school student pulled off a presidential prom style proposal. the white house invited the global ambassador's program from loudon county public schools to the white house. students attended a ceremony for the prime minister of japan. seizing the moment, this dominion high school student popped the question asking nina will be you my first lady at the prom?" she said yes, obviously. well conflicting reports on the health of singer joni mitchell. mo
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. have you ever wanted to hang out with the the muppets? >> or more specifically moi? the brooklyn museum says it plans to give miss piggy the sachler center first award. the museum says it's giving it to her "for more than 40 years of blazing feminist trails with determination and humor." there are a lot of questions today about joni mitchell's health. a lot of you talking about that today, as a matter of fact. medics rushed mitchell to the hospital last month after someone found her unconscious. take a look at this this is on her web site talking about her health. the web site is a new update it says she's expected to make a full recovery. however court documents surfaced yesterday say she's unresponsive. we'll let you know when we find out exactly what's going on. now let's check in with digital editor brittany johnson about another performer making news today. >> reporter: so it's just been
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announced that the conga queen miss gloria estefan will be performing at this year's national memorial day concert on the capitol lawn on sunday may 24 at 8:00 p.m. there's also a few other exciting musical guests that will be there. we have all the details on our app. >> thank you,
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vermont senator bernie sanders about to announce a bid for the presidency. that means hillary clinton will soon face a challenge from the left. sanders expected to officially jump into the race tomorrow. he has an op-ed in an iowa newspaper. sanders could peel off voters who don't think hillary clinton will be progressive enough. who is bernie sanders and how does he stack up against hillary clinton? sanders calls himself a democratic socialist. he went on to the -- he went to the march on washington he also went on to be mayor of burlington vermont, and he served in the house of representatives and is serving now in the senate. a lot of you might know sanders
11:42 am
from his fiery floor speeches. we want to show you one speech a clip from his eight-hour filibuster mocking tax cuts for the rich. >> what's important is that wall street continues to get tens of millions of dollars in compensation and bonuses, that i have big parties, how can i get buy on one house, i need five houses ten houses? i need three jet planes to take me all over the world. >> that speech was so popular it cashed the senate video server. but can he beat hillary clinton? right now she's polling at about 60%, you can see here. sanders only polling at 8% in one recent poll. he draws big crowds though in early primaries and caucus states as well but he is still considered a long shot. so how closely are you guys following the race here? we took a poll online. so far most voters say it's just too early to get into that 2016 nitty-gritty stuff. you see the numbers there, 68%
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saying that. >> a beautiful day today with plenty of sunshine and high temperatures in the mid-70s for the most part. some spots like fredericksburg even reaching the upper 70s. 76 for a high in d.c. tomorrow rain is in the forecast so traveling, it's mainly the evening commute that we would be concerned about. showers and a few thunderstorms. best chance of storms looks to be around the i-81 corridor tomorrow. exercise, have the rain gear not as warm you should be okay if you're running. inside of the beltway heading out and about, umbrella ready and you'll be just fine. on friday, there's the chance of showers during the early morning hours, especially back to the west and south of washington otherwise, the day is looking mainly dry but plenty of clouds on friday and cooler as well barbara. i'm going to have a look on the timing and placement of storms and rain in the forecast for tomorrow in less than ten minutes. >> all right, amelia. the justice department is seeking criminal charges against lumber liquidateorsliquidators, the company
11:44 am
is based in virginia. the company is accused of selling flooring contaminated with excessive amounts of formaldehyde. the company imported the flooring from china. lumber liquidateors says it's facing more than 100 pending class action lawsuits. the company says it follows all regulations and will defend itself. the flooring company says it lost $7.8 million in the first quarter. that comes after a tv report that raised concerns over the levels of formaldehyde in that flooring. president obama introduces the nation's teacher of the year coming up right after the break. stay with us.
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right now, the national teacher of the year is being honored by president obama at the white house. this is a live look at the ceremony. shana peeples is an english teacher from texas. she just now spoke. she thanked the president and the student who dominated her. believe it or not, the 50-year-old mother of three started her career as a d.j. she's been in the classroom now for 12 years. finalists from alabama, hawaii and indiana will also be honored today. >> thank you, kristen. fairfax county's urban search-and-rescue team on the ground in nepal. they tweeted out some photos a little while ago as they helped pull victims from the rubble after the strong earthquake on saturday. more than 5,000 people are dead eight million others impacted by this. many in desperate need of food and shelter. as nbc's ian williams reports, those people are getting
11:48 am
restless. >> reporter: as a sign of growing frustration, that was small protest here in kathmandu indicative i think, of a wider sense of anger as what they see as the slow pace of relief and rescue efforts. now, the government has responded by saying they're facing an unprecedented challenge. eight million people affected by this quake and they are hopeful that now with teams of relief workers, rescue workers from 21 different countries having arrived here including the u.s. that the pace of these efforts will now be stepped up considerably. today we saw polish rescue workers crossing the city chinese rescue workers at a temple which hadn't seen any help until now and where they believe that several bodies are buried. quite an important temple the monkey temple on the j ofedge of this city. also aid workers who have reached remote areas around gorka are saying the damage they're finding there is not as
11:49 am
bad as they feared. certainly they thought it might be much worse given the size of the quake. so mixed messages really. but indications perhaps, that some of the worst case figures we've seen for the number of dead may not, in fact turn out to be the case. ian williams, nbc news, kathmandu. right now the washington capitals are at practice in arlington, they're getting ready for round two of the stanley cup playoffs. the caps are headed to new york to play the rangers. we learned the team's first game is tomorrow at p.m. game two is saturday at 12:30 in the afternoon. you can watch that on nbc 4. the teams will play at the verizon center on monday and wednesday nights. so probably safe to say that matt lauer and ellen degeneres may have finally reached a truce on their prank war. the final straw came this weekend with this pre-taped intro to the daytime emmy awards. you take a look at ellen's clever editing here. that's not matt lauer's body.
11:50 am
she also said matt would donate a thousand dollars to charity for every person who thanked him during the awards show. there were 16 matt lauer thank yous in that show. that's $16,000. on mondaylauer challenged her to match the donation so she said she's donated $16,001 to earthquake survivors in nepal. >> i will be paying $16,002. unicef and doctors without borders. split it down the middle. >> one upped. it's all for a good cause and we'll see if the truce sticks. interesting imagery. >> there was amazing editing with him stripping off his suit there. >> just the magic of television of course. matt filmed part of that at a green screen so that opened it up for ellen to be able to manipulate things there. >> amazing. after the break, the slogan
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that has
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breaking news now. d.c. fire is battling a house fire in northeast. it's on michigan avenue and we have a picture that we want to show you that we got in just now. you can see the flames really raging. they're coming out of a second floor window there. you can see two firefighters trying to spray it down. lots of smoke at this fire. we can tell you that everyone inside the house was able to get out. we do have a crew on the way to find out more and we'll let you know what happens. barbara? >> thanks kristen. one of the biggest beer companies in the country is apologizing for a new slogan some are calling offensive. look at this bud light label. it says "the perfect beer for removing "no" from your vocabulary for the night." well critics say that phrase raised concerns about alcohol-fuelled rape culture. the brewer says it intended the label to be a fun way of
11:53 am
invoking its ongoing up for whatever advertising campaign. anheuser-busch quickly tweeted out its apology, as you can see there. "we missed the mark on a new bud light bottle and we regret it" they said. it was a white-knuckle morning and you and all of us watched nik wallenda's latest death defying student. the daredevil walked on top of a 400 foot high orlando eye. you see it right here. he had no safety harness, no net, no balancing bar. he walked outside the rim of that wheel which is just six inches wide. you can check out this view from his gopro camera that was on his shirt there looking straight down. he was talking to the "today" show's matt lauer and savannah guthrie the entire time he was doing that walk. he will talk more about the stunt on the "today" show tomorrow. i'd like to know why. are you smarter than
11:54 am
a new study shows less than
11:55 am
a quarter of eighth graders know their u.s. american history. results of the national assessment of education progress showed only 18% of students scored at or above proficiency. >> we want to know if you can answer one of the questions on that test. here's a sample question for you here. "the supreme court's 1803 decision? marbury v. madison established the court's power to a, impeach the president, b, decide whether a federal law is constitutional c, resolveicts between the states or d, resolve conflicts between the president and congress." do you know the answer? >> eighth grade. that's been a while. i'm going to get it's decide whether a federal law is constitutional. >> barbara would be right. it's b, decide whether a federal law is constitutional. 41% of students chose the correct answer on this particular question. critics say there is national emphasis on science, technology engineering and math known as stem and they say it's taken away from other important
11:56 am
subjects like american history, civics and geography. >> we posted a second question on the nbc washington facebook page. we want to know if you can answer the answer correctly. go online post your comments there. >> you remembered a lot of things. right now looking at future weather. tomorrow we're starting off mainly dry, as we work our way throughout the day, showers develop around the i-81 corridor as we get into the afternoon hours. that showery activity pushes towards the east into the d.c. metro area and east of i-95. storms potentially tomorrow especially over the mountains during the late afternoon and evening hours. otherwise cooler 76 today, 770 tomorrow. >> that's news 4 midday. we have news from 4:00 to 7:00 later this afternoon. i'll be back at 4:26 tomorrow morning. and join us at 11:00 a.m. for news 4
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