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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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take a good look at this picture. police say this man sexually assaulted a 12-year-old. i'm barbara harrison with new information on the manhunt taking place right now. i'm kristen wright at the live desk where we are watching two launches taking place in just minutes. how bill nye the science guy is involved with one. we had our third 90-degree day of the year yesterday, today a fresh northwesterly wind has changed our air mass completely. how long will that stick around? forecast coming up. and new information just in on a plea deal for christopher berry, the son of the late mayor marion barry. news 4 begins right now. breaking news into the live
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desk now. a driver who got swept into high water in anne arundel county is missing. this is video from chopper 4 moments ago. you see the white pickup truck in the little pawtuxet off brock bridge road in laurel. we first told you about a report of a vehicle going into the water yesterday morning on news 4 today. well crews searched and searched for this vehicle and driver but did not find the driver. right now they are still looking for that person. barbara? right now, police in prince george's county are asking for your help finding this man, 20-year-old isaiah bogan is wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a 20-year-old girl. zachary quiche joins us with the latest. zachary, what's happening? >> barbara, they mentioned not only do they know about what's going on here he said sexual assault is considered one of the most egregious types of crimes and issued a bit of a warning to
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the man police are looking for saying he hopes police find him before the men in the building do because they are looking for him. look at this picture right here. this is isaiah bogan. get a good look at that tattoo on bogan's neck. it reads "blessed" and it's very distinguishable. i talked to police who say it's unique in the way that case has come together and the speed that it's done so. first, the victim's mom i.d.'d this gentleman. they used that information, pumped it out then a tipster provided by more information. they also mentioned that there is an added police presence in the area. both around the complex at bus stops and at school as they try to search and find this gentleman. they encourage people who have any information to call the sexual assault tipline at 301-772-4908. one more thing to add, it's been
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overwhelming here this morning the amount of support we've gotten. people giving us information and looking for information. if you're looking for information, we'll continue to provide updates, you can get those updates on the nbc 4 app. reporting live in forestville, i'm zachary kiesch back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, zachary. we've learned the son of the late marion barry will get probation for assault charges but christopher barry could face jail time. mark seeagraves was in court when barry was convicted for assault. police records show he threw a trash can at a bank teller and threatened her in jail. today's plea deal will prevent surveillance video of this incident from becoming public. we spoke with him outside the courthouse. >> most importantly, to the teller involved i want to apologize. i never meant for her to feel in any type of danger.
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even though i felt as though i was wrong, i ultimately pled guilty bauds i did react the wrong way. i. >> barry says he's not sure if he'll run again for the ward eight council seat. he faces a probation violation hearing today. he was on probation at the time of the incident so he could face jail time. a big milky mess on i-70. you might remember this from this morning. i was tweeting about this all morning long from the first four traffic twitter account keeping an eye on things. this is a milk tanker that overturned in the eastbound lanes around 6:20 at route 27. two people were hurt another car was actually involved there. you can sigh under the front cab of the truck. no word on their condition. jab happening now, two launches that could open new avenues of space exploration and research. the first light sail spacecraft is embarking on a test flight
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launching on an atlas 5 rocket. seven seconds to go. it's supposed to blast off in just a few seconds here. take a listen. >> one, zero we have rd-180 ignition and liftoff of the united launch alliance spc 5 haloed with the atlas 5 launch vehicle for the united states air force. >> reporter: the launch is happening at cape canaveral in florida. light sail is a solar spacecraft. it uses sunlight to propel it. the plan is to eventually use light sail to help small low-cost satellites used by universities and researchers to maneuver in space. this test flight is privately funded by nonprofit space advocacy group the planetary society headed by bill nye the science guy. and the air force, as you heard there, is also launching a rocket there from cape canaveral. it's an unpiloted mini shuttle
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mission and it's classified. >> two, one -- a potentially deadly air bag problem is now part of the biggest recall ever in the u.s. air bag manufacturer takata admitted its air bags can explode, blowing shrapnel into your car. the government says the problem is responsible for five deaths. takata recalled nearly 34 million air bags in cars across the country. that means it's about one out of every four cars here in this country. you can go to this web site that you can see there, to see if your car is affected. meanwhile, nbc's tom costello breaks down what to do step by step. >> reporter: to find out if your car is on the expanded recall list locate your vehicle identification number underneath your wipers. then go to go to "search for recalls" then "recalls by vin." type in the vin number and
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whatever recalls are affecting your car, including the air bag recall should pop up. >> with if your car is affected it could be months before you can get it fixed. takata says it doesn't have the resources to make tens of millions of new air bags to put in those cars. some car companies like honda are turning to other companies for replacement parts. investigators also say the current replacement parts could also be defective, meaning some of you may need to have your car repaired a second time. melissa? check this out. a large tornado barbara, striking north texas. this video shows the twister just west of fort worth. this morning, people are cleaning up the mess left behind. the twister ripped off roofs causing damage to several buildings. the police headquarters building were also hit, members of the department still working in a portion of the building not damaged. strong winds knocked power lines and scattered debris. no word on injuries. >> bright sunshine has rained
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across the area. actual rain drops are in the forecast for tomorrow. so keep that in mind. today just a brisk breeze out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour gusting higher than that at times. temperatures have made it up in the low and mid-60s. 67 at reagan national 63 leesburg 64 in culpeper 68 at pawtuxet naval air station. planning out your afternoon? plan on the nice breeze plan on plenty of sunshine and temperatures just about average for the third week of may. temperature up near 767 by later on this afternoon. next we'll talk about the thursday rain drops and a look into the holiday weekend. >> thank you. we bet a lot of you are excited to watch the nationals take on the yankees tonight. good weather for that. the nats have made a big comeback. they here in first place for the first time this year. the team is tied with the new york mets thanks to ryan zimmerman's heroics last night.
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look at his walkoff home run. it was the team's third walkoff win this year. of course ryan received the national signature celebration chocolate sauce. just three weeks ago, the nats were in last place, eight games behind. will the vacation continue? a cruise ship that ran aground in bermuda is free and at dock. up next what's next for the passengers on the ship. and the daughter of an nba
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here's some of the stories lighting up social media today. the audience applauded as a columbia university student walked across the stage to graduate carrying a mattress. the same mattress she carried all year. she says she was raped on the first day of her sophomore year. as part of her final thesis called "carry the weight" the student said she would carry the
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mattress all year and she apparently did. this is lighting up twitter today. as the golden state warriors won game one of the western conference finals yesterday. reports nba mvp stephen curry brought his two-year-old daughter to his post-game interview and she stole the limelight. nba tv tweeted "steven curry's daughter really steals the show at the post-game presser." so cute. ♪ i see bad times ahead ♪ >> reporter: if you're a fan of "the voice" and missed the final, spoiler alert. it happened last night. sawyer fredericks took the title on the show's eighth season. e online reports the two-shower show was packed with killer performances and celebrity guests. it was a first win for team phar
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we're following a developing story in north korea. the north says it has made miniature nuclear warheads. the country says the warheads are so small that they can fit on a missile head. earlier this month, north korea said it successfully test fired a ballistic flilz amissile from a submarine. the u.n. secretary general says it's a violation of u.n. security council resolutions. thousands are protesting in japan to relocate a u.s. military base from okinawa. the island is home to around half of the 50,000 american troops in japan. neighbors have frequently complained about crime and noise related to the u.s. bases. in the past, the u.s. looked into moving to another area of okinawa, but locals want the base moved off the island totally. okinawa's governor is planning to visit the u.s. next week to convey that message of neighbors. right now engineers and tech
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teams are inspecting the cruise ship that ran aground on a reef near bermuda. the "norwegian dawn" got stuck after a temporary malfunction in its steering system forced it slightly off course. it took about six hours to free the boat. the ship has to pass inspection before heading back to boston. norwegian cruise lines tweeted out the 3500 people on board are allowed to venture on to the island. outside for us today we have a mix of clouds and sunshine no rain chances for the remainder of the day today but rain chances are back in the picture as we get into tomorrow. there's all the rain now from des moines iowa down through memphis, tennessee, that whole slug of moisture is coming in our direction so we will be rained on by tomorrow. probably before you wake up. future weather for the remainder of the day, breezy and sunny outside, clouds coming back overnight tonight by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, rain drops into the shenandoah valley. it should be raining just about everywhere before lunchtime tomorrow. rain will slowly taper off
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between about 5:00 and 8:00 tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening then mostly dry weather for friday on into the holiday weekend, seven-day forecast coming up. today advocates are holding a vigil in new york to mark the deaths of black women in police custody. they say many of us know the names of michael brown and freddie gray but the names of black women fell quickly from the headlines. that includes a woman in our area. 37-year-old natasha mckenna stopped breathing after she was tased multiple times in the fairfax county jail. she died several days later. advocates say women like mckenna have become invisible so they're using #sayhername today. groups like the naacp and others are joining this cause. the naacp tweeted images of many of these women. another state is facing backlash over a religious freedom law. after the break, how the governor put himself front and center in the controversy.
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right now the president is about to make the case for climate change at the u.s. coast guard academy in connecticut. this is the superintendent of the coast guard academy speaking now. you can see president obama behind her. he will deliver the commencement address in just a few minutes. he is telling the graduates the country must act now on climate change and that it's a threat to national security.
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is the white house recently released a new report on the national security implications of climate change and how the federal government is responding. the president also spoke at the academy's graduation in 2011. republican governor bobby jindal is on the defensive over an executive order he's issued. he intervened after the louisiana house failed to pass a religious freedom law this week. some say these laws allow discrimination against gays and lesbians similar to controversial laws in indiana and arkansas. he says that's not the case and has issued an executive order essentially that enforces the intent of the law that didn't pass. he tweeted yesterday that he will not apologize for fighting for religious freedom. critics say he's pandering ahead of a possible presidential campaign. he's begun forming a 2016 exploratory committee. right now vice president joe biden's son is in a hospital. bo biden being treated at walter
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reed medical center. he's the former attorney general of delaware. he's had surgery to remove what doctors describe as a small lesion and has had a mild stroke in recent years. this is the view from the tower camera in northwest. just a few fair-weather clouds out there. they won't produce anything in the way of a rain chance. it's so much more pleasant outside. a brisk northwesterly wind has temperatures that will only stay in the low to mid-70s for highs. yesterday was our third 90-degree day of the year. as far as we have on the seven-day, looking out into the holiday weekend, today breezy and sunny and nice 76. tomorrow 70% chance for rain tomorrow and as we get into the holiday weekend, saturday and sunday look amazing. there could be a chance late in the day on memorial day itself. on the whole, most of your weekend is looking good. >> sounds great, chuck. right now, still no word on when a westbound lane of the arlington memorial bridge will reopen. you may face some delays if you're using that bridge today.
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the national park service closed the lane closest to the curb more than 24 hours ago. engineers found some corrosion during a routine inspection. leaders in arlington are taking a stand on the redskins' name. the arlington county board passed a resolution asking owner dan snyder so change the name. the resolution officially supported a potential move for the team to virginia. it says many americans consider the word "redskins" a racist slur and derogatory. the resolution goes on to say "the name divides us and diminishes our humanity." and the redskins were one of only two nfl teams to vote against a major rule change. starting next year extra points will be 13 yards longer. instead of the bag being snapped from the two-yard line it will be snapped from the 15 so extra points essentially will be about 32 yards, not exactly a chip shot field goal. if a team chooses to go for two, they'll start for two yard line as they have in past years. if you have seen the pandas at the national zoo, they spend a lot of time eating bamboo.
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after the break, why scientists think that could be a problem.
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the next time you go to see bao bao at the national zoo, chances are she'll be eating bamboo. pandas can spend up top 14 hours a day eating it. scientists say that's because they can only digest a fraction of the bamboo they eat. according to the giant panda breeding research base in china, panda's stomachs are actually built for meat. however they're herb or haves, they eat plants so pandas have to eat five times as much as they otherwise would. >> somebody is confused. starting today, you can order dominos pizza using twitter. to order you tweet a pizza emoji atdom knows to get a pizza. the giant said out this tweet yet. you have to send up an online profile. dominos said the new service is aimed at attracting busy younger consumers. so we're busy and young. >> do you have an emoji on
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there? >> i guess, maybe. i don't know how to work this thing well enough. >> you can find one that looks like a pizza. >> what if you accidentally butt-dial a pizza? >> i guess it goes to wherever your phone is. you don't have to tell them where you are. >> too
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right now, health officials are looking for people at d.c. and fairfax county who may have made contact with a measles patient. they say the person recently returned from traveling internationally and visited several public places in d.c. and fairfax while contagious between may 10 and may 16. you can see a full list of those locations on our nbc washington app. just search "measles." the patient is no longer contagious and is now out of the hospital. right now, environmental crews are rushing to contain an oil spill just off the shoreline of santa barbara, california. take a close look at the damage so far. about 21,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the pacific
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leaving an oil slick about four miles wide. the leak came from a ruptured pipeline on shore. that pipe has since been turned off. area beaches and fisheries are closed as a precaution. we're enjoying bright sunshine around here for now. temperatures have responded to all that strong may sonun. 67 at reagan national 61 in gaithersburg frederick and new market maryland at 63. 63 in charlestown, west virginia. a lot of spots in the mid-60s. a pleasant day to be outside. the pollen count remains high. mostly pine trees and grass pollen at this point in time. oak trees are finally almost to the end of their pollinating season. so what to expect for the rest of the day? a nice day outside today, color uds are back tomorrow. looks like showery to rainy weather tomorrow especially during the morning and afternoon hours but optimism reigns supreme for the holiday week end. >> sounds good thank you. job seekers, a new study is out with the top 25 best cities
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for jobs. washington, d.c. came in at number 10 raleigh, north carolina kansas city missouri and oklahoma city oklahoma rounded out the top three cities. researchers looked at how easy it is to get a job, how affordable to live there and how satisfied workers are at their jobs. coming up, the u.s. versus four major international banks. the announcement just made by the u.s. attorney general. plus despite major delays the district moving ahead with the plan to educate walkers and drivers about the city's new streetcars. and the info to help you get your holiday destination a little bit quicker.
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a huge blow to two of the u.s.'s biggest banks. j.p. morgan chase, citigroup, and two british banks will pay record fines and plead guilty to cheating the global currency markets. here's the attorney general. >> almost everyday for more than five years traders in this cartel used a private electronic chat room to manipulate the spot markets' exchange rate between euros and dollars using coded language to conceal their collusion. they acted as partners rather than competitors in an effort to the push the exchange rate in directions favor to believe their banks but detrimental to many others. >> the banks will pay a total of $2.5 billion in fines, the largest antitrust settlement in the history of the justice
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department barbara. this morning, d.c. kicked off its streetcar safety campaign during the morning rush. it's all to make sure you share the road once the system gets rolling with passengers along the h-street corridor. news 4's derek ward is live on benning road in northeast with more on this. derrick, good morning. >> good morning, we are at 26th and benning. this is the langston area. take a look. what you see behind me here is momentum. this is how far they're getting with this streetcar plan. this will be the car barn. you can see there's a temporary building up now that's already housing a couple streetcars on the property. but clear to the other end on third street northeast there's another effort under way and while this streetcar system is about changing the way people get around in d.c., the effort is about changing the way they think about getting around. the d.c. streetcars are coming. maybe not at the pace many expected but with much of the
11:32 am
infrastructure in place and test runs under way, the d.c. department of transportation is launching another effort this time to build inroads into the collective psyche of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians along the h-street corridor. it's a share the road campaign stressing good old common sense rules like not crossing in front of a moving streetcar or not running to catch one. they'll only pick you up or let you off at designated stops. another messages park within the lines along the streetcar route. whatever the reason a vehicle just barely over the line can bring the streetcar line to a halt. a bus can simply go around. >> i think that's something people have to understand rather than letting something that happens before they understand it. >> reporter: d-dot employees were handing out flyers all along the corridor. the initial plan is for a short run, some people say too short to make it practical but there's no shortage of enthusiasm for the system's potential among
11:33 am
some city resident. >> i'd like to ride a trolley. i haven't road it yet. i think it would be nice. >> reporter: this effort will be under way every other wednesday morning rush and evening rush. so they're done for the morning but they'll be out here around 3:00 to get people on the evening roush hour as well. it's part of mayor bowser's overall campaign to end serious injuries and fatalities on d.c.'s transportation systems. this represents a ground floor opportunity for that effort. we are live in northeast, derrick ward news 4. we are awaiting the next move from d.c.'s attorney general after a judge struck down a key d.c. gun law. until yesterday, district residents had to give a good reason for why they want to carry a concealed handgun. a federal judge says that requirement is unconstitutional. d.c.'s attorney general carl racine says he disagrees and could file appear. the d.c. police chief says she will comply with the ruling and stop requiring a reason for from
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applicants. the chief says about 100 people have applied for these kinds of permits and very few have been denied. if you're planning to hit the road tomorrow to beat the memorial day weekend you might be in for a surprise. local transportation officials say thursday between 5:00 and 6:00 will be the busiest time on the roads. they looked at data for the last five years. consistently there has been more traffic on thursday than friday, remember this from the past coupling years, too. follow me on first 4 traffic on twitter. i'll tweet about traffic to and from the beach all weekend. look at this tweet from the maryland transportation authority if you plan on crossing the bay bridge plan ahead. the best times to travel are tomorrow or friday before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. hourly temperatures for the remainder of your wednesday, beautiful day to be outside. winds out of the west northwest between 15 and 25 miles per hour. maybe a little something to hold on to your hat to but a lovely
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day. temperatures mid-70s and the seven-day forecast for tomorrow cloudy skies are back in the picture, rain drops are also likely between 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning through 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow afternoon. so most daylight hours tomorrow promise to be cloudy with a chance for rain showers. friday looking mostly dry right now. more importantly saturday sunday and memorial day itself also looking more dry than wet. today first lady michelle obama and former senator elizabeth dole are honoring the people who care for our service members and veterans. dole's foundation is calling the caregivers hidden heroes and highlighting the enormous responsibility they take on every day. more than 70 caregivers will meet with members of congress about what can be done to make sure our service members and veterans have the support they need. meanwhile, michelle obama is not messing around with her gimme five campaign. take a look at the video she posted on twitter of her intense workout. the gimme five initiative is simple. think of five ways you can be
11:36 am
healthy and share them via social media. the president challenged the first lady last week and she certainly delivered. his gimme five video was less intense than hers. it shows him and vice president joe biden running and drinking glasses of water in shirts and ties. bill murray is getting attention for his appearance on david letterman last night. but he also visited msnbc and after the break, how he ended up on the floor (toilet flushing) spending more time here lately? going more often? straining to go? waking up at night to go? you're not alone. it happens to millions of men. don't wait. call now to participate in a study for urinary symptoms. you will be compensated for your time and travel. to qualify is easy just call 888-804-1672. don't wait. call now. 888-804-1672 brought to you by pegus research. ♪ take me into your darkest hour ♪ ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪
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♪ i'll stand by you ♪ yeaaaah! yeah. so that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled, and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great! oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. here's some stories grabbing your attention. just hours after making a big entrance on the final episode of late night with david letterman bill murray showed up on msnbc's "last word" but this appearance wasn't quite as smooth. murray fell off his share. the question you're asking today, was he drunk, tired or just being bill murray. people are talking about this as well. the "new york post" reports girls gone wild founder joe
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francis is a wanted man. a warrant for his arrest was issued after he failed to turn over two cars in a bankruptcy case. francis says he gave those cars to a strip club owner in mexico. francis himself now lives in mexico. all the world's eyes are on these little cutis. they are adorable. these leopard cubs are just one week old so they haven't even opened their eyes yet. the quadruplet clouded leopard state and weigh less than the average box of cereal. the zoo doesn't even know if they're male or female yet but i'm sure we'll hear w
11:39 am
a story you'll only see on news 4. we're learning what's being done to address led poisoning concerns at a d.c. homeless shelter. two young children at d.c. general tested positive for high lead levels in their system. managers discovered peeling paint in the cafeteria and cordoned off that area. now every child at d.c. general
11:40 am
under the age of two will be eligible for lead testing. >> they're also doing a full inspection of the entire facility to make sure pro actively there are not other places that could be a potential source of lead. >> lead poisoning can cause serious physical and mental problems and has been linked to low iq. the house is trying to bring back sledding to the hill. yes, it will be about six months before there's any snow to sled on. the house passed a bill that would allow you to legally slide down the west lawn slope. eleanor holmes norton is praising the vote. she says she'll work with the senate to make sure the bill passes that chamber as well. >> how nice would it be to go snow skiing or sledding out there today? snow piles are still probably left in some of the far reaches of northern new england but that's probably about it. no snow in our farrell. after our third 90-degree
11:41 am
yesterday. today a lot aoler, about a 15-degree drop. today's high temperatures low to mid-70s around town. closer to 80 to our south and west. on the whole, nice day. breezy skies will go from mostly to partly cloudy overnight and by 5:00 tomorrow morning rain showers will be sneaking back in it should be raining around town before lunch and off-and-on showers through the afternoon commute home tomorrow. back over to you. >> thanks chuck. is your dog a genius? my husband probably thinks ours is. it might be a question you've had once or twice or thought to yourself hmm, i wonder. maybe you want to know what's happening inside that head. what they're thinking and understanding. haley jackson goes where no man has gone before, inside the mind of man's best friend. >> reporter: they're more than just a pretty face. these dogs are geniuses all of them at least according to brian hear. >> the question is what is the type of genius your dog is.
11:42 am
we'll hope you measure all those things. >> his dognition program tests canine iq. there's no number score. instead dogs fall into one of nine intelligence types. take lassie, for example. a gifted problem solver she could be an ace. beethoven, that friendly mischief maker might be a charmer. and how about my guy, distractable dow kins? we're about to find out. the series of games tests things like memory communication and reasoning. >> yellow. it's play with a purpose. especially for service animals like kyra. it helps where you can kind of better assess the dogs. >> shelters are using it to help adopt out dogs. >> and with dognitian getting ready to publish its first research paper, these pet profiles may help us learn about ourselves. >> many things i'm describing for dogs are true about people. >> whether on two legs or four
11:43 am
we probably all know an einstein or a maverick or even a socialite like dawkins to get what he wants. still, as any dog lover tel one label that matters, not genius just best friend. haley jackson, nbc news los angeles. >> i think norm would farewell. after the break, will the nsa still be allowed to collect millions of meshes' phone records? why time is running out for lawmakers to decide. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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(gong) blend kikkoman into your burger patties to beef up their savoury meaty flavour. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) ♪ ♪ ♪
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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we're learning new details about a mansion murder mystery in the district. officials say a couple and their housekeeper were beaten and stabbed. the couple's ten-year-old boy was burned so badly they don't know exactly how he died. investigators tell news 4 they tried to see the surveillance video at the home but the security cameras had been disarmed. the four people were found dead on thursday at a home alongwoodland drive in northwest. right now, police are looking for a person of interest. this video was recorded in a parking lot near new carrollton where the family's porsche was found torched. if you recognize the person call d.c. police. there is a $100,000 reward in this case. republican lawmakers are facing off against each other over whether to renew a controversial part of the
11:47 am
patriot act. the house and senate are heading for a standoff with just days to find a solution. nbc'stts reports on what's next. >> reporter: what's next barbara, is determining what the senate is going to do. the house has already acted. democrats and republicans together overwhelmingly approved the usa freedom act that would replace the patriot act, essentially allowing phone companies to hold on to our phone records, the government could search them but under new restrictions. but some in the senate don't want to see that including republican leader mitch mcconnell. he wants the patriot act to stay just as it is. he wants to extend it. others like rand paul say they are willing to talk the thing to death just to see it die when it expires on june 1. the white house is concerned about that. they say this is an issue of national security. they don't want congress to go home and do nothing, in fact the senate is scheduled to go home next week for their memorial day
11:48 am
break so instead of almost two weeks they've really got a matter of days to figure this out. mitch mcconnell, the republican leader told lawmakers "don't make your travel plans just yet." back to you. today the alexandria council will hold a special vote on where a brand new metro station will go. you'll be able to get on the blue line from potomac yard sometime in 2018. the council wants to put the station east of the potomac yard shopping center closer to the g.w. parkway than the target. >> three, two, one, zero we have ignition and liftoff. a hush-hush military space plane and a widely publicized solar sail experiment shared a ride into space a few minutes ago. the light sail prototype is a small cube-shaped satellite that could open up a new way to explore the solar system. it's about the size of a loaf of
11:49 am
bread. light sail is unique because it doesn't run on fuel it uses sunlight to propel it. the air force also sent up a 29-foot long mini shuttle. the month's long mission is classified. >> still love those pictures from the rocket departing good old planet earth there and watching the horizon just disappear into the distance. we don't get to see that very often. there's our tower camera. a milky white texture to the stay but no weather worries for today. nice weather for this afternoon. clouds come back tomorrow and rainy weather into the day tomorrow. any weather slowdowns, nothing to worry about this afternoon or tomorrow evening but the rush hour into work and the rush home tomorrow may both be impacted by rain drops. all anyone cares about is the holiday weekend and that's looking nice. temperatures at or above average by the end of the weekend. >> does sound good chuck. many of you will want to go to this web site to see if your
11:50 am
car is affected by a deadly air bag problem. takata admitted its air bags can explode. nbc's tom costello tells us what's affected by the biggest recall ever in the united states. >> reporter: this morning, the world's biggest air bag maker, takata corporation, is on the defensive with car dealers gearing up for the biggest recall in u.s. history, bigger even than the recall of 31 million tylenol bottles in 1982 affecting roughly one out of every four cars on the road nearly 34 million vehicles nationwide involving 11 different automakers. >> automakers and manufacturers have a safety responsibility they must live up to. there are no excuses. >> reporter: govs investigators say exploding air bags are thought to have killed at least five people including this woman, who died in an accident in orlando. the family attorney showed us her car. >> what happened here is you can see the shrapnel on the floor here from where the steering column was blown apart
11:51 am
backwards. but what went forward towards her are metal fragments from the inflater itself. >> it came right into her face and her neck. >> literally shoots through the bag into her neck. >> reporter: at least 100 people have been injured. until now, the takata corporation insisted its air bags were not defective. did takata put profits ahead of safety sir? refusing to answer questions from nbc news or the japanese media. now it admits theres a problem saying "we are committed to work closely with regulators and our automaker customer to do everything we can to advance the safety of drivers." many original drivers may have long ago sold their cars. >> these vehicles are in the hands of second owners third owners. that's a big problem, too, just in communicating to them. . >> reporter: making matters worse, there aren't enough replacement parts. >> that was tom costello reporting. to find out if your car is affected we put a link on the nbc washington app, just search "air bag." after the break, why there
11:52 am
11:53 am
a group of travel web sites claim delta airlines is cutting them and their users out of flight and fair data. the "wall street journal" reports the group which includes trip advisor says delta removed the information saying it never authorized them to use it. they say it's part of a broader push by airlines to move flyers to their own sites. the travel site which is help compare airfares are concerned this could make it easier for airlines to raise prices. i'm landon dowdy. >> jamie foxx and jimmy fallon showed off their impressive musical impressions on the "tonight show." take a look ♪ i don't want to grow up i'm a toys "r" us kid ♪ ♪ i love you, you love me we're
11:54 am
happy family ♪ ♪ on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese ♪ >> it's no wonder foxx won an oscar for playing ray charles. he strutted his stuff as mick jagger singing the lion king's "hakuna matata." fallon took a term as bruce springsteen singing "america's funniest home videos." >> i watched that last night. it was funny. i didn't realize jamie foxx was so -- well i knew he was talented but he has a real range to his voice. incredible. jimmy fallon pretty talented himself. after the break, tomorrow's even cooler
11:55 am
such a nice day today. temperatures cooler today.
11:56 am
i haven't had a single complaint today. looks like it will continue for the remainder of the day. temperatures will top out in the mid-70s. only until the low to mid-60s at best tomorrow. 65 relatively early in the day. sign there is could be more in the 61 62 degree range are the rain around tomorrow afternoon so plan on a cool cloudy shower-filled thursday afternoon. a mix of clouds and sunshine on friday. maybe a five minute long rain shower friday afternoon but not enough to worry about just yet. saturday sunday and memorial day look great. a warming trend turning more humid by early next week so there could be a slight chance for a shower late in the day on memorial day but i don't think it will be enough to mess up your important holiday weekend plans. >> you don't want to mess up our plans? >> we'll come get you, chuck bell. that's it for news 4 midday. i'll be back tomorrow at 4:26 and, of course, a lot of people will be headed out of town. >> and be sure to join us tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for news
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[sighs] oh, that little bastard's right. there's nothing i can do now. damn it. [door opens]


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