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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00 a tragedy devastates a family. one child killed by a runaway motorcycle his father and brother still in the hospital.
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>> and a blockbuster development. >> i would refer to him as my second father. >> new reaction to the sex scandal involving a former speaker of the house from his illinois hometown. >> first at 11:00, a local family dealing with the sudden and tragic loss of a 7-year-old boy. >> his father and brother still in the hospital tonight nearly a week after a motorcycle came crashing into them on the side of the road. now alejandro santos' family is preparing for his family. while medical bills continue to pile up. shomari stone live now in green belt to explain how their school community is showing their support. shomari. >> well good evening, as i'm sure you can understand this family is devastating, heartbroken, the mother too upset to talk on camera. you can see the makeshift memorial consisting of balloons stuffed animals, candles, flowers, people paying tribute
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to her son. >> a family honors the life of alejandro santos in their home. they tell me he was a happy kid who liked spider-man birds and fish. he was killed when a motorcycle plowed into him and his family in hyattsville last saturday. here now from a family friend. >> it was very friendly. >> tonight his brother omar and brother leonardo. >> the worst tragedy imaginable. >> family friend speaking on all involved. >> the motorcycle was going westbound on eastbound highway when it made a left turn into prince george's. the rider was thrown to the pike and his bike crashed into the
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santos family on the sidewalk. police believe the motorcycle driver was speeding. while investigators look into the crash, shauna is trying to help the family. >> right now we have the go fund me account to help pay for alejandro's funeral for leonardo's medical expenses. their father was also injured. >> reporter: now if you would like to help this family you can logon to our website at nbc type in s-a-n-t-o-s and you'll see the go fund me page to help them out. the deadly rush hour shooting victim is back home tonight and talking to police. 5-year-old pedro avalrado died at the scene yesterday and his brother-in-law survived with a bull still lodged in the side of his face. the son said they noticed a black pickup truck trailing behind them for several minutes
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after they crossed the wilson bridge. the truck then passed them and then returned and started spraying their suv with bullets. miguel says his father quickly reclined his sit and he believes that saved his life. >> new tonight the impact of all those mistaken shipments of live anthrax is growing. the pentagon now says 24 laboratories and 11 states along with labs in south korea and australia received those live samples. the defense department tonight ordered a review of the procedures used to deactivate anthrax so far. no one has become ill but four people in the u.s. and two dozen in south korea are taking antibiotics as a precaution. >> there's a new clue in the case of missing s.a.t. exams. news 4 first told you this week about answer sheets that went missing from broad run high school on may 2nd. never made it to the college board offices for scoring. now the "washington post" is showing surveillance video shows
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the test being picked up by ups, but ups says it has no record of picking them up. students will be allowed to retake that test for free in june the same week as their final exams. >> her husband was found dead in their tacoma park backyard last august and now she is charged with his murder. they are both facing first-degree murder charges in the death of cecil brown. the browns were married for 51 years. back in august his wife found her husband's body and said she didn't know at the time who would kill her husband and that no one saw what happened to him. >> new tonight, a 75-year-old woman fights back against the man who was robbing her and her husband. they were walking in embassy row in northwest d.c. jackie benz owen is live on q street to explain how it all went down and how police got their mans. jacks? >> wendy, they were able to spot him because he had some
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distinctive marks left by the 75-year-old woman having him hit with the cane in and attempt to defend her 81-year-old husband. it happened around 11:00 right here at 23rd and q street northwest right in front of the turkish embassy. we're told the man ran across the street to the couple and demanded money. the gentleman said he didn't have any and the s reached forcibly into his back pocket and got into a scuffle. he pushed the elderly gentleman to the ground. the wife picked up her cane and started whacking away at the robber who did manage to get away but we're told a few hours later around 3:00 this afternoon police armed with that information were able to take a 50-year-old man into custody. live in northwest, jackie bensen. news 4. >> thank you, jackie. down to texas where the area that's dealing with the worst of this historic flooding tonight may be the town of wharton, about an hour's dress south of houston.
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the mayor there ordered the evacuation of 300 homes that are threatened by that flood. the colorado river which flows through wharton is expected to crest at 43 feet tonight flooding the low-lying streets. at least 4 inches of rain has fallen somewhere in texas for 23 days now in a row. >> checking our forecast we're done with the storms here for now. let's turn to doug to see how hot it's going to get for your weekend. doug how about it? >> the heat is definitely going to be on as we make our way through tomorrow. temperatures up around 90 degrees tomorrow after a high today of 77. did see a couple of storms out there, not many. most of us stayed on the dry side. watch that one area of storminess that moved up from fredericksburg right up i-95 into parts of fairfax county and redeveloped into montgomery county and now we're on the dry side. high temperatures today of 87. we'll be well above that tomorrow and even for sunday. when is the next chance for strong storms? i've got that forecast in just a few minutes. >> video tonight of an armed
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bank robbery in chinatown. this is video from the t.d. bank on seventh street in northwest. this man in the red baseball cap came in two sundays ago about 11:30 in the morning. as he searches his pockets he then walks away and returns with a large shopping back and demands money. if you know who he is you're asked to call the d.c. police. >> >> police launching a series of drug busts this week and news 4 got exclusive access. the targets of these raids were dealers who allegedly sold drugs to high school kids or young adults adults. police tell us they were stopping more than pot dealers. >> when you start actually robbing people and carrying guns you know that's -- we've reached a new level there so it's not as simple as you know a few kids smoking a little bit of marijuana. >> now much of what police seized will be photographed and posted on social media next week so parents can get a good look. >> the creator of an online
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illegal drug market will be spending the rest of his life in prison. ross albrichts was convicted of running and operating silk road where you could by oxycodone to black heroin. today he was sentenced to life in prison. prosecutors say at least six people died from the drugs sold on silk road and he also tried to arrange the murders of five people. >> the longest serving republican speaker in american history and now dennis hastert is accused of paying hush money to a man from his past and it appears it may have been to cover up sexual misconduct. nbc's pete williams has our story. >> no sign of dennis hastert today at his home in plano about an hour's drive west of chicago. in nearby yorkville where hastert was a teacher and coach, strong support and disbelief. a federal indictment says hastert agreed to pay someone from yorkville $3.5 million to
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conceal what's cryptically described only as past misconduct. charges don't say what hastert's past misconduct was, and the indictment strongly suggests it happened while he was a teacher at yorkville high school from 1965 to 1981 and today law enforcement officials tell nbc news the payments were to a man and that the misconduct was of a sexual nature while the man was a student. the yorkville school district in a written statement said it has no knowledge of his alleged misconduct nor it says has any individual contacted the district to report such misconduct. today former coaches he worked with and students he coached were coming to his defense. anthony hule was hastert's assistant coach. >> there isn't anything that happened in the six years that i worked with denny that would ever make me believe that there was anything improper. >> reporter: prosecutors say
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hastert had withdrawn $1ment 7 million from four of his banks to make payments but cut back on size of the wrauls to illegally evade federal bank transaction rules. former congressional colleagues expressed surprise at the charges, both republicans and democrats. >> next at 11:00 tonight, protesters clash in a rally that included cartoons of the prophet muhammad. how police kept the two sides apart. the search for someone on the ground who is targeting pilots as they come in for a landing at new york's busiest airports. >> and a virginia woman gets a second chance at the wedding to remember after a head injury wiped the
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airplanes are facing a serious threat from something that you can buy at an office supply or hardware store for just a few bucks. people on the ground are aiming the laser pointers at the cockpits of aircrafts and that can leave pilots nearly blind. the most recent cases occurred just last night near new york's jfk airport and nearly half a dozen flights were hit by a laser. the faa says this is happening about 12 times a day. hundreds of anti-muslim activists protested outside a local islamic center in phoenix tonight. protests began around the time evening prayers take place inside. the rally included a controversial draw muhammad cartoon contest. muslims consider images of the prophet to be offensive. the protesters say it's in response to the shooting in garland, texas, three weeks ago where two muslim men opened fire at an event showcasing similar cartoons. there was a large counterprotest as well tonight in phoenix. despite a few testy exchanges,
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police managed to keep the two sides separated. a southwest virginia man wants his wife to have a wedding to remember. less than a month after the couple was married. a car accident took away her medding of that wedding day. preston ayers shows us now how an entire community is working to give it back. >> jeremy and justice stamper have known each other practically all their lives and their love story began in high school and after graduation he realized she was one and finally got up the courage to pop the question one sunday morning at church. >> i was shaking so bad. i couldn't get it out of the thing. >> the high school sweet hearts exchanged vows august 1st, 2014. then 19 days later tragedy. justice was in a car wreck and suffered a serious concussion that erased more than a month of her life from her memory. >> i don't remember any of it. >> memories of the planning the
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wedding day, the honeymoon, every detail of the day she had always dreamed about all wiped from her mind. >> just seeing the look on his face when i walked down the aisle to him would -- i would do anything give anything just to have that moment back. >> she finally told jeremy she doesn't remember their day. >> instantly as soon as she told me i told her don't worry about it we'll do it again. >> started working longer hours to try to save up the money and then a friend mentioned a go fund me account and the account caught the attention of a wedding photographer who offered to do the photographs for free and when they sat down for the interview they thought they would talk about the go fund me package. >> we have a tux for you, hair
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salon and -- >> i'm going to start crying. >> the community pulled together and practically everything is covered. >> that's one memory that everybody should have and now whether her memory comes back or not, we'll have that memory together. >> that couple's second we had will go take play on august 1st which is their first anniversary. a special event tonight in montgomery count toe help and the autism community get to know each other a little better. the police hosted autism night out, a way for officers to connect with children with autism in a fun stress-free environment. two or three times a week officers are called on to look for children who may have wandered away from home. this event helps both groups to learn how to interact. >> this allows kids to be more comfortable around police officers but my cops need to understand you know that these kids are dealing with a lot, you know in their heads and to be
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able to react appropriately to calm things down, to put someone at ease. >> the ambassador for the night was jake edwards who also happens to be the son of one of our photographers. and what a beautiful night it is out there. it's lovely. >> yes. >> it really is. >> low humidity. >> walking around town. humidity not too bad right now. it's going to change a little bit tomorrow and i think we have a slight chance of a storm but most of us for the weekend will stay on the the dry side. it's going to be a pretty nice weekend to get out there to the local pools. take a look at what's happening right now. nice temperature, 78 degree. that dew point of 67 so it's a little muggy but really a pretty nice night. 72 in geathersaithersburg and 71 in huntingtown. we did see a couple of storms earlier down towards fredericksburg. some areas picking up close to 2 inches of rain earlier. now we're done. no rain on the radar an tomorrow i don't expect much at all in this area. you can see what's happening though. a ridge of high pressure off the coast. back to the west a little bit of
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a storm system making its way. can you see where the general flow is out of southwest. a very moist flow and we'll see a chance tomorrow of a couple of storms back to the money taps an here's future weather taking a look at it as we move on through the early morning hour. some cloud cover. again starting off with sunshine too. going to start off very warm and muggy and tomorrow afternoon look at the storms nothing around the metro area. anything towards baltimore would be a result of the bay breeze coming in off the chesapeake but back towards the mountains that's going to be the best chance to see some of the storms right around the 7:00 hour. notice a couple of light showers well to the west of d.c. most of us on the dry side and on sunday more of the same and the better chance for storms back to the west again. you see some. storms back towards winchester and hagerstown southern maryland any time you get this hot and humid at moss fear the boundaries bay breeze river breeze coming off, those can combine and start the upward motion and you get the showers and that's what we see down there. most of us dry both saturday and
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sunday but everybody on the hot side. 90 degrees in d.c. and 91 in fredericksburg and 91 towards gaithersburg. it's just hot. perfect pool day. 84 if you're going to do a couple of laps and 87 around 17k if you're going to get the kids out to the pool. really looking good for that and same deal on that. 88 on sunday again, 20% to 30% chance of those storms well to the rest both days. monday is a good chance that we see storms areawide. 77 degrees, a good chance could be strong or severe. that front moves through and we'll send some cooler air, not cool air but just cooler. 87 down to 79 actually close to average. get to 80 degrees on wednesday and staying around that number as you move through the day on thursday and then temperatures on friday back up into the mid-80s so june starting off on a pretty good note. monday some strong storms but, again, june looking good as temperatures are right around
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the 80-degree mark tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> not bad. >> thank you, doug. >> still ahead, ste
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nats go down. stras goes out. >> came out of the game early. not the outing we wanted to see from stephen strasburg. >> are the problems mental or are the problems physical? that's the million dollar question everyone has been asking this entire season.
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well tonight, it was physical for strasburg. he was pulled from the game in cincinnati after what manager matt williams called tightness in his left trap muscle. no hiding the fact that he has struggled as of late. that team certainly continued tonight. bottom of the first facing joey votto here and he watches this ball sail right over the fence. fourth straight outing for strasburg. he's given up a home run, and the reds take an early 1-0 lead. bottom of the second now, more trouble for strasburg facing brian pena and this one is outside, free pass and strasburg looking uncomfortable on the mound. matt williams comes out with the trainer and strasburg's night is over. just one inning one run allowed. later on in the seventh. bryce harper plunked in the back right here by tony sangrina. pryce not happy about it and had a few words for joey votto. the came would go on. bottom frame in the inning and the reds tie the game at two. a man on for billy hamilton.
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this one falls into shallow center. one run comes in to score off the single. the reds add a couple more. they take this one 5-2 over the nationals. afterwards strasburg talking about his early accident. >> so fine the first inning and once i sat down in the second felt it kind of tighten up a little bit so just progressed and it's hard for me to really turn my head to the left and just didn't want to push it too much. >> let's go up to baltimore now. o's fans breaking out arts and crafts. birds hosting the rays. let's skip ahead to the bottom of the second. davis is at the dish and a crush. towering shot here. his fourth homer in four games. we're knotted up at one. at the top of the ninth now, darren o'day pitching with the bases loaded and elmore takes this wall down to third. manny machado there to make a play. o'day gets out of a jam. bottom of the ninth now, j.j. hardy is up with men on the
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corners. the shortstop coming through for b. moore. rips this one to left and cabrera comes home to score. j.j. hardy walks the birds off and they take it by a final score of 2-1. >> no head coach, suspended for the first two games. suicide squeeze bunt laid down by kevin smith. it's a out bee and he hustles to score. maryland goes up 3-0. later on in the bottom of the eighth check out lamont wade playing center field here. this can cover some ground. he thinks he had a home run and brings that back into the park and watch it again. nice grab there by waive. terps go on to win tonight by a final score of 3-2. they will play tomorrow. the rangers lost at home game seven to the tampa bay lightning. >> you thought there was no way that would happen. >> i thought it was a guaranteed
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all right. might be superheros hanging out around the convention center because the comic book convex sunday way. can you feel it? the event is called awesomecon. how do you top that? there will be rooms filled with hard-to-find comic books, exhibits and celebrities from sci-fi and fantasy movies. awesomecon runs through sunday. tickets start around $30. >> it's like "the big bang theory" coming to life. >> that will do it for us
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tonight. have a great weekend, everybody. >> yeah,
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