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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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now, i can tell that you mpd and the district's alcohol beverage regulation administration are both investigating this latest incident. you will recall back in 2013, a student from uva passed out from molly and died of an overdose here as well. that year, there were several overdoses up and down the east coast from molly. i can tell you that this neighborhood right here this stretch of this road right here is occupied mostly by warehouses. there's a strip club down here. there are two popular night spots, like echo stage here. and this is also where one of the medical marijuana grow factories is. i can tell you, a lot of neighborhoods in this area around us don't like any of these businesses here. i talked to a representative of ward five council member kenyon mcduffie, who told me his office often gets complaints about echo stage and the other night spots up and down this strip. back to you in the studio. >> mark segraves. thank you. a heroin dealer can now face decades in prison after pleading guilty to a case that involved an overdose death. prosecutors tell us joseph
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gaskins worked with a baltimore area dealer to sell heroin in fairfax county. it happened between january and august of last year. in one case, they say a 20-year-old herndon man died after buying drugs from gas kiss kiss. heroin deaths have doubled in recent years. instead of graduating with honors this week, a prince william county teenager will be punished for his ties to terrorism. ali shukri amin used his social media skills to provide advice and encouragement to the islamic state and its supporters. you saw this breaking news earlier today in nbc washington app. so what made such a good kid take such a bad turn in northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey is live at his school in manassas. are you getting answers? >> reporter: there are two teenagers involved in this case, secret until today. they both met here at osborn park high school. now the fbi says one of them is
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in syria where he has gone to join islamic state fighters much the other one pleaded guilty in court today, admitting he made the connections and raised the money to help his friend get to syria. authorities say this pair's plot to help isis started even before they grant waiteded edgraduated from high school. 17-year-old ali shukri amin pled guilty to providing material support to terrorists in court today. he used social media, the twitter handle, i'm reekie witness in his campaign to raise money for isis, using bitcoin. >> he gaped 4,000 followers on twitter and sent over 7,000 tweets. >> reporter: amin actively recruited future isis fighters eventually helping his 18-year-old school mate raise za nick da shad get to syria. >> he made propaganda accessible to western supporters and provided justifications for isil actions, including the beheading of journalists.
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>> reporter: court documents reveal amin began communicating online with isis figures back in february of 2014. by june, planning was under way to get nick knee jabbed to sear ya. last november, investigators got ahold of amin's cell phone. in january he drove nick nah shad to dulles airport and the team made his way to syria. amin's mother informs court as her son pleaded guilty and stood alongside his attorney afterwards. >> he takes is adult responsibility for what he did but can't lose sight of the fact's child. >> reporter: his lawyer says amin was a devout muslim an honors student with a bright future who made a bad decision. >> he is outraged at the criminal activity of a known human rights violator and the government in syria and as a youthful sort of indiscretion, he became involved in advocating against its overthrow, including by violent means. >> reporter: amin faces up to 15 years in prison when essence
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tenned in late august. no telling when niknejah will be back here to face the charges filed against him. on news4 at 6:00, i will tell you why attorneys on both sides of this case say all parents should take note of what happened and i will tell you about some of the code words the pair used to try to keep their terror plot secret. back to you now, pat. >> thank you, julie. tonight, the state department confirms the death of man from massachusetts, now widely believed to be the first american to be killed fighting isis abroad. his name was keith broom field. a friend says he traveled to syria with the intent to fight against isis militants a group called the kurdish people's protection union posted this video of broom field to facebook. this picture, he explains what he wanted to do before he died. but nbc news hasn't been able to verify when this video was recorded. >> i'm here to do what i can you know to helper can kyrgyzstan.
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>> his body was returned to his family today. well it is hot and sticky out there now. is it gonna get worse during this heat wave and when are we going to get relief? . >> big question we are cooking folks. we have what you can expect. >> start with doug kammerer. you have the answers, doug. >> i tell you, you look at that picture smoke the washington monument. man, it is just ugly and soupy outside right now, with a little bit of that canadian wildfire smoke still here and hazy conditions. look at the numbers 91, washington, 91, manassas, 95, leesburg temperature toward fredericksburg, 93. many places today, the warmest day we have seen this year. tomorrow, we could be even higher in some spots going for a high of 94 in d.c., maybe 96, 97 in fredericksburg, 94, manassas, that with sunshine and only a slight chance of a shower, but not just the heat. we say it all the time.
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it is not just the heat but the humidity. amelia siegel outside in it right now. >> doug, when you put those two things together, you can definitely tell the mugginess, feeling very warm out here now. i have to say out here on the storm team4 weather deck, in the shade, a nice breeze, makes we want to head to the pool. tomorrow, continue to feel hot and muggy outside. you put the put the temperature together, close to 100 tomorrow for your friday heed for the workweek heading into the weekend, much of the same on saturday, continuing to feel closer to 100 in the afternoon. sunday feels better, temperatures in the low 90s but doug, looking at a all thelall afternoon. can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm on sunday as well. >> that is what we are going to continue to track i will have that in a couple of minutes. talk about that weekend
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forecast. guys? >> doug, thank you. the heat's already impacting the commute. virginia railway express tells us there will be heat-related delays along the fredericksburg line until 7 tonight. you can monitor conditions before you head out. our storm team 4 maps and radar are all in our nbc washington app. more delays and more frustration for metro riders. just learned metro is going to be fixing about 80% of the system. news4 transportation reporter, adam tuss is live from the gallery play station with what's behind this action. adam? >> reporter: that's right, pat. frustrated metro riders are not going to like the news today. new safety changes are needed across the system and yes that will mean more delays. ongoing repairs. >> looks older and looks like it can use some updating. might be nice to have that. >> reporter: a longer wait for the train. >> i feel like for the money being put into the railroad system, it should be a better outcome. >> reporter: unfortunately, metro and single-tracking go
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happened in happened in a lot of case and riders should get ready for more. new sweeping safety changes have to be made across 80% of the system. basically, power cables need new protective sleeves that prevent water from mixing with the high-voltable lines. metro telling riders single-tracking will have to come back midday something the transit agency hasn't had to do in a while. we appreciate their patientce as we take the necessary action in the interest of safety. >> reporter: the acting manager taking questions. just seems like it is never ending for riders. what are you going to tell them about going back into the system and fixing things that probably should have been put in the first place? >> i would like to think that the riders want us to put the safest system possible out there. >> reporter: all of this stems from an ntsb finding that water and materials were able to get on some power cables leading to smoke and possibly dangerous situations. and back here now live at gallery place metro saying this may be a lot more than just your
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average single tracking session. this maybe a very prolonged period of repairs. more on that at 6:00. back to you. >> adam thank you. we have breaking news.we just learned that a woman who was hit by a school bus this morning has died. it happened as a bus turned from red lands road onto crabs branch way. that's just a short distance away from the shady grove metro station. at this point, it's unclear if the woman was in the cross walk at the time. we are told the bus driver is a veteran with montgomery county schools. that driver will be off the road, which is standard any time there's an accident investigation. there is added police presence tonight at herndon high school after a threat posted to social media last night. the principal sent a note out to parents this morning alerting them to stepped up security at the school. police wouldn't give any other details about the threat, but the principal told parents they don't think that it's credible. classes went on as scheduled today. a teenager is facing murder
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charges accused of killing another teen. police say mitchell zio stabbed derek benson near an apartment complex along castle boulevard in silver spring yesterday. we are told the suspect and the victim knew each other. police found zio with the bloody knife. at this point, no word of a possible motive in the case. now to new documents unsealed in connection to the d.c. mansion murders case. the paperwork detailing actual evidence collected by investigators at the home in northwest washington. news4's megan fitzgerald spoke with a former fbi profiler about the search warrant. meagan joins us now in our newsroom. what have you learned? >> reporter: the evidence released in these new documents are very critical to this case according to our fbi source. while police haven't made any additional arrests our experts say what was taken from the savopoulos home are items that could die other suspects to the crime. for three weeks, police thoroughly search the mansion on woodland drive, looking for clues about who was involved in
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killing three family members and their housekeeper. these court documents show police took clothing, fiber some bedding, shoe prints, the pizza police took from the home allowed police to collect dna that eventually tied to the crime and right now the only named suspect. nbc4 criminal analyst clint van zandt says not everyone is in the national dna database which means it could take weeks to compare evidence to arrest possible suspects. the length of the time of this investigation suspect something he says raises any red flags. >> csi-type of hairs and fibers and fingerprints and dna and shoe prints and anything like this whatsoever then they have to gather that identify it and then start comparing that against potential suspects. >> reporter: now, when police arrested wint in northeast, they collected evidence from the car he was riding in and from the people that were with him. van zant says that's the type of
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evidence police are using to connect the dots in this case. at 6:00 a closer look at the evidence police seized and why a garage door opener could be an important clue in this case. in the newsroom, i'm megan fitzgerald back to you. the opm federal government data breach maybe much bigger than first reported much we are getting new details nous about how this could now impact every federal government worker. help for carly a local student in need of a bone marrow doaner is er is donor is getting new help. after a news4 report, how a new movement could help her find her match. whole foods known for its expensive organic foods but there's a new cheaper option
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i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with a big develop n
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that massive opm data breach the largest union representing federal workers said today that every single government worker's personal information was obtained by hackers. we just learned that opm is pushing back saying that that statement is not accurate. a spokesperson tells nbc news that the numbers are no different than what they were last week. the president of the union, of american federation of government employees, says hackers are now in possession of personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree and up to 1 million former federal employees. this story, of course, very fluid. we have had a number of updates in just the past couple of minutes. stay with us as this story tops to develop. we will post any new information on and of course, our nbc washington app. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. step ford county leads the pack when it comes to economic growth. the county averaged 2.6% job
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growth the past five years, the highest of any county in virginia. stafford's total unemployment rate -- employment for 2014 reached 40,000 a bump of more than 1,000 from the year before. the overall unemployment rate is 5%. the county's largest private sector employer is geico. whole foods' market is making a move to compete with lower-cost comp pelt doors. the grocery chain announced today it will open up new stores next year called 365 bay whole foods market. the stores will be smaller with less expensive brands. as whole foods tries to compete with stores like trader joe's and other grocery chains that have broadened their selection of organic products. first lady michelle obama shared a personal story about her family at an event marking the 25th anniversary of the wood mark group. mrs. obama says when her youngest daughter, sasha, was an infant, she wound up in the er with a form of meningitis. she said she and the president were terrified, but felt lucky because there was a treatment
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and because the children's hospital had the right resources. >> every child in this country deserves the quality of care that our daughter received. and i believe that every family in this country deserves the peace of mind of knowing that if, god forbid, their child gets sick they won't go broke paying for her care. the wood mark group is a non-profit that uses philanthropy to help its memberslude more than two dozen children's hospitals in the u.s. and canada. now to a chance to help a teenager here in our area. we first told but carly last week. she's senior at seat.high school and in need of a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia. >> well, this evening, our friends at d.c.'s number one hit music station are using the power of their air waves to lend their support. our buddy, hot 995's cane is live outside their station in rockville to tell us about their efforts. cane, you guys are seeing an outpouring of support.
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>> it's -- as you can see behind me, jim, the support is huge for carlism this is carly, she is 17 years old, a birthday coming up. you had a birthday party on -- last sunday. >> yes, i did. >> her birthday is officially coming up this weekend. >> saturday. saturday. yes. >> what we are doing is we are looking for a bone marrow match. and the best part about all of this is you can match carly's bone marrow and save her life today. you can help out today. or what these swabs do is they go off to new york city and you can help someone across the country. it really is a reason to stop by and we will be out here live. toby who does the afternoon show, mymyself, 1801 rockville pike. stop by. we swab your mouth it is super simple. and hopefully, we give you the birthday present of a lifetime. >> that would be amazing. >> would be amazing. >> look at friends and family here supporting carly.
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it really is pretty incredible. we love using our power. this is the first time in 15 years we have changed the name of the radio station from something other than hot 995. it is now carly 995, thanks to this young lady. back to you guys. >> it has a ring to it. >> so wonderful. happy birthday, carly. we are pulling for you. >> we are indeed. they are determined and burglars are targeting a specific neighborhood in d.c. we will tell you the extreme measures that they are taking to get away with it. synthetic marijuana, it's out there on the streets and for the first time, we are getting a better idea of just how big a problem this has become. i'm tom sherwood in downtown washington. america's main street. what city streets will look like to protect cyclists and
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a very hot and humid day in our region this afternoon one of the warmest days, if not the hottest day we have seen so far this year. this is normally one of the prettier shots that we have. look at this our reston camera, off to the west it is just nasty and ugly. the reason? we have the haze but also still have that canadian smoke that wildfire smoke moving in. another vantage point showing the haze and smoke in the d.c. area, 90 degrees, look at that dew point, 73. any time that dew point is above 70, it is really uncomfortable out here you add the dew point, put it together with the temperature, look at the heat index we have around the region. 98 in d.c., 100, fredericksburg. 99 in frederick and 92 down toward culpepper, a very warm and a very humid afternoon. that's the way we are going to stay about all night long. no storms to talk about on storm team4 radar we will be dry tonight. future weather showing us what we are dealing with 5:00 in the
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afternoon, scattered showers a few thunderstorms not everybody will see them. as a matter of fact most of us should stay on the dry side. only going about a 20% chance of a storm hitting you in your area. if you have any plans tomorrow don't worry. if you have any dinner plans 8, 9:00, look at this, dry conditions. any storms that develop will quickly die after around the 7, 8:00 hour tomorrow. no threat of any storms tomorrow evening. saturday a little bit of a different story, see more clouds a little bit of chance of showers storms around the area a 30% chance. if you have activities saturday or sunday don't worry. what we are watching is a boundary to the north. you can see it mostly clear with the exception of that smoke, but notice this boundary to the north. this is a frontal boundary that moves to our way, sat there and look at the showers storms developing the past couple of hours central portions of pennsylvania. that boundary will continue to me ander north and south the next couple of days. farther south it gets the cooler we are the better chance of showers that we have. the farther north we are, that's
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when we have that better chance of seeing the heat and that's tomorrow. sunny, hot humid tomorrow isolated shower possible. temperatures, 19 to 96 degrees. move on the next couple of days high temperatures on saturday, still a hot side a if you more clouds, 92 degrees on saturday with that heat index, 97, 98 same deal on sunday, but that front moves just close enough to put us into the 80s, 88 degrees on is up day 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms, 88 degrees on monday then as we make our way into the rest of next week, we are still on the warm side. 89 on tuesday. but at least potentially, getting rid of the 90s for now. we are going to have to watch it to see how warm we get. right now, about a 30% chance of showers just about each day from saturday all the way through next wednesday. guys? >> thank you doug. it came out of nowhere. >> a driver is attacked in her car. what happened when we followed up about a tip about a man who smashed a woman's car windows while she was behind the wheel. and have you heard? there's a new cheaper way to get around on the national mall.
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believe the length some burglars are going to break int
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they are not deterred by deadbolts or even an eye report gate. >> there is an uptick in burglaries in a d.c. neighborhood called 16th street heights. in the most recent incident, thieves ransacked the house on busy 16th street in upper northwest. >> news4's jackie bensen spoke spoke to a victim who says the burglars defeated a number of security measures to get into her home. >> they kicked in the bottom of it until the bottom kate out or they used this hammer here. >> reporter: tracy hart says the person who kicked in the deadbolted back dar of her 16th street heights home while she was out monday did so by first
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climbing over a locked iron gate. >> i have tried to go over that myself and, i mean anyone could do it, but it takes some effort. i mean it's not easy. >> reporter: she says the burglars actually removed the screws from the deadbolt on the front door in order to make their escape after rap sacking her home. her neighbors are concerned about what they describe as a concentrated spike in burglaries here in recent weeks. >> walk two doors down in the alleyway has been robbed. and the one three doors down from that. and then one a couple doors down on the side. >> reporter: the neighborhood has become newly popular for its proximity to the restaurants and shopping areas. many of the large, gracious homes are being renovated and restored. >> any neighborhood, break-ins in any neighborhood, there is a concern. doesn't matter where you live, a break-in in your neighborhood, you are concerned. >> reporter: at 6:00, we will tell you how residents are organizing in an effort to try to do something about these
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burglaries n northwest jackie benson, news4. basketball commentator greg anthony can move on with his life now. this morning, prosecutors dismissed the criminal charge against the former nba player, now that he has completed his community service. d.c. police arrested anthony in january for soliciting a prostitute in a local hotel. as part of the plea deal, he had to perform 32 hours of community service. delaware state police are investigating one of their own tonight after this video from a cyclist captured a confrontation with a police officer. robert fitzgerald was riding in the l street northwest bike rain on tuesday morning when he spotted a suv blocking his path. fitzgerald started calling police to report the vehicle when a delaware state police officer angrily flashed his gun and badge and told fitzgerald to "keep it moving". fitzgerald says he called police, he says, to protect cyclist safety. confrontations between
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bicyclist and all sorts of drivers are far too common in the district. now, there is an unprecedented effort to call a truce. news4's tom sherwood reports on a unique effort to make city streets safer for all. >> reporter: high noon in the district, a daily street battle cars, bikes, pedestrians. it's a race against time, with no winners. >> there's so much tension i think, in the district between pedestrians, cyclist and automobiles and it need not be this way. [ sirens ] >> reporter: 20 people died in traffic-related deaths in d.c. each year. about 1600 crashes involve cyclists and pedestrians. most minor, but still a big problem. pennsylvania avenue suggests one way the city can make bike lanes safer, in a breakthrough over what to do council member has the bicycle lob bindby and the auto lobby talking to each other. john town send from the auto group aaa.
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>> this is the most amazing thing and never happened before in the district. we have talked past each other. we have talked about each other, but not together. >> reporter: about 15% of city people cycle to work. 40% don't up cars. the washington area bicycle association co-chairs the task force. >> it is not just about pedestrians and bicyclists, it is drivers, too everyone wants to get where they are going safe. >> reporter: with cycling gaining more acceptance, officials say it's urgent to find solutions not just complain. >> what we want to do is acknowledge and establish safe routes for everybody who use the roads or the sidewalks. >> reporter: recommendations are expected later this summer. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> the district has grown by 100,000 people over the past decade and demand to use the roads, of course is growing. on news4 at 6:00 tonight, you will hear from other people who use city streets including those segway riders. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk.
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the state of virginia has decided no to press charges against the university of virginia student whose bloody arrest sparked a lot of outrage not only in the commonwealth but around the country. here's video of his arrest. that's martese johnson. alcoholic bev ram control agents arrested him at the university -- outside the university of virginia. it was a bloody arrest. the photos of the student went viral on social media. the management of the bar where johnson was arrested says he didn't appear to be intoxicated and he was pretty polite after being turned away from the bar. well prosecutors went through hundreds of pages of documents and decided it is not in the commonwealth's best interest to prosecute that case. at the live deck i'm chris lawrence. the purple line could be a step closer to becoming a reality, as long as two local counties are willing to share a larger share of the cost. maryland's transportation secretary has recommended to governor larry hogan that he approve a plan to build the
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purple line as long as the cost to the state is reduced. two officials familiar with the discussions tell the "washington post" that the secretary's plan calls for about $300 million to be trimmed from the $2.5 billion project. and for prince georges and montgomery to pay a bigger share of the cost xbroochl about to get -- tomorrow it is about to get easier to get around the national ball. there will be circulator buses that will make 15 stops at the city's most popular sights like union station, lincoln people morell i can't, the capitol, as well as many of the major smithsonian museums much the service begins sunday at the basic fare is just a buck. we are still working several developing stories for you tonight, a manhunt for two killers who escaped from prison intensifies now. where a blood hound picked up the suspect's scent and what detectives are now saying about an alleged accomplice. and why the university of maryland is changing its alcoh
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chris lawyer wednesday at the live desk following the trail of two escaped killers. police are zieringyear? trail. a woman who works at the prison is expected to be charged with helping the men escape. in fact, the department of corrections worker tells nbc news it's common for inmates to groom prison staff to help them. we will bring you any new we get them. jim? >> chris, thank you. new evidence out tonight from the centers for disease control show concerns about synthetic drugs are skyrocketing. take a look. the number of calls to poise.control centers about bad
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reactions about spice and k 2 were more or less steady in the first half of last year, but this year the calls shot up 229% and 15 death are connected now. at least 12 hospital zbhagss linked to synthetic marijuana last week alone. there is a new push to allow police to immediately shut down businesses that sell illegal synthetic drugs. it was a typical drive for a northern virginia woman, took a violent turn, she says she was attack and so scary didn't want to show her face. details about a scary ride and what police did after she called for help. a consumer warping about those rent-to-own programs, why the cheap deals may cost you more than you expect. humidity, this is what it will feel like tomorrow afternoon. 97 degrees in washington. so when will we get
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this is a scary sight. a freight train derailed on an overpass and two of the cars fell onto the highway below. this happened around 8:30 this morning in houston.
5:45 pm
luckily, there was no one on the ground who was injured. the train was carrying soybeans and plastic pellets so first responders didn't have to worry about spilling hazardous materials. it's a drive she makes every day. a northern virginia woman on her way home from the gym stopped at a traffic light. >> and then suddenly, she was the victim of a violent attack. she reached out to news4 so that you know what to look out for. david culver is live now in reston with more on her story. david? >> reporter: pat and jim, behind me is the intersection where this bizarre attack happened. the woman was weight at this light, waiting for it to turn green, when all of a sudden, a man who at first she thought was panhandling started smashing in heroin dose. windows. >> it happened right there. >> reporter: she only wanted us to use her voice. we are driving with a woman who we will call lisa to the spot of the bizarre attack where hunter mills road meets sunset hills road. >> i stopped and i looked up and i noticed a man standing in the
5:46 pm
middle of the road. i thought maybe he was looking for money but i felt up comfortable. >> reporter: lisa's immediate thought, make sure the window's up. lock the doors. that didn't stop him. >> he started screaming and started smashing my windshield as hard as he could. >> reporter: as the guy was attacking her car she decided to keep driving. so she pulled ahead. and pulled over to call 911. but then she realized, he wasn't done. he came up to her passenger side window, started hitting it with an object, then went after her windshield. >> smashed the windshield even more and glass started coming in and that's when -- that's when i just stepped on the gas and drove away as fast as i could. >> reporter: this is the aftermath. it was hard for lisa to even see where she was driving. police tell me they sent out several officers to search for the man, looked through the heavily wooded area with night vision goggles. no trace of him.
5:47 pm
physically, lisa is okay, still shaken up though. hersome uv, in the body shop. >> until he is apprehended, you know, he is out there and it's unsafe, so i want other people to just be aware, be vigilant not something that happens around here. i want them to watch out. >> reporter: talking to police on this story, they tell me there are no other similar incidents like this that they have been investigating in this area, but they did tell me about a bizarre call that they got just homes before this incident happened. that's side of the story we are working for you ahead at 6:00. bring that to you when we see you the next hour. back to you. >> thank you. well, here we are, day one of our heat wave. amelia has the check of the forecast. we are fanning already. >> it is hot outside. and not only is it hot, but it's humid as well. so today feeling stick yapdy and the heat wave will continue through saturday. temperatures in the low to middle 90s. you factor in the humidity tomorrow feeling sticky, tomorrow, a little bit worse, feeling oppressive. feeling kind of sticky still on
5:48 pm
saturday and then this is sunday. a little bit of relief. minor radio he leave as pat and i were talking during the break feeling uncomfortable still on sunday. weather impacts for tomorrow, travel issues, need the sunglasses exercise, probably good idea to stay indoors because of the heat and humidity, heading out, as long as you have water, dressed appropriately, you will be fine. during the afternoon, feel closer to 100 degrees temperatures right now in the low 90s in the area washington, 90s, leesburg, 93 fredericksburg, 93 degrees as well. here is the high temperature tomorrow in your neighborhood, 94 in washington, very experienced to what we will experience today one nice thing tomorrow, especially during the afternoon hours a bit of a breeze that will move the air around and won'ting still outside. plenty of sunshine, isolated late-day thunderstorm. the best chance would be west of
5:49 pm
washington. show you the chances on future weather. 8 a.m. tomorrow morning a dre start, dry weather not having an impact on the morning commute. we get into the afternoon hours, 2 p.m. maybe storms start to fire back around the corridor. 4 p.m., notice this activity moving toward the east, impacting areas of frederick, loudoun fauquier and prince william counties. can't rule out heavy rain because of how humid it is. severe not in the forecast for tomorrow. here we are, 6 evening, widely scattered showers and thunderstorms moving through the d.c. area. 8:00 shall the sun starts to go down any activity comes to an end, only a 20% chance that you're actually dealing with the shower of thunderstorm tomorrow. a little bit of a better chance on saturday, drive through the morning and midday hours, get into the afternoon and evening hours, notice scattered showers and thunderstorms, heading to the beach, some relief there. water temperature at 66 degrees. saturday, a high of 86. cooler at the beach on sunday a high of only 72 degrees. back here on sunday, a high of
5:50 pm
88. still dealing with the humidity. in fact, it looks like it is going to be humid at least through next tuesday. monday, the chance of showers and thunderstorms. tuesday, a high temperature of 89 the chance of some showers and thunderstorms as well. of course, we are tracking the weather for the capitol pride parade taking place from about 4 to 7:30 on saturday afternoon. we can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm, right now not looking like a washout by any means. >> amelia, thanks. if you are looking for an affordable way to buy a new appliance or living room set, you may have considered a rent-to-own option, especially if you're strapped for cash. but "consumer reports" warns some of the deals could end up busting your budget. here's news4's erika gonzalez with that warning. >> wow. nice. >> reporter: ads for rent-to-up stores appeal to consume wers credit problems. >> we make it easy. >> reporter: "consumer reports" took a close look at some offers at the industry's two biggest chains, rent a center and aaron's and found their monthly
5:51 pm
payment plans could cost you hundreds of dollars more than paying outright. >> if these were loans, the equivalent interest rates would be between 50 and 150%. there's lots of fine print in the ads and in the contracts and many consumers just don't realize the full cost. >> reporter: just ask shannon moore. she didn't have the money for a washer and dryer so she went to this aaron's store in georgia. >> it was a way for me to be able to get the washer and dryer immediately. >> reporter: she signed up for a 24-month lease with the option to buy at the cash price within 120 days. she says she had the money to pay it off in time, but that an aaron's rep said she had missed the deadline. now, she is on the hook to pay a total of more than $3600, twice what it would have cost her if she had paid cash at a big box store a spokesperson for the represent-to-up industry says it offers an important service and is "the only debt-free transaction that allows the customer to return the product at any time for any reason without legal penalty and affecting the consumer's credit"
5:52 pm
but shannon moore feels trapped.>> i have invested so much money already. i have no choice but to continue to pay it or to take almost over $2000 loss. >> reporter: "consumer reports'" advice -- >> if you decide to go with represent-to-own, read the crack carefully and make sure you can afford to make the payments on time. better yet, save up your money and pay up front. >> reporter: we reached out to local attorney general offices in our region and while complaints have been filed against represent-to-own companies, we are unaware of any enforcement actions. if you've got a irk would you a rent-to-own company, file a complaint with the ag's office in your jurisdiction. >> thanks, erika. the smith sewn yap's american history museum has joust opened a major new exhibit.
5:53 pm
american enterprise showcases pieces that help transform the way we work, the way we buy and sell. it traces the development of the u.s. from its birth to one of the largest economies in the world. >> this is the model eli whitney took to court to defend his pat tens. you see the peas of the server on which google has founded. >> the exhibit is open to the public. students in college park may have good reason to raise a toast. the booze zi proposal just in the produced at the university of maryland. are you among the thousands of workers who could be getting additional job benefits soon? i will tell you who could be
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
university of maryland will soon be selling suddens on campus. today, the university approved a plan to sell beer and wine at sporting events. starting in the fall you will be able to buy alcohol at byrd st other venues on campus. but it's not a done deal.
5:57 pm
the prince george's county liquor board has the final say and will be make the decision next month. a new report out tonight shows underaged drinking fell more than 6% in 2013. teen binge drinking dropped about 5%. though alcohol remains the drug of choice for teens about 22% admitted to having a drink some time over the last month. about 17% say they smoke. researchers attribute the overall decline to tougher penalties for teen drinking. the debate over that new pacific trade deal has reached a full boil and one issue is shrimp. >> yeah, where would we get it under this new deal and will seafood be safe? steve handlesman has our story. >> reporter: chesapeake seafood a d.c. institution, sells two tons of shrimp a week most from the u.s. but some from asia. this huge shrimp is from carolina. this one, even big, from bangladesh. the asian shellfish gets federal
5:58 pm
inspections, like domestic shrimp, says buyer mark white. do you worry about safety? >> um, i have confidence that the government does a good job checking the seafood. >> reporter: that was a issue a mile away at the capitol as the pacific trade deal, tpp, was debated. asian seafood producers could sell more in the u.s. trying to block that is democrat rosa delauro. my greatest fear is that what we will do is to put this nation's health at risk. >> reporter: she says we would be pressured to adopt asian standards that for example, allow drugs and fungicides not legal to use here. >> our limited inspection capacity means some of these tainted products make it on to grocery store shelves. >> reporter: a seafood lobbying group calls that a protectionist-driven fake food safety scare and the white house says the treaty would make seafood safer. >> the fact of the matter is the reason we engage in these kind of trade agreements is because we want to raise standard. >> reporter: tpp is backed by most republicans. >> it will be a big win for
5:59 pm
american jobs and american leadership. >> reporter: most democrats are opposed. >> the last and worst trade agreement in a 20-year history of job-killing trade agreements. >> reporter: shrimp is just one issue. the showdown on the pacific trade deal could come tomorrow. i'm steve handlesman nbc news capitol hill. tonight at 6, our team of reporterers gathering new developments for the top stories. how a teen raised money for isis. and the government data breach was bigger than we were led to believe. the new warning following the massive hack. a teenager overdoses just hours after celebrating her birthday. the designer drug at the center of her death investigation. mark segraves is outside echo nightclub with the latest on this young woman's death. mark? >> reporter: doreen, victoria callahan was 19 years old.
6:00 pm
as you said yesterday was her birthday, from sterling virginia, came here to the echo stage to celebrate her birthday with her friends and she never made it home. late last night, staff here at echo stage called police because callahan had collapsed. she was transported to medstar hospital where this morning she died. she overdosed on the drug known as molly. now, echo stage is a popular night spot with college kids and teenagers, a lot of times, they have all age shows. last night, the australian dj flume was playing here. police are investigating this death of a molly overdose the second time in two years someone has overdose and died on molly at the echo stage. earlier today, i spoke with a manager here at echo stage who


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