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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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escaped prisoners. the focus of this manhunt at this hour as new information reveals the men may not have made it far. plus, a deadly crash in the district. live pictures here right now. what is shut down and how to get around this problem in southeast. let's begin with the heat wave. the heat advisory was issued for the d.c. area. as we brace for conditions outside that will feel like 100 degrees. yikes. the national weather service is asking you to avoid any activity activities outside but if you must they want you to take extra precautions and watch for heat stroke. the heat advisory will remain in effect until tonight. tom kierein has more. >> this is the first heat advisory we have had of the hot season so far. during the afternoon with vigorous activity, you could be flirting with heat stroke and heat exhaustion. drink plenty of water, take
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frequent breaks. the feels like temperature this afternoon will be near 100 degrees by mid to late afternoon. feels like temperature over the weekend on saturday dropping a bit. but still, very high. it will feel like the mid 90s. then sunday not quite as humid but still steamy. feels like temperature in the low 90s. oppressive humidity today and tomorrow and it will be sticky on sunday. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:11. a look at your drive time forecast for this friday. back to you. tom thank you. we're staying on top of that breaking news, a deadly crash that has part of suitland parkway shut down now. take a look at how serious this crash was. two cars somehow collided, totaling both vehicles. this happened an firth sterling avenue southeast and suitland parkway in the berry farm area. as melissa mentioned inbound -- inbound suitland parkway is
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closed right now. this is megan mcgrath who's live on the scene with more on the crash investigation. >> reporter: now, aaron, just within the last five minutes both of the cars involved in this deadly accident were towed from the scene. you go can see we have -- you can see we have work crews trying to pick up what's left of the debris in suitland parkway and firth sterling. as soon as they get that debris out of here, it looks like they'll reopen inbound suitland parkway so that will improve traffic through the area. right now, however, the intersection still closed. so if you're headed into town on suitland parkway, you're only going to be able to get as far as firth sterling. they will force you to take the right-hand turn, you can get up on the freeway from there. if you want to go across the douglas bridge, you have to go down howard avenue and make your way across the bridge at that point. outbound i should say, outbound suitland parkway, those lanes are now open. if you're traveling outbound, you should not have a problem. this is a very, very serious accident. one person was killed in it. it happened around 1:00 this morning. certainly it's having a traffic
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impact. we are seeing the intersection still closed here. we're starting to see some traffic tie-ups but doesn't look like it will be too much longer. now for more on traffic over to melissa. >> worth another mention here because it's such a big deal for folks in the area this morning. suitland parkway where megan is this morning, outbound is opened. inbound being pushed there, take right on to firth sterling. so inbound traffic can use howard road to get over to the douglas bridge this morning. so if you're headed that way, you will be able to get across there this morning. 32 westbound at great star drive, a crash there. sounds like it's off to the right side of the roadway. 29, 95 b.w. parkway into and out of town, everything there and the top of beltway looking quite good. live picture here top of the beltway at colesville road, inner and outer loop rolling along nicely. right now headed southbound on 270. a little bit of volume southbound through urbana. that's typical. it opens up once you get through
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clarksburg. back with travel times in ten minutes. >> thanks. things are back to normal on the b.w. parkway. take a look. chopper 4 was over this traffic mess last night. u.s. park police tell us the delays were a result of a shooting on the parkway. in the area of route 450. someone shot two people. it's not clear how badly the victims were hurt. at one point, crews closed northbound lanes between route 50 and the beltway. today we expect to hear from the university of virginia student whose bloody arrest video got a lot of attention. martese johnson will be back in court today, where all charges against him will be dropped. johnson faced public intoxication charges but the charlottesville commonwealth attorney dropped the charges after viewing the state police investigation. he was arrested back in march outside of a pub. johnson's lawyer accused the abc officers of excessive force. schools are closed in upstate new york as police search for two escaped
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murderers. investigators now say there is reason to believe they are still in that area. sources familiar with the investigation say the woman who may have helped sweat and matt told authorities she thought one of them was in love with her. coming up a little later in the hour stephanie gosk has a closer look at that woman's relationship with the inmates. virginia's former first lady maureen mcdonnell has filed the final appeal in her conviction. her lawyers insist it only happened because the court used an overly broad interpretation of bribery law. last september the jury found bob mcdonnell and his wife guilty of taking gifts in exchange for political favors. five minutes after the hour now and developing this morning we are learning a cyber attack may have targeted more government workers than originally thought. a union says hackers stole personnel data and social security numbers for every federal worker.
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the office of personnel management says that is not true though. opm says a little more than 4 million active and former federal workers may have had their information compromised. 6:06 now. today a new law takes effect banning the use of e-cigarettes in most public places in montgomery county. the new law affects any public place that already bans regular smoking. the ban passed the county council last march. members said that it could lead young people to start using real cigarettes. getting around the national mall is about to get a lot easier, starting sunday. the circulator bus system will take riders from union station to any one of 15 stops around the mall. you can get off the bus just steps away from the capitol and lincoln memorial. the cost to ride the national mall circulator is $1. right now we're awaiting a verdict in an international scandal that has ramifications
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here in washington. dominique strauss-kahn is waiting to learn his fate. what's at stake when we go to the live desk ahead. a big problem in southeast washington, a fatal crash and closure. details on this and how to get around it in a few minutes. a warm, muggy start to your friday for some as you look at the temperature right now. we're under a heat advisory. the conditions you'll be faci
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the usa women's national soccer team is back on the pitch today for their second world cup match. it's a bit of an awkward reunion. they're playing against their former coach, the very blunt coach, now leading the swedish national team. u.s. goalie hope solo is a
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challenge, and that coach said she might not have started abby wambach, but did say that the u.s. women's team taught her to deal with world cup pressure. >> go usa. you can join the crowd watching the game tonight on the big screen. the swedish embassy is hosting a viewing part in dupont circle. starting at 5:30 p.m. and the kickoff is at 8:00. should be an awesome match. >> yeah. going to watch? >> i'll try, yes. absolutely. >> good stuff. 6:11 right now. inside, in front of a tv might be your best bet over the next couple of days. >> i know. weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. here is tom kierein. >> kickoff at 8:00 the weather should be pleasant. good driving weather for today for the morning, the midday and the afternoon. for the morning commute, we'll have hazy sunshine. dry roads, temperatures mid to upper 70s. then for the afternoon commute,
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you need that a.c. on. in the mid 90s. some roads what i be wet from passing thundershowers mainly wes of the metro area. on the next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at when the stupid heat wave will end. what's going on on the roads? >> we have a 1 1/2 backup inbound suitland parkway because of this crash here. the debris clean-up is still underway right now. so outbound suitland parkway is open. inbound being pushed on to firth sterling right now. a cra grass 32 west at great star drive, that's great news. 270 south looking good. top of the beltway, 95 to 270 only going to take you 11 minutes. 66 inbound, no issues. 95 north, quantico to the beltway only a couple of minutes behind. it's a summer and a friday, i think some folks are out of town. remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest on traffic. >> all right, melissa, thank you. the problems are mounting for metro and the emergency repairs being made to prevent
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further smoke incidents. how it can impact your commute. and news you need to follow today. kids not drinking enough water. the impact it's having on their health. your ti
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we are on verdict watch in a high profile trial in france. the court will decide if monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn is guilty of sex crimes. strauss-kahn is charged with aggravating pimping in this case hiring prostitutes for sex parties. prostitution is legal in france but there are laws regulating it. the ex-imf boss' legal drama started when a maid in new york accused him of sex assault in 2011. we are watching for today's verdict and we'll let you know when it comes in. eun? >> thank you, kristin. 6:16 now. metro transit police arrested the man caught on video brutally attacking a man on a metro train. we'll warn you this video is disturbing. officers say 52-year-old william nelson on cell phone video was
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punching a man for several minutes. this happened around 1:00 a.m. on sunday. new evidence from the mansion murder scene. police found a bloody bat inside that home on woodlawn drive in southwest and that bat was discovered in a bedroom where a victim was found needing cpr. the warrant says that savvas savopoulos was found with lacerations to the back of his head. and police collected matches and garage door opener from the home. >> sometimes we can get what we call touch dna. whenever you and i touch something, we can leave a minute sample of our dna. that could be anywhere from a pizza box to a victim's neck. >> right now, daron wint is the only person charged with the murders of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper. a rhode island man is due in federal court in connection with a foiled terror plot in boston.
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the police arrested nicholas rovinski last night, part of the same investigation that led members of the terrorism task force to shoot and kill usaama rahim in boston last week. police say rahim charged at them with a knife. rahim and another man planned to behead police officers. we're learning this morning that a d.c. teacher charged with sex abuse of a student will remain in jail. giovanni pena was accused of touching a young child. he taught at oyster-adams school in north west. he waived his right to the preliminary hearing and that case may head to the grand jury. today a jury convicted a woman in january and in early 2013 she broke town a vacant -- into a vacant home and began to live there. when the real owners sued to have her removed, johnson produced a forged contract and deed stating that she was the owner.
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johnson faces up to 69 years in prison and in a separate case, she was convicted of stealing and selling a dead person's house. a grocery delivery truck hit and killed a pedestrian in the district. this happened at wisconsin avenue and calvert street yesterday evening. police shut down part of that road during the investigation. so far, no charges have been filed against the driver. new video in to the live desk now from the malaysia airlines plane that had to make an emergency landing today. here we see it sitting on the runway. the plane was flying from melbourne, australia, to kuala lumpur, but had to turn around shortly after takeoff and go back to the melbourne airport. it did land safely there. 300 passengers on board. now, initially there was word that there was a fire but right now malaysia airlines is checking out the plane and so far, no signs of a fire. a co-pilot act cruisecused of
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crashing a germanwings flight researched how to get illegal drugs. the final victims of the crash are headed to the resting places and it's still not clear why andreas lubitz took down the flight. his family said he was spiraling to a mental disaster. some doctors thought lubitz was too unstable to fly. more than two inches of rain in 30 minutes caused some major problems in parts of colorado. much of the love land area in denver is dealing with flooded roadways. five people who were stranded had to be rescued by firefighters. severe weather also caused delays at the airport. and more power outages could happen today. yesterday it was the hottest day of the year and it was painful for those in the northwest. 2,500 customers lost power and
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there were two blown manhole covers. that was in the 3700 block of wisconsin avenue. d.c. fire and pepco closed some roads for some time to get that power turned back on and we know those a.c.'s have been taxing in this weather. "news4 your health," your children aren't drinking enough water and this can affect their performance z in the classroom. that's a new study from harvard. nearly a quarter of kids surveyed said they don't drink plain water at all. african-american children were at a higher risk for dehydration than any other race. boys on average drank less water than girls and not getting enough water can affect physical and cognitive functions. when you think of the heat we're dealing with today we sometimes forget you need extra water on a day like this. >> if you have the ability you're going to sweat. so you have to add the water to keep yourself hydrated. tom kierein is going to tell us how bad it will get over the next couple of days. talking heat wave, right? >> you know, sweating is good for the body. it's our natural air conditioning, keeps us cool.
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we're not used to this extreme heat early in season. today, another day similar to yesterday. except it will be more humid and temperatures this morning will be quickly jumping as the sun is jumping higher in the sky this morning. coming out of the murkiness. by 8:00, near 80. then already pushing near 90 degrees by noontime and then continuing to climb into the afternoon. it will be hovering near 90 during the afternoon north and west of the metro area. might get an isolated thundershower in the mountains or perhaps in the shenandoah valley. mid 90s for highs though in washington. nearby suburbs in maryland and virginia and to our south right near the bay, a breeze off the water. upper 80s and near 90. a few clouds around but steamy conditions wherever. high humidity all around. and temperatures again tomorrow will be hot, up into the low 90s. still very humid. chances of afternoon storms. then on sunday, chance of afternoon storms as well. a little less humid, but still rather steamy.
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up around 90 degrees. finally, the heat wave ends. looks like on monday. highs in the 80s. maybe an afternoon storm up near 90 again on tuesday. chance of an afternoon storm. fairly nice day on wednesday. not too humid. temperatures in the 80s and partly sunny. then on thursday a chance of storms temperatures in the mid 80s. so heat haters, there is relief in sight coming as we get into next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s, coming up at 6:31. your hour by hour storm timing is coming up. melissa has breaking news on the roads. >> something just popped up with we'll talk about in a second. suitland parkway here at firth sterling still have this crash blocking some lanes. outbound suitland parkway is open. inbound, that traffic is pushed on to firth sterling. you have to wiggle your way around howard to get on to the douglas bridge. as far as problems on the rails marc penn north, 20 to 30 minutes behind.
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grab that extra cup of coffee or hang out at home a little longer if you can. marc penn north 502 that is canal issed this morning. 270, no major problems through rockville. 95 northbound near prince william parkway a little slow there. we understand that there is a crash being reported here at this point this morning. beltway at branch avenue, inner and outer loop everything is rolling just fine. no major problems there. back in ten minutes. 6:24 is our time right now. if you're late for work this morning, you might be able to blame metro. trains are running slower because of emergency safety repairs. metro is going to fix about 80% of the rail system, power cables need new protective sleeves. metro says you can expect longer wait times, single tracking during the day and possibly during rush hour. >> we're going to try to
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convince them these actions even though they're painful for periods of time, the system is getting safer. >> now, the ntsb has been investigating since a woman died and dozens got sick during a smoke incident at l'enfant plaza in january. the tennessee bureau of investigation now confirms it is looking into the death of country singer randy howard. the 65-year-old singer was killed in a gunfight with a bounty hunter on tuesday. investigators say the bounty hunter showed up to howard's home and the goal was to bring howard in for a missing court appearance. howard reportedly opened fire and was killed when the bounty hunter fired back. howard is best known for performing with willie nelson. we now know why a delaware state trooper was parked in a bike lane in the district. the trooper was here on a protective detail for the governor of delaware. a cyclist saw that vehicle blocking the lane and he record
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it with a video mounted to his bike. he faced an awkward confrontation when he called it in. >> there's a vehicle blocking the traffic lane here. and -- >> hey! pay attention, okay? >> the delaware governor's office says the trooper was waiting for the governor to exit an event. delaware state police investigating whether any policies were violated. new developments this morning in a case that has had you talking. the fallout surrounding these free range parents leading to changes possibly at the state level. what they'll do different. cheating the system, the accusations that could have two d.c. police officers repaying the city tens of thousands of dollars. temperatures outside pushing 80 degrees as we brace for dangerous conditions. your hour by hour break down and where
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dangerous conditions outside today as we deal with this heat wave. in the last three hours, the heat advisory was issued for the d.c. area. man, as we brace for conditions that will feel like 100 degrees,
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take a live look. doesn't it look hot out there? >> that heat advisory remains in effect until 8:00 tonight. the national weather service asking you to avoid any activities outside. but if you have to, watch for signs of heat stroke. >> tom kierein has the temperatures where you will see where you live along with some risk for storms. good morning. >> good morning. starting off early this morning it's rather humid, but temperatures are comfortable. in the low to mid 70s. in the nearby metro area and suburbs, right near the bay, mid 70s. farther west, upper 60s to around 70. but you can feel the humidity in the air. quite a bit of haze as well. right now, storm team 4 radar scanning our sky, we have no rain. no storms in the vicinity now. here is hour by hour timing for storms that may develop later today. mainly west of the metro area. this is by 2:00 in the afternoon. might start to see some popping up in the shenandoah valley. panhandle of west virginia.
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then drift east of the blue ridge by 4:00 p.m. coming into loudoun county northern prince william into northern fauquier county, rappahannock and green. and then they stay south of the metro area until the afternoon and evening hours. some of the storms may move in and then they quickly break up by late this evening. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41. your bus stop forecast in ten minutes. melissa, what's happening on the roads? >> breaking news in southeast. take a look right here, the ode opened here suitland parkway at firth sterling. all lanes are now opened after the crash. 90 northbound at prince william parkway, a report of a crash. sounds like it's pushed off to the shoulder. does not look bad here at all at this point this morning. on the rails marc penn north train 400 departing d.c. here late. 20 to 30 minutes later and marc
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penn 502 is cancelled this morning. it's getting slow as you approach the georgia avenue. inbound 395, a tad slow as well. this looks quite good. not seeing much red on the screen. chopper 4 over b.w. parkway here at 197, northbound and southbound, no issues. we'll have more on that situation in washington and also some travel times in ten minutes. eun? >> thank you, melissa. if you let your young children walk home alone is that considered neglect? maryland officials are taking their side in the free range parenting debate. molette green is telling us about the new policy changes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the children who are caught up in this controversy often play on this round about on the slides behind me. then they are free to walk home alone. just a couple of blocks up the road from this park. child protective services will make clear today that it is a parenting choice, not neglect. cps stepped in only in cases
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where a child is harmed or at significant risk of harm. now, we're hearing this is not a new position. more clarification to give case workers more guidance. it's just unclear this morning how much detail will get in this position or statement that's coming today. cps has already dismissed one neglect case against the family caught in the middle of this and another is still pending. we're live this morning in silver spring. back to you. >> thank you, molette. 6:33. today is day one of the trial for an alexandria man charged with setting fire to his infant's crib. tikrit and his wife are charged with failing to report five fires to their complex. one of the fires included the intentional ignition of the crib mattress while the sleep was asleep. he believed that ghosts were starting the fire and his
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apartment was haunted. two d.c. police officers could have to pay the district more than $200,000 for enrollment fraud. lieutenant alan hill and sergeant candace hill claimed they lived in the district and sent their children to d.c. schools in 2003 and 2013. now district law says that non-residents have to pay for each student attending a d.c. public school. the attorney general for the district filed charges against the hills asking for $224,000 in unpaid tuition plus penalty snoos managers of a northwest d.c. club are not talking after a second virginia college student overdosed on the drug molly. victoria callahan went to a concert at echostage to celebrate her 19th birthday on wednesday. during the australian dj floom concert she collapsed. paramedics rushed her to medstar washington but she died thursday morning. the coastal carolina student was
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under the influence of molly. molly is a form of m dma which is the main're not ingredient in the drug ecstasy. police in virginia are trying to find a man who smashed up a woman's suv while she was inside. that woman was at a stop light in reston when a man approached her car. this was about 9:30 at night and all of a sudden, that man started to yell and smashing her windshield. the woman asked we not show her face when she spoke to us. >> he started screaming and started smashing my windshield as hard as he could and glass came in. >> the woman tried to drive off and called 911 and the man continued to destroy her car. before this call they got a call of a naked man crawling in the air. county's rushern baker may
6:36 am
have acted illegally when they rejected he tax increase. that's according to "the washington post." lesser known laws may limit how much they can change his budget proposal. baker could veto the council's budget on monday. the university of maryland hopes to put an end to binge drinking by selling beer and wine at athletic events. they want the ban lifted for a one-year trial run. the university's president, the student government and umd police are all backing the request. they say it could reduce binge drinking before games. the university claims it could bring in about $500,000 in revenue as well to help fund student services if that ban is lifted. a developing situation playing out in new york state at this hour where search teams believe they are closing in on two convicted killers at the center of massive manhunt. why they believe the men didn't make it far. coming up in a couple of
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minutes an update on the crash and two marc delays you want to hear about. new for you, a familiar face making his return to the fourth of july celebration on the
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new this morning, we know that barry manilow will headline the annual independence day celebration. we're told he's planning a special patriot medley. he says he first performed it a the reopening at the statue of liberty 30 years ago. we'll keep you posted about who else will be at the concert. >> i'm waiting for you to sing "o mandy." >> you keep waiting. meeting the queen of england is a big deal. especially if you're 6 years
6:41 am
old. this is little maisie gregory carrying on a tradition by giving the queen a bouquet of flowers. you can see, boom the soldier next to her gave the queen a crisp salute and then hit bonnet off. the majesty didn't notice. after she left, the soldier did apologize to maisie. of course, as you can imagine the story is lighting up social media worldwide this morning. tweets sent in from around the world. this one is you're an incredible thing. tweets about the maisie's video comes from france, japan peru and guatemala. how about that? this is a cute photo here. this is maisie receiving the instructions. these are the royal instructions to hand the queen a posy. very british. >> i guess it is right. her father says he understands the precision of the salute as he's a regimental sergeant as well. so you see the picture of them, the whole family posing together. she's okay. a little shocked by everything that happened there.
6:42 am
but she's all right. she got -- looks like her dad's hat on there. >> cute. darling. good for maisie. all right, let's get you up to speed on the forecast now. tom kierein is in thestorm team 4 weather center. >> you might want to wear a bonnet to keep the sun off your head. use sun block if you're out for any length of time and you'll sunglasses. mild and muggy, then warm and humid between 8:00 and 9:00. it will be already pushing 80 degrees. look at our storm chances for the weekend and when this heat wave ends, next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51. now, melissa, what's happening on the roads? >> an update now on suitland parkway at firth sterling avenue. all lanes are now open. so we don't have to worry about that as that debris clean-up is still underway. megan mcgrath on the scene for us. as far as some issues on the rails, marc penn north, 20 to 30 minutes behind.
6:43 am
penn north 502 cancelled this morning. travel time, 270 southbound no major issue there. outer loop to 270, it will take you 17 minutes a little slow this morning. in to town on 66 from fairfax county parkway you're fine. quantico to the beltway, eight minutes behind. not bad for a weekday. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on traffic. >> thank you. a new ban in effect in montgomery county. why leaders say restrictions on those popular e-cigarettes are necessary. breaking news right now in southeast washington where we've just learned new information in that deadly crash overnight. that had the suitland parkway shut down for hours. the person police are now looking for right now. your time is 6:44.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start
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and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. 14 before 7:00. breaking news right now as we work to get you up to the minute, the minute you're up, new developments on a person police are looking for in the deadly crash in southeast washington. >> a developing situation playing out in new york state at this hour. where search teams i they're closing in on two convicted killers. but first, a check with tom kierein. tom, how hot is it going to get today? >> certainly warming up this afternoon, but right now the air is soft and soothing. we're in the 70s. rather humid, sun climbing higher in the sky as the temperatures quickly jump. in fact, we'll be near 90 by noon. very humid during the afternoon.
6:47 am
temperatures peaking in the mid 90s. that heat index near 100. we are learning new information about this deadly crash in southeast washington. you can see and hear that it was a serious crash. police tell us speed was likely a factor. two cars collided, totaling both vehicles and trapping several people inside. the crash happened on firth sterling southeast and suitland parkway. all of suit land parkway is back open right now. let's check in with megan mcgrath on who left the scene of the crash before the police arrived. megan? >> reporter: well, police have just wrapped up things here on the scene and they have given us an update on what happened. traveling inbound and witnesses say that volvo was traveling very, very fast. there was a chrysler headed outbound on suitland parkway and they were trying to take a left
6:48 am
on to firth sterling and the cars smashed into each other in the intersection. now, the striking car, the driver got out and ran away. and police are still looking for that driver. there was a passenger in that striking car. they also tried to run, but didn't get very far. >> the passenger in the vehicle who tried to flee as well. and he was -- he didn't make it far because of his injuries. he had a weapon on him, loaded weapon. he was placed under arrest. he's not the driver we're looking for. >> reporter: and the chrysler struck, four people were inside. one person died and they are still looking for the driver of that volvo. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. we have new information about the woman who may have helped two men escape a new york state -- upstate new york prison. sources say she was previously investigated for her relationship with those men. nbc's stephanie gosk live in
6:49 am
upstate new york. good morning. what are you learning? >> reporter: hey, good morning, aaron. well first of all, you can see one of the major roads in this area closed for the second day in a row. you have schools closed again and investigators still focussing in on this one area three miles from the prison where they say they have picked up the scent of one of the inmates. meanwhile, we are learning more about joyce mitchell, that prison worker and her relationship to the inmates. sources close to nbc -- sources close to the investigation tell nbc news that richard matt the older of the two inmates, quote charged joyce mitchell and she told officials she thought love had something to do with it. now, we're learning from the "wall street journal" that in their report that there was an investigation in the last year into whether or not mitchell had an improper relationship with the other inmate as well. david sweat. coming up on the "today" show we'll look at the nature of those relationships and try to
6:50 am
answer the question what was going on behind those prison walls. aaron? >> stephanie gosk for us, thank you. 6:50. we expect to hear from the university of virginia student whose bloody arrest video received a lot of attention. martese johnson will be back in court today where all charges against him will be dropped. johnson faced public intoxication charges but the charlottesville commonwealth's attorney dropped the case yesterday after reviewing the state police investigation. alcoholic beverage control officers arrested him back in march outside of a charlottesville pub. johnson's lawyer accused the officers of excessive force. virginia's former first lady maureen mcdonnell has filed the final brief as she appeals her conviction. the lawyers insist it only happened because the courts used a an overly broad interpretation of the bribery law. bob mcdonnell and his wife were found guilty of taking gifts in
6:51 am
exchange for political favors. developing this morning, we're learning a cyber attack may have targeted more government workers than originally thought. a union says hackers stole personnel data and social security numbers for every federal worker. the office of personnel management said that's not true. opm said 4 million active and former workers may have had their information compromised. breaking news here at the live desk. we have been watching this one all morning. the verdict is in. former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn acquitted of sex crimes. he was charged with aggravated pimping for hiring prostitutes for sex parties. prostitution is legal in france but there are laws regulating it. again, dominique strauss-kahn just now acquitted of aggravated pimping. a hotel maid in new york city accused him of sex assault in 2011. that case was settled out of
6:52 am
court. breaking news right now. we do have some flooding here in marc causing some delays. marc penn north train 400, 20 or 30 minutes behind. if you're headed north take the train over to bowie or seabrook. we have all lanes now open on suitland. right now, wide look at things. we look pretty good, finally getting a little bit of red. i say finally because it's taken a long time. i don't like seeing red. the outer loop as you approach georgia avenue is a little bit slow. inbound 395 there also a tad slow. 395, just north of duke street a little bit of volume here. overall pretty light. 66 no major problems. 95 looking good. same thing when you look at prince george's county overall. 95 in maryland flowing nicely. >> for the first time this year we have a heat advisory in effect for the metro area. so for the afternoon when we have our heat index really
6:53 am
building there's a risk of heat illness, like heat stroke with extended exposure. reduce outdoor activities. if you have to be outdoors, drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks. we'll have the oppressive humidity with us today and oppressive humidity again tomorrow. not quite as bad on sunday, but still sticky. the heat index is near 100 degrees. on saturday afternoon, not quite as bad, but still unusually hot into the mid 90s. that's the feels like temperature. feels like temperature on sunday should be in the low 90s when it turns less humid. after highs reaching near 90 where there might be an isolated thundershower in shenandoah valley and up into the panhandle of west virginia. areas around the bay will be a bit cooler. just upper 80s to near 90. hottest temperatures right in the metro area low to mid 90s the rest of most of virginia.
6:54 am
except on the northern neck on the bay. it will be a bit cooler. these june flowers basking in the sun yesterday. look at the bee taking an aim on that flower. we need the bees to pollinate the plants. saturday, a 50% chance of storms. and smaller chance on sunday. temperatures both of those days up around 90 degrees. then a break from the heat wave. looks like it ends on monday. highs in the 90s. could get an afternoon storm on tuesday. wednesday, partly sunny in the 80s. afternoon storm on thursday. back to you. all right tom thank you. 6:5 4. things aren't looking like this anymore on the b.w. parkway. a shooting caused major delays in the area around 450 last night. around route 450 last night. someone shot two people. it's not clear how badly the victims were hurt. everything is back open right now. you can no longer use electronic cigarettes in most pb lick places in montgomery county. a law affects a public ban that
6:55 am
already bans regular smoking. the ban passed the county council last march. council members said it can lead young people to use real cigarettes. tonight at 8:00 p.m., the u.s. women's soccer team back on the pitch for the second world cup match. they're playing against their former coach. the very blunt coach leads the swedish national team. hope solo she said is a challenge and she said she might not have started u.s. star player abby wambach but she said that the women's team taught her a great deal about how to deal with world cup pressure. >> go usa. you can watch the crowds watching the big game on the big screens. there's a viewing party in dupont circle. kickoff is at 8:00. four things to know right
6:56 am
now. barry manilow, headlining the independence day celebration. he's planning a special patriotic medley he first performed for the reopening of the statue of liberty 30 years ago. maryland leaders will clarify their stance on free range parenting in a new policy change. child protective services will only get involved in cases if children have been harmed or face a substantial risk of harm. schools remain closed today in parts of upstate new york as police search for two escaped murderers. there's reason to believe that inmate david sweat and richard matt are still in that area. d.c. police are searching for the man that caused this accident here. firth sterling avenue at suitland parkway is now open. and sun leaping into the hazy sky heating us up. in the upper 70s. jumping into the 80s in the next couple of hours. very humid.
6:57 am
brand new problem, 395 inbound at boundary channel. one lane is blocked because of a serious crash. volume generally pretty light. 395 problems because of the crash. top of the beltway slow, but overall guys looking quite good on this friday as we head into summer. >> that's what we like to hear. thank you. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> see you in 25 minutes. the "today" show is next. hope you have a great weekend. >> make
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning. all for love? a new report this morning that prison worker, joyce mitchell may have had a relationship with not one, but both of those escaped prisoners. as the desperate search to find them enters day seven. in custody. authorities nab another terror suspect in connection with that plot to behead bostonolice officers. he will face a judge today. who are you? a prominent naacp leader under fire accused by her own family of lying about being black and confronted on the claims on television. >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> how that interview ended with an investigation now under way. and


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