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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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with at least one gunshot wound this evening at an apartment complex on vermont court. he died at that scene. so far no information on the possible shooter or whether that ice cream truck played a role in the shooting. a volunteer dive team from new jersey may have found evidence related to the rod case. crews searched the park today and found a bag they say is
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consistent with what police are looking for. the bag will now be turned over to investigators. it's been more than a year since anyone has seen her. police say the girl was with kalil tatum a janitor at the homeless shelter she was staying at. . killed himself. the line then had to single track for several hours so crews could fix the problem. they were also reports of smoke at the bethesda metro station but that incident was quickly given the all clear. we want to go to a developing story in midtown manhattan. wedding guests at the waldorf astoria will remember tonight's reception but not in a good way. someone was playing with a gun at tonight's resipgsception and it
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accidentally went off. five people were hurt. the bullet grazed a woman in the head. the others were cut by broken glass. everybody is expected to be okay. police have the man with the gun in custody. dallas police headquarters is a crime scene tonight riddled with bullets. witnesses say it sounded like a war zone. early this morning a man with a semi automatic fired several dozen rounds at the building then took off in a van rigged with explosives. a sniper shot and killed him after a high speed chaesse that ended miles away in a fast food parking lot. police have not officially released his identity but the family is speaking out. james bullware father said he lost custody of his child and then he went into a downward emotional spiral. >> every one of us has a breaking point. some is one point, some is another. but we all have one.
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>> a family says they tried to get him help and they are glaed nobody else was hurt. police say boulware planned to kill officers and planted bags filled with explosives outside their headquarters. hillary clinton is wrapping up her campaign kickoff tonight in sioux city, iowa. it comes hours after the first rally of her presidential campaign where she told supporters it's time for struggling americans to move ahead. thousands of people attended the event held on roosevelt island. clinton told the crowd that it was time all their hard work paid off. stressing that prosperity and democracy is not just for ceos and billionaires. >> you have to wonder, when does my hard work pay off? when does my family get ahead? when? i say now. >> clinton will be on the
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campaign trail all week from iowa. she will head to new hampshire south carolina, and then nevada. as the annual pride parade takes over downtown find out why supporters say this event is truly for everyone. a special honor for a local teacher's dedication. how her life and work will live on. she told people she was black but her parents say she's white. why this race controversy could clear up very soon. and on storm team 4 radar i'm tracking heavy rain and a lone thunderstorm. the latest on this and a greater potential for thunderstor
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the cleveland police officer who shot and killed a 12-year-old who was holding a pellet gun last november said he had no choice. in a report released today the officer who killed tamir rice told a fellow cop, quote, he reached for the gun and there was nothing i could do. we also learned tamir got the toy gun just hours before he was killed. law enforcement on the scene said both officers appeared distraught after learning the weapon was a bb gun. a grand jury will decide if the officers will face any charges. black or white? the question is more than just skin-deep. it's a question about identity and privilege.
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so it was no surprise that rachel dolezal sparked a fire storm when her parents outed her for passing as african-american. they say she's really white. dolezal a washington state naacp leader, sent a letter to fellow members today saying that she would address the controversy on monday. when she does, we'll be sure to tell you what she's going to sayn't it. the muggy conditions will stick around tomorrow. plus, prepare for the possibility of storms. storm team4 meteorologist is coming up with the timing. crab season is in full swing but we will reveal why some of your favorite restaurants may
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a huge party today in northwest. thousands of people lined the streets of dupont circle, logan circle to watch the capital pride parade along with 200 colorful floats, there's your mayor here for d.c. she came out to show her support. this year's theme is flashback with a capital pride parade celebrating 40 years. >> this is a great event. i mean, it brings together people from all over the area that may not live in the city, may not have a lot of gay friends, so they come here and they've got community. >> and tomorrow is another day of celebration with a festival and concert taking over pennsylvania avenue. for details just go to our nbc washington app. generations of children will now get to play and learn about
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music at the memorial park. in addition to swings and slides it has musical instruments for kids to try out. lodato was gunned down. her accused murderer is in custody. they honored her life and legacy when they dedicated this park in her name. >> so pleased to see this and that kids are going to be exposed to music and that was really her passion. >> the playground is at the nanny lee rec center on 11th and jefferson streets. new tonight if you are planning to feast on maryland's famous blue crabs this summer you may have to wait a little while. crab season in maryland is off to a slow start leaving some restaurants still waiting for local supplies. others are shipping in crabs from out of state. the crab population in the
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chesapeake bay is up this year but it's still sluggish. commercial crabbers hope that more crabs will move into the bay later this summer. and as we move to the weather, radar is getting a little active this evening. is this a sign of what we can expect the rest of this week? >> yes. most of us were dry today. i think tomorrow a better chance you're dealing with a shower or thunderstorm. mainly around the afternoon and evening hours. here's the latest on storm team4 radar. heavy rain moving through parts of mainly falkier county and prince with county, impacting 66. picking up some lightning here. notice the real little bright colors. that's indicating very heavy rain. it's so muggy that anything we see develop over these next few days could contain downpours very easily, reducing visibility if you're out driving, causing some concerns for hydroplaning as well. now, these cells are moving along quickly. rather low flet for flash flooding tonight.
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can't rule out flash flooding later in the day tomorrow. if you're in frederick right now you're hearing thunder. seeing lots of lightning right now as this thunderstorm is making its way through the area. continuing to impact parts of 270 and 70 at this time right now the split right there. noticing this rain moving over 66. tomorrow, the weather having a low to moderate impact on your day. when you factor in the mugginess with the temperature it will feel like temperatures are in the low to mid 90s. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours some thunderstorms are likely. now tomorrow morning i can't rule out a shower mainly because of this activity i'm tracking right now. so you do want to keep that in mind. future weather starting off at 5:00 a.m. notice that lone shower impacting parts of the district and montgomery county. most of us though are going to be dry for the morning and midday hours. as we make our way into the afternoon hours though starting to track showers and thunderstorms. notice the bright colors here on future weather. this indicates heavy rain here in loud don, moving through
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prince william county. 4:00 p.m. that rain making its way through the district. alexandria and arlington. continuing into southern maryland, prince george's county. by 6:00 p.m. still tracking some areas of showers and thunderstorms. even at 8:00, still can't rule out heavy rain on into the overnight hours, thunderstorms as well. so as far as severe weather is concerned tomorrow the greatest risk will be heavy rain, a moderate chance of that. and anything i'm tracking on storm team4 radar. a low to moderate risk of some high winds and thunderstorms. that would produce some isolated wind damage. we could see some hail as well. but i think the two big concerns heavy rain and the high winds. a high tomorrow of 89. for monday a high temperature of 92 degrees. it's hot. it's muggy. once again the chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. much of the same on tuesday. may be feeling a little bit of relief by wednesday. >> all right. thanks. still ahead good night for the nats in milwaukee but did it come at a cost?
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dave is up next
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while they pulled off the win it made everybody go ice pack, can somebody get the man an ice pack? >> you get hit with a 95-mile-an-hour baseball that's going to hurt. this has been a tough month for the nats. it's been like a bad country music song where you lose your dog and your pickup truck. sports cliche, law, illegal to call a baseball game in june a must win.
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in the nationals game, they needed the win in the worst way. soured in june. injuries, too. another one to tell you about. but first, mission accomplished. three-game losing streak avoided. yeah, the nats already three-game skids two times in the month of june. but this time top of the third, nats down 2-1. escobar at the plate. man on first takes this one for the ride. that's deep to left center. that's a two-run shot. nats takes a 3-2 lead. in the fifth, nats offense not done. bryce harper on first. ramos smacks this one to right field. that's a homer, too. two-run homer. fifth of the season. 5-2. get out of there. rookie joe ross making his second start for the nats. bottom of the seventh. still out there. this pitch so fast carlos gomez where did it go? you're out. down, eight strikeouts. just terrific for ross only allowed two runs. that's the good. this is the bad. top of the ninth.
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briceyce harper, might turn away. don't look at that again. plunked with a 95-mile-per-hour fast ball right above his left knee. he had to leave the game. nats pick up the win, 7-2. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> right in the quad right above the knee. so i want to make sure that given this state of that game get him out get some ice on him right away. hopefully he is good to go tomorrow. >> tomorrow being sunday. os hosting the yankees. ready for this one. like that. tied at 2-2 president bullpen manny says hey, take this. i'm going to send you a two-run homer. 11th in the season. orioles take a 4-2 lead. now in the sixth. everybody's favorite. al legs rodriguez at the plate with man on first. skies this one to center. that's going to get out of here. two-run homer. a-rod with the 2001st career rbi. another guy to reach that, hank aaron. tonight though was about manny.
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comes through again this time two on. sends it to right. that brings in both runners. two-run double for manny. the orioles win, count them, six straight games now. 9-4, the final. to college world series, virginia taking on arkansas. top of the second. we're scoreless. trade killian on the mound for the razorbacks. solo homer. virginia on the board. 1-0. to the fifth. uva up 3-2. connor jones pitching to andrew. jones hate seeing this. crushed the bullpen to the right. arkansas sophomore ties the game at 3-3. to the eighth now. kenny towns at the plate. man on third. rips this one to right. that's going to the wall. daniel coming home. towns heads to second. nice celebration. virginia goes on to win, 5-3. looks like at this point the cavaliers will play florida
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coming up on monday. this crazy stanley cup final series in chicago. actor vince vaughn huge blackhawk fan bought the dinner for the lightning coach cooper at a fancy restaurant. the meal was fine but the lightning lost the game without goaltender because of hockey stuff, undisclosed injury. thor isries back in tampa where we can disclose a lightning have lost three of their last five playoff games at home. in fact, ben bishop back between the pipes for the lightning. he had some, shall we say problems early. first period scoreless. puck in tampa's defensive -- wait a minute. bishop runs in. that's his own guy and then patrick sharp scores one of the easier goals you're going to see. the blackhawks up 1-0. bishop did stay the game. probably wish he was undisclosed at this point. third period. tied at 1-1. here come the hawks. steve with it. he is there to clean it up and clean it up he did.
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blackhawks take the lead in the game and the series with a 2-1 win. >> and at that point the entire newsroom rejoiced no overtime! good to know. >> six overtime game once. i was right there with you. >> no no, no. some kids in prince george's county are swimming biking, and running their way to a healthier lifestyle. organizers of this splash and dash youth triathlon hold this every year to get the kids into great shape. thank you for joining us this


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