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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and at the hill, they passed the witness car. >> reporter: it happened on richie road. police say they believe a dark-colored charger struck donna and kept going. >> it's tragic. it's unfortunate. it's irresponsible. it's the world we live in. >> reporter: she enjoyed biking even great distances. >> a friend of mine called me yesterday with the news and said he just saw donna on george avenue with her bike. >> reporter: but not for donna whose family says she was a vegetarian and in great shape. >> she was very healthy. i thought she was going to be 110. i was worried about being able to keep up. >> reporter: her life was tragically cut short. >> she was a beautiful person. >> reporter: she dedicated her life to her family and now there without her. >> thank god for the time we had with her.
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>> reporter: police believe that this dark-colored vehicle, possibly a charger, still has some front-end damage. they are looking for the driver responsible for this accident. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, when their family first moved to forestville 30 years ago they were five miles from e metro. now they are three miles away. her son explanins why he thinks that played a part in this accident as well. tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. fire investigators return to the home today where a mother and young daughter were electrocuted. the family had a portable water pump running in the house during the strong storms and heavy rain on saturday. we know a lot of of you use these pumps. coming up, we have ways to protect yourself. a guilty plea in a one-man crime spree. the guy was targeting women near a popular mall. pat collins is live at the courthouse. >> reporter: he came into the
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courtroom carrying a paperback bible and in soft tones he answered the judge's questions. . how do you plead guilty he said. how do you plead, guilty he said it twice and now he's facing some big jail time and in the sex and robbery case. last december he was the most wanted man in montgomery county. 20-year-old christian jordan hung out at the metro parking garage targeting women demanding sex. it went on for three days before he got caught as he changed clothes and tried to make a getaway outside the store. he had a gun. it was a bb gun. but it looked real and if the victims think it's real the law counts it as real.
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>> if a victim feels that the weapon is real, that's all that matters. >> reporter: cops also recovered cash, about $80 stolen in a robbery from a cab driver. jordan pled guilty to one count of first degree sex assault and one count of armed robbery. he faces a maximum sentence of 25 years. now coming up at 6:00, a rare look at a police interrogation. jordan's interview with the cops, he tries to down play that bb gun thing. but i have the tape you'll see it coming up at 6:00. back to you. a teacher accused of having sex with a student will now have a new trail. andre brown taught and coached football at high point high school in beltsville. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old after a football game back in 2013. brown admitted he did it but said the relationship with the
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girl was consensual. a jury couldn't reach a decision during his first trial in march. a long-time teacher pled guilty to possessing child porn oography. he entered the plea today. last year police found 30,000 pictures and some 800 videos on computers at his home. none of it involved his students. flynn was a special ed teacher for more than 35 years. he's now facing up to six years in prison. school leaders in montgomery county want to change the way they deal with potential cases of sex abuse. a new policy will be debated tonight and it emphasizes reported suspected abuse, even when there is doubt about what happened. this change follows an outcry from parents about two separate incidents this past year in which kids were inappropriately touched. those incidents were not disclosed for weeks. . when they were, police made
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arrests. drivers hit with high fees are fighting back. a class action lawsuit was filed on i-95 and 495 in virginia. adam tuss talked to one guy who paid thousands to settle a $30 bill. he's live in marryfield with that story. >> reporter: this is a story about what is right and fair. a lot of drivers say what happened along the express lanes is just plain wrong. miss a toll and you should have to make it up. >> if you miss these eight tolls. >> reporter: what's happening here isn't adding up. >> with the penalty you owe us $900. >> reporter: meet driver kevin. >> i have heard so many stories of hard working people that made
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an honest mistake and they are being taken through the ringer. >> reporter: he cancelled a credit card tied to his e-zpass account and as his wife continued to use the road shs the fees started piling up. they piled up big. >> $900. we missed $29.45 worth of tolls. >> reporter: that was the first notification. refused to pay the $900 so a collection agency got involved hitting him with a penalty of $11,000. >> $11,000 for $30 worth of tolls, i was flabbergasted. >> reporter: he had to settle with the operator of the lanes for $2,200. >> are you trying to get your money back? >> if i could. the main thing is i want them to stop doing this to people. >> reporter: he says drivers will always know when they are facing this type of situation. >> you're going to get a notice, a letter in the mail. you really want to look out for these notifications. >> reporter: back here live, the operator of the lanes say there is a way to avoid all the high
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fees. more on that at 6:00. back to you. >> adam tuss thank you. school is out for summer but the doors of wooten high school opened for those trying to cope with the loss of two recent grads. they provided grief counsellors of the crash that killed two students. both were in the backseat of a vehicle that flipped, landed in a driveway. two others were injured. police have blamed speed and alcohol. zachary kiesch will show us how the community is addressing this tragedy. a teen is facing obstruction of justice charges in connection with to an underage party with alcohol. deputies went to a home in ash burn late friday. they could see someone unconscious inside, but no one answered. when deputies got inside they found several teenagers hiding out. at this point no adults are facing any charges. police have identified the man found dead in a small lake just a short distance from a
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high school. someone found the vicktim in kings town lake this past saturday. that's in the area of south van dorn street. the victim has been identified as kenneth bernhardt. he drown, but the medical examiner says the death is not criminal in nature. there's no threat to the public. twice two of the most disturbing cases in recent years may have ended differently had someone noticed kids missing from school back in 2007. no one noticed a family's daughters missing for months. she missed school for days before anyone said anything. today we learned student absences remain a huge problem for d.c. schools and so do notification of those absences. school leaders said that 1 out of every 5 students had 10 or
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more unexcused absences last year. nearly 9,000 had so many they were supposed to be reported to social services. but records show only half of those students received intervention. council members want leaders to address the root causes of truancy. many are afraid of bullying and other violence. a story only on news 4 that could impact your commute. metro is planning your commute. that could mean fewer parking spots for riders. crews are going to renovate the garages on the blue line. metro tells scott macfarlane that this rehab is needed to help keep them in a state of good e repair. work can take up to three years to complete. metro is going to let contractors block up to 250 spots at a time while this work is underway. new developments tonight on the opm data breach story.
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the office of personnel management says tonight it's shutting down a huge database it uses to store records on federal employees. the agency found a new flaw in the system that left it vulnerable to hackers. it's not believed anyone got to that information. suspected chinese hackers did swipe the records for up to 18 million current and former employees. new security concerns this 4th of july. we are already starting to see changes on the national mall. >> a d.c. firefighter wants to give the community something to cheer about after recent controversy. we'll show you how his challenge on a hit tv show could take him to new heights. investigators are trying to determine how a portable sump pump may have contributed to the death of a mother and 4-year-old child. coming up at 5:00 what our experts said about how these
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deaths may have occurred. a few showers on the radar. it's been an already record to near record month of rainfall for some. we have more rain moving in before the close of the month. thunderstorms too. we'll track that and a look at your
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. an electrician is working with police trying to piece together
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what led to electrocutions of a young mother and daughter. >> it was raining heavily on saturday when this happened. >> megaghan fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: that's exactly right. an elect electrician was brought in. they wanted to assist the fire mar shl to get to the bottom of how a water pump may have contributed to the death of a a mother and her 4-year-old child. we spoke to an expert who said it's possible there could be an easy answer. investigators say saturday's rainstorm caused flooding in thehe home. when first responders arrived they found the 29-year-old and 4-year-old daughter unconscious. a portable sump pump was in standing water. investigators say the water was charged electrocuteing the two
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victim victims. the question is how. >> you need an outlet. if you don't have that, you should not be using it at all. >> reporter: andrew is the regional manager for midatlantic water proofing. he said having a ground fault interrupter will shut off the electricity protecting a person from being electrocuted. without that he says the consequences could be deadly. >> electricity travels from the socket into the water and you're electrocute electrocuted just like that. >> reporter: it's also possible that the electrician who will help police investigate will check to see if there were any wiring or mechanical issues. but at this point, investigators are still trying to determine how a device many people use turned deadly. now an autopsy report from the medical examiner showed that drowning also contributed to the death. coming up at 6:00, we spoke with experts and they tell us what folks need to know if they have these portable water pumps.
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so what happened in the house behind me doesn't happen to anyone else. . >> good information, thank you. answers, that's what police want from the fugitive david sweat and he's already provided a surprise that the men did split up. >> sweat felt that matt was slowing him down. when we caught up with him it was a mile and a half from the canadian borders. >> all those small towns in new york are starting to get back to normal after they have had had
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hundreds if not more than thousands of federal agents and police officers swarming through their neighborhoods. >> chris lawrence, thank you. a niemannew york new jersey man was arrested saying he worked with other people to provide services and personnel to isis. according to the court document, he embraced the terror group. 's beheadings and mass killings. the documents say he and his brother and another man were planning to travel overseas to join the group. all three are now under arrest. law enforcement agencies across the country are expected to be on heightened states of alert ahead of the 4th of july. a law enforcement official tells "usa today" there are no specific or credible threats but there is an ongoing threat posed by isis and home grown extremists. these types of warnings come out ahead of major u.s. holidays generally out of an abundance of caution. there are no specific threats against d.c., but the district isn't taking any
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chances. fencings already going up around the national mall for this weekend's festivities and fireworks. the show will go on the foo fighters will perform on the 4th of july. last week david grohl fell off a stage and broke his leg while performing in sweden. but he came back and finished the show on crutches. a short time later the foo fighters confirmed their d.c. date tweeting they will see their fans at home. grohl grew up in the springfield area. if spectacular fireworks show near you, we have you covered. we posted a list of some of the best displays in virginia, maryland and the district on our nbc washington app. a tragedy on the water over the weekend. a lesson for all of us after a summer boating trip came to a chaotic end in maryland. plus a new murder and a e growing crime trend. we'll take a closer look at where the crime scenes are popping u. and someone could be throwing away $100,000.
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here at the live desk we have new video of president obama meeting with brazil's president near the national mall. president obama and their president toured the martin luther king jr. memorial it this afternoon and with no tourists noo n sight the leaders took a
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walk around the statue. the meetings come two years after he cancelled a rare visit to washington following revelations that brazil was a target of american spy programs. some of o us could have a little sprinkle come through this evening but then there's a chance for popup showers and storms. let's talk about when we take a look at radar. as i pan over to the other portion of the screen through west virginia you can see those showers making their way north and northeastward into morgantown. we could even see a few showers around hagerstown. then tomorrow this time, we could have some showers and storms popping up around here. 83 degrees now. it's been a warm one today, but with some very reasonable humidity, it's been quite
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comfort comfortable. it's going to be dry by 11:00 in d.c. temperatures drop to the low to mid-70s. then mid- to upper 60s by tomorrow morning. look at the overnight temperatures. 67 in fredericksburg. this is to start your day tomorrow. 64 in gaithersburg. road impacts early tomorrow morning mainly dry. but cautionary by afternoon as we could have some wet roads with the scattered showers and storms that will be firing by the evening we're mainly dry so roads should be fine. temperatures top out in the mid- to upper 80s across the area. not a terrible day in terms of heat and humidity. watch the showers and storms. i'll take you through the rest of the overnight here. there's some clouds moving in by tomorrow morning. it's a mostly cloudy start. here's noon. some showers, pop up thunderstorms around aberdeen. a better chance in the afternoon. just kind of scattered about the
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area. there's 8:00 tomorrow evening. pool forecast mean. s tough keep an eye on the sky. make sure you download our washington app. lots of sunshine, but we could have a popup storm. you have the radar right there in the palm of your hand and our app cast. 85 to 90 degrees, isolated showers and pop up storms for the 4th of july. and right now as we look ahead, preliminary information showing that it's going to be dry for fireworks at around 9:00. partly sunny for 4th of yul. let's take a look at your forecast. tomorrow, 89 degrees just a 40% chance during the afternoon of seeing the popup showers and storms. 90 degrees on wednesday. . looking like our warmest day out of the next four. mid-up toker 80s at the end of the week. we have more shower chances and storms but we're ast part of july. another chance here, but we're near record rainfall with a lot of locations around our area
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close to 90 degrees for that 4th of july weekend. if you're headed to the beach, meteorologist chuck bell will be up with your beach forecast for thursday, friday and saturday. >> thank you. high school graduates killed. one community still in shock. we'll have the latest on the tragedy that hit wooten high school. and a first at the supreme court after the ruling on executions. we'll have a live report from pete williams. a basketball star from prince georges county just drafted by. the nba. find out why he
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the summer is off to a sobering start for a local high school community. >> wooten high school students are reeling from last week's deadly crash that killed two recent garageraduates. police say alcohol was a factor. >> as news 4 zachary kiesch reports, the school is addressing the problem of underage drinking. >> reporter: young men's futures took a horrific turn. the memorial is getting larger. many are stopping to pay respects. others were standing out here when we pulled up this afternoon. they are leaving personalized notes, pictures, flowers, football jersey here from wooten
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high school. these young men had an undeniable impact on their community and people are still grappling with the fact that they are not coming back. grief counselors were at the high school today. three of the young men graduated from the school this it year and had planned to attend college in the fall. >> just a typical young men athletic, funny, they were just kids you'd have as your own. >> reporter: this is a program called every 15 minutes. a frightening reenactment of a drunk driving accident at school. wooton used it to drive home the message don't drink and drive. >> it doesn't mean to say those programs aren't working. we don't know how many kids make better decisions. >> reporter: the two students
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were killed, both in the backseat and not wearing seat belts. the driver had life-threatening injuries. police aren't releasing the fourth passenger's name because he's 17. today we're learning more about the investigation. >> there will be charges in the case but who those are are too early to tell. >> reporter: zachary kiesch, news 4. it's a ruling that could set the stage for a wider discussion on the death penalty. today a sharply divided supreme court issued a decision in a case that involved a botched execution in oklahoma last year. by a 5-4 vote the justices upheld the use of a controversial drug that is used in that lethal injection. but a justice raised questions about whether the death penalty itself is constitutional. chief justice correspondent pete williams is here. a lot of passion and a very vocal debate among the justices. >> reporter: it's not unusual to hear the majority announce the opinion followed by the decent,
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but you had two decents and a rebuttal. four voices in what amounted to a debate today. the bottom licourt declined to stop what oklahoma was doing in its lethal injection procedure. all the states are having trouble getting a substitute for what was for many years the first drug in the lethal injection process that was supposed to render the prisoner unconscious and unable to feel pain. unable to get those drugs anymore, the state came up with another. the challenger said it wasn't effective and could feel this burning sensation. the court said today that there's no constitutional right to obtain free execution and that the challengers here failed to come up with an alternative that would be less painful. that's what set off this debate among the justices. it was steven brooiier and ginsberg who said maybe the
5:32 pm
court should look at the death penalty itself is unconstitutional. two justices said how can that be when the constitution refers to crimes as punishable by death? so i don't e see another big death penalty case on the horizon. the court last looked at lethal injection seven years ago, but both sides are basically saying they welcome a chance to look again at the constitutionty. >> this has been an interesting couple of days at the supreme court. >> reporter: it has indeed. >> thank you so much. maryland governor is in the hospital today undergoing chemo for that aggressive cancer he's battling. but he's reaching out on social media tonight with #hoganstrong. he's saying things could not be going any better and thanking everyone for their support. hogan announced last week he was diagnosed with lymphoma. the disease is in stage three but responds well to treatment and his prognosis is good.
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trying to get a handle on what has been a relatively deadly month. three people have been shot and killed in june. the last happened early saturday and police are still looking for the gunman. 31-year-old zachary was found face down and shot on patriot lane. there's a $25,000 reward out now. police tell us the other two shootings this month may be related. the first happened june 1st. an 18-year-old was discovered dead on 6th street. two weeks later another man was shot at the community center just a block away. police believe the second shooting was retaliation for that 6th street shooting. suspects have been arrested in both of those cases. the colorful former head of the d.c. taxi commission has passed away. he often clashed with crabab
5:34 pm
drivers. he oversaw the district's decision to require all cabs be painted with uniform colors. and he wrote the initial rules for new companies like uber. the mayor appointed him in 2011 andstepped down in january. he was 86 years old. it's about to get cheap r for you to drive on maryland's highways and bridges. starting wednesday tolls are going to decrease at seven different locations across the state. that includes u the bay bridge. bridges and tunnels around baltimore and the icc and i-95 toll lanes. there will also be an increase in e-zpass discounts. to see the other locations or a list of all other laws taking effect the 1st of july, check out our nbc washington app. lawmakers are pushing for change inside a troubled liquor agency. the i-team has been investigating for more than a year. the montgomery county control committee began meeting with the
5:35 pm
i-team when the i-team exposed problems with the department of liquor control. some of the biggest complaints from restaurants involve glitches with the new computer system for ordering alcohol particularly special order o products. tomorrow that committee will introduce a resolution recommending lawmakers amend the state law to allow private businesses for beer and wine products instead of the county. public hearing on the resolution will be held next month. to reread the resolution, visit our nbc washington app. check your junk drawers. there's a $100,000 winning lottery ticket set to expire. it's a cash five ticket from the virginia lottery. someone purchase edd it at the 7-eleven in manassas. it was for the january 12th drawing. that ticket expires on monday
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the 13th and you can log on to our website to see the winning numbers. a new series of east coast shark attacks tonight. the warning for all of you who plan on heading to the beach this holiday weekend. and major new developments in the battle over the confederate flag in north carolina. we learned about what's going to happen to that flag. this is engine 7 in southwest washington where one firefighter won't be showing up for work today. i'll tell you why every other firefighter in the city is
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just a few hours after a shark attack some guys reeled this 7-footer in at the outer banks. that's about an hour from where the attack occurred. kids were playing just a few hundred feet away when someone spotted this shark. after snapping a few pictures they released it back into the water. it comes as the carolinaens have seen seven attacks in the past month. the most recent on friday and saturday off hunting island in south carolina. in south carolina a man was bit on the foot while trying to swim to shore. saturday in north carolina a teen had to be met vasculared when a shark bit him on the leg and hands. he was in waist deep water when it happened. >> we're not under siege by
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sharks. what we have is a change in perception as opposed to a change in reality. >> expert says part of the reason it seems like there are more attacks is more people have their phones to record the attack. and by the way, you'll be more like likely to die from a lightning strike than from a shark. the woman who scaled a 30-foot pole to take down the confederate flag has strong ties to our area. she is out on bail tonight on defacing a monument charge for saturday's stunt in south carolina. there she is. she grew up in maryland and went by the name brittany. her father is the long-time dean of howard university's religious school of divinity. the charleston victim whose husband forgave the shooter is now laid to rest. hundreds attended a funeral service for myora thompson. the family called it a going home celebration. thompson was one of nine people
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killed at the church in charleston nearly two weeks ago. she received her preaching certificate that same day. during a court appearance for suspected gunman dylann roof, thompson's husband told him to repent while offering his forgiveness. find out how a recent deadly accident this weekend could have been much worse. a lot of people like to complain about their jobs but these young people are happy to have a summer job. i'll have the story comeing up. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. thunderstorms, some of which are quite strong. will those be making it to our area? i'll let you know with your complete. forecast and a look at the 4th of july weekend coming up.
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he's a firefighter by day in the district but in his free time he's trying to do something no american has ever done before. >> he's going to take his first step toward that goal. the story of a local man trying to become the first american ninja warrior. >> reporter: for the past five years mike has been a firefighter paramedic working at some of the busiest fire houses in the district. and for the past five years, he's also been competing on "american ninja warrior." >> i remember him ducking under the log. >> only making it to the finals once. >> you can always count on that. if i can't win big, i'm definitely going to lose big.
5:45 pm
>> there he goes. what a rush. >> reporter: in his audition tape he acknowledges last year's loss wasn't pretty. >> what happened to me? >> i was really devastated. i came back, threw myself into my work. >> he thinks he's a ninja. he does a lot of weird exercises. different from just the average bodybuilder. >> reporter: in a phone interview today the training is exhausting but the competition is worth it. >> kind of symbolic to me for the struggles and trials that we go through. >> reporter: tonight he will make his sixth attempt to reach the finals. >> the important thing to point out is he hasn't quit. i don't believe he's going to quit until he prevails. >> reporter: he gets a lot of help from his fellow firefighters who cover his shift when he travels to compete. >> i'm going to go out there and try to do the best for the department and give us something to cheer about.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: when he steps up this evening, he will be wearing his t-shirt just as he does every time he competes. if he does become the first american to win, he will take home $1 million. in the district, mark seagraves, news 4. >> that doesn't look like fun. you can watch, but it's fun to watch. you can watch his run tonight here on nbc 4. "american ninja warrior" starts at 8:00. a different competition in our neck of the woods. dozens of events going on right now in the world police and fire games including boxing, ice hockey and weight lifting. you can find all of our coverage in the nbc washington app. just click police and fire games. to the live desk. we have break news about the confederate flag. the south carolina legislature now has enough votes to remove the confederate flag from the state house. the governor and others have been demanding that it come down, but they don't make that
5:47 pm
call. only the legislature can vote to remove it. we'll be following the latest developments and update the story tonight at the live desk. i'm chris lawrence. dangerous water conditions have left one person dead, several people stranded over the weekend. now emergency responders want to remind you to pay attention to weather advisories and warnings before you hit the water. we take a closer look at what's causing the boating accidents. >> reporter: frederick county fire and rescue responded to three different distress calls on sunday alone after flooded rivers led to multiple water rescues. >> fortunately on sunday there were no injuries. however, that wasn't the case on saturday. >> reporter: 62-year-old steven drown after a pontoon boat he was on got caught in a current and swept over the dam. >> the fatality on saturday was one of the most catastrophic water events that i remember in recent history.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: but fox says it could have been a lot worse had it not been for the quick response from other agencies. emergency services along with the sheriffs office and state police rescued the other people on board and performed several hoist rescues. he credits the year round planning and training for those kinds of situations. >> we do have resources that are strategically positioned throughout the county. we have a dive team that's positioned in woods bo ro. and we also have swift water training personnel who train throughout the year. >> reporter: during these rainy summer months, heed weather warnings to protect yourself. if you happen to get stuck, the first thing you should do is call for help. >> on the incident saturday night neighbors heard the victims call inging for help. so there is time that elapses between those periods of us getting there. so it's important that we're notified as soon as possible so we can get our resources to you
5:49 pm
as quickly as possible. >> chuck bell is here now. you can still see signs of the heavy rain on saturday. >> one of the best ways you can help stay ahead of this kind of bad weather, we're hitting it hard during the day on saturday. have o our nbc washington app ready to go. you have a live radar and pretty up to date within a five-minute current radar picture there in the palm of your hand on your smart phone. plus the latest forecast on what you should be expecting going forward. 50s in the suburbs. 55 at dulles. a little milder downtown. 63 was the cool spot. 61 at annapolis. lots of 50s this morning. hope you enjoyed it because the next couple mornings will not be
5:50 pm
that cold court see of more humidity. fewer 90s than over the past week or so. rain chances come back tomorrow and off and on rain chances may be with us for the remainder of the week. a 40% chance for showers tomorrow. down to 30% on wednesday. then a little back into the 40% for thursday and friday. best news i can give you i remain optimistic that the weekend coming up should be dry. now we have a leap second coming up tomorrow. this is the most important thing thing. you get one more second to enjoy tomorrow. that second comes at 7:59: 59 p.m. start thinking what you're going to do with your leap second. it's our first leap second since 2012. what a great day it is. we're pretty much in the low 80s around the metro area. you're going to be doing a little grilling tonight no weather worries whatsoever.
5:51 pm
temperatures dropping back into the upper 70s and low 80s by 9:00 tonight. satellite and radar shows clear sky over us. but quite a few showers and storms across parts of kentucky and southwestern west virginia. they have a tornado watch out there. those storms are pryimarily going to stay west of the mountains and go into parts of southern pennsylvania. there's the slight risk and that's where the tornado watch is. we have nothing around us. no weather worries or concerns at all for us. here's future weather. some showers may live long enough to get on to parts of i-81. . they won't be strong or severe. just a fading shower. that's about it. as we get sba the day tomorrow, get a little more humidity around, maybe cook up a few showers around. not super soakers like on saturday. just hit and miss thunderstorm chances for tomorrow. that will continue into the day on wednesday. beach time weather, the next
5:52 pm
couple days, thursday and friday, a chance for showers. temperatures in the 80s. the 4th is looking fine at the coastline. here's our seven-day forecast. near 90 tomorrow and on wednesday. back into the mid-and upper 80s for thursday and friday. there's your 4th of july weekend right there. that looks like three days off with sunshine. >> who is counting, right? thank you, chuck. local high school celebrates its first ever draft pick in the nba. bishop has had a number of sports stars before but marcus thoerton has made history. >> reporter: marcus didn't come out of nowhere. he comes from here, byshop high school. >> it's a lot of long summers, long days putting the work in. it's a long time coming. good to see it all come together. >> the 45th overall pick by the celtics last week, he becomes the first mustang to be drafted in the nba in the 50-year history of the school. >> no one here at the school has
5:53 pm
ever done it. how did you dream it? >> i did not know that. i u didn't know that no one has been drafted before. only played two years of varsity. just trying to get to college. wasn't thinking about the nba at that point. it's amazing to look back on it now and see how far i've come. >> his hard work has paid off. no one can take away that he was the first draft pick in this school's history. that's something i'm proud of for him and his family. >> thornton doesn't know what the future holds, but he will always remember where he came from. >> it's crazy to look back on how everything has played out. definitely proud of the position i'm in and all the blessings coming my way. >> during the summer months, most people are excited to take a break from work. but there are some that are more than happy to skip the vacation.
5:54 pm
d.c.'s summer job program is kicking off with big changes. and for the first time donald trump is responding to nbc's decision to cut ties after his controversial
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5:56 pm
donald trump might sue nbc over the network's decision to cut business ties with him.
5:57 pm
he cited his derogatory statements about immigrants during his campaign launch. this afternoon trump says he has a strong stance on immigration and will not apologize for saying that some of them bring drugs and crime to our country. he was referring to mexicans. today's decision means nbc will not air the miss usa pageants. nbc is the parent company of nbc 4. the first job was as a systemer tour guide down on the national mall. >> she shared her experience as she kicked off the summer youth jobs program. this program is hoping to in inspire people despite your age. >> reporter: the mayor joined students that enlagtenned the company. >> a lot of folks won't give you
5:58 pm
a shot if you don't have previous experience. >> reporter: the young employees asked questions too. >> what was your first memories of work experience? >>. my first work experience i was a a tour guide. >> reporter: more than 15000 young people are in her first summer jobs program renamed for the late marion barry. a summer jobs participate back in 1980 was happy to host. >> i'm glad to see kids that are here. these kids are great. they just need the opportunity. >> he's working before heading off to moorehouse this fall. >> you could hang out all summer. >> that won't prepare me for my future. i don't plan to just hang out. >> reporter: businesses demand entry level employees with basic skills. >> how to get up on time, dress
5:59 pm
appropriately, how to finish a task. >> reporter: courtney snowden was a summer intern 22 years ago. >> ts mayor got my my first job. i say it as well. we know it changes lives. >> reporter: this year young people ages 14 to 24 will be paid from $5 to $9 an hour for the six-week program. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. now at 6:00, a story that's captivated the country for weeks. tonight the manhunt for two escaped killers in new york has ended and investigators are trying to piece together how it unfolded. >> we're learning about what the men did when the plan started to fall apart and why they decided to split up jay gray joins us live in new york with the very latest on all this.
6:00 pm
>> we know that this afternoon investigators have been talking with david sweat, the escapee that they captured yesterday. they are hoping that he will provide some information about how he escaped this prison and as that investigation continues many of the communities in this area are stopping today to say thank you to officers after three weeks on the edge here. >> reporter: as police take a victory lap of sorts, families in upstate new york have finally breathe a sigh of relief. >> you want to cry like thank god it's over. >> reporter: tears of joy after an army of more than 120 officers and federal agents ended the three-week manhunt for david sweat and rhode islandichard matt. >> it felt good to sit on my porch last night in the drk by myself and not have to worry about what's out there. >> reporter: while the search is over, the search for


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