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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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ride on the future. history made in havana today, the american flag now flying at the u.s. embassy in havana for the first time in more than 50 years. >> it's a symbolic step to the end of isolation as the u.s. and cuba now enter a new dawn of diplomacy. >> john kerry presided over the ceremony, the first u.s. secretary of state to visit cuba in 70 years. >> we are certain that the time is now to reach out to one another, as two peoples who are no longer enemies or rivals, but neighbors, time to unfurl our flag, raise them up and let the world know we wish each other well. >> news4's david culver is wrapping up a week-long trip to havana. >> he was there for the historic moment as cubans watch the u.s.
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flag rise again after 54 years. hi, david. >> reporter: hi there, doreen and wendy. yeah, this behind me signals a new era in diplomatic relations between cuba and at u.s. but cubans tell me they don't expect rapid, sweeping changes and some even think that's probably for the best. >> i like to see the flag over there. >> you are happy with that flag there? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: this woman and her husband stepped away from running their bed and breakfast to see this. [ cheers and applause ] the american flag rising above the newly reopened u.s. embassy. [ applause ] seemingly full of supporters. >> a moment historic. >> an historic moment? >> an historic moment. >> reporter: surrounded by his cuban siblings, this cuban-american made the trip down from miami, carrying a clear message, democracy.
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>> i'm trying to see the changes that what's i'm here for. >> reporter: change is a word you hear a lot, especially when it comes to opening up commerce between the u.s. and cuba. mostly, some say to help give cubans more access to basic goods. hernandez knows it is not a popular opinion among other cuban-americans. >> they can think whatever they want to think. i'm just a cuban, trying to help cuban people. >> reporter: other cuban s wary of whales may change. we caught up with a group of retir retirees. this is their version of the y, a morning swim, the retired couples don't make a lot of money. $25 a month combined? not a lot? >> not a lot. >> reporter: while they hope to gain in some areas, they fear losing in others, namely, their rich culture. you hope there's a mutual respect for those coming here and that more than anything, they respect your independence? >> yes.
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>> reporter: back outside the embassy, they can only see good coming from this moment. >> i think most come and work together for the money. why not? >> reporter: cubans here also preparing for another big event, the papal visit. pope francis coming here next month. he is going to first come to cuba, then he is going to head to the u.s. that itinerary, according to cubans, geographically symbolic. they think it's his idea of bridging the two cultures, the political gap that has existed for so long and the vatican continuing its role in doing so. wendy, i'm going to soak in a little bit more of this view before heading back home. >> enjoy. enjoy. thank you, david. and our coverage from cuba will continue on "nbc nightly news." lester holt is anchoring live from havana. he is going to have more stories from this historic day immediately following this broadcast. and now to the race for the white house, another new but familiar name is being tossed around as a possible democratic contender for 2016, party leaders are concerned hillary clinton is vulnerable as the
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e-mail controversy continues. nbc's jennifer johnson reports now, most of the candidates are in iowa today for a time-honored tradition. >> reporter: with the private e-mail controversy still swirling around democratic front-runner, hillary clinton, new reports suggest former vice president al gore may enter race to re-enter the white house. gore is apparently talking to supporters about financial backing. >> how are you doing? >> nice to see you. >> reporter: it's tradition, the candidates are gladhanding their way through the iowa state fair, flipping burgers, taking pictures, wooing voters. long-shot martin o'malley believes there are no front-runners among the democrats. >> i think that people are hungry for an alternative. the phrases i hear all the time, we need new leadership and an ability to get things done. >> reporter: jeb bush dropped a corn kernel in the bush jar at an unusual voting station.
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>> this is a long haul, man. >> reporter: bush doesn't seem too worried about trump but thinks hillary clinton should worry about her recent troubles. >> mrs. clinton seems not to be able to have integrity and to tell the truth and if she is -- if she has not done anything wrong, be honest about it and show it. >> reporter: rick perry in south carolina promised to stay in the race despite serious money troubles. >> this is a long game and i tell folks i'm in it to win. >> reporter: but the political roller coaster is in iowa this weekend, with every candidate believing they have a fair chance at winning the white house. vice president joe biden is in delaware with his family still mourning the loss of his son and making no decision yet on whether he will enter the race. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. republican presidential candidate donald trump seems like the teflon man. after controversial comments about last week's deet debate moderators, megan kelly, he is leading the pack in some key states and national poll and clearly tapping into a real frustration about how washington works or doesn't work. the anti-politician.
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but does trump's candidacy what have serious policy ideas behind it or is he just a summer fling? he will join me for face-to-face in-person sit down on the issues, his first one yet, this week on "meet the press." we will see you sunday. >> you will be able to watch chuck's interview with trump right here on nbc4. "meet the press" airs sunday morning, 10:30. now to a developing story in the district. we have just learned that a man killed on the busy h street corridor this week did not know his attacker. police announced the arrest of 57-year-old hector luiz fell lez this afternoon. he stabbed eric smith in the back at a bus stop. detectives think a disagreement between the two men escalated, trying hearing it attack. the fallout from the latest safety lapse at metro is getting personal there is serious turmoil inside the transit
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agency. some are saying the chairman of met trees board has to go transportation reporter adam discuss live tonight at metro center to tell us if changes are coming. adam? >> reporter: whwer>> reporter: situation has gotten so toxic, the u.s. department of transportation is involved. anthony fox talked about met tre throw's board of yet, our governor and mare. at a recent high-level meeting, the subject of the metro board came up and specifically questionable leadership. this is the head of the metro board, mort downey and now under intense scrutiny from inside the transit agency and out. downey recently testifying on capitol hill. >> i believe we have made real progress but we cannot claim we are where we need to be. >> reporter: metro has been facing criticism on every front from the federal government to local leaders and yes, from riders.
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>> i don't believe they have our safety in the forefront. >> reporter: jan chase rides every day as leadership an issue. >> i think it's top down, definitely, from the leadership all the way down. >> reporter: we reached out to downey via e-mail, he is out of the country on vacation, say he is not surprised a focused now and says the board needs to be more demanding, not just asking questions but assuring they are getting timely and correct answers. he says perhaps the board should have independent engineers working for them. when asked if he will be replaced, he said that's up to the appointing officials. now, about the recent derailment, metro expects to have the answer about how the chain of command broke down in the next ten days. doreen, back to you. >> adam tuss, thank you. it is technology that could have prevented that deadly amtrak train derailment in may, but rail systems across the country aren't using positive train control. congress has ordered the technology to be install and used nationwide by the end of the year, but as scott
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macfarlane found, it now appears that vre and marc trains won't have positive train control another five years. scott? >> a series of new reports obtained in public records requests show marc and bre are nowhere close to having positive train control fully operational to better protect the thousands of local passengers any time soon there is progress on the locomotives themselves. 60 marc trains and 40 vre trains will have the necessary hardware, computers and wiring installed by december. but along the tracks, big delays. technology that must be installed by csx and other major rail companies is not yet fully installed. and federal officials said unlike many other regional railways nationwide, they have no estimate as to when they will be completed for vre and for marc. csx officials said they already spent about $1 billion trying to get this positive train control system up and running nationwide but late today they can told news4 it looks like the system
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won't be fully ready in maryland and virginia and throughout their system until 2020. back to you. >> scott macfarlane. two montgomery county parents are in jail, accused of murdering their 2-year-old son. we obtained the charging documents today in the arrest of jonathan navarrete-turcious and blanco reyes. their son, matthew, died in february. last month, a medical examiner determined the toddler died from dehydration and pneumonia caused by neglect. in the documents, both parents admit they didn't get medical care for matthew when he was hurt or sick. $31 million, what the owners of the white flint mall in it montgomery county will have to pay lord & taylor. the department store successfully argued that the mall breached a 1975 contract that required the owners to operate an enclosed mall around it. lord & taylor says it lost millions in profits when stores around it were closed and the mall owners decided to demolish
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and redevelop. learner enterprises says this ruling badly damages its plans to turn the mall into a new town center. like a new nuclear bomb, an american's dramatic video in china after he survives a series of those toxic explosions. there's been another attempt at sex assault in arlington. new at 6:00, we will hear from some women who say they feel much differently about their safety now. i'm darcy spencer at sandy point, where officials announced today a new safety campaign after more than a dozen people have died in boating accidents here in maryland. coming up on news4 at 6:00, i will tell you why one local mom found it so important to be here for this announcement. and here is what we are up against, rising humidity with higher temperatures. it's going to start to fell a bit uncomfortable to oppressive around here. how the heat and humidity will have an
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whoa! [ explosion ] >> new cell phone video shows that massive -- the massive blast in china that have killed 56 people so far. the american man who shot this video says he was just trying to catch a glimpse of the perseid meet juror shower when this disaster just unfolded in front of him. he was about a mile away and says it felt like a small
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nuclear weapon. one firefighter who was trapped for 32 hours was pulled from the rubble alive today and he is expected to survive. plans to expand arlington national cemetery may have hit a roadblock. rather, the state of -- senator john mccain says local officials want to build a bus maintenance facility before expanding the cemetery. ar thing ton is expected to run out of burial space within ten years. mccain says it would be shameful to tell a soldier's family there was no space because of a bus facility. arlington county tells the washington times that the land in question has been deemed unsuitable for burial. this weekend, we will be digging into the lives of veterans and the people in our area who are dedicated to helping them. from a wife hearing her husband's world war ii stories for the first time to a bakery that's cooking up new jobs. join news4's chris lawrence at
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10:00 tomorrow morning for saluting our veterans here on nbc4. if you can't catch it then, it will be on comcast on demand starting on monday. well, right now, there's a big push to get more people wearing life jackets in maryland. >> it's began deadly summer on the water. 17 people have died so far this year in boating accidents. 14 of them weren't wearing life jackets. it just takes 60 seconds for an adult to drown and 20 seconds for a child. one mother whose little girl was among those 17 victims is supporting this safety push. news4's darcy spencer has her story. >> reporter: carrie rosella holds one of 17 life jacket, each representing a life lost in a maryland boating accident this year. one of those victims was her 7-year-old daughter, julianne. she died when a boat crashed during a race. her mom did not speak to the media but wanted to be here for the announcement of a safety campaign to combat fatalities on maryland waterways.
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>> what started out as a great indictment water e day on the water ended in tragedy. >> reporter: 17 times this summer, someone died in a boating accident on the water in maryland and many times, those death does have been prevented if they had been wearing one of these a life jacket. >> it takes just a few minute to buckle all the buckles. >> reporter: investigators found in 14 of the 17 case, people were not wearing their life jacket, they were stowed somewhere on the bolt and in an emergency, it's too late go grab one. >> waiting to put your pfd on until you need it is like saying you will put your seat belt on just before you have an accident. >> reporter: and for the next four weekends, more natural resources police will be out on the water and around high-traffic marinas. they are pushing the safety message and conducting safety inspections. they want to make sure, with one month left in the boating season, another family won't have to deal with a devastating loss. >> all the bolting deaths in
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anne arundel involved boaters who never intended to be in the water, but were thrown or their boat sank. we are asking you to please wear your pfds from dock to dock. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. a big weekend for having fun out on the water. and that's ran out pot to ae's time and the bopotomac. >> nice to have that breeze. maybe heading to the beach, good beach weather, too coming up. as far as the weather headlines, it is all about the heat. temperatures in the 90s starting this weekend and it's looking like while we could have a little bit of rain here and there, as you will see in just a moment, our chances are going to stay pretty low until we get toward the mid to end of next week. again, all about where those storm will be firing up at times. show you in a moment. saturday and sunday, the feels
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like temperatures, you factor in the humidity, 93 feel like on saturday. the other side of 95 for sunday. then way up on monday, think one of our most oppressive days next week. 85 degrees, got that southerly breeze here this afternoon, kicked up the temperatures, our second warmest day out of the workweek. nice and clear the overnight period, you can see some of our cooler spots here, martinsburg, winchester, 64 degrees, get those location, neighborhoods into the 50s, weather tomorrow, a low impact on our area, humidity starting to keep back. creeping into our area, clouds tomorrow afternoon, sky cast at 3:00 shows mostly sunny conditions, we get into the day tomorrow, our temperatures will be topping out again around 90 to 92 degrees.
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we will file like 49 or so. changes our wait second half of the wooden, with that forecast, toss it to amelia segal right now at the prince william county fair, having a lot of fun >> vj it is beautiful out here, i will stay is hot, storm team4 out by 89 degrees, weather station on top of the truck and what's at the top, our anemometer, that thing spinning that is measuring the wind. you can see it is moving a nice breezes here at times, at times, but i will say the low humidity i think is the best part about the weather. we are here for opening night. so many great folks out getting the nbc washington swag. download our nbc washington app for a chance to win a mini cooper. we have it here at the fair it is awesome. so many great events going on. reggie rice the comedian, jurassic kingdom, the big bear show, so many fun things going on here. when you're not going to the
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fair this weekend, head to the pool. great pool weather, tomorrow, sunday, into monday. now on sunday, vj talking about changes, notice the humidity moving into the area. monday, talking about muggy conditions. a six-day heat wave starts on saturday, it continues on into the week, but fair plans, weather certainly cooperating, most days, not a lot of storm chances, just going to be talking about the heat and the return of the humidity. here at the fair on saturday, temperatures around 89 degrees. sunday here at the prince william county fair, the largest county fair in virginia, temperature around 91 degrees. so definitely going to be hot, vj. people bring their water, should be just fine. >> and we have got a couple of different fairs that are going to be taking place, you have got howard county that's still going on, montgomery county fair also just started. so, 'tis the season here before school starts. >> there's one out in iowa, too. >> a big one. >> heard that somewhere. >> thanks, veronica. >> you bet.
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developing right now, another woman attacked in arlington. investigators looking for links after the latest incident. how this victim in this case escaped. why federal officials just approved the use of a highly addictive painkiller for children. call it the banker's ball, a local town celebrates the
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the food and drug administration has approved limited use of the painkiller, oxycontin, for children. it is a decision that's going to be controversial due to the highly addictive nature of the drug. fda officials say there will be strict limit, only prescribed for children 11 and older and must be for kids who need daily around the clock treatment. the only other long-acting painkiller aproifed for children right now is fentanyl. it shouldn't surprise you but teachers often spend their own money for supplies, decorations, other necessities for their classrooms and students. >> today, new teachers in loudoun county got some help in the form of hand me downs much the loudoun education association started this grab and go event three years ago. retired and veteran teachers donate unused books and posters and other classroom stuff during new teacher orientation today. the newcomers grabbed what they needed. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> being able to come and share these new materials for my new
6:26 pm
classroom, it's really cool. it is really exciting. i'm thankful for them to say the least. >> loudoun schools also rolled out a red carpet to welcome new teachers to the orientation. about 700 new teachers are joining this fast-growing school district. classes in loudoun begin a week before labor day on august 31st. you can't walk two blocks in the district without hitting an atm, but a virginia town didn't even have an atm until today. craigsville, it's a little mountain town, population 1,000, it's near the west virginia border. and for years, the folks have been driving 30 miles to deposit and cash their checks. not anymore. today, the modern times caught up with little craigville. the town celebrating the grand opening of its only atm. the grocery store is partnering with a credit union to house this glorious machine. residents now have 24-hour access to cash, something most of us take for granted. >> that's for sure. a hacker headed to prison in
6:27 pm
an alarming sextortion scheme. why experts say it was easy for him to do and how you can protect yourself. five attempted sex assaults here in arlington in the last month, but are they connected? let you know what police say in a live report. wendy? a
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first at 6:30, an attempted abduction in arlington. this is now the fifth attack targeting a woman in the same five-mile radius over the last three weeks. >> the latest happened just last night in the parking lot of an apartment complex along south frederick street. news4's megan fitzgerald is there live about more. meagan? >> reporter: that parking lot is just behind us here. police say the woman was walking to her house and she was trying to just go home but a lot of neighbors around here say they are very concerned because it doesn't seem like these attacks are stopping. there's nothing like feeling secure in our own community. >> we are so comfortable, we feel safe in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: but that sense of safety is starting to fade, at least for some. >> i hate the fact that this is happening in arlington. >> reporter: on thursday night, near the 800 block of south frederick, police investigated
6:31 pm
their fifth attempted sex assault in the last three weeks. a woman was walking to her apartment when she was grabbed and dragged into the woods. >> he demands that she take her clothes off. fortunately, she continues to scream in some way, shape or form hits him, scares him off and he runs away. >> reporter: daniel murray is the deputy chief of the arlington police department. >> we never had anything like this. i think it is becoming a serious issue. >> reporter: an issue that caused some women to alter their routine. >> i won't go out at night by myself. no. at all. >> reporter: while others say they are just a little more aware. now, police say they have few leads here so they are asking anyone who knows anything about any of the five cases that have happened to contact the arlington police department right away.
6:32 pm
a man was sentenced to life in prison today with all but 40 years suspended. maryland law requires he serve 25 years at least. it is called sextortion a frightening scenario and it was played out in real life in montgomery county. a man steals pictures off of women's computers. he then demands money from those women to get their pictures back. so, how can you protect or your loved ones protect themselves from this? news4's chris gordon explains. >> reporter: he hacked 100 computers, stealing nude photos of women he found on their devices. 28-year-old mauricio rios is an ex-marine who worked for a contractor with the department of homeland security. today in court, he was sentenced to 18 months in jail. his lawyer says -- >> did he not use anything he might have learned during his
6:33 pm
work with homeland security in connection with this misdemeanor which he pled guilty. >> reporter: but he used extortion technique and e-mails to one of his victims saying -- >> this individual is extorting other women to give him more photographs or access information to other victims. >> reporter: paul kurtz is a cyber security expert who used to work in the white house on the national security council. he was there for 9/11. i asked him how we can protect our privacy on our computers. >> don't click on an e-mail from someone you don't know. don't click on a link that is unknown to you. and just in general, pause and think before you click on anything. >> reporter: after serving his jail sentence and getting psychological help, rios and his lawyer will return here to court
6:34 pm
to ask the judge to give him a fresh start, to reboot, so to speak, to wipe his criminal record clean. what is the latest from the montgomery county circuit court, chris gordon, news4. earlier today, we showed the wrong picture when we reported on this story. we regret any confusion that that may have caused. prince george's county announced today it will add more money to the pot for the purple line and soon after, the county executive explained his decision. russisian baker will give $20 million to the light rail project on top of the 100 million pledged. in exchange, construction on the purple line will start in the city of glenn ridge in the county and the control center will be based there baker says the purple line will help attract new business and improve the quality of life. >> the rest of the nation, as we try to attract cyber security to this area. >> the purple line is slated to run through prince george's county to bethesda in montgomery
6:35 pm
county. planners hope to start construction next may. mgm has decided to allow a bus stop at its new national harbor casino. the company's original transportation plan banned public buses from the resort. according to the "washington post", mgm has now agreed to add a bus stop near the casino's employee entrance. 3600 people are expected to work at the resort. it's scheduled to open next year. breweries are becoming big business in loudoun county. but tonight, the newest one is facing opposition. this spot along a gravel road in bluemont is where marty dockerty plans to open b chord brewery in october. new state and county legislation makes it easier for people who grow hops to open a brewery on their farm but his brewery would become the 15th in loudoun. some neighbors are pushing back. they are worried the business will bring too much traffic, noise, possibly impact their water supply.
6:36 pm
>> not sure it is possible to stop it from opening but i would like to reach some kind of a settlement where we could limit the hours of operation so that there's not noise late at night. >> we have followed every procedure that has been required. we have done everything asked of us by the county and by the state. >> doherty has to obtain an abc license and some neighbors say they may ask the state to reject that. a deadly roller coaster accident. new information from major amusement park on how a thrill ride killed a man. sign of the times, why a virginia high school is ripping out the lockers and making over its hallways. and we are here live for opening night of the prince william county fair. it is going to be hot at the fair this weekend, but what about the humidity and could some of us be
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6:38 pm
a ride at a popular theme park reopened today after a man
6:39 pm
was hit and killed by that ride while he was trying to retrieve his cell phone. investigators believe 45-year-old james young dropped his cell phone while he was riding the raptor roller coaster at the cedar point park in ohio. minutes later, they say he hopped a fence into the restricted area to try to get that phone back and that's when he was hit by that coaster. a small plane took a nosedive into a river in eastern pennsylvania this morning and the pilot survived. take a look at this. rescue crews pulled a man out of the cockpit after the he crashed in allentown. he was conscious and alert when they took him to the hospital it is not yet clear why this plane crashed. now there was a daring rescue in california after a truck went over an embankment, sparking yet another brushfire. a firefighter climbed down the streep hill side to rescue the driver. they were both air lifted out of the canyon. that driver hid in a trainage pipe to avoid the flames before he was choppered out and he is now in stable condition. colorado is allowing boaters
6:40 pm
back on to a busy river. the environmental protection agency says water quality in the animus river is back to where it was before 3 million gallons of toxic mine sludge spilled. these pictures are from a few days ago. durango also got a again light to use river water for drinking water again once it has been treated. what's not clear yet is how much danger remains from heavy metals trapped in the river bed. a sign of the times at one school in virginia as technology takes over. >> the school is tearing down hundreds of lockers because charging laptops is now more important than stashing books. two of the three floors of lockers are now gone at albermarle county high school. the school will install benches with outlets for students making the place look more like an airport lounge. >> students will still have the option of using a locker but last year, only 25 of the 1800 wanted one. the principal says it's been a long time coming. >> when i started here seven
6:41 pm
years ago, tend of the first year, the custodians told me it took them two dies rekey all the lockers in the school and that the vast majority of them were never used. >> the school is also starting to transform old classrooms so that kids can plug in throughout the room. the pope's visit to d.c. just a little more than a month away. why lawmakers are feeling the papal pressure when it comes to tickets. people who live in this northeast d.c. community say that a group home here has been a problem for years. now, one of those kids is wanted
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new at 6:00, concern growing a group home that has moved into an established neighborhood that's near the d.c./maryland line. >> one teenager is still on the run after three young men beat a man and stole his car. that attack happened in a church parking lot in mount rainier, maryland. prince george's county bureau chief, tracee wilkins, spoke with a long-time homeowner on the d.c. side. >> this man, they stole his car keys. >> reporter: prince george's county police say these three teens beat and carjacked a man in a mount rainier church parking lot, just blocks from their d.c. group home. two of the suspects, akeelah carter and tyrell leonard, both 17-year-olds, are being charged as adults a third, dimarco
6:45 pm
green, is still wanted. >> not surprised because that happened. that happened many times. >> reporter: this northeast resident says since his neighbor sold his home for it to be used as a group home, this community, and even he, have had problems. >> i live here about 30, 30-plus years, i never hear nothing. but since they put it halfway house, you hear a lot of things happen. >> reporter: someone from the group home who is familiar with all three of these young men tell me that dimarco green had been here for some time, longer than the other two suspects much they say that he was a guy yet young man and they are surprised to hear this about him and all three actually. >> this was a very brazen attack on a man in a parking lot. >> reporter: the victim was hospitalized and released and now recovering from his injuries. police aren't sure of a motive or where the last suspect could be. >> anyone knows where this person is, we would really like for them to come forward. >> reporter: prince george's county police are offering up to $25,000 for information that could help to lead to an arrest
6:46 pm
in this case. in mount rainier, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. the hope -- the hope -- the pope is -- that was his holy knowsneholyness and the pope combined. he will be adressing a joint meeting of congress next month and each lawmaker gets to bring one guest. a lot of congress members say they are dealing with extraordinary demands, they are fielding requests from their spouses, family me, friends and constituents. and for those who don't get in, there is always the west lawn and the judge bow trons, they will be set up facing the national mall so thousands can watch the broadcast of the pope's speech. opportunity for you, d.c. restaurant week is around the corner. you can find a list of all the restaurants and book your table on the nbc washington app.
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a big weekend. nbc4 is helping clear the shelters. animal shelters all over our region are hoping to find families for dogs and cats tomorrow. many shelters are cutting or waiving the fees involved. i'm going to be reporting live from one of those shelters tomorrow morning on news4 today and there's a list of participating shelters on our website. download our nbc washington app and search clear the shelters. >> going to be an exciting day. >> a big, big stuff going on. lots of cute, furry faces. >> absolutely. yeah. >> not just mine. >> checking the progress. >> yes, we will. >> we will stay with it >> good stuff. wiit is going to be hot, no too bad, folks need stay hydrated throughout the day tomorrow and the second half of the weekend where we are going to start feeling even more humidity coming our way next week. when the more extreme heat moves in. temperatures across the area now, in the 80s, from 80, pax
6:48 pm
river, annapolis, 81, cooler there inland, 88, now in frederick, maryland, 86, hagerstown, all this thanks to a southerly wind kicking in, high pressure, cooler there, the beach locations from cape may, ocean city, 79 degrees. the beaches this weekend will be on the low to middle 80s with the nice breeze out of the south and southeast, a couple of gorgeous days coming their way if you're going to be heading to the beach locations. as far as the clouds go, we have got just very few clouds out there right now, we are expecting a clear sky, so your evening forecast from the mid-80s to the 70s, mid-70s, i think, late by around 10 to 11 p.m. so, we are clear, we are comfortable overnight. that will be how we start the day tomorrow, fairly comfortable conditions throughout, where those showers and storm does start popping up, mainly around the mountain locations and just west of i-81. 87 degrees by around 3:00 tomorrow. we are going to be topping out with some higher heat and i think with dry conditions the next couple of days, we will see
6:49 pm
the mold count drop but the weed count could start going up. check the rest of the weekend what we can expect throughout the area. amelia segal at the prince william county fair. amelia? >> hey, vj. i have to say talking about cloud cover, not a cloud in the sky here right now. that mean it is going to be very comfortable overnight tonight. a little hot out here right now, we still want you to come by and say hi. we are going to be here tonight only. the fair goes through next saturday. so many great events going on. we want you to download our nbc washington app. when you download it, you can check the weather forecast and see when the next chance of rain is in your neighborhood, but you also enter for the chance to win a mini cooper. we have that mini cooper here. lots of people stopping by our booth, grabbing bag, grabbing sunglasses. now the humidity will start to increase as we work our way in toward the end of the weekend, but it's really for the upcoming workweek, monday, tuesday, wednesday, when it starts to feel oppressive and the temperature feels about five to
6:50 pm
ten degrees warmer than thermometer is actually reporting. you look at the storm team4 seven-day forecast, low 90s tomorrow and then mid-90s for a good part of the week. we are talking about a six-day heat wave with the next chance of thunderstorms arriving on thursday and the bit cooler by friday but still, a high temperature around 88 degrees, when day and doreen. >> all right. thanks, amelia. coming up in sports we saw rg3, saw kirk cousins, up next to tell us why there is not a quarterback controversy on the redskins. first, here is lester holt with a look at what is ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> "nbc nightly news" coming to you from havana, cuba, on this historic day. we are going to have reaction here and at home to the raising of the u.s. flag and what it means in both countries. al gore the latest name to be raised among democratic circles. is hillary clinton now being seen as vulnerable among many democrats? and richard engel on the newest threat from isis. are they, in fact,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
carol gins us, the redskins within but they were hurt. the day we overanalyze everything, the day after the. didn't realize how important
6:54 pm
they were, we didn't have time to realize, some of us. niles paul didn't even get one real snap to prove he was worth the fuss they were making about him at camp. paul went down last night. that reaction to what happened to him just as painful as watching the injury. paul dislocated an fractured his ankle. he had tears running down his face as he was carteded off. he went from a wide receiver to first string tight end, expected to start the season, one of the locker room leaders. meantime, running back sigh plus red out for the year as well, acl/mcl issues and the news not good, painful to lose two guys one preseason game but coach jay gruden could not hide his you disappointment when asked about paul. >> i'm sick about it. means a lot to his team in the locker room, he will work hard to get himself right and total faith he will be back for us next year, but it's a major
6:55 pm
loss. you know, certain guys on the team, hate to see anybody get hurt but somebody of niles' position in the locker room and off the field and on the field that it is a huge loss for us. >> niles paul took to twitter today. deschaub jackson flanked by the guys asked for prayers for his injured brothers --
6:56 pm
the drop probably cost him a pass. today, a lot of talk about kirk cousins, deserving a chance just to compete for the starting job, 12-14, 154 yards, he was effective helping lead the redskins to 17-20 points. yes, he was going against second and third stringers but he looked good and he felt good. >> felt good from the start, the middle, the end, it was a good night. good night. fun to get out there and compete and deal with the work that efficiently, felt good to do. >> i felt good, calm, relaxed, i knew what i was doing out there, my guys were getting in the right spot, making the plays easy for me. all i have to do is distribute the ball so all those guys a great job making sure they were in the spot they should be. the home thursday against the lions. nats in san francisco again tonight, the giants have a player named joe panic. a lot of nats fans wondering if it is time to hit the panic button. the nats have lost three in a
6:57 pm
row, as row, ask if it is time to hit the panic button. a leadoff run from escobar. after that nothing. vogelsong and three leaders stymying the nats, struck out 14 times, 0-5 runners in scoring position. washington now 4 1/2 games back of the mets who have won four straight. to be young again, not just the body that works better, the brain, our video of the day proves that, guys, comes from a football player at wake forest. his name is cortez lewis. he's receiver for the demon deacons. he has a different handshake for nearly every teammate, totaling over 50. doesn't matter where he sees them on the field, study hall, cafeteria and they are all complicated handshakes. let's hope he knows the playbook just as well. i say this as i can't even remember my debit card number today. not even kidding. call everybody your buddy, hey, guys, hey, buddy. how was your weekend? >> do one of those happened
6:58 pm
shakes too much of a challenge for me. >> i know. >> thank you, carol. >> nightly
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
test. test. test test. test test. tonight, live from havana. historic change as the u.s. flag rises over the american embassy for the first time in over half a century. a day many thought they'd never live to see. also, could a surprise challenger shake up the race for president? as party jitters grow over hillary clinton, speculation now irling around names like biden and gore. found alive. a young firefighter pulled from the rubble after that devastating blast in china. chemical weapons. the frightening new turn in the fight against isis. u.s. officials believe terrorists are now unleashing deadly agents. and bracing for impact. after that unsettling news about a godzilla el nino whipping up monster storms, new concerns about exactly what's to come. "nightly news" beg


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